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Turk media calls Wilders “extremist”, whines about free speech

Anti-Islam Wilders’ new scandal

If there is an old scandal I must have missed it. Mohammedans live in another universe; so keep that in mind when you read this.

Anti-Islam Wilders' new scandal

In the nearly three minute long new video aired on Youtube and Dutch national television, far-right Dutch politician Wilders shows cartoons of the prophet

World Bulletin / News Desk 

A far-right Dutch politician, known for his anti-Islam antics, has aired a new movie based on Prophet Mohammed’s controversial cartoons on a national television in the Netherlands that is expected to add more fuel to the global Islamophobic fire.

There is no “global Islamophobic fire” because there is no such thing as “Islamophobia”. To resist the spread of Islam is the sacred duty of every free Western cititzen that still has his head screwed on.

Muhammad Cartoons Shown on Dutch TV

Here’s the story from the Gates of Vienna:

As we reported last weekend, Geert Wilders’ video of the Garland Mohammed cartoons was scheduled to be broadcast on Dutch state TV last Saturday, but an alleged mistake caused the tapes to be switched and prevented the Motoons from being aired.

The second broadcast of them was scheduled for today, and went off as planned. The PVV just sent out the following notice:

Today, a selection of Muhammad cartoons were shown on Dutch public television. 

The cartoons were originally shown at an exhibition of Muhammad cartoons in Garland, Texas, last May, where PVV leader Geert Wilders gave a speech, and which was attacked by terrorists. 

Geert Wilders: “The only way to show terrorists that they are not going to win is to do exactly what they do not want us to do. I do not broadcast the cartoons to provoke; I do it because we have to show that we stand for freedom of speech and that we will never surrender to violence. Freedom of speech must always prevail over violence and terror.”

So is it time for mobs representing the Tiny Minority of Extremists to start torching embassies in Amman and Jakarta? Stay tuned.

Once again, here is the video that was broadcast on Dutch TV:

The Wall Street Journal has posted an article (requires subscription) about the broadcast of the Motoons.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev formally sentenced to death,

Meat Cleaver Protest
A young bearded man drove through a police checkpoint outside the courthouse in Boston where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was being sentenced. When stopped by police, a meat cleaver was found in the car. The man said he was protesting the death penalty. His name was not released, so we don’t know the Mohammed Coefficient of the case. However, we can be certain that the incident had nothing to do with Islam.

Boston bomber formally sentenced to death

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev addresses court and says he is sorry for the “irreparable harm” he has caused. (al Jizz)

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been formally sentenced to death for the 2013 attacks that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

The 21-year-old addressed the court for the first time on Wednesday, apologising for the irreparable harm and noting the strength, patience and dignity of the survivors who spoke before him.

A jury had already sentenced him to death in May, but the judge was required to formally do the same. An appeal will follow automatically as required by US law.

“I am sorry for the lives that I have taken, for the suffering that I have caused you, for the damage that I have done, irreparable damage,” said the ethnic-Chechen college student.

“I pray for your relief, for your healing.”

This is how the bastard prays….

His five-minute speech included religious references and praise to Allah. He paused several times, looking as if he was trying to remain composed.

The apology came after Tsarnaev listened for about three hours as victims and their loved ones criticised him for his “cowardly” and “disgusting” acts.

Not sure if his fan club will ever get over it:


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Wacky Zacky might be the nail in the coffin of our terror promotin’ ABC

Next week’s Quran & Allah with your host, Al-ABC veteran Tony Jones:  Tim Blair


As pressure mounts over Q&A’s Zaky Mallah controversy, whose head should roll?
AT LEAST five senior producers of the embattled ABC program Q&A had contact with former suspected convicted terrorist Zaky Mallah prior to his appearance on…NEWS.COM.AU

ABC managing director Mark Scott has been confronted about Monday night’s Q&A episode by a furious Nationals MP who raised memories of carrying the coffin of a cousin killed in the Bali bombings.

This wasn’t about conservative MPs having a crack at Q&A. I wanted him to reflect on the seriousness of the ABC giving a platform to this man 

Nationals MP Andrew Broad’s first cousin was one of 88 Australians killed in the 2002 tragedy.

MP who carried cousin’s coffin after terrorist attack confronts Mark Scott over Q&A episode

Comment: It is obvious now, but it was also obvious before Q&A went to air. Therein lies the real issue: why did they let Zaky Mallah speak?

Zaky Mallah is the latest in a string of stunts that has backfired for Q&A
It should have been no surprise that Zaky Mallah used Q&A to blame the Abbott government for turning young Muslims into supporters of Islamic State.
Don’t tell sob stories about Sharrouf’s widow
Don’t tell sob stories about Sharrouf’s widow 
A little more frankness from the lawyer might help: Barrister Charles Waterstreet represents Karen Nettleton, the mother of [Khaled] Sharrouf’s wife Tara. He’s trying to get the family back to Australia….– Andrew Bolt
 At least five senior producers of embattled ABC program Q&A had contact with former suspected terrorist Zaky Mallah prior to his appearance on Monday night’s show …TEAM ZAKY by Tim Blair

Christina McIntosh: what to do with those ISIL headchoppers from downunder

Two More Bite the Dust: 2 Aussie-Passport-Holding Jihadis, Sharrouf and Elomar, Die Fighting For Islamic State


News that I sincerely hope is true.  If true, then ASIO and the AFP can scratch two more names off the long, long list of “Manifestly-Dangerous Mohammedans With Aussie Passports”.  But there are plenty more, at the moment, that fit that description. 

As reported by the ABC’s Dylan Welch, just this morning.


‘Khaled Sharrouf and Mohammed Elomar Killed Fighting With Islamic State in Mosul, Reports Say.

‘The Federal Government is working to confirm reports that Australia’s most infamous terrorists (sic: jihadis – CM) Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been killed while fighting with Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

In other news:

Andrew Bolt: Could we really reform such children? And who would pay the price for failure?

I feel very sorry for the children, to be brought up like that, yet am not anxious for them to return to us – especially in the care of their mother:

SYDNEY’S Islamic State butchers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of buying, raping and torturing Yazidi slave girls in Syria and teaching their young children how to torture the girls.

One woman has described how Sharrouf’s children threatened to behead them and film their deaths.

“(They) said that they would make a video while cutting off our heads,” the woman, who says she was bought as a slave by Sharrouf told the ABC’s 7.30 Report last night…

“The children were holding knives and told us that they were going to kills us. They were calling us infidels ‘all Yazidis are infidels’, they said, the whole world must convert to Islam.”

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Still confused which side the ABC is on?

If it is true the ABC funded this convicted criminal’s trip to Q and A, patriotic Australians have every right to question the future of the ABC.

“What our national broadcaster has done is give a platform to a convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser,” Tony Abbott said.

ABC chiefs duck for cover over Zaky Mallah appearance as crisis grips network
THE ABC’s spectacular own goal in allowing a former terrorism suspect on the air has plunged the $1 billion taxpayer-funded network into crisis and left its… HERALDSUN.COM.AU
Aussie Khaled Sharrouf teaches sons to torture girls after he rapes them
SYDNEY’S Islamic State butchers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of buying, raping and torturing Yazidi slave girls in Syria and…DAILYTELEGRAPH
Children of terrorists could also lose citizenship under broad new laws

Children of terrorists could also have their citizenship revoked under the government’s sweeping new laws cracking down on dual nationals involved in terrorism.

And dual nationals will have their citizenship automatically revoked if they are convicted of some crimes that are not necessarily connected with terrorism, such… SMH.COM.AU
Yes, shocking. So what will Abbott do about out-of-control ABC?

Andrew Bolt

A FURIOUS Prime Minister Tony Abbott this week challenged the ABC: “Whose side are you on?”

And I challenge Abbott: We’ve known for years what side it’s on. Now, what will you do about it?

There should be no surprise that the ABC gave a national platform to Muslim extremist Zaky Mallah, once jailed for threatening to kill ASIO officers.

The ABC has been at this kind of thing for years, thanks to bias in our biggest media organisation that is systemic, unlawful and dangerous.

Monday should be the final straw.

(Read full column here.)

My strange encounter with a Mooch adoring leftie

Walked in on an incurable Moonbat today who is totally befuddled with Mooch and and the Obamessiah. So there I was, trying to keep calm after having this shoved in my face:


So I whipped out my new iPhone and showed him this:

20396_10153949162387565_7490013948289681369_nHe didn’t like that at all. He came back with “but the difference is education”- suggesting that Mooch is far better educated than Jacqueline Kennedy ever was.

So I sent him this:

Dear P****,

Here’s an excerpt including  the views of the late Christopher Hitchens, whom you hold in such high esteem:


In the case of Michelle Obama, affirmative action did all three.  The partners at Sidley Austin learned this the hard way.  In 1988, they hired her out of Harvard Law under the impression that the degree meant something.  It did not.  By 1991, Michelle was working in the public sector as an assistant to the mayor.  By 1993, she had given up her law license.

Had the partners investigated Michelle’s background, they would have foreseen the disaster to come.  Sympathetic biographer Liza Mundy writes, “Michelle frequently deplores the modern reliance on test scores, describing herself as a person who did not test well.”

She did not write well, either.  Mundy charitably describes her senior thesis at Princeton as “dense and turgid.”  The less charitable Christopher Hitchens observes, “To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb.  This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.”  (Read more: American Thinker)

So much for Moochelles “education”.

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Obama joins the army of ‘misconception dispellers’

Obama, the da’awa gigolo:

“Here in America, many people personally don’t know someone who is Muslim. They mostly hear about Muslims in the news, and that can obviously lead to a very distorted impression.”

Obama decries ‘distorted impression’ of Muslims

Perhaps he needs some help:  “many people personally don’t know someone who is Muslim” – could it be that many people have not personally been smiled at by Muslims who curse them in their hearts?

President Obama used the Charleston shootings at what he called the “Mother Emanuel church” to press his point of religious tolerance for Islam, suggesting in a nationally publicized speech Americans too often…
Obama Still Promoting the Lie that Chapel Hill Shootings were Islamophobic
At the White House Iftar Dinner, he tried to compare the Chapel Hill shootings, a parking dispute that erupted into violence, to the Charleston church massacre.–FRONTPAGEMAG.COM

Oh that diversity!

Duisburg makes an end to special accommodation: no more extra swimming times for Mohammedans!

Keine Extra-Schwimmzeiten für Muslime: Duisburg erteilt islamischem Wählerbündnis eine Absage –
In Duisburg werden künftig keine eigenen Schwimmzeiten für Muslime eingerichtet. –GERMANVIKINGS.DE
Too dangerous: School forbids miniskirts

Because there are too many Mohammedan asylum fraudsters in the neighbourhood, a school in Bavaria has forbidden the girls to wear miniskirts for “their own safety”…..

Wegen islamischen Asylbewerbern: Schule untersagt Miniröcke
Weil die Turnhalle eines Gymnasiums im bayerischen Pocking in eine Notunterkunft für moslemische Asylbewerber umgewandelt wird…..
MALAYSIA: Non-Muslim students forced to eat their lunches in bathroom during Ramadan
Hey Hillary, is this still your favorite “moderate” Muslim country that “goes out of its way to avoid religious rifts?” Or is forcing children to eat lunch alongside stinky…BARENAKEDISLAM.