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The Halal Racket makes our taxpayer funded ABC educators work overtime

Needless to mention they are working overtime for the other side: For Islam and against the legitimate interests of the Australian people.

Fact file: What is halal food?
What is halal food and why is certification important? ABC Fact Check takes a look at the process.–MOBILE.ABC.NET.AU
Backlash on halal a ‘threat to jobs, meat prices’
Defending Halal – and Jeopardising the West 

Bill Muehlenberg

Imagine Western politicians in the 1930s and 40s saying we should ease up on criticising the Nazis, and not make things hard on our economy by not doing business with them. Imagine them saying that if we cut off trade with the Germans, it will harm our economy and cause job losses.

Hopefully if they did come up with such idiocy, everyone would have told them to get real and get their priorities right. Some things are just not worthwhile, and it is far better to suffer some financial loss than to compromise principles when it comes to evil empires.

halal 6In many respects Islam and its goals for global supremacy is not unlike the push by the Nazis and the Third Reich for global dominance. Both are evil ideologies which put no value on human life, and will do anything to see everyone come into submission.

So it is very discouraging indeed to hear rather clueless politicians who should know better telling us the Australian economy is far more important than creeping sharia and the possible funding of Islamic terrorism. Instead of standing up for Australia by standing against stealth jihad, this politician thinks it is just fine if we hop into bed with a political ideology which has sworn to wipe us out.

I refer to Senator Barnaby Joyce who incredibly has turned against some of his fellow Senators, such as Cory Bernardi and other Coalition MPs, such as George Christensen. While they are very rightly concerned about halal foods and products, about the extortion racket known as halal certification, and just where all the money is going, Joyce is complaining about possible job losses if we make a stink about halal.

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Erdogan’s Turkey & the Denial of the Armenian Genocide

Re: Pope Francis Commemorates 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide- “the first of the 20th Century”


As usual, Jerry Gordon is on target, He understands that the Armenian genocide was a jihad. It was a sacralized form of mass extermination in which the victims were regarded as enemies of God for whom no death, no matter how obscene, can be inflicted upon them without regret or apology. that is part, but only part, of the message of the crucifixion of the eight Christian maidens victim of the Armenian genocide, who were stripped of all protective clothing, filmed or caused to be filmed by the Turks. Obviously, the Turks were initially not reluctant to publicize their terrible deed. Unlike ISIS, they later changed their minds, not out of regret but because they realized it was bad publicity The other message of the film is the proclamation of the impending victory of Islam over Christianity and the impending destruction of a Christian future, for indeed, it is the women who carry the future in their wombs. That short clip is one of the most painful scenes anyone could ever witness.

Erdogan genocide

Having been a lifelong student of both the history and theology implicit in the Holocaust, I often asked myself, as Jerry Gordon indicates, “Why did the Turks refuse to admit guilt the way the Germans did after WW II?” I first wrote about the Armenian genocide in The Cunning of History (1974) but I minimized the religious factor and was unable to answer that crucial question. It was only after reading Bat Ye’or’s books on dhimmitude and jihad, that I began to understood the Turkish refusal. Successive Turkish governments have refused because they regard the genocide of the Armenians as a jihad, a holy act commanded by Allah. Hence, in their religion, they committed no crime and they have nothing about which to feel guilty. From the Turkish point of view, some, if not all of the Armenian Christian had broken the dhimma, the pact of submission to which, according to Islam, every defeated people must submit in order to remain alive. The corollary of the dhimma is that if the conquering Muslims believe that those they have defeated have broken the dhimma, the Muslim community has no further reason to permit their survival. In the years leading up to the 1915 genocide some, but not all, Armenians sought to liberate themselves from Ottoman rule; other Armenians saw an alliance with neighboring Christian Russia as the path to liberation. In addition, the Turks were experiencing population pressure from Muslims forced to leave the Balkan Christian nations that had defeated the Ottoman Empire shortly before the start of the Great War. From the Turkish perspective, the Armenians deserved what they got. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that the Turks will ever state publicly their real reason for refusing to admit guilt is because they know what it would reveal about Islam. Instead, they deny that they committed genocide and say it was wartime and things happen.

The NER essay was first presented in L.A. in 2014 at the Annual Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, an institution originally created in 1970 and meeting annually thereafter, by two Protestant theologians, the late Franklin Littell and Hubert Locke, who were students of Reinhold Niebuhr, a great theologian who had no illusions about National Socialism in the 1930s when too many Protestant leaders were isolationists.

In other news:

Analysis: Following a slew of mistakes that increasingly isolated Turkey, president has turned to Iran for stability.–YNETNEWS.COM
Pope causing ‘racism’

Pope Francis is not a politician who can mouth phrases like “Islam is a religion of peace.” He knows what radical Muslims are doing to Christians in some Muslim lands. My guess is that the Pope, who is a very smart Jesuit, go to the   point where, unlike our president, he could not ignore the murder of Christians by Muslims. He had to speak the truth. Given his high and enduring office, he could do no other.

UK: Talibandits Welcome, Spencer & Geller Still Banned

No Islamic savage left behind. The judiciary places the ‘humanity of the Taliban’ above the rights of Brits to live in safety in their own country.

Taliban henchman accused of murder CAN stay here: Man who ‘killed governor’s son’ in Afghanistan wins right to stay in Britain on human rights grounds
  • 32-year-old, known as SAKA, claimed he fled to Britain to escape Taliban
  • He admitted his father was in charge of 65 Taliban troops but claimed he only joined group over safety fears 
  • Afghan, whose identity is secret, had initial claim rejected by Theresa May
  • But immigration judges now say SAKA can stay under human rights laws
Theresa May initially rejected an application for the 32-year-old Taliban henchman to stay in the UK, but her decision was overturned by immigration judges

Theresa May initially rejected an application for the 32-year-old Taliban henchman to stay in the UK, but her decision was overturned by immigration judges

A Taliban henchman suspected of murder in Afghanistan has won the right to stay in Britain on human rights grounds.

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5,600 “refugees rescued” off North Africa in 3 days

No Islamisation to see here, people. They just keep coming.

5,600 refugees rescued off North Africa in 3 days

Nine people have died after an overcrowded boat capsized off the coast of Libya

World Bulletin / News Desk

At least nine people died when an overcrowded migrant boat capsized off the coast of Libya and 144 more were rescued, the Italian coast guard said on Monday, after another heavy weekend for maritime rescue services operating off North Africa.

A spokesman for the Italian coastguard said 5,629 people were rescued from 22 different vessels in the three days between April 10-12. Vessels and aircraft from the Italian coast guard and navy as well as merchant ships and an Icelandic patrol boat assigned to the European Triton border protection operation were involved.

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Spanish psychobabble: jihad should not be “confused with Islam”

[Spain / Warning! Danger! Jihadism must not be confused with … islam!]

Achtung! Euromed at work!


The idiocy doesn’t stop there.  It seems that European politclowns fully adopt the Islamoslogans that promote the Islamic expansion program:

Rajoy: ‘Islamic world is also a victim of terrorism’

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy opened a Euro-Mediterranean meeting on terror in Barcelona on Monday, making veiled references to the issue of Catalan independence in his opening remarks and warning that jihadism should not be confused with Islam. (The Local thanks to Mullah)

Representatives from 36 countries from around Europe and the Mediterranean are in Barcelona for a ministerial meeting on the future of European neighbourhood policy, with issues ranging from jihadist terrorism and immigration.

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Bangladesh: Religion of circular reasoning kills atheists

The Koran is the word of allah because it says so in the Koran

Thanks to the Religion of Peace

Washiqur Rahman, the second atheist hacked 
to death in Bangladesh in a five-week span.

Islam requires a child-like faith and the
willingness to kill anyone who sees through it:

One question [Rahman] asked was “what proof
was there that the Quran was the word of God”
The answer: “Mohammed said in his own words that
the Quran is the word of God. Since Mohammed is
the messenger of Allah, his claims are true.” 

He posed the next question to the same person, “What is
the proof that Mohammed was the messenger of Allah?”

The answer: “The Quran claims that Mohammed was the messenger
of Allah. And since the Quran is God’s word, its claims must be true.”

In other news:

World Fooled by Classic Muslim Ploy? (WND)

An ingrained Islamic teaching allows Muslims to sign a treaty when they are weak that allows them time to amass the strength to defeat the non-believers. Iran appears to be following this script to a tee.

“The Muslim jurists teach that Muslim rulers are never to make a lasting peace with unbelievers but can only make temporary truces, ‘to be broken at the pleasure by the prince and in the interest of the believers,’” Van Dyck wrote in 1880, quoting from the works of Abu al-Hussein el-Quduri of the Hanafite School of doctors, who died in 1037 A.D.

“This is a cardinal principle of Islamic law, not just something from Muhammad’s lore or Muhammad’s past,” Bostom told WND. “This is Islamic law. Muhammad is just cited as the precedent for it, but it’s embedded in their law that you don’t engage in any sort of negotiation or treaty unless you’re in some position of weakness; otherwise, you just keep waging jihad.”

America, find out who rules over you!

America is governed by some pretty awful people. Which proves that if you don’t get involved in politics, you get far worse people than yourself to rule over you. Here are some of them:

Communists & Muslim Congressmen Sponsor Unconstitutional Federal Gun Buyback Gun Control

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Lets hope her carers are not Muslims

Not too evil for hundreds of our own


Remember that hundreds of Australian Muslims have joined or tried to join the Islamic State:

A NINE-YEAR-OLD sex slave is pregnant after being gang-raped by 10 Islamic State militants in Iraq, an aid worker said.


“The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatised,” Canadian-based aid worker Yousif Daoud, who recently returned from the region, told The Toronto Star…

The girl, a member of the persecuted Yazidi Christian minority, has been flown out of Iraq by a Kurdish aid agency and is receiving treatment in Germany.

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Religion of Perverts

So ISIS is a ‘Perversion of Islam’? How exactly?

So ISIS is a ‘Perversion of Islam’? How exactly?
Mullah Obama compares IRANIAN ‘hard-liners’ to American Republicans

An enemy of the state elected to the President of the state. Six years of destruction and ruin.

Michael Goodwin described this way in the NY Post:

First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the borders, doubles the debt and nationalizes the Internet.

He lies to the public, ignores the Constitution, inflames race relations and urges Latinos to punish Republican “enemies.” He abandons our ­allies, appeases tyrants, coddles ­adversaries and uses the Crusades as an excuse for inaction as Islamist terrorists slaughter their way across the Mideast.

Obama has endless empathy and  sympathy for the murderous mullahs of Iran but only hatred and contempt for proud Americans, patriots and Republicans.

The nuclear terrorist president, Pamela Geller

The world is a masquerade

Awful islamoprop from a Bianca Hall @ Brisbane Times


Anti-Islam group masquerades as domestic violence awareness group
Rally against “racism protestors” clash with Reclaim Australia protestors at Federation Square on April 4, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Chris Hopkins

“Far-right” (?)  anti-Islam group the Patriots Defence League will be investigated for claiming to authorities it is an advocacy group for domestic violence victims.

In its application to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading to become an incorporated association, the PDL has claimed its objective is “to raise awareness of womens and childrens [sic] rights and domestic violence against women and children”.

But the  league is better known for its virulent anti-Islam campaigns.

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