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The UN & the demographic time bomb that transforms everything

Turkey: Christian schools shut down for distributing Bibles to Muslim refugees from Syria
Al Azhar distributing free book dedicated to discrediting Christianity, the “failed religion” Raymond Ibrahim: Turks Glorify Historic Slaughter and Rape of Christians
The Elder made us a handy-dandy chart to explain the differences between UNHCR and UNRWA:
unrwa unhcr
Even the UN turns on Obama?

A new United Nations report suggests that the Obama administration and other western governments may be covering up Iran’s violations of international sanctions of ahead of the upcoming June 30 deadline for a final nuclear deal to be agreed.

“The Obama administration has bent over backwards to try and whitewash Iranian violations both on the nuclear side and also on the sanction-busting side.”


Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent

~2009. Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.

The numbers are startling. Only 3.2 per cent of Spain’s population was foreign-born in 1998. In 2007 it was 13.4 per cent. Europe’s Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza…

The EU is facing an era of vast social change, reports Adrian Michaels, and few politicians are taking notice

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Wacky Zacky shakes Tony Jones out of his tree

The convicted jihadist claimed Australian Muslims are ‘justified’ to join ISIL head choppers in Syria and Iraq, which may just be enough to pull to plug on Jones’ subversive offerings….

The first Australian ever charged under the nation’s counter-terrorism laws has claimed a Liberal minister’s comments “justified” Australian Muslims joining Islamic State.

Yahoo7 News: story below the fold
HM Government: Revoke Citizenship of British Jihadis Who Travel To Syria.
Revoke citizenship of British jihadis who go to fight in Iraq & Syria. Put national security first. This will send out a strong message to other jihadis, that there will…  WWW.CHANGE.ORG
‘Marginalised, disenfranchised Muslims’- not:

As family gathered at his south-west Sydney home, Mamdouh Elomar dealt with his grief by going for a solitary horse ride. He appeared transfixed and could not be calmed down, relatives say.

Mohamed Elomar’s father ‘a broken man’
When Mohamed Elomar posted images of himself holding severed heads in Syria, his father Mamdouh wanted to vomit.

The 14-year-old daughter of Khaled Sharrouf, who recently married her father’s best friend, Mohammed Elomar, has posted a cryptic tribute to the pair following news of their suspected death.

Sharrouf’s daughter posts cryptic tribute online
Her tribute to her husband came as members of Elomar’s family gathered at their south-western Sydney home.
Cartoon of the week:
 Next on the chopping block:
Zaky Mallah dodges blame as The Project draws fire
The Project has now drawn fire on Twitter for giving Zacky Mallah another opportunity to air his views, a day after his appearance on ABC’s Q&A.–9NEWS.COM.AU

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Obama defends “right to wear hijab” at White House ‘Iftar dinner’

Our daily Obamination. Obama ‘defends the right to wear hijab’, but doesn’t defend the right of those who reject the hideous shrouds.

President Barack Obama speaks to attendees during an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan in the East Room of the White House on Monday. OLIVIER DOULIERY — TNS

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Keysar needs your support for headchopping savages. Give generously!

No Islamic Headchopper Left Behind

So now do the appeals for the jihadists families currently living with ISIS to come back to Australia begin?

Muslim leader’s support for families of jihadis Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar
SYDNEY Muslim community leader Keysar Trad last night came out in support of the families grieving the reported death of the two slain terrorists.–DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU
China: Muslim leader says beer festival “open provocation to the Islamic faith”
The Chinese government has reportedly implemented some extremely harsh measures to try to stop jihad terror activity. A beer festival in a Muslim area,…  JIHAD WATCH

Keysar’s Heart Bleeds

Keysar Trad, ominously described as Sydney Muslim community leader, is shedding far too many tears for the families of Islamic State murderers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, reportedly killed in Iraq:

My deepest condolences to their family and let’s hope we can give some support to their wives and children,” said Mr Trad, who maintains young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution.

But at least one of the relatives doesn’t need Trad’s sympathy:

THE grandfather of a young boy pictured in Syria holding up the severed head of an enemy soldier said he was “ecstatic” to hear of the possible death of his terrorist father Khaled Sharrouf.  

Peter Nettleton, whose daughter Tara was wooed by the Islamic State butcher more than a decade ago, said he was overjoyed to learn that the man who ruined his family was likely killed in the brutal civil war.

“It’s a good day isn’t it,” he told The Daily Telegraph this morning.

Nettleton’s reaction is the proper one. Trad’s is the kind that should have him excluded from civilised company, including our universities.

Note: Sharrouf’s wife actually chose to join him in the Islamic State. The Australian Government should feel not the slightest obligation to offer her support.

But let’s hold of partying just yet:

It is believed Elomar’s body has been recovered but Sharrouf’s remains are missing.

In other news:


Shortly after the broadcast, Mr Mallah tweeted that he would “pay” to see “that Minister” “dumped on ISIS territory in Iraq”.

Liberal backbencher Alex Hawke told Fairfax Media it was not the first time the ABC had provided a platform for extremist views on the program.

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‘Form of sedition’: Coalition MPs slam ABC for allowing former terrorism suspect on Q&A
Fellow Sydney MP Craig Kelly joined in the criticism and said the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster had allowed itself to become a “mouthpiece” for “terrorist…   SMH.COM.AU
Its good to see them do something:

Tony Abbott has finally unveiled details of a proposal that would see suspected terrorists stripped of their Australian citizenship in a move designed to “stop terrorists from being loose on our streets”.

Tony Abbott reveals details of citizenship legislation
The new laws could be applied to up to half of the dual-national Australian citizens currently believed to be fighting overseas with terrorist groups.–SMH.COM.AU
Wack Zaky stands by his comments and more. And the Guardian…well…the Guardian of what?

Jihadi’s who join ISIS are not victims. No amount of whinging, whining, complaining or carrying on will convince us otherwise. Keep talking Zaky, you are digging a deeper hole.You are right about one thing, the public does need to hear it. Hopefully more will wake up because of your arrogance and stupidity.…/zaky-mallah-i-stand-by-what-i-…

Zaky Mallah: I stand by what I said on Q&A. Australia needs to hear it
I don’t support Isis. I am simply standing up for Australians who deserve better than an Islamophobic government intent on weakening the rule of law.
That claim  is so perverse. Everyone who knows the faintest thing about Islam is that Muslims do not respect our rule of law, which they deride as “man made law”. The Wacky Zacky’s of this world have a religious obligation to remove these laws, and replace them with the law of Islam, the shari’a.

In that case: lets push until they’re all gone!

ISIL operative Zaky Mallah accuses the Government of pushing young Muslims to join ISIS in fiery Q&A exchange.

A Government frontbencher tells a man acquitted of terrorism charges a decade ago that he should no longer be an Australian citizen live on national television.–ABC.NET.AU
Former terror suspect Zaky Mallah claims Federal Government pushing Muslim youth to IS
ONE-TIME terror suspect Zaky Mallah has appeared on the ABC’s Q&A program claiming the Liberal Government is pushing young Muslims to join ISIS.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Zaky Mallah’s claim that Muslim Australians who disagree with Liberal Party politicians are “justified” in joining Islamic State prompted an apology live on air from Q&A host Tony Jones.

The Q&A comment Tony Jones was forced to apologise for
“I think that’s a comment we are going to rule totally out of order. I’m sorry about that,” said host Tony Jones.–SMH.COM.AU

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says an external review of Q&Ais already underway, as PM Tony Abbott labelled the ABC panel show a “lefty lynch mob”.

Watch from the 42th minute onward if you want to see what a radicalised Muslim really thinks. Our very own Zaky Mallah was given a podium on the ABC’s Q&A last night, and he seized the moment with gusto.

The lead up is important, and watch to the end.

‘Lefty lynch mob’: Abbott and Turnbull lash Q&A
Turnbull says the ABC made a “grave error of judgment” by allowing a former terrorism suspect to appear on Q&A on Monday.

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Their human rights

Their ‘human rights’ are killing us

Welcome to England. A known recruiter for Al-shabbab has had an electronic tag placed on his ankle so that police can monitor his movements. Now, thanks to the European Union, his lawyers have had the tag removed because under EU laws it violates the known extremists ‘human rights’. “Lawyers successfully argued that it breached the European Convention on Human Rights because the suspect believed it was a bomb and contained a camera. The High Court ruled in his favour despite the security services believing that he wants to “spread propaganda, radicalise, recruit and fundraise” for terrorists. The suspect, who cannot be named, still has an extremist mindset and supports al-Shabaab, the judge acknowledged.”

Terror suspect’s tag ‘violates his human rights’
A Blundering Stupidity
Imam thought to have been al-Shabaab recruiter can have his electronic tag removed becasue it ‘breaches his human rights’, High Court rules—TELEGRAPH.CO.UK–JIHADWATCH.ORG
Terror Suspect’s tag Violates his Human RightsBy The Daily Telegraph… However, Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, ruled that requiring the man to continue wearing the ankle tag, which is slightly larger than a sports watch, breached his human rights because his mental illness and delusional thoughts had grown worse. Requiring him to continue wearing the tag was a breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits inhuman and degrading treatment, the judge said. …More mental illness and delusional thoughts at The New Indian Express

Samuel Rahamin Topaz, a 21-year-old MUSLIM resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State…  BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Time Mag: Muhammad cartoons “make Muslims feel less safe” 

Do you feel safe yet?

Stop Islamization of America's photo.

We made them do it…

You couldn’t make it up. The hide and the hubris of Muselmaniacs is beyond shock value. Now you see them  sit there crying and the next moment they’ll blow us up, and their lawyer will say  we brought it on ourselves because  of our policies in the ME, or whatever….

Women who left Bradford for Syria ‘were radicalised by police’, husbands claim
British police are partly responsible for the radicalisation of three sisters thought to have taken their children to join extremists in Syria, it has been claimed.–INDEPENDENT.CO.UK

UK terror police ‘radicalised and groomed our ISIS runaway wives’: Husbands blame security services for women fleeing to Syria with their nine children

  • Downing Street denounced claim as ‘wrong and dangerous’ 
  • The three sisters took their nine children to join IS terrorists last week 
  • Husbands claim police encouraged the women to contact their radicalised brother in Syria
  • Lawyers for the men also blamed ‘oppressive police surveillance’ 

And the daft bastard cops respond!

Police ‘completely reject’ claims they were ‘complicit’ in radicalisation of three Bradford sisters
POLICE have “completely rejected” claims they were “complicit in the grooming and radicalising” of three Bradford sisters who…

Vehicle Jihad in Graz; scissor jihad in Vienna: who are these “mentally disturbed men?”

Austria: Muslim drives car into crowd, killing 3, then gets out and stabs passersby  (Jihad Watch)

The bodies on the streets of Graz, Austria weren’t even cold before police moved to reassure the public they had only witnessed a random act of violence by a mentally ill killer yesterday, but the attack has all the hallmarks of an emerging form of terror.


Austria car attacker on FB liked dozens of pages proclaiming devotion to Allah
Not only has the Islamic State called for Muslims to use their cars to murder Infidels, but there have recently been such attacks in France, Canada, and Israel….JIHAD WATCH

Full story below the fold>>>>

Mann attackiert Passanten auf "Mahü" mit Schere (Bild:
Scary Scenes in Mariahilferstraße in Vienna:
during the busiest shopping hustle and bustle on Saturday afternoon, a “mentally disturbed man” suddenly took out a pair of scissors and and started to attack shoppers. Intervening policemen  managed to disarm the 50-year-old.– “Mariahilferstraße”: Is the main shopping street of Vienna
Not the first time, not the last. Here,  a flashback:
Allahu akbaring Koranimal runs over pedestrians in the Mustard city of Dijon, authorities retreat into denial…
Police arrest man who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ during incidents that left at least 11 people injured in French city
Police in Dijon
 French police collect evidence at the scene of one of the attacks in Dijon. Photograph: Arnaud Finistre/AFP/Getty Images

A lone assailant shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) rammed French pedestrians with his car in the central town of Dijon on Sunday night, injuring 11 people, in the second such attack in France in two days.

The usual:

The attacker in Dijon, who shouted to passers by that he was acting on behalf of “the children of Palestine,” was described by police as a 40-year-old who had been receiving psychiatric treatment until the middle of last month.

Predictable reaction from the enablers:

After the attack, the Socialist party defence spokesman, Eduardo Rihan Cypel, said that there was no need to panic.

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Some more of that Mohammedan “diversity”


Kuwait Friday Sermon: The Jews Spread Corruption, as Described in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

In a May 29 Friday sermon, Sheik Talal Musa’id Al-‘Amer said that the Jews play a major role in institutionalizing and spreading corruption, as is made clear by “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The sermon was broadcast by Kuwait’s Channel 1 TV.


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