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Hearts & Minds & All(-ah) the Things We Make Them Do

Australia is a multicultural success story.
We made them do it


AUSTRALIA’S highest ranking member of al-Qaeda has spoken
The epic battle for the hearts and minds of headchoppers

MPs warn over number fleeing to IS

Yemenite holes

“This must be a relentless battle for hearts and minds, and without a strong counter-narrative we are in danger of failing to prevent even more departures.

“We are at the edge of a cliff.” ..

More on the attempt to be seen to be doing something at Malvern Gazette


Sharia law goes against all values that we hold dear


According to one survey, around 40 per cent of Muslims in Britain want to be governed by sharia. (The rest of them is lying.)

Most of our politicians are too cowardly to speak out forcefully against this trend. …

More from the decaying nation at Express by Leo McKinstry, via Mullah pbuh

ISMA: Muslims Must Take Power To Enforce Hudud


“Enforcing hudud is a commandment from God. To do so requires that the administrative power be under the hands of Muslims. Therefore, the Muslims are obliged to make the effort to cooperate towards that end.”

From the very moderate Malaysian Digest

Jordan proposes ban on “insults to religions” at next Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting

“All religions” means nothing but Islam, of course:

“The followers of Islam acknowledge the existence of other religions. Islam also gives the followers of those religions the right to exercise their religious practices freely within Islamic States, and regards non-Muslims as citizens and an integral thread in the fabric of the nation. …

More lies about the false prophet and his evil religion at National Secular Society thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Rallying in support of Australia and against islamic terror and sharia is … spreading islamophobic hatred and lies …

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Anti-Islam, racism protestors set to clash

The enemies of freedom insist that opposition to Islam is “racism”,  in a perverse and  stubborn rejection of reason. Islam is not a race, and no matter how they twist and spin it will not become one. 

ANTI-ISLAM and anti-racism protesters are set to clash in Melbourne as both hold rallies at the same venue.

RECLAIM Australia Rallies will be held across the country on April 4, calling on the federal government to ensure the “Australian way of life is retained” and Sharia Law isn’t introduced.


The Melbourne rally will be held at Federation Square. In response, Rally Against Racism activists plan to occupy the space intended to be used by Reclaim Australia.Rally Against Racism organiser Mel Gregson the goal of the anti-Islamic rally was “to spread Islamophobic hatred and lies”.”We don’t think its acceptable to attack people on the basis of their religion,” she said in a statement on Thursday.”We don’t want to see hate crimes against Muslims, refugees or immigrants increase because racists are rallying on the streets of Melbourne.”


In a press release published on their Facebook page, Reclaim Australia denies that those involved are part of a racist hate group, instead describing themselves as “simply patriotic”.“For the first time in our recent history Australians have now been exposed to hostage sieges, attacks on police and service people, foiled beheading and bombing attacks here on our soil,” the press release says.”As a result Military and service uniforms may no longer be worn off duty in public because of security issues linked only to one group – the so-called `radicals of Islam’.”

In other news:

Federal parliament has been petitioned to ban Islam and crack down on halal certification.
Federal parliament has been petitioned to ban Islam and crack down on halal certification.

Federal parliament has been petitioned to ban Islam and crack down on halal certification.

A petition before the House of Representatives wants parliament to take action on “banning Islam from Australia through legislation or referendum”.

It argues Islam contradicts and divides the constitution and should be considered a sect.

The petition has only one signature and has yet to be responded to by a minister, as is usual practice, despite being presented to the lower house over a year ago.

A more recent petition with more than 900 signatures wants a “user-pays” system for halal certified products and bans on certifiers from collecting fees.

It demands “freedom from forced religious donations” and says halal products not labelled as such amount to misleading or deceptive conduct.

Petitions are the only direct means through which an individual or group can ask the parliament to do something.

Germanwings Crash: Pilot was locked out, tried ‘to smash the door down’



Germanwings Co-Pilot “Deliberately Destroyed” Airplane, Identified As 28-Year Old German Citizen


Last night, we learned that black-box audio recordings appeared to show the pilot of the doomed Germanwings Flight 9525 had been locked out of the cockpit and was attempting to gain entry – politely at first, but acting with increasing urgency as the plane descended, until at the end it sounded as if he was trying to smash the armored cockpit door down.
In one of the most chilling segments of this morning’s press conference describing what was found on the cockpit voice recorder, screams were heard from passengers and crew as the realisation of what was about to happen struck them all. Prosecutor Brice Robin’s findings state that when the German Captain left the cockpit – following what appeared to be – the 28-year-old German co-pilot (who was alive to the end) refused to re-open the door and began an “intentional”, “controlled”, and “steady” descent as he “seems to have sought to destroy the plane.” Nothing indicates that this was a terrorist incident.    (Continued below the fold)

Bloody hell. And all the politclowns including some Turks went there to do damage control and assure us it has nothing to do with Islam…

A newspaper report, however, suggests the audio contains intriguing information at the least: One of the pilots is heard leaving the cockpit, then banging on the door with increasing urgency in an unsuccessful attempt to get back in.

SEYNE-LES-ALPES, France (AP) — The first half of Germanwings Flight 9525 was chilling in its normalcy. It took off from Barcelona en route to Duesseldorf, climbing up over the Mediterranean and turning over France. The last communication was a routine request to continue on its route.

Minutes later, at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, the Airbus A320 inexplicably began to descend. Within 10 minutes it had plunged from its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet to just over 6,000 feet and slammed into a remote mountainside.

To find out why, investigators have been analyzing the mangled black box that contains an audio recording from the cockpit. Remi Jouty, the head of France’s accident investigation bureau BEA, said Wednesday that it has yielded sounds and voices, but so far not the “slightest explanation” of why the plane crashed, killing all 150 on board.

A newspaper report, however, suggests the audio contains intriguing information at the least: One of the pilots is heard leaving the cockpit, then banging on the door with increasing urgency in an unsuccessful attempt to get back in.

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer,” The New York Times quotes an unidentified investigator as saying. “And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer.”

Eventually, the newspaper quotes the investigator as saying: “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”


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Malaysia: those guilty of criticising Islam & shari’a must be punished.

Modern, ‘moderate’ Malaysia: speak out against barbaric hudud laws and receive death and rape threats from incensed Muslims.

With thanks to the Religion of Peace
Hakim said Putrajaya must implement all of Allah’s laws, and not just hudud, in a comprehensive Islamic rule that encompasses every aspect of government, including its economic, social and foreign policies as well as education. — Reuters file picHakim said Putrajaya must implement all of Allah’s laws, and not just hudud, in a comprehensive Islamic rule that encompasses every aspect of government, including its economic, social and foreign policies as well as education. — Reuters file picKUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — Using democratic means to introduce hudud is “haram”, the local chapter of hardline Islamist group Hizbut Tahrir said, insisting that Islamic law must be implemented in its entirety in Malaysia without approval from Parliament or state assemblies.

The group said putting hudud through debates in the state legislative assembly or the Dewan Rakyat ultimately subjects the sacred law to the approval of man.

“This is categorically haram because the authority to make laws is vested only upon Allah and man is ordered to implement them, not vote to decide on their implementation,” Hizbut Tahrir spokesman Abdul Hakim Othman said in a statement

He added that the use of the democratic system to approve hudud here has also given room to non-Muslims, liberalists and secularists to ridicule and insult the law.

“Their malicious reactions to hudud result from the idea of freedom and the reality of democracy in deifying the human intellect and denying the role of religion in regulating the life of man,” he said.

Those guilty of criticising Islam, he added, should be punished.

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What is “the Islamic way?”

Teaching our young Muslims a lethal victimhood

Andrew Bolt

If this is the “moderate” message, we must again ask whether we can afford to increase the Muslim minority in this country:

The principal of Victoria’s largest Islamic school tells students not to join Islamic State because it is a plot by Western countries.


Al-Taqwa College principal Omar Hallak told The Age he believed IS was a scheme by Israel and America to control oil in the Middle East. But he said he did not explicitly mention these countries to students, instead telling them some Western countries were behind IS.

“They are trained and equipped by them: [the] evidence is all the shiny new equipment,” he said. “We don’t believe Muslims are creating IS.”

Mr Hallak said killing innocent people was not “the Islamic way”…

There are 1950 students enrolled at Al-Taqwa College this year, making it the largest Islamic school in the state.

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A Battle of Algiers

Millions of Muslim immigrants are determined to change Europe beyond recognition. Muslims are “mass-producing” children to take over communities on the continent.’


Theodore Dalymple

When asked about the effects of the French Revolution, the late Chou En-Lai, as charming and sophisticated as he was without scruple, is alleged to have said, ‘It is too soon to tell.’ He probably never said it, however, which is rather a pity because it is so witty and, in a sense, true. The effects of any historical event stretch indefinitely into the future and therefore achieve no finality, which is why history constantly requires and undergoes revision even without the need of a totalitarian dictator, such as Stalin or Mao, to write people into or out of it according to the latest pattern of favour and disfavour. History will come to an end only with the extinction of the human race, and not with the triumph everywhere of liberal democracy, or of anything else for that matter.

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What is Owed to the Serbs

At the time, few people knew what was going on. The clueless lame stream media did its best to obfuscate what really happened. Kudos to Pamela Geller for reminding us of this disgraceful, craven betrayal of the Christian Serbs on behalf of the Balkan Muslims.

On March 24, 1999, Bill Clinton unleashed a disastrous NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia, against the Christian Serbs, against a sovereign nation that did not pose a threat to members of the alliance.

The bombing campaign was the second major combat op in its history, following the 1995 bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The US involvement against the Christian Serbs was astonishing. Fifteen years on, we see the poison fruit of Clinton’s war, including the ethnic cleansing of Sarajevo (now all Muslim), while paving the way for an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

Much thanks to Julia Gorin, who reminds me to mark this black day: “A day that means nothing by now to the forgetful American mind, but a day that will live in infamy more than any other in my mind and in those of others who remember.

Statue of slick Willie n Kosovo’s capital Pristina


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Islamic Dictionary (update)

Key Concepts Having Different Meanings for Muslims and Westerners

It is of the greatest  importance that we understand the lingo and the psychology of the Mohammedan scourge, and this article should be carefully read and spread wide and far, so that non Muslims everywhere  get a chance to prepare themselves against Islamic psycho terror. Thanks to Jon MC from Islam Watch:

In this article I shall address four key concepts as generally understood in the free western world and the Islamic world.

My experience when talking to Muslims is that when these (amongst other) words are used we “talk past each other” in that each is trying to convey a different concept to the other. Thus I might just as well have titled the piece “Western concepts misunderstood by Muslims”.

That said, I also have to acknowledge that some Muslim speakers exploit this disconnect in order to “say one thing whilst facing west and another whilst facing east”. In other words they use these “conceptual discrepancies” for the purposes of Taqiya.


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“I was made victorious through terror”

Anti-Islamist Talk Cancelled at Trinity College Over Fear of ‘Antagonising’ Muslim Students

An Iranian human rights activist who has described Islam as a “totalitarian global threat” has had her speaking engagement at Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) cancelled. Refusal to comply with a unique set of restrictions not placed on other speakers, including proponents of Sharia law, was the reason given.


Maryam Namazie, who regularly receives death threats for speaking out against Islamists, was due to give a talk to the university’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) on Monday titled:  Apostasy and the Rise of Islamism. But the event was cancelled when she refused to comply with last minute restrictions, including limiting the audience to Trinity College students who are also members of the society and the addition of a moderator to add “balance” to the proceedings. (Breitbart)


Muslims lie about everything. Here they get a soapbox in Canada’s National Post to lie some more:

What it’s like to be a Muslim living in Canada: ‘People act as if I’m the spokesperson for ISIS’

Stop calling Muslims terrorists. Muslims are not terrorists. Islam is a religion of peace. We believe killing a person is killing humanity. ISIS fighters are not getting heaven, or their 72 virgins, because that’s not what the religion says.

And when someone maligns Islam, I will stand up and say “You’re wrong, this is what Islam’s about.” …

More on the followers of the false prophet at National Post thanks to a befuddled & Sarah Boesveld  via Mullah, pbuh

 Its a poverty jihad!

How Can European Muslims Protect Their Children Against ISIL? – OpEd – Eurasia Review

adnoFrom Harun Yahya aka Adnan Oktar, a former asylum inmate who now pimps Islam with his harem of heavily made up Playboy bunnies:


… Many European Muslims believe they are being treated as second-class citizens in their countries. They are unable to enjoy the average levels of prosperity. Many of them, as in France, live in the slums around the major metropolitan areas. …


Iranian nukes, ‘death to America’- who cares? The real problem is “climate change”

~Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal~

…much of the left-wing media’s frenetic reporting during these past several days hasn’tbeen focused on America’s president colluding with our enemies towards aiding Iran in achieving their eventual goal of acquiring nuclear weapons capability, but rather seems to have centered primarily on our ally Israel’s recent elections and their subsequent criticism (with an almost psychopathic outrage) at the overwhelming re-election of Obama’s political nemesis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


If only the Israelis understood the Middle East as well as American Jews do . . .

America’s Left-Wing Jews Are Ashamed of Israel’s JewsDennis Prager

Obama lashes out at Israel
Obama lashes out at Israel

Obama says tensions with Netanyahu’s Palestine state remarks is because there is ‘a real naughty policy difference.’

Obama’s Pointless Israel Spats Illustrate Spite, Not Strategy

As the White House continues its attacks on Israeli Premier Netanyahu for things he never said, the Administration seems to be ignoring the Supreme Leader of Iran’s calls for “death to America.”-Click here to read more » Elder of Ziyon

How many of the women “civilians” killed were actually terrorists?

Women fought for Hamas in Gaza war, too

saladin women

All of Gaza’s fighting groups have female units, but the most efficient is the Nasser Salahuddin Brigades unit. 

 Its a poverty jihad!

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has forced many desperate youths who have nothing else to live for to join groups fighting Israel, according to Pernille Ironside, Unicef’s Gaza director.

I love how UN agencies justify people becoming terrorists.

…[P]overty is widespread — leaving people with little else to do but fight, Om Khadija said.

Sure. It’s not like they can learn web design or languages or desktop publishing or any other freelance  job that could be done with only an Internet connection. Nope, they have no other choice.–From The Times (UK)

Iran isn’t providing needed access or information, nuclear watchdog says

What a surprise!

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran has failed to provide the information or access needed to allay the agency’s concerns about the weapons potential of the country’s nuclear program.