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The Motive, the motive; what could it possibly be?


Police have not yet revealed the motive for the fatal shooting outside of a controversial Muhammad cartoon contest and free speech event in Garland, Texas.  (source)

Here’s Tim Blair:

Drawing Fire

An art exhibit turns bloody, the scorecard:


Two jihadi boys iced.

The shooters aren’t the victims

Andrew Bolt

Ben Shapiro:

On Monday, the media came out and defended the Texas Draw Muhammad event targeted by radical Muslims. The Chicago Tribune said the event “poke[s] wicked fun at [religion] … lampoons the ability of persons of faith to compartmentalize.” The New York Times praised the event for “scrupulously disassemb[ling]” and mocking Islam with “vignettes” that “float into the high altitudes of absurdity.” Variety called the event a “nonstop fusillade of obscenities.”

Oh, wait. Sorry, that was The Book of Mormon, the Mormonism-bashing Tony-award winning musical that actually carries a song with the lyrics “f*** you, God.” Nobody got shot for making that “brave musical.” The media worshipped it, nonetheless, as a blow for freedom.

But when two radical Muslims shoot up a Draw Muhammad event in Garland, Texas, the media jump to rip the event….

The American left no longer believes in freedom of speech. They believe in their freedom to criticize those things they find offensive; when shamed, they will occasionally pretend to support freedom of speech for those with whom they disagree, as with Charlie Hebdo. But in the end, they will justify those they believe are victims, even when those “victims” are busily shooting up free speech events in the heart of the United States.

I saw the Book of Mormon with my family, incidentally. Very funny. Mind you, I didn’t leave the theatre wondering if we’d get shot, either, which would have made it less funny.

Picture of the WeekThanks to the Religion of Peace

“When communities fail to fight back against
hate, it only grows in severity and scope.”
Keith Ellison, encouraging ill will and action against an
Islam-critical event in Texas shortly before it was shot up by
inspired members of his community.  The attack proved
(yet again) that the true source of hate and violence lies
in the ideology of Islam rather than those critical of it.
In fact, it confirms the validity and obligation of the critique.


Pamela Geller, organiser of the event that was attacked, deals very nicely with a CNN host who tried to cast her as the villain:

CNN sounds awfully like Islamic apologists apologists such as Kuranda Seyit, spokesman of the Islamic Council of Victoria:

This is really about baiting Muslims. It’s about you know venting hatred towards one religious community.  It is not about free speech. And it’s a ridiculous notion to have a competition offering $10,000 so someone can denigrate the prophet And they did this knowingly that this would upset lots and lot of Muslims in the community and tragically what we’ve got is a result of someone’s incompetence and stupidity to even run such an event. It is a shame and I very sad that this is happened, but if you do this, if you poke a dog with a stick it’s going to bite you.


An Australian Twitter user who supports Islamic State urged an attack at an anti-Islamic event in Texas just days before two ­people were shot dead as it wrapped up yesterday.

The Melbourne man, known only as “Australi Witness”, went as far as sharing a map of the community centre where the event was held, while sharing calls last week by Islamic State fighters and supporters for “brothers in Texas” to go there “with your weapons, bombs or with knifes”.

The same man also posted the addresses of synagogues in Australia and the location of Anzac Day services, along with details of individuals he claims have ­insulted Muslims. It is believed that Australian authorities are monitoring the posts.


Hezbollah CNN plant Hala Gorani:

Why is Pamela Geller so obsessed with Islam? It’s all she can think and talk about. Is it the result of some sort of trauma?

Because Jeff Zucker is hoping to salvage CNN by turning the news narrative into a left-wing reality show (it’s not working), this requires that all Big Stories have a villain, and a subsequent Hate Campaign against said villain. Naturally, the target of CNN’s almost-daily Hate Campaigns are almost always Christians or conservatives. Zucker isn’t even willing to alter that formula when anti-jihad activist Pam Geller is targeted for murder in a thwarted terror attack.


Sunday in Garland, Texas, there was the equivalent of “The Book of Mormon” mixed with “Piss Christ” in the form of a Muhammad cartoon contest. Just as Mormons and Christians would prefer not to be mocked, the same is of course true for Muslims. The only difference is that when you mock/insult Mormons and Christians, you do not need a SWAT team to protect the event.


“Restive Xinjiang”

Thanks to Pat Dollard:

China Deals With Growing Muslim Problem By Shooting Muslims


Excerpted from Radio Free Asia: Chinese security forces shot dead five ethnic minority Muslim Uyghurs in the third consecutive week of fatal shootings in a restive county in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, an exile Uyghur group said Monday [14 October 2013], accusing the authorities of a “cover-up”.

The latest killing in Yingwusitang township in Yarkand (in Chinese, Shache) county, which is administered by the Silk Road city of Kashgar, occurred on Friday [11 October 2013] when police surrounded a house and gunned down five occupants who had not been suspects of any crime, according to the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress.

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The trouble with ‘devout’ Muslims

Arizona lawyer Kristina Sitton, who previously represented one of the suspects, said he was a devout Muslim.

Second Gunman in Attack on Free Speech Event in Texas Identified – Here’s What We Know
The second gunman suspected in the attack on a free speech event in Garland, Texas, has been identified as Nadir Soofi…
WaPo on Pamela Geller:
Pamela Geller, the incendiary organizer of Texas ‘prophet Muhammad cartoon contest’

Practicing free speech is now incendiary?

She was recently in the news for sponsoring an ad campaign with posters saying, among other things, “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah.”

“The Islamic jihadis are determined to suppress our freedom of speech violently,” Geller says.–WASHINGTONPOST.COM

Islamist attack on Texas art exhibition. UPDATE: Muslim spokesman blames organisers

Muslim spokesturd Kuranda Seyit on Oz ABC: Spencer & Geller exercising their free speech brought on this attack through their “stupidity”

Andrew Bolt

There is a real problem with Islam in the West:

Two men were shot and killed in a parking lot outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Sunday afternoon…

The two suspects drove up and opened fire near the center, which was hosting a Muhammad Art exhibit, and hit a Garland ISD officer.

Garland Police shot and killed the two men…

Multiple SWAT teams and an FBI bomb squad were searching the area around the center for explosives in a vehicle.

Some SWAT members were already at the scene for the art event.

The exhibition was organised with the danger clearly in mind:

The New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative was hosting a contest that would award $10,000 for the best cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad at the venue. Caricatures of the Islamic prophet are considered offensive by many Muslims.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative paid an additional $10,000 upfront for 40 officers to work security at the event. The group’s president, Pamela Gellar, called it “the high cost of freedom.”…

The decision to book the event came a little more than a week after Islamic militants in France killed 12 people at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The organizers said they were exercising their freedom of expression. 

Let’s now see how many people really meant it when they declared “Je suis Charlie”. My tip: the organisers, not the terrorists, will be blamed by much of the media.


Prediction checks out.

Kuranda Seyit, spokesman of the Islamic Council of Victoria, gives a disgraceful comment to the ABC, suggesting that people exercising their free speech brought on this attack through their “stupidity”:

This is really about baiting Muslims. It’s about you know venting hatred towards one religious community.  It is not about free speech. And it’s a ridiculous notion to have a competition offering $10,000 so someone can denigrate the prophet.  And they did this knowingly that this would upset lots and lot of Muslims in the community and tragically what we’ve got is a result of someone’s incompetence and stupidity to even run such an event. It is a shame and I very sad that this is happened, but if you do this, if you poke a dog with a stick it’s going to bite you.

Submit or die. Your fault it you choose wrong.

Second shooter identified: Nadir Soofi, 34

 “…good kid made a bad choice.”

“May Allah accept us as mujahideen.”

Nadir Hamid Soofi has been named as one of the gunmen in the Garland Prophet Muhammad Art Contest shooting. The attack happened just outside of Dallas on the night of May 3. The two jihadists were shot dead by a Garland police officer outside of the Curtis Culwell Center and prevented from causing a massacre. One cop was shot in the leg during the exchange of gunfire.


The second shooter in the Garland, Texas terrorist attack has been identified as Nadir Soofi, 34. According to law enforcement officials quoted by the Washington Posthe was indeed Elton Simpson’s roommate, as some earlier reports indicated.  (Breitbart)


In other news:

TEXAS: Muslims Outraged That Irving City Council Backs Bill That Will Ban Islamic Sharia Law…
The intense national spotlight on Islam has shifted to Irving, where Mayor Beth Van Duyne has accused mosque leaders of creating separate laws for Muslims…

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Texas: one of the shooters “well known to the FBI”

‘Well known by FBI’: Suspect in Garland shooting ID’d as Elton Simpson
Catch and release?

A known jihadist is the prime suspect in the shooting rampage at the “Draw Muhammad” contest event in Garland TX yesterday. Guess we won’t be hearing Obama blame the Crusades & Christians… (Michelle Malkin)

 Leftoids always try to divert the narrative. Here, attempted mass-murder in the name of Islam is being reduced to “she (Geller) calls them savages”. But Geller calling them ‘savages’ is not the problem, the fanatical Muslim killer zombies are.

In Baltimore, a ‘chocolate city’ where black looters and moochers did ‘their thing’, they apply the same diversionary tactics with “do not call them thugs, that’s the new ‘N’-word”. These people are the result of dumbing down, which is inevitable after 60 years of  leftist self-service. The thugs ruined the city, the thugs are in charge but not responsible. That’s the problem. Not those who call them out on it.

Pamela Geller: Gunmen Prove I’m Right
Calls them “savages.”–(as if that was the crime here.)
Along comes “the Donald”

“Is there another way…?”  a clueless Hasselbeck wants to know. And the Donald, who is good at making money but not much else, claims Pamela Geller is “taunting them”…..

Donald Trump reacts to the Muhammad Cartoon Contest shooting and probably isn’t what you would expect from him.

“What in the hell is she doing?” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “She’s taunting them,” he added. “What is the purpose of it? Isn’t there something else they could draw?”

Via The Blaze

Texas shooter: “When will the kuffar understand and stop insulting the prophet?”
These tweets (click to enlarge) come from one of the shooters at the AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exposition and Cartoon Contest yesterday — BY ROBERT SPENCER
Official: One of Garland, Texas Shooting Suspects ID’d
One of the suspects in the shooting in Garland, Texas, late Sunday has been identified as Elton Simpson, an Arizona man who was previously the subject of a terror investigation, according to a senior FBI official. Overnight and today FBI…
Obama Potential Supreme Court Nominee Let Off Cartoon Gunman Because She Wasn’t Sure What “Jihad” Meant

Obama picks ‘folks’ like her for a reason.

 By Daniel Greenfield

Murguia_MaryThe Mohammed cartoon shootings did not turn into a massacre because of the quick actions of police officers on the scene. But if a massacre had occurred, much of the responsibility would rest with Judge Mary H. Murguia.

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Funny how leftoids try to pervert free speech into ‘bigotry’

Pamela Geller DESTROYS onslaught of ridiculous attacks from CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

From the Right Scoop

I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Instead of finding fault with the attackers that tried to KILL Pamela Geller for using her freedom of speech, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota calls her a bigot and attacks her on-air. Pamela handled it expertly and destroyed every criticism tossed her way.

Here’s the first part:

Here’s the second part:

Good job Pamela.

Camerota and her comrades are a much greater threat to your freedom than the Mohammedans.

Pamela Geller  Stands Up To ‘Savages’

“We will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages.”



Cowardly Daily Mail blacks out Muhammad cartoons in story on shooting



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Texas Muslims fear backlash over attack on Mo-toon exhibition

Muslims Defend Pam Geller’s Right To Hate

Slick and smarmy as Muslim agitprop Dean Obeidallah can be. Of course he doesn’t ‘defend’ Geller’s right to free expression, but he tries not give us the impression that he is a primitive savage:

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that some Muslims aren’t offended by the idea of Geller offering $10,000 for people to draw despicable cartoons of Mohammed.  But the reality is American Muslims deeply value freedom of expression.

The crap he writes is lame and drips with taqiyya:

I, along with Muslims across America, are hoping and even praying the two gunmen involved in this shooting were not Muslim.  But if it turns they were, I can assure you that Muslim American community and religious leaders will swiftly denounce it as well as make it clear that we absolutely defend freedom of expression.

Their denouncing is even cheaper than  their lies.



Get out, Samira. Get out!

pig womanEvery day  of the week Mohammedan ratbags like Samira Farah spew hateful bile and vomit on Australians. Its time to spit back! Yesterday it was Randa Abdel-Fattah, today it is Samira Farah,  a self-described Sydney based writer and radio producer with this:

So 90% of us are ‘proud Australians’. Proud of what, exactly?
A new report shows that most of us think we live in the best country on earth. Perhaps that’s to be expected – Aussie pride