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What do you bet that this is a plant?

The swastika shirt wearing skinhead was unwelcome by the organisers, but that’s the ammunition our enemies are looking for. Forget the fact that the Nazis  were in cahoots with  the Muslims, this is about symbols and how they’re being used against anyone who speaks up against the Islamic invasion.

Which side should you back? 

Andrew Bolt

Sunday’s protest [in Richmond] ended after officers created a safe passage for the [United Patriots Front] members to leave. About 50 people chanted “Aussie, Aussie, ­Aussie” and “I am Australian”.



You back the right side: the side of the civilised man.




Islam is not a race. Islam has never been a race. Criticism of Islam therefore is not racism. Branding critics of Islam as racists and bigots is rather disingenuous, and has long been the modus operandi of Islamists and their water carriers to silence any genuine dialogue on the issue.

Please help us to inform more Australians about the true nature of Islam. Speak to your connections and support Q Society of Australia: 

Stupid is as stupid does
Online site invites Australians to fight bigotry one click at a time
A PRESTON resident has made lending support to Muslims affected by racial vilification as easy as the click of a button.

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Erdogan urges Muslims to conquer J’lem & ‘al Andalus’

Erdogan wants to make peace between Sunnis and Shi’ites and together reconquer Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, the third holiest site in Islam. Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu had remarked recently, that “Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims, not to the Jews“.

The world belongs to allah, we just don’t know it yet.

Not content with Jerusalem, Erdogan wants Spain (Al Andalus) back as well.

Erdogan and Davutoglu focus on one technique to win the crowds by mesmerizing millions in their audience with pure emotion in order to magnetize the Muslim world to view Erdogan as Sultan.

kj2 copyDavutoglu responds affirming that Jerusalem belongs to Muslims and not the Jews, saying: “Jerusalem is our home and we are all Jerusalem.”

Erdogan and Davutoglu focus on one technique to win the crowds by mesmerizing millions in their audience with pure emotion in order to magnetize the Muslim world to view Erdogan as Sultan (see translation in the sources section).

Erdogan says that he wants Spain. He says he is some reincarnation of Tariq Bin Ziad, the conqueror of Spain, the tyrant Alp Arslan, and Saladin. These are the Muslim leaders who fought Christendom and Saladin was the one who conquered Jerusalem.

Turkish Fairy Tales from Uncle Tayyip
  • It is truly fascinating that Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, a professor of political science, believes that Jerusalem, built a millennium before the birth of Islam, is originally a Muslim city.
  • It is as if, for Davutoglu (and Erdogan), Jerusalem did not exist before 1187. If it did not, why do the Turks talk about “conquest,” a euphemism they always seem to prefer to avoid the words “occupation” or “invasion.”
‘Conquest of Istanbul one of the biggest victories’
'Conquest of Istanbul one of the biggest victories'

The Turkish president releases his message marking 562nd anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praises the day of 562nd anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest by the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan described the conquest of Istanbul as “one of the biggest victories” of the Turkish nation.

“The conquest of Istanbul goes down in history as not just a military success, but also for the fair and just sense of ruling by Fatih the Conqueror,” said Erdogan.

Erdogan claimed that the conquest allowed many different religions and cultures to live as one afterwards. (Until the Muslims wiped them out. Turkey today is 99% Islamic.)

Turkish President Erdogan makes eerie presence at party convention 2014

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on his countrymen to refocus on the Ottoman goal of re-conquering Jerusalem for Islam and uniting Shia and Sunni tribes for that same mission.

In a speech that got almost no coverage in the Western media, Erdogan talked about invading and reconquering Jerusalem, according to an article in the Anadolu Agency of Turkey.

“We Muslims lost our aim to head towards Jerusalem,” he told throngs of adoring Turks while in the state of Erzincan in central Turkey, according to a translation by Walid Shoebat. “The water of our eyes froze making us blind, and our hearts that was destined to beat for Jerusalem is now instead conditioned for rivalry being in a state of war with each other.”

Erdogan was in the city to promote numerous service projects, but the speech focused on Jerusalem.

“When you mention the word ascension, the first thing that comes to mind is Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said, referring to the mosque that sits on the Temple Mount.

THE UN wants to blacklist Israel’s ARMY!

(The Palestinians are anything but peaceful Muslims—even their national anthem is about Jihad and the UN wants to stop Israel protecting itself?)

UN Push to Blacklist IDF
UN’s Children and Armed Conflict group says IDF should be added to blacklist for deaths of Palestinian children during Protective Edge.

Father who married his 12-year old daughter should not get jail because of Islam

The barrister admits that Islam promotes pedophilia and suggests the father should get off scot-free because he follows Mohammedanism.

This barrister sounds more like a lowlife shyster if he suggests we should apply Islamic law in Australia.  We (still) haven’t submitted to Islam and the law of the land must be enforced. I would even go further and say because the perp is a Mohammedan he should know that under our law he will be severely punished just to set an example for others.

”A NSW father found guilty of procuring his 12-year-old daughter for sex by facilitating her “marriage” could face a tough time in jail because of his Muslim faith, his lawyer has told a Sydney court.”
“The nature of the offence and his faith, and the birth of this offence coming from the Quran … that may cause his time in custody to be onerous.”

”In a judge-alone trial, she found the man had allowed the wedding to happen, allowed his daughter to go to a motel that night to have sex, and had instructed her that it was forbidden for she or her “husband” to use contraception.

He had also hosted them at his house the following weekend, where they had sex on two single mattresses pushed together at the father’s direction.”

Read more at 9News

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Black Skin Privilege

U.S. police have shot dead 385 people in five months
U.S. police have shot dead 385 people in five months

US police have shot and killed 385 people during the first five months of 2015, an average of more than two fatal shootings a day, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

The Post’s analysis showed that about half the victims were white, half minority. Among unarmed victims, two-thirds were black or Hispanic.

Based on census numbers for the areas where the killings took place, blacks were killed at three times the rate of whites or other minorities.

The victims ranged in age from 16 to 83. More than 80 percent were armed with potentially lethal objects, mostly guns. Ninety-two victims were identified as mentally ill.–World Bulletin / News Desk 

 Baltimore Activists Are Working to Stack Jury to Get Cops Indicted (VIDEO)
Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby charged six city police officers with murder and manslaughter in the death of serial criminal Freddie Gray.
Mooch Obama Tells Black Grads That White People Make Life Tough…
Michelle Obama has made numerous racially-charged statements in the past, but none so atrocious as her commencement speech at Alabama’s Tuskegee…  BUZZPO.COM|BY BUZZPO STAFF
White Professor Ashamed Of His Race And Demands You Be Too

Blazing Cat Fur

Professor Christopher Driscoll is ashamed of his whiteness and he wants you to be ashamed too.

He’s come up with a list of rules white people can live by to ensure continued shame on the part of white people.

Because he desperately needs attention, he’s calling them “The Ten Cracka Commandments.” Isn’t that cute?


The 9 Painful Stages of Realizing You Live In a ‘White Person Bubble’”

“Diversity” is emerging as the most virulent new age religion. But the push for diversity is killing diversity.

The irony is incredible: We live in one of the most diverse (in every sense of the word) nations on planet earth. And yet the broken record continues: we’re not diverse enough

Thousands. Every Day Now. Thousands….

IS smuggles jihadists to Europe disguised as desperate refugees, warns Nato chief
ISLAMIC State is exploiting the Middle East refugee crisis to smuggle jihadists into Europe, a Nato security chief has warned.
Italy rescues 3,300 4,800 “migrants” in Mediterranean in one day – BBC News
Italy rescued a total of more than 3,300 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean on Friday, the country’s coastguard says.
ISIS making millions trafficking ‘refugees’ to Europe from Libya
Obama and his girls (Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power) sure blundered when they joined the pack to bring down Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. I…
No Muslim Country Wants to Take in Syrian Refugees
In all fairness, there’s no Muslim country that Syrian refugees would want to go to. They’re not even happy with non-Muslim countries. They’re already whining about there not being enough jobs in Bulgaria. They want to go from France to the UK…
UN expert: rich countries must take in 1 million refugees to stop boat deaths
UN special rapporteur says inaction is creating a market for people smugglers, adding that world needs to take in a million Syrians over next five years—THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY GABRIELLE JACKSON
 Libya to COUNTER-ATTACK if ‘colonial’ EU uses military force
LIBYA is ready to launch a counter-attack against any military action ordered by “colonial” European Union leaders as they attempt to stop migrants crossing the…Mediterranean migrants

Insolent Mustard: Oz Gov’t ‘has no right’ to lecture Muslims….

“Tony Abbott opens his mouth and incites people; it’s not the imams that are radicalising young people…”

Insolent Koranimal  tells Oz government to ‘grow a spine’

The backroom leader of the peak national body for Muslims says the federal government should “grow a spine” and it has “no moral right” to lecture the community on terrorist threats.

Muslims NSW president Amjad Mehboob, who was also chief executive of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils for 35 years and its current spokesman, said the government could never win its fight if it did not stand up for Muslims.

“What the young people see is a lot of empty Muslim rhetoric, they don’t see anything about the issues that concern them,” he said.

“So when they see ISIL [Islamic State], they see they are doing something about their problems.”

Mr Mehboob invoked the Palestinian cause as an example of the government’s “empty rhetoric”.

“Tony Abbott opens his mouth and he incites people; it’s not the imams that are radicalising young people,” he said.—Read the whole thing below the fold….

Citizenship needs to be discussed: Bishop

A national conversation was needed about citizenship and changes to laws to keep Australians safe from growing threat of homegrown terrorism, Julie Bishop said today.
The Foreign Minister also denied there had been a breakdown in trust between her and Prime Minister Tony Abbott, following reports cabinet was ambushed by a proposal to strip Australians suspected of terror offences of their sole citizenship.
“We expect there to be a national conversation about the rights and reSee More

Turnbull cloak and dagger

As a member of the Abbott cabinet, Malcolm Turnbull is obliged to keep any criticisms of the government’s performance to himself. Unless, of course, it’s in the confidentiality of the cabinet room itself.

“This is an extraordinary proposition,” the Communications Minister said to the cabinet meeting on Monday night, according to people present in the room.

The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, was proposing that he should have the power, at his own discretion, to strip an …

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Tony Abbott rolled by his own ministers over stripping terrorists of citizenship
As a member of the Abbott cabinet, Malcolm Turnbull is obliged to keep any criticisms of the government’s performance to himself. Unless, of course, it’s in…  SMH.COM.AU

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Islam, the most reliable source for terror around the world

Mustard Protests in Londonistan

Banners read   “Democracy and freedom are on death row”

ABSOLUTLEY SHOCKING: This protest was not in Iraq, or Syria…it was right in heart of London

All Muslims, like all dogs…share the same characteristics:

All Muslims share the same Islam. The establishment is always telling us that there are good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two different kinds have nothing in common with each other.


Toronto Sun Columnist Wonders: “What Is Driving These Youngsters to Leave Comfortable Lives in the Suburbs and Join Tribal Wars?”

Well, Candice, it isn’t those proverbial “root causes” of poverty, unemployment and the like, the reasons “progressives” like Obama always point to as the impetus.What’s driving them? Isn’t it obvious? It’s the siren call of jihad, which is particularly potent for certain idealistic youths who may be looking to channel their youthful idealism into a “worthy” cause. And, clearly, working for “social justice” and/or to put an end to global “climate change,” causes which are amorphous and non-specific, don’t captivate these youngsters in the way that running off to fight for the Caliphate does.

Simple as that, really.

Everything you read here is wrong: these American patriots are not “extremists” and they don’t “terrorise” a mosque. Islam is the source of the terror:
Right-Wing Extremists Terrorize A Mosque With Assault Rifles During Prayer Time 
Leave it to the right wing to take one of our most sacred rights and turn it into a hateful weapon that goes against everything this country stands for. Last night,…(Photos/Videos)

Enemedia Retard Gins Up Report

American Broadcasters of Communism (ABC)  had to make this into another crusade against Christians, Conservatives, and declare AZ to be racist across the board.

If they cannot find an incident, they will fabricate one, knowing too many will not bother to hear the truth of a matter. Bottom line: no brawling happened, only a couple of shouting matches.

“The clips she played don’t support her claim.”

Reporter Said She ‘Got Caught Up in a Couple Brawls’ at Mosque Protest.
They weren’t fistfights. They didn’t even technically appear to be “fighting words.” But one reporter still called what happened a “brawl.” At the “free speech” protest… Watch the Video and See…
Jihadis don’t show up at Phoenix mosque protest, so no one gets hurt
The Islamic State had threatened to show up and commit mass murder, and specifically threatened the event organizer, but didn’t appear at the event, and so…
‘Ferguson Effect’: America’s New Crime Wave Is All Part of the Plan
The Wall Street Journal is calling the dramatic end of America’s two-decade-long drop in crime “The Ferguson Effect.” Led behind the scenes by President Obama,…BREITBART.COM
Meanwhile, back in Iraq, or Syria:

“Let’s ask our Founding Fathers if it was worth it for them to sign the Declaration of Independence”

Phoenix organizer final words: ‘I’m going into hiding . . . this is tyranny, terrorism right…

The organizer of a free-speech rally held outside a Phoenix mosque Friday said he and his family are going into hiding after threats on his life.

Friday’s protest, organized by former Marine Jon Ritzheimer, was held outside the Islamic Community Center, a mosque attended by the two men who were killed by police after they attacked the Prophet Muhammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. The protest was peaceful, thanks in part to a heavy police presence, although it attracted a vocal counter-protest.

Ritzheimer told Fox 10 Phoenix that those protesting his event are “mad.”

“They’re mad at us for exercising our First Amendment rights,” he said. “This is further proof that our First Amendment is under attack. This is tyranny right here. This is tyranny at its finest.”

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Mufti of al Azhar berates Le Pen over “erroneous ideas about Islam”

Grand Imam of al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb met with Marine Le Pen in Cairo Photo: AFP

In a surprise visit, French far-right leader  politician Marine Le Pen, who heads the Front National party, has met with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb.  (Source thanks to Marie)

During the talks at Al-Azhar’s headquarter’s in Cairo, the Grand Imam of Sunni Islam’s top Islamic authority told Le Pen that Al-Azhar has been seriously concerned by the Front National’s views on Islam.

Le Pen, who has often warned against the ‘radical Islamization’ of France and has urged French authorities to crackdown and ‘eradicate’ fundamentalists, was told by Sheikh el-Tayeb that the Front National must correct its opinions about Islam.

In a statement, Al-Azhar said it questioned the FN’s “hostile opinions towards Islam and Muslims,” and urged the party to review and correct such opinions.

While Le Pen has recently said in an op-ed in the New York Times that “Islamist terrorism is a cancer on Islam, and Muslims themselves must fight it at our side,” Le Pen’s views towards immigration and monitoring of mosques, including her party’s rhetoric after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, have attracted fierce criticism. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Le Pen also criticized Saudi Arabia and Qatar, stating that France must review its foreign policy and “stop rolling out the red carpet for countries we know to be funding fundamentalism, countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

During the meeting, Le Pen and Sheikh el-Tayeb agreed that action must be taken to tackle “erroneous ideas and concepts about Islam and extremist ideologies” while also confronting “racism that some Muslims in Europe” suffer from.

(The mufti is insolent to suggest Le Pen has “erroneous ideas about Islam”. Muslims in Europe do not suffer from “racism”. Europeans suffer from invasion, Mohammedan crime, insolence and supremacy.)

Meanwhile, Le Pen also agreed that there is a need not to confuse Islam with the violent acts committed in its name by fundamentalists, said a statement by Al-Azhar. Confirming these statements, Le Pen tweeted that there had been “strong agreement” on the fight against extremism and radicalism.

(Either she gets it or she doesn’t. Islam, only Islam, is responsible for terrorism which is commanded in the Quran by Muhammad himself.)

According to Al-Azhar, the talks between Le Pen and the Grand Imam came after Le Pen’s request to discuss matters relating to Islam in Europe.

Le Pen also met with Coptic Pope Tawadros II, tweeting that the talks were “moving” and exemplified her solidarity with the Christians of Egypt and the Middle East.