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EU$$R to throw 2.4 Billion Euros at Mohammedan Invasion

EU approves €2.4 billion funding for migration crisis
EU approves €2.4 billion funding for migration crisis

Tensions have escalated this year as thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa try to gain asylum in EU

World Bulletin / News Desk

The European Commission on Monday approved 2.4 billion euros ($2.6 billion) of aid over six years for countries including Greece and Italy that have struggled to cope with a surge in numbers of immigrants.

Italy is to receive the most aid – nearly 560 million euros, while Greece will receive 473 million.

Tensions have escalated this year as thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa try to gain asylum in the European Union.

In Calais, a bottleneck for migrants attempting to enter Britain illegally through the Eurotunnel from France, has seen several migrant deaths this month.

Some of the newly approved aid will be disbursed to French and British authorities tackling the crisis in Calais.

“We are now able to disburse the funding for the French national program and the UK has already received the first disbursement of its funding,” Natasha Berthaud, a European Commission spokeswoman, told a news conference.

“Both of these programs will, amongst other things, also deal with the situation in Calais.”

The Commission plans to approve an additional 13 programs later this year, which will then be implemented by EU member states.

Devout Savages

70,000 lone wolfs signed this from Australia

….and they keep telling us that there are less than half a million Koranimals Downunder.

Anjem Choudary supporters threaten revenge for preacher charge in online campaign
SUPPORTERS of radical preacher Anjem Choudary have launched a Twitter campaign to secure his release…and almost a third of them are from BRITAIN.

It’s happening big time.

The cancer of Islam will kill you unless it’s crushed

BREAKING: Homes evacuated after (Musel-)man, 27, arrested as part of counter terror op
A MAN has been arrested in a counter-terror operation as nearby houses had to be …
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The (Obama) Feds are confused or complicit: incitement to murder is not “protected speech”.
Feds: Farrakhan’s anti-white rant ‘protected speech’
‘They’re cowards,’ says Sheriff David Clarke
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I still say that he had a plan since before day one. He has been provoking racial division since “the Cambridge police acted stupidly”. He has been provoking instability in the Middle East since his speech to the Egyptian people. Right from the start, divide us and unite them.

Devout Savages
Islamic Supremacist and their lapdogs protest federal program to combat Islamic extremism

But there is no “Islamic extremism”, there is only Islam, and Islam is more dangerous than rabies in a dog.

Muslim groups and their leftist lapdogs oppose counter-terror programs saying it focuses on Muslims. More absurd scenes from bizarro world – America 2015. Jihad is Islamic. Islamic terror is perpetuated by Muslims. Every jihadi attack in this country has been waged by devout Muslims. Why are these alleged “peaceful Muslims” fighting for devout savages?

Islamic Supremacist and their lapdogs protest federal program to combat Islamic extremism, saying it targets Muslims ByPamela Geller on August 9, 2015…PAMELAGELLER.COM
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And examples of this mindless garbage apply for asylum here?

Prince Harry is at the front line of a bloody war against rhino poachers, joining heavily armed forces battling gangs of criminals wielding rifles and machetes.
ISIS sex markets: Girls aged one to nine are most valuable
IS has executed 19 girls because they refused to have sex with IS fighters.–SPEISA.COM|BY SPEISA
17 People Dead in Saudi Mosque Bombing

Muslim Shiites and Sunnis blow each other’s mosques, they celebrate blowing up churches and killing Christians, but demand the West respect Islam! Don’t they know that respect is earned and a two way street?! Islam demands respect but all they get is FEAR but NO respect:

The official Saudi news channel Al-Ekhbariya is reporting that a bomb detonated in a Saudi Arabian mosque used by interior ministry special forces. A Saudi Minister told the AP that the bomb targeted police trainees while they were in the middle of…
Jihad in Turkey, the target are Americans.

ISIL, China, Turkey & Iran

ISIS fighters in Afghanistan use explosives to kill ten ‘apostates’
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. They have burnt men alive and drowned prisoners in metal cages but now ISIS have shown off their new horrific method of…
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Unbelievable. It’s like a nightmare, but we can’t wake up from it because it is really happening.

Islamic State jihadis recruiting in Turkish mosques, treated in Turkish hospitals
Turkey’s head of religious affairs insists that “all the Islamic institutions agree that Daesh is a non-Muslim group.” Turkey’s actions suggest that the head of religious…
ISIS create SEX MENU offering BABIES for sale in most disgusting story you will read today
ISLAMIC State (ISIS) fighters have created a sick catalogue offering baby SEX SLAVES for as little as £100, it emerged today.
Violence erupts in China as police knock down mosque for being an ‘illegal religious place’
Violence erupted in the town of Hexi, in China’s northwest Ningxia region, after 1,000 officers arrived to help police the knocking down of the mosque.


Powerline blog


If you want to see the immigration crisis getting completely out of control, check out northern France, where several thousand “migrants”—as the press describes them—are trying to charge through the Channel Tunnel to Britain, where, they suppose, the welfare state will take care of them. It hasn’t been receiving much media coverage in the U.S., except for the Wall Street Journal, which notes today that the disruption at the Channel is bad for business.

As the Wall Street Journal quoted one aspiring client a few days ago:

“Here, no one looks after me,” the teenager said. “In the U.K., I can be a big man.”

No one looks after me. The Telos of the welfare state, in five words. More revealing is this passage:

“Stopping them is becoming very difficult since they’re just not afraid of the police anymore,” a French police officer said.


Stop the welfare rorts!

MUSLIMS have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says an analysis of census data.

And more than a third of Muslims had weekly incomes less than $400 in 2011, the report said.

Released by the Immigration Department, The People of Australia study revealed an Islamic population of 476,291 — up 40 per cent compared to the 2006 census.

See More

Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says Australian analysis
One Muslim man and woman and their 11 children. Rapid breeding is not only a financial disaster on the West but is taught and encouraged on Muslims to better…  MUSLIMSTATISTICS
Have you got a family with 37 relatives?

An investigation by the Department of Human Services has uncovered evidence of a $2 million systematic welfare rort among a family network in NSW.

A simple tip-off that a man had failed to declare income revealed evidence of potentially fraudulent behaviour among 37 of his relatives and associates and resulted in 19 people having their welfare payments cancelled.

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We must effectively organize at the grass-roots level, to create a unified voice that says “enough” to political correctness, that demands that government offic

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A message from Jamie Glazov:
When I moved to Israel, I came with a very open mind about Arabs and Muslims. Though it won’t come as much surprise, I will tell you there is really no hope for them. I worked with the most educated, socially liberal people in the Arab world (Israeli Arab doctors, engineers, etc. –> highly educated people who enjoyed all the rights of living in a modern democracy). When we would talk politics (which was infrequent), their views were every bit as radical as those of the guys pictured here. 

The other thing I noticed is that many Arabs in Israel self-police themselves. So even though they live in a modern democratic country, they police their own communities in such a way that they basically don’t have freedom of speech or freedom of anything else, for that matter. Arab/Islamic culture is so completely opposite from Western culture, that most Westerners will never be able to believe it. What is “moderate” for them, would be “radical” and extreme for us. This is the problem. And it won’t go away anytime soon. Their culture, as you know, is very big on violence, bigotry (towards non-Muslims, non-Arabs, etc.). Just very primitive.

While I have no doubt there are many decent people who are Arab/Muslim, on the whole, the culture is so screwed up, that I think any country which allows large numbers of them to immigrate, is setting itself up for big problems. When I look at Europe, and the influx of Arab/Muslims, it is setting itself up for disaster. Israel at least, unlike Europe, has enough moral clarity to call a spade a spade: it fights radical Islam whenever and wherever necessary. Europeans won’t do this until it’s too late for them and their countries.

British gubmint hard at work (in the service of the umma)

Camoron knows who the enemy is:
British man faces 7 years in prison for threatening on Facebook to burn an Islamic State flag in Front of Mosque…
…while Muslims in the UK who actually do burn flags of the United States and Israel as well as British soldier remembrance poppies never face any charges. A British… BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Assassinate the Queen of England: Islamists plan to murder the Queen of England. –
Post Views: 3 Dailymail: British jihadi’s VJ Day plot to bomb the Queen in Central London: Police and MI5 in race against time to foil Boston Marathon-style IED…Dailymail: 
The Jihadists Know How To Say Thank You:
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 Their Problems Are Not Our Problems

But there are plenty of Moonbats among us in search of a cause.

Migrants Suffering From Gangrene, Scabies at Calais Camps

Children as young as 10 are “riddled with scabies” according to doctors working in the camps.

Islamic Terrorists Have Mothers Too

But they don’t want to go back to their mothers, they want to go to the virgins…..

“Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights”

There is “Myth Dispelling” Going On!

All links thanks to the intrepid Mullah, pbuh!

Eight billboards have gone up in the Bay Area, with messages like, “Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights” and “Muhammad always taught love, not hate; peace, not violence.” …

It is part of a nationwide push to dispel myths about Muslim Americans called #WhoisMuhammad launched by The Islamic Circle of North America, an American Muslim organization based in New York.


Attending public school is “opportunity for Da’awa” and “prepares you for how to deal with the world.”

The world is a mosque and it belongs to the soldiers of allah who must call the unbelievers to Islam:

Most importantly, many older students eventually recognize that school offers an opportunity for Dawah and learning, through trial and error, of how to ‘maintain’ your own identity in a diverse environment. As one student stated “Public school really prepares you for how to deal with the world.”

Is the OIC still trying to figure  out “the root causes of terrorism and violent extremism?”

No, of course not. As always, their problem are those who resists the Islamic expansion project:

…countering Islamophobic voices and to coordinate more fully the work of OIC’s institutions in light of OIC Charter, Conventions and Resolutions.

More islamic mental  baggage in support of the cult of head choppers, by Bahrain News Agency

Ireland outlaws “blasphemous  depiction of Mohammed” -but will it  keep the kafirs safe?

Threat of ‘lone wolf’ attack by radical young Islamists in Ireland surpasses threat from ‘republican’ terrorism

Isil supporters are so nihilistic that they will carry out attacks here even though the Republic of Ireland is the one European State to have outlawed the ‘blasphemous’ depiction of Mohammed. … (John Cusak)

UK: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind!

Jihadi preacher linked to bin laden allowed to stay in UK despite ‘extremist’ views


A jihadist preacher with links to Osama bin Laden will be allowed to stay in the UK despite being denied citizenship because of his ‘extremist’ views

The Yemeni-born imam has spent more than a decade fighting for UK citizenship in a case that has cost the British taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds in court bills.

The Telegraph is prevented from naming the preacher under protection given him by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC).

The special court has ruled that the 50-year-old preacher – known in documents as FM – is not entitled to a British passport because of his extremist views and connections to bin Laden.

He has been detained between four and five times at British airports under terror laws and his home searched by Special Branch officers and ‘items’ seized. He frequently travels to Yemen, a known hotspot for al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups.

But incredibly, the Home Office cannot deport the imam, who preaches at a large mosque in the north of England, because it would be a breach of his human rights to do so.  (Telegraph UK)

“(He) preached extremist Muslim and anti–western views. FM has been a supporter of jihad.” –Theresa May

“Well-heeled activists” support the invasion of Europe

UNHRC condemns Greece for its “shameful handling of Muslim illegal alien invaders”

The parasites from the UNHRC have no shame. This utterly vile and corrupt  gang of looters and moochers is out to destroy the western world by encouraging millions of unassimilable Arab and black African Moslem parasites to migrate, as if there was such a ‘right’. There isn’t!

Facing a 750% surge in the influx of refugees, the Greek government must try harder to provide adequate care and accommodation for Muslim ‘parasite…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

The usual suspects promote the invasion:

The Mail on Sunday saw around “50 well-heeled activists” from the UK, France, America and Holland handing out placards, banners and red armbands to the migrants before they departed the makeshift ‘Jungle’ camp where those seeking to enter Britain illegally live.

Elite troops moved to Chunnel as fears grow over terror threat
The crack Royal Marines and Paras have transferred from their base in St Athan, South Wales, to Folkestone to respond to any attack in the UK by IS-inspired…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
The ratbastard in the picture above  is of course veteran rioter Weyman Bennet of ‘Unite Against Fascism’:
Hope & Change

The LA Times profiles a pair of middle-class Indonesians who plan to join Islamic State:

When Rahmat and Afrian talk about Islamic State, their eyes widen, their speech slows, and their expressions soften into smiles.

Those are only the first physical alterations Rahmat and Afrian are undergoing. Wait until after they arrive in Syria.– Tim Blair

China knows how to deal with Mohammedans…

‘Terrorists chanting for jihad’ shot dead by Chinese police
Three killed, one injured as hundreds of armed police swoop on building where suspects from Xinjiang were hiding, a month after terror case—SCMP.COM
Friends of Q Society of Australia's photo.
Update Senate Inquiry into 3rd party Certification of Food

Supporters and friends may be interested to learn that the office of the Senate committee has received well over 1,000 individual submissions by the end of last week. To put this number into perspective, consider that the Senate Inquiry “Future of Australia’s Automotive Industry” received 34 submissions. 

Submissions will be reviewed by the committee before they are published and there is quite a backlog to process. Eventually all accepted submissions will appear on the committee’s website.
The submission of Q Society of Australia will appear as number 1154.

Please be mindful the Senate’s website loads very slowly. Perhaps a few extra dollars in upgrading servers and bandwidth instead of chopper flights and family trips wouldn’t go amiss…

President Obama’s War on Pro-Israel AIPAC Undermining his Iran Pact Legacy

Do you care about his legacy? I try not to.   The last thing anyone should be concerned with is the legacy of this insolent putz.


President Obama at American University

Washington, DC, August 5, 2015

In today’s edition of the New York Times is an article revealing the widening rift between President Obama and pro-Israel lobby group, AIPAC. He is angered at an affiliate  running multi-million ads against his signature foreign policy legacy, the Iran nuclear pact or JCPOA, “Fears of Lasting Rift as Obama Battles Pro-Israel Group on Iran.”

Continue reading China knows how to deal with Mohammedans…

Calais: ‘Migration no crime’ and “we are not animals”

Illegal migration is indeed a crime and those who aid and abet the Mohammedan invasion of Western countries are guilty of high treason. This must be stopped!

Calais crisis: “migrants” protest outside Eurotunnel

“Migrants” in Calais have taken part in a protest asking for human rights protection amid rising tensions at the French port.


Note the usual whiny voice from the ‘compassionate’ TV tart who is trying to sell you the ‘human rights’ of the invaders.

Channel 4

A small group of migrants protest near the Eurotunnel site shouting “we are not animals” as they ask authorities to open the border to the UK.

Please wait while this video loads. If it doesn’t load after a few seconds you may need to have Adobe Flash installed.

The group were chanting and holding signs reading ‘open the border’ as they desperately try to reach the UK via the Channel Tunnel.

Since June, thousands have attempted to access the terminal in search for a better life in Britain. Many of those have been risking their lives in order to get to the UK and nine people have died this summer, in an attempt to cross the Channel.

The British government however has decided to ramp up security efforts to stop migrants from entering the country.

Fencing and sniffer dogs

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said 100 more guards would be deployed in the Eurotunnel terminal, following a meeting of the government’s emergency Cobra committee on Monday.

Sniffer dogs have been sent to the Coquelles terminal in a crackdown on migrants stowing away in lorries to get into Britain.

This comes after David Cameron said that a lot more needs to be done about securing Britain’s boarder during the ongoing crisis.

Mr Cameron said: “We have done a lot in recent days to improve the situation but there’s a lot more to do.

“So we have got more fencing, we’ve got more police officers, more sniffer dogs, more guards, better security, and we are making progress”

The government has installed a 1.6km fence around the Eurotunnel’s shuttle platform in Calais and nearby Coquelles. The barbed-wire topped barrier was paid for of £7 million made available by the British government in the last few weeks.


The fence installation came just one day after a Sudanese man was arrested after walking for 11 hours along the 31 mile Channel Tunnel.

Abdul Rahman Haroun was stopped close to the Folkestone exit on Tuesday and was charged with causing an obstruction to an engine or carriage using the railway. He is remanded in custody by Medway magistrates.

He is just one of the hundreds of migrants attempting to reach the UK daily. According to Eurotunnel, there were about 550 attempts to enter the terminal at Coquelles overnight on Thursday.

There were about 600 attempts to enter the tunnel on Tuesday and 400 a night on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s now believed that migrants have unlocked a gate into the Eurotunnel complex after guessing a security code.

The Daily Telegraph reported that it has photographs revealing how a group of 30 migrants breached security and walked inside a secure zone.

The Home Office said it does not comment on specific incidents, but a spokeswoman said: “We continue to work closely with the French government and Eurotunnel to tackle the immediate pressures and longer term issues involved in the situation in northern France.”

You supposed to feel sorry for them and their self inflicted problems:

Calais migrants: ‘We are not animals’

To some of us, they are Koranimals

Channel 4

Bleeding heart nonsense meant to make you feel sorry for Mohammedan asylum shoppers: