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What does it take to stop the Islamisation of Europe?

Slovakia: The World’s First Country to Forbid Muslim Immigrants
Sep 17, 2015by admin in DIASPORA Tweet Share Email Pin Share RedditComments–WWW.JEWSNEWS.CO.IL
Israeli war planes bomb Gaza Strip following rocket strike
Israeli war planes bomb parts of the Gaza Strip, reportedly in retaliation for an earlier rocket fired at a town in southern Israel.
Scotland Yard: Hate Crime Equals Anti-Muslim Crime 
Yesterday, London’s Metropolitan Police (a/k/a Scotland Yard) released hate crime figures for the year that ended June 30, 2015. During that period, there were 816…Islamist Watch
Refugee children board a bus in the Croatian capital Zagreb [Mohammed Jamjoom/Al Jazeera]
Hungary seizes refugee train arriving from Croatia

Authorities seize train bringing refugees into country from Croatia, disarming 40 police on board and detaining driver.

“A very serious border incident has happened because a train arrived in Magyarboly which had more than a thousand on board without any warning and was accompanied by 40 Croatian policemen into Hungarian territory without any prior notice and permit, which is a very serious border violation and there is suspicions of crimes.

More to this story

 Dead Baby Jihad
Another refugee toddler washes up on Turkish coast

A boat carrying 15 Syrian refugees sinks off Turkey’s western coast on its way to Greece, drowning the 4-year-old child; 14 other Syrians have been rescued

Balkan land routes close as refugee crisis swells

Of course its not a “refugee crisis”. No Muslim is a “refugee”. All Muslims are soldiers of allah.

Balkan land routes close as refugee crisis swells

With asylum seekers increase in numbers Balkan countries become more hesitant about letting refugees through

World Bulletin / News Desk

Road and rail routes to northern Europe from the Balkans were closing to refugees Friday, after a string of countries closed their borders to a relentless human wave.

Europe Out of Control?

“Europe might not yet be on the edge of extinction but in light of the current refugee crisis, it is running the risk of reaching that point of no return sooner than expected.”–(Times of Israel)

Not enough Jew-hatin’ Muslims in the US of A?

Arab Americans look to Jews for help on Syrian refugees:

“Our great nation must respond immediately by providing safety, food, shelter, refuge, and dignity,” wrote the Reform leader, Rabbi Rick Jacobs. “How can a nation built by refugees from political persecution turn our back on refugees fleeing religious and political persecution?”

More voters for the left – very rational. Even the Kapo and Ghetto Jews have figured this out. Will be ironic and deserved when Jews in the Big Cities start getting their throats cut. More autogenocide.

Picture of the week, thanks to the Religion of Peace

‘Migrants’ passing through Greece
Muslims pray in one direction – prefer to live in the other.

4 Corners: Pay for my religion

Salty language, don’t watch if it offends you! Interesting video on the halal racket, thanks to Vlad.

Are the Jews Useful Idiots For the Mohammedan Invasion of the West?

Arab Americans look to Liberal Jews in US to push for entry of Syrian refugees  clear

 Syrian Muslim Refugees Source: JTA At one time I was a member of the national board of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) in the early 1980’s when the priority was helping Jews escape from tyranny in Russia, Ethiopia and Syria. There are reported to be less than a dozen elderly Jews left in …Read More…
Ignorant, stupid and dangerous:

a Judenrat by the name of Andre’ Oboler hops into bed with Muslims and attacks those who tell the truth about Islam:

Melbourne based Online Hate Prevention Institute has launched a Campaign to combat online anti-Muslim hate speech called Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Internet Hate.

This NGO works towards combating online hate of all kinds: online racism, religious vilification, misogyny, homophobia, serious trolling and more. Their focus is on hate speech circulating on social media.

Through this campaign, they wish to empower the public to report anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and to register and classify their reports in

Reports will be collated and tracked so the response of the social media companies can be measured and followed up.

Over a two month period, from September 24th to November 24th, the Samih campaign will promote the reporting of anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to both the social media platforms and to OHPI’s software.

More details:

Muslim dominance of Europe is “simple mathematics” says Hungary’s PM

The media won’t tell you all the facts about the migrant crisis.

A group of Muslim immigrants wants to force Switzerland to abandon the current flag – a white cross on the red background.
EUROPE – EU members that don’t help with refugees won’t get money: Germany
Countries that do not share European values of human empathy and solidarity cannot count on receiving money from the bloc, German Economy Minister… HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM
“Islam will be the death of Europe,” shout anti-Muslim protesters in the Czech Republic, Poland,…
Large mobs of supporters joined anti-Muslim invader protests in 3 eastern European capitals today after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and…
Reports coming in from various European News Outlets are confirming mass…
Teen clockmaker’s Islamaphobia-huckster FATHER CLAIMS his son was “TORTURED” by school…
“My kid was hurt and was tortured and arrested and ……”


Ahmed Mohamed, is being heralded as “the most famous teenager on earth.”

“Before we left for the television studio, Ahmed had taken me into his bedroom to show me the now-famous desk where everything gets built. I asked if I could take a picture; he nodded and sat on his desk chair holding up a tangle of wires, and, seeing his Koran, grabbed it from his desk and held it up next to the wires.”


Why the Left is handing Australia to the Third World

Leftists give away our heritage

Andrew Bolt


YOU won’t defend what you don’t value. That’s why so many of the Left now want to sell out Europe and even Australia.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from the Third World are this year streaming into Europe, and in ever-increasing numbers.

They are demanding to have what people from another culture have created — and are demanding it simply because they want it, too.

After all, their own cultures have failed to produce any such riches, and without reform won’t.

Actually, when I say these people are poor, I mean only relatively. Many are actually rich enough to have seen the West’s wealth on their iPhones, and to have paid thousands of dollars to fly, drive or sail to the gates of Europe.

Now, normal people do not let strangers barge into their homes to take what they fancy, yet the Left in Europe has done just what the Left in Australia did when 50,000 illegal immigrants sailed here under Labor.

It has said yes, let them come and take it.

And Australian journalists, in an astonishing frenzy of sanctimony, demanded we take thousands of them, too, to come help themselves.

None of this makes sense, although the sanitised news reporting may explain some of this delirium.

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Some good news…

Child sex pest Ali Jaffari dies after setting himself on fire in detention
A CONVICTED child sex predator who set himself alight at Yongah Hill Detention Centre in Western Australia on Tuesday night has died.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU
International socialist Ian Rintoul, notorious “refugee advocate”, is already licking his chops. He will milk this till the lights turn blue.
And in Germany, the police dispatched a jihadist to the virgins after he stabbed a female police officer:

An Islamic extremist has been killed by police in the German capital of Berlin after he stabbed an officer in an apparent terror attack.


Did Merkel just “read out Germany’s suicide note”?

Ezra Levant takes a closer look at  Angela Merkels moronic worldview, which is based on Selbsthass, (self-hatred) Her psychosis has become an international  problem. Its incomprehensible that the voices who call for her removal are not much louder yet.

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.Media reports that Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, said there should be no limits for immigration from the Muslim Middle East to Germany. With that, she started the stampede. No application forms, no proof – anyone who can make it gets thousands of dollars plus access to Germany’s existing welfare state.

But you have to see this incredible video of a German woman who looks like a progressive liberal, and she’s asking: Aren’t you putting our own country at risk?

If you dare to ask questions like that, you’re called a Nazi — which, in Germany, tends to shut people up.

Merkel’s logic seems to be: Sure, jihadists are evil, but who are we to speak? Don’t forget how evil we were in the past.

But that’s not a sound public policy. That’s personal therapy.

This is Angela Merkel’s world view: Germany doesn’t belong to the Germans. Germans don’t deserve Germany. Foreigners fresh off a train do and just shut up if you disagree — don’t you know that Germany is guilty, guilty, guilty?

I disagree. I’m a Jew. Hatred for the Nazis was taught to me from childhood but I know that Germany today is not Nazi; they’re liberal. The grandchildren of the Nazis are not guilty by birth. And even if they were, the solution, the punishment, would not to be to let in a million Muslim men, including amongst them today’s Nazis, those from radical Islam.

Angela Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note. The fact that this video is so under-reported tells me that most media, frankly, agree.

JOIN for more fearless news and commentary you won’t find anywhere else.

READ The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr, Ezra Levant’s new book about domestic terrorism and radicalization.


GERMANY: Non-stop booing and shouts of “traitor” from German citizens drowns out Chancellor Angela Merkel’s entire speech on Muslim ‘refugees’

A massive crowd of German patriots refused to be silenced as they shouted down and heckled Merkel for her insane open-door policies that are flooding Germany with millions of unscreened Muslims.

The media won’t tell you all the facts about the migrant crisis.

On the other side of the pond, Hussein Obama continues to wreck the USA:

Obama views the United States as “a market, not a country,” said Krikorian.

“… (his) sense of America is that it is a happenstance, that we all happen to be in the same place and anyone else can come and live the same place… that the nation merely is a geographic or economic unit rather than a cultural and emotional community.”

· No Assimilation Needed In U.S., Obama Tells Millions of immigrants.

“Open the door…!”

There are few Muslims in Croatia or Slovenia. Croatians and Slovenians are not dumbed down like people in the West, who are pressured by their respective governments to allow invading Mohammedans to settle behind what they perceive to be enemy lines.

Al Jizz

Croatia blocks refugees from entering Slovenia

Interior minister says refugees will have to seek asylum in Croatia as thousands stream in from Serbia.

Croatia will not allow refugees to proceed northwards to Slovenia on their way to Germany, the country’s interior minister has said, as thousands of people streamed into the country from Serbia.

Ranko Ostojic said on Thursday that the refugees entering the town of Tovarnik from Serbia would have to seek asylum in Croatia after the authorities provided safe passage to reception centres around the capital Zagreb.

Ostojic also said that more than 9,000 refugees entered the country from Serbia in the past 24 hours.

“Croatia will close its border with Serbia if we witness again 8,000 migrants entering the country in one day,” he said. “Croatia is not interested to be a country where the migrants will seek what they can get in other countries where they are now.”

Meanwhile, the country’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that Croatia’s resources were limited.

“We will not and cannot keep them in Croatia and no one will make us do that,” he said.

On Thursday, hundreds of refugees pushed through Croatian police lines in Tovarnik with people trampling and falling on each other amid the chaos.

More than 2,000 men, women and children were stranded at the local train station for hours in heat, waiting to board trains and buses for transport to refugee centres. But when the buses arrived, groups charged toward them, overwhelming the Croatian police who unsuccessfully tried to contain the crowd.

After the situation calmed down, groups of migrants moved on foot, with police unable to stop them.

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“Cool Clock, Ahmed!” makes America great….


In that case, Switzerland would be far, far greater. The Swiss have been making cuckoo-clocks for centuries!

Texas: Muslim student arrested for bringing clock that looked like bomb to school; Obama invites him to White House


That’s it. Because “Ahmed  just wants to invent good things for mankind”, like all good Muslims, right? Interesting to know that his daddy seems to have a history of Islamic “activism”……

Ahmed Mohamed's clock

All over the country, school officials are on constant high alert for weapons — a high alert that has more than once lapsed over into outright hysteria, with students being suspended for drawing guns, pointing fingers at people and saying “Bang,” etc. But the alert is universal: it doesn’t just single out Muslim students. The key question here is, would Ahmed Mohamed have been arrested if he had been a non-Muslim student and had brought the same contraption to school? And the answer is without any doubt yes, he would have been.

But wait, there’s more. You know there is always more:

The White House went into lockdown over a “suspicious package” that turned out to be a coffee mug!

Imagine if Ahmed had left his device in Lafayette Park. They would have evacuated the entire Beltway.

Yet school officials are demonized as Islamophobes for overreacting out of caution, as if to shame us into dropping our defenses.


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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: Europe Wants the Muslim Refugees as Labor; We Shall Conquer Their Countries

In an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed said that the European countries are not motivated by compassion toward the refugees, but by their need for labor. “We shall conquer their countries,” he declared in the address, which was posted on the internet on September 11, 2015.

Thanks to the indispensable MEMRITV

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Elmo vs Bigots: “its a racist inquiry!”

‘Guardian’ Leftoids hate senator Cory Bernardi and are dumb enough to side with Mohammedans against the nation. Note the glee with which they report that there won’t be an inquiry on the Muslim “holy day”, which is nothing but a blood orgy and a feeding frenzy.

No halal certifiers to appear at Bernardi inquiry scheduled on Muslim holy day
South Australian Liberal senator instigated inquiry to ‘get to the bottom’ of the halal industry, which he has previously described as a ‘racket’–THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY MICHAEL SAFI (Full post below the fold…)
Elmo is full of glee and spite. Here, some excerpts from his FB page:
To all the bigots who have missed me, I am back refreshed after attending a Halal conference in China as a guest speaker of the Government.

Senator Bernardi made a fool of himself by not knowing what he was talking about, despite being part of the government. If he wanted to know anything about Halal certification he should have asked the appropriate ministers in his government, but he wanted to big note himself thinking that it will get him some votes at the next election. Only fools will vote for him. I think it would be more appropriate to vote for a horse like that of Emperor Caligula!

Finally I have a message for the bigots, the religiously intolerants, the Christian zealots who do not know or practice their religion, the fascists, the Nazis, the Islamophobes and Muslim haters: “Halal certification is here to stay, it will grow and prosper, with the help of the Almighty”.

Elmo also threatens:

Bigots beware I am back in Australia and have my sights on you. You can’t run and you can’t hide.

Either you can become a decent human being or you can self destruct from the hate that you harbour in your heart.

But look what I found here:
TEMPO.CO – Chief of Indonesia Ulema Counsel (MUI) Amidhan Shaberah stated that halal certification should be free of charge. He added that the same thing applies to other halal certification institute in other nations.
Its time to put Elmo out of biznis!

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