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“We need to do a little bit more compassion”

It never ceases to amaze me how many terrorism and deradicalisation experts we have in this country:

‘Countering violent extremism requires more funding’

Young Australians fighting overseas with jihadist groups like Islamic State should be allowed to return home, a terrorism and deradicalisation expert says.

Got it? This ‘compassionate’ kook is calling for a taxpayer funded research program to research ‘extremism’, which he doesn’t dare to call Islam. What a goose! (SY)


Dr Clarke Jones from the Australian National University told Lateline the Federal Government needed to do more to understand the causes of “extremism….”

I said many times before: we have to get rid of the ABC and its “experts”. Islam is not a job program for leftist university profs and their noble savage fantasies. This idiocy has to stop right here. (SY)


It is ridiculous  for any non-Muslim to criticize Pamela Geller for holding a Muhammad cartoon contest.

What ought to be criticized is the Islamic rule that non-Muslims must follow Islamic rules.


Media enraged at my exposure of their cowardice – Pamela Geller 

They make me the story and then call me a shameless self-promoter. Who self-promotes to get herself killed? –

Since converting to Islam, UK woman has murdered 400 people

Pamela Geller's photo.
 MuBro Assassins Murder Judges

Egyptian judges shot dead in Sinai hours after former president Mohamed Morsi sentenced to death

Larry Pickering's photo.

As recent events send shock waves through the Left’s apologists for Islam, Waleed Aly is trying to disconnect his debased Islam from terrorism. “There is no genocide in Iraq”, says this self-promoting, illiterate fool. 

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“Has Baghdad Bob become Secretary of Defense?”

Kerry: Don’t worry about fall of Ramadi, “Daesh has been driven back”
(thanks to Jihad Watch & Pamela Geller) May 19, 2015

JOHN KERRY-STATE DEPARTMENT-AP-JOHN DHARAPAK_0Fantasy-based analysis. Recently I asked, “has Baghdad Bob become Secretary of Defense?” No, he has become Secretary of State. “Kerry: Don’t Worry About Fall of Ramadi, ‘Daesh Has Been Driven Back,’” by Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, May 18, 2015:

Secretary of State John Kerry said today not to worry, we’ll probably get Ramadi back from ISIS.

Cut and Run The Obama Iraq ISIS crisis is self inflicted due to pulling out the troop too early, and not leaving a contingency force behind. Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2015.

ISIS took the city 80 miles east of Baghdad on Sunday despite a campaign of coalition airstrikes.

Kerry said at a joint press conference with South Korea’s foreign minister today that the administration has “always said from day one that the campaign against Daesh is a long one.”

“It’s going to take a long time. We’ve always said that. And particularly in Anbar, where you don’t yet have the presence of the Iraqi Security Forces in the full numbers necessary to take the fight to Daesh everywhere yet — I underscore yet — there are targets of opportunity like or somewhere else where Daesh has the ability to inflict great damage,” he said. “Notice what they’ve done. They’ve destroyed. They’ve sent in huge numbers of vehicle-borne IEDs, big trucks, massive amounts of explosion, and they’ve destroyed the place. That’s hardly a future.”

ISIS reportedly seized an untold amount of U.S. military equipment when it overran the Iraqi 8th Army Brigade in Ramadi.

“And I am convinced that as the forces are redeployed and as the days flow in the weeks ahead, that’s going to change, because overall in Iraq, Daesh has been driven back,” Kerry claimed. “As much as 30 to 30-plus percent of the area they once controlled they no longer control.”

The JV team is on the run — yes, running roughshod over whole swaths of the Middle East and Africa.

Hallucinating is now official White House policy. Despite the catastrophic fall of Ramadi, John Kerry says “Daesh” (g-d forbid he says the Islamic State) has been “driven back.” What is he smoking? Obama’s bong?

Don’t count on the enemedia for clarity, accuracy or factual reportage. They are too busy amassing armies against ….. me. (Pamela Geller)

isis ramadi isis-parade isis-parade-ramadi

Huge ISIS Convoy Parades Out in the Open in West Anbar Province in Iraq


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The headchopper’s wives would like to return to Australia…

“There is no compulsion in religion”, said the taqiyya dripping’ imam in Maroochydore when Australian citizens protested against a mosque.

Here is a dose of (Islamic) reality:

“They told us that if we do not convert to Islam, they will slit our throats…” 

Yazidi girls kidnapped by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadists were given the chance to convert to Islam but told if they refused they would automatically become Muslims anyway the moment an ISIS fighter raped them, U.S. lawmakers heard on Wednesday. (More below the fold)

Stockholm Syndrome: Sweden Offers Taxpayer-Funded Benefits To Lure ‘Alienated’ Jihadists Home 
Stockholm Syndrome: Sweden Offers Taxpayer-Funded Benefits To Lure ‘Alienated’ Jihadists Home Eurabia: Full blown Dhimmitude
The headchopper’s wives would like to return to Australia…

…but there is just one little inconvenience. A holiday for 10 years or so could be on the cards…….in one of Australia’s finest rehabilitation and character diversion centres.

“These … laws are not conducive to bringing back our children.”

They are not “children”. They are murderous jihadists. Some of them have been guarding the Christian and Yazidi sex slaves:


Please help us to inform more Australians about the true nature of Islam. Speak to your connections and support Q Society of Australia:

See More

Australian laws stopping Melbourne woman leaving IS, father says
THE father of a Melbourne woman living with Islamic State claims she wants to come home but is being stopped by Australia’s laws against foreign fighters.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU
The real victims of religious persecution. So where is our victim industry?

Andrew Bolt

It is the most vicious and predominant religious persecution in the world, yet rarely challenged as such in the media:


Yazidi girls kidnapped by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadists were given the chance to convert to Islam but told if they refused they would automatically become Muslims anyway the moment an ISIS fighter raped them, U.S. lawmakers heard on Wednesday.

During a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on ISIS’ war on religious minorities, a representative of a California-based, non-profit organization recounted the testimony of some of the Yazidi girls she met and counseled during recent trips to Iraq.

“In one night [in Sinjar town in northern Iraq] ISIS came and took all these girls,” said Jacqueline Isaac, vice-president of the group Roads of Success.

“And they told them first – they gave them an option. They said, ‘Will you become a Muslim? Will you convert to Islam?

‘“And many of them said no,” Isaac continued. “And they told them, ‘You are going to be Muslim regardless, because we are going to sleep with you. And the moment that we do that, once we rape you, you will be Muslim.’”

The International Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic organization, is reporting that some of its members in Syria were kidnapped by the Islamic State last week and told that if the adults do not deny their Christian faith, they will be decapitated and “their children burned alive in cages.”

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“There is nothing in the Koran about Muslims pursuing world domination”

Fight rages on as Maroochydore mosque pushes ahead

AN ANTI-Islamic group has warned it will stage more angry protests on the streets of Maroochydore following the Muslim community’s lodgement of an application to create a place of worship.

The protesters say:

Mosques are “political and military headquarters, not just a place of worship”.

The imam says:

“The fundamental requirements of Islam are to believe in God, be honest, turn to God in prayer and be charitable. There is nothing in the Koran about Muslims pursuing world domination,” the imam said. …

The slick imam drips with taqiyya. Why hasn’t he got the balls to tell it the way it is?  Lets take a look to see what Sayyed Abdul A’la Maudud says  in “Jihad in Islam:”

The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. ….. The unbelievers have, however, absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of …. They have three options: either they convert to Islam, or leave, or pay Jizia … Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers….

More nothing in the blasphemous koran about world domination from Kathy Sundstrom @ Sunshine Coast Daily thanks to Mullah, pbuh

An act of terror on Australian soil will be the fault of the government, says Muslim cleric…
A RADICAL Sydney Muslim has warned an act of terrorism on home soil is possible – and it will be the fault of the Australian government.
More below the fold>>
Americans must change their (evil) ways to accommodate Muslims

#the root cause is not Islam. Youths who have attempted or traveled overseas had limited knowledge of Islam. Some were involved in self-destructive behaviors, including drugs and alcohol abuse and gang membership, before departure. …

More blame-shifting and chaff at Star Tribune

S.M. Neighbors, Overpasses News Desk May 5th, 2015 Overpasses For America VIA FREEDOM OUTPOST The intense national spotlight on Islam has shifted to…OVERPASSESFORAMERICA.COM

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Australian Headchoppers Ask to Come Home

Terror trio asks to come home

 Muslim who tried to join Islamic State: “there’s no life, no life without Jihad”

At least three Australians suspected of fighting with terrorist groups in Syria are in secret ­negotiations with the government to flee the war zone and come back home.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.54.33 am

However the talks have stalled, amid concerns from the fighters over what punishment they would face in Australia and fears by authorities that they may pose a terror risk here.

One member of Islamic State, a former health worker from Victoria, has told Australian authorities he wants to come home from Syria to tell would-be jihadists why they should not join the terror group.

The man, who calls himself Abu Ibrahim, told US television network CBS in an interview earlier this year: “A lot of people when they come they have a lot of enthusiasm about what they’ve seen online, what they’ve seen on YouTube. They see it as something a lot grander than what the reality is — it’s not all military parades or victories.”

The man’s Australian lawyer, Rob Stary, said yesterday his ­client was seeking to return to Australia but authorities were resisting his return.

The Australian understands that at least two Islamic State members and one member of Syrian terror group Jabhat al-Nusra have secretly approached Australian authorities asking to return. All three men have been in Syria for at least two years and are believed by authorities to have fought on behalf of the terror groups. One of them wanted to bring home his wife whom he met while fighting in Syria and their children.

Click on image to enlarge!

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Trying to force the “Rohingya” on us

Of course it’s Abbott’s fault… No doubt the Mediterranean problem is also Tony Abbott’s fault:

– just as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 was his fault
– just as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was his fault
– just as the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was his fault…
People smugglers would rule the world if bleeding heart morons like Burnside, Power and Rintoul had their way….

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“Rohingya refugee”s on a boat drifting in Thai waters. Source: AFP
Refugee advocates sheet home blame to PM for regional tow-backs
Self-appointed Australian refugee advocates have sheeted blame for the refugee tragedy in Southeast Asia on to Tony Abbott, saying the Prime Minister’s turnback policy has emboldened Asian maritime authorities and lives are being lost as a result. THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU
Muslims are not our citizens, says Burma as thousands are left to drift at sea 
Burma was criticised by the United Nations for fuelling the crisis in the Andaman Sea, where thousands of persecuted Rohingya Muslims are drifting in open boats | The Times
Australia must review asylum policies: expert

What kind of “expert” would that be? Why, a corrupt lackey for the UN of course:

A leading International Relations expert has called for major reform of Australia’s asylum seeker policies saying the nation leads the world in cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees.

Speaking at a public lecture, Australian National University (ANU) Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations John Minns said Australia’s current refugee policies had been condemned by almost every relevant body.

“The UN High Commission for Refugees has condemned the policies, the UN Human Rights Commission has condemned the policies, and our own Human Rights Commission has condemned the policies,” Associate Professor Minns said.

Australia has received strong criticism from human rights bodies for its asylum policy.

In his maiden speech, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein said Australia’s policy of off-shore processing was creating a chain of human rights violations, including arbitrary detention and possible torture following return to home countries.

To hell with Mohammedans and their useful idiots! We know what their agenda is and we’ve had enough of it!
The Islamic invasion of Europe

The invasion of refugees into Europe, their dispersion throughout the continent, and the cultural consequences for the nations affected, constitute the latest chapter in the on-going fight for ethnic European survival:

We are being submerged. The invasive flood of illegals in no longer just …

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Do you know what Burmese people look like?
These people here are not Burmese, they are clearly Bengali Muslims:

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Wannabe Headchopper Beheaded

ISIS Allegedly Beheaded Australian Teen Who Attempted to Leave


A little warning to other idiots who think it might be fun fighting alongside psychopaths:

A MELBOURNE teen Muselmaniac who was close mates with terrorist Numan Haider has died fighting with jihadis in the Middle East.

Isn’t it infuriating how the lame stream media uses “teen” to downplay and minimise the threat? The MF is a fully grown Mohammedan savage, nothing  teenish about him.

Irfaan Hussein, 19, has been killed while fighting for Islamic State — with speculation either a bomb blast killed him or he was beheaded by extremists devout Muslims for attempting to return to Victoria.

He said he was not brainwashed but is enjoying life within the terrorist group.

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Why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a “Muhammad drawing contest”?

Because we must. Free speech is the bedrock of our society.  If we lose it, we lose everything. But that’s not how  the useful idiots see it.

Spencer & Geller had it coming, right?

We need more Mo-toons!

“Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a “Muhammad drawing contest”?—Rukmini Callimachi,  foreign correspondent for the New York Times

There is no prohibition on creating images of Prophet Mohammed in the Qur’an by Tareq Fatah:

ISIS was unequivocal about the purpose of the attack. In a radio statement it said:

We say to the defenders of the cross, the U.S., that future attacks are going to be harsher and worse. The Islamic State soldiers will inflict harm on you with the grace of God. The future is just around the corner.


“If you feel the need to mock Muhammad in a cartoon, just realize that Muslims may decide to exercise their #2A (Second Amendment) rights on you.”--Islamo convert Bob Estes

Doesn’t work like that. Cartoons are legitimate, murder of cartoonists is not. Its the same Islamofascist supremacy that Mona Eltahowitzer displays when she vandalises posters that Pamela Geller paid for. Mona has a right to buy her own advertising campaign, but she has no right to destroy. This is  a logical thought process that eludes Mohammedan savages entirely.


Violent Muslim riots   took place in the town of Trappes after a veiled Muslim woman and her husband reported that they had been subjected to mistreatment by the police when she was stopped for an identity check.

The purpose of the cartoon above  is to dismiss this claim of police harassment as false. It depicts a police officer innocently approaching a Muslim couple, with the husband saying “You’ll see, I’ve a feeling he’s going to provoke us”.



Hey, all you male “defenders” of free speech…



(WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE) Is it blasphemous to say Jesus F*****g Christ I’m getting pretty sick of seeing all your castrati articles about free speech qualified with “while I don’t like Pamela Geller”?

(See, Christians won’t kill anyone for that…just sayin’.)

Anyway, what I would like to tell you all is that you’re all a bunch of exquisitely fragile, over-cautious weenies and she has more stones than the whole lot of you.

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Rome surrenders…

Pope calls Abbas ‘angel of peace’ during Vatican visit

Pope Francis praised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace” during a meeting at the Vatican.


The True Source of Muslim ‘Grievance’
“As Westerners capitulate – in the name of tolerance or just plain cowardice – Muslims become more emboldened, making more demands and threats, as they realize they need not militarily defeat the West in order to resuscitate their supremacist birthright.”– (Raymond Ibrahim)

The Vatican Recognizes ‘Palestine’  (Molschky)

Will the Islamic State be next?

‘Nakba Day’ Footage Shows Riots in Jerusalem, Arabs Chanting ‘We Don’t Want Jews’

Arab residents of Jerusalem marched through the Israeli capital’s streets on Friday to mark “Nakba Day” — the Arabic name for the perceived catastrophe (nakba) of the creation of the Jewish state. Video footage of one demonstration showed the rioters chanting “We don’t want the Jews.”

Not Iraq. Obama is the biggest disaster in American history

( – Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Friday that “Iraq is the biggest disaster in American history.”

ISIS Uses Another Western Recruit as Cannon Fodder – British Islamist Blows Himself Up in Ramadi

He won’t be missed.


Posted by Jim Hoft

The Australian government accused the Islamic State in December of exploiting foreign fighters by using them as “cannon fodder” in Syria and Iraq.

Professor Henry Graff : “I taught at Columbia for 46 years” Obama Could Not Have Gone There
By : Matt Winkeljohn – There is no shortage of evidence that Barack H. Obama is quite possibly the most inept, deceptive and disgraceful president that America has ever seen. With all that we do kn…
Correctional Officers Need Correcting

Two Baltimore city jail correctional officers were caught looting at a 7-11.

corrections officers

Who is shocked? Are you shocked?

Western Governments “Shocked” By Saudi Arabia And Turkey

Here. (Hugh Fitzgerald

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Chinese university bans hijab for Muslims

Tell me again why we can’t say no to the hideous shrouds of Islam?
Chinese university bans hijab for Muslims

A university in an area with a large Muslim population have banned the hijab for Muslim female students. Another student was accused of preaching after he was seen to be reading from the Quran in the cafeteria.

World Bulletin / News Desk

In other news:

No freedom of speech in the U.S. of A.: 

Hamas front CAIR is upset about a Facebook post by city planning commissioner Art Barrios in response to news reports that China is limiting certain forms of religious expression among Muslims.

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