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Australian Responsibilities

The Freedom of Muslims

Is it responsible for our government to prevent ISIS followers from leaving Australia?

The Australian Government prefers to increase the terror risk here, rather than risk the lives of Allah’s most devout?

It seems as though Julie Bishop is infringing on a Muslim’s freedom to practise their religion by not allowing them to answer the call of Jihad.See More

Police fear travel bans on IS followers could see them switch their focus to local attacks
POLICE fear unknown young Islamic State sympathisers in Melbourne are plotting violent attacks against them.
The Return of the Hijab Rippers

Islamic State recruiter Mr Prakash has called on Australian Muslims to “rise” and attack the Australian kuffar.
“You must start attacking before they attack you.”

Mr Prakash is also under the illusion that he is some kind of champion of women’s rights, calling on “brothers at home” to avenge the attacks on their “sisters”… “this sister was hurt … her hijab was ‘ripped’ off.”

Remember folks that that there is nothing to see here, and that this is absolutely nothing to do with the call for jihad, and the Islamic State is nothing to do with Islam.  –thanks to the Q-Society

Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash calls for attacks in Australia in propaganda video
Australia’s most senior Islamic State recruiter in Syria has urged young Muslim men to launch attacks on home soil in a new alarming propaganda video.–THEAGE.COM.AU
The Wally’s are still among us

A disturbingly high number:

AHEAD of the huge Anzac Day pilgrimage of about 10,500 Australians to Turkey, the Federal Government has revealed Queenslanders have been among 249 suspected jihadists prevented from leaving the country since August

Which means they are still here, and potentially a danger to us.–Andrew Bolt

When Muslims drown its a ‘humanitarian disaster’, but jihad is what exactly?

The consequences of these refugee and illegal migrant flows caused by sectarian Jihad warfare in the Muslim Ummah heartland are ironic. The Eurabian bureaucracies have in effect acquiesced to the Islamic doctrine of Dar al Hijrah – the land of immigration, a reflection of the Prophet Mohammed’s migration from Medina to Mecca that kick started the first grand Jihad.  EU citizens will pay the price of this massive wave of illegal Muslim emigration  across the Mediterranean spawned by Jihad.  

ABC, NBC Omit Arrest of Muslim Migrants Accused of Killing Christians
As of Monday morning, ABC and NBC’s morning and evening newscasts haven’t aired any reports or news briefs on the recent arrests of 15 Muslim migrants from…
 Australia’s cruel treatment of asylum seekers
Greens believe that an Australian government stopping people-smuggling and ending deaths at sea is bad while Europeans saying nice things after 800 people drown is good. These people are mentally ill. (Tim Blair)
Since Australia stopped the boats,  the amount of drowned boat-refugees decreased to zero.

In Europe, the situation is unsustainable, but as long as our politicians continue to obey the EU and the UN, the human tsunami of refugees seeking the help of European tax payers will continue. According to humanitarian agencies “up to half a million migrants may try to cross the Mediterranean this year – a figure that would dwarf the 170,000 who reached Italy last year.

According to a report from Express North African Human smugglers are  alerting EU authorities  they are sending illegals  people across the Mediterranean:.

Trafficking  gangs ferrying immigrants into the European Union are tipping off officials so  Italian and EU coast guard vessels   can pick up their boats. …


Obama to Open Mega Mosque With Turk Wannabe Caliph

Posted By Daniel Greenfield  In The Point

“Allah… Give us strength… Do not leave the field of jihad”– Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey PM

U.S President Barack Obama visits Turkey

File photo from a visit to the Hagia Sophia with Huma

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with Turkey's PM Erdogan after a bilateral meeting in Seoul [1]

Erdogan, formerly the liberal ideal model for Muslim democracy, now a tyrant who basically made himself leader for life in a billion dollar palace, started his career with a controversial poem.

“The minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks and the faithful our army,” was the poem he read. It helped earn him a stay in prison. But like Hitler, he didn’t stay there. Instead with the support of the EU, he took over Turkey.

These days Turkey is a not-so covert state sponsor of ISIS and is back in the genocide game. Law enforcement in Turkey which tried to investigate his ties to terrorists in Syria were themselves locked up.

Now Erdogan commemorated WW1 with another poem with lines like “Do not leave this country, which was kneaded by Muslims,
with no Muslims, Allah… Give us strength… Do not leave the field of jihad”.

Turkey is pulling away from NATO and sending none too subtle signals [2]that it expects another war with the West.

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Mufti Morals

The hubris of these savages is breathtaking.

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, APRIL 21 – The Grand Mufti Mehmet Gormez, the top Sunni Muslim religious authority in Turkey, has repeated his criticism of Pope Francis for describing the 1915 mass killing of Armenians as genocide, Turkish media reported Tuesday. Gormez described the remarks as “immoral”, according to the reports.

“I consider the pope’s statement to be immoral and I cannot link it to the basic values of Christianity,” Gormez is quoted by the online edition of Zaman as saying.

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Hamas Front CAIR Demands Muslim Students Get Protection if Geller Speaks

Free Speech on College Campuses? As Long as it’s Anti-Israel

Steven Emerson/crossposted on Atlas Shrugs

Attention parents of college students across America. Apparently, your children may not be safe.

This isn’t a warning about real physical dangers on campus, from sexual assault to random shootings. Rather, some advocacy groups say college students are at risk – maybe you’d better sit down for this – of being exposed to ideas and opinions they may not like.

It’s getting so bad that last week, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) New York chapter demanded that Brooklyn College “take measures to ensure the safety of Muslim and Arab-American students” because of an upcoming speech by a harsh critic of Islam.

Pamela Geller, who has posted bus ads comparing Islamic terrorists to savages, is a polarizing figure. But her speech will be just that – a speech at a college campus. Not too long ago, such places encouraged students to “think the unthinkable, discuss the unmentionable, and challenge the unchallengeable.”

Now, they are increasingly being called on to sanitize debate to protect the delicate sensitivities of young adult minds.

Rather than encourage students to either skip the event entirely, or to attend and challenge Geller with questions, CAIR opted to scare students, and by extension, their parents, by darkly hinting the talk would lead to violence.

It is baseless. Yet, this is no isolated incident.

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Kick this swine out!

Harun Mehicevic hits out at Australian values in Al-Furqan rants


Harun Mehicevic has warned his followers not to take the oath of Australian citizenship.

Harun Mehicevic has warned his followers not to take the oath of Australian citizenship.


Anzac Day terror plot: Probe into radical Al-Furqan Information Centre
THE future of Islamic group Al-Furqan is in doubt as its followers for the third time in three years are investigated for terrorism-related offences.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU

HARUN Mehicevic, the leader of Al-Furqan Islamic Information Centre, appears to many to be a polite family man.

Since fleeing the Balkans war in the early 1990s he has carved out a life for himself in Melbourne’s Bosnian heartland of Noble Park.

But put a microphone in his hand, and 20 or 30 impressionable youths in front of him, and his deep-seated hatred of “Australian values” soon becomes apparent.

“Australian values are the values of the Kuffar (unbelievers). Your religion is not their values.

“They will not stop fighting you until you give up your religion or are martyred,” he told a gathering of his devout followers at his Springvale South bookshop.

In a recorded lecture after Australia Day — one in a series he gave in 2012 — Mr Mehicevic warned his followers not to take the oath of citizenship pledging allegiance to a “kuffar” government.

“Be careful what they ask us to say. There is no bayah (pledge) to Kuffar (unbeliever). We can only give a bayah to a Muslim leader,” Mr Mehicevic said.

“The (Australian) flag should be a warning to you that we do not belong here. It is a flag of the people of the Cross.”


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The Invasion

A terrible disaster – and there will be even more if Italy does not adopt the tactics of the Abbott Government.


The numbers flooding Europe are getting bigger, and threaten civil disorder: Europe’s borders fall

The future of Europe in one of the most brilliant, important and prescient novels of the 20th century is Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints:

…Jean Raspail’s brilliant and brutally confronting 1971 satire (or indictment), Camp of the Saints, describing  how Europe, frozen with self-loathing, greets an Armada of one million boat people sailing in to help itself to the riches of the West:…

Read an extract at the link.

Raspail, now 89, said two years ago that his warnings were ignored and now it’s too late….

Motherly Love: “he was not a terrorist”

“I just don’t understand it. I feel confused — we still don’t know why the police killed our son….”

Don’t think their son was a terrorist? Don’t know why he was shot?

This mother sounds just like the broodsow from hell, the mother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, otherwise known as the Boston bomber.


Pamela Geller: Shrillary’s lesbian affair with Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Affairs Named in Secret Emails


“Her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!”

Pamela Geller reported this story of Hillary’s lesbian affair with Huma Abedin when it was all the NYC gay scenesters could talk about back in 2007 — here and here.  

Anthony Weiner is a beard — a very necessary cover when rumors of Huma and Hillary’s love affair were rife. Which is why Huma didn’t give a fig when Weiner was texting his weiner to scores of college girls. Or when Bill was raping Juanita Broaddrick or inserting cigars into Monica Lewinsky’s vajayjay.


Photography by: AP

Hillary Clinton Lesbian Lovers Secret Emails

Hillary Clinton isn’t just caught in a political scandal over her missing emails from her stint as secretary of state – she’s also terrified of personal revelations about a secret lesbian lifestyle!

Now a world-exclusive investigation by The National ENQUIRER reveals that some of the presidential candidate’s famously “deleted” emails are packed full of lesbian references and her lovers’ names.

“I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay,” said a Clinton insider. “That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!”

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Leftist howlers of the month


Sending Muselmanic welfare seekers to Cambodia could cause “religious tensions” and  “could impact on Cambodia’s social cohesion.”

“… refugees coming from Middle Eastern countries have more extremist Islamic views (which) could potentially “stir up the Muslims …”

Funny that. So  Muslim immigrants  who cause “religious tensions” which “could impact on social cohesion” are  okay forAustralia, but not  for Cambodia.  Leftists in Europe seem to be afflicted by similar mental flatliners:

Settling Muslim refugees in rich Arab countries might destabilise them, so we have to do better and settle them in EUrope, to turn it into EUrabia faster.

Immigration means Hijra—Mohammed taught his followers to migrate as a form of jihad to dominate all the lands of the world—and so the UN and Obama are helping bring that about.


A$$hole of the Month:

“These people arrested today are not people of faith, they don’t represent any culture. This is not an issue of how you pray or where you were born.”–Mullah Daniel Andrews, PM of Victoria.

In saying that, he was signaling that even when Muslims plot to commit mass murder in the name of Islam on one of Australia’s most important national days, Australian authorities are going to stay their disastrous course: they’re going to continue to pretend that jihad terror has nothing to do with Islam, and that importing large numbers of Muslim immigrants is simply a humanitarian issue with no national security implications whatsoever.


Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb urges Muslim leaders to own their own problems.

“… you’ve got the problem. It’s principally your problem. …

 But  (disconnected) Victorian Federal Labor MP Anna Burke said the Islamic centre was not solely to blame.

“I think the problem lies in us reaching out to individuals who feel disconnected,” she said.

“Are they going to this mosque because they feel disconnected from our society? …

Victoria’s Islamic Council says Muslim community doesn’t have the resources to tackle extremism wage jihad

Mr Seyit said the Muslim community was under resourced and struggling against the “slick campaign” being run by IS. …

More not enough jizyah at 9News

More on the disconnected ‘other’ at ABC News thanks to Mullah, pbuh