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10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools

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The Number of People Enslaved

The number of people enslaved by Muslims has been a hotly debated topic, especially when the millions of Africans forced from their homelands are considered.

Some historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others believe over 20 million enslaved Africans alone had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route alone to the Islamic world.

Dr. John Alembellah Azumah in his 2001 book, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa estimates that over 80 million Black people more died en route.

castrated african guarding harem in tunis

Arab Enslavers Practiced Genetic Warfare

The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys between the age of 8 and 12 had their scrotums and penises completely amputated to prevent them from reproducing. About six of every 10 boys  bled to death during the procedure, according to some sources, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable.

Some men were castrated to be eunuchs in domestic service and the practice of neutering male slaves was not limited to only Black males. “The calipha in Baghdad at the beginning of the 10th Century had 7,000 black eunuchs and 4,000 white eunuchs in his palace,” writes author Ronald Segal in his 2002 book, Islam’s Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora.

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Hizbutniks & Wakademia, United in Hate

Hizbutnik preaches more Jew-hatred in our suburbs

Andrew Bolt

This is an organisation that gets some 400 people to its meetings and is granted interviews on the ABC and SBS where its spokesmen are too rarely challenged:

THE top Australian cleric of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has ramped up his hate speech in a rant referring to Jews as who have “corrupted the world” and will “pay for blood with blood”.

In the latest tirade to surface, cleric Ismail al-Wahwah — representing an organisation whose stated aim is to take over the world — said recognising Jews constituted the “epitome of evil” because that would “strengthen the cancerous entity”…

In Mr al-Wahwah’s latest video speech, he says “refraining from fighting (Jews) constitutes widespread evil”.

“Jews are the most evil creature of Allah. Moral corruption is linked to the Jews, prostitution in the world began with the Israelites. Usury and gambling began with the Israelites, killing began with the Israelites.”

Such putrid Jew-hatred would strike us as more shocking were in not for the sad fact that it’s cloaked by the extreme “anti-Zionism” of the Left.

I continue to be astonished that some of the Left used anti-racism laws to ban articles in which I argued we should treat all people equally, regardless of “race”, yet al-Wahwah is free to preach this poison.

More than 100 Muslim organisations and clerics, including the Grand Mufti, damned Tony Abbott for threatening Hizb ut-Tahrir’s freedom to preach hate. How many will now damn Hizb ut-Tahrir for how it exercises this freedom? Or will the Mufti continue to white-wash Hizb ut-Tahrir as merely a critic of the government, like a Robert Fisk.


The Leftist ocean in which fish like al-Wahwah swim. Here are militant anti-Zionists using physical force to crash a discussion at Sydney University on the Middle East and harangue the speakers, the audience and Israel:

 Professor Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, proves that Lefties are this generations Nazis. Same intolerant ideology same methodology, same mindless groupthink from the followers. Jake Lynch should be sacked before he turns any more students into what he is.

But this image from the protest is the most shocking. It is of Professor Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, angrily brandishing money in the face of Jewish students support Israel:

imageTaunting Jews with money strikes me a play to the sickest of anti-Jewish stereotypes. But Lynch insists he didn’t mean that. The Australian Jewish News has his explanation:

The screenshot you see was supplied to The AJN by [the Australian Union of Jewish Students] with the explanation that Prof Lynch was holding the money out in front of the student. The AJN has since spoken to Prof Lynch, his explanation is that a woman behind the student (not visible in the frame) was physically attacking him and he held out the money to illustrate that he would sue her if she did not stop. Full coverage in next week’s AJN.


I want to see a statement from Sydney University assuring students of two things:

– free inquiry and debate at the university are valued and will be protected from attempts to shut them down.

– Jewish students and supporters of Israel will be protected from physical harassment and academics will treat them with common courtesy and respect.


Ismail Al-Wahwah, Muslim Leader In Australia, On The Jews And What They Deserve
Hugh Fitzgerald

In a well-ordered society, this incitement to hate and murder should be punishable by prison or, even better, the al-wahwahs of this world would be stripped of their obtained-under-false-pretenses Western citizenship (if they have obtained it), and deported to their Muslim lands of origin. And there should be an end to the jus soli, all over the West. If the laws are not in yet in place to deal with this unprecedented and growing menace, they should be passed, now.



EU to Build Migration ‘Welcome Centres’ in Africa 
An EU plan to reduce the number of migrants coming to Europe illegally – by giving them legal status before they even arrive – is being ‘fast-tracked’ by the European Commission, amid the growing exodus from north Africa by way of the Mediterranean.

The new system will establish migrant processing centres in countries like Niger, Egypt, Turkey, and the Lebanon, allowing paperwork to be rubber-stamped ‘in the country of origin’. While the plan is being spun as a means to reduce the number of illegal migrants arriving in Europe, there is absolutely no indication it will reduce the total number.

Italy Migrant Ghost Ship Reuters

The plan to create forward outposts of the European Union is proving very popular in some national capitals, with some Eurocrats reacting to the news with excitement. The Guardian reports the comments of Elizabeth Collett, a director of the Migration Policy Institute, who said: “This is an enormous step. It means a common European asylum system is getting closer… But there will be lots of unintended consequences. It throws up lots of big questions, legally, technically and practically.”



Think about it:  the tax payer funds these morons and they also have a vote which is even scarier.  This is what the useful idiots of the jihadists look like.

Tim Blair

Footage of yesterday’s idiot invasion at Sydney University:

Note the description of Hizb ut-Tahrir from the main shouter: it is merely an “outspoken Islamic organisation.” Yeah, right .


A small get-well message to the bollocks of University of Sydney academic Jake Lynch, which we gather got in the way of a pro-Israeli foot during a mid-lecture scuffle yesterday.

This may explain why Lynch was waving that money around. He was trying to buy some new ones.


Led by a professor, Sydney University students go wild at a lecture presented by retired British military officer Colonel Richard Kemp:

Kemp began his talk with a brief explanation of his career and a joke about England’s cricket loss to Bangladesh on Monday. He went on to discuss non-state militant groups in Ireland and Afghanistan and the obligations of soldiers when engaging with civilians and civilian groups. Before he could go into any detail or discuss any other issues, he was interrupted by over a dozen students bursting into the lecture hall screaming “Richard Kemp, you can’t hide, you support genocide.”

A demonstrator with a megaphone drowned out any attempts by the moderator to get the lecture back on track. Protestors wrestled with security guards who had asked them to leave and were then forced to remove them. Protestors stood on chairs, began to push students and shout loudly at those who objected to their behaviour. 

These freedom fans were encouraged by someone who has “spent the past 15 years researching, developing, teaching and training in peace journalism,” whatever the hell that is:

Professor Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and an ardent opponent of Israel, shouted in the faces of students, including at a senior officer of the Jewish student union. He then proceeded to stand on chairs and film attendees.

Lynch screamed that attempts to remove the protestors was a violent attack on freedom of speech by security guards.

Even by academic standards, this fellow seems slightly on the dim side.

After about 20 minutes of shouting, the protestors were finally removed from the hall, having objected loudly to their treatment by the security guards and some others present. Kemp, resuming as if nothing had happened, continued to speak on engagement with non-civilian groups in armed conflict. 

Professor Lynch presumably returned to his important work in the field of citrus racism.

“The Jews and the Crusaders are scared and weak…”

“…we blow up the White House, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower before Paris, and Rome,”–Abu Mohammad al-Adnani

ISIS spokesturd: We want Paris and Jerusalem
In new recording, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani rejects claims group suffering setbacks, vows attacks on White House, Big Ben, and Eiffel Tower.
A spokesperson for the Islamic State militants released a recording claiming the group was not deterred by reports that its forces were forced out of the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

 “The Islamic State will remain, and it is only getting stronger and achieving more victories,” said Abu Mohammad al-Adnani in the recording. He claimed that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi accepted the oath of allegiance by his Boko Haram counterpart and called on Muslims to immigrate to the area.

The ISIS spokesperson directed several threats towards Jews and Christians, saying they faced two options: “Convert to Islam or pay the ultimate price when your armies are expelled from Muhammad’s peninsula, from Jerusalem, and all Muslim lands.”

He warned that if Jews and Christians choose a third way – and insist on their current path – they will soon regret their choice and be unable to stop the surge to the caliphate. “The Jews and the Crusaders are scared and weak,” said al-Adnani.

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Unbelief is worse than slaughter, you see. And these tormented souls are only doing what allah commands them to do. How dare these filthy infidels resist their blessed efforts to subjugate them?!

Where have we ever seen a Muslim organization honestly committed to countering jihad terror and stamping it out? Instead, all we get, even from “moderates,” is endless complaining about counter-terror measures. (Jihad Watch)
Islamic State kidnaps Catholics, threatens to decapitate adults, burn children alive

Islamic State1“The Assyrian Human Rights Network, meanwhile, said the captives had been ordered released by a Shariah court after paying an unspecified amount of money levied as a tax on non-Muslims.”

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” — Qur’an 9:29

“ISIS Kidnaps Catholics in Syria, Threatens to Decapitate Adults and Burn Their Children Alive in Cages,” by Michael W. Chapman, CNS News, March 10, 2015 (thanks to JW)

… the same two men again walked by the synagogue and once again yelled “Allahu Akbar” and “your heads will be cut off”–by Daniel Greenfield  | FrontPage Magazine

Denmark fails to integrate refugees into Danish society
This is the stuff that our leftarded media runs with. Denmark did not fail in any way; it is Muslims who have failed Denmark in every way and for that reason Islam and Muslims must be removed from Danish soil.But to say so would make us ‘racist-bigot-Islamophobes’, which requires the “Luegenpresse” to destroy us.
The low integration rate of the Muslim immigrant population in Danish society is why a significant number of young people are being radicalized and joining the Islamic State and al-Sham (ISIS) and other like organizations. …More inability to integrate at Daily Sabah thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“We cannot “bomb our way to victory”…

Aussie teen Jake Bilardi carries out suicide bombing for the Islamic State, Greens dipstick tells us we should not defend ourselves

6290414-3x2-700x467All they need is jobs, you see. And fancy restaurants. That’ll make the jihad go away, and the head choppers might give us all a big hug.

Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt said a greater home-front effort was needed to confront Islamic State in Australia, warning we cannot “bomb our way to victory”.  (The Australian)

“Why aren’t we doing more to get to the bottom of what prompts people who feel perhaps disconnected or perhaps disaffected here in Australia to go and join in this kinds of conflicts?”

Aussie teen Jake Bilardi carries out suicide bombing says Islamic State

THE Australian teenager apparently killed in an Islamic State suicide bomb attack in Iraq reportedly planned to bomb cafes and shopping centres in Melbourne.

In a blog titled “From Melbourne to Ramadi: My Journey,” Jake Bilardi, 18, details his conversion from an “Atheist school student in affluent Melbourne” to a “soldier of the Khalifah preparing to sacrifice my life for Islam.”

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How can you criminalise the largest criminal organisation in the world?

From the BBC

Nearly 60 imams and leaders of Muslim organisations have signed an open letter to the government accusing it of criminalising Islam. They say that the “terror threat” is being exploited for political capital in the run-up to the general election.

Signatories include ex-journalist Yvonne Ridley, former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg and members of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. 


This is an initiative from the oxymoronic Islamic Human Rights Commission, the same organisation that bring us the Al Quds march every year, and awarded the murdered cartoonists of the Charlie Hebdo magazine the title of International Islamophobe Of The Year’ at their ceremonial dinner last week. They really are a choice outfit.  Among other things they say:

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“We are no better….”

Greetings from al Andalus, where Muslims, Jews and Christians all lived in harmony during the Islamic ‘Golden Age’.

At the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba I briefly listened in on a German tour guide, who lectured a group of elderly Germans.
IMG_0289The reconquista, he said, started around the year 1000. That is quite wrong because Don Pelayo started his war against the Moors way back in 711.

The bishop, he said, should have left the mosque intact. He could have built his cathedral just down the road, but because he had to take possession of the Mezquita–catedral de Córdoba this intolerant act made the Muslims hate us so much that they turned the Hagia Sophia into a mosque.  And then they did the same to St Johns cathedral in Damascus.

“We are no better than them”, he said.



Charlie Hebdo’s murdered staff receive an ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award

Picture of the Week from the Religion of Peace

An Islamic “human rights” group in Britain named the Charlie
Hebdo staff as the “2015 International Islamophobe of the Year”.
Declaring that those killed in the name of Islam had
an irrational fear of Islam is as inane as it is callous.

They had it coming, you see. They deserved it. And the (ex) Arch-lunatic  of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and former Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne applaud this idiocy.

Murdered Charlie Hebdo staff get posthumous “Islamophobes Of The Year” award by Islamic supremacists who call themselves ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission.’ 

They’re neither a ‘commission’ nor do they care about human rights, in fact they’re just an Islamic supremacist group with reported links to the Iranian terrorist regime. All this could be seen as a rather tasteless muppet show, if this mob wouldn’t be a registered charity in the UK.

Keep in mind that “Human Rights” means Muslims only. Infidels are the sons of apes and swine, the vilest of creatures who have no human rights because they are not human. Capsice?

We can only hope the Home Office will read them riot act quicksmart and strip down these morons to their loin cloths. 


I have always treated the ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ event with the scorn it deserves. Not least because each year this fantasy prize for a fantasy concept is run by a British Khomeinist organisation laughably named the ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission.’  The nominees include anybody opposed to the agenda of Islamic extremists, including Muslims.  Of course each year, whilst laughing at it, those of us who are regular nominees also regard it as being to our great good fortune that the IHRC is a British charity operating in the United Kingdom rather than an Islamic charity operating in an Islamic country.  If the latter were the case then rather than laughing at the IHRC every year, those of us who it annually attacks would be hanging from cranes.

However, readers will perhaps excuse me if the laughter is slightly quieter this year.  The first reason is that the ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award seems to be gaining ‘mainstream’ ground.  This year the awards were not only endorsed by Islamic extremists on the one hand and pseudo-academics like Arun Kundnani on the other, but also by a number of more prominent public figures including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and former Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne.

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