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“German man, happy family, happy children, used to attend the mosque…”

Not German:  The “German man” turns out to be a Turkish Muselmaniac who managed to settle in Germany, with his Turkish wife. Thanks to allah and his profit Muhammad, he decided his Nail Bomb Would ‘Kill Many People’…

Germany: thwarted attack in Hessen, bomb filled with nails

Spiegel, couple arrested. They were about to kill many people. Thanks to the Religion of Peace:

(ANSA) – BERLIN – The bomb experts of the German police found in an Islamic couple’s flat – both were arrested in late April in Oberursel, near Frankfurt – was filled with nails. The news is reported by the German weekly ”Der Spiegel”, underlining that the bomb would have killed many people, if it had been detonated even at some distance from where it exploded. The arrested couple – a Turkish-German man, 35 yo, and his Turkish wife, 34 yo, parents of two children aged 2 and 4 – allegedly planned to explode the bomb along the bike route of a cycling race for professionals and amateurs scheduled for May 1. For security reasons, despite the arrests, the local authorities had imposed the cancellation of the race: it was still unclear whether some accomplices would be ready to strike again. In the flat seized by police, in addition to the bomb, parts of an assault rifle, ammunition, chemical agents and 24,000 euro were found. The arrested man’s father, interviewed by Der Spiegel, has reacted with ‘incredulity’: according to him, his son had urged him to go more often to the mosque, but he did not have any warning sign. ”He has a happy family, happy children, he used to attend the mosque. Why should he put his family’s happiness at risk?”, the man said. (ANSA).

“Je Suis Pamela Geller”

Free Speech Under Attack – First Amendment – Hannity

Florida event featuring Geert Wilders canceled for fear of Islamic jihadists 

This is what shows the jihad terrorists that terrorism works. This is why there will be more jihad terrorism. This is the cowardice that is killing freedom.

Jack Cunningham's photo.

And the lame stream media goes along with it.–Jack Cunningham

“Je Suis Pamela Geller”
“Je Suis Pamela Geller” AFDI Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE AGE OF JIHAD SPENCER! 00 Comments My colleague Robert… | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs: Islam, Jihad, Israel and the Islamic War…
Dumbing debate down on the Mohammed cartoon contest

There is zero value in lambasting Pamela Geller. Instead, leftoids and  faux conservatives should get behind her and support her free speech rights. 

In other news:


“Stay Quiet and You’ll Be Okay” by Mark Steyn

“Zionist temptress was walking down the street in Garland in a too short skirt and hoisted it to reveal her Mohammed thong” 

The real hero of Garland

The police officer who saved scores of lives in a bloody and violent attack on a free speech conference in Garland deserves a Presidential medal, But don’t hold your breath — Obama saves the Rose Garden for “heros” like deserter and jihad convert Bowe Abdullah Bergdahl. “Whoever this police officer is, he’s a national hero […]

“Little Mosque in the Bush” — ABC Goes Proselytising For Islam

Auntie Does Dawa: Australia’s ABC Runs a Puff Piece on How Wonderful Islam Is and How Wonderful It is To Convert to Islam

by Christina McIntosh

The ABC promotes Islam in the Australian Bush:

This article – one could, echoing the title of a saccharine Canadian puff piece entitled “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, have entitled it “The Little Mosque in the Bush” – appeared, let me stress, this very week, only a few days after we had heard all about the attack on the Muhammad art exhibition in Garland, Texas, carried out by two Muslims, one of them a devout mosque-attending Afro-American convert to Islam; and not so very long, really, since we heard the news of the self-immolation of a young Euro-Australian convert to Islam, Jake Bilardi, who had gone to Syria to wage jihad fi sabil allah under the orders of the pious beheaders and child rapists of the Islamic State.  Our reliably Islamophile national broadcaster has, with this syrupy effusion that includes the romantic tales of two dozy bints – one Aussie, one of Indian Sikh origin – who have converted to Islam, simply outdone itself.  

Warning: if you intend to read on, have a bucket handy.  Or blood-pressure medication.

“This is Our Islam: Ararat Muslims  Reveal What It Is Like To be a Religous Minority in a Country Town”.  (ABC)

(that’s Ararat in Victoria, Australia, not Ararat in Armenia! – CM)

PHOTO: Parents Anas Ghazal and Kimberly Amatullah with their children Sarah Ghazal, Malik Ghazal, Samerah Ghazal. (ABC News: Margaret Burin)

Reality check: it is infinitely safer and more pleasant to be immigrant (and convert-to-Islam) Muslims living and nurturing their zeal for ‘allah’ and their currently-smilingly-masked hatred of and contempt for the circumambient Infidels, in a country town in Victoria, Australia, than it is for apostates from Islam anywhere that Muslims can come after them, or for Yazidi and Christian indigenous minorities in Iraq and Syria, or Coptic Christian indigenes barely surviving in Islamic Egypt, or for Hindu and Christian indigenes in ever-more-fiercely-Islamic Pakistan, or for Christians and HIndus and Buddhists in Muslim-dominated Malaysia or Indonesia, or, to cut a long story short, for non-Muslims in any region or state that is dominated and ruled by Muslims, Muslims, Muslims.

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ISIS sex slaves: Children stripped naked and leered at in sickening bazaars before being handed around terrorists

Sam Webb, Mirror

A UN expert who travelled to the Middle East to meet victims of this vile trade has spoken of the horrors faced by the innocent women and children

Children and girls are being stripped naked at slave auctions and raped by ISISfighters who pass the girls around like cattle.


A UN expert who travelled to the Middle East to meet victims of this vile trade has spoken of the horrors faced by the innocent women and children – including one who had been temporarily married over 20 times, after each occasion forced to undergo surgery to repair her virginity.


Zainab Bangura, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, say sexual violence is widespread and used as a weapon of terror.

“Girls are literally being stripped naked and examined in slave bazaars,” she said, describing how they were “categorized and shipped naked off to Dohuk or Mosul or other locations to be distributed among ISIL leadership and fighters.”



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O’Reilly knows what Jesus would do…

“It’s Wrong to Insult a Religion.”

O’Reilly: Jesus Wouldn’t Have Sponsored ‘Draw Muhammad’
“It doesn’t help the fight against jihadists to insult Muslims.” O’Reilly says.  NEWSMAX.COM
Only in America. There’s no other place in he world where such a stupid man can make such a lot of money.
Eagle Rising's photo.
Why There Are No ISIS ‘Lone Wolves’
PJ Media, By Bridget Johnson, On May 7, 2015: An ISIS call-to-arms posted online nearly two weeks ago mocked the term that the West uses for the terror group’s members abroad — a big picture of a l…

Joyce Willis

'Eugene Volokh, UCLA law professor and expert on constitutional law supports Pamela Geller and Free Speech.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Academic profile:<br /><br /><br /><br />'
UCLA Law Professor Supports Pam Geller

Eugene Volokh, UCLA law professor and expert on constitutional law supports Pamela Geller and Free Speech.

Pamela Geller wants more events like the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas.

Pamela Geller: We Need More Events Like Garland, Otherwise ‘Threats Work’
Pamela Geller has made it clear this week she plans to hold more events like the Draw Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, otherwise she’s showing… MEDIAITE.COM
 Obviously this kid was set up by Tony Abbott and this is a conspiracy against Muslims
‪#‎NothingToDoWithIslam‬ ‪#‎Greenvale‬ ‪#‎auspol‬ ‪#‎VicPol‬

Phoenix Mosque Attended by Garland ‘Draw Muhammad’ Jihadists Previously Spawned Two Other Terrorists
Australian police disrupt jihad mass murder bomb plot In Melbourne
How did this young adherent of the Religion of Peace get “provoked”? Is someone drawing Muhammad in Melbourne? “Australian Police Say They Disrupted Bomb…
What to Do About ISIL?
No Western leader strides out to the TV cameras and says that much the best response to the butchering of his or her citizens is to do not much, then wait to see what happens. If we really do think that ISIL has no place in our century, let us…
CNN Marc Lamont-Hill: It’s “Baseless” To Say Muslims Are “More Violent, More Prone To Terrorism Than
You can put an affirmative action monkey in a suit but you can never stop the nonsense that spews from his mouth.
Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders plans Prophet Mohammed expo after US shootings 

The Dutch politician wants to send a message after two gunmen attacked a Texas event that he and others were standing for freedom of speech

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders said on Wednesday he wanted to stage a parliamentary exhibition of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed that sparked a deadly shooting in Texas that left two dead.

“I am going to request parliament to exhibit the same cartoons as those that were displayed in Garland,” Mr Wilders told AFP on Wednesday, referring to the Dallas suburb where the shooting took place on Sunday.

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Piers Morgan: free speech means I must defend this vile, disgusting woman Ms Geller

Piers Morgan  is a degenerate, worthless,  revolting putz. He is also  an anti-American, anti-constitutional  agitprop and a champagne commie.

Free speech means I must defend this vile, disgusting woman from the marginally more repulsive people who want to kill her

Piers Morgan  is a revolting human being. I despise everything about him.  Since we cannot accuse him that he stands for something,  we can only take note that he hates the good for being good. This  malevolent rat has been spewing his filth for too long. Its time to put him out of business.

Free speech means I must defend this vile, disgusting woman Ms Geller
Pamela Geller is a revolting human being. I despise everything about her, and everything she stands for. Yet I also support her right to free speech:   DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Is Fox News&#039; Muslim Owner Ordering Hosts to Attack Pamela Geller? 
All week, various Fox News hosts have been criticizing last weekend’s “Draw Mohammad” contest, hosted by activist Pamela Geller in … Continue reading⋆ UFP NEWS
Surprise surprise. Not

Its to laugh. Its to cry. What took them so long to find out?

US Government Declares Al Jazeera Journalist a ‘Member of Al-Qaeda’
Official: FBI Overlooked Texas Shooter’s Violent Tweets Because ‘There Are so Many Like Him’
An unidentified “senior law enforcement official” says while the FBI had been aware of Garland, Texas jihadist attacker Elton Simpson for nearly a decade, they did…JOEMILLER.US
Cartoonists are Controversial and Murderers are Moderate 


Pamela Geller's photo.

The pretty girl is responsible if she gets raped, right?

“That’s like saying that the pretty girl was responsible for her own rape.”

Pamela Geller Fires Back at Garland Mayor, Critics: ‘Giving a Pass to the Savages’
Pamela Geller has responded to all the criticism she’s been getting over the Draw Muhammad cartoon contest she organized, including from the mayor of the city it… MEDIAITE.COM
Victim-Blaming Inverts Cause and Effect of Jihadist Terrorism

The criticism leveled against the would-be victims, rather than the perpetrators, of Sunday night’s attempted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, reveals how “morally inverted” America’s conception of free speech has become, Pamela Geller told CNN on Monday.

‘Very Ignorant’: Mark Levin Goes After O’Reilly for ‘Bullying’ Geller

Mark Levin had some pretty harsh words for O’Reilly on his radio show last night, amazed at how the Fox host was “bashing” and “bullying” Geller. He called O’Reilly’s argument about the U.S.’ Muslim allies “very, very ignorant” and said, “How preposterous for the 8 pm-er to project his bias, his opinion, in such an irrational and silly way.”


Geller or Geert Wilders or Ayaan Hirsi Ali or any of the Left’s favorite “Islamophobes” are not responsible for Islamic terrorism. Islam, nothing but Islam is responsible for the global jihad.


Pamela Geller Fires Back at Garland Mayor, Critics: ‘Giving a Pass to the Savages’

by Josh Feldman |Mediaite)

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1.5 gazillion Muslims are Insulted!

Muslim leaders urge community to ignore bigotry after Texas attacks

 Imam Talib Sanjari condemned the attack in taxes but also questioned the motives of the cartoon contest.

“This is not free speech,” he said. “This speech is coming from institutions that do not want the good of society. Why insult the prophet of 1.5 billion Muslims?” …

Sanjari added that Islam refuses the culture of murder and revenge.

Islam is a cult based on murder and revenge. Sanjari lies. To lie is an Islamic necessity. To defend Islam.

“We should not only focus only on fringe extremists but also talk about individuals who are spreading hate. Just as I am against violence, I am against actions that incite hatred between Americans.”

Translation: If you tell the truth about Islam we will kill you.

More  support for the insulting,  false prophet at The Arab American News thanks to Mullah, pbuh


The AGE is concerned about Muslim sensitivities:

It is understood that authorities have previously considered reducing the publicity surrounding counter-terror raids in a bid to defuse anti-Muslim sentiment. …

More attempts to defuse bombs ‘anti-muslim sentiment’ at The Agethanks to Mullah, pbuh


Iran’s Puss TV on the jihad attack in Texas, Curtis Cullwell Center.

…it is difficult to confirm if any of this actually happened. …

More of PressTV’s stuff that is impossible to take seriously at PressTV

In other news:

Bishop gives $24 million aid to Pakistan

I’m sure they make good use of it:


Who is Deaf, Dumb and Blind?

In other news:

Needles in the haystack

Turns out the “tiny minority of excremists” is slightly bigger then we are told:   FBI director: ISIS in touch with ‘hundreds, maybe thousands’ of potential U.S. recruits

BY ALI SINA · MAY 8, 2015


A Muslim wrote to me saying he read some of my articles and believes that I got it all wrong. He advised that I should read the Quran to have a correct understanding of Islam. When a Muslim tells me I should read the Quran I know that he has not read that book. The Quran is an ugly book, clearly written by an illiterate who could not compose clear and comprehensive sentences. As the result the book is tedious and no fun to read. Few Muslims ever read it.

I told this Muslim that I know the Quran as well and the life of Muhammad quite well and suggested he should read them. He wrote back saying he opened the Quran at random and read the Sura 47 and found it quite interesting. He asked me what is wrong with that sura.

It is amazing that even when Muslims read the Quran they can’t see what is wrong with it. In this article I will explain the content of this short chapter and encourage Muslims to read the Quran as they would any other book, i.e. with critical eyes, not as believers. They then may get a different picture.

The Sura 47 is named after Muhammad because he mentioned his name in verse 2. The other name of this sura is ‘al Qital’ (fighting), which is derived from the sentence wa dhukira fi-hal-qital in verse 20 that encourage Muslim to fight.

This chapter was dictated after Muhammad migrated to Medina and began his career as a highway robber, raiding and looting villages and towns.

It says that Muslims should fight the non-Muslims whose good deeds are devoid of virtue, “All the good deeds of the non-Muslims are in vain. (47:8-9) Only Muslims are righteous. This is typical of cults. Cult leaders divide the world between believers and disbelievers (us vs. them) and vilify the disbelievers while instill in the believers a sense of superiority. Muhammad said the disbelievers are the worst animals, (8:55) hated by God and fuel for hell. They are like cattle and will have for their dwelling hell fire (47:12) while Muslims are the best people (3:110). He also said. God forgives the sins of the righteously striving believers who have faith in what is revealed to Muhammad – which is the Truth from his Lord (47:2).


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“Australia is s#*t, and ISIS is going to kill this country…”

Where would we be without our Mohammedan cultural enrichers?


A MELBOURNE teen Muselmaniac with alleged links to Islamic State has been refused bail amid fears for public safety.

His father, a raving Koranimal who loves the headchoppers from ISIL, is an accident waiting to happen. (SY)

Harun Causevic, 18, now faces more than 12 months in custody while he waits for terrorism-related charges to be dealt with in the Supreme Court.

Outside court, his father launched a scathing attacking on the Federal Government in defence of his son.


“This is political. This is clear message from Prime Minister to young muslim who go five times a day to mosque, be charged like terrorist.”

Police allege Mr Causevic, and co-accused Sevdet Besim, were planning an Anzac Day terror attack in which they hoped to kill and behead a police officer.


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