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Why don’t we give the ‘Grand Mufti’ his marching orders?

Grand Mufti in shocking defence of evil fanatics


Who is shocked? Do you think Andrew Bolt is shocked? Shocked that an insolent Mohammedan headbanger spews exactly the same bile that we hear from Hamas or from the murdering savages of the Islamic state? This, my friends, is Islam. This is what we’re up against. There is nothing ‘moderate’ about it.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed. Picture: David Moir

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed. Picture: David Moir

I AM now begging Australia’s Grand Mufti, our highest ranking Muslim cleric: stop shielding extremists.

Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed last week appeared in a video called Muslim Community Confronts Abbott, and made common cause with one of our most extreme Islamist groups.

This is frightening.

Most journalists insist there is a difference between moderate Muslims wanting peace and the radical jihadists who are preaching hate.

They are delusional. In fact, they are a big part of the problem.


Muselmaniacs offended:

Don’t tell us how to do our job: Islamic community leader responds to PM’s comments

Islamic community leaders said they were doing all they could to speak out against extremism Islamic savagery.

“We are doing our job so don’t come…and tell me to do my job…that’s really offending us,” the Australian Arabic Association of Western Sydney’s Sheik Adid Alrubai told SBS. …

More on the “community leaders”, HuT and their baggage at SBS thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“WE DEMAND TO COME AND GO”, grand mufti

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The last thing France needs…?

What is the “last thing France needs?” More kumbaya? More “interfaith dialogue?” More pretences that all is well when its obviously not?

France’s Jewish and Muslim leaders fall out, Muselmaniacs throw hissy fits.

The scribbler from the Local who penned this believes this is a bad thing:

The last thing France needed in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks is a public row between leading Muslim and Jewish groups.

“All violence, all violent acts today are committed by young Muslims.” To further anger Muslim leaders he supported the use of the term “Islamo-fascism”, which was first uttered by Prime Minister Manuel Valls earlier this month.

f93cc688a72e141e6ebd208012675b59cb0f364112d051094ecb6a2d1adf7cc9Head of Paris’ mosque Dalil Boubakeur (left) and the president of the representative council of Jewish institutions (CRIF), Roger Cukierman (right), in happier times.

NOTE from the Tundra Tabloids:

Muslims are just out to con the rest into thinking that they are serious about addressing valid concerns about their community, and as soon as you start holding them to it, they break out the long knives.

France’s Muslim leaders boycotted a dinner by the country’s most prominent Jewish group after its leader blamed young Muslims for anti-Semitic violence, adding that the National Front leader Marine Le Pen was “blameless” when it comes to anti-Semitism.

French Jews turn to Le Pen after Muslim attacks

French Jews are ready to discard decades of distrust of the far right by voting for the National Front as a bulwark against radical Islam.–More here.


“… if a Jew or any non-Muslim abuses the Prophet, he will be killed.”

Dr Andrew Bostom: ”Mohamed had his own ”dead poets society”


WH Spokestard Marie Harf: Lets Go Chase Kony!

Comedy Gold. Now don’t call Marie Harf a dumb blonde; she is just parroting Obama, obviously. What’s infuriating is that the Obamster seems to believe Americans are beyond stupid and cannot figure out that he is taking them up shiite creek on a wild goose chase.

Thanks to GWP:


Someone really needs to keep this woman off the talk shows.
After suggesting that the US initiate a terrorist jobs program to defeat ISIS, State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf is now arguing that Joseph Kony and his renegade band of 200 followers in Central Africa are a threat to America’s security.

“If you look at the Lord’s Resistance Army and Kony, Joseph Kony – I don’t remember people talking about that as much anymore, but that’s a Christian militant group. So there are a lot of different extremists threats we face, and there are different tools we have to go after each one of them.”

Seriously, Marie?

Via CNS News:

UPDATE: Via Shoebat — A huge problem for Harf is that Kony has been funded by the Muslim Government of Sudan for years and that government is led by none other than Omar al-Bashir, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.


 ‘Devotion to Islam’ — Not Unemployment — Root Cause of Jihad
In light of the State Dept’s recent assertion that economics is what attracts Muslims to join the savage Islamic State, consider the following excerpt from… | Raymond Ibrahim

Who divides us? Who conquers?

Grand Mufti of Cairo’s al-Azhar University claims Zionists plot to “divide and conquer” Muslims


Koranimals like Ahmed al-Tayeb would have you   believe that the Jews hijacked their peaceful religion…. (full post below the fold)

Muslims keep admitting to each other how the Quran tells them to hate Jews

From the Elder

London Threatened: al Shabaab Calls for Attacks on Shopping Centers
Who’s afraid of questioning the presidents “faith?”

Hussein Obama deserves to have his faith questioned.   I think we do know a thing or two about his religion, and we know that whatever it is, it isn’t Christianity.


As everyone has heard, Obama came of age in Jeremiah Wright’s church, learning that white people are bad and God hates America. He was indoctrinated into a heresy called Black Liberation Theology, which teaches, among other things, that Jesus was a black man who came to free the black race, and that whites can earn salvation through paying reparations to black people.

We could call this as an open and shut case right here. Yet the matter is significantly more definitive than the fact that Obama merely belongs to a fringe, heretical left wing sect invented in the 60′s by Black Power radicals.

Why is Obama so Afraid of Netanyahu?

Attacks target ‘Jewish owned’ malls–Click here to read more »



This is gonna end badly. Imagine Giuliani calling Farraklown and his moronic followers “privileged n*99er devils”……

Jindal: Obama ‘Not Qualified’ to be Commander-in-Chief

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Crisis point: Mufti attacks Abbott, whitewashes Hizb ut-Tahrir

Andrew Bolt

We are in a very, very dangerous place, and with not much time left before it becomes too dangerous to speak up. 


Australia’s most senior Muslim leader has said he won’t “repeat the mistake” of voting for Tony Abbott, and publicly advised the prime minister to “work in any field other than politics”.

The strong comments by the Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed come amid other signs of a serious breakdown in relations between the Abbott government and large elements of Australia’s Muslim communities, ahead of the expected announcement of new security legislation on Monday.

Abbott criticised the grand mufti on the Bolt Report last Sunday for suggesting it would be a political mistake to ban the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, saying his comments were “wrong-headed” and unhelpful.

Actually, Abbott’s criticism was of something far more troubling – the Mufti legitimising the anti-Western rage of the Islamic State, even though he criticises their violence and condemns terrorism. It is unfortunately typical that this very worrying point is evaded in the Guardian story above.

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Al Jizz Manure: ‘Abbott Divisive’

Alarm over Abbott’s view on Islam

Many Australians feel the prime minister is putting down a “with us or against us” line.  The prime minister was being criticised by Muslim leaders for being divisive.

Abbott’s broader rhetoric – has alarmed many who feel the prime minister is putting down a “with us or against us” line; alienating the very people he most needs help from in his country’s fight against terrorism.


Leftoids & Muselmaniacs nervous about PM’s new national security measures

Mr Abbott said the government would take action against hate preachers through law enforcement and new programs to challenge terrorist propaganda.

He listed a raft of measures the government will implement to reduce the threat, including prosecution of returning foreign fighters, suspension of citizenship and cancellation of welfare payments.

In other news:

Swedish Television’s expert on Islamophobia joins ISIL


The Muslim  convert Michael Skråmo, in 2009 was invited to SVT, where he told Swedish viewers how Muslim phobia (Islamophobia) and hatred was spread around Europe. Now he has traveled to Syria with his wife and children to wage war for the brutal terrorist organization Islamic state.

The 29-year-old Swede, who today calls himself “Abdul Samad al Swedi”, grew up in Gothenburg. He converted to Islam during a field trip to Egypt about ten years ago and has since been engaged in a series of tax-funded Muslim organizations.

Maoris Convert to Islam?

4d39fed9b6bfa913790da3ec58fc7776bc71ebaf_620x311Aeliya Hayat converted to Islam after living and working in Dubai, where she met her Muslim husband. Photo / Getty Images

If you’d told the teenaged Aeliya Hayat that by the time she was in her 30s she’d be a full-time mum and devout Muslim, she would never have believed it.

Originally from Kazakhstan, she was known as Yuliya when she was sent by her employer to Dubai. Then 20, religion was the last thing on her mind as she found her way in a culture of shopping and flash cars, working in sales for a computer firm.

More than 5000 Pakeha and Maori in New Zealand identify as Muslim and the number of people converting to the faith is growing. Susan Edmunds talks to a few of those who have chosen life behind the veil.

Anti-terrorism chief quits over failure to expel suspects

Senior official quits over fears scheme to deport terrorists isn’t working, the Telegraph can disclose.

Just 12 foreign terrorists have been expelled in the past decade under the Deportation with Assurances scheme. Not a single terrorist suspect has been sent home in the past year, it is understood.

Muslim immigration is suicide for the West 

Riots, restrictions on speech and religion, and the takeover of politics and law enforcement are just a few of the unwelcome changes that can be expected in non-Muslim societies as Muslim immigrants increase in number, according to Dr. Peter Hammond.  A Christian missionary based in South Africa and author of 40 books, Hammond delineates how Muslims change societies in his book, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam.  Citing examples of countries worldwide, Hammond outlines typical activities that occur as the Muslim percentage of the total population increases.  It is a warning bell about the gradual, step-by-step changes that can be expected in other countries still undergoing significant Muslim immigration.–By Janet Levy, AMERICAN THINKER


Historically, when the soldiers of allah surrounded a synagogue or a Jewish village, they slaughtered the men and burned everything to the ground. Surviving women and children would be sold into sex slavery. Any Mohammedan protection racket must be seen for what it is: worthless Islamo-prop, a kumbaya exercise for clueless kafirs. No Islamic protection racket ever protected the Jews.

Here are Aussie Dave’s Thoughts On The “Muslim Protective Ring” In Oslo

Thanks to Breitbart, on a tip from the Tundra Tabloids:

The weekend’s feel-good story about a Muslim “ring of peace” formed to “protect” Jews at an Oslo synagogue turned out to be a complete fabrication by the mainstream media, according to an eyewitness report, local officials, and attendees’ photos.

According to a local eyewitness, only about 20 or so Muslims formed the “ring of peace” around the Oslo synagogue. In fact, pictures from multiple angles show that there wasn’t enough people to form a ring, so the locals instead formed a horizontal line in front of the synagogue.

A local news outlet explained how the media got to its “1,300 Muslims” number. “According to police, there were 1300 persons present in the event. Very many of them ethnic Norwegians,” read a translated report from

Demonstrators also reportedly chanted, “No to anti-Semitism, no to Islamophobia,” conflating criticism of Islam and hatred of Jews.

Photos pulled off of social media appear to corroborate the narrative that only twenty or so people formed the “peace ring.”

Continued below the fold. In other news:

Ezra Levant also squeezes in a shot at Bill Nye, The Science Guy:

Remember that Muslim terrorist in Denmark who murdered a policeman, then a Jewish synagogue security guard? (Ezra Levant)


Obama blows millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on healthcare for Kenyans

Another one of those recurring “my people” moments:



Hundreds of millions of American dollars flowing for government services

Kenya crowd

A new round of advisers is being sent to Kenya on behalf of the Obama administration, which plans to deploy individual private contractors to assist in the simultaneous expansion of health-care services and the ongoing decentralization of the national government.

Indeed, one of Obama’s long-term goals “is to establish a social health insurance system to enable equitable provision of health care to all Kenyan citizens,” one of the adviser-recruitment documents explicitly declares.

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Dolebludgers Jihad

Nearly all Muslims who left Australia to join jihad were on the dole

Tim Blair

Almost all of Australia’s Islamic State Mo muppets were previously members of the bludjahideen:

A federal investigation into the welfare status of Australian foreign fighters, prompted last year by revelations in The Telegraph, shows 96 per cent had been on welfare benefits when they fled to the Middle East.


Most had continued to collect payments from Australian taxpayers while training with Islamic State to become terrorists intent on wanting to kill Australians.


One of those idiots, who is now attempting to return home after six months in Syria, recently described his pathetic cause:

After more than seven months gaining his trust, CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward convinced Ibrahim, believed to be in his early 30s, to sit down for an interview and provide a window into the workings of the murderous group …

“Some of the policies, like I said, with the beheadings of non-combatants. Some of those things I don’t agree with.”

What he did agree with though was the barbaric killings that took place in the name of Sharia law.

Ibrahim said he had witnessed a number of executions while in Syria, including a crucifixion and the stoning of a couple who were accused by local officials of adultery.

“It’s harsh. It’s real. But it’s Sharia,” he said.

“It was done publicly, there were many hundreds of people there. Seeing someone die is not something anyone probably would want to see, but having the actual Sharia established is what many Muslims look forward to.”

Not that this is anything to do with Islam, of course.

A warning from Andrew Bolt:

I have learned of attacks on free speech – regretfully successful in part – that have truly shocked me.

I cannot yet reveal them, given the extreme sensitivity involved. But if the public knew the full extent of the danger, there’d be a lot more than the 39 per cent in this poll:

FREEDOM of speech is the human right that Australians feel is most under threat, according to a new poll released today by Ipsos MORI.

When asked ‘which right do you feel is most under threat?’, 39 per cent of the 1002 Australians polled chose freedom of speech.

The next most frequent response was ‘basic human rights’, which came in at 32 per cent.

Beyond therapy:

According to Julian Burnside AO QC, “the real threat” to Australia’s way of life comes from the Prime Minister and a News Corp columnist:

Sorry to see Andrew Bolt stirring up Islamophobia today on his blog. People like Bolt and Abbott are the real threat to our way of life.

Muslim Spokesturd: “But Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions”

Unlike, say, the case in Chapel Hill, where jumping to conclusions, as long as those conclusions are that an “anti-Muslim hate crime” was committed, was not only fine, but required.

The FBI is probing a frightening Valentine’s Day attack near Detroit, where a suspect stabbed two men after they told him they were not Muslim, to determine if the attack was a hate crime or even the work of a home-grown radical, a former Motor City FBI chief said Tuesday. 


….an argument started over “bad breath and bad teeth” before it “deescalated to a physical altercation.”

Sure. A parking dispute shooting is a hate crime despite a complete lack of evidence. But stabbing someone after they said they were non-Muslims isn’t.

Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime?

After every terrorist attack, the news goes through the usual checklist of excuses. Muslims aren’t responsible. It had nothing to do with Islam. Asking Muslims to condemn or disassociate themselves from the attack is racist and you should be ashamed of yourself for even asking them to do it.


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