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Soddy Barbaria Punishes Sweden

This is how the Obamster would like to deal with the Jews.

Saudi Arabia stops business visas to Swedes

Saudi Arabia stops business visas to Swedes

Saudi Arabia has refused to issue any business visas to Swedes,Stockholm’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, in the latest move in a diplomatic row over Swedish criticism of Riyadh’s human rights record. (Full article below the fold)

The Alternative Reality of Sweden

From the Gates of Vienna

The following video is from the “Warnings” series aired on CBN. In it Dale Hurd interviews an immigrant to Sweden (who is also an economic researcher) about the economic effects of the refugee crisis in Sweden, and the increasingly deluded response of the Swedish elites.

From the notes accompanying the video:

These are Interview excerpts with Swedish economic researcher Tino Sanandaji. Sanandaji has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and is a contributor to National Review. He is a research fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm. His family is Kurdish and came to Sweden from Iran. This interview was conducted in November, 2014.

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A Ban On All(-ahs) Mosques?

What matters (most) to Australia’s Labor clowns

Goebells, winks, ferals, onions, blue ties, budgie smugglers, Catholicism, stuttering speach, a guinness or two, lycra shorts, baddies vs baddies, static world temperatures, knights and dames, Frances Abbott’s scholarship, tent embassies, shirtfronts, funny walk, bat phones on boats, Canadia, strange laugh. Yes, the big issues our nation faces.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how any one of them is going to effect my employment, hip pocket or future. (Writes reader Relevance on the Bolt blog)


18 months ago, the Abbott Government’s Operation Sovereign Borders began. Since then, the boats have stopped. Unfortunately, Labor hasn’t learned and plans to reverse our measures.

This will happen. It can’t happen soon enough:

Queensland Parliament in Australia considering a ban on all mosques

imagesSunshine Coast Safe Communities launched the petition last year calling on the State Government to support changes to the Sustainable Planning Act to the definition of “place of worship.”


Sunshine Coast Daily  (h/t Cathari) Steve Dickson will take a Sunshine Coast group’s petition, which is effectively calling for a ban on mosques, to State Parliament. They have asked for the definition to “exclude any applicant who advocates, teaches or practices an ideology philosophy or political system which contradicts the tenets of Australian Law” .

They have also requested the House make legislative changes to exclude any group or members which encourage practices like Sharia law, the subjugation of woman, honour killing and polygamous marriage. (Barenaked has more)

You can always blame the Jews…

Israel treating injured al-Qaeda members

Nusra Front is the Sunni Muslim al-Qaida offshoot which is currently fighting the Iranian-backed axis of Bashar Assad and Hezbollah in Syria.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Israel has opened its doors with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Obama loses Israeli election

Charles Krauthammer on Benjamin Netanyahu’s win against all that Barack Obama could throw at him:

There was a big victory for Netanyahu personally….

(I)t is clear that Obama loathes Netanyahu more than any other world leader meaning more than the Ayatollah in Iran or Putin in Russia. And he did everything he could to unseat him but he failed. I think the message here is this was an election between Bibi and Obama. That was on the ballot because Obama was essentially saying if you want to reconcile with the United States, if you want your ally behind you you are going to have to get rid of Bibi.

Mapping Israel’s Enemies

Mark Langfan of Americans for a Safe Israel examines Israel’s borders with a set of interactive maps and what a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria means for the entire State of Israel.

News update:

Tunisia arrests family members of gunman
Tunisia arrests family members of gunmanTunisian soldiers arrested family members of ISIL gunman

The Jewish Left’s War on Israeli Democracy

Beinart wants Israel to “take risks for peace.” That means dead Jews.

Jonathan S. Tobin

We have met the enemy and he is on the sinister side:

Faced with a crushing defeat, Isaac Herzog, the leader of Israel’s loyal opposition congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his victory and vowed that he and his Zionist Union would prevail in the future. That is the way in a democracy even when there are plenty of hard feelings about things said and done in the campaign — as there were in Israel — and clear differences between the rival factions. Once the voters have their say, the politicians must abide by their verdict. But Netanyahu’s foreign left-wing critics feel no such compunction.

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Who will punish the Obamessiah?

Israel Election: Racist Leader Told Voters to ‘Punish’ Their ‘Enemies’
Controversy continues to rage after the Israeli elections. It is–or ought to be–a scandal for any leader of a civilized nation to urge one group of voters to “punish” their “enemies” from another group of voters. The exact quote was: “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” The leader who uttered those disgraceful words was U.S. President Barack Obama in 2010, and the mainstream media ignored him.
image7-300x161In contrast, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Right-wing rule is in danger. Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls. Left-wing organizations are busing them out.”
It was an unseemly remark, one that Netanyahu later had to clarify.
Yet the mainstream media had been harping on the Arab vote for weeks, specifically warning that it was a threat to Netanyahu’s government. And the U.S. State Department has been funding efforts to target the Israeli Arab vote.
If it is racist to point out that Arab voters are being bused to the polls, then it is racist to bus them to the polls in the first place, and to report (with fervent hope, as in most media articles) that those Arab voters dislodge Netanyahu from power.

Tunis: Jihad message calls to ‘slaughter (kafirs) on the beaches, drown them in the sea, poison them…’

Suspected Accomplices Arrested in Tunisian Museum Attack

More on that message, that obligatory grievance theatre that do-gooders and the clueless believe is the reason for jihad:

The message also mocked Ennahda, a party of moderate Islamists who denounced the attack. It reveled in the decline in the Tunisian stock market after the attack, and suggested that sympathizers who were reluctant to combat security forces should consider attacking unarmed tourists, whose spending is crucial to the Tunisian economy.

Westerners and Israelis, the group suggested, were ideal targets. “You should hunt them everywhere, especially the French, the Americans, the British and the Israelis,” the message said. “Lure them in roads, lodges, dance clubs and bars. Slaughter them on the beaches, drown them in the sea, poison them on the roads by giving them something poisoned to eat, break their skull with a stone, or suffocate them with a pillow in the room.”

Malaysia: Never Enough Islam

Malaysian state mandates sharia law including amputations and stoning

… but kafirs are told it doesn’t apply to them. (Until it does.)

KOTA BARU, March 19 — Non-Muslims in Kelantan have no say over PAS’ plans to roll out hudud law in the state as it does not affect them, a state government official said today. …

More nothing to do with uppity Kuffar at The Malay Mail Online thanks to Mullah, pbuh

From Al Arabiya:

A Malaysian state governed by an opposition Muslim party passed a law on Thursday mandating tough Islamic criminal punishments, a move that threatens to break up a fractious opposition alliance.

The state assembly of Kelantan, which is controlled by the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), unanimously passed penalties including amputations for theft and stoning to death for adultery, according to Malaysian media reports.

It isn’t law yet but here is some background:

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Boston Marathon jihad murderer had black flag of jihad on his wall

Stupidity rules:

Jihad flag on the wall of the Boston bomber, but the idiot judge ignores it: after the picture of the flag was shown in court today, U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr ordered taken out of court since he found it ‘illegible’.

TsarnaevIslamicflagAnd in the photo, he has one index finger raised — the signal of adherence to Islamic monotheism that has become the sign of allegiance to the Islamic State. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was no “gullible teen”; he was a convinced jihad killer.

“Inside the bedroom of the Boston bomber: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev poses with jihadi black banner in the home where he and his brother hatched terrorist attack,” by Ashley Collman, Daily Mail, March 18, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers have been trying to paint him as a gullible teen who was recruited by his extremist brother to bomb the Boston Marathon finish line two years ago.

But today, prosecutors presented the jury with a never-before-seen photo that tells quite a different story.

Seen in the bedroom of his family home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sits at a computer chair and points to a black flag behind him – not unlike the kind used by extremist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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The Usual Psychobabble Before the Attack at the Bardo Museum

The killers were just “defending their religion” by practising Jihad

The usual motivating claptrap that comes with most jihad attacks:

“the tyrannical policy” and the “injustice” which humiliate a Muslim people, oppresses Muslims, stops them from living according to sharia law, fuels corrupton, and is responsible for high prices and marginalisation…..

The two attackers lie dead after being killed by Tunisian special forces during their raid to free hostages


A special forces officer stands guard outside the museum, where a police cordon sections off the bloody evidence of yesterday’s massacre


“You will not live in safety as long as Tunisia is not ruled by Islam”
“I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish prayer… (JW)

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Earlier today five gunmen took hostages in the Bardo Museum in Tunis. When confronted by security forces, they opened fire on the hostages, killing twenty-two of them and wounding at least forty. Two of the gunmen were killed by police, two escaped and were caught later, and one is still at large. Once policemen was killed in the firefight.

The article below from Business News (Tunisia) concerns a message issued by a Tunisian kinetic activist leader the day before the attack at the museum. It was published earlier today in slightly different form at Vlad Tepes. Many thanks to Nathalie for the translation:

A leader of Ansar Sharia: A message for the jihadists before the attack of Bardo

In a video clip posted online yesterday, the leader of the Ansar Chariâa [Ansar al-Sharia] terrorist group, Ouanes Fékih, sent a message to the “young members of the Ettawhid movement”, in which he calls for patience and urges them to carry on “defending their religion” by practising Jihad against those he calls “Taghout”*. Fékih also stressed that the days to come will be eventful, implying that planned terrorist attacks are in the making.

This message was published on Tuesday, March 17th 2015, during the day, before the terrorist outrage in the the Bardo museum in Tunis, which left eight dead according to preliminary reports [20 tourists and 2 Tunisians, according to later reports — BB]. He concluded the message with a prayer addressed to the “brothers imprisoned in Tunisia”, as some information, still to be confirmed, suggest that the terrorists were demanding the release of imprisoned jihadists in exchange for the hostages held captive in the museum.

In his speech, the jihadist leader criticised “the tyrannical policy” and the “injustice” which humiliate a Muslim people which has yet to recover from his rebellion against a criminal regime [that of Ben Ali], which oppresses Muslims, stops them from living according to sharia law, fuels corrupton, and is responsible for high prices and marginalisation.

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Two suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists were today identified as the ringleaders of the murderous attack in Tunisia in which 17 tourists were killed.

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“Aussie Spirit Thirsty For Your Blood”

‘From the land down under, to the land of Khilafah. Thats the Aussie spirit.’

‘We’re thirsty for your blood’: Playboy jihadi’s widow poses with her gun-toting ‘clique’ of female fanatics in front of flash BMW and boasts of ‘five-star jihad’ lifestyle in Syria

How do we know there’s any female in this photo? (

  • Twitter account believed to belong to former Melbourne woman Zehra Duman launches another hateful spray of propaganda posts
  • This included a ‘five star jihad’ photoshoot featuring jihadist women with a clean, white BMW 5
  • The women, described as being from the US and Australia, are pictured reclining against the car
  • Wielding firearms, they are dressed from head to in black niqabs and standing under the Islamic State flag
  • One message said: ‘US + Australia, how does it feel that all 5 of us were born n raised in your lands, & now here thirsty for ur blood?’
  • Duman fled Melbourne, leaving behind her distraught family, after being ‘brainwashed’

An Australian jihadist widow has shared a series of propaganda pictures she says shows her ‘five star jihad’ lifestyle – and says she and other female jihadists are ‘thirsty’ for the blood of her former countrymen.

In photographs posted to a Twitter account believed to belong to former Melbourne woman Zehra Duman, several women are pictured standing under an Islamic State flag, reclining against a clean white BMW M5, wielding machine guns and dressed from head to toe in black Islamic dress.

In one tweet, Duman said: ‘US + Australia, how does it feel that all 5 of us were born n raised in your lands, & now here thirsty for ur blood?’

Another image of five women standing under an Islamic State flag is captioned: ‘Can’t mess with my clique. From the land down under, to the land of Khilafah. Thats the Aussie spirit.’ 

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EU totally unprepared for Islamic tsunami


The European Union has been so obsessed with the Israeli issue over the years that it has ignored its own demographic collapse. — by Guy Bechor

Between half a million to a million Muslim refugees jihadists and infiltrators will flood the shores of Italy and the European Union, the official in charge of the EU’s borders has estimated.


The “European Union,” which continues to destroy Europe’s nation states step by step, has absolutely no ability to prepare for this influx, and for the millions which will arrive in the coming years.

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