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Hungry? Go ahead, eat your wife….

A variation of the old saying “I used to hate it till I ate it…”

New fatwa: Muslims may eat their wives
The Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh has created a sensation after he issued a new fatwa.

Syrian Muslims infected with Kuru, a disease of cannibals

You’ve heard of Mad Cow Disease, the scientific name of which is bovine spongiform encephalopathy — a type of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs).

TSE is an incurable fatal disease that affects the brain and nervous system of many animals, including humans. Autopsies of infected brain tissue show a myriad of tiny holes in the cortex, giving it a sponge-like appearance — hence spongiform. (Here)

Cannibalism in the Quran

From the book of Al-Kortoby; THE COLLECTOR OF THE QURANIC RULES.

Posted in Quranic Explanations tagged  at 8:54 am by Nahed Metwaly

An important and a serious question, “Does Allah of Islam, allow Muslims in the Quran, to eat human flesh?”

The answer is very clearly, “Yes”.

Read the following two verses in the Quran,

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When Tell Mama Wins, Britannia loses….

Slip sliding away:

cameron-and-mayTell Mama is thrilled — you remember Tell Mama. That’s the “hate crimes watchdog group” that fabricated evidence of a “wave of attacks on Muslims”in wake of London jihad murder of Lee Rigby.

“The Muslim Council of Britain has also welcomed the proposal. Iqbal Sacranie, the group’s former Secretary-General, said: ‘This change will bring parity between Muslim and Jewish groups.’” But it won’t, really, because Jews don’t use hate crimes (and alleged hate crimes) to try to gain special accommodation and deflection of attention away from terror activity. Islamic supremacist groups in Britain (and elsewhere) do.

There is really no comparison. “Islamophobia” as a concept is used not just to record attacks against innocent Muslims, which are never justified, but to intimidate people into thinking there is something wrong with resisting jihad terror. The hopelessly compromised Cameron and May are only abetting that.

“Attacks on Muslims will become specific hate crime, say Tories in bid to establish full extent of Islamophobia in Britain,” by Abul Taher, The Mail on Sunday, April 5, 2015 via Jihad Watch, full post below the fold.

ABSURD: Complete Ban On Using The Word ‘Pork’ To Avoid Offending Muslims

Prostrating themselves before Mohammedan invaders. Once great Britannia surrendered her dignity and her self-respect. Islam ueber alles!


When an institution sets out to ban something, more often than not the thing they choose to ban simply reflects back on that institution’s way of thinking.

So what does it tell us about the Oxford University Press that they are banning authors from using words that refer to pigs?

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Four Melbourne churches torched, no outcry. Jews & “ICE” the problem…

“Free speech in Australia does not extend to threats, intimidation and physical harassment…,” –Chris Pyne

Mr Shorten’s office did not reply when asked for comment.

When will Bill Shorten fight the bigots in his party who give such cover to Jew-haters?

“Anti-Muslim Pamphlets”

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A high school teacher is under fire, accused of passing out “anti-Muslim” pamphlets to students.

In Canada, Zany Local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash Takes a Look at What’s “Really” Behind the Iran Nuke Deal

Bangash bloviates. By”hidden reasons” Zaffy means “Netanyahu and the Zionists.”

Moronic mental mush from Julie Szego @ The AGE

… to preserve community harmony we must wage war on two fronts: against both the anti-Muslims and the Islamists

Islamophobia bad, Christophobia good

Andrew Bolt

CRITICISE Islam and you’re an “Islamophobe”. You risk court, as two Christian pastors in Melbourne found in 2004.

But criticise Christianity – celebrate even the burning of a church – and you’re a “progressive”. The ABC is your friend. Islamophobia bad; Christophobia good.

Take last week. In the days before Easter, Christianity’s holiest time, no fewer than four Melbourne churches were torched.

The loveliest, Brighton’s Catholic Church of St James, was burned down, its magnificent stained glass, bells and organ destroyed.

This was not just an attack on a building, but on a community pledged to goodness.

As the St James website reminds parishioners, each have “special talents or gifts … given to us for the enrichment of the lives of others and so that we can serve God better”.

So “visit the sick and elderly, feed the hungry, teach those who want to learn, console the lonely and sorrowful …”

Such teachings have already inspired Christians to create the Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, World Vision and many fine private hospitals, hospices and schools.

Yet when St James was destroyed, actor Rachel Griffiths was given sympathetic time on Melbourne ABC radio to say how good she felt.

(Read full column here.)

Egypt’s most prominent Islamic authority issues a fatwa against AFDI’s bus ads

Since when is a historically documented fact “racist?” Islamofascists desperately conflate the truth about Islam with an imaginary racism that doesn’t exist in reality. How dare we let them get away with it!

islamic-jew-hatred-ad-IJHAs Pamela Geller notes, think about all the things that Egypt’s most prominent Islamic authority is not issuing fatwas against: Islamic anti-semitism, the jihad imperative to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers under the hegemony of Islamic law, the institutionalized oppression of women in Islamic law, including even their Qur’an-sanctioned beating (4:34), the sexual slavery of the “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50), and so much more. Instead, they do what Islamic supremacists always do: blame the unbelievers for shedding light on unsavory aspects of Islamic law and practice, rather than cleaning house.

“Egypt Islamic Authority Issues Fatwa Against Philadelphia Anti-Islam Bus Posters,” by Lora Moftah, International Business Times, April 8, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Egypt’s most prominent religious authority has issued a religious proclamation, or fatwa, blasting a controversial anti-Islam poster campaign that has been running on public transport in Philadelphia over the past week.

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Islamoprop from the ABC: Keysar Trad performs the victimhood boogie…

Keysar Trad, one of the criminal dregs of the “Muslim community”.  A gift that keeps on giving…..

The ABC promotes the rubbish views of the disgraceful Keysar Trad – Muslim youth get radicalised because of us, not Islam

The ABC is falling over itself today to help out the disgraceful, sexist, homophobic  Islamist-apologist Keysar Trad.   Trad has no place in any sort of public life.   Here he is running down our community and blaming us for the excesses of Islamism – as promoted by the ABC.

Muslim youth pushed to ‘the margins of society’, Islamic spokesman Keysar Trad tells forum on radicalisation (Michael Smith)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 6.44.22 am

A forum in Sydney’s west has been told that Australia has a lot to learn before it understands the concept of Muslim radicalisation.

The forum, Countering the Radicalisation of Muslim Youths was held on Wednesday night at the University of Western Sydney’s Parramatta campus, attracting a capacity crowd of students, community leaders and academics.

The keynote speaker was Keysar Trad, who has long been outspoken about issues relating to Australia’s Muslim community.

Mr Trad told the forum some mainstream media outlets were pushing young Muslims to “the margins of society”.

“Sections within the Australian media and sections within the international media have created an industry out of Islamophobia,” Mr Trad said.

“This vitriolic media adds to the sense of victimisation, it adds to the sense of alienation, it adds to the sense of Islamophobia in broader society.”

Although he began his speech by telling the crowd that the group Islamic State “is neither Islamic, nor can it be described as a state”, Mr Trad also said he understood why the blood in some young Muslims “boils”.

“Joining ISIS is not the solution,” he said.

One young Muslim woman questioned Mr Trad’s remarks, telling the forum that her family was persecuted in Iraq and she was bullied during her childhood in Australia, yet she did not feel the need to become radicalised.

Well the ABC is happy to help spread Keysar’s Crap – it’s all our fault, we should have been nicer etc.

But I’m not.   The reason Islamists who have been “radicalised” so often end up dead or in gaol is Islam.  It’s not because of you, it’s them.

Here is a list of events that took place over a 30 day period ending last week. Worked out yet what they have in common?

Al Hijra, (Migration) the Plan to Islamise Europe

Udo Ulfkotte @ PI & Kopp Verlag

Saudi Arabia has not accepted one refugee from Syria, according to Amnesty International today. Have you ever wondered why that is? The answer: the large refugee flows are to be routed as migration flows to Europe.


The underlying plan published on page 64 of the renowned Muslim social scientists Professor Bassam Tibi years ago in his book The true Imam (published in 1996). It states:

The Islamic League has at their conference in July 1993 adopted a working paper that the migration to Europe and the establishment of Islamic centers should be seen as a means to Islamise Europe. (Published in: Asharq al-Awsat on 28 July 1993.)

And what happened two decades after the adoption of this plan for the Islamisation of Europe with  Islamic migration flows?

According to data released in 2013,  the German Federal Office for Migration,  64.9 per cent of all refugees who arrived in  Germany were Muslims (Source: “The Federal Office figures in 2013”).

It says on page 24 above:

The consideration of asylum applications of 2013 from the point of religion shows that 64.9 per cent of members of Islam comprise the majority of  first applicants.

This is one side. The other:  Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Islam, has just thrown  50 000 migrants in the prisons, mostly from Islamic countries. Have you heard anything  about it in the media?

If more than 50 000 people are locked up in prison cells and subsequently deported,  one would think that our mainstream media would at least report it in a neutral way.

Saudi Arabia  arrested in recent weeks alone in Medina County 52,347 migrants, detained them and announced they would be deported.

The Islamic Kingdom indicated several months ago that they wanted to send back more than a million foreigners living in the country to their home countries. In Saudi Arabia there are now weekly press releases on raids, searches for migrants, which are then forced out of the country.

And every day, hundreds of new arrests – really every day. Not a single word about it in the media.

Not only the Saudis, even the rich Arab Gulf states are hunting mainly Syrian refugees who seek refuge with them. The United Nations had the vain hope that the Gulf States would   open up for Syrian refugees.

Considering the plan published in 1993 by the Islamic League for the Islamization of Europe, we should be able to begin to understand why the rich Arab Gulf states behave the same way.

And how responsive our media? They say there is no Islamisation.

Islamization of Germany is denied. When we discover it, it is  only in the novel by Houellebecq.

Telling the truth in Obamastan costs Veteran coach his job

Maine: Lacrosse coach loses job for criticizing Islam

Freedom of speech, you say? Increasingly not, in the United States: those who dare notice jihad violence and Islamic supremacism are vilified, marginalized, and defamed. When Scott Lees was fired, was truth a criterion? Apparently not. “Facebook post on Muslims costs Fryeburg coach his job,” by Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun, March 24, 2015 (thanks to JW)


FRYEBURG – After four years at the helm of Fryeburg Academy’s boys lacrosse team, Scott Lees of Conway said he was forced by academy officials to resign as head coach after sharing on Facebook an open letter to President Barack Obama that was unflattering to Muslims.

The letter, written by “An American Citizen,” was about Obama’s speech given in Cairo in 2009. In that speech and in another made last month, the president said Islam has long been a part of American history.

Two Days After Sharing This ‘Open Letter’ to Obama on Facebook, Veteran Coach Was Handing in His Resignation

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Once again, leftist loons hijacked the narrative

Muslim agitprops love our naivety:

Randa Kattan, CEO of Arab Council Australia, warned such “racist type of events could quickly spiral out of control”– She called the protesters “squeaky wheels grabbing attention,” but was careful not to underestimate such groups for attracting interest to their cause. “In terms of numbers they might be insignificant, but in terms of damage, it is significant,” she told the Guardian.


A “progressive” has an epiphany

Pastor Brad Chilcott puts it very well in an article for fellow Leftists in The Guardian:

“…what were “progressives”  hoping to achieve this Easter by opposing naked hatred and foul abuse with public expressions of the same hatred and abuse. Which section of society was being strategically appealed to when the Australian flag was being burned? Did my fellow progressives imagine that they’d turn bigots into compassionate advocates for inclusion by chanting “F*** off racists” at them? Or perhaps that Australians would be so impressed by the sheer number of progressives giving up their Easter Saturday for the cause that they’d put their unanswered questions and latent fears aside and wholeheartedly embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters? I count myself as a progressive, but I don’t imagine images of violence, or shouting profanities in the faces of our ideological opposites will encourage any mum or dad to join in on the next progressive rally for a “better Australia.”– A plea to the Left: protest as if you really are good (AB)


Just tragic.  Once again the narrative is being hijacked by leftist loons and self-proclaimed Aboriginal saviours.. “Racism”, a cadaver that has been flogged to death long ago, it is being resurrected, cut into soundbites and thrown around like stink bombs and molotov cocktails. The race card has been flushed and went up in smoke,  but thanks to criminal  thugs,  socialist kaputniks and relentless ABC propaganda it keeps floating to the top like a turd that won’t flush.


The West seems to have lost the will to criticize political Islam. Not speaking out or taking action against Islamists is a sickness not only of the current U.S. government; many intellectuals also seem to suffer from it. — The West’s Romance with Iran and Islam.

CBubG52VEAMrnCf.jpg-largeAnti-Islam rallies have taken place across Australia, organized by the Reclaim Australia group. Police were forced to intervene in Melbourne as clashes broke out between anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters, with thousands attending the demonstrations.

YAWN. Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are now beheading Palestinian refugees in Damascus refugee camp

The savage Islamic State (ISIS) organization has seized nearly all of the Palestinian district of Yarmouk in Damascus, and there are reports coming out about beheadings and mass killings of Palestinians.

IB Times  Islamic State (Isis) militants have seized most of a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, forcing many to flee, local activists said. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) monitoring group said the Islamist militants have taken over 90% of the Yarmouk camp in the outskirts of Damascus. (BNI)

White House Seder lead by Iranian Shiite Valerie Jarrett


Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. So I guess it’s only fitting the White House Passover Seder was lead by none other than Iranian born Valerie Jarrett at the head of the table.

You can make out a few of the self hating Jews in the picture like David Axelrod and Ben Rhodes (who’s brother is the president of CBS News.) I don’t know who the others are. Valerie Jarrett of Iran leading a Passover Seder at the White House. I wonder if they chanted ‘death to Israel’ before eating. (From a blog called FIRE ANDREA MITCHELL)


Future Reclaim Australia rallies to have “10x the numbers”

Future Reclaim Australia rallies to have “10x the numbers”
THE man behind the Reclaim Australia rallies that enjoyed mixed amounts of success nationally is promising that future rallies will have “10x the numbers”
Who was behind the Violence at Reclaim?


Funny, when Muselmaniacs go on a rampage we are told “its only a tiny minority of excremists”- but when Aussies take a stand against the Islamisation of their country they are suddenly all “racist-bigot-Nazis”, at least for  Eliza Sum, a scribbler from the Geelong Advertiser:
Reclaim Australia organisers made it clear they don’t want types like the above show up on their rallies. But this is what halfwits pounce on, this is the propaganda they crave to discredit the resistance.