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“Conservatives” are the problem….

Conservatives Attack, by Tim Blair

The BBC reports an attempted murder in Turkey:

A Turkish woman who has been taking part in a talent show on national TV has been shot in the head while rehearsing at home, Turkish media say.


Mutlu Kaya, 19, was in a critical condition after being shot in Diyarbakir province early on Monday.

What monsters are responsible for this? The BBC has an interesting theory:

Diyarbakir is a conservative region in south-east Turkey and Ms Kaya had reportedly received death threats for singing on the show …

The attack on Mutlu Kaya took place in Diyarbakir, a city where the Kurdish women’s movement is very strong … But, despite playing a prominent role in society and politics, women are still under pressure from the traditional structures of conservative society.

That is why news stories about prominent female fighters in the Kurdish regions of Turkey and Syria go hand in hand with news stories of “honour killings” …

For a poor girl living with her family in a run-down one bedroom flat, attracting national media attention could have triggered a fatal conservative social backlash.

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“The cult of Islam must be banned in France”

Remember when the Obamabastard let Bibi Nethanyahu wait for him while he went for dinner and Bibi had to leave through the back entrance? 
France: 26 Mosques Attacked With Grenades, Firebombs, Gunfire and Pig Heads 
by, Jon Stone | The Independent | h/t Brandon Watkins III Twenty-six mosques around France have been subject to attack by firebombs, gunfire, pig heads, and…
 Mayor who wants to get Muslims out of France locked up for “absurd statements”

He had the right idea, but now they locked him up for telling the truth. Who? People who have vested interests not to rock the boat of course.

Robert Chardon, the (Bouches-du-Rhône) UMP mayor who tweeted many times that Islam must be banned in France, was forcibly hospitalized this Friday.


Hospitalization was requested by someone close to him for reasons of ‘incoherent statements’. Robert Chardon, who is in cancer treatment, confirmed his statements and assured everyone his Twitter account had not been hacked.

His wish is to amend the Constitution to prohibit the Islamic cult. “I abolish the 1905 Law and proclaim the Republic favors the practice of the Christian faith,” he adds.  (Gates of Vienna)

Obama: Climate change “an immediate threat to our national security,” caused jihad in Nigeria and Syria

13712_462829037209793_3944886220991881963_nObama’s claims here are based on the proposition that poverty causes terrorism. Drought led to jihad in Nigeria, and drought, crop failures and high food prices led to jihad in Syria. But if poverty causes terrorism, one wonders why the world isn’t full of Haitian and Angolan terrorists. Also, poverty doesn’t cause terrorism. The Economist […]

‘Anti-bogan’ ‘slackbastard’ charged for trying to bed a 9-year old

 Pedophile sewer rat busted:

Self-appointed ‘anti-bogan’ Alexander Gollan (aka Andy Fleming) has reportedly been charged by NSW police over possession of child pornography and grooming of an under-aged girl.

The preferred target for vilification by this Islamophile bully boy are Australians concerned about the influence of Islam and the radical left on their communities. Working as assistant principal in a public school in Homebush, a suburb of Sydney, has apparently given Mr Gollan enough spare time to not only pursue his ‘hobby’, but to slander people he never met on his ‘anti-bogan’ blog. 

Thanks to the Q-Society

Grooming charge for Homebush assistant principal Alexander Gollan rocks Education Department
THE assistant principal of a school in Sydney’s West was last night charged with ­allegedly trying to incite a ­victim under the age of 10 to commit an indecent act.  —DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU

He said last night he was framed by a group which did not agree with his politics.

“I was saving the videos to show the police,” he said.

Yeah, right.

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How Much “Diversity” Can We Take?

Charlie got tired of being scared:
Kenya: Muslim preacher charged with inciting Muslims to kill non-Muslims

Yet another Muslim preacher who misunderstands the Koran!! I mean ok average Muslims misunderstand it fine…but even the preachers??? I wonder what these bad versions of the Koran are that they are reading??

Would you say he was “homegrown?” or what?
Garland, Texas imam calls for restrictions on the freedom of speech
That is always the endgame for Islamic supremacists: to destroy the freedom of speech so that Islam cannot be criticized and the jihad cannot be opposed, so…JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Islamic State seizes Syria’s ancient Palmyra

Hundreds of Palmyra’s statues have been moved to safety but large monuments from the ancient parts of the city could not be moved.

“This is the entire world’s battle,” said Syria’s head of antiquities Maamoun Abdul Karim. He called on the US-led military coalition against IS to prevent the group destroying the ancient site.

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Islamic State seizes Syria’s ancient Palmyra 
Islamic State militants in Syria seize the ancient city of Palmyra and reportedly enter the site containing prized ruins, monitors say.
“Callous” Abbott has lurched so far to the Left this year. It’s bizarre, the ranting on global warming, the Abbott-bashing and the rest of the agenda. Today’s example:


The story itself notes that before “callous” Abbott got elected, hundreds of boat people died at sea trying to get to Australia.

So define “callous”. Explain why that editorialising is in a news headline.  (Andrew Bolt)

Who else is hiding among the boat people flooding into Italy? 

Italian police say they have arrested a Moroccan suspected of taking part in the March ­attack on the Bardo National ­Museum in Tunis in which 21 tourists, including an Australian, were killed.

Abdel Majid Touil, 22, was ­arrested on an international ­warrant by Italy’s anti-terrorism DIGOS police in the northern town of Gaggiano… He was living with his mother, a carer, and two older brothers in the town near Milan…

Police said last night that Touil had been in Italy before the attack. They said he entered illegally in February with a boatload of 90 migrants, before being issued with an order to leave. The officers did not specify whether he had been expelled or, if he had, where he had gone to.

“German” meets virgins in Iraq

Ein bedauerlicher Einzelfall

Not to worry: just another ‘lone wolf’. Can’t blame all Muslims. Most Muslims are law-abiding citizens, don’t you think? we are told.

“German” blows himself up in Northern Iraq

Abu Mohammed al-Almani blew himself and dozens of Iraqi soldiers up with 1.5 tons of explosives……

Abu Mohammed al-Almani soll sich und dutzende irakische Soldaten mit 1,5 Tonnen Sprengstoff getötet haben.

With psychobabble and keyboard hacktivism against headchoppers?

No Muslim will ever keep us safe from Islam:

Young Victorians will be asked to work on ideas, often online initiatives, to combat violent extremism and Islamic State propaganda.

There is no such thing as “violent extremism”.  The Islamic State does exactly what Muslims are religiously obliged to do. No lowly female who’s witness is only half of a mans will change that with a computer program. (SY)

The Myhack program is the brainchild of Curtin University anti-terrorism expert Dr Anne Aly, who will launch the initiative in Perth next week.


Dr Aly said IS was winning the propaganda war by using young people to attract recruits on social media.

Psychobabble and delusions against head chopping?

“The program provides young people who are at risk of engaging in violent extremism with an opportunity to participate in the development of solutions to violent extremism themselves,” said La Trobe member Jason Wood.

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Stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder: How ISIS is sending the ‘prettiest Yazidi virgins’ it abducts to slave markets in Syria

Landrock, Heinrich?
The magnificent pictures of Heinrich Landrock are no longer available on the internet. Here an Arab conqueror in Algeria with two captured Berber girls, who are his sex slaves.
  • ISIS committing horrific sex crimes against girls, United Nations has found
  • ‘They are sold naked to Islamic State leaders and soldiers at slave markets’
  • Terror group is targeting young girls from Iraq’s minority Yazidi community
  • It has previously abducted hundreds of Yazidis from across northern Iraq

ISIS is sending the ‘prettiest virgins’ they capture to slave markets in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where they are sold as sexual objects to the highest bidder, the United Nation’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict has said.

After the depraved militants attack their villages, they strip the girls naked, conduct virginity tests, evaluate their bodies and send them to twisted auctions, Zainab Bangura claims.

She discovered the gruesome extent of Islamic State’s sexual crimes against young women – particularly from Iraq’s Yazidi minority community – after collecting information from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 


“Climate Change” and Obama grievances….

An investigation will be launched into alleged brutality against Moroccan and Afghan migrants in Hanover, Germany.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination demanded mandatory training of police to combat racism.

But Islam is not a race. So why is the OIC controlled UN conflating Islam with race?

UN Committee worried that Germany isn’t doing enough to integrate migrants into its society.

It is not, cannot ever be the responsibility of  civilised society to integrate unassimilable savages who will kill and die to make their belief system dominant. The UN needs to be dismantled.

Conservative News Today's photo.

Obama: Climate Change Fueled Rise Of Boko Haram, War In Syria

Obama is right:

The 2009 Climate Change in the White House from American to Global Communist did cause the rise of Boko Haram, ISIS and the war in Syria.

Obama just failed to point out that the Climate Change occurred in the White House.

Like Obama’s Mentor, Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground, said: gotta know which way the wind is blowing. So there’s your Climate Change. by CHARLIE SPIERING

“There is no god but allah…”

Muslim storms child christening in Norwegian church shouting, “there is only god but Allah”
Muslim storms child christening in Norwegian church shouting, “there is only god but Allah” — From a Norwegian reader —
Stockholm Syndrome:

Sweden Offers Taxpayer-Funded Benefits To Lure ‘Alienated’ Jihadists Home 

Pamela Geller's photo.
Philippines offers refuge to desperate migrants trapped on boats
Government in Manila becomes first in the region to offer safe haven to thousands of refugees and migrants stranded on Asia’s seas
The Philippines need more Muslims like a hole in the head… that Bangsamoro/Abu Sayyaf expansion project needs  reinforcements, by the looks of it…..
Ismael Ahasverous's photo.
White House: Total collapse of Iraqi city of Ramadi at the hands of ISIS was: ‘a setback’
Gee. Ya think so?
Pamela Geller's photo.

Minnesota Muslims Used College Loans to Pay for Airfare to Syria to Wage Jihad

Using college loans.…Pamela Geller-See More



Stop the Boats!

EU asylum plan a direct threat to our civilisation – UKIP leader Nigel Farage

“…the Australian premier Tony Abbott has offered us his advice and help. Australia faced this, and Australia not only has stopped the boats from coming, they’ve stopped people from drowning.”

France opposes EU’s plan on refugee quota
France opposes EU's plan on refugee quota

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said France is against EU’s plan for hosting refugees among member states.

World Bulletin / News Desk

According to the European Commission’s migration plan, refugees would be spread across the EU under a quota scheme based on the member state’s population size, Gross Domestic Product and unemployment rate.

EU plan for migrant quotas hits rocks after France and Spain object

French president François Hollande says quotas are ‘out of the question’ 24 hours after Spanish foreign minister flatly rejects proposal

An Italian coastguard ship carrying migrants arrives at Pozzallo's harbor near Ragusa, Sicily on 19 May.
An Italian coastguard ship carrying migrants arrives at Pozzallo’s harbour near Ragusa, Sicily on 19 May. Photograph: Carmelo Imbesi/AP

An EU plan to impose migrant quotas on member states – stipulating how many refugees each country should accept – appeared close to collapse on Tuesday after France and Spain withdrew their support. (The Guardian)

Even “the Donald” gets this one right:

“…it’s the Christians who are in real danger in the Middle East, not the Muslims,” adds Donald Trump.

Here, this is how Muslims see it:

Al-Muhajirun (The Emigrants)



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All hail the bleeding hearts!

Some are arguing that ex-foreign fighters could be used to discourage other young Australians from joining Islamic State. Today’s Editorial argues that this would be a big mistake.

Returning jihadists should only come home to jail
Islamic terrorist dies after shot by police
Two police officers hurt in vehicular attack in Jerusalem
Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson discuss the alleged jihadists wanting to return to Australia.