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There is Misconception Dispelling Going On!

“Whiteness” and “Ignorance” hindering fight against “radicalisation”

White policemen should be replaced with Paki Muslims. Former Met chief superintendent Dal Babu said many Muslims were suspicious of the Prevent scheme

dalThe government’s anti-radicalisation strategy is a “toxic brand” run by mainly white officers with little understanding of Islam, gender or race, a former senior Muslim policeman claimed today.

Dal Babu, a former Met chief superintendent, said the lack of Muslim staff in the ranks of the “Prevent” scheme is hampering efforts to stop vulnerable young people, particularly women, from travelling to Syria to join Islamic State.


Twisting the Twist with the Ahmadiyya

“(Extremists) twist our beliefs in such a way that they are no longer true anymore,” she said. “Something like this that’s countering that, that’s showing kids that no, this is the real Islam …

Me thinks we should not buy any Islam from a female who is deficient in intelligence, according to her own religion. We should tell Muslims to go and find the ‘real Islam elsewhere, and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt.

OHIO convert to Islam, arrested for planning terror attack on Washington DC , says:

“I’m with the Islamic State. I’m very dedicated to establishing sharia in America, to wage war on the unbeliever and raise the word of Allah above all”


With Islam against Islam?

Islamic leaders believe imams and sheiks should be sent into Australian jails to neutralise any radicalisation among Muslim inmates. … (Authorities should monitor these imams and sheiks and record every word spoken.)

More islam against islam at The Age thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Topsy-Turvy: Parents Whose Children Took Their Islam Seriously Want The British Police To Apologise

by Hugh Fitzgerald

It is disgusting — but so many things are these days — that  the parents of  the three girls, those three little maids from school who were sufficiently impressed with all the videos of beheadings, individual and en masse, and destruction, by the Islamic State that they left worthless Great Britain, to go off on their Excellent Adventure with the Islamic State, think that it they, the parents of the three little maids from school, who have a right to demand (it’s part of the Muslim worldview) from the kuffar police who, they think, didn’t do enough to prevent their vicious little chiildren from leaving on their vicious little trip. It is the British police who should be looking into the parents who, after all, raised up those girls, did everything they could to make them proper and submissive Muslims which means, of course, that  they were already susceptible to the siren-song, on the Internet, of ISIS. Do not think for one minute that these parents had taught their children to abhor what Islam inculcates, that is hatred of the Infidels, and contempt for the Infidels among whom these girls’ families lived.

Not only should the apology not be given, but perhaps there should be calls to look into what these girls learned, virtually from birth, about how Muslims should regard non-Muslims. Yes, look into it. And see how common, how perfectly mainstream, how common, such teachings are, and reveal to the public, not merely what  is in Qur’an and Hadith and Sira, but the atmospherics of families suffused, as the families here so obviously were, with Islam, Islam, Islam.

The Biggest Arab Lie

There is no “palestinian” nation, there never was, and there are no “palestinians”– they are Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians.

  • Before Jews returned to Israel, Palestinians didn’t exist.
    No seat at the Arab League.
    No call for self determination or statehood.


HILARIOUS: The ‘Palestinians’ have no damn idea who they are or where they came from
HILARIOUS: The ‘Palestinians’ have no damn idea who they are or where they came fromMar 08, 2015by Eliyokim Cohen in Jews News

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What contributions to New York City have Muslims made?

New York City officials announced Wednesday that public schools in the city – the nation’s largest school district – will now be closed for the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Multiculturalist leftists, of course, are thrilled, and tarring anyone who isn’t as a racist, bigoted Islamophobe – but the decision may not have been as wise and commonsensical as its supporters are claiming.

SarsourdeBlasio-700x400Far-Left New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was, predictably, among those waving pompoms and lighting sparklers to celebrate (champagne, of course, was out of the question). “This is a common-sense change,” he declared, “and one that recognizes our growing Muslim community and honors its contributions to our city.”

What contributions to New York City have Muslims made? De Blasio, alas, didn’t say. (Robert Spencer)

Muslim contributions in the making, here:

Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: May the Muslims Wage War on America, and Raid It on Its Own Land 

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The existence of Jews is ‘oppressive’ to Muslims

Palli females want to be protected when attacking Jews on the Temple Mount

PLO urges protection of Palestinians on Int. Women’s Day
PLO urges protection of Palestinians on Int. Women's Day

The Palestine Liberation Organization PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement, Palestinian women continue to suffer under the yoke of the Israeli occupation…

Yep, they are suffering bitches alright. If they stopped attacking Jews they might not be suffering so much, but Hanan Ashrawi  won’t tell them that.

Hamas video threatens Jewish civilians 

Hamas released a new video yesterday, with the title “You will have no security, even in your dreams.

It shows a stereotypical haredi Jew who has a nightmare about being run over by a Hamas terrorist and wakes up, terrified.

Arab ‘Intellectuals’

Kuwaiti intellectual Fajer Al-Saeed is pleased that a tweet of hers from last year, where she said “ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul. Islam is innocent of ISIS, Those are the actions of the Jews” has caused Jews to call her antisemitic.

Muselmaniacs Adding Insults to Mass-Murder

Muslims Kill Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists, Name Them Islamophobes of the Year

By Daniel Greenfield

Adding insult and to mass-murder: If the advocates of Islam had their way, all Islamophobe awards would be posthumous.

Murdered Charlie Hebdo Staff Named ‘International Islamophobe Of The Year’

Charlie Hebdo has been named 2015 International Islamophobe of the year, despite many of its staff having been killed by Jihadists in January. The annual ‘award’ was given by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a British group that claims to campaign against terrorism.

According to the Muslim website 5Pillars the award was given to Charlie Hebdo because of its “continual stoking of Islamophobic sentiment by caricaturing Muslims as terrorists and ridiculing their beliefs.”–Breitbart

Staff at Charlie Hebdo were unable to accept the award as many of them had been murdered for mocking Mohammed. Their offices were attacked on 7th January, when two gunmen called individuals out of the morning editorial conference to be executed. This included 47-year-old Stéphane Charbonnier aka Charb, pictured.

The terrorists shouted “the Prophet is avenged” and “we killed Charlie”, in reference to their aim of avenging the same religious insults the Islamophobe award was given for.

… and then we smeared him.

Accusations of Islamophobia and assassinations are both attempts at silencing critics of Islam. The former has the support of the left. The latter, mostly, does not.

Both are ways of clearing out the opposition for Islamic Supremacist rule.

Western media and propaganda to blame for westerners fighting for Islamic State, says Muslim leader

Michael Bachelard, Armando Cordoba, Rania Spooner

They take the western media and they blame them a lot and it makes them turn away from Australia and Australian culture. That’s one of the biggest reasons why people go over there,” said Abu Zaid, a committee member at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre, where Mr Bilardi sometimes went to hear lectures. …

More chaff to deflect attention from islam at Sydney Morning Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“The Destruction of Monuments is a Duty”

Destruction, my friends, is all Mohammedans have ever done, from the day Muhammad sat out to murder Jews and distribute the spoils among his henchmen.

Nasty Little Qatar, Egypt, And Those Pyramids From The Time Of Jahiliyya:

Qatari fatwa: Destroy Egypt’s pyramids, Sphinx!

“(The destruction of) monuments is a duty by Sharia (Islamic) law, as many texts have stipulated … Texts on this issue are many and well-known but (implementing) them is restrained to one’s ability… And so, if it’s not possible to destroy the pyramids and the Sphinx as a result of the presence of an authority preventing that, Muslims would not be committing a sin.”

The Ancient Sites Now Under Threat From ISIS in Libya

Armed with sledgehammers, chisels and a video camera, ISIS militants took their propaganda campaign to Mosul museum last month, destroying statues and artifacts, dating back to the ancient Assyrian and Akkadian empires, and posting the results online and in slow motion.

The terror group’s impetuous destruction of statues and artefacts in Iraq’s second city, which it has controlled since its march across the Sunni-majority northern regions of Iraq last summer, has caused dismay within the archaeological community.

theatresabrathalibyaThe ancient theatre at Sabratha, one of the sites under threat from ISIS militants. DUIMDOG

The Ancient Sites Now Under Threat From ISIS in Libya

The ancient Roman theatre at Leptis Magna, one of the sites under threat from ISIS militants. DAVID GUNN

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Obumbler Watch

Obama: We Are the Slaves Who Built the White House


Yesterday Obama was continuing to milk the 1960s civil rights movement for every last drop of divisive grievance when his demagoguery offered an alarming glimpse into his mentality:

“We’re the slaves who built the White House and the economy of the South.”

Granted this was stirred in with a bunch of other rhetoric, most of it moonbatty but not all of it anti-American. But imagine a guy who would drop a sentence like this, and who obviously identifies with those slaves and wants revenge on their behalf, serving as a trustworthy custodian of the White House and all that it represents.

This single sentence may explain Obama’s policies, both domestic and foreign, more effectively than anything else he has ever said.

Maybe it also explains the servile bowing.

FLASHBACK: Obama Credits 1965 Selma March for Inspiring His Birth… In 1961

Obama marched with New Black Panthers at the Selma rally in 2007.
New Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is seen speaking at the rally on the left. Then Obama speaks to the Selma crowd at the same rally.

This was the same visit to Selma where Obama credited the 1965 marchers with empowering his black father and white mother to marry… Obama was born in 1961. He was off by 4 years when the Selma march took place. But, it made a good speech. More below the fold!

Admiral Ace Lyons on Obama and Expansionist Islam

Who should we listen to when it comes to defending the West from the terrifying menace of expansionist Islam — Benjamin Netanyahu or Barack Hussein Obama? Let’s ask the former Commander in Chief of the US Pacific Fleet, retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Jr.:

Allowing Obama to control US policy in the Middle East is like putting John Dillinger in charge of security at a bank. (Moonbattery)

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Condemnation of Hizbutniks causes “Islamophobia”

If its not “out of context” its all misunderstood. But in any case, its all about the evil Jews and  allah knows best:


ISLAMIST group Hizb ut-Tahrir has been condemned by communal leaders after a video emerged last month of a hate rally it conducted in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba last year.

Jewish News

During the gatheirng, which was held on July 25 at the height of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, Hizb ut-Tahrir spiritual leader Ismail al-Wahwah accused Jews everywhere of corruption and called Jews “a hidden evil”.

“The entire world suffers from the children of Israel … Who will set the world free from the children of Israel so that the world will be able to say that it has rid itself of that hidden evil?” he asked.

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Australia vs Useful Idiots

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has rejected a report from the UN that says Australia has breached its obligations on the anti-torture convention.

Leftist loons believe the UN is the actual world government and the ultimate world authority. In reality, the UN is corrupted by 56 Muslim nations and a bunch of 3rd world crooks who vote for whatever makes the world Islamic. They should be told to f.o. at every turn.


Australians are “sick of being lectured to by the United Nations”, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said after a report found Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers breaches an international anti-torture convention.

Mr Abbott’s criticism of the UN follows his attack last month of Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs, in which he called the report she commissioned on children in detention a “political stitch-up”.

The United Nations report, by the UN’s special rapporteur on torture, finds Australia is violating the rights of asylum seekers on multiple fronts under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. (The AGE)


Paul Sheehan believes Shorty  is on the way out:


Bill Shorten’s bubble starting to deflate

There has been a trajectory of missteps by Shorten:

September 25: Shorten co-wrote an open letter to Muslims in Australia, apologising for their vilification:

“We have been very distressed by recent reports about the Australian Islamic community being wrongly blamed for the crimes of ISIL, including assaults and other forms of vilification. Labor stands shoulder to shoulder with Australia’s Islamic community and … [will] continue to work with you to stop misinformation, bigotry and prejudice directed at the Australian Islamic community. The Islamic story in Australia has a rich history and grows stronger each year…”

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Mosqueteers blame infidel “intolerance”


“Deeper Relationship” Needed

Get to know a Muslim or two, and your “misconceptions” will somehow (how exactly?) be dispelled:

….understanding creates tolerance and sometimes people’s lack of understanding is where their intolerance comes from….

Mackay Muslims urged to boost relationships with wider community to improve understanding

The president of the Islamic Research and Educational Academy says there is a greater need for Muslims to establish relationships with the broader community.

The imam of the Mackay Mosque said he would like to see a deeper relationship with local police.

Aussie Muslims say ISIS has “legitimate grievances”

AFDI-San-Fran-Moderate-ad-9-8People are surprised, are they? Why? These numbers reflect polls in many Western countries. The enemedia is blaming the Aussie government — as if defense against savagery, beheading, genocide, gender and creed apartheid is the fault of a government that would oppose it.

Notice that nothing in this article faults Muslims or their outrageous sanction of bloody jihad.

Moderates unmasked.

“Survey reveals Aussie Muslims who think ISIS has legitimate grievances,” By Neil Doorley,The Sunday Mail, March 08, 2015

A DISTURBING number of Australian Muslims say terror groups such as ISIS have legitimate grievances, despite condemning terrorism.

– See more at: Pamela Geller

Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran. All(-ah’s) claims are false:


 Muslim leaders in Jaffa are upset at the construction of a new hotel.

They say the hotel is a place where people “practice immorality.”

Officials say that the hotel is ‘flouting all religious rights and humanitarian principles.”— (EoZ)

3Pal’s celebrate vehicle jihad

Terrorist runs over five people in Jerusalem before being shot.

He was shot by officers and seriously wounded, after which he was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.

“A young man rammed his car (into pedestrians), and then got out and tried to stab people” before being shot and wounded by an armed security guard, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

The Islamic State Is Wiping Out All Remnants of an Ancient Civilization
BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq’s minister of tourism and antiquities says the government is investigating reports that the ancient archaeological site of Khorsabad in northern…THEBLAZE.COM

UNESCO President asking “why are they doing this…?”

The President of UNESCO asked yesterday in a press conference dedicated to address the Jihadists destruction of world historical legacy of Assyrians in Mosul, “why are they are doing this?” It is telling when the head of the most prestigious UN body dealing with human culture isn’t able to answer a simple question, despite thousands of scholars and billions of dollars spent on intellectual exercises for decades. Why are the Jihadists destroying world cultural heritage? Well it is in their job description. Any expert on Jihadism would quickly answer this quiz.