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Islamophobia is a Killer

If you don’t believe it, the soldiers of allah have ways to make you believe it:

Nearly 100 jailed in France for defending terrorism speech

Concerned citizens in Paris gathered to discuss a climate of war and Islamophobia that has smothered France since the Charlie Hebdo attacks. … Story at PressTV thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“Western lens of judgment”must be removed (before the infidel will be removed…)

More lensophobia at (Mullah)

Allahu akbaring savages with machine guns murder 5 Europeans in Mali nightclub 

Five people have been killed in a machine-gun and grenade attack on a bar in Mali’s capital, Bamako.

A masked gunman opened fire at La Terrasse bar, killing a French national, witnesses said.

A Belgian security official working for the EU and three Malians also died in the attack.

One witness said an attacker shouted “God is Great” in Arabic (“Allahu Akbar”). It is the first attack of its kind in the capital.

Police sources said two people connected to the incident had been detained.

Turkish PM urges US Muslims to unite against “Islamophobia”

Does this dolt ever do anything else?  –BY ROBERT SPENCER

In 2010, Obama appointed Muslim Brotherhood member, Mohamed Elibiary, as one of his top advisors in the Department of Homeland Security. [1]–JOEFORAMERICA.COM
(Musel-)man on Harvard campus raising money for the Islamic State “charity” – 
Is anyone else surprised that Harvard called the authorities, instead of inviting the man to lecture on “islamophobia” in their Middle Eastern studies department? “Man spotted at Harvard seeking aid for ISIS-connected charity,” Boston Globe, March 6, 2015 School officials notify community Harvard officials say they have notified members of the university community that an […]READ MORE – 

“…women have no need for their genitalia…” “…unless you are a whore”

This is a pamphlet put out by the supporters of Sharia Law (Islamic Law) in Britain which states that…

“…women have no need for their genitalia…” “…unless you are a whore”

The horror of female genital mutilation (FGM)
Women: Do You Have a Clitoris? Well… If you live in Britain.. you may not for long. Why? Because Muslim Men do not believe you should have one.

There is a Movement in Britain now by Islamic Muslim Men to force ALL WOMEN in Britain to undergo MANDATORY REMOVAL of the female genitalia. (Clitorechtomy)

footnote: This movement has already begun in the United States, as well.

* This will not ONLY APPLY to muslim women… This will apply to ALL WOMEN ! (Ban Islam)

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The Right to Kill

“The purpose was to kill and maim as many people as possible.” 

Scores of American females believe he is innocent and want to have his baby. lawyers for the Muslim student murderer on trial for the attack admitted he carried out the bloody assault.

760881-77d95d40-c2bd-11e4-82a9-aa24e0046838Both of the boy’s arms were blown off. Martin’s mother could not see her son following the blast as she was blinded in one eye by bomb fragments. Martin’s seven-year-old sister was also deliberately targeted by Tsarnaev. Her leg was severed.

But all of this is OK, because terrorism is just an irritant that can be cured with cultured reason. Besides, Tsarnaev’s victims were probably killed by the Tea Party. Isn’t that right, Fairfax?–The Purpose was to kill, by Tim Blair

NORWAY: Mullah tells TV interviewer: “We have the right to kill anyone who does not respect Muslims”
“We will defend our religion with our blood,” said Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah Krekar – words that were deemed so threatening, Norwegian police…
Norway prison to send imam to Muslim inmates

That’s like trying to put the fire out with gasoline.

A Norwegian prison is to bring in a local imam to prevent Muslim inmates becoming radicalised in the same way as the young Dane who carried out brutal twin attacks in Copenhagen over the weekend. READ

Netanyahu’s Speech Elucidated Two of Iran’s Three Ideological Pillars of Jihadism, Islamic Jew-Hatred, and Najis

By Dr Andrew Bostom

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech just delivered to the U.S. Congress Tuesday 3/3/15 included these accurate assessments:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei spews the oldest hatred, the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology. He tweets that Israel must be annihilated—he tweets. You know, in Iran, there isn’t exactly free Internet. But he tweets in English that Israel must be destroyed. 


America’s founding document promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Iran’s founding document pledges death, tyranny, and the pursuit of jihad. And as states are collapsing across the Middle East, Iran is charging into the void to do just that.


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Making new friends or are we being taken up shiite creek?

Muslims are the real victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre:

Charlie-Hebdo-Cartoon…an atmosphere of hostility and hatred is taking shape against Muslims in France. It should be noted that Muslims account for about 10 percent of the population in France and it seems that the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo will claim the country’s Muslims as its main victims.


They are talking about bridges, but they are building mosques:

“…building bridges of understanding.” 

Muslim Brotherhood theorist Sayyid Qutb explained:

The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.

West Windsor police host four-days of programs to learn about Islam, Muslim culture

More bridges of understanding, and ways of submission to muslim ‘sensitivities’ at thanks to Mullah, pbuh

The ‘Islamophobia’ Scam Returns

The problem is you and your lying eyes:

“Fear, Inc. 2.0” is filled with assertions that white is black, and that your lying eyes are deceiving you. We’re told that Robert Spencer is the primary driver in promoting the myth that peaceful Islam is nonexistent and that violent extremism is inherent within traditional Islam. CAP doesn’t offer any evidence for this being a “myth” – it doesn’t have to, as its Leftist constituency takes that as self-evident. 

“Gaza Man”

But a game “Israeli-Man” in which Israelis kill Palestinian terrorists would be racist.

'You can actually order this on Google Play. It's a game called Gaza Man where you get to kill Israeli soldiers.'

You can actually order this on Google Play. It’s a game called Gaza Man where you get to kill Israeli soldiers.

“Not every Muslim is guilty, but every Muslim is suspect”

Wally Rubs It

So where’s Wally? Is he with us or with our enemies?  


Islamo agitprop Wally talks about “us” and “we”, which is annoying. There is no ‘us’ and ‘we’ between Muslims and unbelievers.

Waleed Aly ignores the “Islamic” in Islamic State

Andrew Bolt

Waleed Aly is our most prominent and – in my opinion – insidious apologist for radical Islam.

He is a columnist for The Age, host of The Project and, of all things, a lecturer in a terrorism unit at Monash University.

Full post below the fold.


What a lot of tosh:

Adam Walker serves as National Spokestard of the London based Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. In typical fashion, he dabbles in BS and obfuscation. Sample here:

The Koran, whose message Isis butcher at every turn, even instructs Muslims to protect the religious freedoms of others….

Are peaceful Muslims in denial about their religion?
Isis has sharpened many people’s sense of paranoia towards Islam. The majority of Muslims have a peaceful reading of the Koran, but as Isis commits more and more atrocities, the argument that the Koran equally invites a violent interpretation of its…-INDEPENDENT.CO.UK
The Outstretched Hand  (FrontPage Magazine)
At its core, the Palestinian ‘revolution’ is a group of people choosing to live off the work and charity of others.

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Vehicular Jihad in Israel; 7 injured, including 6 female soldiers

In yet another attack of vehicular jihad, a “Palestinian” rammed his car into a group of Jews, then dashed out of the car and attacked another with a knife. Will the UN now issue another condemnation of Israel? Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the quran. …(Geller)

VIDEO: Footage from today’s terror attack in Jerusalem. A Palestinian from East Jerusalem plowed his car into a group of female officers and then hit a bicyclist – a 51-year-old Israeli man. The terrorist then got out of the car armed with a meat cleaver and began attacking people before he was shot and captured. All the victims are expected to recover. 

“The motorist terrorist plowed his car into the curb after running over the group of people. Police said the man then got out of his car with a knife and stabbed a pedestrian before he was shot.” We have seen a spate of such attacks recently — and a billboard in Nazareththat actually called for them. “Moderate” Fatah called for such attacks. So this is no surprise. And there will be more of them.

“7 injured, including 6 female soldiers, in Jerusalem car-ramming attack, police say,”, March 6, 2015, via JW

Meanwhile, in Egypt:

Egyptian Government Closes 27,000 MOSQUES in Move to Fight Terrorism

sisi davos
Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi told attendees at Davos that Islam was in need of a “religious revolution.”

The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowment shuttered 27,000 local mosques under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
Al-Monitor reported:

The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowment has shuttered 27,000 local places of worship under the pretext of fighting terrorism, while awarding 400 preaching permits to Salafists. (GWP)

Will the islamophobia never end?

Hussein bin Mahmoud, a jurist of Sharia law for the Islamic State, said in an article published on February 17 and appearing in various jihadi websites that all Christian churches in Cairo must be demolished.

Titled the “Ruling on Egypt’s Christians,” the article, written like a fatwa, asserts that

The ruling concerning the churches that are in Cairo is that they be destroyed, according to the consensus of the righteous forefathers [Salaf], because they are new under Islam, and Cairo is a new city whose original inhabitants were Muslim; there were no churches in it previously.

As for churches in Upper Egypt, which may have been in existence before the Islamic conquest of Egypt, these may remain but may never be renovated or fixed.

The Islamic state cleric cited medieval jurist Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328), some of whose fatwas deal with Islam’s views on churches which are described as “worse than bars and brothels.” And in fact, Taymiyya and many other jurists (such as Ibn Qayyim) called for the destruction of all churches built after the conquests (see Crucified Again, pgs. 35-36 for a review of the relevant fatwas/teachings).

“Islamic State: All Churches in Cairo Must Be Destroyed,” By Raymond Ibrahim,  February 27 2015

Dozy Bint of the Month

Fisked for you by a totally unimpressed Christina McIntosh

enhanced-24242-1425383171-9 It did not, it seems, occur to this woman to seek out the nearest Coptic Christian church and ask them to tattoo a Coptic Cross on her wrist, in order to show solidarity, not only during Lent but for the rest of her life, with one of the most persecuted – historically and in the present – branches of the Church Universal.  Nor, it appears, did it occur to her to consider donning a Star of David, or a “Long Live Israel” T-shirt, and wearing that for forty days, everywhere she went, even when among the “Muslim friends” of whom she speaks so fondly…No, it is the Muslims, always the Muslims, for whom females like this are most tenderly solicitous. 

As breathlessly reported by Rossalyn Warren for “BuzzFeed News”.

“A Christian Woman is Wearing a Hijab For Lent To See What It’s Like To Be An “Outsider”.

“This is all about helping my people, specifically white Christians learn how to see difference, embrace it and engage with it,” Jessey Eagan told Buzz Feed News.

But what of all those many, many, many nonwhite Christians – Copts, Armenians in Syria, Assyrians in Iraq and Syria, Muslim-background Christians in Iran risking their lives to profess Christ, south Asian Christians – like Asia Bibi – in Pakistan, Chinese and South Asian and convert-from-Islam Malay Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia, and black Christians all over a large swathe of Africa, most notably in northern Nigeria, who are being persecuted, oppressed, discriminated against, slandered, and not infrequently robbed, raped, and murdered, by…Muslims?  What are you going to say to them, Ms Eagan, as – in a blinding glow of self-righteousness – you parade down the street in the costume of their persecutors? – CM

‘Jessey Eagan, a married Christian mother of two, has decided to wear a Hijab for Lent in an attempt to remind herself, “What it feels like to be an outsider.”

“See, we lived in Amman, Jordan, about 7 years ago, where we ended up teaching at an Islamic school”, she told BuzzFeed News. “While we were there we met many Muslims and built great personal friendships with them.

So she believes.  Perhaps they were not very fervently-practising Muslims; for if they were obedient to the maxims of the Quran they could not have befriended her, or at least, not sincerely.  She seems to know nothing of al wala wa al baraa, Loyalty (to Muslims only) and Enmity (toward all Unbelievers qua Unbelievers, unless and until they convert to Islam), nor ever to have read Surah 48: 29 of the Quran, which states  that those who follow Mohammed are harsh toward the unbelievers and compassionate only amongst themselves. – CM

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Boycott Halal!

Here is Larry Pickering’s Part 11 & 12 on the Halal Racket:

:Competition amongst Australia’s halal certifiers is hot and getting hotter. There are 33 known certifiers in a country of fewer than 500,000 Muslims – a relatively small halal market. Many Muslims in Australia don’t strictly observe halal going by chats I’ve had with Muslim shop owners.

One shop owner tells me he doesn’t strictly follow halal anway and neither do his Muslim customers.

Halal Certification was originally intended for Australian red meat exports. Our abattoirs are now 100% halal certified. We all eat halal slaughtered meat. But there are only so many abattoirs to go round before before a halal certifier runs out of “customers”.
PART 12.png

Australian consumers nervously worry that their hard earned dollars might be making their way from the checkout counter to terrorist organisations, which have tentacles reaching into Australia. It sounds like another conspiracy theory, until you take a closer look.
In several countries, halal certification schemes have been found to directly fund groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, proscribed terrorist organisations in the Middle East and the West, including Australia.

Halal certifiers use seemingly well-intentioned (Islamic) Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) aka registered charities to funnel funds to Islamic terrorists, as has been proven in Canada, France, the UK and the US.

Well-known brands such as Vegemite, Cadbury Flake and Nestle Kit Kat chocolate are among many products given halal certification.

The cost of certification effectively forces non-Muslim consumers to subsidise the religious beliefs of a minority group.

This certification is about taking money from non-Muslims and giving it to Muslims.

If I want to buy rosary beads as a Catholic, that’s my choice; if I want to buy incense as a Buddhist, that’s my choice; if I want to fund Islam, it needs to be my choice, not through everyday grocery purchases without my knowledge.

AFIC, the nation’s peak Muslim lobby, earns up to $1 million a year from halal certification.

Boycot halal.

Oxford University warns authors not to write about bacon, pork to avoid offending Muslims
The largest university press in the world has warned its authors not to mention pigs or pork in their books to avoid offending Muslims and Jews.–WASHINGTONTIMES.COM|BY JESSICA CHASMAR

“Understandably targeted” — new Sydney police commish falls for Muslim spin

Sydney: new police commish dunce blames Aussies for “targeting Muslims”.


New federal police commissioner says Martin Place siege not a Muslim issue
Andrew Colvin also denies the AFP has ‘blood on its hands’ over the so-called Bali Nine drug smugglers

Attacks on Muslims in the wake of the Martin Place siege were “a terrible indictment on this country and this society”, he added.

He expressed reluctance to talk about Australia’s Muslim communities in relation to terrorism, saying “they often felt understandably targeted”, but “we could not have had success in stopping attacks without them.”

Jihad happens when you got Muslims. Because Muslims are religiously obliged to wage jihad against unbelievers, success must be measured on how many Muslims are removed from society, not in befuddlement with  Muslims who Andrew Colvin hopes will stop attacks on the citizens of Australia. This new police chief is a dunce who lives in cloud cuckooland. Full post below the fold!


Jihadism is all corrupt Britain’s fault, says Brand: Comedian rants on YouTube that society is forcing young to turn to ISIS

  • The outspoken star posted an extraordinary ten-minute rant on YouTube 
  • Said Britain’s ‘corrupt’ society was to blame for youngsters turning to ISIS 
  • Suggested society at large had failed to incorporate young Muslims 
  • Said people were failing to understand why people were turning to jihad 
  • Blamed media for failing to address ‘core problem’ behind ISIS atrocities 
  • Brand has previously spoken out about ISIS in other YouTube videos 

I would suggest  Brand does not have all his faculties intact. 

Please click on image to enlarge!


 Dumbing down is now policy downunder:

EVERY Australian school student would be taught positive things about Islam and Muslims and that Australia was a racist country, under a plan being proposed by an education think tank.

The plan is outlined in a booklet Learning From One Another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools published this week by the Australian Curriculum Studies Association and The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies.

It says there is a “degree of prejudice and ignorance about Islam and Muslims” and Australian students must be taught to embrace difference and diversity.

The booklet refers to al-Qa’ida as “a famous name” synonymous with the traditionalist movement in Islam, with no reference to terrorism.

Its authors are offering free seminars to teachers.

In a not-so-veiled threat, Muslims in the U.K. have erected a billboard warning non-believers to “be careful with Mohammed.”

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