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Are we morons?

“Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood in the sea …”

In light of the targeting of Christians by the Islamic State–particularly in Libya and Syria–Christian Coptics in the United States assembled before the White House this week to demand the Obama administration address the plight of their brethren in the Middle East.

YouTube via NBC News

In light of the targeting of Christians by the Islamic State–particularly in Libya and Syria–Christian Coptics in the United States assembled before the White House this week to demand the Obama administration address the plight of their brethren in the Middle East. —by JOHN HAYWARD513


Judge Jeanine Pirro: We Need to Kill Them!…
Mincing no words, Judge Jeanine Pirro calls for an all-out war against Islamist radicals by the US, our allies, and especially Muslims themselves. From Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jan 10, 2015


Since the 2014 election, Obama has finally revealed himself to the people. He doesn’t like the country as it is and wants to change it and is willing to bring it down economically, militarily and internationally so he can rebuild his dream on its ruin. That includes the Constitution and the Rule of Law, which stand in the way of his drive for dictatorial powers. His political coup against WE THE PEOPLE has been well underway and is picking up steam.

The sad thing about this is for every action against this country and what it believes, the Republicans complain, instead of acting and the people, STILL, do not get it. The government schools did their job, creating generations of citizens ignorant of how their government SHOULD work.


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Obama is building his anti-terror strategy on believing the lies of the terrorists

Who believes that? He wants you to believe the lies of the Islamic savages.  Obama bends over backwards to deny the truth about Islamic terrorism

Hell No Obama Does Not Love America

Is Rudy right about Obama not loving America? This exceedingly stupid question sets a ball on a tee for Ezra Levant, who whacks it into the stands:

You don’t set out to “fundamentally transform” something that you love. (Thanks to Moonbattery)


Daniel Greenfield: Does Obama Love America or Islam?

In his first days in office, he signed a number of executive orders. Of his first five orders, three involved Muslim terrorists captured and held in Gitmo. His third executive order was about the “humane” treatment of terrorists. His fourth executive order sought to close Gitmo. Like the man who can’t wait to get away from his wife so he can call his mistress, Obama made his priorities clear from the start.

It took Obama a month to set up the Economic Recovery Advisory Board. It took him two days to set up a Special Interagency Task Force on Detainee Disposition to free Gitmo terrorists.

Obama prioritized helping Muslim terrorists over the economic recovery. Why? Because that was a subject he was passionate about. (Via Vlad Tepes)

No wonder Hussein Obama doesn’t have a strategy for fighting the Islamic State (ISIS)
Obama’s Pentagon is cutting thousands of officers from the military, citing the demands of sequestration (but not a penny was cut from his massive social…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

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Resisting Islam is “not the answer…”

 The hateful messages in this video must be condemned by all who cherish the Australian values of coexistence. 

Hitzb ut-Tahrir accused of inciting hatred…
Mainstream Muslim leaders say banning Islamic group Hitzb ut-Tahrir is not the answer….SMH.COM.AU
No resistance to the Islamic expansion project is permitted. Insolent Islamo-spokesturds  keep telling us we should just lie down and let the soldiers of Allah take over. Full article below the fold.
Muslim leader blasts Aussie Prime Minister: ‘Don’t tell us how to do our job’
Always adversarial, always hostile, always fuggly.  Islam  is the problem and these Islamic leaders are causing it.

(IMAM’s instruct Muslims on how to become “true believers” and “fight for Allah’s cause” so that “that Islam is the only religion” HIS JOB is supporting jihadists with both the doctrine and finances (Zakat payments) to do what needs to be done.)

“An Islamic community leader says calls from the prime minister for leaders to speak out against extremism aren’t justified and that Mr Abbott shouldn’t tell them how to do their job. The prime minister has reiterated calls for Muslim community leaders to speak out against extremism. “ (Geller)

Mustards of Southampton fear “backlash”

Residents Muselmaniacs living in an area of Southampton shown in the controversial programme Immigration Street have said it has left the community “fractured” and fearing a backlash.

The Channel 4 documentary broadcast on Tuesday night – a follow-up to Benefits Street – was filmed in Derby Road.

The programme showed scenes of interviewees being threatened and film crews pelted with eggs and grit.

The Truth Must Not Be Told

Immigration Street: TUC calls for Channel 4 to drop documentary

The leader of Britain’s trade union movement has called for Channel 4’s Immigration Street documentary to be shelved.

The programme, due to be broadcast on Tuesday, has been criticised by residents of Derby Road in Southampton where it was filmed.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said it would “encourage social division and hostility”.

That “social division and hostility” comes with the settlement of Mohammedan savages behind enemy lines, not by pointing a finger at it.

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Kidnapping is unislamic, part 384679000

“Jihadists from the Islamic State (IS) group have kidnapped at least 90 Assyrian Christians in north-east Syria, a monitor says.

The abductions took place on Tuesday after IS seized two Assyrian villages from Kurdish forces in the province of Hassakeh, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Britain-based monitor had no details on the missing Assyrians, who were taken from two villages – Tal Shamiram and Tal Hermuz – after they were attacked by IS.  See More

Jihadists from the Islamic State group kidnap at least 90 Assyrian Christians in north-east Syria, a monitor says.–ABC.NET.AU

ISIS has abducted 150 more Christians.Here’s the video of captured Kurdish fighters in cages. Does anyone have a strategy to defeat them besides me? Here’s what I’d do.

'ISIS has abducted 150 more Christians.Here's the video of captured Kurdish fighters in cages. Does anyone have a strategy to defeat them besides me? Here's what I'd do.'
Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama is a MuBro sympathiser:
Slaughtered in 'halal'[ allowed ]style
— Q8:12, 47:4
Feb 2015: "A Message Signed With Blood To The Nation Of The Cross"'
“Americans have a right to be stupid”, said John Kerry
FrontPage Mag That’s some nuanced nuance right there. The ISIS Jihadists just want to join John Kerry for a meal at a fancy restaurant. Maybe he can invite them… BY JEWS NEWS
Someone has pointed a finger at the American president and accused him of some serious treason.–NEWSIOSITY.COM


Austria: “a paranoid fear is being instilled in society”

“Experts” threaten Austria with the real Islam if the government continues to demand a milder form of the disease:

“A paranoid fear is being instilled in society.

Austria’s Islam bill to prevent radicalism will backfire, experts warn

“We want an Islam with an Austrian character,” Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz had told public broadcaster ORF last October, supporting the current views that Austria wants to shape Islam with its own ideology. …

More on the plan to alloy iron with clay at Daily Sabah thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Austria’s desire to have tighter control of its Muslim community, which has been manifested in a bill that seeks to change the status of Muslims, will backfire if it is implemented, experts say. Despite Austria having witnessed no terrorist activities perpetrated by its Muslim community, they are seeking to pass an “Islam bill” to prevent radicalism from occurring.

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The Greens, Enemies of Australia

Contemptible kumbaya fuels fantasy of terror-free world

In this critical national security debate, the Greens have demonstrated why they are dangerous to our democracy. It’s one thing to be clueless about budget reform. It’s something else entirely to be blind to the notion there is no ­liberty without security.

The Greens in the Senate have voted against every counterterrorism law put before them since the Abbott government came to office.– Janet Albrechtson

When Australians die at the hands of terrorists, no one blames the Greens. It’s the role of the government to keep us safe. But if you draw taxpayer-funded wages and call yourself a senator, it’s high time you were held accountable for undermining our safety in the modern age of terrorism.

Proving their dangerously ill­og­ical consistency, Ludlum said on Monday that all 10 Greens senators would vote against the government’s planned metadata retention bill. Next time the Greens straddle their moral high horse about civil liberties, remember these people, put into the Senate to represent us, are offering the greatest protection to those who would kill us.

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“We are not the enemy…”

When Shahina Siddiqui, says “we are not the enemy” she is really saying ‘we are true believers who will show you the right path, you filthy kafir harbis’….

Under questioning, she puts Muslim grievances and ‘feelings’ above the safety concerns of Canadians, which is typical modus operandi for Islamofascists.

Make no mistake: Muslims are our implacable enemy. Their taqiyya is despicable. No one should take a Muslim woman serious who -according to her own religion- is “deficient in intelligence” and who’s witness is only half of a man’s.

Muslim leader asks Ottawa for help fighting radicalization of youth


Winnipeg Free Press

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Sydney: “pick any random unbeliever, a backpacker, tourist, American, French or British, that’s even better”…

Some aggressive supporters outside the court are concerning:

From a hearing yesterday:

TERROR suspect Omarjan Azari was urged to “pick a random ­unbeliever” and kill them before covering them in the Islamic State flag, a court heard yesterday.

In opposing Azari’s release on bail, Central Local Court was told the chilling details of a phone call that police claimed took place ­between Azari and Australian IS kingpin Mohammad Baryalei, who is believed to have since been killed in Syria…

“What you guys need to do is pick any random unbeliever,” it is alleged Baryalei said. “Yeah,” Azari replied. “Finish him, finish her … put the flag of the state in the background.”

The court heard Baryalei said it would serve as a message: “As you kill our people, we will also kill your people one by one”.

It is alleged Baryalei also considered “a backpacker, tourist, American, French or British, like that’s even better”…

The court alleged Azari was “furthering Mr Baryalei’s terror aspirations” and it was further submitted that the former Kings Cross bouncer wanted “heavy, heavy-duty boys with perfect faith”, to which Azari replied: “No worries, Allah willing”…

Steven Boland, the barrister for Azari, … said … any accusation he had been planning to behead someone in a public place was “made up”.

Thanks to Andrew Bolt

Age goes the full Abbott-Abbott-Abbott

The ratbags from The AGE are spewing bile because they want to replace Abbott with ‘their man’,  Malcolm Turnbull, who is heavily invested in the globull worming scare.

Abbott blamed for the fear that Islamists incite

From the home page of today’s Age:


Yes, The Age  blames Tony Abbott – of course! – for alleged attacks on Muslim women:

The verbal abuse of women in headscarves is on the rise in Melbourne, say Muslim women, with some being shoved and spat on while walking…

There is something sick about this criticism. Dangerous about these times.

Age goes the full Abbott-Abbott-Abbott

From the home page of today’s anti-Abbott-Abbott-Abbott Age, in full campaigning mode:


Defending the untenable bias of Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs, playing the gender card to defend Triggs, beating up a Labor red herring about an alleged “bribe”, accusing Abbott of encouraging attacks on Muslims and beating up claims of Liberal MPs attacking Abbott.

This is hysterical. I wonder why a single Liberal voter would buy a paper so committed to presenting only one side of a debate.


Reader Phillip:

If you want to see some more examples of ABC bias and Abbott hatred go to iView and watch last nights The Drum. Bruce Haigh accused Mr Abbott and Senator Brandis of being misogynists because of their comments about Gillian Triggs. I would think this is grounds for legal action… It beggars belief that this man was once a senior diplomat.

The Drum also showed selective bits from Senate Estimates not showing Senator Brandis explanation of why he has lost confidence in Prof Triggs with respect to her lack of impartiality… They did not show Prof Triggs’ comments on Sovereign Borders which is further proof of her lack of impartiality.

The show also spent considerable time on the latest leak from the the Liberal Party and I do not believe one person on the panel was qualified to comment apart from Helen Coonan. It is interesting that the left members of the panel think it OK for Prof Triggs to operate without impartiality but it is not OK for two senior members of the Liberal Party to be married. Would they be so critical if both these people were a same sex couple?


ABC TV news last night refused to detail the Abbott Government’s case against Triggs – why it concluded she was biased and had lost its confidence. 7.30 also omitted the facts which damn Triggs.

It continued this morning:


“A whole continent is coming!”

“Asylum Seekers” in Sicily: a Whole Continent is On the Move
Will Sicily turn into another Lampedusa?  Thousands are coming, every day. The Italians are becoming increasingly desperate.
Catania – Droht Sizilien das neue Lampedusa zu werden? Abertausende Flüchtlinge strömen über den Seeweg auf die Insel, die Italiener verzweifeln.
Here come the Albanian Muslims from the narco-jihad emirate of Kosovo, each family with 8 to 10 children
Kosovo Refugees
They wanted their own country, now they’re running from it….

Economic refugees from Kosovo there will not be deported, they can stay in the Federal Republic, but the asylum applications of Kosovars is to be processed faster. Instead of taking measures to ensure that the economic refugees welfare seekers from Kosovo do not even cross the German border, the incentive is made  to apply for asylum, even though we know that this will be rejected. In an age in which we have already struggling with mass alienation, more and more foreigners are brought into the country who have no business to be here.

Bavaria has failed in the attempt to classify the Kosovo as a safe country of origin. The interior ministers failed to agree on an appropriate amendment itself. This measure had a “short-term effect,” said Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD). Instead, the asylum procedure for Kosovars should be accelerated. For this, the interior minister of federal and state governments want to provide the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees with more staff,  reported ZEIT online.

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