Fitzgerald: Zakir Naik and Intolerance as Proof of Islam’s Truth

Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik explains that Islam is correct while all other religions are false

Zakir Naik is a citizen and resident of India, and it is from there, as a preacher, propagandist, and polemicist, that he has made his name as the most widely-known Muslim apologist not only on the subcontinent, or in Asia, but in the entire world. The Iranian apostate Ali Sina has dissected Zakir Naik’s meretriciousnes. You can see him at work in many YouTube postings, where he is always shown “defeating” someone – a Hindu, or a doubting Muslim, or even an apostate – and then these people somehow miraculously concede the unrebuttable rightness of “Dr.” Zakir Naik, and not infrequently, a conversion to Islam takes place practically right on the spot. This should remind Westerners of the elmer-gantries who have the blind suddenly see and the halt suddenly throw away their crutches; it isn’t just magicians who have their collaborators scattered throughout their audiences, ready to be “randomly” called on. That’s Zakir Naik.

Recently, at the endlessly fascinating YouTube, I came across Zakir Naik responding to one of those questions from a non-Muslim. And the question had to do with the Golden Rule: How is it, the questioner wished to know, that Muslims are allowed to build mosques freely in London and Paris (and he might have added, everywhere in the world) but that churches and (Jewish) temples are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, and that, furthermore, nowhere in Dar al-Islam is propagation of any non-Muslim religion allowed.

Such a question goes to the heart of Islam, and to the complete absence, in the mental makeup of Muslims, of the notion of the Golden Rule, that there ought to be some correspondence between how one treats others and how one wishes to be treated. This theme, of the absence of a Golden Rule, strikes the apostate Ali Sina, who runs the useful website of and for and by apostates from Islam,, as the heart of Islam.

47 thoughts on “Fitzgerald: Zakir Naik and Intolerance as Proof of Islam’s Truth”

  1. ‘Supremacism’ is the word you are looking for.

    In supremacism, only the supreme group has rights and everyone else has privileges that can be removed capriciously at any moment. Islam treats all ‘others’ as dirt…the slang Arab word for infidels is ‘najis’ … ‘filth’!

    Feel all the love.

    Repeat after me…Islam is peace and love…peace and love…peace and…

  2. Those countries that have Muslims citizens within their midst, allow them to built their masjids, they are fulfilling the duties of their own constitution to grant their own Muslim citizens full freedom of religion, including their Islamic duty to built and pray in Masjids. These countries have no give and take arrangements with any other country, be that they Muslim majority or otherwise, including Saudi Arabia, which requires other countries to accord such rights as quid pro quo. So the comparision is superflous. Saudi Arabia is a Islamic theocratic state. It has no Christian or Jewish citizens. Besides, it follows the edicts of Prophet Mohammed as if it is their nation’s constitution, and when Prophet Mohammed had conjoined upon Muslims to keep the Arabian Peninsula for Muslims, they have no compulsion to grant citizenships to non-Muslims and/or give them rights to built Churches or Synagogues or Temples. Following the opening of oil exports from Saudi Arabia, a sizable group of non-Muslims were given work visas to reside in Saudi Arabia to pursue their professions. These work visas are temporary, time-bound and have to be renewed. Such temporary guest workers cannot claim to have righ to build their religious places. Of course, they are free to pray within their private homes. So oft repeated question about why there is no quid pro quo for building of religious places between non-Muslim majority countries and Saudi Arabia is untenable.

  3. “Prophet Mohammed had conjoined upon Muslims to keep the Arabian Peninsula for Muslims”

    The false prophet Mo also seems to have set his greedy eyes on Israel and Jerusalem, which is the City of the Great King (Jesus Christ). When the showdown between the God of the Bible and the koranic pretender takes place, it will be no contest. Islam will be totalled.

  4. Suppose they were right (and that they are NOT), but for argument’s sake let us suppose they are right and that you were one of them – would you be willing to give up a free ticket to never-ending sex with women and who knows what in a place they call paradise?

    Don’t you get it, people? This is one of the easiest religions that does not demand much out of its adherent, ever enchanted by the twisted logic and the tales of the 1000 and 1 nights. Hence, the ever growing population.

    But as you have so rightly observed, Mullah, this blasphamy and the abomination that causes desolation will brought to naught.

  5. Dr. Naik is from Mars where lives the opium addict Mohammad their prophet. Mohammad who was a purvert, taught the substance of intollerance, hatred, sex addiction, child marriage. Dr. Naik can join his prophet in Mars.

  6. Islam is not a religion its a cult of brain washed beings who have failed to live up to the promise of G*d to be human. Being human first of all means acknowledge the creator G*d next is love and compassion to fellow humans also created by the same single creator. This cult and its followers are humans that have lost their souls, have lost the capacity to think, debate and live to the full potential everyone is born with. The first thing they teach their children is hate and killing hence there is no possible chance of living with Islam. Islam has to be stopped at any cost and the cult followers have to be taught by defeat that their laws and stolen religious ideas are all false, copied by an illiterate who chose to enforce his nonsense with the fear of death and sword. Anyone who belongs, converts and or follows this cult is doing so only out of fear of a brutal medieval torture and death and not cause its a religion of peace. The lie and smile to the non-followers in the hope to murder them and steal and rob from them. Israel is the one target they haven’t given up, they are using media, the leftists, and every support they can get to destroy them. This Naik character is the ultimate example of crooked behavior and deviousness of the cult and its followers. They should be defeated and hunted everywhere until they give up .

  7. Wow, ghulam mohammed, isnt it about time the non-muslims countries return the favour (quid pro quo) to muslim minorities?

  8. well done zakir! If zakir is doing bad why can’t you stand and do good? Mostly those criticising zakir were shi’its, while shi’its have noting to say on islam.

    1. What ever zakirs says is his understading only.. and no one .. no one can ever prove it… so let him bark all he wants to satisfy his ego

  9. well Said ISA IBRAHIM…

    Dr. Zakir always prove anything from books..I never listen him to speak in fever or against according to his personal desire..

    Brother these people are so jealous that Thousand of Hindues follow him and accepting Islam..BUt no muslim accepting other religions….that is core story..

    When non-Muslim ask question. Naik satify him fully and they go happy but do propoganda on other places that Zaik know nothing…

    This is power of Islam that one person fighting alone with all scholors of all religions but not prove one verse in thier fever….


    1. Zakir doesnt anw qouestion ..he humiliate the questioner …. Only the weak one keep jumping from one religion to another.. just like how monkeys do…. so converting from one to another is a job of lost soul….

      No one is ever jealous about anything… but what ever he says reflects his understanding and that may not be true… the quran, geetha and bible or all religious books written by prophets are wrote in the language of love.. we could only understand and interpret it when we vibrate in love not just intelectual…. coz GOD is LOVE and LOVE is GOD.. GOD desnt belong to any particular religion or group…

  10. Ghulam, Isa, and Haidar all of you are irrational people that believe any garbage Islam and its “preachers” spread. How can any intelligent human being accept that rational and logical thought processes demonstrated by hard facts are equal or less than a sociopathic belief in an imaginary entity called Allah and its creator Mohammed? Only people that have not been enlightened can be Muslims because this “religion” thrives among people that cannot think for themselves therefore accepting any idiocy that will fill a void within. This character Zaik is only one of millions dedicated to the spread of the lie known as Islam thus appealing to the primal wants of humankind (i.e. sex, war, control). Islam is a parasite of Western and other non-Muslim nations; it uses the democratic laws of these countries against them in order to stealthily infiltrate those societies, and as their numbers grow they become vociferous in enforcing their “rights” as provided by democratic non-Muslim constitutions. As far as building non-Muslim centers of worship in homogenic Muslim countries, people should not even try but by the same token, as Predator states, and non-Muslim countries should not allow their way of life to be disgraced by Islamic centers of hatred and terror.

  11. Haidar,
    Thousands of Hindus are NOT converting to islam! And nobody is jealous of you and your PATHETIC religion.

  12. wow!! I love this article …Ali Sina said it perfectly..
    .the HEART of Islam is the ABSENCE of The Golden Rule
    ( Golden Rule is what Jesus preached, DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU)
    this is the weakness and evil of Islam..
    they BEHEAD, KILL, MAIM, RAPE and PERSECUTE , but if it was done to THEM like the Golden Rule implies, Muslims would call it evil…but when THEY do it they think its NOT evil…this is the utter weakness of Islam and it will be its defeat!!
    GOODNESS will always triumph over evil..
    Islam IS evil!


    This is from “The American Muslim” site. While they -correctly- list what the golden rule entails, they falsely proclaim that it also applies in Islam. While Islamic teachings include something like the golden rule among Muslims, there is no requirement or law to apply it to the cursed infidels.

    — Brahmanism: This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you.: Mahabharata 5:1517

    — Buddhism: Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.: Udana Varga 5:18

    — Christianity: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.: Matthew 7:12

    — Confucianism: Surely it is the maxim of loving-kindness: Do not unto others that you would not have them do unto you.: Analects 15:23

    — Islam: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother what which he desires for himself. Sunnah*

    This is of course BS: the golden rule only applies to another Muslim brother, not to a kafir. Because kafirs are the vilest of creatures, sons of apes and swine, who must be brought low, they must pay the jiziya with willing submission, until they are totally impoverished and then they must be annihilated.

    There is no golden rule in Islam.

    — Judaism: What is hateful to you, do not to your fellowmen. That is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary.: Talmud, Shabbat 31:a

    — Taoism: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.: T’ai Shag Kan Ying P’ien

    — Zoroastrianism: That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good: for itself. : Dadistan-i-dinik 94:5

  14. Ask a muslim maulvi,[ islam] 2+2=3 , he say correct.
    Ask a Hindu pundit [Hinduism]or a Christian priest,[Christianity] 2+2=4, he say correct.
    Ask a Muslim mullha [islam],2+2=6, he say correct.
    So Zakir naik who is correct? Islam is a wrong relifion[cult]

  15. It is utterly false that ‘millions of Hindus’ are converting to Islam. They have instead found an uneasy equilibrium to get along with those that can’t be gotten along, no matter what the price. In the long run, Hindus, not Muslims are the ideal for the world – to each his own, to all one Universal – no mental chains here!!

    Fact is, given a true choice, well reasoned debate, or durable experience with Islam, no body will choose that faith as a way of life. True, some ideals of Islam are graceful, but the social and political derivations of these ideas await validation. Meanwhile the so called religion spread for 1400 years mostly by birth, via sword, dissension, blackmail, theocratic fiat, taquiyah and assorted sordid vehicles.

    But the good news is that time will come soon, when a critical mass is achieved and this darker side of Islam will wilt under its own burden. Free thinking men and women will continue to rise and reform their understanding and formalize their faith along the lines that the rest of humanity will find acceptable and peaceable. Sure, Islam may march for now, but beware what’s around the corner. Petrodollars and petrified swords can only go so far. Free minds will always win over phantasms of glory.

  16. Despite all the intellectual attack on islam from all sides but the faith is still growing as the fastest growing faith in the world. When sunlight appears a palm cannot cover it. Continue your hatred towards islam by doing so you are only evengilising it’s light.

  17. Islam is not the fastest growing faith, however it has the largest birthrate. In terms of conversion more wish to leave islam than join – but they are generally murdered . Go and annoy some other group you useless muslim trollop ibrahim

  18. You Non-Belivers Whatever Bad ,Racist Things About Islam You Said You Should Apolagise Because Islam HAS PROOF !!!!!! Allah Hu Akbar

  19. Proof according to islam? Yeah, right…that’s gotta be totally believable…NOT!!!

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for people apoligising for telling the truth about islam, because it ain’t gonna happen!

  20. SNIP. name me a single muslim country which is developed. why is it that all the terrorist happen to be a muslim? who released data that islam is growing fast you guys die everyday like pigs. muslims are converting to other religions because of shame. people fear to keep muslim names. so i f@@k your pedophile allah and fu@k your bitchy ayesha mohamads whore.

  21. “Millions converting” – please bear in my mind that these people are given the freedom to convert but does your religion allows this – ha!ha!

    I know a lot of Muslims who want to leave their faith but they can’t – keeping someone chained to a faith he doesn’t believe is a JOKE.

  22. listen: Iblis was the big”Jinn(Shatan/Sanatan/Satan)(Devil) nd 3.3million year ago Allah created(edam) means jinn, bhoot, deo, danov,etc. Or give him personal power

    After 1.1 million years Allah desited to create the Adam(human being)
    That time edam boss(satan) Iblis was the not agree with this desition he said to Allah don’t create Adam but Allah created the Adam or Iblis angry was the Allah.
    And he challenged to the Allah all human ko galat rashta par le jayga, or jo Allah nhe Chata wohi karwayega,
    2.2 million year ago Allah created the Adam,

    Fir Allah ne adam ki ribe se hawa(Eve) ko banay,
    Uski baad Gibrail(As) ke duwara dharti par bheja gaya Adam or hawa ko or unke frst chilldren twin tha Gabil nd his sis after agar twin chilld born huwa or wo tha kabil nd his sis, after they merriage Gabil marry kabil sis,
    And kabil marry Gabil sis. Es trah pupolation badte gaya,

    After Iblis Satan own chilldren borned twin Bramha and saraswati,
    They also merriage each other Uski baad Iblis Satan ne wapas me shaadi karwa diya bramha or saraswati ki fir dharti par bhej diya or unko kaha Adam(As) ke Aulado ko Apne rashte par le aao varna me tum dono ko mardalunga,

    Fir dharti par es trah rehne lage or dhere dhere Adam(As) ke aulad ke aulad ko Satan ne apne rashte par lena chalu kiya or es trah puri human being ko satan ke rashte par le gaya.

    Fir Allah ne Un human being ko Sahi rashte par lane ke liye 225000se jyada prophet ko es
    Dharti par bheja par koi v kamyab nhe huwa,
    Or mossa ke msg v pura nhe huwa log yehudi bn gaya fir Issa prophet ka msg v pura nhe huwa log Jews bn gaya.
    Es trah sb nakam raha,

    End me 14,000year ago Hazrat muhammad(saw) ko bheja or wo apna message dene me kamyab huwa,
    Fir Allah ke Kehne par Islam name se Alag karna start kiya means peace shanti pe sahi rashta pe laga chalu kiya logo ko or unka sachayi par Log Aj v Islam ko Accept kar raha hain.
    Now 24%pupolation have muslim people in the world,
    After 1.30 million year all people are in only Islam then 1.70million year only Islamic people rehenge puri duniya earth me,
    Uski baad ye duniya katm ho jayga.

    Edam se start karke totall 4.4million year ki validity tha earth ka,
    Now complete ho chuka 3.3million year,
    After have only 1.1million years. Reference…nijor dimag lagaiya (25:28-32-50)

  23. It would be good if Mr. Zakir Nayak would answer my few questions which are listed below :-
    1) Who is allah? Where he exists ? How he manages the extreme universe ?
    2) What is sky ? How many skies are there ? How mohammad came to know that allah is on 7th sky ?
    3) And how this universe came into existence ? If allah commanaded KUN FAHYA means to be it , then who was there to hear his command ?
    4) Why mohammad is last profet what is the proof for this ? On one side muslims say that allah keep on sending profets time to time on earth for betterment of humanity , then why mohammad is last ? Is This whole world don’t need any good guidence in future ?

  24. Muslims….there is no ‘allah’ and Muhammad never existed. Islam is the dream of an illiterate sand fly.
    Muslims don’t care who knows how stupid they all really are, so carry on murdering in the name of your repulsive cult! The day is coming soon when you will again be starved and crushed.

  25. Thank you for your comment Arash. I take your point. But ftilrsy, I am not trying to prove any relation between science and Islam beyond how the Islamic Empire at that time fostered a spirit of rational enquiry. Many of the scientists were Christian, Jewish and Sabian, as well as Muslim. As for the Arabic scientists’ comment, I think you will find I never refer to them as Arabic. It is the science itself that is labelled as Arabic because, as you say, that was the language of the texts, even if the authors were Persian. Of course Khwarizmi, Ibn Sina, Biruni, Tusi etc were all Persian, but all wrote in Arabic and that is how historians refer to the science of this period. If you have a better suggestion for a name I would like to hear it.Jim

  26. How satanic muslim nutcases defend their so-called religion:

    1) Your attacks on islam are racist and baseless, and you are ignorant because we say so.

    2) Islam is true because the unholy quran (cheap, bad done and twisted rip-off of the HOLY BIBLE) says so.

    3) Islam is the fastest growing religion — because we breed like rabbits and threaten everyone who shows in our way with conversion or death. And because we also threaten people who wanna leave with death, so our numbers (we believe) keep growing.

  27. The God is Allah the one and only.
    My prophet is Muhammad.
    My religion is Islam.

    Ashhadu allaailaa ha illAllah wa ashhadu Anna Muhammadarrasulullah.

  28. One do not need any building to pray to any god. If one is so obsessed with any invisible god, one can pray in the forest or desert.
    Furthermore it is unnecessary and a waste of land(that should better off used for growing food, housing, etc) to build so many buildings just for praying purposes.

  29. Whomsoever said there is a religion other than ISLAM(submitting ones will to his creator(god) has proved wrong logically ,instead of v commenting on this media why can’t the so called scholers organise the concert n invite people to prove their orguement is logically right




  33. @kuffir

    Yep. A narcissistic sociopath who beat the odds with his cult of insanity.

  34. for more information on Islam:
    It is a web site for people of various
    faiths who seek to understand Islam and
    Muslims. It contains a lot of brief, yet
    informative articles about different
    aspects of Islam. New articles and videos
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  35. for more information on Islam:
    It is a web site for people of various
    faiths who seek to understand Islam and
    Muslims. It contains a lot of brief, yet
    informative articles about different
    aspects of Islam. New articles and
    are added every week. It also features
    Live Help thru 1-to-1 chat, Please don’t
    abuse anybody,any beliefs until u
    understand… If u want to understand
    anything, seek knowledge from right
    sources, an expert in MBBS.
    (Medicine,doctor,surgery ) can’t ride a
    plane or vice versa…hence one might be
    an expert in his respective field but to
    understand any particular concept one
    should approach the right source …so
    don’t believe if you wish but read Quran
    with tafseer in your local translations
    and expwrts in islam to understand
    ..otherwise one doesn’t has any right to
    judge from false propagation….it is just
    an ego problem – one doesn’t want to
    degrade what he believes in ( false
    belief ) Coool down don’t get irritated
    you will surely find answer if u approach
    right sources…otherwise ultimately it is
    a loss for u ….

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