Fitzgerald: Zakir Naik and Intolerance as Proof of Islam’s Truth

Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik explains that Islam is correct while all other religions are false


Zakir Naik is a citizen and resident of India, and it is from there, as a preacher, propagandist, and polemicist, that he has made his name as the most widely-known Muslim apologist not only on the subcontinent, or in Asia, but in the entire world. The Iranian apostate Ali Sina has dissected Zakir Naik’s meretriciousnes. You can see him at work in many YouTube postings, where he is always shown “defeating” someone – a Hindu, or a doubting Muslim, or even an apostate – and then these people somehow miraculously concede the unrebuttable rightness of “Dr.” Zakir Naik, and not infrequently, a conversion to Islam takes place practically right on the spot. This should remind Westerners of the elmer-gantries who have the blind suddenly see and the halt suddenly throw away their crutches; it isn’t just magicians who have their collaborators scattered throughout their audiences, ready to be “randomly” called on. That’s Zakir Naik.

Recently, at the endlessly fascinating YouTube, I came across Zakir Naik responding to one of those questions from a non-Muslim. And the question had to do with the Golden Rule: How is it, the questioner wished to know, that Muslims are allowed to build mosques freely in London and Paris (and he might have added, everywhere in the world) but that churches and (Jewish) temples are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, and that, furthermore, nowhere in Dar al-Islam is propagation of any non-Muslim religion allowed.

Such a question goes to the heart of Islam, and to the complete absence, in the mental makeup of Muslims, of the notion of the Golden Rule, that there ought to be some correspondence between how one treats others and how one wishes to be treated. This theme, of the absence of a Golden Rule, strikes the apostate Ali Sina, who runs the useful website of and for and by apostates from Islam,, as the heart of Islam.

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