Democratic Countries Should Back out of the UN Global Compact

by Judith Bergman  •  December 9, 2018 / Gatestone Institute

  • The EU has been paying particularly North African governments for years to keep migrants away from the European continent. The effort seems to have yielded few results in terms of stopping migration to Europe.
  • The UN Global Compact stipulates that, “media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants” should not receive “public funding or material support.”
  • Already, it is clear what this stipulation means in practice. The UN recently banned the Canadian outlet Rebel Media from attending the Conference for the Adoption of the UN Global Migration Compact. When Rebel Media asked for an explanation, they were told that the UN, “reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditation of journalists from media organizations whose activities run counter to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, or who abuse the privileges so extended or put the accreditation to improper use or act in a way not consistent with the principles of the Organization. The decisions are final”.
  • This form of totalitarian behavior on the part of the UN should encourage more states that still value democracy, immediately to back out of the Compact.

Götz Schmidt-Bremme, head of the UN’s Global Forum on Migration and Development, has admitted that the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is a “controversial text,” adding: “Maybe the benefits of legal migration were over-emphasised and we forgot about the challenges… we underestimated the need of communities that above all want to see migrants integrate.” (Image source: United Nations)
“We forgot about the challenges…” Can you imagine?

Chile declines to sign U.N. pact, says migration not a human right

Chile has become the latest country to pull out of a controversial United Nations migration pact, its interior ministry indicated, provoking fury among opposition parties who accused Sebastian Pinera’s government of “shameful and authoritarian” behavior.

  • The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — which seeks to criminalize criticism of migration — is nothing more or less than a dangerous effort to weaken national borders, to normalize mass migration, to blur the line between legal and illegal immigration, and to bolster the idea that people claiming to be refugees enjoy a panoply of rights in countries where they have never before set foot.
  • One thing about the agreement, in any event, is irrefutable: almost nobody in the Western world has been clamoring for this. It is, quite simply, a project of the globalist elites. It is a UN power-grab.
  • It is something else, too: it is an effort to enhance the clout of the UN’s largest and most influential power bloc — namely, the Arab and Muslim states. Briefly put, whatever this deal is or is not, it is definitely not good news for the West, for freedom, or for national identity and security.
The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — which seeks to criminalize criticism of migration — is nothing more or less than a dangerous effort to weaken national borders, normalize mass migration, blur the line between legal and illegal immigration, and bolster the idea that people claiming to be refugees enjoy a panoply of rights in countries where they have never before set foot. Pictured: Migrants walk towards a holding camp in Dobova, Slovenia on October 26, 2015. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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Time to say no to the Paris agreement

Import the 3rd World become the 3rd World.

Made the wrong choice? Marine Le Pen has higher approval rating than Macron in two polls

“Pious” Paki Muslim student stabs Professor to death in Paris as he ‘insulted the Prophet’

Irish lecturer, John Dowling, 66, was fatally stabbed 13 times in the throat and chest by student ‘offended’ by a drawing of Mohammed during a lecture.

No other students saw any such image displayed by Professor Dowling and police say there is no evidence of it, yet Ali R., the student that stabbed the lecturer claimed that was his reason for committing the murder.

According to government prosecutor Catherine Denis, Ali held an ‘obsessive resentment’ against the university since he was expelled in September of 2017.

“He came to France two years ago to join the management school, but did not pass his first year,” Denis said. “Since then he had been returning to the college, and had become unwanted to the point that he was not allowed in any more.”

She went on to further explain that Ali told authorities, “He produced a drawing, which he showed off in class, insulting the prophet Mohammed”.

Though no evidence of any such drawing, according to the Daily Mail, he had long held a personal grudge against the lecturer.

French authorities have said there is no existing evidence that Ali, a native of Pakistan, was radicalised by a terrorist organisation, rather, he was just ‘pious’ about his religion.

Now all over France, not just Paris.

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Tony Burke shuts down push for radical changes to Labor’s asylum-seeker policy

Tony Burke hasn’t shut down anything what he’s doing is trying to shut his lefty mates up until after the election, all the lefty rags are out in force supporting their commie mates at present.

The National Conference has the left faction in full swing and the front bench of Labor are in panic mode because it’s so close to a federal election.

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Soros is not a victim of anything


George Soros and the media’s big push to take over Facebook has run into a snag. The Facebook board has made it clear that it won’t turn on the company’s leadership, despite the demands of Soros Inc, and the media, and that researching Soros was entirely legitimate.

If the Soros/Media coup wants to take over Facebook, it’s going to have to push for a clean sweep.

Here was a Soros troll demanding that heads must roll because his boss had been investigated.

Mr Gaspard called these allegations “smears” and demanded that the US government investigate Facebook’s use of the public relations firm. The Open Society Foundations has denied funding any groups which criticise Facebook.

“Sorry, but this needs independent, congressional oversight,” Mr Gaspard said in his tweet on Wednesday.

What needs congressional oversight is the Soros Network. But considering that the alleged Nazi collaborator helped Dems buy the House, I don’t see that happening.

Facebook however has told Soros and the media to go fly a kite.

Do read on.


The media has lately decided that George Soros, a deeply controversial and polarizing figure who funds much of the American Left, should be above criticism, and that any investigation or criticism of him, whether by elected officials, by companies or private citizens, is a hate crime.

That’s pernicious nonsense.

Soros, like every other person, is not above criticism.

The latest firestorm was touched off by Rep. Louie Gohmert referencing Soros’ alleged Nazi wartime collaboration. Gohmert’s response to the media firestorm was to link to the video of George Soros’ own 60 Minutes interview describing his attitude and behavior during the Holocaust.

“Soros himself admitted in a 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft on December 20, 1998 that he had no regrets whatsoever about assisting the Nazis in confiscating property from the Jewish people during the Holocaust. That is a fact. Any person with any sense of empathy for their fellow human beings would regret the part they played in confiscating Jewish property during the Holocaust. My remarks were not anti-Semitic. Even the Israeli government has condemned Soros. They were about the horror of his lack of remorse over his actions. It was a pro-Jewish statement on my part and supportive of the statement that the Israeli government made last year that anti-Soros statements are not anti-Semitic because George Soros ‘continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments by funding organizations that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.’”
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While France BURNS, Macron gives 20 million dollars to Islamic terrorists

While France BURNS, Macron gives 20 million dollars to Islamic terrorists

The government of France recently donated 8 million euros to the Palestinian government’s 2018 general budget. [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 13, 2018]. This brings France’s direct support to the PA’s general budget to 16 million euros in 2018 (67,869,600 shekels).

– Geller Report

Paris protests: Emmanuel Macron to make MAJOR announcement after DAY OF RAGE

The suicidal folly of tolerating the intolerant

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Geert Wilders Quadrant Online 7th December 2018

‘Islam is dressed up as a religion but is in reality a totalitarian ideology. It wants to dominate and is unwilling to integrate and assimilate. There is not a single country where Islam is dominant that is truly free … We will never apologize for being free men, we will never bow for the combined forces of Mecca and the Left.’

If we want to stop the terror, the violence, the attacks on our women, if we want to protect our freedom and the freedom of generations to come, we have to get rid of the dangerous concept of cultural relativism – the false idea that all cultures are equal. People are equal but cultures are not.

Cultural relativism is weakening the West day by day. Government leaders, lawyers, judges, churches, trade unions, media, academia, charities – the majority of them are still blinded by political correctness and are condoning Islam.

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Are we “killing GOD” by opposing the Mohammedan invasion?

Italian Priest Says Salvini Supporters Are ‘Killing God’ by Opposing Mass Migration

Complicity & stupidity from the child-molesting degenerati.

Salvini, Catholic Church Cross

An Italian parish priest has said he will close his church on Christmas in protest against a decree by interior minister Matteo Salvini reining in illegal immigration, accusing his supporters of “killing God.”

Father Paolo Farinella, the pastor of the parish of San Torpete in the northern Italian city of Genoa, will close his church from Christmas through the feast of the Epiphany in protest against the so-called “Salvini law” promulgated in Italy that toughens the country’s immigration policies and facilitates deportations.


Mounted Police and APCs Deployed as ‘Act IV’ of Yellow Vest Protests Unfolds

Macron’s France: Mounted Police & APCs Deployed as ‘Act IV’ of Protests Unfolds

Hundreds Detained as ‘Yellow Jackets’ March on Presidential Palace

Police Fight Yellow Vests at E.U. HQ as Protests Spread to Belgium, Netherlands

British Forces Mired in Identity Politics, Army Winning ‘Race for Diversity’

British Forces Mired in Identity Politics, Army Winning ‘Race for Diversity’

That’s exactly what our enemies want. Why not put Mohammedans or homosexuals in charge to render the army entirely useless?

More from the Religion of Peace:

Malay Muslims Rally to Retain Racial Privilege…
Nude Pic Atop Pyramid Has Egyptians Hot and Bothered…
Erdogan Claims France’s Problems Rooted in ‘Islamophobia’…
Turkey: Children Who Don’t Study the Quran are “Close to Satan”…
Photo: ‘Pious’ Abbas Reads Quran on $50 Million Private Jet…
UN Condemnation of Hamas Blocked by Last Minute ‘Trick’…
Christian Grandmother Homeless after Family Murdered…
Arabic Press Calls Sean Penn a ‘Muslim Brotherhood Agent’…
Texas Muslim Frustrates CNN Narrative…
Another Killing Amid Sunni-Shia Conflict in South Africa…
Ghana’s Chief Imam Gifted New Toyota Avalon…
France: Stabbed Professor Had ‘Insulted Muhammad’…
US Police Cave to BDS: Cancel Training in Israel…
Mother of Teen Jihadi Bride Sues Austria for ‘Letting’ Her Leave…
Missouri High School Student Tries to Buy Assault Rifle After Pledging “Loyalty to Allah”…
Mosque Muezzin Arrested after Molesting 7 Minor Boys…

Paris: “the people have spoken. Macron must resign.”

‘The people have spoken. Macron must resign’: Paris rocked by fresh violence

Thousands of protestors have taken over the streets of Paris, setting fire to cars, smashing shop windows, and attacking military police.

They gathered before sunrise at the Arc du Triomphe, wearing the yellow vests they’re named after.

Men and women – many of whom have come from outside the capital – hurled rocks and other projectiles at police, who retaliated with tear gas canisters.

Social media believes in free speech in the same way that Islam means peace.

A dozen tanks rolled through the streets of the capital, a show of force the military hoped would keep protestors back. (EPA)

These protesters are angry. They say they can’t afford their mortgages and their bills.

“France is a rich country,” one protestor tells 9News.

“There’s no reason for us to live like this.”

There’s definitely signs that the yellow vest movement has been infiltrated by some extreme far right and far left groups who want to destroy and wreak havoc across the capital.

So far today, 30 people have been injured and more than 500 protesters arrested. And it’s not over – the streets are still filled with anger and fire and chants of hatred.

9News was there as looters smashed fire extinguishers through a shop window and trashed a beautiful suit store. They left a message graffitied on the doorway: “Merry Christmas Macron”.

The President and his government have a huge challenge ahead of them in staring down this unrest. Especially when the protagonists have no leader or representative.

“We are the people,” they tell 9News.

“And the people have spoken. Macron must resign.”

Some more good news:

Croatia will NOT sign UN migration pact and joins the US, Hungary and Austria

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will not sign the UN’s Global Compact for Migration (GCM), Croatian newsportal Direktno reports.

The website bases the decision on a Facebook post by Croatian TV journalist Velimir Bujanec. He asked her position on the GCM after a lot of people we’re interested in her stance.

In the answer his editorial board received, President Grabar-Kitarovic literally states: ‘Be assured I will not sign the ‘Marrakech Agreement’, Bujanec writes on Facebook.


The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

While protests and car-burnings are actually common in France, what’s happening now is much worse than usual and will not go away anytime soon. What observers should know is that this is not about fuel prices or Macron’s incompetence; this is about the fall of the West.

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Is there hope for Spain?

3 links from Moonbattery

France isn’t the only place where Europeans are fed up with the left-wing globalist elite sacrificing both their heritage and their future on the altar of political correctness. The Iconoclast brings us up to date on the encouraging growth of the countermoonbat Vox party led by Santiago Abascal in Spain:

Massive destabilization, civil war, and worse loom like an approaching tsunami in Europe’s future — unless parties like Vox take the wheel in time.

What is really happening in France?

Whatever is beginning to happen in France may also happen in the USA, because regular people in both countries are rediscovering the will to live in the face of a progressive globalist ruling class that has consigned them to oblivion. An interesting perspective from Red Elephants Vincent James:

Anger is a crucial survival mechanism. In some situations, if you don’t get mad, you don’t survive.


And what’s up with the ‘yellow vests?’

Paul Joseph Watson offers his take on the Yellow Vest Protests that have rocked France — and on the globalist moonbat who set them off with his outrageous global warming tax on gasoline. Belligerent antinationalist Emmanuel Macron won’t sit down for a week after this kick in the pants.