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Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff resigns after Gaza furore

 Vic Alhadeff resigns 

'Considerable regret': Vic AlhadeffThe NSW Community Relations Commission chairman, Vic Alhadeff, has quit after his controversial comments defending Israel’s attacks on Gaza caused a furore between Sydney’s Jewish and Muslim groups. (Mohammedan supremacy demands that Jews do not defend themselves.)

Israel resumes shelling of Gaza Strip

Decision to restart bombardment comes after Hamas rejects Israeli terms for 24-hour extension of humanitarian ceasefire. (Israel resumed shelling after Hamas continued firing rockets that killed a soldier while Israel was in an unilateral ceasefire.)

Five Pali terrorists have been killed in shelling met their virgins after Israel ended a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, medics said.


The Hand of G-d

The hand grenade that saved a life

Israeli media  reported on an unusual incident last week where an IDF soldier was shot by a Gaza sniper with a Kalashnikov.

The bullet was blocked – by the soldier’s hand grenade.


Muslims threaten to boycott China, America and Israel

by sheikyer mami on July 27, 2014

Bring it on, a$$holes!

Muslims Threaten China with Ramadan Boycott

Muslims go apeshit and whine that the  “the Chinese action was a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”-- that’s the same Muselmaniacs that never signed up to the UDHR and replaced it with the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights,  which intends to subjugate us all under the law of allah, the sharia. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.


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Who are the “Palestinians” anyway?

by sheikyer mami on July 27, 2014

This Hamas dog will tell ya:

Hamas Minister of Interior & National Security Fathi Hammad, on Egypt’s Al-Hekma TV, stated that, “Half of the Palestinians are Egyptians, and the other half are Saudis”. He also equates “Palestinian” with “Muslim”.

In other news:

In Praise of ‘Hate Speech’James Delingpole

Someone has petitioned the UK Government’s Home Office demanding that the term “denier” be classified as “hate speech.”

Why Muslims Must Hate Jews

Recently, a Pakistani religious leader, Pirzada Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai, said: “When the Jews are wiped out … the sun of peace [will] begin to rise on the entire world.”  The same preaching is routinely done not only by clerics, but by politicians — in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and elsewhere.  This is not just Ahmedinijad; it is at the heart of Islamic theology that world peace will be established only when all the Jews are wiped from the earth.  But few people in Western media are alarmed by this kind of rhetoric or care to expose this dreadful dark side of Islam’s obsession with Jew-hatred.

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Assuming that Israel is less moral than Hamas is pure bigotry

“It’s a disingenuous fantasy to think that Jews should just turn the other cheek. For Jews, turning the other cheek is a sin,”–- Los Angeles-based Jewish rocker Peter Himmelman sings Israel support

Hamas calls Israel truce terms ‘unacceptable’

Palestinian group Hamas says ceasefire should include withdrawal of Israeli troops and deal for residents to return to homes.

APTOPIX Mideast Israel Palestinians

Israel extends cease-fire for 24 hours despite fresh rocket fire from Gaza

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said Friday that Israel’s military would continue to strike Hamas hard.

“At the end of the operation, Hamas will have to think very hard if it is worth it to taunt us in the future,” Yaalon was quoted as telling soldiers manning an Iron Dome anti-missile battery. “You need to be ready for the possibility that very soon we will order the military to significantly broaden ground activity in Gaza.”

Now lets build a synagogue on top of the rubble in Gaza!

Imam Feisal Rauf shouldn’t have a problem with that. What say you, imam?

Average Gazan Makes $2,900 Per Year – While Hamas Leader Is Billionaire… In Qatar

Joan Rivers — GOES OFF on Epic Israel/Palestine Rant

Joan Rivers gets it said for Israel

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ahmad-waseem-3His mother took away his passport. His imam explained that if he wanted to help Syrians he should get involved in humanitarian aid work. RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service outreach teams were sent to the mosque to speak to youths.–It didn’t work.

“ISIS does not represent Islam…” and more verbal Diarrhoea:

Zionophobia (Blah blah blah) Islamic leader condemns ISIS and Zionism at Sydney Al-Quds Day rally  Demotix News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

‘Bucket full of heads any1 in aus want some organs please dont be shy to ask’: Smirking Australian terrorist poses with decapitated heads in sickening pictures posted online
Got one uncensored image of our “Australian” bludgaheddin…. via Creeping Sharia, thanks!
  • Khaled Sharrouf posted the pictures on Twitter on Friday
  • His friend Mohamed Elomar is seen holding up severed heads
  • Both men fled Australia for Syria in December last year
  • They are fighting for terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
  • Sharrouf has been taunting Australian police on social media

The Daily Mail censored the images, why?

With sunglasses tucked into his shirt, an “Australian terrorist” smiles as he holds up two decapitated heads for the camera in Syria.  (As you can see, our betters are censoring the fuggly reality of Mohammedanism. They don’t want you to see what these head choppers are doing….)
Don’t Put Terrorists on Trial
Miranda Rights For Islamic Terrorists?
The Obama regime has brought an accused Libyan terrorist named Ahmed Abu Khattala to Washington for trial. His saga reveals how the government views the Islamist threat, and it’s discouraging. Fortunately, a much better alternative exists.– Daniel Pipes has the story.

Obama Regime Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecution of Christians 

A month of extra atrocities is met with a month of extra U.S. indifference, by 

Just like Profit Mo:

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According to the Daily Mail, there were eight protesters against Ramadan and about 60 ‘anarchy’ types for Ramadan. Judging by the pictures, some of the thugs were covering their faces with scarves, calling for “trade-union-entered mass-action to drive the racist groups off the street”.

article-2706554-2000758500000578-668_634x380The group’s chairman Nick Folkes said the ideology was ‘incompatible’ with the Australian way of life.

Anti-Muslim Halal protesters clash outside Woolworths store after supermarket displays posters celebrating Ramadan 

  • Police were called to the Marrickville store, in Sydney’s inner west
  • It happened about 11am on Saturday and involved almost 70 people
  • Eight anti-Islam protesters were demonstrating outside the supermarket
  • They were confronted by about 60 pro-Islam protesters wearing scarves around their heads
  • The war of words lasted about thirty minutes, according to a witness
  • Woolworths said it would continue to celebrate religious and cultural holidays with its customers

article-2706554-2000757100000578-337_634x414Police were forced to break up a clash involving angry protesters outside a Sydney Woolworths store who were opposing the supermarket giant celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

To celebrate the holiday, which began on June 28, Woolies put up ‘Happy Ramadan’ signs across 239 of its stores.

The move sparked outrage from some members of the public, prompting the Party for Freedom, a fringe political group, to organise a protest on Saturday.

During the demonstration, eight Party for Freedom members and about 60 pro-Islam protesters clashed outside Marrickville Woolworths on Illawarra Road.

Party of Freedom chairman Nick Folkes said the Islamic faith was ‘incompatible’ with the Australian way of life.

‘I don’t know why Woolworths is celebrating a ideology that I think is worse than Nazism,’ he said.

‘It has brought nothing positive in Australia and you can see what’s happening in the Middle East…it’s just chaos.’  –Read more: Daily Mail

We hope to get some updates later.

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Iraq: ISIS likely to implement FGM fatwa

by sheikyer mami on July 26, 2014

Iraq NGO: ISIS likely to implement FGM fatwa


An Iraqi human rights organization said Friday that the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will likely implement a religious edict (Fatwa) that all females aged 11-46 in and around the northern city of Mosul undergo genital mutilation (FGM).

Mourners hold a candlelight vigil to remember Shaima Alawadi outside her home in El Cajon, California“We’re sure ISIS will follow through with what they’ve announced,” William Warda, head of media relations at Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, told Al Arabiya News

Women working for ISIS may be used to check whether or not females are genitally mutilated, said Warda, a leading member of the Assyrian Democratic Movement.

“ISIS has women, who have their faces veiled, carrying weapons to intimidate families,” he said.

Asked if these women were Iraqi, he said: “Their accents were particularly from Mosul itself.”

Austrian-girls-300x168 Just wondering how Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Selimovic, 15,  who disappeared from their homes in the Austrian capital of Vienna on April 10, will take it…. Did they know what they were getting themselves into when they followed the call for jihad?


Here’s another two, Salma and Zahra Halane, 16, from Chorlton in the UK, who ran away to Syria three weeks ago: they ’have married ISIS fighters and mainly stay indoors and read Koran’, according to a Daily Mail report from the 24th of July 2014

Jihadist_Twins-391028Two “British” twins who fled to Syria to become “jihadi brides” face genital mutilation, according to a religious decree by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, self-styled caliph….

ISIS-ALL-WOMEN-BRIGADE-e1405503487384-890x395-e1405839309248Sharia Gestapo or sex slaves for the mujaheddin?


SYRIA: All-female ISIS jihadist brigade enforces sharia law on local women

al-Monitor ISIS requires the “imposition of the full-face veil,” requiring “all sisters to wear the full-face veil in public, in line with Islamic morality. Women must wear Islamic dress, which consists of the full-face veil and an abaya to cover the whole body, in addition to gloves. Women are not allowed to raise their voices in the street or walk at a late hour without a male guardian.” (BNI)

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A car bomb has killed at least two people and injured 36 outside a hotel in southern Thailand, police say.

2014529174257763734_20Deep South Watch, a group that monitors the area, said on Thursday that 6,159 people had been killed and 14,329 suffered injuries in violence related to the low-level insurgency that flared up in 2004 after years of relative calm.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who has lead the military government in power in Thailand since May, warned security officials in the area to be vigilant during the remaining days of Ramadan.


In the Central African Republic, Muslims, who are 15% of the population, demand half the country

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Central African Republic rebel chief rejects ceasefire

(Dear African and world leaders. Please consider this an open letter to all of you, the good, the fascist and the tyrannical. If you imagine that you can duck this long game Islam is playing for the world and manage to find a nice place to retire with all your extorted, insider-traded or even legally accumulated wealth you can forget it. There is no where Islam is not trying to infect. Just look at the Philippines. No matter how many peace deals they sign and territories they give over to be ruled by Islam and sharia law, new splinter groups form and start killing and extorting for the rest. If you want a great retirement place, fight islam to its end and build one while you have power to allow those capable of it to do so)

Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic have rejected a ceasefire deal and demanded the country be partitioned between Muslims and Christians.

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Harding, Seleka military chief Joseph Zoundeiko said his forces would ignore the ceasefire agreed on Thursday.

He said the deal had been negotiated without proper input from the military wing of the former Seleka alliance.