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Hua Hin, Thailand:


HUA HIN, Thailand – Thais and tourists headed warily into the main part of a big holiday weekend Saturday as authorities looked for suspects and a motive behind a series of blasts that struck tourist resort towns across southern Thailand … Thai Police Look for Suspects After Bombs Hit Tourist Sites

Thailand shaken by multiple bomb blasts

Attacks kill four people across the country, just days after adoption of contentious military-backed constitution.

There is a mosque in nearby Cha Am, which should be investigated.


In other news:

Canadian imam Sayed Soharwardy who sued Ezra Levant for publishing the Danish cartoons, explains the motives for the Canatard jihadi in Ontario. (Thanks to Vlad)

ISIL flees Syria’s Manbij with ‘human shields’

Syria Democratic Forces in Manbij. [Rodi Said/Reuters]

Syrian Democratic Forces say they control most of Manbij though clashes continue as last ISIL cells flushed from city.

Crack me up:

Lisnard issued an ordinance banning beachwear not in line with "good morals and secularism" [Reuters]

Outcry over French resort town’s burkini ban

Rights group to oppose prohibition in courts after Cannes imposes ban on full-body swimsuits worn by some Muslim women.

Take a guess on who these “rights groups” are.


In Melbournistan,  Apex gang runs rings around the police. Courts and Government are as helpful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

 So they arrest or harass anti Muslim invasion patriots while Muslim gangs run rampant.
Expect nothing less from that idiot union hack Andrews.

All hail the bleeding hearts:

Deporting Apex gang members “inherently racist”, legal groups say
‘These are our people’ says activist, who labels Border Force chief’s suggestions that car-jackers could be expelled from Australia as something akin to apartheid.
No, you dump schmuck. They are not “our people” and they never will be. Neither are you.  (More below the fold)

On her twitter page, Canberra based Islamo-agitprop Mariam Veiszadeh is orgasmic that the Victorian police arrested a “right wing extremist”:



She also found a useful idiot who agrees with her:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.41.34 AM

Abbott resumes battle for free speech:

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Thailand: Seven Allah Bombs Kill Four & Wound Many


Four dead in seven explosions in Thailand including two in Phuket
  • At least four people have been killed and dozens injured in a wave of bomb attacks in Thailand
  • First two explosions hit busy street in tourist resort of Hua Hin overnight, killing at least one person
  • The town, which is close to Bangkok, was reportedly struck again by multiple blasts on Friday morning
  • Two blasts ripped through Patong on the island of Phuket, a destination popular with foreign tourists
  • Twin explosions in southern city of Surat Thami have killed one person and injured at least three more 
  • At least 10 foreign tourists have been injured in the strikes, which are not thought to be terror related
  • It is believed the explosives were hidden in plant pots and flower beds and detonated by mobile phones 

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PC IS KILLING OUR CULTURE … along with our cartoonists

Soutphommasane has to go. Enough is enough. 

Human Rights Commission destroys two of our most important human rights

Chris Merritt is correct. The race discrimination commissioner is hopeless biased and has confirmed that the semi-judicial Human Rights Commission is acting both as policeman and judge – as well as witch-hunter-in-chief:

Tim Soutphommasane has ­encouraged people to lodge complaints with the commission about Bill Leak’s cartoon last week depicting an Aboriginal ­policeman returning a delinquent Aboriginal youth to his equally delinquent Aboriginal father.


The problem is that the commissioner has prejudged those complaints: Leak, according to Soutphommasane’s public statements, is guilty and people should feel free to complain.

Those complaints will all go to Soutphommasane’s organisation, where every official knows that one of those at the top has already made up his mind.

That means any attempt by the commission to deal with complaints about Leak’s cartoon is now vulnerable to challenge for a perception of bias.

The Human Rights Commission is now a menace to two of our most important human rights – to free speech and a fair trial.

It must go.


Check this out from Larry Pickering ‘s site:

05082016 Je Suis Bill S.png

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Muslims who don’t share our values must not be allowed to settle among us

Muslims pissing on Australia after obtaining the country’s citizenship, just as they do in Europe and America. (Tarek Fatah)

Andrew Bolt

Wrong question: 

MUSLIM children required to sing the Australian national anthem at school is “forced assimilation”, the spokesman from radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir said yesterday.

Uthman Badar, speaking at an Innocent Until Proven Muslim forum, made the statement to hundreds of supporters in Bankstown…

Another spokesman, Hamzah Quereshi, told The Daily Telegraph: “The Australian anthem is based upon a particular view in history, it is a reading of history, and it is a statement which conforms to particular values. Now, if one does not share those values, why would they express it?

No, the question is:  if one does not share those values, why should we let him into this country?


Therefore, I keep posting what I call Fitzgerald’s prayer:

Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble—and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a. Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definition of “refugees,” people who do not, and can not, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.

Hugh Fitzgerald


Working on a tip from the American FBI, Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police moved against 24-year-old Aaron Driver, an Islamic State supporter, and killed him after a tense standoff on Wednesday, before Driver could carry out a planned suicide bomb attack.

Reuters reports the raid was conducted in the small Ontario town of Strathroy, 140 miles south of Toronto. When the police confronted Driver, he detonated an explosive device, injuring himself and another person.  (Breitbart)

BREAKING: Police kill suicide bomb plotter in Strathroy, Ontario – 
In a dramatic take down with an explosion and gunfire, an Islamic State agent was taken down by police in the process of an attempted suicide bombing in the…The Rebel
Full post below the fold.

We got his name: he’s a blonde-haired Muslim convert named  Aaron Driver, aka Harun Abdurahman. (Thanks to my BNI)



Muzzling Andrew Bolt

The death of debate

Andrew Bolt

Several disturbing questions are raised by this story:

The Australian Federation of ­Islamic Councils is facing mounting calls for an overhaul… A week into his new role as AFIC president, [Keysar] Trad is facing criticism over his first media ­appearance — last week’s interview with conservative columnist Andrew Bolt on Sky News.


Mr Trad has been widely critic­ised on social media, including ­accusations that he was out of touch in propagating the idea that radicalisation and terrorism were key issues to Muslim Australians.

One prominent Muslim psych­ologist slammed his decision to be interviewed by Mr Bolt, calling for a boycott of AFIC.

Mr Trad has been asked by ­several of AFIC’s state-based constituent groups for clarification of his call for radicals to be jailed.

But Mr Trad, who was appointed to head up the embattled federation on August 3, stood by his comments, telling The Australian Muslims had a responsibility to discuss their religion, even with critics.

If Trad is attacked for even talking to me, what does that say about the willingness of some Muslims engage in genuine debate?

What does it say about many of my colleagues that I’m seen as so beyond the pale in questioning Islam? Anyone seeing my interview with Trad would have to concede we had a civil and informed discussion.

Or is the word “informed” the clue? Here is a review of what happened.

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‘One dead and 20 injured’ after bombs hit Thailand resort town of Hua Hin

 in  now in lockdown, after 2 bombs went off. At least 1 person killed and 12 more injured


Yep. Its those “separatist rebels” again:

At least one person was killed and 20 others were injured on Thursday in a twin bomb attack in the popular Thailand resort of Hua Hin.

Foreign tourists were among those hurt by the bombs, which were hidden in two plant pots, police said.

At least four people were said to be in a critical condition last night, and  it was unclear whether any British nationals were injured in the attack.

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“Applicants from a Muslim background are strongly encouraged to apply for this position”.

Update from Andrew Bolt:

Modern “diversity”: no Buddhists or Jews may apply

This is the opposite of diversity. I mean, can Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists apply?

The AFL is offering 10 “diversity trainee” positions worth $34,000 a year exclusively to Muslim youth as part of a Federal Government-funded program.

Why is the Turnbull Government promoting one faith above all others?

Mustards only. Kafirs must not apply

THE AFL is offering 10 “diversity trainee” positions worth $34,000 a year exclusively to Muslim youth as part of a Federal Government-funded program.

“To help assist Muslim young people make that step into employment, the Federal Government has provided funding support for 10 traineeships for Muslim young people to work across the AFL industry over a 12 month period to gain critical work experience and job skills.

“The AFL in turn has partnered with AFL SportsReady to offer a unique traineeship opportunity as part of the Bachar Houli Employment Program.”

Turnbull hosted the dinner at Kirribilli House. Picture: Andrew Meares/Fairfax Media
Turnbull hosting Muslim dinner at Kirribilli House.

In NSW, which is the only jurisdiction without a clear “special measures” provision in its anti-discrimination legislation, the listing reads: “Applicants from a Muslim background are strongly encouraged to apply for this position”.

NSW applicants must instead have “a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the Muslim faith”, “a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of multicultural communities”, and “a demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with diverse communities”.

The fulltime positions receive the National Training Wage Award plus superannuation, which comes to slightly over $34,000 for the 12 months.

More from Newscom

The End Of Private Halal Certification In Australia

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at www.zanettisview.com

Support Call: Mohamed El-Mouelhy vs Q Society, Kirralie Smith et al
Help Q Society defend freedom of expression in Australia by donating towards the legal cost of our defence against claims of defamation by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, the director of the private company ‘Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd’ in the NSW Supreme Court.
Read the letter of our president Debbie Robinson for more details.

It is vital that those who speak the truth about Islamic halal certification and other Islamic impositions are not silenced by time-consuming and expensive court action.

Kirrawee Smith

CORRUPTION. Extortion. Price fixing. Involuntary funding of religion by unwilling consumers. Links to extremism and terrorism. It’s all about to end. The Australian Federal Government is moving to snuff out the 33 or more private halal certifiers from our food chains.

The self claimed ‘halal millionaires’ and profiteers will either need to retire, find other means to extort monies or move overseas to other unsuspecting consumer markets. One Australian halal businessman now has his eyes on wider halal prizes with offices in South America, China and Ireland.

As more governments wake up to the ‘private halal certification’ scam, with all its systemic problems there will come a global push for one internationally recognised, corruption free, halal certification standard, a singular intergovernmental trademarked logo possibly under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which regulates international trade.

That’s not to say there won’t be internal corruption, after all we are talking about a cultural mindset where power and money corrode moral virtues. But any internal corruption will have widespread ramifications for a body like the WTO, or any individuals or companies mixed up in it, damaging the ‘halal’ brand.

In Australia the federal government will soon set up its own singular agency, certification and trademarked stamp. This is nothing revolutionary or radical.

Every Islamic country has just one ‘halal’ agency or government department.

Australia has an unregulated mess of private businessmen and profiteering Islamic bodies whose annual reports show that millions of dollars are being bled from consumers’ pockets then redistributed to Islamic causes here and overseas. These causes range from directly funding mosques and Islamic schools in Australia and Islamic countries, to donations to Islamic charities with known links to banned terrorist organisations.

The 1981-’82  Woodward Royal Commission into the Australian Meat Industry recommended one halal government stamp, one government body. That was never implemented, resulting in the growth of an unregulated market of halal cowboys. Islamic industry players point the finger at each other, fighting for the spoils, accusing others of corruption and price fixing.

Consumer hostility is white hot with ‘boycott halal’ sites and social media sites attracting tens of thousands of followers.

Halal will never go away as long as there are Muslims. Australia benefits enormously from the halal export market. Halal itself is not the issue.

The Australian certification system is the issue, a system which was originally designed for meat exports to Islamic countries has morphed into a monster with its claws in the wallets and purses of every Australian. Over 80 per cent of our supermarket purchases is halal certified, funding Islamic causes – 80 per cent of domestic groceries funding a religion that represents two per cent of the Australian population.

Halal is a religious requirement for Muslims. The word simply means ‘permissible’ in Arabic. Halal existed for 1400 years without the need for the recently fabricated and profitable ’certification’ system.

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