Popish excretions

Popish Excretions

Red Francis Says Sovereignty Is Hitler-Like, Leads to War

In an interview with Italian daily La Stampa published on Friday, the open borders Pope called for a united Europe while denouncing political rhetoric that echoes what was heard in Nazi Germany.

He doesn’t seem to want an independent UK.

Red Francis says “sovereignty scares” him, “it leads to war.”

“Sovereignty is an attitude of isolation,” the pope said, according to the translation of his comments. “I am worried because we hear speeches that resemble those of Hitler in 1934. “First we. We … we … “: these are scary thoughts.”

This comes as Italy’s populist government appeared to be on the verge of collapse, according to the Washington Post.

“On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, the most powerful politician in Italy, called for parliament to be dissolved and asked President Sergio Mattarella to order snap elections that could make Italy’s government lean even further right,” the newspaper reported.

He is talking about the EU which is communist-like. He wants it kept together but he also wants a borderless USA. On that, he has been quite clear.


Pope Francis appoints promoter of “Islamo-Christian dialogue” as Archbishop of Marseille

Has this “Islamo-Christian dialogue” led to one Christian being saved from Muslim persecution? No. Has it saved one church from being destroyed by jihadists? No. All it has led to is the Qur’an being treated by some Christians as if it were a holy text, as you can see below. Has this been reciprocated by Muslims? Is the New Testament read in mosques? Of course not. The “dialogue” is all dawah on one side and Useful Idiots, eager to be deceived, on the other.

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Salvini caves to judiciary, allows 27 African welfare seekers to disembark

Al Jizz promotes the “refugee crisis”.

I’ve seen the video. None of these fake refugees is a child. They’re all men of military age.


No Entry: Salvini Tells Spanish Migrant Ferry It Can Go to Socialist-run Spain

 Salvini Tells Spanish Migrant Ferry It Can Go to Socialist- Spain
‘Many tears’ as Italy lets stranded minors leave rescue ship

Far-right minister buckles to pressure and allows 27 unaccompanied children to disembark from refugee rescue vessel.

The 27 youth were allowed to disembark in Italy, leaving 107 adult migrants on board the Open Arms [Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters]

The 27 youth were allowed to disembark in Italy, leaving 107 adult migrants on board the Open Arms

Italy‘s far-right interior minister has let dozens of unaccompanied minors leave a refugee rescue ship people-smuggler ferry carrying more than a hundred migrants after it spent more than two weeks waiting for a port to disembark at.

The 27 unaccompanied children thugs were free to leave the Open Arms ship despite it being “contrary to my policy”, Matteo Salvini said in a statement on Saturday.

Big mistake.

Related news:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it would be a good thing if the “rescue” of migrants in the Mediterranean were able to resume. She would like to see EU member states’ navies doing the rescuing, as they did during the now-suspended Operation Sophia.

500 “rescued” migrants are stranded on two separate NGO ships in the Mediterranean. The vessels are unable to land because Italy & Malta have refused to grant them access to their ports.

Italy’s Matteo Salvini Denies Conflict With Pope

ROME — Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has denied that there is opposition between himself and Pope Francis, saying that meeting the pope would be a “great honor.”

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Assam to be cleansed of illegal Bangladeshi settlers

Four million Muslims in India at risk of being stripped of citizenship

Fake news from the Saudi-owned Independent.

You can’t take something away from people who never had it in the first place. You can not strip  Bangladeshi illegals, undesirables, who have infiltrated Assam to replace the natives, of citizenship. They never had citizenship. Neither do they have citizen rights.  The Independent claims they voted in elections, which would have been illegal. Their situation is no different from the so-called ‘Rohingya’ in Burma. Once Mohammedans settle behind enemy lines, they claim all rights, including the right to rule, for themselves.

They believe the world belongs to allah & his prophet. 

More than 4 million people in India, mostly Muslims, are at risk of being declared foreign migrants as the government pushes a hardline Hindu nationalist agenda that has challenged the country’s pluralist traditions and aims to redefine what it means to be Indian.

The hunt for migrants is unfolding in Assam, a poor, hilly state near the borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Many of the people whose citizenship is now being questioned were born in India and have enjoyed all the rights of citizens, such as voting in elections. Continue reading Assam to be cleansed of illegal Bangladeshi settlers

China, France, Antifa & Free Speech

The global gag on free speech is tightening

 “Hate speech” laws are used by authoritarian regimes to silence people  they disagree with. It’s a horrible weapon against our fundamental rights.

“Hate speech” laws can be elastic tools for criminalising dissent

In both democracies and dictatorships, it is getting harder to speak up

The unreported civil war in France continues:

64 French police officers committed suicide this year -Macron is puzzled

PARIS (AP) – Three riot police officers, a police commander, a police academy teacher – all are among eight French police officers who have killed themselves recently. That makes 64 so far this year – and the number just keeps on climbing.

We Wanted National Attention’: Proud Boys Declare PR Victory After Clashing With Antifa During Portland Rally

Members of the right-wing Proud Boys claimed Saturday’s clash with Antifa as a public relations victory after scuffling with the far-left group in Portland, Oregon.

“Go look at President Trump’s Twitter. He talked about Portland, said he’s watching antifa. That’s all we wanted. We wanted national attention, and we got it. Mission success.”said Joe Biggs, an organizer of the Proud Boys rally, according the Oregonian.

Imran Khan Says India is Planning Ethnic Cleansing – But Pakistan has Actually Committed It

Projection is an essential weapon in the Mohammedan propaganda war against the kuffar.

Paki Khan

But Imran Khan is also an expert in gaslighting:

The World must also seriously consider the safety & security of India’s nuclear arsenal in the control of the fascist, racist Hindu Supremacist Modi Govt. This is an issue that impacts not just the region but the world.

You don’t say, Imran. You don’t say!

Of course, nuclear arsenals are much safer in the hands of Generals who train jihadist terrorists. And, mad mullahs fuelled by hatred of anyone who does not agree with the Islamic claim to rule the world.

U.S. and UK presence in Gulf brings insecurity: Iran Revolutionary Guards navy chief

Al Reuters pro-mullah propaganda.

Thomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit On Behalf of Marine Dad Banned from School Property After He Objected to Islamic Indoctrination of Daughter

Islamic ‘Education’ Means Indoctrination

The Woods’ daughter was forced to profess and to write out the Shahada in worksheets and quizzes.  The Shahada is the Islamic Creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  For non-Muslims, reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam.  Moreover, the second part of the statement, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” signifies the person has accepted Muhammad as their spiritual leader.  The teenager was also required to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam.

From the Religion of Peace:

Malay Islamic Official: ‘Get Ready to Slaughter the Kafir Like Cattle’…
Iran’s Top Cleric: ‘Childbearing is a Type of Jihad’…
Group Behind Omar-Tlaib Trip to Israel Praised Suicide Bombing…
Philly Shooter Appears to Have Zebidah (Forehead Bruise)…
Kashmir: Muslim Site Tries to Stir Up Hate Using False Video…
Italy Investigates Slaughter of Sheep in Parking Lot (Graphic Photo)…
Iran’s Harsh Sentencing of Women’s Rights Activists Called ‘Medieval’…
Man Who Hoped to “Kill English People” Jailed over Stabbing Spree
London Mayor Slammed after Abuse of Indians by Pakistani Protesters…
Tlaib’s ‘Grandmother’ Bluff Called: Rejects Israel’s Offer…
Philly Shooter Attended Radical Mosque…

Antifa Terror in Portland

#Portland has surrendered control to the mob

#Antifa runs the show.  Cops are not allowed to stop them

Why is everyone ignoring Antifa wearing communist symbols? Why are they being called “anti-fascist” instead of communists? Why is the media letting them get away with threatening them for photographing in public?

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler is an Antifa sympathiser. He claims free speech causes violence and boycotts investigations into Antifa terrorism.

Portland Antifa are the real fascists

Beating up a journalist because he criticizes your political ideology is what the Nazi party did in Germany

Members of the Proud Boys and other right-wing demonstrators march across the Hawthorne Bridge during an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally in Portland, Ore., on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. The group includes organizer Joe Biggs, in green hat, and Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, holding megaphone.
Again: Antifa are anarchy-communists.
Their goal is to destroy civilisation.
“Anti-fascism” is a false flag.

The War On White People

Progressives: Don’t have kids because of climate change

Also progressives: There aren’t enough people here, so we better invite in a ton of migrants to take our place

Progressives again: Demographic replacement is a conspiracy theory…

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: It’s ‘exciting’ that whites will no longer represent nation’s ‘majority’

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper seemed to celebrate the idea of white people no longer constituting the majority of those in the United States.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” he said.

Along comes Spartacus:

Sen. Cory Booker will unveil a plan today to address the rise of hate crimes and white supremacy in America

South African activist who spoke out against attacks on white farmers found dead

Headline says “found dead” like she passed away in her sleep, but she was actually beaten to death with “an iron rod and a hammer”.
University of South Dakota Tells White Students to Stop ‘Taking Up Space’

MSNBC’s Katty Kay Doubles Down: White House Wants to Keep America a ‘Majority White Country’

Soon, to the delight of Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper, whites will be a minority in America. In the meantime, educrats at the University of South Dakota demand that they stop “taking up space” in the country they created.

This came to light in a diversity orientation presentation inflicted on law students. Campus Reform reports:

Within the various slides is a flowchart that asks students to assess whether or not they are “taking up space” or “contributing to a space.” One slide uses a flowchart to guide students through answering this question by assessing whether or not they are deferring to “minoritized” voices during discussions.

The higher a politically preferred identity group has climbed on the Cultural Marxist totem pole, the more “minoritized” it can claim to be. White males who are not perverts or Muslims already constitute a minority of the population; however, being at the very bottom of the liberal caste system, they score zero on the minoritization scale, and therefore must defer obsequiously to everyone else.

Racial animus against Caucasians has emerged as a cardinal feature of progressivism. The coming white minority will not fare well with progressives in charge.

MSNBC’s Katty Kay: Trump Admin Wants to Keep America a ‘Majority White Country’


In other news:

Congress Leads U.S. Efforts to Protect Hong Kong Protesters

Congress Leads U.S. Efforts to Protect Hong Kong Protesters…

Airport Chaos, Protesters ‘Heartbroken’

Do you really believe the climate is changing because of cow-farts?

“…The tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, thought to be under threat from sea level rise, has actually expanded in land area over the past 40 years and is likely to continue to be habitable a century from now, scientists say. Mapping of island size and position shows that Tuvalu has experienced a net increase in land area of 2.9 percent or 73.5ha. Overall 74 percent of islands in the group – a total of 73 – are larger now than 40 years ago…”


Land Area of Low-Lying Tuvalu has Increased

Regardless, they still got their hands out for our money & they got plenty. But there’s more:

Climate clash: Scott Morrison breaks with Pacific neighbours

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisson was left isolated, rejecting any wording in the PIF declaration that would otherwise backed demands by small island nations for “an immediate global ban” on new coalmines and coal-fired power plants.

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What is Going on at CNN? Scandals Explode for Fake News All-Stars April Ryan, Don Lemon, Chris  ‘Fredo’ Cuomo

Children of British ISIS Members Will Not be Allowed to Return to UK

 Who has the guts to refuse them if they come knocking?

Radio host Alan Jones renewed his attack on Jacinda Ardern this morning, calling the New Zealand Prime Minister “gormless” and a “hypocrite”.

Radio host Alan Jones has labelled the New Zealand PM a “complete clown” and urged Scott Morrison to “shove a sock down her throat,” in an extraordinary rant.

“Jacinda Ardern has no idea what she’s talking about,” Jones said on his 2GB program, accusing Ms Ardern of “duplicitously” excluding the agriculture sector from New Zealand’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050.

“Someone’s got to tell this woman to keep quiet, put a sock in it.

“It’s a metaphorical way of saying ‘shut up’. I wish she would shut up. I don’t know how New Zealanders handle this.”

48% of New Zealand’s Co2e emissions come from farting & burping animals – mainly dairy cows.

So if Jacinta believes that New Zealand, like Australia “‘has to answer to the Pacific for its position on climate change’’ and ‘’every nation needs to do it’s bit to fight climate change’’ – what’s New Zealand’s plan for an economic transition from dairy cows ?

See more

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“Any online community that is explicitly pro-free speech will inevitably become right-leaning”

Portland: Antifa Attacks, Media Blames “Right-Wing”

The Portland mayor & the police chief need to be sacked, immediately. They have a long record of incompetence & wilful blindness against Antifa-violence.

After violent assaults by Antifa, the Portland police have declared a civil disturbance and attempted to enforce an order to disperse, but were unsuccessful and had to retreat.

Gab does have a right-wing leaning.

David Gilbert, a scribbler for VICE News, calls that “a worrying sign of the spread of hateful ideologies and radicalization online.”

Freedom on the internet is being crushed, to the applause of the elites and to the sheep who are mindlessly enslaved to them.

“Any online community that is explicitly pro-free speech will inevitably become right-leaning”.

“This is because in the free market of ideas right-leaning ideas win. Which is why we see these left-wing tech companies censoring. No one is buying their progressive, globalist bullshit anymore, so it must be force-fed down the throats of users and dissent must be stamped out with the iron fist of censorship.”

In other news:

Portland: Antifa Mob Turns Violent

Man Beaten Unconscious

Attack Bus with Hammers

’Anarchy and Chaos’

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Violent Antifa protests are breaking out in Portland, Oregon, following the pre-planned “End of Domestic Terrorism” event taking place in the city.

China Amasses Army Vehicles, Conducts Military Drills near Hong Kong Amidst Pro-Democracy Rallies

China Amasses Army Vehicles, Conducts Military Drills near Hong Kong

Pro-Democracy Movement Slowly Spreads from Hong Kong to Macau

Pro-Democracy Movement Slowly Spreads from Hong Kong to Macau
Gunmen Kidnap Two Catholic Priests in Cameroon

Not ‘Gunmen’- Muselman.

Sweden: Suspected Terrorist Was Hailed as Successful Example of Integration

These ‘successful examples’ are usually the worst.

‘Woke’ News Site for Young Muslims Is Actually a Secret UK Counter-Terrorism Program

Young UK Muslim Women

A supposed news site geared toward young Muslims in the U.K. is actually an undercover counter-terrorism program funded by the British government, according to reports. The Facebook page, “Woke,” describes itself as a “diverse social news platform” focusing on “what it means to be Muslim today.”

The Facebook page “Woke,” which at first glance, looks like any other millennial-focused online news platform, is actually part of an undercover counter-terror program funded by the U.K. government, according to a report by CNN. The Facebook page is specifically geared toward British Muslims, publishing short, inspirational videos about a variety of topics pertaining to Muslims.

Humbug. Another taxpayer-funded program to make unassimilable Moslems feel good about themselves.

‘Woke’ is just another stupid word.

We need an eject button for these people.

From an informed commenter:

Hmmm… so the British government has created it’s own website that revolves around “Muslim identity”, but websites that revolve around European identity are considered “far-right” and “white supremacist” “hate-speech”?!!!?
What a load of crap!
You know what the best deterrent to islamic terrorism REALLY is? Mass deportations along with a proper immigration policy that limits immigration to only other fully developed Western and/or European nations.


Europe: “People smugglers appear to be uninterested in finding a safe African port”

If you say this is a large scale program of population replacement and genocide of white Europeans they say its a conspiracy theory. But that’s the whole agenda right there, in 10 words!

Macron Looking for Deal to Land NGO Ship Filled with Migrants in France

And why is Toyboy Macron so eager to have these people in Europe?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it would be a good thing if the “rescue” of migrants in the Mediterranean were able to resume. She would like to see EU member states’ navies doing the rescuing, as they did during the now-suspended Operation Sophia.

A French Interior Ministry source has claimed France is negotiating a deal to help land 151 migrants aboard a vessel belonging to Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms.

The government say they have been in contact with the European Commission to look for a resolution to the current situation which has seen the NGO vessel denied access to several European ports including Italy and remain at sea for the past 13 days, El Pais reports. Continue reading Europe: “People smugglers appear to be uninterested in finding a safe African port”

Surprise, surprise: Philadelphia shooter who wounded six cops is devout Moslem

Philadelphia: Maurice Hill, who wounded six cops in shootout, is devout Muslim who attended jihadi mosque

Jihad Watch

Maurice Hill, the criminal who wounded six police officers in a shootout in Philadelphia and was arrested after a seven-hour standoff, attended a radical mosque.

The mosque, called Masjid Ahlil Hadith Wal Athar, is known for preaching the Islamist ideology promoted by Saudi Arabia referred to as “Wahhabism.”

You can see from the impressive zebiba on Maurice Hill’s forehead that he is a devout Muslim; the zebiba is a bruise that forms from the fact that Muslims in their five daily prayers perform numerous prostrations, pressing their foreheads to the ground. The zebiba is seen as a mark of intense piety. That in itself doesn’t make this a jihad attack, but the teachings of the mosque, from the looks of this report, are clearly suspect; the mosque should be investigated. If Maurice Hill were a white supremacist neo-Nazi, would the establishment media be as indifferent to that detail as it is to Hill’s mosque membership? What do you think? Continue reading Surprise, surprise: Philadelphia shooter who wounded six cops is devout Moslem