Trump vs social media censorship

Donald Trump Tweets Condemnation of Masters of the Universe for Social Media Censorship

‘voices are being destroyed’ – ‘we won’t let that happen’

TRUMP GOES OFF On Social Media ‘Censorship’ and ‘Discrimination’ Against Conservative Voices Twitter is in a full on Censorship against conservative voices.

They have been Shadowbaning almost all conservative accounts.

President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington, Friday, Aug. 17, 2018, for a short trip to Andrews Air Force Base, Md., and then on to Southampton, N.Y., for a fundraiser. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen.”

Trump: “Turkey has been a problem for a long time. They have not acted as a friend.”

President Donald Trump said Friday he will continue fighting with Turkey about its decision to detain Pastor Andrew Brunson, threatening additional action against the country.

“Turkey has been a problem for a long time,” Trump said to reporters as he left the White House. “They have not acted as a friend.”

Tommy Robinson questions Daily Mail “journalist” James King about his bias and lies

The Daily Mail is the worst paper in the Western world. The Guardian, the Independent, the New York Times, the Washington Post — those are obvious propaganda sheets for the hard-Left. But the Daily Mail actually reports with general accuracy on the jihad threat. Then it turns around and savages those who oppose jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others.

It is good to see one of the Daily Mail’s craven, ignorant, self-righteous, dishonest “journalists” get confronted on his lies and distortions. All establishment media “journalists” should be questioned in this way.

Note that King admits that he knows nothing about Islam and jihad, and then proceeds on the assumption that he knows everything about them.

Lack of Integration of Migrant Children Sees German School Standards Decline

A new report has revealed that the standards of the German school system are in decline as teachers struggle with many migrant children who speak poor, and sometimes no, German.

EU is terrified of Italy’s “right-wing populist” government, says ruling party member

European Union leaders are afraid of Italy’s Eurosceptic government, according to a senior aide to Rome’s Prime Minister.

Giancarlo Giorgetti believes Brussels is desperate to “abort” the fiercely Eurosceptic Italian ruling coalition. According to the Lega politician, the European Union chiefs are worried that Italy will spark a populist uprising across the bloc.

“The old ruling class in Italy and Europe want to abort this government. The EU fears that if we succeed in Italy, other countries will follow us. They don’t want to feed other populist movements.

“Everything we say is exploited against us.” He expects speculators to attack Italian financial markets next month. Continue reading Trump vs social media censorship

Trump is getting tough on Turkey

Khan’s London: Six Arrests After Teen ‘Disemboweled’ in Quadruple Stabbing

Turkey – Free Pastor Andrew Brunson

Brownback on Brunson: U.S. Will ‘Continue to Apply the Pressure’ Until His Release

POTUS Challenges Turkey: ‘We Are Not Going to Take It’
Brownback: U.S. Will ‘Apply Pressure’ Until Turkey Releases Pastor

U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback said this week that the Trump administration would continue to put pressure on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through sanctions and other means until American citizen and pastor Andrew Brunson is released from house arrest and returned to the United States.

Brownback told Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, on his national radio program Washington Watch Tuesday that the U.S. has tried to gain Brunson’s release through diplomatic efforts but now feels it is necessary to take a tougher stance.

“You haven’t acted, so we will,” is how Brownback described President Donald Trump’s “decisive, aggressive action” against Turkey for holding a U.S. citizen illegally on unproven terrorism charges.

Turkish court rejects another appeal to free US pastor
Turkish court rejects another appeal to free US pastor

A Turkish court on Friday rejected another appeal to free US pastor Andrew Brunson, whose detention has sparked a major crisis in ties between Turkey and the United States, his lawyer said. 

More below the fold.

Imam at Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Bomber’s Mosque Called For ‘Armed Jihad’

Imam Called For ‘Armed Jihad’ at Manchester Concert Bomber’s Mosque

The Daily Mail reports this, and then vilifies foes of jihad mass murder. That’s just one indication of why shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain is in the fix it’s in.

‘Jihad’ imam linked to Manchester bomber denies his sermon was a call to arms as police investigate him

Austrian Populist Interior Minister: Criminalize Sharia Law Advocacy

Nolte: The Vatican’s Pathetic Statement About ‘Shame and Sorrow’

Nolte: Vatican’s ‘Shame and Sorrow’ Statement Pathetic
Cardinal Burke: ‘Very Grave Problem of Homosexual Culture in the Church’

New Mexico Cult Update: Black Magic, Resurrection, and Immigration Violations

Authorities bulldoze New Mexico jihad compound, leave ammo, paperwork behind

Why did they leave paperwork behind? Might that paperwork be pertinent? Might some of it illuminate the motives and goals of the people in the compound? This is extraordinarily careless. Or is it that authorities want some of this evidence to go away, so as to downplay some aspects of this story and cause them to be forgotten?

This isn’t about conducting more surveillance and doing another stakeout; this is a whitewash and a coverup.

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al Reuters wants you to feel sorry for the poor oppressed Muslim minority…in Burma

In Myanmar today, Facebook dominates the internet. investigates why the social media giant is failing to stem a torrent of hate speech on its platform targeting a Muslim minority group in the country.


Because that “Muslim minority group” are illegal Bengali settlers waging jihad against the native Buddhists of Burma. The Buddhists will not be cowed by OIC/UN corrupted fake news scribblers to submit to Mohammedan mores.

The natives are totally within their rights to hold these views:

“There is no Rohingya in Myanmar they are only illegal immigrant and terrorists.”

“They are Originally Bangalis, Illegally migrants and Land Robbers”

ETHNIC VIOLENCE: There have been repeated outbreaks of communal violence in Myanmar. In March, a United Nations investigator said Facebook had been used to incite hatred against the Rohingya. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun
Inside Facebook’s Myanmar operation



Why Facebook is losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar

Reuters found more than 1,000 examples of posts, comments and pornographic images attacking the Rohingya and other Muslims on Facebook. A secretive operation set up by the social media giant to combat the hate speech is failing to end the problem.


YANGON, Myanmar – In April, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told U.S. senators that the social media site was hiring dozens more Burmese speakers to review hate speech posted in Myanmar. The situation was dire.

Some 700,000 members of the Rohingya community had recently fled the country amid a military crackdown and ethnic violence. In March, a United Nations investigator said Facebook was used to incite violence and hatred against the Muslim minority group. The platform, she said, had “turned into a beast.”

Four months after Zuckerberg’s pledge to act, here is a sampling of posts from Myanmar that were viewable this month on Facebook:

One user posted a restaurant advertisement featuring Rohingya-style food. “We must fight them the way Hitler did the Jews, damn kalars!” the person wrote, using a pejorative for the Rohingya. That post went up in December 2013. Continue reading al Reuters wants you to feel sorry for the poor oppressed Muslim minority…in Burma

Facebook Bans Jewish-Australian Military Veteran Avi Yemini for ‘Hate Speech’

Avi Yemini, a Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, conservative political blogger and political candidate, has been banned from Facebook allegedly for publishing “hate speech.”

A popular Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, political blogger, and Australian state government candidate recently found his Facebook page banned, just 48 hours before the blacklisting of Infowars host Alex Jones. Yemini’s Facebook page boasted a follower count of approximately 175,000 but was suspended for “hate speech” according to a notification Yemini received from Facebook. Yemeni has been on the receiving end of death threats on Facebook himself based on his reporting.

In other news:

Robert Spencer: Silicon Valley Blacklisting Conservatives ‘with No Recourse, No Appeal, No Discussion’

Mastercard forced funding platform Patreon to remove Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer from the site.

Robert Spencer, founder and director of Jihad Watch and author of “The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS,” warned of expanding online left-wing political censorship via large technology companies. He offered his remarks in a Friday interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Today.


Conservative journalist Laura Loomer removed from Facebook after questioning Jihadi congressional candidates in Minnesota

Former Project Veritas journalist, Laura Loomer, is the latest Conservative to be removed by Facebook after she confronted two Muslim candidates at a political event.

The Unpublishing of her Facebook page comes less than 24 hours after Ms. Loomer posted her video of her being assaulted by a soon-to-be-congresswoman while asking her questions at a political rally for U.S. Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar in Minnesota on Saturday.

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Turkey becoming more belligerent by the day as the economy fizzles

Turkey’s Economic Collapse Could Send ‘Millions’ of Migrants into Europe, Analysts Warn


Turkish Prime Minister Says Turkey ‘Will Fight’ U.S. If Necessary, After Erdogan Threatens ‘Ottoman Slap’ 

Turkey Threatens to Invade Greece and Seize Aegean Islands 

Erdogan has his finger on the trigger 

Turkish Minister: ‘Send 15,000 Migrants a Month to Europe to Shock Them’.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister suggested sending tens of thousands of migrants to the EU to retaliate for European leaders blocking Mohammedan rallies.

Millions of people could pour into the European Union from Turkey in “another wave of migration” if the country’s economic crisis escalates into a full-blown collapse, some observers have claimed.

Mainstream media periodical Newsweek suggests such a scenario “could have major political consequences” for globalist leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, who effectively opened the EU’s borders unilaterally in 2015 but has been under pressure since the onset of the subsequent migrant crisis and a historically poor performance in the 2017 federal elections.

Turkey’s foreign policy is becoming increasingly erratic Islamist leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has eroded the secular order imposed by the country’s modern founder Kemal Atatürk, greatly increased his personal power, and purged some 106,000 public officials, 21,000 teachers, and 4,400 judges and prosecutors since mid-2016, according to monitors.

The pitch of Erdoğan’s bombastic rhetoric has only increased with the imposition of economic sanctions by the Trump administration in the United States over the detention of Christian pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been incarcerated for two years without actually being convicted of anything. Continue reading Turkey becoming more belligerent by the day as the economy fizzles

Todays News

When leftists brand conservatives as ‘Nazis’ they strip away all meaning, just as they have succeeded in doing with ‘marriage’ and ‘racist’. When words are twisted to mean anything, what they convey is nothing but the speaker’s presumed right to silence and assault all who disagree

German Court Ruled Deported Bin-Laden Henchman Should be Returned to Europe

German Court Ruled Deported Bin-Laden Henchman Should be Returned to Europe

Former Yazidi sex slave flees Germany after being confronted by her Islamic State captor, also a “refugee”

A Yazidi teenager enslaved by Islamic State who sought asylum in Germany has moved back to Iraq after being confronted by her former ISIS captor, who had registered as a refugee in Stuttgart.

Ashwaq Ta’lo said that she was stopped by Abu Humam – a Syrian ISIS guard who had purchased her for $100 – while walking home in Stuttgart.

Hungarian Govt: Sweden’s Leaders ‘On the Side’ of Illegal Migrants

Soros Foundations to Withdraw From Hungary By End of August

Soros Foundations to Withdraw From Hungary By End of August

Turkey Calls Sanctions for U.S. Pastor Arrest ‘Economic Coup’

Mastercard Forces Patreon to Blacklist Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer

Mastercard Forces Patreon to Blacklist Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer

Feds Take Custody of New Mexico Muslim Cult Leader After Judge Orders Release on Bond

New Mexico jihad compound murder suspect lived in US illegally for 20 years

Infidel laws don’t apply to Mohammedans.

Feds Take Custody of New Mexico Muslim Cult Leader

Far-Left Anarchist Extremists Take Credit For Bombing Italian Populist Party Office

Far Left Bombs Italian Populist Party Office

Grooming gangs:  Thirty (Musel-)men charged with sexually abusing girls in West Yorkshire

Correction: thirty Mohammedans charged with raping white, underage British females, which they consider to be infidel whores, war booty, which can be traded as they please.

Allegations of rape and trafficking of five girls date from between 2005 and 2012

For a decade the Politicians and the Police swore it never happened, AND encouraged ill informed Brits to label anyone who mentions this disgusting evil as racist bigots.

Nolte: Vatican ‘No Comment’ About Hundreds of Predator Priests Abusing 1,000 Children

Vatican’s Response to Hundreds of Predator Priests Abusing 1,000 Children: ‘No Comment’


Duterte Tells Catholic Bishops: ‘I Want to Kick Your Ass’
1968 Aretha Franklin illustration by Milton Glaser
1968 Aretha Franklin illustration by Milton Glaser


Aretha Franklin, the undisputed queen of soul, is dead at 76after announcing only this year she would no longer tour due to failing health.

One of the most forceful voices in the history of American music has fallen silent.

A soul singer, songwriter and pianist who was born in 1942 and raised as the daughter of a preacher, Franklin — one of very few artists who was perhaps more commonly known by her first name — was renowned for her formidable presence both onstage and off.


Her greatest moments included recordings such as Respect, Think and Chain of Fools, but Franklin’s career spanned six remarkable decades and touched millions of lives. She died at home on August 16 while surrounded by her family in Detroit, Michigan.

That voice. That soaring, beautiful voice.

Fraser Anning’s speech did not consist of two words

Watch this interview to get an idea how obtuse Australia’s journaille is:

The interviewer  is a rather annoying  blonde, who resorts to battering Fraser Annings over his politically incorrect views.

Why do good people go out of their comfort zones to be ridiculed, abused and ostracised? Because they understand the threat.
Senator Fraser Anning spoke the truth and so does everyone at the Australian Liberty Alliance. We don’t apologise for speaking the truth.

Yes, Mohammedans are overall welfare bludgers & criminals. This is deeply rooted in their ideology. They suck the hatred in with the mothers milk. But there’s much more to it than that.

The evidence is clear to see for all those who have eyes to see. That doesn’t apply to our deplorable Oz media tards, who show no intellectual curiosity whatsoever and regularly vilify those brave enough to call things by name:

“One immigrant group here and in other western nations that has consistently shown themselves to be the least able to assimilate and integrate is Muslims.”
Senator Fraser Anning is being condemned after calling for a ban on Muslim migration. #9Today

In other news:

Firebomb attacks on homes and cars as Melbourne suburban crime war escalates

A series of firebombings have hit Melbourne’s suburbs as part of an escalating gang war.

Properties linked to Mohammed Oueida, a significant organised crime figure who spends much of his time in the Middle East, were badly damaged in the fires.

Australians can’t have a say on immigration because Holocaust
Continue reading Fraser Anning’s speech did not consist of two words

Londonistan: Muslim mayor wants to ban cars

From GoV:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is proposing that the streets around Parliament become pedestrian-only areas. Mr. Khan says the action is necessary to forestall vehicular jihad attacks like the one that occurred yesterday in Westminster.

In other news, 524 migrants traveling in 12 boats were “rescued” by the Spanish maritime rescue service in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Jack Buckby of Why aren’t we looking at real solutions? Like tackling the source of terrorism? 

Asylum Seeker Terror Suspect Granted British Citizenship Just Weeks Before Failed Attack

Terror Suspect  Vehicle Jihadist Got U.K. Citizenship Weeks Before Failed Attack

Burqa-Defending Tory Peer Faces Probe for Hamas-Linked Event with Corbyn

Burqa-Defending Tory Peer Faces Probe for Hamas-Linked Event with Corbyn

The Telltale Zebibah

by Baron Bodissey

A zebibah is a mark of distinction — or disfigurement, depending on your point of view — that is often found on the foreheads of pious Muslims. It is caused by the frequent (five times a day) banging of one’s forehead on the floor of the mosque while praying. It marks the possessor as a devout Muslim. If you belong to a “radical” sect of Islam, not to have a zebibah may be considered suspicious, a sign of insufficient religious zeal.

Here’s a selection of zebibahs of varying styles and intensities:

Yesterday a man named Keenan Jones shot up a Walmart in suburban Philadelphia, wounding several people before fleeing. Later he was captured by police and taken into custody after putting up violent resistance.

When I first saw the headlines last night, the likelihood of jihad seemed remote — the gunfire started after an argument in the checkout line. Besides, this was in Philly, after all, which ranks just behind Chicago and Baltimore in its incidence of gun violence, most of it by African Americans.

And then this morning I saw the mug shot of Keenan Jones:

In addition to the distinct zebibah, he has a full, bushy beard, which is another indication of the presence of Islam. I may be paranoid, but I’d bet a bill that this guy is a Muslim. They don’t give his Muslim name in the news articles, but I’m sure he has one.

Mr. Jones has been convicted of felonies in the past, which means he has most likely spent time in prison. That’s probably where he converted to Islam — Muslim chaplains do intensive da’wah in the U.S. prison system. Many black men who enter prison as nominal Christians come out as practicing Muslims.

One more thing — Mr. Jones “told the judge he has mental-health issues.” That seems extremely likely; there is a strong correlation between Islamic belief and mental illness. But in addition, banging your head on the floor every day hard enough to build up a zebibah is likely to cause brain damage. If I’m not mistaken, there have even been medical studies corroborating what common sense would tell us.

Below the fold are excerpts from an article about the Walmart incident from

Continue reading

They had to find out for themselves & they did

Delingpole: ‘Evil Is a Make-Believe Concept’ Wrote Millennial Murdered by Islamic State Terrorists

a woman helps a wounded cyclist, where the four tourists were killed when a car rammed into a group of foreigners on bicycles south of the capital of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The Islamic State group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a car-and-knife attack on Western tourists cycling in Tajikistan that killed …

An idealistic Millennial couple who bicycled through the wilds of Muslim central Asia in the belief that “humans are kind” and that “evil is a make-believe concept” have been murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Americans Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both in their 20s, were among four cyclists killed last month in Tajikistan by two Islamic State terrorists who first rammed them with their car, then stabbed and shot them.

An ambulance arrives where four tourists were killed when a car rammed into a group of foreigners on bicycles south of the capital of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a car-and-knife attack on Western tourists cycling in Tajikistan that killed two Americans and two Europeans. (AP/Zuly Rahmatova)

Now their fate has been given added poignancy – or, some would say, bitter irony – by the discovery of a blog written by Austin revealing a hippyish optimism tragically at odds with reality.

As the Pluralist reports:

“You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place,” Austin wrote.

“People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil.”

“I don’t buy it,” he continued. “Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own… By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”

Some ungenerous souls are suggesting that Austin and Geoghegan ought now to be eligible for a posthumous Darwin Award; that they more or less invited their fate with their hippy naivety.

Cycles are left where four tourists were killed when a car rammed into a group of foreigners on bicycles south of the capital of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a car-and-knife attack on Western tourists cycling in Tajikistan that killed two Americans and two Europeans. (AP/Zuly Rahmatova)

This seems a mite unfair: cycling through Tajikistan isn’t like, say, cycling through ISIS-held Syria or Iraq. Indeed, at the time of the incident, the U.S. travel advisory was Level One – the lowest risk level.

Also, it smacks of ungraciousness and Schadenfreude. Of course we know that the way liberals think is stupid and wrong. But surely we’re not so harsh as to believe that the punishment for their mental illness should be death?


Seriously: you couldn’t make it up.

Swedish children torch 80 cars to end holiday


Two people have been arrested after gangs of masked youths smashed and set fire to 80 cars in riots at the end of the summer holidays in Sweden (writes August Graham). Stefan Lofven, the prime minister, compared the violence in Trollhatan and Gothenburg to a “military operation”. Police and firefighters were pelted with rocks as they tried to put out the flames. Some of the gangs of schoolchildren are already known to police for terrorising estates.

Must be something to do with insurance fraud. Yes, that’s it.


Three people have been arrested, one of them in Turkey, following a coordinated car-b-que across peaceful and integrated Sweden.

But the motive behind these automotive incinerations remains a complete and utter mystery:

About 80 cars were set ablaze in the night from Monday to Tuesday, chiefly in Goteborg, and nearby Trollhattan, an industrial city. Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city …

Police believe the arson attacks were coordinated on social media but have no motive.

Sweden’s national police said reasons for such fires are hard to establish and can have different motivations, including provoking authorities, hiding traces in connection with criminal activities and insurance fraud.

Such fires are “not a new phenomenon,” Emil Eisersjo of Sweden’s national police said. “There is a tendency for a hike in connection with the end of the school year, the beginning of the school year and in the winter when fireworks are on sale” ahead of the New Year.

Hmmm. Could there possibly be another factor? Perhaps we’ll never know.


A 24-year-old Swedish woman has won a discrimination case against a business after her interview process was abruptly cut short when she refused to shake hands with the male manager for religious reasons.

Last year, the Muslim woman was attending a job interview for a company as an interpreter.

But when she declined to shake the hands of the male interviewer the recruitment procedure was cancelled.

The company was ordered to pay the women $6000 in compensation.