“This is our country. We’re not going anywhere”, said Mr Mohammed

“This is not an easy time for America’s Islamic community” says Abdulraouf Alkhawaldeh, the visiting imam.

A whole lot of BS about ‘how hard” it all is, spiked with some hijab tugging tales thrown in for free.

US Muslim communities resilient as they face uncertain future
Protesters in Manhattan, New York,on November 12 after Donald Trump’s victory. (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones)

US Muslim communities resilient as they face uncertain future

“Uncertain future” is a recurring meme in the lame stream media, especially when it comes to Mohammedans. Not much is certain these days…


…..while much of America is still processing how a bombastic billionaire with no political experience can become president, Charlotte’s Muslim leaders have begun plotting their way through the uncharted territory.

Plotting? They are experts at plotting, that much is true.

Hussein Obama: Stigmatizing Muslims ‘Feeds the Terrorist Narrative’

That, actually, is the terrorist narrative.


… “We are fighting terrorists who claim to fight on behalf of Islam, but do they do not speak for over a billion Muslims around the world,” Obama said. “If we stigmatize Muslims, that just feeds the terrorist narrative.” …

He is so full of shiite. He is made of it.

Peppa Pig a corrupting influence for Muslim children, say leaders


Australian Islamic leaders have urged parents to embrace ­religious cartoons, including an alternative to Peppa Pig set in a “predominately Muslim town”, to avoid youth being corrupted by mainstream children’s shows. …More Peppaphobia at The Australian, thanks to Mullah

Muslim Council of Britain: It’s Up to White British to Integrate, Not Muslims


A senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain has said that white British people have a responsibility to integrate more to prevent communities becoming ghettoised. …

More on the failure to integrate aBreitbart, thanks to Mullah (pbuh)


Shall we let them in?

The utterly corrupt Islamo agitprop  Sam Dastyari is flinging shiite at Pauline Hanson because we are not importing  Mohammedan savages in large numbers.

Writes Pauline Hanson:

In the New Year will continue to push for a ban on Muslim immigration & a crackdown on #halal certification. #Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sam Dastyari Retweeted Pauline Hanson:



So this slimy little pissant suggests that we (or rather Pauline Hanson) are not nice people because we don’t want to be flooded by Mohammedan rapefugees.

Here’s a great article by Hugh Fitzgerald about how Mohammedan hospitality works. Do yourself a favor and read it:

“What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?”

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Germany: (Erika) Merkel Tries Damage Control

Merkel to the million illegals: leave burkas behind

First the German Chancellor imports hundreds of thousands of adherents of a rival culture.

Then she suggests a ban on an expression of it:

ANGELA Merkel today completed an astonishing U-turn as she formally endorsed a full burka ban following a backlash over her open-door migration policies.

The German chancellor made the comments at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) conference having recently declared she will seek re-election

“The full veil must be banned wherever it is legally possible,” she said to a large round of applause.

Meaningless weasel words.

Merkel also stressed her determination to ensure that there’s no repeat of last year’s huge migrant influx as she seeks a new two-year term in charge of her conservative party.

The CDU used to be a (half-assed) conservative party. Merkel took the CDU so far to the left that it makes the communist party obsolete.

Importing a people, but not their culture? Doesn’t work that way.


Swedish subway guards try to arrest an African immigrant. But it’s touch one, touch all, meaning one of the guards is put in hospital:


(Thanks to reader RightWingNukeArmedDeathRabbit.)

UK Priorities: Paki Hate Preachers Welcome, Iraqi Bishops Denied Entry

Home Office Allow Pakistani Hate Preacher To Deliver Speech in Scotland

A hate preacher linked to the murder of Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah in Glasgow has been cleared to enter the UK to spread his message in Scotland.

Pakistani cleric Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri has been banned from preaching by the authorities in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city thanks to his “firebrand” image and zealous message. Yet the British authorities have given him the go ahead to speak at Falkirk Central Mosque later this month.

Qadri is a supporter of Mumtaz Qadri, the Islamic extremist who in January 2011 murdered populist politician Salman Taseer for speaking out against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, Scotland’s Sunday Post has reported.

Mumtaz Qadri was also idolised by Bradford taxi driver Tanveer Ahmed, who travelled to Glasgow earlier this year to brutally murder shopkeeper Asad Shah after he wished his customers a happy Easter on Facebook.

According to the paper, Qadri praises Ahmed in some of his sermons for carrying out the bloody murder.

Dare to compare:

UK bans three bishops from Iraq and Syria from entering the country

The men were  told they were denied entry because they did not have enough money to support themselves and they might not leave the UK.

The UK Home Office banned Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller from entering the country for saying: “[Islam] is a religion and is a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose for establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society” — which is a demonstrably true statement. The UK Home Office recently admitted Shaykh Hamza Sodagar into the country, despite the fact that he has said: “If there’s homosexual men, the punishment is one of five things. One – the easiest one maybe – chop their head off, that’s the easiest. Second – burn them to death. Third – throw ’em off a cliff. Fourth – tear down a wall on them so they die under that. Fifth – a combination of the above.” The Home Office also recently admitted two jihad preachers who had praised the murderer of a foe of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. One of them was welcomed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

But these three bishops from areas where Muslims are persecuting Christians cannot enter. Probably Home Office officials were afraid of offending their own Muslim population by doing so.

Britain is not finished?


“Britain BANS heroic bishops: Persecuted Christian leaders from war zones refused entry,” by Caroline Wheeler, Express, December 4, 2016:

THREE archbishops from war-torn Iraq and Syria have been refused permission to enter the UK despite being invited to London to meet Prince Charles.

The Christians, including the Archbishop of Mosul, were told there was “no room at the inn” by the Home Office when they applied for visas to attend the consecration of the UK’s first Syriac Orthodox Cathedral.

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“The media amplifies the misconception that Muslims and their faith are incompatible with life in Britain”

No shiite. Its not the Muselmaniacs that blow up buses & subways, plot jihad and rape white British girls by the tens of thousands. its not the Muslim ghettos,  the sprawling mosques, the burqas, the kaftans and the beards, Its the dhimmi media, that doesn’t dare to report the truth because of catcalls of ‘racism’ and fear of litigation jihad?


The Muslims criticised in Dame Louise Casey’s report are not happy at the criticism. From the Guardian the Independent Middle East Eye and the BBC

The study, commissioned by David Cameron as prime minister and carried out by Dame Louise Casey, recommends a new strategy to help bridge divides in the UK, including an “integration oath” to encourage immigrants to embrace British values, and greater focus on promoting the English language and securing “women’s emancipation in communities where they are being held back by regressive cultural practices”.

Dame Louise Casey said she strongly opposed forcing people by law to remove veils, but explained that public bodies needed a “common sense” approach and that people and organisations should be able to debate the issue openly…said she would rather Muslim police officers and midwives did not wear a face veil, “Do I think that police officers or midwives, should be fully veiled? No I don’t. I want to see their faces, most of us do, [but] the very fact that we can almost not have that conversation, is part of what I’m saying here.”

Her report highlighted the plight of women in some Muslim communities, who she said were less likely to speak English and more likely to be kept at home. “Misogyny and patriarchy has to come to an end,” Dame Louise said, adding that public institutions must not fear being racist or Islamophobic.


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Islam is ‘perfect’. It cannot be reformed.

Can Trump Push Islam towards Reform?

By Jonathan F. Keiler

The mainstream media and the Obama administration, like the media and governments in many Western countries, goes out of its way to excuse Islamist terror, and actively paints a picture of Muslims in the West victimized by supposed Islamophobia.   This tendency is bolstered by the corresponding refusal to acknowledge Islamist terror for what it is, substituting euphemisms or generalities to cover what are clearly murderous acts done in the name of Islam.  Most ludicrous of all, is the penchant — particularly by Barack Obama — to discourse theologically about the “religion of peace.”  In fact, this refusal to accept reality not only excuses Islamist terror, but encourages it, and makes any reform within Islam next to impossible.

Abdul Artan: Former Refugee, Former OSU Terrorist He said he was angry about Muslims being killed and tortured… so he took it out on the Americans who had accepted his family’s plea for asylum, and given him aid and opportunity – instead of the Islamists who actually ARE killing and torturing Muslims. This is indicative of the blind hatred that Islam fosters for those outside the faith. It is what makes Islam different and dangerous.

Take the recent example of the Muslim Ohio State attacker, Abdul Razak Artan.  Artan blamed media for negative reports about Islam “…that put that picture in their heads…” which led to his insecurity at the university, a place where he was “…kind of scared….”  Thus he rather neatly portrayed himself as a victim before attempting to murder a dozen people by running them over and knifing them.  Artan’s victimized ideation was probably a fantasy since it is highly unlikely that at Ohio State he received anything but deference to his religious orientation, and explicit negative descriptions of Muslims in the American media are quite rare.  More likely the mainstream media’s and the Obama administration’s false hysteria about supposed Islamophobia is what gave Artan the idea to paint himself as a victim.

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Tog Dog of Al Azhar Confirms That Islamic State Is 100% Islamic

Top dog of Al Azhar confirms that the Islamic State is indeed Islamic and that terror to spread Islam is the straight path:

Much of the curriculum of Al Azhar—the Islamic world’s most prestigious university, located in Cairo—is based on Islamic books written in the medieval era or earlier. These books—histories, biographies of Muhammad, hadith (words and deeds of the latter), tafsirs (Koran exegeses), etc.—are often criticized by more reform-minded Muslims for being too backwards, teaching things such as unrelenting jihad and hatred for non-Muslims.

During a recent televised interview, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, Egypt’s highest authority on Islam and Grand Imam of Al Azhar, was asked about his university’s reliance on these books. His responses left many reformers disappointed.

Tayeb insisted that all books used by Al Azhar are fine: “Our heritage books are innocent and being abused by those ignorant or indecent among us—and that’s all they can be: either ignorant or indecent.”

Top Muslim University Rejects Reform, Stands by ‘Terrorist Curriculum’
Al Azhar refuses to stop using radical texts used by ISIS.
Front Page Magazine, by Raymond Ibrahim,
December 1, 2016:

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Slovakia becomes 2nd EU country to ban Islamization

Just goes to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way:


In late April 2016, Hungary became the first European Union country to “constitutionally ban” Islamization in order to “promote and safeguard our heritage, our unique language, [and] Hungarian culture.”

Slovakia has now become the second country to do so.

Two thirds of the Slovakian parliament has just voted through a law which only grants legal status to a religion if is has more than 50,000 members.

“Islamization starts with a kebab and it’s already under way in Bratislava, let’s realize what we can face in five to 10 years,” said Andrej Danko , chairman of the Slovak National Party.

“We must do everything we can so that no mosque is built in the future.”

Even the left-wing Prime Minister, Robert Fico, is a supporter of this bill. In the past Fico has himself said he wanted to build a wall and “never accept a single Muslim.

The EU is almost dead and now Western Europe is entering decision time. Will it take the red pill or will it take the blue pill?

If it takes the blue pill, that race doesn’t matter, then it will become a colder version of Brazil — poor, powerless, impoverished, and full of ethnic conflict.

If it takes the red pill, that Whites have been targeted for genocide by immigration, then Western Europe continues being a first world continent with democracy, freedom, and prosperity.

Unholy Cheepness

Father Rotten Schmuck

No shortage of hypocrites downunder. One of the worst is “father” Rod Bower, also known as the Gosford Goose. Here he gives morally supremacist advice to Tim Blair, who really appreciates his pontificating zeal. Bower, the “Jesus boy”, as Blair calls him, claims he builds bridges “where there are no foundations”. People with half a brain do not build bridges where there are no foundations, and neither should Father Rod Bower. Besides, the People he so favours (to replace us) have different ideas about bridge building:

Brotherhood theorist Sayyid Qutb explained:

The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.

“Look into your own soul Tim,” Gosford’s Fr Rod Bower commands. “What kind of person do you want to be?”


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    Stand up for a compassionate Qatar, mate
    Stand up for a compassionate Qatar, mate

Germany: Muslim ‘refugee’ rapes and murders daughter of a senior EU official

The rape of infidel women is part of Mohammedan warfare against disbelievers dating back to the days of Muhammad.

A 17-year-old Afghan migrant who arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied minor in 2015 has been arrested for the rape and murder of a 19-year-old medical student.


Maria L. was found raped and murdered in Freiberg in mid-October. Following seven weeks of investigation, a 17-year-old migrant, who arrived during the migrant crisis, was arrested on Friday, reports Focus.

“Through interviews and a web-based survey, we were able to reconstruct [Maria’s] final hours,” said David Müller, head of the police’s Special Commission, during a press conference on Saturday.

“The 19-year-old student had been at a party. By 2.37am, she left the party. Maria L. then cycled home, as usual.”

“The young woman had been the victim of a sexual offence and a violent crime.”

According to the chief investigator, Maria was drowned after being raped. Her body was found in the River Dreisam on the 16th of October.

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