Jihad is not about land, it’s about the rule of allah over all things…

Sister of terrorist behind deadly synagogue attack works for Jerusalem municipality

Exterminate the brutes!


(Pictured: A relative of Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal holds their pictures / Photo: AFP)

France’s Jews have had enough
Hidden as a child during the Holocaust, Maurice Rapovich has lived all 76 years of his life in France; but now he says the situation is untenable and he is leaving for Israel – and he is far from alone.
No “provocation” by Jews drove two Arabs to pick up meat cleavers and slaughter rabbis in worship
What we are seeing in Jerusalem today is not simply Palestinian Arab terrorism. It is Islamic jihad.--Caroline Glick: Responding to the slaughter
The struggle is not about land, it is about the rule of allah over all things:
Pali Politclowns: Rabbis Are Not Civilians 

So much for ‘secular’ Turkey:

Turkey to open mosques ‘in every university’-” …a place where they will feel the love of God in their hearts,” thanks to Mullah, pbuh (sounds like Western universities with ‘prayer’ rooms and wudu washers)

“All People Must Submit to Allah”

“All People Must Submit to Allah”


Parents React After Son Forced to Recite, “All People Must Submit to Allah” in School

Two Los Angeles-area parents have pulled their son out of class over claims that the boy’s middle school teachers are instructing him in the tenets of Islam. 

GOP throws outspoken Jack Whitley, chairman of the Big Stone County Republican Party, under the bus:

(We are) “proud to endorse our first Somali-American candidate for the state legislature, and have worked hard to welcome the fine Americans from these communities into our Party.”

Islam is hard-wired with a “conquering” mentality that dates back to its earliest days, says a noted author, and that mentality was on display Friday at the Washington National Cathedral.

“That verse, 1:7, is repeated by believing Muslims 17 times a day. It’s a curse on Christianity and Jews,” Bostom said. “But it is more subtle than some of the other verses in the Quran, because it says those who have engendered Allah’s anger, the Jews, and those who’ve gone astray, the Christians, if you look back to the very first exegeses of the Quran, that’s exactly how Muslims are taught to interpret this verse, that they are following the correct path and those allegedly following the religions closest to them are wrong.”

Defenders of Muslim Prayer at National Cathedral Miss the Point


Much like a dog who “marks” his territory – ALL(-ahs) “territory” is marked by Islam. These misguided, naive ‘Christian faith leaders’  are engaged in collective submission to Islam.  The pattern repeats itself  in all western countries where Islam has been allowed to gain a foothold.

Pope Demands Just Distribution of World’s Bounty

Meet Federica Mogherini, the latest unelected commie apparatchik of the EUSSR

The EU and its unelected leaders are a disgrace and an insult  to every European.


Here’s Federica Mogherini — the new woman in charge of EU foreign policy.

0D710B75-A412-4557-AEE2-A94CD9D17B7C_mw1024_s_nBefore I quote her biography let me draw editorial conclusions:

1. She is a Communist

2. She was a member of the Communist Party long after irrefutable evidence that it was a dictatorship which had deliberately led to the deaths of millions of people

3. She is a career politician. After leaving college — when she studied methods of making accommodations to Islam (so much for Communists being atheists) — and entering the machinery of the Communist Party and State apparatus

4. She’s never had a real job

5. She and her political sponsor and mentors all joined the CP after uprisings in Hungary (1956) and Czechoslovakia (1968).

6. Blindness to oppressive regimes, ideas and beliefs and collusion with violent practices run deep in her pedigree

7. She’s a long standing supporter of the PLO et al and seeks the violent destruction and overthrow of the State of Israel

8. Communist States which she supported had a record of brutal Anti-Semitism

9. We (in the majority) Europeans didn’t chose her. The greasy machine did.

Amazingly she’s been touted as ‘the outsider’ when she is as much part of the establishment as any (rich) career politician.

Ridiculously The Telegraph (a supposed right of centre broadsheet in the UK) subheads an article

“Mogherini, a rising star in Italian politics, will help shake up the European gentleman’s club”

There then follows a long, fluff article with no mention of her history and personal belief system. Extraordinary.


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Islam means annihilation of Jews & Christians

“We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.”– – Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah

These are the chaps the EU polit-kommissars and Guardianistas like Bob Carr want Israel to make peace with.

Paul Sheehan’s article in today’s SMH explains why one can’t make peace with fanatical terrorists who just want one thing:
You and your family dead or gone.

Thanks to the Q-Society

Jews bear the brunt for naive hatred of Israel
After all the beheadings, massacres, rapes and enslavements of women by men running amok under the black flag of Islamic State, surveys have shown that support for the group is much higher in Europe than it is in Middle East. Read more:  SMH.COM.AU

UNRWA Employees Praise Murder of Jerusalem Rabbis

Jordan queen says fight against the Islamic State is “fight for the future of the Middle East and Islam”

Jordan queen says fight against the Islamic State is “fight for the future of the Middle East and Islam”

“The future must not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam”, said Hussein Obama. But if the future belongs to Islam, we don’t have a future.  Islam is not worth saving.

Will the fight against the Islamic State succeed in saving Islam? The supporters of the Islamic State can and do point to Islamic texts and teachings to justify what they do. The Muslims in the West who denounce the Islamic State have thus far ignored the Qur’anic justifications for their actions…  Comments


UK: Police Protects Human Rights of Mohammedan Pedophiles….

There is no such ‘concern’ for the raped children; under Islamic law the kafirs don’t  have human rights because only Muslims are considered human.

Fury at police bid to protect grooming gang: Officers said naming them would have breached human rights

Picture by Mark Richards-Birmingham City Council start a civil case against alleged Asian groomers.

  • Men from Birmingham are Omar Ahmed, 27, Sajid Hussain, 40, Mohammed Anjam, 31, Naseem Khan, 30, Mohammed Javed, 33, and Alam Shah, 36
  • They have been banned from approaching any girl under the age of 18
  • High Court heard how three of them found in hotel with girl in care, 17
  • Landmark ruling is despite police not having enough evidence to convict

Police tried to keep the identities of an Asian sex grooming gang secret – claiming that naming them could breach their human rights.

In an unprecedented move, the men have been banned from contacting children after they were found to be grooming a vulnerable girl, luring the 17-year-old into cars and hotel rooms.

A judge said he was sure they were engaged in sexual exploitation and said their excuses were lies and ‘nonsense’.  Read more: Daily Mail

Would it surprise you if the 10 police officers who are complicit  in the cover-up  are all Muslims?

Islam enslaves everyone

Even The Economist Has Had To Acknowledge That Islam Condones Slavery  

When it comes to the Arabs and Israel, or to anythiing involving the world’s Muslims, The Economist has for decades been as awful as The Guardian or the BBC. But last month, at least one article — on slavery and Islam — managed to appear in its pages. It’s so unusual, so unlike The Economist, that we might as well pay tribute to it — and to the existence of the Islamic State which has made many such revelations or acknowledgements unavoidable – here.

CNN falsely claims that Islamic law does not justify slavery

daesh-girls-slaves-isis-4“The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery” has published a piece entitled “ISIS says Islam justifies slavery – what does Islamic law say?,” by Professor Bernard Freamon, who “teaches courses on modern-day slavery and human trafficking at Seton Hall University School of Law in New Jersey and also specializes in Islamic Legal History.”

We do not have a free press. On the issue of Islam and jihad the mainstream press is a one-party state, with a few dissenting voices allowed now and again on Fox. Another aspect of this is that what the mainstream does present about Islam is very often flatly false, as here. Professor Bernard Freamon claims that “the Quran established an entirely new ethic on the issue of slavery and ISIS’s selective use of certain Quranic texts to justify contemporary chattel slavery ignores this fact. First, consistent with the new ethic, the emphasis in all of the revelations on slavery is on the emancipation of slaves, not on their capture or the continuation of the institution of slavery. (See, for example, verses 2:177, 4:25, 4:92, 5:89, 14:31, 24:33, 58:3, 90:1-12.) There is not one single verse suggesting that the practice should continue.”

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Cowardice is now official policy in EUrabia

It sounds as if the entire continent of Europe is occupied by a hostile invader and is under seige. Soldiers in the defense of freedom from their own countires and allied nations cannot wear their uniforms in Europe for they might be killed for it. How long will capitulation be required. Well their Muslim populations […]
Treating Islam with special reverence is cultural suicide and just plain wrong

This is about the death of our national identity.  ()

Rural UK school marked down for being too white

Parents angered after Lincolnshire primary school marked down by inspectors for not having enough black or “Asian” children — ‘Asian’  means Muslims…..


A $70 Million Headchopper Madrassa for Mareeba!

Mareeba, up high in the tablelands behind Cairns, is home for many Italian and German descendants. Its a place for dairy farms, cattle  coffee and tourism. Since the government in its infinite wisdom killed to our tobacco industry, our minders who are  so concerned about lung cancer are presenting us a far more dangerous form of cancer: Islam. The Islamisation of Australia is a done deal.

“There are new people coming in from Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kosovo and Bosnia. There’s a great mix….”

Yep. And they got one creepy mosque already:


From ‘humble beginnings’ in an old house in west Mareeba, the Atherton Tablelands Islamic society has grown into……. fill in yourself!

(Nick Dalton, Cairns Post)

FUTURE VISION: Site of Standard Bearers Academy Islamic private boarding school at Tinaroo Creek Rd, Mareeba.

$70m Islamic boys boarding school to be built at Mareeba

The Standard Bearers Academy will have an Islamic focus but its proponents stress it will be a multi-denomination campus open to all faiths, including Christians and other religions, and students of no religious beliefs.

Spokesman Brenton Gibbs said it would be Standard Bearers Academy Holdings’ first school in Australia and, while it shared the same name as others in India and South Africa, it was not linked.

It will be financed by local (?) and international donors (Arabs?)  as well as state and federal government funding. (Aussie taxpayers to pay for their own demise? This is Islamisation on steroids. Our rulers have lost their fucking minds.)

“The new non-profit school will be called the Standard Bearers Academy on account of its mission to educate the leaders of tomorrow to uphold the highest ethical and moral standards,’’ a company statement said.

That would be Islamic ethics and morals, not ours.

Standard Bearers Academy will provide a broad-based education infused with an Islamic world view in an inclusive faith-centred environment for up to 1200 boys at a time from around Australia.”

The academy will follow the Australian National Curriculum with Year 5-12 students progressing to a Queensland Certificate of Education. Also offered will be the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

FUTURE VISION: Site of Standard Bearers Academy Islamic private boarding school at Tinaro

FUTURE VISION: Site of Standard Bearers Academy Islamic private boarding school at Tinaroo Creek Rd, Mareeba.

Islamic subjects will be offered in after-school pastoral care programs for those boarders from an Islamic faith background. Mr Gibbs would not name those behind the school except to say they were “respected educationalists from around Australia from diverse backgrounds”. (Mohammedans, each and every one of them. How many have convictions and how many are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood?)

“We will be in a position to announce the make-up of the governing council and board of directors in the near future,” he said. “The school principal should also be named shortly.’’

Any MuBro will do.

He said the academy, on nearly 40ha of land at Tinaroo Creek Rd, would be a first class educational institution with a particular focus on farming technology and rural activities.

‘Technology’ is code for bomb making,  and ‘rural activities’ means the practice of jihad warfare.

“Mareeba has been selected partly because of its inspiring natural beauty and also because it provides an ideal location for the agricultural training, sporting and equestrian activities we intend to offer our students,’’ Mr Gibbs said.

BS. Its because Mareeba is remote and the local Albanian and Bosnian Muslims are not yet properly radicalised.

The school will include student accommodation and classrooms, a performing arts complex, a multi-faith worship hall, (a Mosque) an Olympic-sized pool, a high-performance sports centre, tennis and basketball courts, an equestrian centre, a 400m tartan athletics competition running track, two sports fields, an orchard and a training farm. (Halal slaughterhouse.) There will be an onsite teacher training college and a College for Applied Leadership.

Standard Bearers Academy Holdings plans to lodge its development application with Mareeba Shire Council before Christmas.

It aims to open in 2017 with 200-300 students before expanding to its full capacity.

Get ready to resist, Aussies. If the future is Islamic we will not have one.