We can’t let American citizens decide who leads this nation

The Impeachment Hearings Threaten the First Amendment

Spying on reporters and criminalizing journalism is the new normal.

Civil liberties were the first casualty of this campaign.

This isn’t just a war about Trump. It’s a war about the First Amendment.

Adam Schiff is spying on phone records of his political opponents and an American journalist. He has abused his congressional authority to intimidate the press from reporting the facts. Where is the outrage from the media?

Democrats are trying to convince Americans that President Trump should be ousted for trying to “dig up dirt” on a rival. They’d have more credibility if they didn’t abuse their surveillance powers for drive-by smears of Republicans and a free press.

Try to get your head around this:

House Judiciary Committee Report: President Can Be Impeached for ‘Motives’ Without Breaking Law

The House Judiciary Committee released a report Saturday in which it argued that a president may be impeached for “illegitimate motives” even if his actions are “legally permissible.”

Need more proof that this is a coup?

They should all hang for this.

The Founders began the Constitution with “We the People” for a reason. Pelosi wants to negate the votes of 63M Americans, all while denying @realDonaldTrump due process. It is the ultimate abuse of power and all the more reason why Republicans must take back the House in 2020.

Husband Of Democrat In Impeachment Hearings Took $700K From Firms Tied To Ukrainian Oligarch ‘Accused Of Ordering Contract Killings’: Reports

The husband of Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, reportedly took $700,000 from firms connected to a Ukrainian oligarch who has allegedly been “accused of ordering contract killings.”

While Democrats obsess over impeachment,
continues to deliver:

*266K jobs in November – smashing expectations

*7.2M jobs since he was elected

*Strong 3.1% wage growth

*Unemployment is 3.5% – the lowest in 50 yrs

That’s huge!

Shifty Schiff is the sleaziest, dirtiest impostor on the Hill. It’s people like him, and his corrupt abuses of power, that are wrecking this great Nation. If people like him are our future then it’s all over.

LOL – Have you noticed that everybody on the left is talking about Trump committing “impeachable conduct” rather than saying he committed a CRIME?

“High crimes or misdemeanours-”  Trump committed neither & they all know it – the left is trying to redefine what impeachment means

Gun-Free Military Installations Make U.S. Troops Sitting Ducks

That’s one of the problems. Now here’s another case of ‘workplace violence’, obviously, because no one is allowed to connect the dots. “We will never know what made him do it”, he had ‘mental issues”, he  ‘was bullied” … we heard it all before.  But saying clearly here we have a case of an allahuakbaring Saudi Moslem who went on jihad shooting Americans while his buddies filmed it would be ‘islamophobic’, and that’s verboten. Even under Trump. Not impressed.

Gun-free policies on military installations make U.S. troops sitting ducks.

Yes, that’s also true. But the much bigger problem is that we’re not allowed to identify the enemy:

U.S. defense secretary can’t label U.S. base attack ‘terrorism’ at this point

Pensacola jihadi ranted about “crimes against Muslims,” investigators trying to determine if he had religious motive

“Sources told ABC News that investigators are working to determine if the shooter was acting out because of religious or ideological reasons or if there was some sort of problem or hostility that developed in the course of the training at Pensacola.”

All right. But there is also the fact that he wrote an online rant in which he “expresses hatred toward Americans because of crimes against Muslims and humanity as well as US support for Israel.”

Authorities are trying to determine whether or not Alshamrani actually wrote it, and that’s a legitimate question. But if he really did, there should be no doubt about his motive. There still will be, however.

“Mohammed Alshamrani: What we know about suspected Pensacola naval station shooter,” ABC 11, December 6, 2019: Continue reading Gun-Free Military Installations Make U.S. Troops Sitting Ducks

Islam 101: The Quran Encourages Offensive Jihad by Force

Diversity is a strength……for the enemy.

The sharia rules!

Canuckistan it is:

Montreal Cop is suspended 15 days for telling a muslim who was using his prayer time to talk his way out of a ticket – “I don’t care about your prayers”

Allahuakbar: Member of Saudi Military Shoots Up Pensacola Navy Base

Pensacola Navy base shooting: no lessons have been learned from 9/11

It’s worse than you can imagine. Scandalous:

Six Saudis are arrested over Pensacola naval base shooting including three who FILMED the attack by a countryman who killed three and wounded eight before being shot dead.

New York Times says “motive unclear”

Florida: Naval Air Station jihad murderer was Saudi aviation student, member of Saudi military

Fake News Media calls this vile savage a ‘Saudi aviation student’.  Was he learning how to do midair flight turns?

Giving Saudi nationals flight training on a Naval Airbase. What could possibly go wrong? “NAS Pensacola shooter identified as Saudi aviation student; possible terror motive being investigated”


4 dead in Pensacola Navy base shooting, including gunman  assassin who was a Saudi national

Four people died, including the suspect. Seven others were injured
In other news:

SIS Jihadi in Sydney arrested.

Sydney (Musel-)man to be charged with terror offences


The Riverwood man was arrested on Wednesday morning by members of the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team.

Iranian Koran Scholar: Apply Koran 5:33 to Protesters

Crucifixion, amputation and banishment.

Andrew Bostom

Abolfazl Bahrampour, is a prominent Iranian Koran scholar, and author of the widely respected “One Volume Commentary on the Koran,” (in Farsi, Qom, 2007). Interviewed on Iran’s state run television network during its daily “Eastern Sun” program, Tuesday, November 26, 2019, Bahrampour condemned those protesting Iran’s oppressive theocratic regime, en masse, as “Moharabeh”—enemies of Allah, who sew “corruption” of an Islamic societal order. Moharabeh is a standard allegation leveled against Iranian protesters, who are then routinely sentenced to death.

Bahrampour’s fulmination advocated (video) the protesters’ appropriate Koranic punishment—per Koran 5:33.

They should be tortured to death (i.e., crucified), not just simply killed. It is the exact meaning of the verse (Koran 5:33), Our Allamah (Muslim religious scholars and authorities) are good interpreters of the Koran…if they’ve (the protesters) been dealt with in such ways, they wouldn’t dare to protest again…And they should be punished and executed publicly and where the crime was actually committed…their hands and feet should be cut off on opposite sides in the worst way possible… Continue reading Iranian Koran Scholar: Apply Koran 5:33 to Protesters

‘All They Have Is Hatred’

‘We Have the Facts on Our Side — All They Have Is Hatred’

Deranged Commie Pope Compares Trump to Herod, Who Tried to Kill Jesus

Pope Scolds Nations for ‘Weak’ Response to “Climate Crisis”

ROME — Pope Francis has compared U.S. President Donald Trump to the murderous King Herod who massacred innocent children in ancient Palestine while trying to kill the baby Jesus, a Jesuit journal revealed Thursday.

Speaking with his brother Jesuits during his recent visit to Thailand, the Argentinian pope minced no words in his thinly veiled condemnation of the U.S. president and his administration, suggesting that like a modern-day Herod, Mr. Trump separates families at the border while allowing drugs to freely flow into the country.

He hates & he lies.

Radical Swiss Imam Faces Allegations of Welfare Benefit Fraud

Radical Swiss Imam Faces Allegations of Welfare Benefit Fraud

Just part of his entitlements. The infidels are obliged to provide for him.

EU Commissioners Slammed for Singing Marxist Anthem ‘Bella Ciao’

EU Commissioners Slammed for Singing Marxist Anthem ‘Bella Ciao’

Remember when Juncker went for the inauguration of a Karl Marx statue in Trier? What more do you need to know?

Macron Considers Abandoning Africa Mission After 13 Killed, Islamic State Claims Responsibility

The French have a thing with surrendering.

Pelosi Snaps After Asked if She Hates POTUS

Pelosi unleashes on reporter: “I don’t hate anybody. As a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. I don’t hate anyone.”

Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Nervous Fit’ After She Snaps at Reporter

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Impeachment: ‘No One Is Above the Law’

Adam Schiff Violated Civil Liberties with Phone Snooping…
Rand Paul ‘Alarmed at the Abuse of Power by Adam Schiff’
‘Think of the Children’ at Climate Summit
Near-Record 79 Illegal Boat Migrants Reach UK in DaY

Climate Jihad

Global warming, global cooling, climate change, climate emergency, climate catastrophe, climate collapse, or existential threat?

The most curious thing is that the journaille never point out how wrong previous predictions have been, but the solution is always to transfer freedom and trillions of dollars to bureaucrats and politicians throughout the world.

Read the whole thing below the fold.

Delingpole: The UN’s COP25 Madrid Climate Conference Is a Sick Joke

MADRID, Spain — I’m in Madrid for the latest UN Climate Conference – COP25 – and literally no one cares.

Pope Francis Scolds Nations for ‘Weak’ Response to Climate Crisis

Pope Scolds Nations for ‘Weak’ Response to Climate Crisis

the pope pointed hopefully to young people as the vanguard of the battle against climate change, especially the celebrated 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg.

Green Policies Are Turning Chile Into Venezuela

Chile’s green government has carpeted the length of the country with expensive, unreliable, bird-killing wind farms and solar farms. It has introduced 96 new green taxes and regulations.

Thanks to its green policies, Chile is fast becoming the new Venezuela.

Continue reading Climate Jihad

India will give citizenship to persecuted minorities from neighbouring Muslim countries

“Critics have called the proposed law anti-Muslim.” Why? Are non-Muslims not actually being persecuted in Muslim countries? This shows how the charge of being “anti-Muslim” is used to intimidate and silence anyone who dares stand against the jihad or with its victims. Meanwhile, every nation on earth should offer a similar refuge.

NEW DELHI/GUWAHATI (Reuters) – India’s cabinet approved a bill on Wednesday to give citizenship to religious minorities persecuted in neighboring Muslim countries, the first time that the country is seeking to grant nationality on the basis of religion.

Activists Rabid Moslems from the All Assam Students Union (AASU) burn effigies depicting India’s Home Minister Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.
In other news:
Believers Hail London Bridge Killings: ‘Lion of Islam’…

This is the usual modus operandi. In the first days after every massacre, they whine about the imaginary “backlash’ and  “Islamophobia”. Once they see that it’s not happening, they turn right back into their supremacist triumphalism.

Muslim mayor of a German municipality calls opponents of mosques Nazis and threatens that every German village will have its own mosque

“Love for all, hate for none” is the slogan of the rabid Ahmadiyya, the worst liars among the Mohammedans & the biggest proselytisers.

The mosque will be built, then another one, and then another and then many more. Until every village has a mosque! Nazis will certainly not stop us.” – this is the tweet of Suleman Malik, Deputy Mayor of Erfurt.

Don’t use narwhal tusks again, you racist infidels!

Can you believe this?  Paki POS Sadiq Khan(t) has the audacity to lecture Brits on how great it is to live with Islamic terrorism, and how they should appreciate the ‘diversity”  by which allahuakbaring headchoppers have enriched once great Britain.

And now he tops it all with this:

What he’s really saying is that killing allahuakbaring culture enrichers with fire extinguishers & whale tusks is not allowed in Islam and that racist infidels should not resist the jihad in this way.

This is meant to scare the journaille not to report about the jihad at all.

Australia will STOP sending money to Pakistan

Why did we ever send them any money? Who’s idea was it to send these degenerates our money?

Iraqi Christians warn Sweden: “If Islamists gain power, they won’t treat you according to human rights, but Sharia”

That is most certainly the outcome of Islamisation.

Islamophobia poses ‘real danger’: German official

One of Merkel’s clones regurgitating her propaganda.

Annette Widmann-Mauz said: “Right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, and hostility towards Muslims are a very real danger that we have to combat in a consequent and sustainable manner.”

She added: “I’m worried about any extremist development where people are being combatted, insulted and threatened because of their origin, and because of their faith and because they look different. And that is why it is urgent that we also recognize clearly that this is a real danger. A threat to this society, to its cohesion.”

You can’t have cohesion & ‘sustainability’ when you try to replace the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat.

Anger in China as US House passes Uighur crackdown bill


Anger in China as US House passes Uighur crackdown bill

Beijing ‘resolutely opposes’ resolution, which among others seeks to sanction Communist Party leader in Xinjiang.

Why is the U.S.  supporting Mohammedans against a gov’t that wants to re-educate and retrain them?

True Believers

Muselmaniacs downunder finance the jihad overseas & domestically


Jail after $3m laundered through CBA

A Sydney (Musel-)man who laundered more than $3 million through the Commonwealth Bank in less than a year has been jailed for at least four years on a separate matter after he helped launder $18 million through local banks.

Mount Lewis man Belal Betka, 27, deposited more than $4 million across 558 separate transactions – each designed to sit just under the $10,000 threshold that forces banks to report the deposit to financial intelligence entity Austrac.

Pali Preacher Yusuf Al-Makharze: Allah Wants Girls to Be Married off When They Start Menstruating; Our Leaders Have No Right to Prevent This from Happening

Keep this for the next ‘interfaith’ healing session with those slick Ahmadiyya liars who desperately want you to believe that Aisha was older!


Former Jordanian MP Muhammad Tu’mah Al-Qudah: Our Enmity Towards the Jews Will Continue Until They Are Annihilated in the Great Battle

Arab Press: ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Served The U.S. And Was Eliminated After His Role Ended

They are all certifiable lunatics marinated in nonsense & ancient hatreds.

Copenhagen Imam, Indicted In 2018 For Calling To Murder Jews In Sermon Translated By MEMRI, Says In New Friday Sermon: Every Single Muslim Leader Serves American, ‘Crusader’ Interests

Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdallah said in a June 21, 2019 Friday sermon at the Al-Faruq Mosque in Copenhagen that Muslims, their blood, their honor, and their holy places are no longer inviolable. He said that Jerusalem is occupied by the Zionists, who he said are spreading corruption, and he said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is spreading heresy, immorality, and promiscuity in Mecca and Medina. Imam Abdallah said that “Crusader flames are engulfing Muslims” throughout the world and that the blood of Muslims flows in rivers.

Claiming that all Muslim rulers have become the “spearhead” for the “crusade” against Muslim lands, he criticized Iran for “serving” the American “crusade” in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and he criticized Saudi Arabia for being “shoes on America’s feet” and for conspiring against the Syrian revolution.  Imam Abdallah went on to criticize the UAE and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed for inviting the Pope to hold mass in the Arabian Peninsula and for normalizing relations with the Jews. The sermon was uploaded to Imam Abdallah’s YouTube channel and to the Al-Faruq Mosque’s Facebook page.

On July 24, 2018, Imam Abdallah was indicted in Denmark for calling for the murder of Jews in a Friday, March 31, 2017 sermon that had been translated and released by MEMRI.