“Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s”


Andrew Bolt had a look at what Australia’s Muslim kidz are saying on their own websites, and it comes as no surprise that Arab Imperialism and supremacy, otherwise known as ‘Islam’ – rules the day:

Check this interesting discussion on Sydney’s popular Muslim Village Australia website about the Hamas Mickey Mouse on Palestinian TV that urges children to fight Israel.


Update on the Jihad Rat here:

Of course, these are sure to be the views of an insignificant minority of Australian Muslims, and the real sin is to mention they even exist. Some highlights from the Muslim Village thread:

* Nothing without the above disclaimer. Only too strange that we NEVER hear from the ‘majority of peaceful, law-abiding Muslims..’ -don’t ya think?

# of course they should grow up, with the intention of establishing an islamic state. even if it means that they need to free their lands from oppression with ak-47’s… its their right to resist..

* Keep in mind that ‘free their lands’ means to conquer all the lands in the world and rid all the world of unbelievers and Jews and ‘polytheists’…

may all my children die in the path of ALLAH swt, whether its by doing dawah or by physically taking up arms to free people from oppression..

* ‘Oppression’ for the Muslims means the existence of kuffar, disbelief in Allah…

‘may all my children die in the path of Allah’ is the old chestnut: ‘kuffar-we-love-death and you like Pepsi Cola..’
# malcolm x said it perfectly mashaALLAH.. may ALLAH grant him the reward of a martyr insha ALLAH

* Every Muslim talks like that. Malcolm X makes no difference here…

# There’s nothing in our book, the Quran—you call it “Ko-ran”—that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. That’s a good religion.

* ‘respect the law’ means of course Islamic law, the sharia, which must be respected. If the kuffar creates obstacles to the spread of Islam, the Muslim should kill him. The kuffar must not let the Muslim ‘suffer’…

#who are u to deny the palestinians the right to defend themselves and fight for their freedom? maybe you think they should just roll over and accept oppression but us as muslims are obligated to fight for our rights and not accept such gross oppression..

* ‘The right of the Pali-Arabs or any other jihadists to ‘defend themselves’ -simply means to annihilate the Jews and the tiny state of Israel. Jews, at least some of them, may be allowed to live UNDER Muslim rule, in slave like conditions, as ‘dhimmies’- otherwise muslims are ‘oppressed’

# Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s and strive for world domination under Islamic leadership? As Muslims, its our duty to aim for and aspire to a world that is administered by Islam.

* That’s right. Why only AK 47’s?

Every Islamic lunatic should have his very own nukes in order to blackmail and threaten the kuffars into submission, until they pay the jiziyah with ‘willing submission’…

# Teaching ones kids gheira for their Muslim brothers and sisters and to uphold the word of Allah and to strive to rule the world by it IS the high moral ground.

* See, if we would post this on our websites they would call us ‘Islam-bashers’, ‘haters & racists’- but for them the call for world domination and our subjugation is quite normal…

# Picking up weapons to fight injustice and to establish the Islamic rule is such a virtue, most virtues in this world are pale in comparison to it! Its about time Muslims stopped toeing the US and its cronies ridiculous line of “violence is wrong” and that too after seeing (blindly seeing?) all the violence perpetrated by their evil war machine.

* infidel rule, ‘man-made law’- is injustice. We need the sharia, now…

# Picking up weapons is NOT wrong! Picking up weapons for injustice is wrong.

* That’s right. The kuffar is wrong to defend himself against his rightful Muslim rulers…

# Jihad (includes defensive, offensive, combatant and noncombatant aspects, and is NEVER for the sake of injustice) is a virtue so great, hardly anything in this life compares to it and only Allah knows the true magnificence of a person who engages in it

* Damn. I thought jihad was ‘inner struggle…?’

we need to free all Muslim lands of tyrannical rule and establish the laws of Allah, in our lands first and expand it to the world.

* Go knock yourself out, Muslim! Start in your own country first, please!

# Islam is based on TOTAL SUBMISSION, not on logic and destructive reasoning.

* Couldn’t agree more.

Only here it comes from the camels mouth, so to speak. Why argue with such wisdom and knowledge?


Read also: Al Qaeda’s Al Zawahiri recruiting black American bombers


Satan’s Scorched Earth Policy:

“If we continue to aspire to nothing more than diplomas, positions, salaries, pensions and the raising of our children, there will be nothing but humiliation in store for us, our children and our grandchildren,” he argued. “If, on the other hand, we are happy with killing, captivity, emigration, losing one’s spouse, orphanage, and losing one’s wealth, homeland and beloved in the path of Allah, then with Allah’s help, no power on the face of the earth can defeat us.”


Melanie Philips: Islam, Liberalism & the Limits of Tolerance

Liberalism v Islamism

Mermaid Statue Draped in Muslim Dress


I don’t know who did it, but it’s still a glimpse into the future of Europe — unless Europe wakes up.

From AP 

Back to Melanie Philips:

Presentation at Neo conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 11 May 2007

First of all, let me define my terms and say what I mean by Islamism and liberalism. Islamism is the politicised version of Islam which mandates jihad, or holy war against the infidel and conquest of the non-Islamic world for Islam. I’m well aware of the argument that there’s no difference between Islamism and Islam: that’s a theological argument for others to have.

By liberalism I mean the commitment to a free society, founded above all on the separation of secular government from religious worship — from which follow the concepts of equal respect for all people, freedom of conscience, tolerance and the rule of law.

These two concepts, Islamism and liberalism, are currently engaged in a fight to the death. My argument is that liberalism is in danger of losing this fight because it has so badly undermined itself and departed from its own core concepts that it is now paralysed by moral and intellectual muddle.

Liberalism is the creed of modernity. The driving force behind the Islamic jihad is the fight against liberalism and modernity. All the iconic conflicts — Iraq, Israel, Kashmir, Chechnya, Sudan —are secondary to the fundamental aim of the jihad to prevent liberalism and modernity from destroying Islam.

The founding ideologue of modern Islamism, Syed Qutb, made clear in his writings that at the core of the salafi interpretation of Islam was opposition to the separation of religion and temporal power that resulted in liberalism and democracy. His governing impulse was the fear that the instinct for liberty was so powerful it would spread to and infiltrate the Muslim mind unless it was checked by the most repressive possible form of Islam.

The Big and Little Satans themselves, America and Israel, are proxies for liberalism and modernity. That’s why Islamism says they must be destroyed. Qutb famously went to America and concluded from seeing men and women dancing at a church hop that America was one giant brothel. And much of the bitter hostility to the Jews who started returning to Palestine in the 1920s was because the women wore shorts and were sexually free.

The Islamist goal is to destroy the virus of freedom and modernity before it infects the Islamic world, and to replace it with Islam. That is the core of the profound threat it poses to the west, a threat mounted through the pincer movement of both terrorism and cultural takeover.

This cultural takeover, or the aim to Islamise the west, was explicitly laid out in a programme of subversion for Europe by the Wahabbi Muslim Brotherhood almost 30 years ago. In 1978, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference sponsored a seminar in London which said Muslim communities in western countries must establish autonomous institutions with help from Muslim states, and lobby the host country to grant Muslims recognition as a separate religious community as a step towards eventual political domination.

In Britain in 1980, a book called ‘The Islamic Movement in the West’ by Khuram Murad advocated an ‘organised struggle to change the existing society into an Islamic society…and make Islam…supreme and dominant especially in the socio-political spheres…’ A Muslim Brotherhood document seized in Switzerland in 2001, known as ‘The Project’, outlined a twelve-point strategy to ‘establish an Islamic government on earth’. And the Brotherhood has now set up an intricate network of bodies across Europe to put all this into action.

Many Muslims in Britain and around the world are deeply opposed to this; indeed Muslims are the most numerous victims of the jihad. That’s why I use the term Islamism, to distinguish those who believe in Islamic conquest from those who merely draw upon Islam for spiritual sustenance. But at the same time, it is false to deny that Islamism is the dominant force in the Muslim and Arab world, false to deny that it is radicalising millions of Muslims in the west, and false to deny the huge inroads it has made into western society through this pincer movement of terrorism and cultural pressure.

But many in the west do deny it. They ignore the clear evidence of the goal of Islamising the west. They choose to believe instead that the reason for Islamist terror lies in the wrongs the west has done to the Islamic world —Iraq or Palestine, discrimination or Islamophobia. Indeed, even to speak in this way is to invite the deadly label of Islamophobia — a term invented to shut down legitimate and vital debate about Islamism. Far from defending core liberal values that are thus singled out for destruction, such people thus side with or appease those who attack them. So Europe — bastion of free speech — attacked those newspapers which published and re-published the Mohammed cartoons. And liberals committed to human rights march on the streets of London, behind banners saying Free Iraq and Free Palestine, shoulder to shoulder with Islamists who believe in death to gays.

Why is a liberal society so reluctant to defend its own most cherished values of freedom and tolerance? The answer, I suggest, lies both in the intrinsic nature of liberalism — and also in what I would call our dominant culture of corrupted liberalism, in which true liberal values have actually been turned on their heads.

Corruption of liberal values, read it all…

Netanyahu on Maher: ‘We ain’t going back to the gas chambers’

Maher can’t get over himself, but Nethanyahu rocks. With thanks to Atlas Shrugs:

A British ‘Lord’ and about delusion in high places

British member of Parliament Lord Andrew Phillips, in an interview with BBC Radio, says “To hell with America,” and means it. He’s just returned from meeting with Dr. Ismail Haniyeh of the activist group Hamas in Gaza, and he’s all fired up about their moderate message.

* Hmm, just wondering what kind of ‘doctor’ Ismail Haniyeh is. Doctor of terrorism? In which university did he graduate?

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Questioning the latest fad:  A case of mass-hypnosis that has turned into a political movement and and Ersatz religion. Big business, propaganda and intimidation drives the global warming mafia. The more you know about it, the more absurd it becomes. Meanwhile, the real problems of our time are being ignored for this mass-delusion…

Australia: Young Journo abused and insulted because ‘her dress is offensive to Islam’


Rudely revealing …Young muslims abuse a woman for her “offensive dress”-

The Sunday Telegraph

Dress “offensive” to Islam
By Ellen Connolly

THIS is the outfit that has been labelled “offensive” and “disrespectful” to the Muslim community.

Twenty-three-year-old journalist Latika Bourke was verbally attacked by a group of Muslim men outside a Sydney mosque because of her dress.

“This young man approached me and said: ‘You should be wearing more clothes. You need to cover up, you mutt’,” Ms Bourke, who works for 2UE Radio, recounted.

Ms Bourke, who was wearing a black trenchcoat, knee-high boots and gloves, said she was shocked and humiliated.

“I’m just incredulous as to why they would say that … what else is there to cover up? They are doing themselves no favours by behaving like this.”

Ms Bourke was waiting to interview controversial mufti Sheik Taj Eldeen Alhilaly at Lakemba mosque when a man aged about 20 confronted her.

His friends stood nearby, supporting him, as he verbally attacked her.

“He said: Are you aware that this is our Friday prayers? Do you know you’re disrespecting our religion.”

Ms Bourke said she replied: “I’m sorry, how?” He then advised her to cover up and called her “a mutt”.

Ms Bourke, a Christian, said she was very conscious of the need to respect other people’s religions.

“I knew it was important to cover up when you go to a mosque and that’s why I wore a long coat and gloves.

“As soon as it happened I looked at myself and thought, ‘What am I wearing that is offensive?”’

The incident sparked a flurry of calls to talkback radio on Friday _ mostly criticising the Muslim man and his friends for what they described as being “offensive behaviour”.

* Islam will not stop until we stop it.

Or our world will look like this within 50 years or sooner:


More from Australia:

Love, Jihadi Style

Woman ‘plotted Sydney bombing out of love’

By Margaret Scheikowski news.com.au

* From the ‘prove to me that your no fool, walk across my swimming pool’ department:

A WOMAN accused of planning to set off a car bomb in Sydney’s Kings Cross to prove her love for her jailed boyfriend is to stand trial.

A police statement of facts tendered today in Central Local Court said Jill Alison Courtney was “obsessed” with marrying Hussan Kalache.

“To date, the accused has Kalache’s name and corrective services inmate number tattooed over various parts of her body,” the statement said.

“During this relationship, Kalache wanted the accused to prove her love to him by undertaking a ‘mission’ before he would commit to marriage with the accused.”

After a brief court hearing – in which Courtney appeared via videolink from prison – Magistrate Allan Moore ordered her to stand trial in the New South Wales Supreme Court on a date to be fixed.

Courtney, 27, of Casula in southwestern Sydney, is charged with conspiring to commit murder and conspiring to cause explosives to be placed in or near a public place.

The police statement said Courtney denied the allegation that she was planning to detonate an explosive device in Sydney.

Police allegedly received information that a woman named Jill, living in the Liverpool area, was “planning to detonate an explosive device in a vehicle in Kings Cross, Sydney, on Friday 24 March 2006”.

Investigations revealed the woman to be Courtney, who lived with her father in Casula, the statement said.

Further investigations revealed she and Kalache, now 28, were in a “turbulent” relationship and she was obsessed with marrying him.

The statement referred to conversations between them in March last year, which police believed related to Courtney’s “mission”.

“During (one) conversation Kalache states that after the ‘mission’ is completed he will marry the accused immediately,” the statement alleged.

“Police investigations have revealed the accused had previously approached a number of people, requesting their assistance in the preparation, purchase of materials and manufacture of improvised explosive devices.”

On March 3 last year, NSW and Federal police executing a search warrant at her home seized various items which police said could be used in the construction of an improvised explosive device.

They allegedly included a timing kit, chemical lists, rolls of tape, a receipt for two litres of ammonia and electric motors.

A wig and hair dye also were allegedly found.

“Also located during the search warrant were the documents relating to the chemical list which police allege is the plan to the mission of detonating a device in Kings Cross,” the statement said.

An envelope was found allegedly containing handwriting saying “no regrets for actions of sincere intention”.

The notebook which police said detailed the “mission plan” included writing which said: “go place, set it up, leave, do it, go to borrowed car, change clothes, wig, drive home”.

* There is a sucker born every minute.

LGF link

Last not least:

Hicks ‘elated to be back home’

* And the far left loonies from the MSM don’t even call him by his real name: Muhammad Dawoud

* A nation that is too soft to execute its traitors is a nation bound to fail:


Back to jail … David Hicks (in red overalls) is escorted from the charted jet after being flown from Guantanomo Bay to Adelaide’s Edinburgh Air force Base / AAP


DAVID HICK’s Australian lawyer David McLeod said the confessed terrorist supporter was “visibly elated” when the plane transporting him from Guantanamo Bay touched down on Australian soil.

Hicks arrived at Adelaide’s Yatala prison to serve the rest of his nine-month sentence, after his flight landed at Adelaide’s Edinburgh RAAF base at 9.50 this morning.

Hicks was escorted by Mr McLeod, members of the Australian Federal Police and South Australian Department of Correctional Services officers on the 24-hour journey.

The convicted Australian was transported from the airbase in a vehicle convoy flanked several police cars. The convoy drove straight through the jail’s gates and into the prison compound, without allowing a glimpse of convicted man.

A short time later, the Federal Government confirmed Hicks’ arrival in Adelaide in a joint statement from Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock.

Hicks will remain at the Yatala Labour Prison until he completes his sentence for providing material support for terrorism.

After five years in the US-run Guantanamo Bay prison, Hicks boarded a government-chartered plane which flew back to Australia via a long route becaue the US would not allow it to fly into its airspace.

Hicks received a seven-year jail sentence with all but nine months suspended. He is expected to be released on 30 December.

Read it all..The Sunday Telegraph and AAP


From the Age:

A far leftard compares the excremental Hicks with Nelson Mandela here

and a poster on the Bolt blog answers it:

Posted by bush boy of the bush on Mon 21 May 07 at 01:16pm
So Louise Adler approves of Hicks’ declaration that “the Western-Jewish domination is finished, so we live under Muslim law again” and his warning to his father to ignore “the Jews’ propaganda war machine,”
And she’s OK with Hicks wanting “go back to Australia and rob and kill Jews”, “crash a plane into a building”, and “go out with that last big adrenalin rush.”
I’d like to see her explain to relatives how this creep compares with Mandela: “He once told me in Afghanistan that if he were to go into a building of Jews with an automatic weapon or as a suicide bomber he would have to say something like ‘there is no god but Allah’ . . . just so he could see the look of fear on their faces, before he takes them out,” writes former Camp X-ray inmate Abbasi.
One can only hope that Adler has enough decency left in her bones to one day be very ashamed.

Raving far left ratbags cook the news for you: 

That very same day, Ray Martin presented on Nine’s Sunday one of his typically even-handed reports, entitled: Caged Animal David Hicks: A Nation’s Shame, and said the treatment of the al-Qaida recruit made him “ashamed to be an Aussie”.

Good work, Ray. If we need one thing from you its another show on Hicks, whose only mistake was to join the terrorists behind the killing so far of more than 100 of his and your fellow Aussies.

See, if it wasn’t for Ray’s report, we’d have to get our Hicks fix from, well, about every one else, actually.

Take SBS, which on Monday screened a one-hour debate on Hicks, followed just 90 minutes later with a repeat of its documentary, The President vs David Hicks.

Or we could go to our other daily supplier, our ABC, whose staff campaigns so hard for Hicks that network radio editor Gordon Lavery had to hose them down with a memo headed “Hicks demonstrations and others”.

This was a “timely reminder”, he said, “that there needs to be a legitimate news hook for stories which preview events, demonstrations, etc.”, because “we have no business trying to rally sympathy or boost numbers”.


Which Way is Thailand Going?


An interesting article from the Andrew Bolt blog:

New School Versus Old School

May 19, 2007: The violence in the south has declined 43 percent from last year, to 1,170 violent incidents so far this year (through May 15). Half the attacks this year involved firearms, a quarter were bombs and fifteen percent setting fires. About one percent of the 2,200 people killed in the last three years, have been beheaded. This is a horrific action to make the deaths more newsworthy. The Islamic militants behind most of the violence, are eager to get as much media attention as possible. Since actually establishing an Islamic State (the non-Moslem Thais are too numerous, nationalistic and violent to let that happen) is virtually impossible, the media coverage is the best they can get. The terrorism also aids the smuggling gangs, or at least it did for a while. But with all the additional troops and police, and their checkpoints, it’s becoming more difficult to smuggle goods across the border. Talk about unintended consequences.
The violence in the south is increasingly directed more at Moslems, as the terrorists try to eliminate government informers, and non-Moslems increasingly organize death squads to carry out reprisal attacks. Most of the Moslem population wants all the violence to stop, as this sort of thing has happened before. Since the Moslem Sultanate was taken over by Thailand a century ago, there have been uprisings every few generations. In the past, these rebellions were put down with much violence by the Thai government. It’s not for nothing that Thailand is one of the few nations in the region to never be colonized. The Thais are tough, determined, and vicious if provoked. However, times have changed, and “vicious” doesn’t play as well as it used to. So the Thai government is telling the southerners to cool it, and is sending money and other economic aid as peace offerings. In times past, this might have worked. But this time around, it’s not just ethnic (the southerners are Malays) and religious (some 95 percent of Thais are Buddhists) differences, but the presence of Islamic radicals who want to convert all Thais to Islam, and establish an Islamic religious dictatorship throughout the region. This will never work, and if the Islamic militants are able to keep it up long enough, the Thais will toss political correctness and go old school on the Moslem minority. That may help the world-wide Islamic radical movement (by providing lots of “martyrs”), but it will be a disaster for the Moslems in southern Thailand. And it will probably work. Islamic terrorists have been stamped out several times in the last twenty years, using similar methods. Most Moslems are caught in the middle. If they oppose the Islamic militants, they are attacked for disloyalty. If the Moslems support the terrorists, they are subject to attack by death squads or security forces.

The increased police presence in the south has reduced the violence, but not eliminated the terrorist cells. That will take longer, because establishing a large enough informer network, to do the job, can take several years. The Thais have the Israeli model to follow. The Israelis used informer networks, and going after the key terrorist personnel (leaders and technicians) to cripple the terrorist groups into ineffectiveness.

Peanut Khadr takes a stab at Tony BLair

Peanut Khadr, former ‘Winds of Jihad Asshole of the month’ award winner, Arafat buddy and pontificating whack job can’t keep his trap shut:

...while the far left scribblers from the MSM think they can actually revive this despicable yesterday man, the worst former president in US history, a total and utter failure, just returned from his last round of publicity in support of Hamas,

They would seriously have us believe that Peanut Khadr is as good as a dildo on dry batteries because he was, once upon a time, a ‘Nobel Price Winner’:


Al Reuters reports:

US ex-president Carter faults “subservient” Blair

By Peter Graff
LONDON, May 19 (Reuters) – Nobel Peace Prize-winning former U.S. President Jimmy Carter denounced outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s loyal relationship with Washington on Saturday, saying it had worsened the aftermath of war in Iraq.
“Abominable. Loyal, blind, apparently subservient,” Carter said on Britain’s BBC radio when asked how he would characterise Blair’s relationship with U.S. President George W. Bush.
“I think that the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world,” Carter said.

* Peanut Khadr didn’t say what his ‘policies’ are for the ME
Carter, who was president of the United States from 1977-1981 and won the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for his charitable work, was an outspoken opponent of the invasion of Iraq before it was launched in 2003.
If Blair had opposed the invasion, the British prime minister might not have been able to stop it, but he could have lessened the harm that followed by making it more difficult for Washington to shrug off critics, Carter said.
“It would certainly have assuaged the problems that have (arisen) lately,” Carter said.
“One of the defences of the Bush administration in America and worldwide… has been: ‘Okay, we must be more correct in our actions than the world thinks because Great Britain is backing us,'” Carter said.
“I think the combination of Bush and Blair giving their support to this tragedy in Iraq has strengthened the effort and has made opposition less effective and has prolonged the war and increased the tragedy that has resulted.”
Blair, who made an unannounced visit to Iraq on Saturday, has said he will step down in June. His Labour Party has named his long-serving finance minister, Gordon Brown, to succeed him.
Brown was a member of the cabinet that voted in favour of the war, but has said mistakes were made in Iraq and he will review policy there.
Britain now has about 7,000 troops in southern Iraq but has announced plans to cut them back to about 5,500 over the next few months and withdraw from its bases in Iraq’s second biggest city Basra to an air base outside the city.

Guilt Complex


Ass hat:


The Peanut Khadr Ding a ling



Germany: Khaled el-Masri has been detained on suspicion of arson

El-Masri Detained on Arson Suspicion


* With an intro from LGF:

Khaled el-Masri, the poster boy for the international left’s campaign against the CIA practice of “rendition,” has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of arson.

Notice that Spiegel Online states as a fact that el-Masri was “tortured,” but doesn’t mention until the fifth paragraph that the only evidence of “torture” is el-Masri’s own word.

* You see, this whining, wincing jihadi has been claiming victimhood all along, supported by the anti-American media and a totally unhinged leftie judiciary. But now it seems that his hatred of the dar-al harb got the better of him: He was caught setting fire to a wholesale market that caused about one million dollars in damages.

Lebanese-German Khaled el-Masri, kidnapped by the CIA and tortured in an Afganistan prison in early 2004, has been arrested in Neu-Ulm on suspicion of arson.


Khaled el-Masri

Khaled el-Masri is back in custody. This time, it’s not a dark hole in Afghanistan after being picked up by American agents on suspicion of being a terrorist. Rather, it is a psychiatric clinic in the German town of Neu-Ulm where he has been arrested on suspicion of being an arsonist.
The 43-year-old Lebanese-German — who claims to have been kidnapped by American agents at the end of 2003 and flown to a prison in Afghanistan for torture as part of the extraordinary renditions program — is suspected of having ignited a blaze early Thursday morning that ultimately did €500,000 ($678,000) in damages. According to police, the door of a wholesale market in Neu-Ulm was broken and a fire was set just inside. El-Masri was picked up not far away.

A judge ordered el-Masri be sent to a psychiatric hospital, according to police inspector Holger Rennebeck in a Thursday statement. There was no reason given for the judge’s decision and el-Masri’s lawyer could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

El-Masri was picked up on New Year’s Eve in 2003 as he tried to enter Macedonia. By his account, he was then flown by US agents to Kabul where he was tortured and sexually abused during his five months in captivity. In late May, 2004, el-Masri was again put on a plane, flown to Albania and released. His case quickly became one of the primary rallying cries against the US practice of extraordinary rendition and was also examined by a parliamentary committee in the German Bundestag. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the US admitted to her having made a mistake in the case of el-Masri, but the US has refused to comment directly on his case.
Immediately prior to the arson, Germany’s high court had declared unconstitutional an operation carried out by Bavarian authorities that involved listening in on telephone calls made by el-Masri’s lawyer Manfred Gnjidic. That judgement was handed down on Wednesday.

* Questions: Is he Lebanese or German? In Germany he cannot be both. Why has been sent to a mental institution and not to prison? Who was it who sexually abused him while he was in an Afghan prison?

The Taliban? If so, shouldn’t El Masri take his complaints to them?


In other news from Germany: 

The biggest threat for the stability and security of Germany comes again from Islamic terrorism”

Interior minister says Germany seeing “new quality” of terrorist activity

DAVID RISING Associated Press Writer
Tuesday May 15th, 2007

BERLIN (AP) – Germany saw only a slight rise last year in the number of suspected Islamic extremists, but its top security official said Tuesday that a failed bombing attempt and other incidents showed the country was facing a “new quality of terrorist activity.”

“The biggest threat for the stability and security of Germany comes again from Islamic terrorism,” Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said as he presented the government’s report on extremism for 2006.

Still, he noted an “alarming development” in far-right extremism, with a 9.3-percent increase in violent attacks from the previous year to 1,047, while the far-right National Democratic Party saw its membership increase by 1,000 people to 7,000.

Violent attacks by left-wing extremists were down 3.8 percent to 862, but Schaeuble said that with the Group of Eight summit in Germany only three weeks away, authorities are “watching specific activities of the left-extremist scene and violent globalization opponents … with care.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hosting the event, to be attended by the leaders of the U.S., Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Japan.

Some 6,000 people on the extreme left were considered potentially violent, 500 more than a year earlier. Schaeuble stressed that “we will not allow for possible attacks to disrupt the smooth development of the G-8 summit.”

The 333-page report from Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution listed 10,400 far-right extremists as potentially violent, the same number as in 2005.

In the fight against Islamic extremism, Schaeuble pointed to failed attempts last year to blow up two trains, in which bombs in suitcases were successfully planted but failed to explode, and a sophisticated video posted on the Internet earlier this year threatening Merkel and her Cabinet if the country did not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

These “show clearly that Germany now has to deal with a new quality of terrorist activity,” Schaeuble said.


India: Bomb strikes mosque, sparks Muslim-Hindu fighting, killing 14

* Hmm, once again AP doesn’t give anything away:

‘Sparks Muslim-Hindu fighting’- really? But did it?

Hyderabad happens to be the center of the Indian computer industry. The global jihad had its spies there a while ago to check it out. Could it be a Muslim on Muslim attack just to get the jihad going?


Mecca Masjid is located close to the Charminar (pictured here), the symbol of Hyderabad

A bomb ripped through a historic mosque Friday in southern India, and 14 people were killed – 10 in the blast and four in subsequent clashes between angry Muslim worshippers and security forces, police said.
The bombing, which also wounded at least 35 people, and clashes raised fears of wider Hindu-Muslim violence in the city, long plagued by communal tensions and occasional spasms of inter-religious bloodletting.

Many of the 35 people wounded were seriously hurt, and the city’s police chief, Balwinder Singh, warned the death toll could rise.

There are an estimated 130 million Muslims in India, a country of 1.1 billion people. Authorities across India were told to be alert for any signs of Hindu-Muslim fighting, and top officials called for calm.

The Associated Press

Here is another link:


* It seems indeed that Muslims bombed the mosque in order to get Hyderabads Muslims all fired up for the jihad against the Hindus, an often applied strategy:

Bangladesh-based terror group Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJI) on Saturday emerged as the prime suspect in the blast at the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad as investigators claimed to have made a breakthrough with the recovery of a SIM card from a phone attached to an unexploded bomb.

Eleven people were killed in the explosion that occurred during Friday prayers while five more died when police fired on protesters who attacked shops and petrol pumps in the communally sensitive Charminar area.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, who both went to the mosque and visited the injured, said they were not averse to a CBI probe into the terrorist attack.

From the Business Standard

The plot thickens: 

Targeted killing of Muslims by jihadi terrorist organisations of pan-Islamic and Wahabi orientation is not a new phenomenon. One has seen many instances of such killings in Pakistan itself, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Somalia, Algeria, J&K in India, Bangladesh, and in southern Thailand. In the past, such attacks were directed at Muslims belonging to different sects (Shias vs Sunnis as in Pakistan and Iraq), Muslims, who were perceived as apostate because of their  co-operation with the US and with pro-US Islamic regimes, Muslims who were suspected to be spies of the intelligence agencies and moderate Muslim political leaders, who opposed the ideology of the jihadi terrorists.

In the last one year, one has been seeing a new trend in the countries affected by jihadi terrorism. Jihadi terrorist organisations have been targeting Muslims, who are not prepared to accept Wahabism and the pan-Islamic objective of an Islamic Caliphate. Of all the countries in Asia having a large Muslim population, the maximum resistance to Wahabism and the pan-Islamic objectives has been from the Muslim community in India, which is the second largest in the world after Indonesia.

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Australia: Muslim outrage at citizen test

By Ben Packham
The Courier Mail

Muslims claim “Judeo-Christian’ a ‘post WWII’ guilt phrase
Democrats claim test ‘pointless’

(Of course, anything that would reverse ‘diversity’ and multi-culti socialism is ‘pointless’- why don’t we just lie down and surrender?)

MUSLIMS are outraged that prospective citizens will have to acknowledge the Judeo-Christian tradition as the basis of Australia’s values system.


Unimpressed … top Muslim representative Dr Ameer Ali (right) says PM Howard’s new citizenship test is offensive to Muslims / Warren Clarke

* Perhaps Ameer Ali should consider that Jihad and Arab-Islamic Imperialism is equally, if not more offensive to Australians

Australia’s peak Muslim body said the proposed citizenship question – revealed in the Herald Sun – was disturbing and potentially divisive.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Dr Ameer Ali said the “Abrahamic tradition” or “universal values” would be less divisive ways of describing the nation’s moral base.

* Sure. As a good Muslim Ameer Ali believes the sharia is a ‘universal value’-

Dr Ali said use of the term Judeo-Christian was the result of “WWII guilt”, and before 1945 Australia would have been called only Christian.

“That question must be rephrased,” he said.

Dr Ali was backed by Democrats senator Lyn Allison, who said the answer to the question was highly debatable.

But Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews stood firm on the merit of the question.

Mr Andrews said Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage was indisputable historical fact.

“We are not asking people to subscribe to the Judeo-Christian ethic,” he said.

“We are simply stating a fact that this is part of the heritage of Australia in terms of its foundation.

“This is not an exercise in political correctness. It is trying to state what has been the case and still is the case.”

But Health Minister Tony Abbott confused the issue, saying the modern Australian values system was secular, or of no particular religion.

The Herald Sun yesterday revealed 20 key questions, developed in consultation with Mr Andrews, that are likely to be asked of would-be citizens.

Mr Andrews said the test, to begin by September, would help immigrants integrate into society better.

“We celebrate diversity and people are free to continue their own traditions, but we are also very insistent that we have to build and maintain social cohesion,” he said.

Dr Ali said he would request a meeting with Mr Andrews to discuss the question.

* There is NOTHING to be discussed, Dr Ali. Accept OUR values, integrate, assimilate or ship out. Australia won’t become Islamic.

“It is the wrong message we are sending,” he said.

* No. It is Australia taking a stand against Islamic subversion

Senator Allison said the test was pointless.

“I don’t see what it’s going to achieve,” she said.

“It doesn’t say anything about people’s character, whether they are going to be good citizens.”

* Clueless lefties have got us into this mess in the first place. Don’t wait for them to fix anything or clean up after the fact…

Opposition immigration spokesman Tony Burke said Labor agreed in principle with the test, but wanted details.



Red bacteria boycotts Howards citizenship test:

Union props and far left journo’s demand the right to rule, ‘Confucianism’ is the key, didn’t you know?


Part of the test, which includes English and some knowledge of Australia, consists of 20 simple multiple-choice questions.

Marr found the mere fact that the test was in English problematical, akin to a re-introduction of the extinct White Australia policy which the ALP long cherished.

He couldn’t even stomach the notion of putative migrants being asked whether treating men and women equally, the notion of a “fair go’’, and mateship were Australian values.

“This is where it gets really nasty,’’ he said, adding that Immigration and Citizenship Minister Kevin Andrews also acknowledged that the Judeo-Christian tradition was the basis of Australia’s value system.

“That is incomprehensively wicked,’’ Marr proclaimed. “If you want an orderly, dutiful, intelligent society, you can’t go much past Confucianism, you know.’’

Except that Confucianism has played such an infinitesimal part in shaping Australian society, that few people would know where to find its fingerprints.

When Trioli attempted to make some sense of Marr’s diatribe, suggesting that “no one could argue that we’re founded on that basis’’, he took exception, arguing that making a statement about Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage “says in a covert way that Muslims are not moral, that’s what it’s saying’’.

* Did Marr study the Koran and the hadith? Perhaps he should have, in order to understand that Muslim ‘morals’ incompatible with democratic values.

Marr, who says he subscribes “to other moral systems which have nothing to do with religion’’, accepted that “maybe we were historically mainly founded on this” but to now make acceptance of Judeo-Christian values a question in the citizenship test was “just brutal’’.

Marr’s concerns about offending Muslims must also be noted but, surely, is it not a fact that the fanatical followersof Islamo-fascism are almost universally condemned for their inability to live peaceably with their neighbours, particularly in Islamic nations?

Coincidentally, while Marr was hysterically proclaiming the notion that accepting Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage was brutal, a representative of the extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation was spamming media organisations with an open letter it had sent to Prime Minister John Howard.

Hizb ut-Tahrir claimed that Howard had “ensured the public conscience’s fixation with Islam and Muslims by igniting the debate on anything from the ubiquitous war on terror, to home-grown terrorism … ‘’

The sheer volume of vitriol spewing forth is a frightening indicator of Labor’s determination to wrest control of every facet of Australian life, at every level, and subject Australians to its retrogressive philosophy. The rhetoric of the past week should be taken seriously.

It may be the warning the nation needs.

Marr should move to Cuba. His idol, the commie-icon Fidel Castro knows what’s best for crackpots like Marr who don’t toe the line: He puts them in mental institutions. And they don’t have the standards we have in Australia, Marr.

They don’t…

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In other News:

Rabbi Mocks Hatefest at UC Irvine

Reut Cohen has lots of coverage of the ongoing madness at UC Irvine, where the Muslim Students Union is finishing up a week of Holocaust denial and support for terrorism, enabled and permitted by a university administration that shares the responsibility for this outrageous hate speech.


UC Irvine has apparently been willing to overlook violations of their own code in order to let this event continue; Concerned UCI Student has details: UCI MSU again violates UCI code #102.02 by furnishing false information.

One rabbi has hit on a creative way to protest the MSU’s hatefest, a technique against which the radical Islamists have no defense:


Catmeat Mufti goes into Flower Power Overdrive

When he doesn’t spew hatred and incites the sons of Allah to wage jihad against infidels & Jooozzz he says just about anything to bullshit the filthy kuffars:

Sheik’s love for Australia


CONTROVERSIAL mufti Sheik elHilaly delivered a bridge-building sermon today, comparing Australia to a “beautiful bouquet of flowers” – a very different position to recent offensive comments likening Aussie women to “uncovered meat”. He has also spoken about a video prank by the Chaser team which ended with the shocked sheik in hospital. / The Daily Telegraph

* Note that none of the perps in the MSM ever writes anything about Jihad-freaks like Al Hilali without the “controversial’ BS label

By Byron Kaye

THE man who branded all Australians as convicts and said our women were “uncovered meat” tried to bury the hatchet today, calling Australia a “beautiful bouquet of flowers”.

Controversial Muslim cleric Sheik Taj el-Dene Elhilaly, in his first sermon in Australia for six months, pledged he would always be a moderate and said he would not let “a racist agenda” spoil his love for his adopted country.

The hour-long speech at Lakemba mosque was in his native Arabic, but ElHilaly’s spokesman Keysar Trad said the mufti spoke strongly in favour of Australian multiculturalism.

Has the Sheik finally seen the light? Tell us what you think using the feedback form below.

But his comments were in sharp contrast to remarks he made last year when talking about rape.

Sheik elHilaly said then: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

“The uncovered meat is the problem.”

The Sheik has also called on the Arab world to unite behind the radical Iranian regime in its dispute with America over its nuclear programme.

But as part of a new PR offensive, the mufti made nothing but bridge-building remarks today.

Mr Trad said: “He said Australia is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

* Agreed. But Hilali is not one of the flowers in it. Where Islam goes no flowers grow, only desert follows wherever the sons of Allah pitch their tents.

Where would you plant Al Hilali if you had a choice?

“We should preserve this beauty and this multiculturalism, because that is the secret of who we are.

* By ‘preserving multiculturalism’ he means more Islamic- immigration, of course,- because that’s what got him into Australia

“He stressed that as long as he’s here, Lakemba will be a moderate place. He will instill people to love Australia.

* Unlikely. Islam forbids it. Its ‘haram’ to love a country, especially one that belongs to the dar-al’harb.  Don’t hold your breath, Hilali is anything but ‘moderate’…

“We should not allow any racist agenda to put aside the beauty of Australia.”

* Hmm, which race is Islam again?

What he actually means is that all criticism of Islam should be forbidden. Its ‘racism’ and must be censored, right?

Mr Trad also said Sheik elHilaly had recovered after being sent to hospital because he was shocked by a stunt from TV comedy team The Chaser earlier this week.

* Poor widdle thing! He had to go to hospital because of a joke? Look what his sidekick  ‘of the criminal dregs’ Keyzar Trad tells us:

However he said the mufti regretted the fact that he didn’t know the stunt was a joke, which he would have gone along with.

“He doesn’t know what the Chaser is,” he said.

“He said, ‘I wish I’d known it was a joke.’ I would have given them something funny.

“He’s got a very Aussie sense of humour.”

* Sure he does. In which circus is he the clown?

Aussies ain’t buying any:

Here are some of the comments from the Daily Telegraph:

Im so fed up of this moron. The sheik is an absolute idiot with no morals and is the biggest bullsh*t artist out there. This man decieves everybody he keeps putting his foot in his mouth and believe it or not nothing is going to change with this degenerate.

Once again we have Mr. Trad coming out to defend Mr.Hilaly, sense of humour? What a joke! What was the first thing Mr.Hilaly said to the Chaser team? He said “…YOU”RE A RACIST…” a common response from those of his ilk when challenged about anything.

Too late sunshine.

this man and i use the term loosely hasn’t seen any sort of light it’s obvious he’s only backflipping and saying all these ‘lovely words’ cause of the outrage and bad publicity he so rightly deserved for the many not only mind bogglingly stupid but downright WRONG things he’s said in the past. I couldn’t care less what his speech contained this guy has his own agenda for Australia in mind and you can bet your arse it’s not in the best interest for true Aussies. This man could not be kicked out of the country quick enough for my liking but then again i’m just a piece of uncovered convict meat hey?

Oh, please, as if we’re going to buy this piece of tripe for a second.

And here a dose of reality: