Wishful Thinking Downunder: More Taxpayers Money Wasted For Feelgood BS

Absorbing Muslims tackles radicalism: PM

Prime Minister John Howard says assimilating new citizens into the Australian community helps tackle the problems of radicalism among a minority of Muslims.

In Tuesday’s budget, Treasurer Peter Costello allocated $461,000 to programs that help Muslim communities integrate into the wider Australian community.

“I think it’s in the interests of everybody,” Mr Howard told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

There’s every reason to try and assimilate – and I unapologetically use that word ‘assimilate’ – a section of the community, a tiny minority of whose members have caused concern.

“After all, once somebody’s become a citizen of this country the best thing we can do is to absorb them in the mainstream.”

But he denied the measure was about trying to assimilate people’s religious beliefs.

“The reason that religion is used as a descriptor is it’s a small category of radical Muslims that have adopted attitudes that we think are bad for the country and the most sensible thing to do is try and change those attitudes.”

* Allowing the spread of Islam, more mosques and madrassahs and unhindered da’awa (proselytizing) including prison Islam (Prislam) will certainly not help integration or assimilation.

Perhaps Howard should have used the money for a study of how the integration efforts are going in Europe.

France would have been a good start….

Meanwhile, in other news: 

Taliban makes bombs from Dutch aid 

Expatica via Dhimmi Watch 

AMSTERDAM – Dutch aid to Afghan civilians is falling into the hands of terrorists. Handsaws and batteries distributed by the Dutch have been used in roadside bombs constructed by Taliban fighters, magazine Elsevier reports this week.

As a result, troops in Uruzgan are being ordered not to distribute any more handsaws or radios. The troops at Kamp Holland have also been instructed not to discard batteries until they are completely empty. A spokesperson for the defence department did not want to confirm these reports on Wednesday.

The director of the military intelligence and security service (MIVD), General Pieter Cobelens, said in Elsevier: “One of the tasks of the MIVD is to warn of the unwanted side effects of the reconstruction mission. But the political and military leadership at the defence department must evaluate whether reconstruction activities should be stopped as a result.”

“Allah Instructed Me”- sez 21/7 Islamic Terrorist Suspect

* Amazing that all Islamic terrorists seem to have a direct line to Allah and claim to find their instructions in the Koran. Even more amazing that there are millions of Islamic spin-doctors out there who tell us it isn’t so.

Curiously most of this Islam-obscuring bullshit propaganda is promoted like some kind of new age message among the effeminate leftie-loony journo’s that pervert the western media these days:

From Al Bebeceera

Yassin Omar and five other men deny the charges (of course)

An alleged 21/7 bomber has told a court Allah instructed him to put a rucksack on when police came to arrest him.
Woolwich Crown Court heard officers almost shot Yassin Omar, who was found standing in a bath wearing what they believed to be a bag of explosives.

But the 26-year-old denied wanting to be killed by police with a Koran on his back in order to become a martyr.

Six men deny conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions on London transport on 21 July 2005.

Earlier this week, Mr Omar admitted setting off a device on a Tube train near Warren Street, but says it was carried out in protest at the Iraq war and was not meant to be deadly.

Bucket and books

Giving evidence for the fourth day, he was asked if he wanted to die with the Koran on his back.

“That is not the case,” he replied.

“If they saw I had a rucksack on me then they would think twice before they shot me, and it worked. Allah answered my supplication,” he said.

* Memo to Sohail Mohammed: this could be someone else daring to associate Islam with terrorism. Maybe it would be more fruitful for you to direct your efforts to dissociate Islam from terrorism at convincing people like Yassin Omar to stop plotting terror attacks in the name of Islam, rather than complaining about law enforcement.

Christopher Hitchens: Londonistan Calling


Muslims at the French Embassy in London complain about cartoons, February 3, 2006. Lefteris Pitarakis/AP Photo.

Christopher Hitchens on returning to his old neighborhood of Finsbury Park:

Londonistan Calling

It’s impossible to exaggerate how far and how fast this situation has deteriorated. Even at the time of the Satanic Verses affair, as long ago as 1989, Muslim demonstrations may have demanded Rushdie’s death, but they did so, if you like, peacefully. And they confined their lurid rhetorical attacks to Muslims who had become apostate. But at least since the time of the Danish-cartoon furor, threats have been made against non-Muslims as well as ex-Muslims (see photograph), the killing of Shiite Muslim heretics has been applauded and justified, and the general resort to indiscriminate violence has been rationalized in the name of god. Traditional Islamic law says that Muslims who live in non-Muslim societies must obey the law of the majority. But this does not restrain those who now believe that they can proselytize Islam by force, and need not obey kuffar law in the meantime. I find myself haunted by a challenge that was offered on the BBC by a Muslim activist named Anjem Choudary: a man who has praised the 9/11 murders as “magnificent” and proclaimed that “Britain belongs to Allah.” When asked if he might prefer to move to a country which practices Shari’a, he replied: “Who says you own Britain anyway?” A question that will have to be answered one way or another.

Read it all, its  a must  read…

Catmeat Sheik cleared of charges he gave charity money to jihad groups

* But why? Is there no law enforcement anymore in Australia? Or is Mick Keelty, the police chief of NSW just unwilling or unable to take Hilali down?

Now he can relax and go back to saying crazy stuff.

“Hilali cleared of charity terror funds allegation,” from AAP


DISASTER-prone Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali has been cleared of claims he diverted charitable funds to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.
The controversial sheik has been told by the Australian Federal Police that he has no case to answer.

The Lebanese Muslim Association was told in writing on Tuesday there was no evidence to support the claim that the sheik had diverted $16,000 in donations from Australian Muslims to a radio station with links to Hezbollah.

“The AFP assessment has not identified any evidence to support an investigation of persons for terrorist financing offences,” AFP spokesman Warren Gray wrote.

* Comment from Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad watch:

This al-Hilali case, which stops long before a trial, is another sort of injustice. Not enough evidence, you say? Don’t be absurd. Read what this Al-Hilali has said, has written. Any and all means should be found to remove him from Australian society. The countries of the West, and of the non-Western Infidel world, have to figure out what they need to do, what needs to be changed, in order to protect themselves against an unprecedented threat, a threat for which their criminal justice systems, from investigative powers to the knowledge possessed by the police, members of other security services (domestic and foreign), judges (who should be chosen, as jury members should be chosen, only from those who know something, even a good deal, about Islam — and I don’t mean by reading armstrongs and espositos and assorted Mesanostrans) are, at this point, simply inadequate.

The Law Reviews should be full of such articles: the inadequacies of our own systems, created by people who, brilliant as they may have been (think of the Framers), were rational, Western men, well-read children of the Enlightenment, some more and some less believers in a bengin faith, who could scarcely have imagined the presence, or menace, of Islam all over the this country and the Lands of the Infidels, all the way to Australia.

YouTube Deletes Hamas Mickey Mouse


The Hamas Mickey Mouse story is beginning to get really weird. Who’s pulling the strings here?

The video posted to YouTube by Palestinian Media Watch has now been removed “due to terms of use violation.”


*  First it was said they would take this hateful Rat-Show off the air. 

However, yesterday it was reported that Hamas was NOT going to take this Jihad propaganda, which is indoctrinating children with genocidal bloodlust off the air:

Hey, kids! Mickey the Jihadist Rat will air again!

“Hamas TV refuses to axe contested kids cartoon,” from Middle East Times, with thanks to MM:

RAMALLAH, West Bank — A Hamas-run television channel has defied a Palestinian government request to axe a controversial children’s cartoon in which a Mickey Mouse look-alike urges resistance against Israel.
A senior official working for Al Aqsa (Jerusalem) television in the Gaza Strip said that the program – “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” – would air as normal this Friday in defiance of information minister Mustafa Barghouti.

“The program will continue and it will be broadcast tomorrow at 4.00 pm [1300 GMT]. Mustafa Barghouti misunderstood the issue,” said the official on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the press.

Earlier, the information ministry in the West Bank city of Ramallah said: “A politically-oriented children’s television program was withdrawn by the Al Aqsa TV station today following a request by the ministry of information.”

Barghouti said that the program adopted a “mistaken approach” to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation and that it was wrong to use children’s programs to convey political messages.

In the program, the Mickey Mouse look-alike named Farfur and a little girl urge resistance against Israel and the United States – along with stressing the importance of daily prayers and drinking milk.

* Calling for genocide and world domination is hardly ‘resistance’- unfortunately, what seems to happen here is that WE  will be banned from seeing it, while Pali-Arab children will be indoctrinated  with it. You go figure… 

‘Backlash’- Mania After Islamic Militants Arrest

“When the government says ‘Islamic militants,’ it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous”
Another “Muslims fear backlash” story. “Muslims fear backlash from Fort Dix attack plot,” by Wayne Parry for Associated Press, with thanks to Jihad Watch
FORT DIX, N.J. — Authorities’ description of six suspects charged with plotting an attack on Fort Dix as “Islamic militants” is causing renewed worry among New Jersey’s Muslim community.
Hundreds of Muslim men from New Jersey were rounded up and detained by authorities in the months following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, but none were connected to that plot.

Now, Muslims fear a resurgence of anti-Islamic sentiment and incidents of bias.

“If these people did something, then they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” said Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer who represented scores of detainees after the 2001 attacks. “But when the government says ‘Islamic militants,’ it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous. Don’t equate actions with religion.”

Now wait a minute, Mr. Mohammed. These guys had video of men firing rifles while calling for jihad and shouting “Allahu akbar.” They had video of Osama bin Laden and others who couch all their actions in the language of Islamic jihad. One of them said, “I’m doing it in the name of Allah.” And now you, Mr. Mohammed, are warning officials not to call them “Islamic militants”? Shouldn’t you be working within the Islamic community to create a wider separation between Islam and militancy, instead of pretending that it is American law enforcement officials who are arbitrarily making this equation? It was the Duka brothers and the other Fort Dix jihadists who made the equation. The officials are just noting the manifest fact. Would you prefer they ignore unpleasant or inconvenient facts?

The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee’s New Jersey chapter participated in a conference call Tuesday with FBI officials to discuss security matters.
“What we’re all afraid of is a new backlash,” said Hesham Mahmoud, a spokesman for the group.

Continue reading… Backlash


More Backlash BS

Cue standard “Muslims fear backlash, deplore terrorism” story

This one is by Cydney Long for Philadelphia’s CBS3.com Let’s see — have we touched all the bases? Muslims shocked by terror charges? Check. The jihadists don’t represent all Muslims? Check. Islam is a religion of peace? Check. Qur’an good? Check. If you blame the religion you’re blaming all Muslims? Check. Good, Cydney! You get an A+ for this one!

(CBS 3) VORHEES, N.J. Muslims in the region are bracing themselves for a possible backlash in response to the terror plot arrests.
Why? Have they received threats? None are reported in this story. Has there been a backlash against Muslims after any other jihadists were arrested? No — Americans are decent, fair-minded people who don’t persecute the innocent, to the extent that CAIR’s Nihad Awad has to exhort Muslims to play the victim game more effectively, and CAIR has to trump up hate crimes.

And for many Muslims, news of the arrests comes as a surprise.
“It shocks me, it shocks me,” Rahman said.

* Sounds more like they’re shocked that the plot has been uncovered.

More from Jihad Watch

Aussies Experience ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ in Marrakech

Aussies attacked with machetes


Sofitel Marrakech

Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

Naahhh, it was an ‘Isolated Incident’- what are you, some kind of Islamophobe? But anyway, we wouldn’t wanna hurt our tourist season, it has only just begun, right? 

Article from AAP with thanks to Rosie

TWO Australians relaxing by a hotel pool in Morocco with other guests have been hacked with machetes in a senseless, unprovoked attack.



Hotel guests say John Parkinson, from Victoria, and Dianna Knox, from NSW, were slashed a number of times about the arms and shoulders by a man wielding a machete in each hand.

The attacker’s rampage began after he climbed a into the pool area of the Sofitel Marrakech about 11.15am local time yesterday.

The pair’s travelling companions say there was no apparent motive for the disturbing attack, and no one else was attacked.

Security staff caught the attacker, handing him over to police as the Australians were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

They had arrived in Marrakech the day before, part of a Pharmaceutical Society of Australia study tour involving 190 society members and their partners.

Society vice-president Debbie Rigby said the pair were sitting about the pool relaxing when the man came over the wall and started hacking them with two machetes.

“Everybody else was running away screaming,” she said in a telephone call to Sydney from the Marrakech hotel.

Isolated incident

“As far we can tell it was an isolated incident, and the tour will continue.”

Ms Rigby said the pair’s injuries were not life-threatening.

“The injuries to both of them were to the arms and shoulder,” she said.

Ms Rigby said the attack had disturbed everybody on the tour, but that a counselling expert with them was available to help anybody who needed it.

A hotel worker said the Australians were struck three or four times each by the attacker, suffering cuts to their arms, legs and upper body.

“They are our guests, they told us that they are Australian,” the hotel worker said.

‘Not too badly injured’

“They are not too badly injured,” he said.

The attacker had previously received hospital treatment in the central town of Fes for mental problems, a police source said.

Hotel manager Najib Mountassir said: “It’s an isolated act, the woman is resting in her room, but we have done tests for the man although his head injury is light.”

Germany: Second Islam-Conference Ends Without Results


“Dialog is always progress!”-

Read it and weep!

Nothing, nada, zero, zilch came of the second Islam-conference in Berlin.

An orgy of Muslims demands and more demands, the latest was a demand for strict guidelines of at least 30% “positive reporting” about Islam in German media outlets

Good one, that. Self censorship is not enough. Our Muhammedan masters would have us do their propaganda for them too.

For the rest, the government and the German news agencies were obviously too embarrassed to release anything at all, because it all ended in Nowhere land.

And yet, the Islamic publications celebrate it, because Germans haven’t told them to piss off, Germans didn’t tell the Muslims “we won’t have this- or we can’t allow any more of that..”


* Dialog? with these guys?

So everything continues as always, Muslims will get their welfare, benefits, free schooling and few of them will be evicted, even if they’re illegal or involved in criminal activities. The Germans will continue to allow the Muslims to build mosques and madrassahs and they can preach their hatred like they always do.

And since nothing else is available from this great ‘conference’- we give you the links to the Islamic sites that celebrate the event like a milestone:

As an attempt to institutionalize dialogue between the Muslim community and the German government, the Islam Conference has a long way to go. But that dialogue is even possible now is progress, argues DW’s Baha Güngor.

Launched last year by Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, this was the second Islam Conference (DIK) to take place in Berlin.


Opinion: Dialogue is Always Progress

The second round of talks between the German government and Muslim representatives on promoting the integration process of Germany’s 3.5 million Muslims ended without any specific results in Berlin on Wednesday.
“We all agreed that this process is right and it is moving ahead well. We are all determined to continue,” said German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble at a news conference, joined by Muslim representatives.

He pointed out that the German Islam Conference is part of a “three-year dialogue process”, warning against expecting any quick results.
Schaeuble met earlier in the day with 15 Muslim representatives who were carefully chosen by the German government last year.
The minister’s remarks were criticized by the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims Ayel Ayyub Koehler who said the Islam conference lacked clear goals.
“This cannot go on like this, we cannot debate aimlessly. We have eye concrete goals,” Koehler added.
He called for initiating a “road map” which would speed up the Muslim integration process talks.

Second Islam confab ends in Berlin without conrete results By Saeid Najar Nobari

Here an excerpt in German:

Auch eine Studie über die angeblich verzerrende Berichterstattung von ARD und ZDF über den Islam wurde zitiert und den beiden Sendern unterstellt, die schürten „Islam-Angst“. Doch eine Forderung, über die die „Spiegel“-Autoren berichten, lässt aufhorchen: „Sogar straffe Vorgaben für Journalisten deutscher Medien wurden diskutiert. So war auf der Konferenz allen Ernstes von einer 30-prozentigen Quote ‚neutraler oder positiver Berichte‘ über Muslime die Rede.“


The Muslims accused the public channels ARD and ZDF to foment ‘Islam-Angst’ or  Islamophobia. Der Spiegel reports that Muslims seriously demanded ‘at least’ 30 % neutral or positive reporting about Muslims and Islam…

Get your shoes and socks on people, the sharia is just around the corner… 

Three New Jersey Jihadis were living illegally in the US for 23 years


Brothers Eljvir Duka, left, and Shain Duka are seen in an artist’s drawing during a court appearance at the U.S. District Courthouse in Camden, N.J.

FORT DIX, N.J. —  Three brothers charged in the alleged Fort Dix terror plot have been living illegally in the U.S. for more than 23 years and were accepted as Americans by neighbors and friends who had no idea they would scheme to attack military bases and slaughter GIs.

A federal law enforcement source confirmed to FOX News that the three — Dritan “Anthony” or “Tony” Duka, 28; Shain Duka, 26; and Eljvir “Elvis” Duka, 23 — also accumulated 19 traffic citations, but because they operated in “sanctuary cites,” where law enforcement does not routinely report illegal immigrants to homeland security, none of the tickets raised red flags.

The brothers entered the United States near Brownsville, Texas, in 1984, the source said, which would put their ages at 1 to 6 when they crossed the border.

The source said there is no record of them entering by way of a regular border crossing, so they are investigating whether they were smuggled into the country.

The brothers plus three other suspects in the alleged plot — Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, 22; Serdar Tatar, 23; and, Agron Abdullahu, 24 — were ordered held without bail for a hearing Friday.

Five were charged with conspiracy to kill U.S. military personnel; the sixth, Abdullahu, was charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigrants in obtaining weapons.

Four of the arrested men were born in the former Yugoslavia, one was born in Jordan and one came from Turkey, authorities said. Three were in the United States illegally; two had green cards allowing them to stay in this country permanently; and the sixth is a U.S. citizen.

Federal investigators are now checking whether the latter three lied on their immigration paperwork to remain in the United States.

One drove a cab, three were roofers. Another worked at a 7-Eleven and a sixth at a supermarket. Their alleged plot to attack Fort Dix was foiled by another blue-collar worker: a video store clerk.

The foreign-born Muslims are accused of planning to assault the Army base and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.

The unidentified clerk is being credited with tipping off authorities in January 2006 after one of the suspects asked him to transfer a video to DVD that showed 10 men shooting weapons at a firing range and calling for jihad, prosecutors said.

“If we didn’t get that tip,” said U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, “I couldn’t be sure what would happen.” FBI agent J.P. Weis called the clerk the “unsung hero” of the case.

Authorities said there was no direct evidence connecting the men to any international terror organizations such as Al Qaeda. But several of them said they were ready to kill and die “in the name of Allah,” prosecutors said in court papers.

* Once again authorities prefer to remain deliberately stupid. It has to Al Qaeda, nothing else will do. That these turkeys could be inspired by the Koran doesn’t even show on the radar.  What the hell has to happen before our minders smell the coffee?

Read more? Here’s the link Fox News

Blair more deluded than ever

British PM Tony Blair obviously hasn’t learned a thing in his years as PM:

Oh well as long as the $$$’s keep coming…

Blair in crusade to unite faiths

Tom Baldwin and Ruth Gledhill The Australian with thanks to Rosie

BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair intends to create a global foundation to foster “greater understanding” between the three “Abrahamic faiths” of Christianity, Judaism and Islam after he leaves Downing Street.

* I can just about smell the ‘Kumbayahhh….’


Mr Blair, who will announce his timetable for resignation today, is expected to make the project the main focus of his energies when he leaves office this northern summer.

A member of his tight-knit inner-circle of advisers confirmed yesterday that Mr Blair is looking to “set up some sort of interfaith organisation”, saying: “He sees this as where the action is and nobody else is really doing it.”

The foundation, which will be based in London and modelled closely on that of former US president Bill Clinton, will also provide him with a platform to pursue other issues including global warming, African development and the Middle East peace process.

* Clinton, Blair: That means Peanut Carter can’t be far off…


But friends dismissed speculation that Mr Blair was preparing to become President George W. Bush’s peace envoy in the Middle East – or even take over from Paul Wolfowitz, the embattled President of the World Bank.

“He is not looking for any formal job like that,” said one close ally. “Obviously, he has a certain skill set from his work in Northern Ireland and he could perform a mediation role, but it would depend on what exactly was up for negotiation.”

Instead, the interfaith project will attempt to foster religious – rather than political – harmony in the Middle East and elsewhere across the world, including Britain, where rising tensions with militant Islam have provided the backdrop to many of the worst moments of his 10 years in office.

Mr Blair, who was enthusiastically reading the Koran even before the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US, said recently: “The tragedy is that as Christians, Jews and Muslims we are all Abrahamic religions. We regard ourselves as children of Abraham but we have fought for so long.”

In a speech in 2006 he referred to a woman protesting about the Pope’s recent visit to Turkey holding a poster which stated that “Jesus was a prophet but not the son of God”. This, he said, was “elevating the placard to an altogether higher plane of theology”.

He added: “Most Christians are hugely surprised to be told that the Koran reveres Jesus as a prophet. Many Jews, Muslims and Christians are entirely ignorant of the rich Abrahamic heritage we share in common.”


* Blair in the footprints of Britain’s idiot prince, who considers himself a ‘protector of the faiths’- something that got him and his voluntarily hijabbed spouse the ‘Assholes of the Month Award’


Although aides acknowledge that the new project may face resistance from Muslims who loathe him for his role as an ally to Mr Bush and in the invasion of Iraq, Mr Blair believes that he can appeal to moderate Islam.

Last year he met Pope Benedict XVI to discuss “how best interfaith dialogue can help with conflict resolution and how the moderate voices of the world’s main religions need to work together”.

Funding for the new organisation is expected to come from wealthy donors in the US and the Arab world, as well as Britain. But advisers insist that preparations are still at an early stage.

* If there are donors from the ‘Arab World’ we know already which way this is going…


How do you ‘dialog’ this, Tony?


“He will start thinking about this properly the day after he steps down. He is still quite busy at the moment,” said one.

* He should have thought about it long before he spoke…

* Cherie Blair is already counting on the $$$$ from ‘speaking fees’…

The Times

* How demented and corrupt Toni Blair really is you can also see here:

West should not fear facing “radical” Islam: Blair


From AFP, Berlin, via Dhimmi Watch

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says a decade in office has taught him that the West should not be afraid of standing by its values in facing up to radical Islam.
“The West must show that it believes in its own values,” Blair told journalists from several European newspapers, including yesterday’s edition of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung of Germany, as he prepares to announce his departure from Downing Street.

We must show the Muslim world that we let our values apply to everyone. That’s why Guantanamo (Bay) is an issue for people,” Blair said, in comments translated from German.

“But we are also on the defensive because we are not energetic in contradicting the opinion of radical Muslims who want to convince us that terrorism somehow has something to do with our behaviour.”


* And what have you done about that, Toni?

Blair has long been in favour of binding predominantly Muslim Turkey to the European Union to create a bridge between Europe and the Muslim world. He conceded that Turkey has a long way to go before it is ready to join the EU, but said it would be a “disgrace” if Europe’s club of nations went back on its promises to the Turks.

“I firmly believe that Europe should offer a place to Turkey. But I also know that beforehand complicated problems must be resolved.”

* Get stuffed, Toni! Tell theTurks there is no way they will get into the EU!
“Most importantly,” the Prime Minister continued, “is the fundamental hostility at the heart of Islam toward the non-Mulsim world. Until this fact is appreciated, sound policy with respect to Islam will be impossible. We must understand – however uncomfortable the truth may be – that Islam presents an existential threat to Western civilization that cannot be mitigated or negotiated away. We are in a struggle for our lives that can only be won through great sacrifice and hardship and the jettisoning of many widely-held but misleading conceptions of the world. As I prepare to leave office, I say to my fellow countrymen and to all those in the West who cherish their heritage, the time to stand up and be counted is now. We are called today to the banner of our forbears who defended the European heritage against centuries of Muslim attack. With the help of Almighty God, we shall make them proud!”

* Oh, wait. He didn’t say that last bit.