France: “Expression of Rage” Continues

* Of course. Its the religion of rage and the jihad is permanent and relentless. But the bullshit reporting is so ridiculous it can give you the creeps:

From AFP


Omar Sehhouli, the brother of one of the yesterday’s victims, accused police of ramming the motorbike and of failing to assist the injured teens.

Mr Sehhouli said the rioting “was not violence but an expression of rage” and that he wanted the officers “responsible” for the accident to be brought to justice.

* Does he mean Islamic justice, like a public beheading?

* Meanwhile, French officials wave the white flag of defeat: Appealing for calm, the Mayor of Villers-le-Bel, Didier Vaillant, said he would ensure there was “an impartial investigation” not investigating the perps, of course, but the police who ran for their life’s after the accident. The Muhammedan mob on the scene would have ripped them to shreds otherwise.


Police and politicians warn that many French suburbs remain a “tinderbox” two years after riots that exposed France’s failure to fully integrate the French-born descendants of African and Arab immigrants.

* The above is the same bullshit line used by Al Bebeeceera during the first French intifadah 2 years ago. Now the quote is attributed to ‘the police’ – just why should it be ‘France’s failure to fully integrate the Muslims?’

* The failure of the Muslims to integrate lies in the Islamic belief-system that divides the world in believer and unbeliever. How many native French know that Islam must dominate and not be dominated, that Islam is a complete way of life and an ideology with a global mission, a belief system that regards them, the native French, the kuffar, as vile and lower than animals who must be killed or forcibly converted, because the world belongs to the believers, and jihad in the way of Allah is the highest duty for every Muslim, until only Allah is worshiped or the kuffar is brought low and pays the jiziyah with willing submission while feeling humiliated and subdued?

* How many French, how many Europeans understand that the ummah Islamiyah did not invade Europe to integrate, to assimilate, not to become French, Spanish, German, Dutch or Danish, but that the soldiers of Allah came to conquer, to make Europe Islamic…?

The French are getting there:

The national leader of the opposition Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, said the violence proved the “deep social crisis” of the suburbs had yet to be resolved.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, a former interior minister who is reviled in the suburbs for his tough stance on law and order and immigration, has promised a “Marshall Plan” to tackle exclusion and high unemployment in the suburbs.

* Throwing money at the problem Islamofascists won’t work, Sarko. It never does. Not with Islam.




Update in French: 30 Police hurt , 8 hurt by buckshot


(AGI) – Paris, Nov.25 – After yesterday’s episodes of violence, more have been reported today in the northern outskirts. In Villiers-le-Bel, about 20km from the capital, about 100 officers in riot gear fired tear gas shells against a crowd of demonstrators that was marching against them, throwing Molotov cocktails. Local eyewitnesses claim that a car and garbage truck were torched. Yesterday evening, 21 police/firemen were injured in the riots that broke out following the death of two north-African origin kids, aged 15 and 16, whose motorbike was hit by a police car, still in Villiers-le-Bel. About 100 youths, hooded, attacked the local people and the police precinct, torching about 20 cars. The riots lasted for 6 hours, and even some shops were sacked. One youth was arrested as he was stealing jewellery from a shattered window. Back in autumn 2005, the death of two youths in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, electrocuted in an electricity booth where they hid to flee from the police, sparked the first riots, that lasted for weeks in the suburbs of several French cities.

Is History About to Repeat Itself?

It will be interesting to see how President Nicolas Sarkozy responds to this growing crisis. Right now he is engaged in a gritty struggle with many of the nations’ unions, and large-scale violent riots by thousands of disgruntled Muslims would be salt in what is already a very painful wound.

It’s also worth considering how other European nations, particularly those with large Islamic populations, might interpret these riots. The sight of hordes of angry Muslims rioting in the streets, clashing with police and throwing Molotov cocktails into homes and stores, will surely cause concern that a broader confrontation between Islam and Europe is imminent. •

* Imminent indeed.


India plays political ping pong with Tasleema Nasreen


By Alistair Scrutton

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – An exiled Bangladeshi Muslim woman writer threatened by radical Islamists has become a victim of political ping-pong in India, bundled from one city to another in a controversy critics say has shamed the secular state.

Authorities rushed award-winning Taslima Nasreen, who criticizes the use of religion as an oppressive force, from her home in Kolkata last week after protests against her by Muslim groups led to riots, forcing the army to be called in.

The riots appeared to be the culmination of years of simmering anger at Nasreen. Some radical Muslims hate Nasreen for saying Islam and other religions oppress women and Indian clerics had issued a “death warrant” against her in August.

After the riots, police moved her to a hotel in the western state of Rajasthan and then she was quickly sent to Delhi at the weekend under police protection.

No one seemed to want her.

“Democratic we may be, but liberal we most certainly are not,” wrote Karan Thapar in the Hindustan Times, criticizing India for failing to defend freedom of expression enough.

The controversy highlights the delicate social faultlines of India, a nation born out of secular ideals 60 years ago but where communal politics still play a huge role.

Each move led to criticism that politicians were pandering to Muslim votes and were unwilling to take heat for defending her.



Iraq: Bombing ‘Wedding Parties’ might be a good thing…

Because ‘war is deceit’- whole bunch of ‘inner strugglers’ arrested

Bride, groom stopped in Iraq actually terror suspects

BAGHDAD (CNN) — Soldiers manning a checkpoint near Baghdad stopped a wedding convoy to find that the purported bride and groom were wanted terror suspects, an Iraqi Defense Ministry official said Monday.

The Army set up the checkpoint last week in the Taji area, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

The soldiers became suspicious of the convoy because its members — save the “bride” — were all male and because one of the cars in the convoy did not heed orders to stop, the official said.


* Would you kiss this bride?

Also, soldiers said, the people in the car seemed nervous and the groom refused to lift his bride’s veil when soldiers asked him to, according to the official.

Soldiers ordered everyone out of the car, the official said.

Upon inspecting the convoy, soldiers found a stubbly-faced man, Haider al-Bahadli, decked out in a white bride’s dress and veil.

Bahadli was wanted on terror-related charges, as was his groom, Abbas al-Dobbi, the official said.

Two other terror-related suspects were detained as well.

Times of London Discovers Hillary Clitman’s Lesbian Affair with Muslimah

Winds of Jihad reported:

A Lesbian Clitman In The White House?
Hillary’s Lesbian Affair with Muslim Aide?

When is a mole not a mole?


* Via JW:

Pamela had background on this awhile ago: the whispers are that Hillary Clinton is carrying on a lesbian relationship with her top aide, Huma Abedin. It’s certainly a salacious rumor, but what concerns me about it is not the affair but the fact that Hillary’s closest aide is a Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia, and whose father was an Islamic scholar there:

The back story, as it were, begins 32 years ago in Kalamazoo, Mich., where Ms. Abedin, who declined to participate in this article, lived until the age of 2. Her family then relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she lived until returning to the States for college. She attended George Washington University. Her father, who died when she was 17, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian decent. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora. Her mother, a renowned professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.

An Indian Muslim scholar who relocates to Saudi Arabia and founded an institute there is most likely certainly a Wahhabi. The article also says that Huma Abedin herself is “a Muslim” and “very conservative” — and that she rarely leaves the Senator’s side.

Does she influence Hillary’s view of jihad terrorism? If so, in what way? These are the questions we’d like to see answered, more than ones about the affair.

Some comments:

* Hmm, looks like the camel has a nose in the tent….

* Guess we all know that slick Willie doesn’t do the ‘Romeo thing’ these days. But since he leaves his homework undone, somebody else will take up the slack. That’s where Huma comes in…


Fitzgerald: Legitimate questions for Hillary and Huma

Is this close aide, this aide-de-camp, who may or may not be closer and more intimate with Hillary Clinton than anyone else on earth, really a deep admirer of that Muhammad? Is she a deep believer in the Qur’an, and therefore a supporter of the Shari’a, desirous naturally of removing all barriers to the spread of the faith of which she is not only an adherent by birth (born into it through no fault of her own), but apparently by conviction? She is, furthermore, the daughter of a Muslim preacher who went to Saudi Arabia, the place where the most rigorous and unmediated Islam is put into practice, and enforced at every level.

We have a right to know. And Huma Abedin, and her great and good friend, have a duty to tell us. With no counter-attacks, none of that manufactured indignation, none of that “I won’t dignify such scurrilous rumors” or “leave her alone, it’s her private life.” In this case, Huma’s friend is running for President. In this case, she wishes to be in control of the American government when war is being made on that government, and its people, and on Infidels everywhere, by Muslims acting in the name of Islam. And they are not doing so because they are “extremists,” but because they have chosen to use the instrument of warfare, or terror, rather than to use the instruments of Da’wa, and the Money Weapon, and demographic conquest that are being employed by tens or hundreds of millions of other Muslims.

This has to be cleared up.

Read it all


Clitman camp pissed off at rumors of lesbian affair with aide

* Of all the aides in the world, why would Madame Clitman chose a ‘devout’ Arab Muslim?


Hillary Clinton’s campaign team are furious that an unsubstantiated rumour of a lesbian affair with her exotic aide de camp Huma Abedin, which has been doing the rounds of ‘underground’ blogs and websites in recent weeks, appears to have gone mainstream after reports in foreign papers addressed the subject of dirty tricks on the US presidential campaign trail.

The problem started with a report in the London Times on Thursday. ‘Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin,’ read the caption under a photograph of the two trouser-suited women (above left) striding across the tarmac to catch a plane.


KRudd Dives Straight Into Climate Change,- Nothing Else Matters!

Mista Warmonista:

Australia’s prime minister-elect gets straight to work on global warming

* That’s right folks: lets join the warmonista’s! Its never too late to transfer our wealth the jiziyah to Islamistan!


* Watch the guy behind the speaker: just an empty suit or a dangerous warmonista?


SYDNEY, Australia – Australia’s Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd took advice Sunday on how to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and fielded phone calls from world leaders – starting in on work the day after a sweeping election victory.

The emphatic victory for Rudd’s Labour party swings Australia toward the political left after almost 12 years of conservative rule and puts it at odds with key ally Washington on two crucial policy issues –

Iraq and global warming.

Bah bah, blah blah…

* Back to the Global Jihad:

Taliban burn aid agency food

* Who needs to eat when all you need is Islam? 


The unbelievers are unclean (as per Qur’an 9:28), and have nothing to offer to the pious. “Taliban burn aid agency food: officials,” from AFP (thanks toJW)

WANA: Local Taliban militants seized and burned thousands of kilogrammes of food destined for pregnant women from a hospital in South Waziristan, officials said on Sunday.

The food, mainly lentils and cooking oil, had been supplied by the aid charity Save the Children to feed pregnant women suffering from malnutrition.

A Taliban activist said they were destroyed because “foreign NGOs want to harm our future generations.”…


Bangladesh: We don’t need Cyclone Relief, all we need is Islam!


Islamist groups in Bangladesh, as elsewhere in the Muslim world, have been protesting the US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The protesters Friday carried a banner reading ‘Prevent American ships from entering the Bay of Bengal in the name of distributing relief’ and chanted slogans ‘Go back to America’ and ‘US has no place in Bangladesh’.

* Why don’t they love US? We are sooo good to them…..?????

Indian Dhimmi’s Revolt Against Malaysia’s Muhammedan Overlords

Indian protest rocks Malaysia ahead of polls

* The last revolt in 1968 saw about 20.000 Chinese and Indians killed, official figures are 2000, but you know how the ummah Islamiyah always turns reality upside down….

From Al Reuters

By Mark Bendeich and Clarence Fernandez


* Of course the wankers from Al Reuters can’t help themselves and blame ‘colonialism’ as the root of all evil, because where would they have learned anything about Islam & Dhimmitude?

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s ethnic Indian community staged its biggest anti-government street protest on Sunday when more than 10,000 protesters defied tear gas and water cannon to voice complaints of racial discrimination.

The sheer size of the protest, called by a Hindu rights group, represents a political challenge for the government as it heads toward possible early elections in the next few months.
Ethnic Indians from around the country swarmed into Kuala Lumpur for the rally, despite a virtual lock-down of the capital over the previous three days and warnings from police and the government that people should not take part.

“Malaysian Indians have never gathered in such large numbers in this way…,” said organizer P. Uthaya Kumar, of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

“They are frustrated and have no job opportunities in the government or the private sector. They are not given business licenses or places in university,” he said, adding that Indians were also incensed by some recent demolitions of Hindu temples.

Riot police fired at the protesters with sustained volleys of tear gas and jets of water laced with an eye-stinging chemical, but it took more than five hours to finally clear the streets of downtown Kuala Lumpur, by then littered with empty gas canisters.

Veteran journalists and analysts could not recall a bigger anti-government protest by ethnic Indians, who make up about 7 percent of the population, although some said a larger rally had been held over internal Indian politics in the late 1980s.

Political columnist Zainon Ahmad said the protest would shake the Indian community’s establishment party, the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a junior member of the ruling coalition.

“The MIC is severely challenged on this matter,” he said.


Click on the image to enlarge! 

Let the Indians produce the Islam-o-bile!

MIC leader S. Samy Vellu, who is also works minister, denied the protest spelt trouble for his party. “We represent the Indian community and will remain so,” he said in a statement.
But Vellu, who has himself voiced unease over a recent Hindu temple demolition by local authorities outside the capital, added:There is still a lot to be done for the Indians and we will continue with our struggle.”


Many protesters complained of a lack of educational and business opportunities, saying a government affirmative-action policy in favor of majority ethnic Malays had marginalized them.
Malays make up about 60 percent of the population and, according to official data, remain the poorest group by some average measures such as household income. Opposition groups say the most severe cases of poverty exist among Indians.

*Because they are Dhimmi’s…

Brought over as indentured labor from the late 1800s by colonial ruler Britain, Indians worked Malaya’s rubber estates. These estates were later broken up, forcing many unskilled Indian workers into poverty in the city.
Ostensibly, Sunday’s protesters wanted to hand a petition to the British embassy in support of a legal claim by Hindraf for reparations from Britain for colonial-era abuses. But Hindraf said the protest was also aimed at the Malaysian government.

“We are here for our rights,” one protester told Reuters as he sat cross-legged on the road.
“The British brought our forefathers here 150 years ago,” he added. “Whatever the government is supposed to give us, to look after our welfare, well, they have failed.”
Police fired tear gas outside Kuala Lumpur’s iconic twin towers and five-star hotels. Curious tourists ventured out to take a look but rushed back inside once the gas stung their eyes.

At the Batu Caves, a Hindu place of worship just outside the capital, police clashed with 2,000 protesters early on Sunday after barring entry to the temple.

Many Malaysians, including an Indian Muslim group, opposed the rally, fearing it could spark violence. Malaysia has not experienced a major race riot since 1969, but many seasoned politicians fear racial and religious tensions could flare again.

* Imagine! The ‘Muslims opposed the rally fearing it could spark violence!’

* The sensitivity! The consideration! But isn’t it the Muslims who caused this problem in the first place?

At least one policeman was injured when protesters hit him with crash helmets, one officer said. Organizers said 400 had been arrested and 19 injured. Police said they had no figures.
It was the second crackdown this month on a demonstration critical of the government, as speculation grows that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will call snap elections early next year. The next election is not due until May 2009.

Early in November, about 10,000 protesters demanding electoral reform defied a police ban to rally in the capital.

French Intifadah returns with a vengeance

* Will Sarkozy take the necessary action now against the “Racaille-“ the riffraff and scum that is causing this?


* Al Reuters discovers a new bullshit word: “inhabitants”– and its now ‘young people’ instead of ‘youth’s’- when everyone knows its the Muhammedan infil-traitors….

PARIS – Dozens of youths clashed with police and set fire to buildings in a Paris suburb on Sunday after two teenagers were killed in a crash with a police car.

The pair were riding on a stolen motorcycle when the accident happened on Sunday in the town of Villiers-le-Bel, north of Paris, a police union source said.

France’s worst urban unrest in 40 years broke out in the northeastern Paris suburb of Clichy-Sous-Bois in November 2005, after two teenagers died electrocuted in an electricity sub-station after apparently fleeing police.

The circumstances in this case, however, were different.

“It was not a chase but apparently a traffic accident,” a police source said.

The town’s police station caught fire and that of the neighbouring town, Arnouville-les-Gonesse, was ransacked, the local authority said.

* Mysterious, isn’t it? The police station caught fire just like that? And another one in the neighbouring town was ransacked?

By whom?

A Villiers garage was set ablaze and fires were put out before they could spread in a neighbouring garage and a petrol station in the same town.

“The situation is tense tonight. We do not know how it will evolve during the night,” the mayor’s chief of staff, Nicolas Carrier, told Reuters.

Large numbers of police were sent to the town from neighbouring departments and Paris.

“We made immediately available for a dramatic situation in which two young people died and there has been damage and thefts,” a local authority official said.

“There are small groups of vandals who have started to loot shops,” the official said, adding that a young person had been arrested.

* Got it! Its the ‘tiny minority of extremists’ doing what they do best, no?

The local authority said seven policemen and a fireman were injured. A police officer who went to the scene was attacked by youths who had gathered there.

Several rubbish bins were torched and the burned out wreckage of a car was visible on French television footage.

Inhabitants gather around the motorcycle driven by two teanagers (15 and 16 year-old) that crashed into a police car, 25 November 2007 in Villiers-le-Bel, outside Paris. Young people burnt rubbish bins and cars a reaction to the death of two young people whose motorcycle crashed into a police car.


* Doing this much damage to a police car with a motorcycle must have been quite an effort….

Le Parisien reports that they burned down a Peugeot dealership, sacked a train station and shops, tore up a McDonald’s, stole the day’s receipts and attacked customers, smashed and burned cars, and are still going strong. A police commissioner who tried to talk to the mob was attacked with iron rods; his face and skull are fractured. A police station was burned down, seven policemen were injured.

Interviewed by Le Parisien, the uncle of Moushin Souhhali, one of the victims, says he understands the rage; it’s terrible to lose a 15 year-old boy. His body, claims the uncle, was dumped at the fire station with no respect. The police who, in his opinion, caused the accident were nowhere to be seen. He heard they were speeding. His nephew was a good boy, not a delinquent.

* Gooood Muslims, all of them. What’s wrong about stealing a motorcycle from a kuffar…?

* Sophie on Atlas Shrugs sez:

We would need unanimous condemnation of this outburst of systematic violence. But unfortunately, many journalists and politicians will certainly adopt the same complaintive tone as the brother of one of the victims of the traffic accident Omar Sehhouli who declared: “This is not violence, but just anger that needs to be expressed”.

* Shiva has more pics

Sarkozy: There are too many Muslims in Europe


He said it! Although this link is in German (from Jihad Watch Deutschland) there are many sub links, some also in English. Sarkozy wants to entice some of our integration-resistant Muhammedans to return to their homelands voluntarily and is prepared to make an offer they can’t refuse. But will they?

Read it all


* Here’s the list of 751 ‘no-go zones’ in France !

North Yorkshire will see non-Muslims living under strict Sharia law for three weeks

The Sunday Sun

The spa town of Harrogate is the setting of a new reality show in which people are persuaded to live under Islamic conditions. Will the programme aid religious cohesion or create division?

A CONTROVERSIAL reality TV show to be broadcast next month aims to challenge preconceptions about Muslims.

* When was the last time you read anything about Islam that was not ‘controversial?’ (spit)

But the programme, which sees non-Muslims living under strict Sharia law for three weeks, could also reinforce some people’s intolerance towards Islam.

* Wouldn’t that be the most desirable outcome?

One participant accused Imams featured in the three-part series of being prejudiced towards her and said she experienced “animosity” from them.


Another, however, was surprised by the “confrontational” and “aggressive attitude” British people had towards her as a result of her temporary conversion to a Muslim way of life.

* Go to Pakistan and watch the riots, then you can talk about ‘aggression’, baby!

Film maker Narinder Minhas chose the affluent market town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire for his bold experiment . . . a place that is home to just 311 Muslims in a population of 60,000.

His guinea pigs include a mixed race couple, a gay hairdresser, an atheist taxi driver and a glamour model . . . all of whom are called upon to give up unmarried sex, alcohol and pork, pray regularly and dress modestly for three weeks.

Minhas, the man behind reality shows Priest Idol and Indian Finishing School, wanted to make the documentary after tiring of too many “po-faced” programmes about Islam.

He said: “I wanted to make a series that had some humour in it. I’m tired of seeing guys with beards who are a bit scary. I wanted to explore how white people come to grips with a religion they’ve kind of heard of. I wanted to portray those people as human beings who go through a range of emotions.”

* You don’t say! But there is no humor in Islam, is there? So who yer foolin’ with that cosmic debris?

However, one of the show’s participants, Carla Newbury-Jones, had mixed feelings about it . . . and found little to laugh about.

The property entrepreneur’s partner, Muslim Ashley Ashiq, proposed to her during filming.

But Carla, 34, said she found the Imams’ strong disapproval of their relationship very disturbing. She believes they were prejudiced towards her because she is Christian and white.

She revealed: “It was a really uncomfortable experience and I was so glad when it was over.

“I was so proud of Ashley when he proposed in front of them because we had experienced a lot of prejudice.

“They told us we could not hold hands and could not sleep in the same bed because we were sinners. You could not get more prejudiced if you tried.

“I felt they looked down at me because I was white and not a Muslim. We have a beautiful relationship and refuse to let other people’s biased attitudes get in the way.

“Ashley is so open minded. He is a great example of someone who is a Muslim and British. We both have strong faith in God and pray together, which is why it is sad there was this animosity.”

* Holy smoke! How many times have we heard that before? How many times have Western girls married ‘open minded Muslims’ who turned 180 degrees the moment the marriage papers were signed?

Another of the show’s participants, Haylie Winter, relished the opportunity to learn about a new religion . . . but was shocked by reaction it caused.

The skin consultant, 33, said: “There is a lot of negativity about Islam and you cannot know about something just from what you read in the media.

* Hmm. What could be the reason for these reactions?
“What shocked me was other people’s prejudices and the confrontational, aggressive attitude people had. And I was surprised by people’s reactions to the Burka.”

* Strange. Islamic females keep telling us they find the burka liberating. ‘Portable seclusion’ they call it. But rumor has it that it is the men who wack them into it, so it might not be so liberating after all…

Haylie revealed she almost quit the programme because she found the experience emotionally intense and draining.


Sheik Yer’mami prefers the Canadian town of Herouxville:

“We regard as contrary to conventional behavior, such activities as killing women by public stonings or by burning them alive, or burning them with acid, circumsizing them, and so on.

The BBC reports that Canadian Muslims are insulted. Of course they are. How do you suppose residents of Quebec can possibly imagine that anyone would do such atrocious things?

Hats off to the citizens of tiny Herouxville, Quebec for taking a stand against encroaching dhimmitude and the disease known as multiculturalism that enables its advance.

The town welcomes immigrants, but insists they make themselves aware of a declaration of “norms” adopted by the town council. These include:

At Christmas, children sing Christmas songs.

No stoning women.

No burning women with acid.

No ceremonial daggers in school even if you’re a Sikh.

Boys and girls can swim in the same pool whether Muslims like it or not.

Men can drink alcohol whether Muslims like it or not.

No walking around with your face hidden except on Halloween.

Female police can arrest male suspects even if it troubles their egos.

Women are allowed to dance.

Women are allowed to drive.

Women are even allowed to make decisions on their own.

Needless to say, ethnic grievance groups like B’nai Brith Quebec and the Muslim Council of Montreal are outraged. Too bad. As Herouxville’s town council has figured out, the farther we bend over backwards obsequiously pandering to arrogant and sometimes hostile foreigners who refuse to assimilate, the less social cohesion we’re going to have.

Social cohesion may not conform to multicultural fashion, but we will miss it when it’s gone. The Balkans, Sudan, and Iraq are examples of the style of life in store for us if we continue to let our society fragment.


More here

There is the Herouxville Town Charter

Don’t stone women to death, burn them or circumcise them, immigrants wishing to live in the town of Herouxville in Quebec, Canada, have been told.

* Who could possibly disagree with that? The Muslims, of course:

“I was shocked and insulted to see these kinds of false stereotypes and ignorance about Islam and our religion ”
Salam Elmenyawi,
Muslim Council of Montreal

* Really? You don’t say….!


What is the British government and the media hiding from the world?

Click on the link above to find out…


The Fuckwit of Canterbury: US is ‘worst’ imperialist!

* Dangerous lunacy combined with clerical unhingement syndrome, add to this a severe case of moonbattery and complete delusion, then you get something that looks like this:


THE Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the United States wields its power in a way that is worse than Britain during its imperial heyday.

Rowan Williams claimed that America’s attempt to intervene overseas by “clearing the decks” with a “quick burst of violent action” had led to “the worst of all worlds”.

In a wide-ranging interview with a British Muslim magazine, the Anglican leader linked criticism of the United States to one of his most pessimistic declarations about the state of western civilisation.

He said the crisis was caused not just by America’s actions but also by its misguided sense of its own mission. He poured scorn on the “chosen nation myth of America, meaning that what happens in America is very much at the heart of God’s purpose for humanity”.

Williams went beyond his previous critique of the conduct of the war on terror, saying the United States had lost the moral high ground since September 11. He urged it to launch a “generous and intelligent programme of aid directed to the societies that have been ravaged; a check on the economic exploitation of defeated territories; a demilitarisation of their presence”.

He went on to suggest that the West was fundamentally adrift: “Our modern western definition of humanity is clearly not working very well. There is something about western modernity which really does eat away at the soul.”

* There is a cure for this disease: less lunatics from Canterbury who promote mental flatulenza as some kind of virtue…

Williams suggested American leadership had broken down: “We have only one global hegemonic power. It is not accumulating territory: it is trying to accumulate influence and control. That’s not working.”

He contrasted it unfavourably with how the British Empire governed India. “It is one thing to take over a territory and then pour energy and resources into administering it and normalising it. Rightly or wrongly, that’s what the British Empire did — in India, for example.

“It is another thing to go in on the assumption that a quick burst of violent action will somehow clear the decks and that you can move on and other people will put it back together — Iraq, for example.”

In the interview in Emel, a Muslim lifestyle magazine, Williams makes only mild criticisms of the Islamic world. He said the Muslim world must acknowledge that its “political solutions were not the most impressive”.

He commends the Muslim practice of praying five times a day, which he says allows the remembrance of God to be “built in deeply in their daily rhythm”.

* Yeah. Bang your head on the floor 5 times a day and everything will be just groovy….


In other news: Holy Hangovers

Sex & wine & holy scams: tale of two retired Irish priests accused of misappropriating millions from a Florida church and had formed a mortgage company with another priest called Shag Inc. The two men are now accused of using offertory dollars to keep girlfriends, take gambling excursions and foreign holidays, and buy property.


Begging Muslim Forgiveness? Christian Suckers Lost The Plot

“We want to begin by acknowledging that in the past (e.g. in the Crusades) and in the present (e.g. in excesses of the “war on terror”) many Christians have been guilty of sinning against our Muslim neighbours.

* How do you deal with such a deluded mob of ‘Christian Leaders’ who don’t even know their own history and go prostrating themselves in front of Muhammedans who would have their heads lopped off without blinking?

The mind boggles…

LGF: A Place For Sycophants?

* With thanks to Rosie…

1389 was banned from Little Green Footballs as of November 24, 2007

No explanation was given, nor is any explanation needed

I could read the handwriting on the wall. Since the onset of the huge feud that Charles Johnson deliberately started with Gates of Vienna and the rest of the antijihadist blogosphere, which involved Charles hurling very thinly substantiated accusations of fascist links to European antijihadist organizations, I could see that LGF had changed, and not for the better.

LGF has joined the dark side


LGF is no longer an antijihadist site, if it ever was. Whether Charles Johnson is consciously aware of it or not, LGF has gone over to the other side, or perhaps it has always been there. It is covertly helping our enemies by sowing dissention and by muzzling genuine antijihadist voices everywhere.

LGF takes no part in activism against jihadism. Nor does it make any effort to help any other antijihadist sites or organizations. I have become convinced that LGF never had any intention of doing anything effective to begin with, and that this was the real reason for its boycott of Counterjihad Brussels 2007. LGF merely wishes to appear to be an antijihadist site, and to that end, it posts a sprinkling of terrorist news stories to draw readership. In other words, LGF is nothing more than a disguised version of Daily Kos or the ACLU.

I don’t know who has bought out LGF, and I don’t even care at this point. Their declining traffic figures are already rendering them irrelevant.

* Hmm, looks like things are hotting up. Stay tuned!

Tragic irony: the censored has become the censor

The saddest thing of all is that, some months ago, I helped LGF by launching a campaign to get them, and other sites, unbanned from various “censorware” blacklists. Before that, I had worked hard to promote LGF stories on Digg, against the efforts of the infamous “Bury Brigade.” Now LGF has retaliated, if that’s the proper word, by banning me.

* Things are hotting up: stay tuned!


The counter jihad strikes back:

Shiva from the Illustrated PIG just put this up:

LGF and Al Qaeda both have something in common: they hate Western civilization and those who stand up for it.


* Fjordman sez  Goodbye to LGF:

I’m not impressed by the lopsided coverage Little Green Footballs has displayed regarding the political situation on my continent. LGF linked to a post by the blog Islam in Europe which claimed that right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis were not just as dangerous as Muslims, but in fact a greater threat.

I don’t see how anybody can possibly claim this…


Mosques shooting up like mushrooms in Yemen

* Not much news coming out of this awful country which is not far from turning into another failed state like Somalia. But as always with Islamic nations, when everything fails, they either blame the infidels, (the Jews of Yemen are all but gone) or they try to cure it with more Islam.

* With ‘allies’ like that, who needs enemies?


Al-Muzaffariyyah, a 13th-century Rasulid mosque, Ta’izz, Yemen.

An interesting report on the blog of Ed Morrissey’s Captain’s Quarters:

One Sanaa columnist reckons 50,000 mosques have risen across the nation, compared with 12,000 new schools. …

To the north lie rich neighbours like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, though Yemen remains one of the world’s poorest countries. To the south, just across the Gulf of Aden, lies the failed state of Somalia and troubled Ethiopia.

With corruption allegedly on a huge scale, oil revenue dwindling, water resources drying up, and the population predicted to double, Yemen’s future looks uncertain.


Australia: Howard loses election, country turns to socialism

Ed Morrissey expresses his gratitude for Howard:

Americans owe a large debt of gratitude to John Howard. Faced with the Bali bombings and a short distance between his nation and the radicals in Indonesia, Howard adopted the same forward strategy against radical Islamists as the US. He spoke eloquently and often on the need to face down the terrorists and not to surrender to extortion and threats. Australians manned the barricades along with Americans. Brits, Poles, and troops from a multitude of nations, and remain on the job in Afghanistan.


* Michelle Malkin has more:


John Howard loses in Australia

Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs gets all emotional:


Terrible news. Some things I will never understand. Never. This is one of them. Howard is a great man of historic proportion. A real, true ally in the fight for freedom and the West.

Looks like the Aussie’s have handed the jihadis a victory…Howard is out…defeatists in…


Fitzgerald: Howard’s End (Predicted And Explained)

Hugh Fitzgerald provides insight into why Australia took a tilt to the left:

Bush has done such damage to the cause of the Infidels, in his stubbornness and confusion. And he is even causing damage to those who are America’s natural friends abroad, but who, as with the Howard government in Australia, have hitched their wagon to the wrong, most idiotic, star.


UK: Jack Straw calls for 70m Turks to join EU to prove ‘West and Islam can live together’

* Because the ‘alternative would be too horrible to contemplate’-(Straw) But what if the test fails? Would its effects be reversible?

* Wanna bet your future on this cheap fraud in an empty suit?

From the ‘Dangerous Lunatics in Government’ department:

Jack Straw has argued more than 70m Turkish citizens should be allowed to join the EU to prove the West and Islam can live peacefully side-by-side.
During a visit to Turkey, the Justice Secretary gave strong support to the country’s controversial bid for full membership of the European Union.

Other member states, including France, have reservations against the country – whose 71m population is almost exclusively Muslim – being granted membership amid continuing human rights abuses.

But Mr Straw, who also backed Turkey’s case while Foreign Secretary, said he was “frustrated with the difficulties being placed in the way of Turkey’s accession”.

He added: “Statesmen and women across Europe need to take care with Turkey’s future.”

Full membership would allow Turkish citizens full rights to work and live in the UK, where many have strong family ties, without visas.

In a speech at the Bosphorous University in Istanbul, Mr Straw said: “One of the most significant threats faced today by civilised nations comes from the barbarism of international terrorism, from a violent and misguided ideology that seeks to drive a wedge between Western and Islamic cultures, and to resurrect a bloody past long since buried.

* Hmm. What ideology might that be, Jack? Or is it The Ideology That Must Not Be Named?

*Jack Straw is everything that’s wrong with Europe today.

* If Churchill was around today he would personally see to it that Straw is tarred and feathered and hanged for treason.

* There are no words. There is no end to naivity, ignorance and stupidity. Straw has it all and it doesn’t end there…



Fitzgerald: Turkey and the Straw

Turkey is a “secular nation” with a “majority Muslim population”? Turkey is, despite more than 80 years of Kemalism, with its systematic campaign to suppress Islam’s political and social power, not nearly “secular” enough. Islam is back — not that it ever went away — and how. Erbakan, and then Ergodan, and then Abdullah Gul, and all the rest of it. The cunning assault on the legitimacy of the army, the final upholder of Kemalism. The assault from within the universities on secular rectors and professors, and the determination to renew state support for Muslim schools and openness to government hiring of graduates of strictly Muslim schools and colleges. No, Turkey is not what it may once have been — say, in 1940, or even 1950. Islam keeps coming back.

And Turkey does not have a “majority Muslim population.” Its population is 99% Muslim. Does Jack Straw recall just how, over the last century, such a feat was accomplished? Does he know that Constantinople in 1914 was 50% non-Muslim, and that Turkey as a whole was about one-quarter non-Muslim? What happened to all those non-Muslims, Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Levantines of every description? Did he forget, or did he never know?

Read it all. You must.


“The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”



An Iraqi couple were beheaded in front of their children by their cousins because the man wore Western-style trousers.

Three suspected al Qaeda militants, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle and his wife, forcing the couple’s children to watch, according to Iraqi police.

The killing came because the school guard Youssef al-Hayali was considered an infidel because he did not pray and wore western-style trousers.

Link here

* You better start talking to these good people, Jack Straw! We are sure they share your idea about ‘one world’ and the brotherhood of man and all your lofty ideals….

Undercover Mosque director considers legal action against brainpolice

Who are the brain police? Who is behind the police moving against the whistle blowers? Who are the prosecutors perverting the law to punish those who let the truth out of the bag?


Animal Farm: the swine are in charge

* Add blackmail and intimidation by the prosecutor who alleged the show “distorted” hateful preaching, and possible corruption in the police force who intervened on behalf of the ummah against the people of England to silence anyone from raising awareness by speaking out against the Islamization of Britain and the hate-preachers in the mosques.

Lets take a look at what happened here:

“the broadcaster called the police’s actions “perverse”
It certainly looks that way. Look at the Ofcom report and it includes this statement.:

“the WMP (West Midlands Police) stated that it and the CPS had then considered potential offences that may have been committed by those involved in the production and broadcast of the programme specifically in relation to stirring up racial hatred”

“the broadcaster called the police’s actions “perverse”

Which they are. But there are reasons for this: Muslim infiltration and far left politicians who are supporting this perversion.

* That could be taken to imply that anyone who dares to report the hate-filled speech of mosque preachers may themselves be regarded as a purveyor of hate-speech.

* This action seems so ludicrous that one might suspect they’re involved in some kind covert deals with the mosques – we’ll support you with this if you give us that.

* Ofcom also rejected further compaints regarding this programme which were made by representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

* The police is heavily infiltrated by Muhammedans pushing their own agenda

* The time when the UK police served the people has passed.

* This case should open up a further investigation by the British Parliment.

Because nothing uttered by a Muslim that has later come under scrutiny from non-Muslims has ever been taken in context. An update on this story. Mosque show maker plans legal action,” from The Guardian:

The documentary maker cleared by regulators of misleadingly editing a Channel 4 programme about extreme Islamic preachers is considering legal action.
David Henshaw, the managing director of Hardcash Productions which made the Dispatches film Undercover Mosque , said he was still “very, very angry”.

With the backing of Channel 4 he hoped to launch a libel action against the West Midlands police and a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer who was quoted in a joint press release accusing Hardcash Productions of “completely distorting” what some of the preachers were saying. The media regulator dismissed the complaint saying it was a legitimate investigation.

“Hardcash’s reputation has been severely damaged and it was a good reputation,” Henshaw told the Guardian. “The Ofcom judgment is great. But damage was done that day in August, huge damage.”

The programme, which took nine months to make, went undercover in several mosques in the Midlands and showed examples of preachers calling for homosexuals to be killed, espousing male supremacy, condemning non-Muslims and predicting jihad.

Henshaw said: “A lot of these mosques were apparently committed to inter-faith dialogue. Yet what was going on on a very regular basis was pretty uncompromising, hardline, anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynist preaching.”

* And they don’t like the truth from coming out…


* Because the Moslems have two hands: one for eating, and one for wiping; so they have two faces: one for telling the truth, to be used when speaking to fellow-Moslems, and one for telling falsehoods, to be used when speaking to infidels.


Hugh’s comment:

Is the problem of the mosques that present one face or facade to the Infidels, and meanwhile, for Muslims only, present inside the mosque, when Infidels are thought not to be present, quite another, merely a problem in one or two mosques in the Midlands of England? Or is it a problem with mosques all over the Infidel world, and do they all require constant monitoring in order to prevent them from being…true to themselves?



* Links: Channel 4 vindicated over Undercover Mosque

* ‘Dispatches’ on extremists angered Saudis’

* Just to let you know which way the wind blows: Britain’s Sowdi masters are angered about the ‘Undercover Mosque’ report, which let the cat out of the bag and woke up too many sleeping infidels:

The Saudi Arabian government complained directly to the Foreign Office about a Channel 4 documentary on Islamist extremism, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Undercover Mosques
Undercover Mosques exposed Islamist extremism

The ambassador wrote to Margaret Beckett, then the Foreign Secretary, to denounce the programme, Undercover Mosques, and Government officials also met Saudi diplomats to discuss their concerns.

* What’s really irritating is the weasel words and the mealy mouthed way this reporter inserts words like ‘alleged’ and ‘purported to have exposed’ as if he didn’t have the slightest sense of reality and the highest value on earth for him is to remain ‘neutral’ whatever that means….

Undercover Mosques exposed Islamist extremism

Wow! Can’t have that now, can we?

The Dispatches documentary purported to have exposed extremist preaching in several mosques by what were described as Saudi-trained imams.

It alleged how ”a message of hatred and segregation is being spread throughout the UK … influenced by the religious establishment of Saudi Arabia”.

After the programme was aired in January, West Midlands Police carried out a lengthy inquiry into some of the comments made by Muslim preachers.

But in August, the police decided not to prosecute anyone. Instead, backed by the Crown Prosecution Service, they referred the programme-makers to Ofcom, the broadcast industry watchdog, alleging distortion in the way 50 hours of videotape had been edited.

* They were told not to find any hate preachers even if they would bite them in the ass, so who was behind this?

The force recently said it had not received a single formal complaint about the programme to trigger its initial inquiry, which was later revealed to have cost £14,000.


Sir Paul Scott-Lee (AKA ‘Bungle’ to his subordinates) – West Mids Chief Constable

* Read the whole shameful thing to understand how British officials prostrate themselves before their Sowdi masters, its unreal!


Aceh Offers Sharia Tourism: Come Watch The Public Flogging!


* Lets go to Aceh! Lets watch the public head,- hand & foot chopping, the canings, the stoning of women! Sharia in action! Come learn about sharia, Islamic justice!

* Hmm, thanks but no thanks. What else you got?

Indonesia: Aceh invites tourists to see Sharia law in action

Banda Aceh, 23 Nov. (AKI) – Tourism authorities in Indonesia’s Aceh province hope that its practice of Sharia or Islamic law will attract visitors.

“We invite international tourists to visit Aceh to observe how an Islamic community lives and how the Islamic code of Sharia is applied,” said Cipta Hunai, an Aceh tourism official, in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

Muslim-devout Aceh is the only province in Indonesia allowed to apply Sharia law. However observers say that the application of Sharia in the province has harmed the rights of the poor and women.

Hunai said that Sharia allowed for the development of a peaceful and secure community in Aceh which would be appreciated by tourists. He said that Sharia law in Aceh was a tourist attraction because it allowed foreigners to see a reality, that perhaps, they did not already know.

“Here the tourists can visit many mosques and see how a community lives under laws based on the Koran,” he said.

Hunai denied that public canings – which are allowed and used to punish some crimes – could shock and discourage non-Muslim tourists.

“We don’t believe that this can scare anyone. In any case, the punishments are carried out to correct Muslims who have made mistakes,” he said.

“But one must remember that these punishments are only applied to Muslims and here even the religious minority is respected,” he added.

* Don’t bet on it…

Corporal punishment is carried out in Aceh for crimes including the sale or consumption of alcohol, gambling or meeting a person of the opposite sex, that is not your husband, wife or family member, in a private place.

According to data provided by local tourism authorities, there has been an increase in the number of visitors to Aceh, the province that was the epicentre of the massive 26 December 2004 tsunami which killed some 170,000 people and left thousands of others homeless.

* So the only thing you can do in Aceh is learn about sharia? Get stuffed!