Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity & Colmes

Even more than Ayaan Ali Hirsi,  this outspoken survivor of Islamic terror spills the beans. The Islamic websites are seething. They try anything to smear and discredit her.  She is an ‘Islam basher’ (who could blame her?) ‘another anti-Muslim  extremist’- (LOL!) a  ‘torture advocate’- who did her best to whip up as much hatred and loathing against Muslims as she could manage in a few minutes.’ 

* Just wondering: Those who suck the hatred in with the mothers milk, those who commit  the worst atrocities daily in the name of Islam want to be ‘loved’ because of what exactly? Because they are Muslim? Because their Profit Mohammed was such a lovable guy?

* No surprises here. When  shills for Islam call Ayaan Aly Hirsi  a ‘bomb-thrower’  (was it Time magazine or Newsweep?) then you know that our society is seriously infiltrated and that somebody is trying to force feed us something that is not good for our health.
* We are trying to get Brigitte Gabriel to Australia. You can donate to this site to make it happen. Watch  the video and let me know what you think:

Islam: Setting the United States up for the fall

Sounds familiar?

Look what Islam is doing to Europe. The same thing is happening all over again in the US: 

“Islamic organizations are carefully orchestrating lawsuits, marches, large propaganda campaigns all across the nation. Islamic schools and mosques are being built in record numbers across the nation with Saudi oil money being funneled into the US legally. Islam is on the march. The submission of the great country of the United States to Islam has begun just as planned. Just as we were warned by Osama bin Laden, Islam is using Americas own laws and freedoms to destroy us.”
By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

Read it all: 

Husband rips wife’s eyes out after she refuses sex

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Surely it has nothing to do with the ‘Religion of Peace?’

From correspondents in Nimes, France

Article from: Agence France-Presse

A MAN who ripped out his wife’s eyes in a fit of rage was sentenced by a French court to 30 years behind bars today.

Mohamed Hadfi, 31, tore out his 23-year-old wife Samira Bari’s eyes following a heated argument in their apartment in the southern French city of Nimes in July 2003 after she refused to have sex with him.

Ms Bari, who had demanded a divorce before the attack, was permanently blinded.

Hadfi, a Moroccan, initially fled to Germany. He was finally arrested and sent back to France, where he was indicted for “acts of torture and barbarity leading to a permanent disability”.

Prosecutor Dominique Tourette demanded that Hadfi be sentenced to 30 years in prison, two thirds of which must be served in full, calling the defendant a “diabolic torturer”.

Once his sentence is served, Hadfi will be deported and barred from ever returning to France.

His lawyer Jean-Pierre Cabanes meanwhile insisted there were extenuating circumstances.

“This is the result of a marriage that was arranged, not chosen,” he said, pointing to the gulf separating his client, who came from southern Morocco, and his young wife, who had grown up in France.

Mr Cabanes begged the jury for leniency, claiming his client’s action “appeared to stem from a mental illness.”

* Rumor has it that western feminists are lining up in droves  to ‘revert’ because Islam ’empowers’ women… 

A German Judge Cites Koran in Divorce Case

By Veit Medick and Anna Reimann from Spiegel Online
He beat her and threatened her with murder. But because husband and wife were both from Morocco, a German divorce court judge saw no cause for alarm. It’s a religion thing, she argued.


The judge rejected the application for a speedy divorce by referring to a passage in the Koran that some have controversially interpreted to mean that a husband can beat his wife. It’s a supposed right which is the subject of intense debate among Muslim scholars and clerics alike.”The exercise of the right to castigate does not fulfill the hardship criteria as defined by Paragraph 1565 (of German federal law),” the daily Frankfurter Rundschau quoted the judge’s letter as saying. It must be taken into account, the judge argued, that both man and wife have Moroccan backgrounds.

“The husband can beat his wife”


There have been more cases like this:

In one case dating back to 1967  a young Turk raped (or seduced) the daughter of another turkish ‘Guestworker’- so the father of the girl went to the guys place and stabbed him to death. This was clearly premeditated murder, but the judge back then and there already applied another standard, since these people came from another ‘Kulturkreis’- (cultural background) the guy got away with 2 years.

A German (or non-muslim) would have got 12 to 15 years for the same thing.
What amazes is that female judges fall even more for this ‘cultural’ thing.
Left-leaning, ‘liberal’ types show more ‘understanding’ for this, which they don’t have for their own people. This judge may be in need of Nietsches Peitsche (whip) herself. Some people like it and don’t think its a bad thing at all….

(hope you appreciate my sarcasm, but in Germany everything goes these days…)

Aid to Palestinians Fosters Culture of Dependency

Aid to Palestinians Fosters Culture of Dependency

A disturbing article in today’s New York Times (url at the end of the post) details what many have long known: that aid to the Palestinians, despite the embargo, is higher than last year; that the Palestinian territories were the third-largest recipients of aid from the United Nations, after Sudan and the Congo, and that the money does little good, and may actually be doing a great deal of damage, in terms of fostering a culture of dependency and eroding independent institutions. It’s really sad–the Palestinians have invested so much in a great p.r. machine, and the result is aid that will keep them as dependent on foreign aid as the Sudan. And perhaps as miserable.
–Wendy in Washington, D.C.

Read it all in The New York Times


JERUSALEM, March 20 — Despite the international embargo on aid to the Palestinian Authority since Hamas came to power a year ago, significantly more aid was delivered to the Palestinians in 2006 than in 2005, according to official figures from the United Nations, United States, European Union and International Monetary Fund.

While the United States and the European Union have led the boycott, they, too, provided more aid to the Palestinians in 2006 than 2005. Washington increased its aid to $468 million in 2006, from $400 million in 2005.

The whining cries of ‘crippling sanctions’:

In other words: The culture of death has been rewarded with bucket loads of jiziyah. The perverted and infiltrated ‘world-bodies’ like the EU and the UN are over-eager to pay tribute, to buy off and support our enemies, those who want to destroy  us, Israel and themselves. They siphon the wealth of their own civilized nations in order to support a cult of genocidal maniacs.

It won’t work.

Indonesian Jihadists get slap-on-the-wrist jail terms for schoolgirl beheadings

No surprises here:

Abu Bakr Bashir, the mastermind behind Bali one and two was out out in no time. Amrozi, brother Ali Imron, Samudra and Mukhlas have been sentenced to death but none of them has been executed. Instead, at least one of them was seen downtown Jakarta a while ago having Coffee at Starbucks. Will they ever be executed? Unlikely.

Islamic law mandates a lesser penalty for the killing of a non-Muslim than for the killing of a Muslim. A Christian who took revenge on some Muslims in Sulawesi recently was executed immediately. Westerners, Australians, caught with even minuscule amounts of drugs are dragged through the courts, which are no more than a corrupt circus designed to clean them out, totally. Excessive prison terms and execution await those who are naive or foolish enough to engage in the drug trade. What strikes me though is that our government officials talk as if we had to respect ‘their laws’ when we see such corruption and contempt not only for their own laws, but even more so for ours.


Here we are:

‘Moderate’ Indonesia, where a court just handed out appallingly light sentences to Islamic jihadists who beheaded three Christian schoolgirls:


“Indonesian militants get jail terms for beheadings,” from Reuters, with thanks to all who sent this in:

JAKARTA, March 21 (Reuters) – An Indonesian court jailed three Muslim militants on Wednesday for the beheadings of three Christian schoolgirls from religiously divided Central Sulawesi province.
Judges found the main defendant, Hasanuddin, guilty of masterminding the beheadings of the Christian girls in 2005 in Central Sulawesi’s Poso region and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

A separate bench sentenced Hasanuddin’s accomplices, Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano, to 14 years in prison.

Chief judge Binsar Siregar said Hasanuddin asked his accomplices to put the severed heads in plastic bags and place them outside Christian houses.

Hasanuddin scrawled a warning on a piece of paper saying: “A life for a life. A head for a head”, and put it in one of the bags, the judge said.

* Following you can see this despicable attempt by Reuters to justify it:

The attacks were aimed at avenging the killings of Muslims during the 1998-2001 inter-religious violence in Poso.


Charles from LGF has a take on this one as well:

Publius Pundit notes that there are currently Westerners under death sentence in Indonesia for drug smuggling.