Moderates in Hiding, Catmeat Sheik Hilali stays put


Impact of Al Hilali decision extremely negative: PM

Prime Minister John Howard says Islamic leaders are doing damage to their community by not taking decisive action against Sydney’s Sheikh Taj el-Din Al Hilali.
Meanwhile, the so-called moderate Muslim, Lebanese Muslim Association President Tom Zreika, had to go into hiding because of death-threats by Muslims after he called for reforms. Mr Zreika said he was threatened recently after saying, “I can’t tolerate this freak show”, following recent remarks by Sheikh Hilali.

The despicable catmeat mufti has been reinstated.

Anybody surprised?
Only three months, you say? Well, we can always give him an extension, right?
Andrew Bolt has a take on the cat-meat mufti Al-Hilali:

Despite everything, the Mufti clings on – at least for the next three months:

CONTROVERSIAL Islamic cleric Taj Din al-Hilali is likely to stand aside as the nation’s mufti within three months after being awarded a short “grace period” by Australia’s most powerful Muslim spiritual leaders.

A meeting of 50 clerics yesterday set up an executive committee of the Australian National Imams Council that will subsequently appoint a “fatwa group” to determine who will be the next mufti of Australia…

The Australian understands that the majority of the imams at yesterday’s meeting opposed Sheik Hilali continuing to speak on behalf of Muslim Australia, but were willing to keep him on until they had found a successor.

“The majority don’t want him there, but we basically kept him on to save him face without causing problems in the community,” a senior Muslim spiritual leader told The Australian yesterday.

Problems like this, perhaps?

Strange that such a bigot and hate-preacher, who has done so much damage to the Muslim community for so long, still isn’t out on his ear.


Which proves once again that the ‘moderates’ haven’t got a leg to stand on: The radicals have the scriptures on their side, and they use them to spread the real Islam.

Just listen to this:

Leading Islamic Scholar: Osama Bin Laden is “A Man After My Own Heart”

In an interview broadcast on Al Jazeera March 16, 2007, top Lebanese Islamic cleric Fathi Yakan, described by IslamOnline as a prominent scholar with a Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic Studies, says Osama bin Laden is a man after his own heart. (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

‘King Wanker Strikes Back’: A Tribute to a Traitor, by Shiva


You need to click here

Gavin King, the Cairns Post’s very own ‘Expert on Islam‘ – doesn’t like the nasty feedback from the blogosphere. Click here and here…

History has not been kind to traitors, and Australians will not be kind to Gavin King, who’s despicable behavior is simply inexcusable and offensive to all Australians.

King Quisling projects his own ideological hatred on the bloggers:

‘These Anglo-warriors whip each other up into a frenzy of fear and hysteria, not realizing they are engaging in the same kind of narrow-minded extremist discourse they accuse their Islamic enemies of. The reality is very different, of course’...

For Moonbats like him 1400 years of jihad warfare is ‘not reality’- all we need is love, right?

How can anyone not love a creed that brings us the gouging off of hands, feet and heads, torture, slavery, humiliation, subjugation and a love of death? A doctrine that allows us to attain Paradise by murdering innocent people and to then enjoy sex with 72 virgin women and 24 young boys…..bashir%20ap.jpg


Abu Bakar Bashir

Here is one extremely lovable representative of the ‘RoP’-


Now tell us Mr King: Does he read a different Koran?
Reality is right here, click:


Jihad in Thailand

moonbats_poster.jpg The London Times prefers to remain blissfully ignorant about the global jihad. Everyday we see more deliberate stupidity on display, like here:‘The reasons behind the jihad in Thailand are shadowy and mysterious: Thousands die in Thai shadow war.

* Aha! Now we know! It’s a ‘shadow war’- my goodness! What to do, what to do?

* Charles from LGF sez: “Insurgency” is the new media surrogate word for “Islamic terrorism,” of course. In this case, the Times has no idea why the violence in Thailand is happening—but they still use the word “insurgency.” Insurgency against what? Who knows?

* Next you will hear about ‘sectarian violence between Buddhists and Muslims’- because all religions are equally bad, right?

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs:

The Jihad in Thailand: SILENT DEATH

More of the most under reported news, you won’t get it. From The Strategy Page;

THAILAND: Silent Death

* Somebody must be watching too many Hollywood flicks… 

March 24, 2007: The army and police admit they are facing a new enemy in the south. In the past, there were sometimes Moslem separatists groups in the south that got violent. But these outfits, which still exist, wanted to negotiate. So there was someone to talk to. The current group of terrorists take their cues from al Qaeda. They only communicate with the local Moslems, telling them that non-Moslems will be killed and driven out, and a religious dictatorship will be established. Any Moslems that disagree will be killed. The Islamic terrorists don’t take credit for their attacks, and don’t want to negotiate. The police have discovered that some of the several hundred religious schools are bases for the terrorists (raids have yielded weapons and documents.) The schools were founded over the last few decades with money and missionaries from Islamic charities based in the Persian Gulf. These charities espouse a very conservative, militant version of Islam.

March 19, 2007: Islamic terrorists attacked a group of Buddhist widows (their husbands had earlier been killed by Islamic terrorists) and killed three of them.

March 17, 2007: Ten Islamic terrorists, riding motorcycles, drove by a ranger base in the south, firing their weapons. Some rangers were able to fire back before the attackers rode off into the night. One ranger was wounded. Meanwhile, an Islamic school was attacked, three students were killed and seven wounded. The army said the Islamic terrorists did it, in order to blame the army and get Moslem civilians angrier. The Islamic militants, of course, said the army did it.


* What annoys here is the willful, deliberate stupidity, the deception by the MSM who steadfastly refuses to accept that this is the jihad against all of us.

The Times: The insurgency is now the bloodiest conflict in southeast Asia. Yet it is a war of shadows. The militants issue no communi-qués. They have no known leaders. They have made no precise demands. If they are connected to the worldwide network of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates there there is no proof.


* The mind boggles. How much BS does it take to drown the Times Online? If they listened to Lukman Lima (why don’t they) he would tell them. Lukman has been around for a long time. You can read what he sez right here:


And here’s more…

The Vilification of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Traitors Among Us


The unholy alliance of the political left and the Islamo-fascists is self evident


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not only a survivor, but an apostate, an insider who spills the beans, a strong willed, intelligent and confident black women who fits in no box. The ‘racism’ smear doesn’t work with her and with every ad hominem attack she emerges stronger. The ‘defenders of Islam’ are seething: They simply want her dead.

‘Emancipated’ western females, like her former Dutch colleagues Rita Verdonk, couldn’t bear having her around. Ayaan put them all to shame. By forcing them to take a look in the mirror, to face their failed policies, the idiocy of political correctness with the resulting mess caused by an invading, hostile and alien creed, was too much for the meek.
Rita Verdonk, when asked if she had read the Koran, snapped back with “I don’t want to lose all hope“- hoping against hope that remaining ignorant, that by appeasing the restive infiltrators, somehow the status quo could be upheld, for just a little while longer.

A poster on Jihad Watch nails it:
Western women who staunchly defend Islam should be clinically examined for mental illness or psychosis. They are Islam’s first and foremost victims as it has been throughout history. Symptomatic of such gender-treason is avowed feminist Germaine Greer’s attempted defense of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as “an attack on cultural identity”. (Cite from the Journal of Medical Ethics.)

Female Genital Mutilation

Feminist writer Germaine Greer’s comments that attempts to outlaw the practice were “an attack on cultural identity” have been strongly criticised as ignoring the purposes of mutilation and the lack of choice for those upon whom it is inflicted.

This is just one manifestation of how the liberal left has come full circle to defend the rights of those who would kill them first of all. The hypocrisy and self-hatred embodied by such nihilistic thinking would be hilarious if it did not pose such a egregious threat to America’s security and Constitutional liberties.

This ‘tolerance’ for the intolerable, does it stop at cannibalism or with human sacrifices?

The answer would most likely be ‘who are we to judge…’


Newsweek, a typically far left publication provides a forum for a Fareed Zakaria.

Zakaria is a Mohammed Atta look-alike and openly works as a Muhammedan agit prop in America, right in the Dar-al Harb, behind enemy lines. He uses his powers incessantly to stir up the psychologically challenged peace-freaks.

Newsweek allows him to wage his very own jihad against the war efforts of the Bush administration. Newsweek recently allowed a certain Lorraine Ali to call Ayaan Hirsi Ali a ‘bombthrower’ things could hardly get more absurd.

The ‘Religion of Peace’- the most violent socio-political ideology on the face of the earth, a cult that demands total submission of the individual, makes it incumbent on its adherents to wage violent jihad against Infidels and Jews. Until all the world is Islamic, until the unbelievers are either killed or forcibly converted. This ideology is still, 5 years after 9/11,- considered to be just ‘another religion’.

‘Islam is a peaceful religion’- said GWB, hijacked by ‘extremists’ – but everyday we see the rapidly growing numbers of ‘extremists’ hijacking our freedom, our airplanes, buses and trains. Every day the ‘RoP’ murders, bombs, assassinates thousands, from Darfur to Thailand, from Mindanao to Sulawesi, from Chechnya to India. It is time to take a closer look at what Islam teaches instead of parroting the nonsense of the ignorant and the taqiyya masters.

Something is seriously wrong when a Lorraine Ali, an Islamo-shill, is allowed to smear Ayaan Ali Hirsi in a widely read magazine like Newsweek as a ‘bombthrower’. The irony is bizarre.

Moreover, note the use of the words “right-wing” and “reactionary” to describe Hirsi Ali and her views. To Newsweek’s Lorraine Ali, a woman who is a feminist, atheist, pro-gay and combats the greatest religious extremism of our time is “right-wing” and “reactionary.”

Yes, the bombthrowers are among us.

Ayaan is not one of them, but she shows you where they are.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has a take on Ali Hirsi’s Book ‘Infidel’ and knocks the traitors:

The New York Times continues it’s role as the jihad’s ho. Not its bitch, its ho. There are no journalistic standards at the Times. They have set out to destroy the truth tellers. Tools.


A letter to the editor:

She (Ayaan Hirsi Ali) shouted from the rooftops about Muslim women who endure female genital mutilation, forced marriages at young ages, “honor” killings and denial of education to ensure subjugation. And she went up against obscurantist Islamic religious leaders who use democratic freedoms to pursue antidemocratic goals. In doing so, Hirsi Ali ruffled feathers and stepped on toes, especially those of Dutchmen (and other Europeans) whose deafening silence was exposed.

As to Buruma’s claim that Europe must show greater respect for Islam, the reality is that many European nations have done just that, in some cases bending over backward to accommodate religious beliefs and needs. And where there have been lapses, many have rushed to protest. But Hirsi Ali’s key point is that this must be a two-way street. Newcomers must respect and adapt to their host societies’ defining principles. If not, she contends, Europe will wake up one day and no longer recognize itself as a bastion of Enlightenment values.

David A. Harris
New York
The writer is the executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

A Bolt Surprise:

 Andrew Bolt
* Just when his (self imposed) censorship on his blog made him look ridiculous he comes up with some surprising stuff:

A German judge who ruled that the Koran permitted a man to beat his wife – and so turned down a Muslim woman’s request for a divorce – has been told she got the religion all wrong:

Muslim leaders agreed that Muslims living here must be judged by the German legal code. But they were just as offended by what they characterized as the judge’s misinterpretation of a much- debated passage in the Koran governing relations between husbands and wives.

While the verse cited by the judge does say husbands may beat their wives for being disobedient — an interpretation embraced by Wahhabi and some other fundamentalist Islamic groups — mainstream Muslims have long rejected wife-beating as a relic of the medieval era.

I do hope and trust that is true.

The following preachers, though, seem to disagree: 

King Quisling knows Best: IT’S US! We are “Blogging Off to Hatred”

The latest from Cairns very own expert on Islam: Gavin Kingimg0921.jpg

Nobody likes a traitor.

The ‘King’ doesn’t like the nasty feedback he got from bloggers all over the world. He wants to be loved for being ‘Wanker of the Week’.

In a lukewarm follow-up to this he tells us that WE ARE THE PROBLEM:

We are “Blogging off to hatred:”

‘These-Anglo warriors whip each other up into a frenzy of fear and hysteria, not realizing they are engaging in the same kind of narrow minded extremist discourse they accuse their Islamic enemies of. The reality is very different’- of course….

Gavin King doesn’t like to be spat upon.

Isn’t it better to be spat upon than firebombed or assassinated Gavin?

Live with it. Its better than a beheading or being shot and stabbed in the street like Theo Van Gogh. Its better than living in hiding like Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Aly Hirsi or Geert Wilders.

Lest we forget: This is the same Gavin King, extreme left-wing Cairns Post fly-by night reporter, the same guy who is in bed with THIS, who assured a Cairns businessman that his privacy would be respected, only to name him five times (!) and smearing him in his fish-wrap as ‘the man behind Sheik yer’mami’ , listing his possessions and business including his residence in clear violation of any journalistic ethics and morals. Now he whines and tells us that ‘Blogging off to hatred will not achieve anything and makes us just like them’…


The ‘tiny minority of extremists’ must be laughing their asses off over useful idiots like that.

More later!



What we are missing is anything about the proposed mosque. What happened to that story? Who will finance it? Is the money coming from Saudi Arabia? What will they teach & preach there? Will it be the Wahabite variety?

Questions, questions. But don’t wait for Gavin King. Very unlikely that he will give you the answers…


The murder of Theo Van Gogh didn’t deter Gavin King from from instigating the RoP members to do what they must: To kill the critics of their cult. King projects his hatred, his anti-semitism onto his own society and culture like a proper Nazi-denunciant. What amazes is that he seems to be too dumb or ignorant to even feel shame about it.


In the words of Winston Churchill:

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you with only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is not hope of victory at all, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Mamduh Habib Plays the Race Card. Which Race is Islam again?

From Reuters:

* This Jackass Jihadi who went to Afghanistan to ‘find a good school for his children’ is going to run for public office. Surprised?

No. Everything goes these days.

And what’s it all about? ‘Racism and Islamaphobia’- of course!

Come on out, all you infidelophobic Muslims! The jihad must be fought at the ballot box!

“One of the reasons we stepped forward is to confront racism head on and to confront Islamaphobia head on,” said Kaysar Trad, spokesman for Sydney’s Islamic Friendship Association.

“We owe it to this nation to stand up to racists and make a positive political stand,” Trad told Reuters.

* Yeah. ‘Racism’- ‘Standing up to racism’- should do it.

Why not? It worked with Cronulla, didn’t it?

Which ‘race’ is Islam again?

Read it all:

Don’t worry: It’s okay to dislike Islam!


Not every Frenchman is quite ready to follow the frog in the picture:

There are some who understand what the Muhammedan invasion seeks to achieve and they are telling us that it is perfectly cool to dislike Islam.

Like David Thompson on the Charlie Hebdo verdict
One of the creeping, unanalyzed myths of our time is that it is somehow wrong to dislike Islam, or any part thereof, and wrong to take a dim view of its tenets and demands, and wrong to take a still dimmer view of the figure who founded it. I can practically hear the distant tutting and grunts of disapproval. Poor Islam. Poor Muslims. Their beliefs are being mocked. How hurtful. How ‘racist.’ How terribly unfair.

No. It’s not unfair at all. What’s unfair is a demand for unearned deference and a unilateral exemption from the testing of ideas. What’s unfair, indeed despicable, are efforts by Islamic groups to cow dissent and stifle criticism with a well-rehearsed pantomime of victimhood and the projection of false motives.

Read it all, click the links above…