Pali Jihad Rat becomes ‘Resistance Mickey’

It’s mind-blowing to see how mainstream media are whitewashing the story of the evil Hamas Mickey Mouse clone. As we reported yesterday, Fatah representatives lied when they announced the show had been pulled off the air.




Today Agence France Presse has a story on the continuing depravity, with the jaw-dropping headline: Defiant Hamas TV airs resistance Mickey again.

AFP makes sure to emphasize that the evil mouse told children not to cheat on their exams. See? They’re just like us!

There isn’t a single word in this article about the Islamic supremacist messages that are a huge part of this show. They’re teaching children that Islam is going to take over the whole world, and the mainstream media are covering it up.

A Hamas-run television station defied Israel and the Palestinian government on Friday by continuing to air a controversial children’s puppet show with a Mickey Mouse lookalike preaching resistance.

Israel and Jewish groups have slammed the Al-Aqsa programme over calls made by the copycat mouse named Farfur and by a little girl for resistance against Israel and the United States, and for its overtly Islamist message.

Complete with Islamic songs and calls for cities in Israel to return to Palestine, Friday’s episode apparently sought to prepare children for their end-of-year examinations — with Farfur being told that cheating is forbidden.

Asked why by an Al-Aqsa television reporter, he looked left and right to see what his friends were writing and answered: “Because the Jews destroyed my home and I left my books and notes under the rubble.”

“I’m calling on all children to read more and more to prepare for exams because the Jews don’t want us to learn,” Farfur then said after being told he had failed the test.

On Thursday, the chairman of the board of Al-Aqsa television, Fathi Hamad, refused to bow to pressure to cull the “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” programme or to doctor its content.

“This campaign of criticism is part of a plan orchestrated by the West and the occupying power to attack Islam on the one hand and the Palestinian cause on the other,” he said.

From today’s edition of Palestinian Media Watch, here’s the death cult propaganda that’s being fed into the minds of children, and that the media are hiding from you:

Read it all from LGF:

Today’s Jihad News

* This is getting beyond ridiculous: Everyday, every hour, we are being bombed, shot up, people from Thailand to Afghanistan have their throats cut and see their children burned and tortured, and the MSM still treats the global jihad as if this continuous madness was nothing more than ‘isolated incidents’- there is just no excuse for that:


The jihad continues on Mindanao. “Philippines bomb kills four, army blames Islamists,”

from Reuters:

MANILA (Reuters) – A bomb killed four people and wounded 29 when it tore through a billiard hall in the southern Philippines on Tuesday in an attack military officials blamed on an al Qaeda-linked Islamist group.
The blast took place at a busy street corner in Tacurong City, officials said. Tacurong is on the troubled island of Mindanao, about 950 km (600 miles) south of Manila.
Major-General Raymundo Ferrer, army commander in Cotabato on Mindanao, said initial inquiries indicated it was the handiwork of Jemaah Islamiah (JI), a regional militant network.
“It has all the signature of a terrorist attack,” Ferrer told reporters, ruling out politics behind the attack.
“We have strong suspicions the JI carried out the attack to remind us they’re still very much around. The target was obviously innocent people.”
Ferrer said four people were confirmed killed and 29 were wounded. Earlier, officials had reported five dead and 35 wounded, but Ferrer said some casualties had been counted twice in the initial confusion after the blast.
Benjamin de los Santos, Tacurong City’s deputy police chief, said a suspect with known links to local Islamist militants had been identified.
“We have identified a possible suspect who was seen carrying a bag before the explosion,” he told reporters.

Thailand still ‘Restive’:

Thai Jihad Update from Agence France-Presse:

NARATHIWAT, Thailand (AFP) – A Buddhist man was shot dead by suspected separatist militants on Thursday in Thailand’s restive south, police said, after two Muslims were killed overnight.
* Which adjective will news organizations wear out when they decide it’s gotten worse than “restive?”

All three were killed in Narathiwat province in drive-by shootings blamed on southern militants who are fighting for an independent state.

* That’s news: For a long while, mainstream media reports from Thailand claimed that the cause of the ongoing jihad violence was a mystery—“shadowy groups who never issue demands.”

But now they seem to have settled on the way to spin it. It’s resistance. The butchers are “fighting for an independent state.”
In a separate incident in Pattani province, two soldiers were wounded in a bomb blast as they protected a group of Buddhist monks on their morning rounds to collect alms.
The violence followed a powerful roadside bombing Wednesday that tossed an army patrol truck into the air and killed all seven soldiers inside.
More than 2,100 people have died in separatist violence in the southern provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat since January 2004, and unrest is growing despite peace-building moves by the government.
Army-installed Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont plans to travel to the region on Sunday for a one-day visit with his two deputy prime ministers and seven cabinet ministers.
Surayud said he wanted to give cabinet members first-hand experience of the unrest in the region, where they would meet military and civilian officials in Pattani and Yala.
Some 200 Muslims in Yala broke up their week-long blockade of a major highway on Thursday after negotiations with the provincial governor, local officials said, but in nearby Narathiwat a new protest got underway.
About 100 Muslim women and children gathered in the main provincial town to demand the authorities release 12 suspected militants who were arrested after security forces found 50 machetes in their belonging.

US Media: IF its NOT Al Qaeda its NOT Terrorism

Valid points From LGF:

As we’ve been saying here for a while, it’s completely irrelevant whether suspected plotters like the Fort Dix jihadis are card-carrying members of Al Qaeda International, Inc. Al Qaeda isn’t a formal organization, it’s an ideology—a philosophy of Islamic supremacism that is not limited to one group or country, but spreads through the medium of Islam.

I’d like to see mainstream media take one tenth of the energy and resources they’ve spent investigating US secret programs and put it into investigating where people like the Fort Dix Six learned and hardened the Islamic rationale for their plans. The New York Times has told us that the mosque they attended was a “moderate” mosque, and that’s as far as it’s going to get.

If the Times is right and they didn’t learn it at the mosque … then where? It’s a bit hard to believe that their indoctrination came entirely from the internet.

But US media are satisfied to let this remain a mystery.

The philosophy of jihad is the subject of VDH’s column for today: Al Qaedism, Again.

Why would Albanian-speaking Muslim refugees from the Balkans try to murder American soldiers? After all, the United States — not bin Laden’s rag-tag jihadists — saved Bosnia and Kosovo? And we did that by bombing the capital of a Christian European nation.

But then, why did a mixed-up Albanian Muslim in Salt Lake City, one Sulejman Talovic, go on a shopping-mall shooting spree? Five innocents were killed in the attack before the murderer himself was shot and killed.

* Sulejman Talovic had a ‘martyrs funeral’ back in the Balkans. Just like the bastards who bombed buses and trains in London, who were buried (whatever was left of them) in Pakistan with 20.000 people attending.

And why, after pouring billions of dollars into Afghanistan, did poor, mixed-up Omeed Aziz Popal, an Afghan Muslim, try to run over several innocents in San Francisco near a Jewish center in September 2006?

Or, for that matter, why did an angry Muslim Pakistani gun down Jews in Seattle?

Or, again, why earlier last year, did a 22-year-old Iranian-American Muslim drive his sport utility vehicle into a crowded pedestrian zone at the University of North Carolina?

Islam “375” Years in Australia: Islamo-Propaganda goes into Overdrive

With thanks to Andrew Bolt


The Age presents ”Faces of Islam”, hosted by its Muslim business reporter, Nabila Ahmed.

She is “angry”, of course, and wants to present the facts about Muslims in Australia:

Muslim history in Australia dates back to 1650. That’s more than 100 years before the First Fleet.

Still, this is a more modest take on our history than that of the Mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj el-Din el-Hilali, who famously declared:

The Europeans issued a false birth certificate for it when the British seafarer Captain James Cook reached it. However, Australia already had the most ancient race of men on the face of the earth – the Aborigine people… They continue to live their primitive lives to this very day.

But when you become acquainted with their traditions among their tribes, you find that they have customs such as circumcision, marriage ceremonies, respect for tribal elders, and burial of the dead – all customs that show that they were connected to ancient Islamic culture before the Europeans set foot in Australia.

That is, Islam had roots deep in the Australian soil and read the Qur’an and called to prayer before the bells of the churches rang in Australia. The best evidence of this is the hundreds of mosques in the center of Australia built by the Afghans.

*  Hundreds of mosques? Has anyone ever seen them? 

Speaking of whom:

The Australian Federal Police has cleared the Sydney Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj el-Din Al Hilaly, of allegations he diverted charitable funds to a terrorist group.

* Once again: Islam claims the world. Islam seeks world domination.

* The hihabbed female Australian ‘revert’ in the video is as twisted as they come…

* Islam: Where whining and bitching has become an artform…

Despicable CNN Spins Jihad Rat Propaganda

The Rats are Everywhere these Days:

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs is onto it:


Something is really rotten at CNN. Stinking, decayed and rotten. Smells like death. Capt Diggs sends this along

In this CNN clip video, they challenge the Memri translation of what is said, based upon CNN “translators”

The context doesn’t fit the CNN “translation”. Mickey Hamouse asks the girl on the phone : “what do we want to do?”…and her answer is “annihilate the Jews”…which fits the context of the question.

“Mickey” asks “What do we want to do (to liberate Al Aqsa)

Girl on camera says: ahna bidna… we want to)

and the girl on the phone (off camera) answers: harad al yahood (annihilate the Jews)

I got this translation from an Arabic speaking Israeli.
And as I said, CNN’s translation doesn’t fit the context of the question asked of the girl on the phone.

Per CNN (who does not dispute the question “Mickey” asks);

“Mickey” : What do we want to do…?
Girl on phone: “Jews are killing us” ( CNN “translation”)

That makes no sense.

Odds are the CNN “translators” are Arab or Muslim who thought they could fix things by changing what was said. I wish this could be addressed directly to CNN.

FOX is a bit more honest: Click here

Eric Shawn, FOX news: “It looks like Mickey Mouse, it sounds like Mickey Mouse, but do you think Mickey Mouse would ever tell kids to fight Americans and the Jews?”

Diane Disney Miller, Walt Disney’s daughter: “What we’re dealing with here is pure evil and you can’t ignore that.”

The New York Daily News front page headline screamed: “Terror Mouse,” and called the Hamas TV program “perverse.”

PMW director Itamar Marcus was quoted in the Daily News: “It’s a brilliant way of getting the most horrific messages into the consciousness of young children… It’s fun. You laugh at Farfur. You don’t realize you are being poisoned.”

Click here for the full clip from MEMRI

* But not only that, they give plenty of airtime to the Arab creep who whines about the evil Israelis who drive those gentle Pali-Arabs crazy, ‘oppression, apartheid system’- you heard it all before.

And finally, Attika Schubert from CNN moralizes: “Nothing is simple in the ME…’

* Well, they can’t sweep this under the table. This is gonna bite them right in their fat CNN asses…

* WoJ reader comment: And the hilarious thing is that the LEFT blogosphere is spewing hate and venom over the fact that CNN has given space to Glen Beck (who wouldn’t let this vile story get swept under the rug)!!!

France: What will Sarkozy do about Polygamy?

Sarkozy opposes polygamy

* So far he has been making the right noises. Of course, every Western politician should oppose polygamy, but in an age when it is widely tolerated in Europe, Sarkozy’s statement stands out. Here is a rough-and-ready translation (corrections gratefully accepted) of his French statement (thanks to Dhimmi Watch)


Question: What do you think of polygamy?
Answer: I respect all cultures throughout the world, but so that it is quite clear: if I am elected President of the Republic, I will not accept women being treated as inferior to men. The French Republic holds these values: respect for women, equality between men and women. Nobody has the right to hold a prisoner, even within his own family. I say it clearly, that polygamy is prohibited in the territory of the French Republic. I will fight against female genital mutilation and those who do not wish to understand that the values of the French Republic include freedom for women, the dignity of women, respect for women — they do not have any reason to be in France. If our laws are not respected and if one does not wish to understand our values, if one does not wish to learn French, then one does not have any reason to be on French territory.

Choose your burka:


Which do you prefer: 


Com’on Sarko, lets have some diversity!


Wishful Thinking Downunder: More Taxpayers Money Wasted For Feelgood BS

Absorbing Muslims tackles radicalism: PM

Prime Minister John Howard says assimilating new citizens into the Australian community helps tackle the problems of radicalism among a minority of Muslims.

In Tuesday’s budget, Treasurer Peter Costello allocated $461,000 to programs that help Muslim communities integrate into the wider Australian community.

“I think it’s in the interests of everybody,” Mr Howard told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

There’s every reason to try and assimilate – and I unapologetically use that word ‘assimilate’ – a section of the community, a tiny minority of whose members have caused concern.

“After all, once somebody’s become a citizen of this country the best thing we can do is to absorb them in the mainstream.”

But he denied the measure was about trying to assimilate people’s religious beliefs.

“The reason that religion is used as a descriptor is it’s a small category of radical Muslims that have adopted attitudes that we think are bad for the country and the most sensible thing to do is try and change those attitudes.”

* Allowing the spread of Islam, more mosques and madrassahs and unhindered da’awa (proselytizing) including prison Islam (Prislam) will certainly not help integration or assimilation.

Perhaps Howard should have used the money for a study of how the integration efforts are going in Europe.

France would have been a good start….

Meanwhile, in other news: 

Taliban makes bombs from Dutch aid 

Expatica via Dhimmi Watch 

AMSTERDAM – Dutch aid to Afghan civilians is falling into the hands of terrorists. Handsaws and batteries distributed by the Dutch have been used in roadside bombs constructed by Taliban fighters, magazine Elsevier reports this week.

As a result, troops in Uruzgan are being ordered not to distribute any more handsaws or radios. The troops at Kamp Holland have also been instructed not to discard batteries until they are completely empty. A spokesperson for the defence department did not want to confirm these reports on Wednesday.

The director of the military intelligence and security service (MIVD), General Pieter Cobelens, said in Elsevier: “One of the tasks of the MIVD is to warn of the unwanted side effects of the reconstruction mission. But the political and military leadership at the defence department must evaluate whether reconstruction activities should be stopped as a result.”

“Allah Instructed Me”- sez 21/7 Islamic Terrorist Suspect

* Amazing that all Islamic terrorists seem to have a direct line to Allah and claim to find their instructions in the Koran. Even more amazing that there are millions of Islamic spin-doctors out there who tell us it isn’t so.

Curiously most of this Islam-obscuring bullshit propaganda is promoted like some kind of new age message among the effeminate leftie-loony journo’s that pervert the western media these days:

From Al Bebeceera

Yassin Omar and five other men deny the charges (of course)

An alleged 21/7 bomber has told a court Allah instructed him to put a rucksack on when police came to arrest him.
Woolwich Crown Court heard officers almost shot Yassin Omar, who was found standing in a bath wearing what they believed to be a bag of explosives.

But the 26-year-old denied wanting to be killed by police with a Koran on his back in order to become a martyr.

Six men deny conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions on London transport on 21 July 2005.

Earlier this week, Mr Omar admitted setting off a device on a Tube train near Warren Street, but says it was carried out in protest at the Iraq war and was not meant to be deadly.

Bucket and books

Giving evidence for the fourth day, he was asked if he wanted to die with the Koran on his back.

“That is not the case,” he replied.

“If they saw I had a rucksack on me then they would think twice before they shot me, and it worked. Allah answered my supplication,” he said.

* Memo to Sohail Mohammed: this could be someone else daring to associate Islam with terrorism. Maybe it would be more fruitful for you to direct your efforts to dissociate Islam from terrorism at convincing people like Yassin Omar to stop plotting terror attacks in the name of Islam, rather than complaining about law enforcement.

Christopher Hitchens: Londonistan Calling


Muslims at the French Embassy in London complain about cartoons, February 3, 2006. Lefteris Pitarakis/AP Photo.

Christopher Hitchens on returning to his old neighborhood of Finsbury Park:

Londonistan Calling

It’s impossible to exaggerate how far and how fast this situation has deteriorated. Even at the time of the Satanic Verses affair, as long ago as 1989, Muslim demonstrations may have demanded Rushdie’s death, but they did so, if you like, peacefully. And they confined their lurid rhetorical attacks to Muslims who had become apostate. But at least since the time of the Danish-cartoon furor, threats have been made against non-Muslims as well as ex-Muslims (see photograph), the killing of Shiite Muslim heretics has been applauded and justified, and the general resort to indiscriminate violence has been rationalized in the name of god. Traditional Islamic law says that Muslims who live in non-Muslim societies must obey the law of the majority. But this does not restrain those who now believe that they can proselytize Islam by force, and need not obey kuffar law in the meantime. I find myself haunted by a challenge that was offered on the BBC by a Muslim activist named Anjem Choudary: a man who has praised the 9/11 murders as “magnificent” and proclaimed that “Britain belongs to Allah.” When asked if he might prefer to move to a country which practices Shari’a, he replied: “Who says you own Britain anyway?” A question that will have to be answered one way or another.

Read it all, its  a must  read…

Catmeat Sheik cleared of charges he gave charity money to jihad groups

* But why? Is there no law enforcement anymore in Australia? Or is Mick Keelty, the police chief of NSW just unwilling or unable to take Hilali down?

Now he can relax and go back to saying crazy stuff.

“Hilali cleared of charity terror funds allegation,” from AAP


DISASTER-prone Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali has been cleared of claims he diverted charitable funds to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.
The controversial sheik has been told by the Australian Federal Police that he has no case to answer.

The Lebanese Muslim Association was told in writing on Tuesday there was no evidence to support the claim that the sheik had diverted $16,000 in donations from Australian Muslims to a radio station with links to Hezbollah.

“The AFP assessment has not identified any evidence to support an investigation of persons for terrorist financing offences,” AFP spokesman Warren Gray wrote.

* Comment from Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad watch:

This al-Hilali case, which stops long before a trial, is another sort of injustice. Not enough evidence, you say? Don’t be absurd. Read what this Al-Hilali has said, has written. Any and all means should be found to remove him from Australian society. The countries of the West, and of the non-Western Infidel world, have to figure out what they need to do, what needs to be changed, in order to protect themselves against an unprecedented threat, a threat for which their criminal justice systems, from investigative powers to the knowledge possessed by the police, members of other security services (domestic and foreign), judges (who should be chosen, as jury members should be chosen, only from those who know something, even a good deal, about Islam — and I don’t mean by reading armstrongs and espositos and assorted Mesanostrans) are, at this point, simply inadequate.

The Law Reviews should be full of such articles: the inadequacies of our own systems, created by people who, brilliant as they may have been (think of the Framers), were rational, Western men, well-read children of the Enlightenment, some more and some less believers in a bengin faith, who could scarcely have imagined the presence, or menace, of Islam all over the this country and the Lands of the Infidels, all the way to Australia.