Peanut Khadr: Once a Whore, always a Whore

Update on Jimmuh from the Ummah


Caption: President Carter receiving the International Zayed Prize for the Environment in 2001 from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maklum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence. The prize included $500,000. The following year President Carter refused the Wiesenthal Center’s request to repudiate the Zayed Center in Abu Dhabi for a symposium where it was asserted that the Nazi Holocaust was a ‘false fable’.

’Nuff said. Worth a thousand words.

From Gates of Vienna


Willie Clitman, Khadr’s brother in arms, did even better: He made about 40 million dollars in ‘speaking fees’- A lot, if not all of it from wealthy Arabs in the Gulf. But not enough: He aims for a second term in the white house through his egregious wife Pillary.

Clitman, just in case you have forgotten about it, went to the Arabs and said ‘the cartoons should have not been printed’- an excremental sell-out for freedom of speech, totally against the spirit of the constitution.

Who is a bigger whore: A 10$ street hooker or guys like these two former presidents?



My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia

By Jesse Petrilla

I have recently returned to the U.S. from my trip through the Balkans which had an aim to see what the ever expanding Middle East into Europe looks like up close. Here is my after-action report for those who are interested in hearing about a situation which may chillingly parallel future events in America if we do not take action to prevent them today.


I landed in Kosovo on a flight from Istanbul directly into the Kosovo capital city of Pristina. This city is a showpiece for the Kosovo Albanians who often take visiting dignitaries and American politicians through a twisty roundabout path through the city, avoiding the many destroyed churches and other evidence of the less than tolerant attitudes so prevalent in the region. I went on a very different tour of Kosovo than what our politicians see. I didn’t stick to only seeing the few good parts of Pristina, I went to other parts of Kosovo where Christians are forced to live in military-like compound ghettos, with the terror and fear of death if they ever set foot outside of their enclaves without protection. I saw a rogue and wild west region with very little self built infrastructure, and vast amounts of foreign money flowing in from Saudi Arabia and other nations hell bent on exporting their extremist ideals. The only real infrastructure I saw were remnants of Tito’s Communist Yugoslavia, with the current flow of money primarily being dumped into new construction projects of Wahabi mosques and madrases. But what is scariest of all is that I saw America several generations from now if we continue to allow Islamism to spread through the socialist and naive policies so many American politicians have adopted.


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After visiting several other churches destroyed as recently as 2003 and many vandalized in the last year, I headed for Bosnia not too far away. In Sarajevo I got a tour of the EUFOR Army base there, and was comforted to learn that although our politicians may not get it, the Army certainly understands who the enemy is today. A Sergent Major told me of villages in Bosnia where the women wear full Afghanistan style burkahs, and when a vehicle approaches the village all the women go run and hide, and the men surround the car and you must ask permission to enter the village. He told me what is scariest of all is that the people who live there are not foreigners, but Bosnian born and raised, right there in Europe. I learned from him and others that nearly all of the military activity involves problems with Muslims, and not the Christians, such a surprise…

Gitmo Madness: Judges completely off the rails

Charges Against Guantanamo Bay Detainees Dismissed


Incompetence brings the whole system to a screeching halt:

Military judges dismissed charges Monday against a Guantanamo detainee who chauffeured Usama bin Laden and another who allegedly killed a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, marking a stunning setback to Washington’s attempts to try detainees in military court.
In back-to-back arraignments for Canadian Omar Khadr and Salim Ahmed Hamdan, of Yemen, the U.S. military’s cases against the alleged Al Qaeda figures dissolved because, the two judges said, the government had failed to establish jurisdiction.

They were the only two of the roughly 380 prisoners at Guantanamo charged with crimes, and the rulings stand to complicate efforts by the United States to try other suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban figures in military courts.


Salim Ahmed Hamdan

Hamdan’s military judge, Navy Capt. Keith Allred, said the detainee is “not subject to this commission” under legislation passed by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush last year. Hamdan is accused of chauffeuring bin Laden’s and being the Al Qaeda chief’s bodyguard.

The new Military Commissions Act, written to establish military trials after the U.S. Supreme Court last year rejected the previous system, is full of problems, defense attorneys argued.

The judges agreed that there was one problem they could not resolve — the new legislation says only “unlawful enemy combatants” can be tried by the military trials, known as commissions. But Khadr and Hamdan had previously been identified by military panels only as enemy combatants, lacking the critical “unlawful” designation.

The surprise decisions do not spell freedom for the detainees, who are imprisoned here along with about 380 other men suspected of links to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Khadr was 15 when he was captured after a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002 in which he allegedly killed a U.S. soldier and was wounded himself. He is now 20.

Khadr, appearing in the courtroom with a beard and wearing an olive-green prison uniform, seemed uninterested when Army Col. Peter Brownback, Khadr’s judge, threw out the case. Khadr focused on his own image on a computer screen that showed a live TV broadcast of the proceedings.

The chief of military defense attorneys at Guantanamo Bay, Marine Col. Dwight Sullivan, said the dismissal of the case against Khadr could spell the end of the war-crimes trial system hurriedly set up last year by Congress and Bush after the Supreme Court threw out the previous system.

But legal experts said Brownback apparently left open the door for a retrial for Khadr, and that the Defense Department can possibly fix the jurisdictional problem by holding new “combat status review tribunals” for any detainee headed to trial.

Sullivan said the dismissal has “huge” impact because none of the detainees held at this isolated military base in southeast Cuba has been found to be an “unlawful” enemy combatant.

“It is not just a technicality; it’s the latest demonstration that this newest system just does not work,” Sullivan told journalists. “It is a system of justice that does not comport with American values.”

The Military Commissions Act, signed by Bush last year, specifically says that only those classified as “unlawful” enemy combatants can face war trials here, Brownback noted.

The distinction is important because if they were “lawful,” they would be entitled to prisoner of war status, which under the Geneva Conventions would entitle them to the same treatment under established military law that U.S. soldiers would get.

A Pentagon spokesman said the issue was little more than semantics.

Bullshit by the truckload Link

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Cologne: Giordano Receives Death Threats and Fatwa’s for Opposing Mosque


Debate Over New Mosque in Cologne Heats Up

* Critics of the mosque are immediately smeared as ‘ radical right wing’

* Death threats against Ralph Gioradano, an 84-year old writer and holocaust surviver, are ignored… “What kind of a state are we in that I can face a fatwa in Germany?” he asked.

* The MSM reports only in in the most euphemistic ways how the new mosque would ‘enrich the multicultural diversity’ of the new Germany…

* Muslims, as usual, are whining and see themselves as victims of ‘Islamophobia:’

“At the moment the situation is terrible,” said Bekir Alboga, who is in charge of inter-religious and inter-cultural co-operation at DITIB. “People pray out here in the car park, even in winter when it’s cold, snowing or raining, because it is a very small prayer room. And where are Muslims meant to pray, while Christians or Jews are in their pretty, representative houses of God? Should our Muslims really pray on tarmac in the blazing summer sun?”

* No mention that there are already some 45 mosques in and around Cologne

Does Germany make life hard for its Muslims?


Another link in German

And if you speak or read German, here is Giordano :


“Ich wehre mich gegen ein Erpresserpotential, das uns unter islamischer Beobachtung halten will.” Ralph Giordano (Foto:

Ralph Giordano: “Ich will sagen dürfen: Stoppt diese Moschee!”

K ö l n (PRO) – Der Publizist Ralph Giordano hat im Streit um die geplante “Zentralmoschee” in Köln nachgelegt. In Bezug auf Morddrohungen gegen ihn, die offenbar von Islamisten stammten, schrieb er in der Freitagsausgabe der “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung”: “Ich bin der Traditionen, Sitten und Gebräuche überdrüssig, die jede Kritik in Beleidigungen umfälschen, selbst aber höchst verschwenderisch mit Verbalinjurien gegen Andersgläubige zur Hand sind.”

Angefangen hatte es mit Giordanos Erklärung, gegen den Bau der Großmoschee an der Venloer Straße in Köln Ehrenfeld zu sein. Dort will die “Türkisch-islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion” (Ditib) den knapp 35 Meter hohen Kuppelbau mit zwei 55 Meter aufragenden Minaretten errichten. Der bisherige Sitz der Ditib ist in einem ehemaligen Fabrikgebäude an dieser Stelle. Die Bauarbeiten sollen im Spätsommer dieses Jahres beginnen und 2009 beendet sein. Noch läuft das Planungsverfahren. Die Ditib ist Dachverband für rund 870 Moscheevereine in der Bundesrepublik und wurde in engem Kontakt mit dem Ministerium für religiöse Angelegenheiten in der Türkei gegründet.

Im Internet-Fernsehen des “Kölner Stadtanzeigers” hatte Giordano Mitte Mai heftige Kritik am Islam geübt und sich vehement gegen den Moschee-Bau ausgesprochen. Zur Premiere der Sendung “Streit im Turm” hatte die Zeitung Giordano und Bekir Alboga von der Ditib eingeladen. “Stoppt den Bau dieser Moschee”, sagte Giodano in der Sendung. “Es ist ein falsches Signal. Wahr ist, dass die Integration der muslimischen Minderheit in Deutschland gescheitert ist. (…) Immigranten haben nicht nur Probleme, sie machen auch Probleme. Es gibt eine Kultur hier, die nicht akzeptabel ist, aber mitten unter uns ist.” Die Sendung gibt es hier als Video und hier als Skript zum Nachlesen.

“Ich will auf deutschen Straßen keiner Burkaverhüllten begegnen”

Ihn mache stutzig, dass die Bevölkerung bei einem “solchen Großprojekt” und diesem “Religionsausdruck einer fremden Kultur” mitten in Köln nicht gefragt wurde. “Ich prophezeie, wenn diese Großmoschee gebaut wird, gibt es Unfrieden und Unruhe.” Die Quelle des islamistischen Terrors liege seiner Meinung nach “in den Schwierigkeiten der islamischen Gesellschaft bei der Anpassung an die Moderne”. Auf den Einwand Albogas, dass es selbstverständlich “Kirchen, Synagogen und auch Moscheen” in Deutschland gebe und “Artikel vier und fünf unseres Grundgesetzes, die Religions- und Meinungsfreiheit ohne Wenn und Aber” akzeptiert werden müssten, antwortete Giordano: “Die Argumentation kennt man ja: Sie setzen christlich-jüdisches Traditionsgut gleich mit muslimischem. So geht es nicht. Es ist nicht alles Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen.”

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Translation please, any volunteers…?

With thanks to PJ we have  a translation, but it still needs some improvement:

  1. P.J. Says: of Ralph Giordano
    PROVIDES 01.06.07, 10:59 h

    My demand on the political line of the city to stop the plans for the building of a central large mosque in Cologne honour field because they sketch a wrong picture of the true relations between Muslim minority and majority company in view of the failed integration, brought in, unmistakably heavy murder threats for me and in Turkish language (with which I want to place this part of the minority not under general suspicion).

    In addition I explain binding: I will turn also further tabooless against all Basic Law-adverse and thus integration-hostile conditions and conditions within the Muslim minority, everything in front against the inakzeptable position of the woman (like her nobody documented more shaking, as the Turkish Soziologin Mrs. Dr. Necla Kelek, in the name of all other entwürdigten and threatened suffering companions). I will also further critically take position against those Imams and federation functionaries, which use the liberal framework and the tolerance of the liberal condition, in order to implement totalitarian opinions of state and religion in its enclaves; those the rules of right-national writingness undermine, with anti-western Indoktrination Scharia oriented instruction give and the standards of the democracy – like Koedukation, Sexualunterricht, sport, class travels, sex equality – refuse.

    I will persist also further in my cultural self-determination, in a way of life, which my is and which does not agree in manifold regard with the Muslim. And I want to be allowed to say, undisturbed. I want to be allowed to say that I don’t want to meet Burka or chadorwearing veiled females on German roads neither, nor do I want to hear the call of the Muezzin from huge Minarets near me. Also I want to be allowed to object publicly over the fact that the European Union allowed a Turkish minister of foreign affairs to let his daughters study in Germany, because they can do here, what in Turkey is officially forbidden to go i.e. unhindered with the head cloth into the lecture. Whereby I will please the executive committees of most Muslim federations in Germany, under it the Ditib, not for clearing-up, because I from this side nothing when masking expects.

    I will also not adapt my opinion of liberty of opinion to an Ungeist, which lays her out in such a way: “All do not have the right to express their opinion freely in a way those the Scharia contrary-run.” No and three times no! The Scharia, the law Islam, is notoriously Basic Law adverse (unconstitutional), a scandalous anachronism, the fossil of an outdated mankind epoch and a heavy obstacle on the way to the reformation and modernization Islam. It is included by me just as naturally into the critical method as the Koran, the biography Mohammeds and old persons and the new will. And I want to say, write, to think may – official Fatwa threat, unofficial ago.

    Where are we that we would have to consider ourselves, whether our doing and acting please radical Muslims or not? Where are we that we could be prescribed in hurrying ahead obedience of religious and other fanatics, what we say may or not? Where are we, dasswir into the knees go before those obviously at any time from any local Imamen callable Islamic anger and indignation collectives between Cairo and ball, how the controversy over the Danish “Mohammed caricatures” demonstrated them us? I am überdrüssig the traditions, habits and habits, each criticism in offenses umfälschen,

    even however with insults against Andersgläubige to the hand are most wasteful.

    I resist a blackmail-potential, which wants to hold us under Islamic rule and its tentakels from central and interior Asia into the center of Europe ejected: Those who do not submit live dangerously! Am I to now be silent and to betray all my fought for and suffered criteria, because also with murder one threatened to me? What, Germania, ran here wrongly that today must be asked in such a way? Thus I on that professional Multikulti Illusionisten, xenophile lawyers come from the left liberal corner, like Hans Chrisian Str̦bele and Claudia Roth, merciless deniers of justified self-interests of the majority company and large those any realistic estimate of the situation of the immigrant problem Рthey are to be kept in the eye. I stand for this name anyhow at the side all secularized mash lima and Muslime, who want to free the way to an integration with reforms, earned Рa goal, from which we are still far distant. Which does not prevent me to bring it with my molecule more near. Because a peaceful alternative to integration does not exist.

New Hampshire Muslim leader:”Outlawing of polygamy is denying certain citizens their full freedom”

* Because the sharia is ‘above man-made’ law. Because polygamy is not bad. Its only that we stupid infidels  are ignorant and ‘misunderstand’ Islam, you see.

And hey, why worry? Fewer than 20,000 Muslims in America practice it! Nothing to see here, move on, no need to wake up…

Sharia Alert from New Hampshire: polygamy is, like all of Islam, just great and severely misunderstood. “Multiple wives often misunderstood, Muslims say,” by Chloe Johnson for Foster’s Online, with thanks to Dhimmi Watch.
While the practice is not legal in the United States, polygamy is accepted in some parts of the world and permitted under certain circumstances in some religions, including Islam.



Abu-Ibrahim Mohamed, a member of the Islamic Society of the Seacoast Area in Dover, said Muslims look to their faith for guidance in life, including a perspective on polygamy.

“Islam presents a unique world view and a complete way of life,” he said in an e-mail to the newspaper.

Muslims look upon marriage as a scared institution and a serious commitment, he said.

Polygamy is a highly regulated contract that multiplies the vows of marriage. So it’s an additional challenge for the faithful, he said.

“Many times, polygamy is looked at as man’s right to legally marry more than one woman,” he said. “This is a totally flawed way of looking at the matter.”

He said people should consider looking at it as a woman’s right to be cared for and provided for, and to have the full legal rights of a wife.

The Quran regulates polygamy, like other aspects of life, he said.

* Sure. What he didn’t tell us is that a good muslim husband can throw the woman out in the street when he is fed up with with her…

Read it all…

The sympathetic tone of this writer is infuriating…

But here’s what its -really- all about:

Women’s Rights In Islam: Forced Sex Anytime, Anywhere

Women’s Rights In Islam: Married to Four Wives

Pakistan Daily Admits that Radical Islam is Supported by Islamic Scriptures

An article in the Pakistan Daily Times makes interesting reading:


Usually Muslims, when confronted with the Koran or the hadith, come up with all kinds of excuses and weasel and lie and deny, in order to deceive the pesky, inquisitive infidel; Islam must not be questioned. But here we actually have an editorial that not only confirms this, but also that those who argue against the scriptures -where are they?- would commit blasphemy and you know what that means in a place like Pakistan:

There is a lot of confusion in Pakistan over understanding the nature of violence in the country. What the Taliban want in the Tribal Areas is articulated in the mosques of the big cities in the settled areas. At any given time in Lahore, for instance, you will hear demands for the setting up of precisely the kind of governance demanded by the Taliban and implemented in the tribal areas. Most of us think that this kind of worldview in Lahore comes from fringe elements, but on close examination more and more people are embracing this discourse as their key to replacing the present “America-enslaved” system.

Most of us shy away from disputing this worldview with the clergy because the clergy quotes the Quran and hadith, thus exposing us to the possibility of blasphemy through repudiating the scripture. This is the “winning” discourse in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Islamic world — and the expatriate Muslim communities now at odds with the societies in which they live. This discourse comes to the fore on a daily basis through the nostalgic Urdu columns praising the “Golden Age of the Taliban rule” when “you could travel across Afghanistan with a box of jewellery without being robbed”.

Read it all…

Immediately comes a steaming pile of taqiyya from Pakistans PM to put the minds of ignorant infidels at ease:

Here Shaukat Aziz repeats platitudes we have heard many times before, and yet again pretends that the problem of Islamic terrorism stems from “Islamophobia,” while never acknowledging or confronting the fact that the “few” who are committing terrorist acts are the ones who are making the equation between Islam and terrorism. If they would stop equating Islam and terrorism, non-Muslims would stop making the association also.

“Attempts to equate Islam with terrorism must be rejected: Shaukat Aziz,” from APP, with thanks to APP via  JW

The actions of a few should not influence perceptions about Islam and Muslims, the majority of whom are peace loving, responsible citizens across the world”, he added. 

And infidel wankers sit and listen to such drivel without a word of protest.

Read it all… 

Tariq Ramadan beats the Islamophobia Drum: “Blair can no longer deny a link exists between terrorism and foreign policy”

And the far left Guardian provides a platform for Islamofascist propaganda:


“Let us look closely at recent developments in government policy toward Muslims. The British Muslim reaction to the July 7 attacks was exemplary, as Ken Livingstone pointed out, and this was a proof that they were well integrated into society. A policy of constructive engagement would have spared no effort to make the best of these tragic events.

“Instead, the British government has adopted an attitude of double denial, at home and abroad. Obsession with the ‘terrorist threat’ rapidly colonised debate and drove the government headlong into an approach restricted to the ‘fight against radicalisation and extremism’…. Further, this policy was accompanied by a demeaning – and frequently paternalistic – argument on the necessity of ‘integration’. Muslims, so it went, must accept those British values (liberty, tolerance, democracy, etc) that make up the essence of ‘Britishness’.”

* Frere Tariq, agent of the Muslim brotherhood, takes projection to new heights.

All of this and more on infidel stupidity and willful ignorance …

I think I wanna puke…


Melanie Phillips injects some sense of sanity in all the madness:

The stupor of Britain’s useful idiots

The charismatic Tariq Ramadan is the British establishment’s favourite Islamist radical. In a magisterial piece of writing in New Republic Paul Berman, author of ‘Terror and Liberalism’, reviews a clutch of books by Ramadan and not only manages to disinter the extremism that Ramadan goes to such lengths to conceal but he also comprehensively shreds the various useful idiots who have sanitised Ramadan’s thinking for public consumption – the people who, in Berman’s cutting terms, in applauding or merely in growing pensive, seemed to have accepted his categories of analysis, as if in a stupor.

So great is this collective stupor that, despite the fact that Ramadan was excluded from the US because of his suspected links with extremism, Oxford university has given him an academic berth – and the British government appointed him as one of its advisers on how to deal with… Islamist extremism. Berman’s article shows just how deeply the west’s collective brain has been put to sleep.

Are Females Really That Dumb?

First, watch this:

End Women’s Suffrage:

Many females will do anything in the mistaken belief that they’re following some kind of fashion.

Unfortunately men are even dumber because they often follow such women.

But how dumb are women really?

Take a look:

In New Hamshire they think its cool to submit to the cult of Islam:


Fun for the whole family:


A little burka here, and a little segregation there: Gee, its all sooo fashionable!


In Amherst, New Hampshire, parents are getting the jump on the impending caliphate and teaching their children to welcome their new Islamic overlords: ‘Open tent’ at Amherst Middle School.

AMHERST— For one night, on May 9, the quaint colonial town of Amherst, New Hampshire, was transformed into a Saudi Arabian Bedouin tent community, with the help of 80 seventh-graders at the Amherst Middle School. The weather cooperated, providing 85 degree temperatures to give an authentic Saudi feel to the evening.

More than 250 guests arrived at the open tent and were welcomed with an Arabic greeting of “Marhaba” by students at a Saudi customs desk. During the check-in, guests selected a traditional Arabic name for their name badge and completed an actual Saudi customs form, which warned in bold letters “Death for Drug Trafficking” at the top.

Once inside, guests were encouraged to circulate among 14 different stations created by the students. …

Flowing fabrics hung from the ceiling separated the family and men-only dining sections. The tables were set on large rugs and lowered so that the diners sat on the floor. Only the seventh-grade boys were allowed to host the food stations and the Arabic dancing, as the traditions of Saudi Arabia at this time prevent women from participating in these public roles.

Dressed in traditional Arabic wear—long plaid kilts, white shirts and turbans—the boys offered food and entertained guests. The Arabic dancers enthusiastically performed to music and encouraged male visitors to join their dance. Seventh-grade girls hosted the hijab and veil stations, where other female guests learned how to wear the required head covering and veils. An antique trunk full of black abayas worn by women, and white thobes worn by the men, were available for guests to try on. …

An Islamic religion station included a Muslim prayer rug with a compass imbedded in it to locate Mecca, readings on the Islamic faith, call to prayer items and prayer beads.

More on LGF

More weird stuff from New England:

Vermont Wants the US to End the Occupation…of Vermont…


Amnesia peddles Hicks T-shirts: 

If you buy 3 tees or more we will give you a Free David Hicks t-shirt at no charge. He’s coming home but there are still many detainees in Guantanamo Bay so help end the injustice by wearing this T-shirt. It depicts a cowering figure on an orange background and features the Amnesty name and candle on the sleeves. They are available in both womens and mens sizes. Just note the size you want under the Comments column and we’ll include it with your order.

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Florida: Another Mosque Hosts Mujahideen, Jihad Preacher

 Via LGF

Once again we find an American mosque at the center of terrorist recruitment and ideology, as an ex-con testifies that alleged Al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla became radicalized at a Florida mosque: Ex-con tells of talks at Florida mosque.

The Associated Press doesn’t tell us which mosque, of course, and it’s a pretty safe bet there will be no journalistic investigations into it.

MIAMI – An ex-convict testified Thursday that he knew suspected al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla and a purported terrorism supporter while attending a Florida mosque, and that he considered becoming a fighter himself for Islamic groups overseas.
Herbert Atwell, 38, said Adham Amin Hassoun frequently gave speeches at the mosque in the late 1990s about Muslim causes and sought to raise money and identify recruits. Hassoun also brought in mujahedeen from Chechnya, Palestine and elsewhere in the world to talk to men at the mosque, Atwell said.

“He would talk about giving to mujahedeen fighters all the time,” Atwell testified. “At a certain point in time, the brothers didn’t want him to get on the podium any more, because it was the same message over and over and over.” …

Atwell testified that he remembered Padilla — one of Hassoun’s recruits, prosecutors contend — from the mosque because he carried a Spanish version of the Quran. Where Hassoun was loquacious, Padilla rarely spoke at all, Atwell said.

“He was very quiet. Very focused on Islam,” he testified.

Fatah Al-Islam Planned 9/11 Style Terror Attack in Lebanon

Article from AFP with thanks to Rosie:

A BEIRUT newspaper has reported that Fatah al-Islam, whose fighters are under siege at a refugee camp in the north of the country, had planned a September 11-style attack on Lebanon.

“This information was obtained by questioning arrested Fatah al-Islam members,” An-Nahar said, without identifying its sources.

The paper also said that explosives seized in the country’s second largest city Tripoli, south of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp where militants were being besieged by the army for the 15th day, came from Syria.

“Fatah al-Islam planned to attack a large hotel in the capital using four suicide truck bombs at the same time as launching suicide attacks on embassies in east and west Beirut,” the paper said.

An-Nahar also said the Al-Qaeda-inspired Islamist group “planned to launch attacks on the Shekka tunnel linking Beirut to Tripoli with the aim of cutting off the north and proclaiming an Islamic state there.”

Fighting continued on Sunday around Nahr al-Bared as the deadly standoff between Lebanese troops and the militants entered its third week.

In all 97 people have been killed since May 20, including 44 soldiers and 41 Islamist gunmen, in the bloodiest internal fighting in Lebanon since the 1975-1990 civil war.

* Fatah Al-Islam is a a ragtag army of Saudi, Yemeni and other Arab jihadists, who have ties to Al Qaeda and follow Muhammads command to ‘kill and die for Allah’…


Other News:

Danish ship and crew hijacked off Somalia

June 03, Article from: Agence France-Presse

SOMALI hijackers have seized a Danish cargo ship and its five Danish crew in the country’s latest case of piracy, a Kenyan maritime official said.

The Donica White was carrying building materials from Dubai to Kenya’s Mombasa port when gunmen boarded it late on Friday, Andrew Mwangura, director of the Mombasa-based East African Seafarers Assistance Programme, said.

“We expect a ransom to be demanded in the next three to four days, and we expect it to be high because the crew were all Danish nationals this time,” Mr Mwangura said.

Four other ships – an Indian dhow and three fishing vessels from Taiwan and Tanzania – are currently being held by Somali pirates, who have made the Indian Ocean corridor off their homeland among the most dangerous waters in the world.

Experts have long speculated that the pirates are using a mysterious “mother ship” to reach their targets far out at sea, and then board them using smaller speedboats.

Mr Mwangura said the hijacking of the Donica White, in heavy seas more than 130 miles (210 miles) off the coast, appeared to have been carried out that way.

“We have not seen it yet, but there has to be (a mother ship),” he said.

“Small ships like those that attacked could not have made it so far from the coast in very rough seas.”

Waters off the Somali coast, Africa’s longest, are trade routes for key commodities like oil, grains and iron ore from the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea down to the Mozambique Channel.

Thousands of merchant ships snake past the Somali coastline to the Cape of Good Hope every year.

Pirate attacks in Somali waters have mushroomed since the Islamist movement that brought a semblance of law and order during its six-month rule was ousted from Mogadishu in January.

Some of the pirates claim to be “coastguards” protecting their waters against illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping.

But the United Nations has called for international action to combat Somalia’s “plague of piracy”, saying it threatened vital aid deliveries to some one million people.

The Real Face of the Israel Boycott Movement: Pure Hatred


The dust of the UCU boycott brouhaha is still in the air, but the first glimpses of the practical effect the resolutions might have could be already seen. When the leading UK universities such as the ones belonging to the Russel Group reject the idea outright, there is not a lot left of the resolution in its practical meaning.
But the boycott, I am afraid, wasn’t at all about a short term practical goal. The people who spearhead the boycott drive could not care less about the scientific freedom or about cooperation on the joint projects. Moreover – they know very well that scientific cooperation cannot and will not be stopped by a Stalinist style embargo on knowledge.
No, this is not what they work for. They pursue a different long term target – that of stripping the hated Zionist entity of legitimization. The mere fact of Israel’s existence is the thorn in their side, and nothing, including the most unholy alliances, will deter them from that goal.
To see the real face of the boycott movement leaders, it is sufficient to view the clip that recorded the amazing treatment of the last Israel-Lebanon war by John Rose* – the leader and main sponsor of the boycott motion. I have made the effort and made it to the end of the clip, so can you (although it may make you sick, so be warned).
While the wild mix of lies, half-truths and sheer ignorance is peerless, there is another feature of the clip that is really exceptional: the level of hate displayed by this character. It distorts the speech and it distorts the face so strongly that there really is only one historic prototype that comes to mind:

No, it is not a submission to the “separated at birth” contest, and I apologize in advance before every reader that may be offended by the comparison. Still, there was nothing else that could be compared to this extraordinary eruption of hate – not even the speeches by Rose’s spiritual mentor – one Sheik Nasrallah, levelheaded and balanced in comparison.
And if you have the patience to view the clip to the end, you shall see that nothing short of destruction of the Zionist Entity will satisfy our good speaker. And that his hypocritical care about Lebanese and Palestinians’ lot is a very minor theme of his hate speech.
Topple, disband, eliminate… of course, Mr Rose does not mean “kill them all”. There is no need to add that part, really. Just to lick the chops in eager anticipation.

Not in your lifetime, quisling.