Toothless Nuclear Watchdog Clueless Over Iran’s Nuclear Intentions: ElBaradei

* The potential for ridicule is enormous. One day, when sanity is restored and our respective governments understand the nature of our enemy, people will ask “who would trust a guy named Mohammed to protect him from the Muhammedans?”



Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei admitted yesterday that as a “watchdog,” he’s completely worthless.

This clown has been playing us far too long, he’s been obfuscating, prevaricating, making excuses of the worst kind and is firmly in the Muhammedan camp, where else could he possibly be?

by Simon Morgan/AFP

The UN atomic watchdog said Thursday it was in the dark about Iran’s disputed nuclear programme, as its 35-member board seemed divided on how to get Tehran to shed more light on its activities.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) “has so far not been able to verify some important aspects of Iran’s nuclear programme,” its director general Mohamed ElBaradei told a board meeting here.

He specifically cited key questions related to the scope and nature of Iran’s centrifuge enrichment activities, “as well as those relevant to alleged studies and other activities that could have military applications”.

As a result, the UN watchdog was “unable to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities,” ElBaradei complained.

The Egyptian-born diplomat noted that the IAEA had seen an increased level of cooperation from Iran in answering questions about the past, but its knowledge of Tehran’s current programme has “diminished” since 2006.

Furthermore, Iran’s cooperation was more “reactive than pro-active,” he lamented.

Western countries described ElBaradei’s findings as “disturbing”, arguing that tougher sanctions were needed to force Iran to suspend uranium enrichment, a potential pathway to the atom bomb, and make a full confession about the nature of its nuclear activities, both past and present.

“Despite four years of intensive investigation... the IAEA has stated that its knowledge of Iran’s nuclear programme is diminishing,” the US ambassador to the IAEA, Gregory Schulte, told board members.

Schulte accused Iran of deliberately trying to stave off further UN sanctions by offering only piecemeal cooperation. And he said there was little hope of greater transparency in the future.

“We fear that the next few weeks will not yield much more from Iran than we’ve seen in the last few months or, for that matter, the last five years,” Schulte.

The so-called EU-3 of France, Germany and Britain was similarly concerned.

“We’re disappointed that cooperation by Iran is only partial and reactive,” said French ambassador Francois-Xavier Deniau.

“Waiting is not an option,” he said. “Under these conditions, we believe it it is necessary to set a deadline to the process and that that deadline be in a few weeks, as proposed by the director general.”

But not everyone agreed.

The so-called non-aligned countries, headed by Cuba, described the progress shown by Iran so far as “a very positive step,” said Cuban ambassador Norma Goicochea Estenoz.

* LOL! Surely Cuba would have our best interests at heart, no?

She reiterated Cuba’s long-held position that the Iranian dossier should never have been referred to the UN Security Council and that it should go back to the IAEA, effectively meaning no more sanctions.

Diplomats attending the meeting, which was expected to continue on Friday, said that Russia and China, both permanent members of the Security Council, had similarly “emphasised the positive aspects of Iran’s cooperation.”

Nevertheless, they too called on Iran to suspend enrichment and allow more intrusive inspections by the IAEA.

For the west, the main bone of contention in the nuclear stand-off is Iran’s adamant refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, which can be used not only to produce nuclear fuel, but also make nuclear weapons.

In fact, Tehran has actually stepped up such activities, flying in the face of repeated UN demands to stop.

Iran insists it has an inalienable right to pursue such activities in order to generate electricity for a growing population.

And Iran’s UN envoy to the IAEA, Ali-Asghar Soltanieh, warned that any talk of possible sanctions would be “counterproductive.”

The next step on the road to possible sanctions is a widely anticipated report by EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana on the Iran issue.

* Another flake of the first degree…

Solana has been trying to persuade Tehran to resume talks on suspending uranium enrichment in exchange for a package of political and economic incentives, but Tehran has refused to offer concessions.

Solana said he would meet Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili in London next week.


Inside Intel / Not a reactor – something far more vicious

The structure attacked in Syria was in fact a bomb assembly plant is the fact that the satellite photos taken after the bombing clearly show that the Syrians made an effort to bury the entire site under piles of earth. “They did so because of the lethal nature of the material that was in the structure, and that can be plutonium,” he said. That may also be the reason they refused to allow IAEA inspectors to visit the site and take samples of the earth, which would give away their secret.

By Yossi Melman

*Just a few weeks ago Israel called for the toothless watchdog to be sacked:

Sack ElBaradei!

A senior Israeli minister has called for the sacking of Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog.
Deputy PM Shaul Mofaz said the Egyptian head of the International Atomic Energy Agency had endangered world peace by neglecting Iran’s nuclear programme.

His comments come days before the IAEA is to publish its latest Iran report.

Mr ElBaradei has said Iran’s nuclear programme is not an immediate threat and if it wanted to build a nuclear bomb it would need years to do so.

The IAEA report will help determine whether the United Nations imposes a third set of sanctions on Tehran.

“The policies followed by ElBaradei endanger world peace. His irresponsible attitude of sticking his head in the sand over Iran’s nuclear programme should lead to his impeachment,” Mr Mofaz said during a visit to Washington.

‘Covert programme’

Israel is a member of the IAEA, but it is not itself a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which attempts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons.

It is widely believed to currently be the only nuclear-armed state in the conflict riven Middle East region.



U.S. Electronic Surveillance Monitored Israeli Attack On Syria

The U.S. provided Israel with information about Syrian air defenses before Israel attacked a suspected nuclear site in Syria, Aviation Week & Space Technology is reporting in its Nov. 26 edition.

The U.S. was monitoring the electronic emissions coming from Syria during Israel’s Sept. 6 attack, and while there was no active American engagement in the operation, there was advice provided, according to military and aerospace industry officials.



Germany probes 50 firms that sold nuclear equipment to Iran

The German connection

By Benjamin Weinthal

BERLIN – In early 2005, German customs police raided a series of German firms involved in a clandestine relationship with Vero, a Berlin-based front company that was illegally supplying nulcear technology and equipment to Iran. The smuggling operation involved 50 German companies and used a nuclear reactor in the Russian city of Rostov to hide the fact that it was supplying equipment to Bushehr, a port city in southern Iran.

Bushehr is the site of a feverish attempt by Russians and Iranians to rebuild Iran’s nuclear reactors.


Taxi Jihad: What is it with Muslim taxi drivers ?

* Islam & Women

* ‘Infidel women are war booty’-, according to Islamic teachings.


Uncovered women deserve to be raped’ , said catmeat mufti sheik Hilali- ‘ and he is by no means the only good Muslim to hold such beliefs, as we can see on the rape epidemics in Western countries wherever Muslims have been allowed to settle in large numbers, where, according to their own understanding, they are a fifth column behind enemy lines.

* Fjordman has repeatedly reported from Scandinavia, where Muhammedan rape of native women is so out of control that the multiculti -Nazi’s in government do just about anything to cover it up. Scandalous, shameful and treasonous behavior towards their own native population.

Winds of jihad reader Warner has just sent this in about Muslim taxi-drivers who seem to be involved in many rape cases, especially wherever unsuspecting infidels are careless, naive, off guard or unable to protect themselves.

If you come across such cases in your town or country, please let us know, we’ll add it to this series.



Accused of raping girl

By Kara Lawrence

November 06, 2007 12:00am

A TAXI driver allegedly raped an 18-year-old girl after friends had hailed a cab to ensure she got home safely from a night out.

The young passenger allegedly pleaded for the cabbie to stop violating her but it was only when he finished that she was able to escape and called Triple-0 on her mobile telephone.

Despite initially denying he had sex with the teenager, the Bangladeshi, 21, now claims he had consensual sex with the alleged victim.

Md. [Mohammed] Kowsar Ali, an accounting student on a student visa, claimed he had lied to police initially due to shame – as pre-marital sex was morally unacceptable in his culture.

Ali appeared in Kogarah Local Court yesterday charged with sexual assault and aggravated robbery.

He did not enter a plea.



Gitmo dog: unpopular with Muslim cabbies


South Australia:

Taxi sex alert on migrants


January 25, 2007
IMMIGRANTS may have to wait a year to get a taxi licence after police revealed that almost all of the suspects in 24 reported driver sex assaults since June were newcomers to Australia.

The Taxi Council of SA also wants to educate immigrant applicants about “the Australian way of life” before they get behind the wheel, amid fears that cultural differences are linked to the problem.

In the latest incident, a woman aged in her 20s told police she was sexually assaulted by a driver in the city early yesterday. She said she had caught a taxi from Sugar nightclub in Rundle St about 3.30am and had been taken to Waymouth St, where the assault had taken place.

Since June, five drivers have been arrested for sex offences. Officers from Operation Console, established to investigate the increasing number of reports and complaints, are looking at several more cases.



Taxi driver charged with sexual assault

by Patricia Lonergan

Ottawa police have charged a 34-year-old man in connection to a sexual assault that took place last month after a woman hailed a cab in the ByWard Market area.
According to earlier reports from police, a 34-year-old woman was picked up at Clarence Street and Parent Avenue by a man in a cab around 12:20 a.m. on June 23.

The suspect drove the victim to her home and followed her inside the building where he sexually assaulted her.

Police released a photo and description of the suspect earlier this week, seeking public help in identifying the man. Several tips were received and led to the positive identification of the suspect, police say.

Citing privacy issues, officers would not confirm whether the man is a legitimate cabbie employed by a taxi company. The name of the cab company is also unknown.

Hassan Majli, of Ottawa, has been charged with one count of sexual assault. He is scheduled to appear in court …



Western Australia

Cabbies suspended over sex attacks

Nicole Cox
January 20, 2007

THE State Government will review screening procedures for taxi drivers after two Perth drivers were charged with sexual and indecent assaults on female passengers.

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah McTiernan yesterday said WA was the only state in Australia that had psychological testing for taxi drivers, but in light of the latest allegations, a review would be undertaken.

Sirwan Baziani, 37, of South Perth, has been charged with one count of sexual penetration without consent and two counts of indecent assault in relation to an incident on January 7.

Another driver, a 43-year-old man from Southern River, has been charged with two counts of indecent assault and one of performing an indecent act on January 2. His name has not been released.

The two Swan Taxis drivers have had their taxi licenses revoked pending the outcome of the court cases.


New Zealand

Taxi sex hearing delayed

The trial of a Palmerston North taxi driver accused of a sex attack on a 19-year-old female passenger was to begin this morning.

Sharif Sadiq Ali, a 37-year-old Somali with New Zealand citizenship, is facing charges of unlawful detention, indecent assault and sexual violation in relation to an alleged incident on August 22, 2004.

His trial was scheduled to start in the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, but was adjourned because Crown prosecutor Andru Isac was unwell.

Ali, through an interpreter, pleaded not guilty to the charges before the premature end to the day’s proceedings.

Judge Nevin Dawson told the jury the trial is expected to last the rest of the week.



Salt Lake City Airport Facility Hijacked by Islamic Taxidrivers



Sarah Dallof reporting
A shuttle driver has filed a complaint with the FAA against the Salt Lake International Airport, saying officials allowed thousands of religious services to be conducted on public property. Muslim cab drivers began praying in a small airport building used as a break room after 9-11, because, the airport says, they became targets, with people yelling at them and throwing things.

Last week we brought you the story of a Muslim cab driver at the airport who says he was assaulted when he tried to pray inside the building. Tonight the man charged in that case speaks out about his case against the airport.


Here’s the story from Dhimmi Watch:

Salt Lake Airport: Muslim cabbies turn driver breakroom into mosque 

The List of Things That Offend Muslims

With thanks to Michael

This list is a work in progress. I welcome suggestions. Anyone who has more items to add to the list, post them in the comments.


The intent of the list is to illustrate the futility of the multicultural approach to Islam. Sharia law demands submission not only from Muslims, but from non-Muslims as well. This makes respectful coexistence nearly impossible with Muslims in Infidel lands. The examples below serve as reminder that submitting to one complaint or another only emboldens Muslims to seek to further their ultimate goal of establishing sharia.

The West needs to come to grips with this fact and start standing up for our God-given rights of free speech, free expression and freedom of (and from) religion, lest we surrender those rights to a theocratic movement bent on removing our Constitutional freedoms that we hold dear. In this case, our tolerance will lead to intolerance.


The English Flag being flown in England, as well as St. George Pins, worn by Englishmen in England.
Austrian flag, Soccer Ball with Saudi Flag, Stepping on Makeshift Hamas and Hezbollah Flags, The Israeli Flag, and of course…the American Flag.


The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, The Giant Buddha’s, The new Apple store in Manhattan.
The Beslan Memorial, Pool halls and coffee shops, Kaaba-Shaped Bar in NY.


The Trinity, Pope Benedict XVI. Pope John Paul II, Australian Prime Minister John Howard , Coptic Pope Shenouda III., Robert Spencer, The name “Crusaders” , The Cross, Christmas presents, Bibles, Lip synching videos, Craig Winn, Prayer, Valentine’s Day, Christians who accidently touch the Koran, Street Evangelists, The Letter X.


The existence of Israel, The reality of the holocaust, Holocaust Day (UK), Teaching of the Holocaust.




The Dalai Lama


The Pope





Read it all


* Isn’t it strange that 6 years after 9/11 we still stuff around over what we should call those who are determined to destroy us?

From the Guardian:

In identifying those trying to kill us, we should choose our words carefully

Islamofascists’ and ‘Islamists’ are not the right labels. But Muslim opinion leaders must condemn violent jihadists


* Well, fascists they are, most definitely. And Islamic they are too. So what’s wrong with the term? If it walks like a duck…

* ” Muslim opinion leaders must condemn violent jihadists “- think so? Don’t hold your breath. If they do, it always comes with “we condemn all forms of terrorism”- and don’t forget the “but”…

Timothy Garton Ash
Thursday November 22, 2007
The Guardian

What should we call the people who want to kill us? Islamofascists? Islamists? Jihadists? Or just plain murderers? You might say it doesn’t matter that much; the point is to stop them. But finding the right words is part of stopping them. It means we’ve correctly identified our real enemies. It also means we don’t unnecessarily create new enemies by making all Muslims feel that they’re being treated as terrorists.
Take, for comparison, the last major terrorist threat we faced in Britain. Clearly it made a huge difference whether we described the people bent on blowing us up as “the Irish”, “Catholics”, “Irish Republicans”, “Catholic terrorists”, “nationalist extremists”, “the Provos” or simply “the IRA”. On the whole, and fortunately, we stuck with “the IRA”. That helped us to win, after a long struggle. In this case, it’s not so simple. “Al-Qaida” won’t do as the functional equivalent of “the IRA” – not on its own anyway. We need a wider term to describe the kind of violent extremists who perpetrated the London and Madrid bombings. Counter-terrorism experts talk carefully of “al-Qaida-inspired” violence, but that’s too complicated for everyday use, as are alternative suggestions such as “violent Muslim extremists” or “modern Islamic militancy”. We need a simpler shorthand.

* How about Islamic terrorists or Jihadi’s? Isn’t that what they call themselves?

Read it all


The Qur’an on Jihad

‘Jihad is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike something which is good for you and that you like something which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.’

‘Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies.’

concerning fighting with People of the Book:

‘Fight against those who believe not in Allah nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and those who acknowledge not the Religion of Truth (i.e. Islam), from among the People of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.’

(Surat-at-Tawbah (9), ayah 29)

Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their wealth; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allah’s Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success.’

(Surat-at-Tawbah (9), ayah 111)

* Jihad is a central duty of every Muslim. Violent jihad is a constant of Islamic history.” All the four schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence demonstrate how the obligation of Muslims to undertake jihad finds its roots in the Qur’an and commentary on it. (The schools are Shafi’i, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Maliki, which receive attention in Esposito’s account of the history of Islam.)

For example, he quotes a Maliki philosopher and legal theorist, Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406):

In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force. (9)

‘Let it be known that Paradise lies in the shadows of the swords.’ (reported by Al Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud)

* and by what the Prophet (PBUH) said:

Jihad is in effect until the Day of Judgement’

You should yearn for an honorable death and you will gain perfect happiness. May Allah grant myself and yours the honor of martyrdom in His way!


* Jihad is ‘inner struggle’- if you believe that you believe anything!

‘Honor Killings’, Hijab, Rape & Flogging Updates

Just another day in Islamistan:

Chechen leader calls for head scarves for women

Sharia Alert from the Caucasus: “Chechen leader: Head scarves for women,” by Musa Sadulayev for Associated Press


GROZNY, Russia (AP) — The president of Chechnya has called for all women to cover their heads with scarves, the latest in a series of his unofficial orders toughening social customs for women in the violence-wracked, mainly Muslim Russian region.

During Chechnya’s brief period of de-facto independence in the 1990s, the region’s government implemented Islamic law as a concession to the growing influence of Muslim fundamentalists in the republic.


Saudi defends 200 lashes for gang-rape victim

How could they not defend it? They’re just applying Islamic law. “Saudi defends verdict against gang-rape victim,” from Reuters

RIYADH (Reuters)
Saudi Arabia defended on Tuesday a court’s decision to sentence a woman who was gang-raped to 200 lashes of the whip, after the United States described the verdict as “astonishing”.


Public flogging in Iran


Honor killings on the rise in Palestinian territories

As order slides, Palestinian women face honor killings

By Ilene R. Prusher

All the women in the family say Wafa Wahdan was wonderful.

But her sisters-in-law add that they noticed a few little things. She had changed the way she dressed in the past year to a less conservative style and she sometimes went out for a drive without saying where she was going.

A few weeks ago, the body of the young mother of four was found in a garbage dump east of town. Police arrested two of the woman’s male cousins for having trapped Ms. Wahdan and shot her to death, committing the third “honor killing” in Qalqilya last month.

Wahdan’s brutal murder devastated her husband and immediate family, who say that the rumor mill’s tales of Wahdan having an affair were untrue. But regardless of their veracity, suspicion alone can be enough to get a woman killed by distant relatives looking to “cleanse” the family honor when there is talk of an illicit relationship.

According to local organizations, such murders have risen in the Palestinian territories to nearly 50 this year – a fact that many here blame on the absence of any true law and order, which allows individuals to enforce their own version of justice. Palestinians here say the image of an ever-weaker Palestinian Authority has increased after Hamas’s violent takeover of the Gaza Strip in June, making this local vigilantism harder to combat.

Particularly galling to many here is the fact that a man who admits to murdering a female relative for reasons of honor can be sentenced to as little as six months in jail. Palestinians say that policy is based on an old Jordanian law, which still holds in the West Bank: Article 341 considers murder a legitimate act of defense when the killer acts “in defense of his life or his honor.”


Banaz Mahmod, 20, victim of ‘honor killing’

Saed Taha, dean of Qalqilya’s College of Islamic Law, says that honor killings in the Palestinian territories are never carried out according to proper Muslim stipulations and thus are unacceptable according to sharia, or Islamic law. In Islam, an unmarried woman found guilty of having an affair can be sentenced to 100 lashes; for a married woman, the sentence is death by stoning. But first, four witnesses must say they saw the illicit act with their own eyes.

“When the sentence is only six months, the consequence is that [perpetrators] encourage others to do the same,” says Dr. Taha. “Islam does not allow anyone to take the law into his own hands. And for a woman to be sentenced [for illicit affairs], it would have to take place in a system that operates under Islamic law, which we don’t have right now.”

Tribal traditions are often a motive. But ancient tribal mores, not Islam, are usually what drive family members to demand that their honor be restored. In this case, according to several of Wahdan’s relatives interviewed for this story, the men of the family met and came to a joint decision that Ms. Wahdan should be killed.

* Spencer comments:

It is a recurring pattern that anything that looks bad in the international media is “just a tribal thing,” with nothing to do with Islam. But the legal course confirmed by Taha shows more Islamic law– so often promoted as a solution, though it would at best only replace lawless injustice with the rigorously legalistic injustices of sharia law– would not help. Indeed, Islam only further reinforces the notion that a woman’s value depends on her obedience and reputation for chastity:

Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great. (Qur’an 4:34)

“These men have no fear of God,” says Wahdan’s mother, Umm el-Walid. She pulls out of a photograph of her daughter, big-eyed and pretty, sitting with some of Mrs. Walid’s now-motherless grandchildren.

“Had my daughter had an extramarital relationship, her husband would have been the first to notice and do something,” says Wahdan’s mother, stopping to squint out tears. “They charged her, sentenced her, and executed her all in one fell swoop.”


Iran: 50 young people condemned to death for ‘immorality’


Tehran, 21 Nov. (AKI) – Iranian police responsible for moral crimes have announced death sentences for 50 people in the latest clampdown on what the authorities term as “immoral behaviour”.

“Fifty of the 3,400 people arrested for immorality in recent weeks, have been condemned to death,” said General Ahmad Roozbahani, who is in-charge of moral crimes.

While announcing that arrests would continue, the Iranian general said that 53 percent of those arrested were aged between 17 and 25 years.

He said 5 percent of those arrested in the moralisation campaign, which began in March, were minors under the age of 17.


Jihadis notice Michael Savage 

We suppose congratulations are in order.


About Artists, Censorship & Courage

From the ‘Wankers & Flakes’ Department: dung Madonna, chocolate Jesus, cross in urine, etc, etc is OK. Depicting Muhammad is not…


Artists too frightened to tackle radical Islam

Artists, many unable to make a living were it not for government handouts, are courageous when it comes to offend and to ‘shock’ those who don’t react violently, something we have seen over and over again in the past. After Theo Van Gogh’s murder in the Netherlands Dutch movie makers were asked whether they would come out in support and make the sequel to his movie ‘Submission’- but all of them had the flimsiest of excuses, like ‘I have two small children’- or ‘I don’t want to rob my children of their father’ etc.

A rather shortsighted view, because what kind of a world are they bringing their children into when they refuse to defend freedom of speech and expression?

Ben Hoyle, Arts Reporter

Britain’s contemporary artists are fêted around the world for their willingness to shock but fear is preventing them from tackling Islamic fundamentalism. Grayson Perry, the cross-dressing potter, Turner Prize winner and former Times columnist, said that he had consciously avoided commenting on radical Islam in his otherwise highly provocative body of work because of the threat of reprisals.

Perry also believes that many of his fellow visual artists have also ducked the issue, and one leading British gallery director told The Times that few major venues would be prepared to show potentially inflammatory works.

“I’ve censored myself,” Perry said at a discussion on art and politics organised by the Art Fund. “The reason I haven’t gone all out attacking Islamism in my art is because I feel real fear that someone will slit my throat.”

Perry’s highly decorated pots can sell for more than £50,000 and often feature sex, violence and childhood motifs. One work depicted a teddy bear being born from a penis as the Virgin Mary. “I’m interested in religion and I’ve made a lot of pieces about it,” he said. “With other targets you’ve got a better idea of who they are but Islamism is very amorphous. You don’t know what the threshold is. Even what seems an innocuous image might trigger off a really violent reaction so I just play safe all the time.”

* Some kind of hero, that one…

The fate of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker who was murdered by a Muslim extremist in 2004 after he made a film portraying violence against women in Islamic societies, is the most chilling example of what can happen to an artist who is perceived to have offended Islam. Perry said that he had also been scared by the reaction across the Islamic world to Danish cartoons deemed anti-Muslim in 2006 and by the protests against Salman Rushdie’s knighthood this year.


* Last year, Dutch artist Tjalling Houkema saw how his drawing of a Qu’ran splattered with blood and with a gun inside was removed from an exhibition in a library in The Hague after Muslims complained and made threats.

Across Europe there is growing evidence that freedom of expression has been curtailed by fear of religious fundamentalism. Robert Redeker, a French philosophy teacher, is in hiding after calling the Koran a “book of extraordinary violence” in Le Figaro in 2006; Spanish villages near Valencia have abandoned a centuries-old tradition of burning effigies of Muhammad to mark the reconquest of Spain, against the Moors; and an opera house in Berlin banned a production of Mozart’s Idomeneo because it depicted the beheading of Muhammad (as well as Jesus and other spiritual leaders).

In Britain the most high-profile examples have also been seen in the theatre, with the campaign by Christian fundamentalists against Jerry Springer: the Opera and the protests in Birmingham that forced the closure of Bezhti, a play about rape and murder in a Sikh temple.

Tim Marlow, director of exhibitions at White Cube, the London gallery, welcomed Perry’s admission. “It’s something that’s there but very few people have explicitly admitted. Institutions, museums and galleries are probably doing most of the censorship. I would be lying if I said of course we would show something like the Danish cartoons. I think there are genuine reasons for concern. Fundamentalism is a really complex issue and one of the things artists can do is to help us through that complexity. Whether or not it’s their responsibility to do that I’m not sure though.”

* I would say it is. What say you?

* Shiva has a fair bit of uncensored Islamic art right here and here

Pali Art:


With those two together the victory has been achieved.


Just in from South Africa:

Cartoon upsets Muslims

Anton Ferreira

Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro — better known as Zapiro — has riled Muslims with a cartoon that portrays Allah, but he is unrepentant.

“I do these things because I believe in freedom of expression,” Shapiro said, acknowledging that his cartoon in the Cape Times yesterday had landed him in hot water.

He said he understood the cartoon had provoked a flood of angry SMS messages from the Muslim community.

Shapiro, who is being sued by Jacob Zuma over his cartoons, said he was not surprised that people had gone “ballistic”.

Devout believers should “take a step back” from their religious fervour and realise belief systems were created by humans, he said

Yusuf rubs it

Federal Election: Life After John

By: Irfan Yusuf
Thursday 22 November 2007


Muhammedans are by nature triumphalists. Yusuf Irfan, a resident lawyer who predicts Australia will fall to the ummah Islamiyah within 30 years, is already predicting the coming defeat and the inevitable takeover, which means sharia and dhimmitude for the surviving Aussies, (after much slaughter in the land) beheadings in public on Friday afternoons, clit-removals,  hijabs and burkas for females, stoning for adultery, public flogging and hand and foot-chopping for thieves. Did I miss anything? Let us know, Yusuf, tell us what’s in store for us, won’t you? You know what awaits us better than anybody, don’t you?

* Yusuf dreaming:

If those nasty Left-wing, union-dominated, politically correct, Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Castroist cadres at the Newspoll politburo are correct, Kevin 07 will narrowly defeat John & Janette 96-07. Which raises the question: what will happen to those on the conservative side of politics?

Sheik Rupert bin Murdoch might think there’s more money in being a bleeding-heart liberal, which could lead to a shake-up in the allegedly conservative commentariat.

Here are my (Yusuf’s) predictions:

Piers Akerman will simultaneously explode and implode in a fit of pompous rage.

Frank Devine (and daughter Miranda) will return to New Zealand where at least Helen Clark’s comrades know how to spell the name of their Party correctly.

David Marr will replace Tom Switzer as opinion editor and editorial writer at The Australian. John Hyde-Page and I will then be appointed token conservative columnists.

Caroline Overington will convert to Judaism, only to be rebuffed by the new Federal Member for Wentworth.

Janet Albrechtsen will suddenly realise Howard’s defeat was caused by his lack of genuine conservatism. She’ll convert to conservative Islam, change her name to Benazir Megawati, don a burqa and apply to become the second wife of Sheik Tajeddine Hilaly, but turned away (Sheik Hilaly is opposed to both polygamy and burqas in Australia).

* At Hilali’s age its understandable that he is not very polygamous, more because of the natural limitations. But don’t paint a pussy on my cheek about the burka, Yusuf. You and I know that’s non-negotiable, is it not?

Andrew Bolt will become The Herald-Sun’s in-house reviewer of Turkish novels.

Margo Kingston will become editor-in-chief of the Daily Telegraph, with Tim Blair appointed moderator of the Tele’s new Webdiary blog.

Paul Kelly will try to convince readers he has always been a fan of the ALP. will become the official organ of the Sydney Institute.

Greg Sheridan will become foreign affairs writer for the Myanmar Times.

Paul Sheehan will leave journalism altogether and start a business selling magic water.

Alan Jones will coach the Wallabies while working part-time for ACMA.


* Yes Yusuf. And pigs will fly…


* More on Yusuf: “Careful, I know where you live..”

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Another great article from Spengler, restating the obvious. Via Atlas Shrugs

The state of Israel embodies the last, best chance for the Islamic world to come to terms with the modern world, precisely because it constitutes a humiliation to Muslims.

* Well, we know how much they ‘appreciate’ it…

Israel, the hope of the Muslim world

By Spengler

The state of Israel embodies the last, best chance for the Islamic world to come to terms with the modern world. Received wisdom in the foreign ministries of the West holds that relations with Muslims would be ever so much easier without the annoying presence of the Jewish state, which humiliates the Muslim world. Just the opposite is true.

Read full article at AsiaTimes Online.


Who needs another Islamic terror state?


Is there no room in the 22 existing Arab states to absorb the Palestinians who chose to leave Israel in 1948, as 5 Arab nations attacked the new state?

The Arabs have oil resources and extensive land mass to accommodate their brethren, the Palestinians. They share the same culture, including language and the Islamic religion.

Creating a terrorist state in Israel’s Heartland would not only reward terrorism, but provide a new base for global Jihad.


To Remove The Jew From The Land

by Cale Hahn

They may well name this era the Age of Madness.

Someday, in the near future, after the imminent wars are concluded, the dead buried, the flames extinguished and the cities rebuilt, a future people will gaze with utter perplexity upon this age, in wonder how such a sad state came to be. They may well name this era the Age of Madness, when the world lost its collective soul and mind. They will little wonder how the utter destruction of tomorrow came upon we who live today. The universe cannot long suffer the flipping of Earth’s moral magnetic poles.

Today’s script characterizes the bloodthirsty as peaceful, victims as aggressors and aggressors as victims, destroyers as allies, cowards as courageous, and the vile as virtuous.

The universe cannot long suffer the flipping of Earth’s moral magnetic poles. Tomorrow, the curtain of deception will be removed and the semantics of today’s charlatans no longer the tool behind which the savage maneuver.

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Quote of the day: “Beware, the primitives gather stones and learn of fire.”


“Wollt Ihr den totalen Pali-Staat?”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is behaving like a zealot. In her ever-more-rash pursuit of a Palestinian state, she is exhibiting the syndrome defined by the philosopher George Santana, as one who redoubles her efforts upon losing sight of the objective.


Let’s recall: The objective laid out by President Bush, when he decided in June 2002 to support the creation of a homeland for the Palestinian people, was to provide a stable, secure neighbor for Israel, committed to leaving peaceably with the Jewish State.

Mr. Bush explicitly preconditioned such support on: an end to Palestinian terror; a Palestinian leadership that was not tainted by ties to terrorism; and the elimination of the infrastructure in Palestinian areas that enables such behavior. After the 9/11 attacks, the United States was in the business of eliminating terrorist-sponsoring regimes, not creating them.

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Ton of explosives found on Gaza border

hidden behind a school, you guessed it!

Let’s give them a state!

Egyptian police discovered a ton of explosives hidden in an underground cache on the border with the Gaza Strip during a search for smuggling tunnels, a security official said Thursday.

Palestinian security force officers are seen at the entrance to another smuggling tunnel, in Rafah
Photo: AP satellite.jpg
The cache was discovered behind a school in the sparsely populated Ahrash region near the border town of Rafah, the official added on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the press.

Racism & Discrimination


Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem takes a hard look at ‘Racism & Discrimination’

* Apply for a job for which you are not suited and scream ‘racist & Islamophobe’ when the kuffar refuses to turn his establishment into a a Muhammedan nuthouse: a parody on this story:

“Hairdresser is sued for refusing a job to woman in a headscarf”


UK: Met Police forced to spend £15,000 on new mascot – because old one is ‘too male and white’

Guess we need more multiculti-diversity in Londonistan:

Sir Ian Blair’s force is spending £15,000 of public money creating “ethnically diverse” police mascots after one officer complained that the original white male model was alienating women and ethnic minority staff.


Scotland Yard approved the cost for creating a cast of four police figures including an Asian female community support officer called Sunita.

The decision has sparked a public row and led to some officers claiming the move is a result of “overbearing political correctness”.

PCSO Steve, a uniformed mascot complete with over-sized head and equipment, was created by the Metropolitan Police for visits to primary schools.

But one of the force’s sergeants slammed the character for failing to represent the capital’s communities.

He said the figure, which is white with blue eyes and blond hair, risked leaving Asian and women officers feeling “isolated”.

The sergeant cited an incident where an Asian colleague was not able to wear the short-sleeved outfit because his arms were darker skinned than the costume.

Now senior officers have said they will invest £15,000 in the design and production of three new characters.

In a written response to questions from the London Assembly, the Commissioner said staff from the force’s diversity unit were brought in to help create the costumes.

There’s more. Read it and weep…


British Exodus continues: Muhammedan proletariat to replace fleeing natives

Britain is experiencing unprecedented levels of immigration with more than half a million foreigners arriving to live here in a single year, new figures show.

Last year, 510,000 foreign migrants came to the UK to stay for at least 12 months, according to the Office for National Statistics. At the same time 400,000 people, more than half of whom were British, emigrated.

An exodus on this scale – amounting to one British citizen leaving the country every three minutes – has not been seen in the UK for almost 50 years.


Muslim Professor gets 11 years for refusing to testify to grand jury in Hamas funding case

* Did he swear an oath of allegiance? If so, why isn’t he indicted for perjury? Does America no longer prosecute treason?


The Associated Press

CHICAGO: A former professor accused of providing money to Hamas terrorists was sentenced Wednesday to more than 11 years in prison and fined $5,000 (€3,375) for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury.

Abdelhaleem Ashqar, a former associate professor of business at Washington’s Howard University, showed no emotion as U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve imposed the sentence. But several relatives wept openly in the courtroom.

Ashqar was convicted earlier this year of criminal contempt and obstruction of justice for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating the Palestinian militant movement Hamas on June 25, 2003. But he was acquitted of taking part in a racketeering conspiracy aimed at bankrolling the terrorist group Hamas.

Before being sentenced, Ashqar delivered a nearly two-hour passionate statement describing the suffering of Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation and saying he would rather go to prison than divulge the secrets of Palestinian militants.

“The only option was to become a traitor or collaborator and that is something that I can’t do and will never do as long as I live,” he told the court.

* But the good professor is a traitor to America, his adopted country, and he collaborated with the enemy at a time of war. That should get him the death penalty, don’t you think?

After sentencing him to 135 months in prison, St. Eve ordered marshals to take Ashqar into custody immediately, saying that it was not clear that he would not flee to avoid serving time.

A co-defendant of Ashqar, Muhammad Salah, was sentenced to 22 months in the same case after being convicted of lying under oath in a legal document. He also was acquitted of racketeering.

ROP goes apes#*t in Calcutta

Because Taslima Nasreen was allowed to speak.


* Which ‘hurt the feelings’ of the RoP-ers who promptly started to run amok….

Representatives of the Religion of Peaceâ„¢ are rioting and burning cars in Calcutta, demanding the death of female writer Taslima Nasreen for suggesting that women might need more rights: Army deployed after Calcutta riot.


Hundreds of soldiers are trying to keep peace in Calcutta

Notice that the BBC says the crowds are calling for Nasreen to “leave the country,” even though there was a very specific death fatwa issued for her.

Nasreen is in self-imposed exile from Bangladesh, where fundamentalist Islamic groups have issued a fatwa against her for alleged blasphemous writings, some of which are critical of Islam.

* Like others before her who have spoken out against Islam, Nasreens life is in danger because the RoP put a fatwa out to have her killed.


Update: Muslim mobs hunt for anti-Islam author 

HEAVILY armed Indian troops patrolled the streets of Kolkata last night after a day of violence in which rampaging Muslim mobs demanded the expulsion from the city of the controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen. 

As a dusk-to-dawn curfew was imposed, neighbours said they believed Nasreen had been forced to flee for her life as the mobs took to nearby streets, burning cars and attacking shopfronts with stones. 

* Its a religion of peace, don’t you know? 

Nasreen has been the target of repeated fatwas from Muslim extremists in Bangladesh and elsewhere for her views on women and Islam.

In a recent interview with The Australian, she said she felt secure in the city because locals provided her with protection against the extremists.

She is in India on a temporary residence permit that is normally renewed every six months. But last night New Delhi appeared to be under mounting pressure to remove her from the country.


Sounds familiar? Where we gonna run to when the shit hits the fan? 


Indonesia: Graft thwarts effort to win over jihadists

* If you think it is a bad idea to try to win over jihadi’s by bribing them in order to win ‘hearts and minds’ you’re probably right, but ‘moderate’ Indonesia is trying to do just that with some of the hardcore terrorists incarcerated in their prisons. There is only one thing that could possibly be stronger than Islam in Indonesia though, and that is graft and corruption. But if you think that corruption is so bad that the money doesn’t go the jihadist’s you’re wrong again, because the inmates are using it already to convert other inmates to their cause. The money we’re talking about comes of course from some obscure ‘International Agency” like “The International Crisis Group” and their “senior adviser in Indonesia, Sidney Jones”- in other words: our taxpayers money is being used for some dubious, idiotic programs to re-socialize jihadists who actually use it to further the cause of jihad in prison. Clever, isn’t it?

* Not to worry, for now Sydney Jones has a cushy government job and wants the program to continue:

Of the 170 Islamic terrorists in Indonesian jails, 22 were taking part in the deradicalisation program, Ms Jones said.

“Five were pretty serious terrorists, and it’s better having five out of the network than in. I think police are on to something looking at economic aid as the first step in changing attitudes, but they need to work out new strategies on how to get to those who aren’t participating, because the real hardliners are not.”

There was a danger that the program’s gains could be offset by radicals recruiting other prisoners, Ms Jones said.

* Indeed. More than likely. Not obvious enough? Perhaps our government should pull the plug on misguided adventures like this. Ms Jones might be better off joining the warmonistas and ride into the sunset along with her organization.



RoP kills another 4 in “restive” Thailand

* ‘Rebels & insurgents’ -alert: another bullshit report from AP where they just can’t be seen connecting the dots:

BANGKOK, Thailand – Unidentified gunmen in insurgency-wracked southern Thailand killed four local government employees Wednesday in the same district where a prominent political party leader was campaigning, police said.

After the shooting, however, a bomb in the car exploded as police and reporters arrived, wounding two policemen. It is a common tactic of the insurgents to leave a bomb at the scene of an attack to target security forces as they arrive to investigate.

Despite government efforts to suppress the rebels, they continue to carry out drive-by killings and small-scale bombings almost daily, apparently in an effort to terrorize Buddhist residents into leaving the area.



Philipino mino: Appeasement doesn’t work, but we’ll try it anyway…

* It’s not like appeasement has been successful in diffusing conflicts in the past. Heck, all you have to do is look at what’s going on in Pakistan and Thailand to know that appeasement only provides fodder for the Islamists to make additional demands and claims for still more territory. It’s an excuse to take yet more, and to inflict still more carnage

The Philippines government and separatist rebels have struck a deal on creating a Muslim homeland in the country’s south which is expected to lead to a peace accord next year, officials said Thursday.
The agreement on the extent of territory to be handed over had been a major stumbling block in the peace talks that opened when a ceasefire was forged with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in 2001.

The two sides did not disclose the new borders agreed after two days of talks here, but Malaysian officials said the territory would be greater than the present autonomous region in the troubled island of Mindanao.

“After more than three decades of problems in Mindanao, it is for the government to give concessions. It could not be the other side, so the government has to concede what it think is reasonable,” said Philippines chief negotiator Rodolfo Garcia.

* 3 decades??? The conflict goes back centuries, in the case of the Philippines Muslims have been waging jihad there for at least 500 years…

In an issue known as “ancestral domain,” the land in question consists of untitled communal farms that came under formal state ownership when the Philippines became a Spanish colony in the late 16th century.

From Wikipedia:

The world resurgence of Islam after World War II gave Muslims in the Philippines a stronger sense of unity as a religious community than they had in the past.

Since the early 1970s, the number of Muslim teachers visiting the country and Filipino Muslims traveling abroad — either on the hajj or on scholarships — has increased to unprecedented levels. As a result, Muslims have built many new mosques and religious schools, where students (male and female) learn the basic rituals and principles of Islam and learn to read the Qur’an in Arabic.

* Simple: We pay for the oil and the Arabs use it for the global jihad. Any questions?