Muslim child sex offender was awarded compensation because prison authorities failed to provide him with fresh halal meat.

Inmate compo win prompts law rethink

By Evan Schwarten
February 12, 2007
Article from: AAP


THE Queensland Government may change anti-discrimination laws after a Muslim child sex offender was awarded compensation because prison authorities failed to provide him with fresh halal meat.

Queensland’s Supreme Court upheld a ruling by the anti-discrimination tribunal to award $2000 in compensation to the prisoner for not meeting his religious dietary requirements.

The man claimed he was forced to survive on vegetables, nuts and fatty and salty meat because prison authorities would not provide him with fresh halal meat.

The court defined halal meat as as “meat which has been blessed and slaughtered by Muslim slaughtermen and prepared, cooked and stored in accordance with religious law.”

A corrective services spokesman said fresh halal meat was difficult to source in parts of the state and the offender, who was imprisoned for five years from 2000, was the first prisoner in the state’s history to request the product.

They said the prisoner had been given tinned halal meat but they now undertook to provide fresh meat where possible.

Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence fears the decision to compensate the inmate could set a dangerous precedent and is considering new legislation to protect against trivial claims.

She said in another case a transsexual prisoner was currently taking the department through the anti-discrimination tribunal for refusing to provide them with a preferred brand of hair product.

“We are not running hotels – we are running prisons and we should not be expected to provide room service,” Ms Spence said.

“I don’t think that when we introduced anti-discrimination legislation that we ever envisaged that prisoners would use it in this fashion.”

However, Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Michael Cope accused Ms Spence of over-reacting and using the situation to score political points.

He said the verdict proved the Muslim inmate’s claim was not frivolous and argued there already were processes in place to ensure frivolous claims were nut successful.

“If prisoners make complaints … there is a whole process, a full hearing before the tribunal in which the minister can say `I’m not discriminating or if I am it’s because it’s an unreasonable burden,”‘ he said.

Mr Cope said authorities needed to respect inmates’ religious beliefs to help ensure their rehabilitation.

Just because you are in jail doesn’t mean people are entitled to discriminate against you, you don’t lose your human rights simply because you are in jail,” he said.

“Prisoners are far more likely to be rehabilitated if you treat them with basic respect of their religious beliefs than if you don’t.”

*This shyster in the service of the pedophile will have us believe that feeding this low-life criminal with fresh halal meat will cure him of his propensity to re-offend at the next chance. A nightmare. This is the kind of useful idiot that will help to get us all killed. The ‘human rights’ of the victim were never mentioned.

But Ms Spence said the prison authorities tried to accommodate the religious beliefs of prisoners where possible.

“Where it is reasonable we definitely try to meet the religious and dietary requirements of prisoners but sometimes they are not reasonable,” she said.

Here is the link from the Australian:

New political party: “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”

Something Sheik yer’mami has been advocating for quite some time for Australia:
Internment & Deportations, NOW!

Vote anti-dhimmi in Denmark:


This initiative finds expression in various actions and press campaigns in which we point out, lay open, and show the dangers for Danish society caused by the increasing Islamization. Our aim is to awaken the Danish people. The politicians in power have long ago shown their deafness towards warnings about Islamization. The only way to awaken these people is to punish them on election day for their irresponsibility.
In Parliament

As a consequence of the lack of political leadership in Denmark in general, and within the Government in particular (not meeting the increasing Islamization of Denmark), the resistance group “Stop islamiseringen af Islam” (SIAD) has decided to stand for Parliament

Gates of Vienna has the details.

Wafa Sultan rips Muhammedan (Algerian) ‘Pofessor’ in Debate

Don’t tell me these guys are not clones of each other: Every one of them burps the same BS, the same tu coque, turn speak, circular reasoning, as if it was hammered into them since day one.

The imam we have seen here at Al Husseini v/s Sean Hannity
is by no means an exception or an unusual brain dead follower of his cult.

You can find them in the tens of thousands, in the millions (!) in every Muhammedan desert-hole.

Fasten your seatbelts and watch, here is another Islamo-turd by the name of Ahmed bin Mohammed called ‘professor’, trying to shout down the well spoken ex-muslima Wafa Sultan, with thanks to Gramfan:

Glenn Beck & Ayaan Hirsi Ali

One last plug for AHA’s new book, currently pulling five stars at Amazon. Unlike the other interviewers she’s spoken with this week, Beck recognizes he’s in the presence of greatness and reacts accordingly. He also gets her to laugh. Wait until you hear what he said to prompt it.

It gets better as it goes along. Stick with it. And don’t miss Melanie Phillips on two British Muslims who share the same concerns as Hirsi Ali, if not the same religion.

Update: Is Hirsi Ali qualified to blog for John Edwards?

Do you see any positive sides to Islam?
That’s like asking if I see positive sides to Nazism, communism, Catholicism. Of course Islam preaches generosity and kindness and taking care of the poor and elderly and so on – but these values aren’t limited to Islam. If you weigh what is provided in terms of kindness and humanity against the evil that can come from a society built on radical Islam, you will see that liberals must stand up to this like they’ve stood up to other ideologies.

Italy’s Commie-Justiciary sides with Al Qaeda: Useful Idiots or Brothers in Arms?

Worldwide the global jihad attracts former commies to the totalitarian ideology of Islam. In Italy the judiciary is heavily infiltrated by commie lawyers and judges. That’s why Adel Smith, Italy’s most obnoxious ‘revert’ to Islam, who has turned into such a properly aggravated follower of the Mohammedan belief-system, managed to sue the great and courageous Oriana Fallaci for speaking out against Islam. He found a willing idiot-judge who performed the shameful task of making a case against her.

Whether it is the rabid, unhinged ‘gorgeous’ George Galloway in England or America’s very own ‘revert’ Ibrahim Hooper, the spokesman for CAIR (a terrorist front for Hamas that pretends to be ‘human rights organization’- keep in mind that there are no ‘human rights’ in Islam and Islamic nations never signed up to this noble concept) whenever you take a closer look at the background of these Islamic devotees, you’ll find that they went from Nazi-type ideology straight to the commies or visa versa. Recently we saw Hezbollah supporters in Beirut with posters of Che Guevara.


Che, a mass-murderer in the early days of Castro’s Cuba, is almost worshiped like an icon by todays ‘revolutionaries’- by those who adhere to a romantic belief that revolution, any kind of revolution, is always more desirable than the existing order.

Egypt frees cleric at center of CIA kidnap case

By Aziz El-Kaissouni Sun Feb 11,
CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian authorities have released a Muslim cleric kidnapped in a suspected CIA operation in Italy and handed to Egypt, the cleric’s lawyer said on Sunday.

Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, was grabbed off a Milan street in 2003 and flown to Egypt, where he said he had been tortured by Egyptian agents using electric shocks, beatings, rape threats and genital abuse.

Lawyer Montasser al-Zayat told Reuters Nasr had been released and was back with his family.

Zayat said a court had ordered Nasr to be freed, and the Ministry of Interior had complied. He added that the release was unsurprising as he saw no obvious reason why Nasr should remain in custody any longer.

“I expected that the justifications for his detention are done with. It’s no longer a secret,” Zayat said.

Read it all…


Ahh, and don’t miss the inevitable claims of ‘torture’- Al Qaeda playbook page 18, the usual…

Update here: 

Imam in alleged CIA kidnap case says he is a wreck 

ROME (Reuters) – A Muslim cleric freed from prison in Egypt on Sunday four years after he was grabbed in a Milan street in a suspected CIA kidnapping said on Monday the ordeal had made him a wreck.

Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, has alleged that Egyptian guards tortured him with electric shocks, beatings, rape threats and genital abuse.

He said after his release he had no plans to return to his former home in Italy to give evidence, as a judge considers indicting 26 Americans on charges related to the kidnapping.

“I’ve been reduced to a wreck of a human being,” Nasr told Italy’s ANSA news agency by telephone.

“I cannot speak. I cannot leave the country. I don’t want to go to prison again.”

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for Nasr in Italy arising from an investigation into his possible links to terrorist activities, including recruiting combatants for Iraq.

While the investigation into Nasr’s possible criminal role is still inconclusive, prosecutors say they have evidence to convict the Americans, including the former CIA chief in Italy, for kidnapping the imam in Milan in February 2003.

They also want to try six Italians, including the former head of military intelligence, for helping the CIA.

Asked whether Nasr would remain silent about what had happened to him in detention, lawyer Montasser al-Zayat told Reuters in Egypt that he had “(chosen) to live, and avoid the painful years he’s lived through…he wants to raise his children.”

However Zayat, in comments to Italian agencies, reiterated plans to sue former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi has denied any knowledge of a plan to kidnap Nasr, but kept files about the case classified.


Prime Minister Romano Prodi said in an interview with an Indian newspaper published at the weekend that his government opposed renditions, one of the most controversial aspects of U.S. President George W. Bush’s “war on terrorism.”

Prodi confirmed that he had decided to keep some documents classified that were related to the case because he was bound by a law protecting state secrets.

“My government is against any rendition but the case that you refer to concerns state secrets,” Prodi told the Hindu.

“According to the rules, these files cannot be made public and I have reconfirmed that. There are still discussions on this subject, but for the moment I have not changed the policy of my predecessor.”

Asked whether he was using state secrets to cover up illegal activity, Prodi said: “I am not covering up anything. It is a case of continuity.”

Zayat told Reuters on Sunday that a court had ordered Nasr to be freed, and the Interior Ministry had complied.

While Nasr was initially charged with membership of an illegal organization, the charges were later dropped and he was briefly released in April 2004 before being detained without charge under Egypt’s emergency laws.

His lawyer had said he believed Nasr was re-arrested after ignoring warnings not to speak to anyone about the kidnapping and rendition.

He had called his wife and friends in Italy, recounted details of the abduction which were recorded in police wiretaps and helped Milan prosecutors reconstruct the kidnapping.

(Additional reporting by Aziz El-Kaissouni in Cairo)

Wunderkind Obama & John Howard

Two things before we go any further: Who of you ever heard of Obama till about 6 months ago? This colorful social raiser (only in America!) is now the darling of the left, the nutroots & the moonbats combined.

For the blacks he is not black enough, they prefer Hillary Clinton. The whites don’t trust him. He’s got some wealthy sponsors, (who are they? Follow the money!) but my guess is that we won’t hear or see much of him after the 2008 election is over.

Just now he admitted that he is an apostate of Islam, what you make of that?

AP Admits Obama is an Islamic Apostate

Charles from LGF asks the question:

…a rather uncomfortable question for a man who wants to be the commander in chief of the United States. The penalty under well-established shari’a law for apostasy—leaving Islam—is death. How would the world’s 249 gazillion Muslims react to having an American president who is also a Muslim apostate?

barackobama_26201.jpgRight, buddy: All bases must be covered!

Obama has already declared that he wants the troops out of Iraq. Let them have their civil war which they so richly deserve! I have no argument with that: I have always maintained that the mission is, in fact accomplished, that the mission was already accomplished with the invasion of Iraq, and after Saddam was captured we should have pulled out. Whose idea was it to get involved in ‘nation-building?’

Absolute folly, that the US should be ‘nationbuilding’- for Arabs! But now the goalposts have been changed and the ‘Iraqi people’-, no, make that the ‘Muslim World’- (thank God the world is not Muslim!) would see a premature pullout as a defeat for the US.

So now it comes:

The Howard-Obama slug-fest
By Andrew Bolt – Monday, February 12, 07

Young Senator Barack Obama, running for the Democrat presidential nomination, demands US combat troops be pulled out of Iraq by March next year.

He wouldn’t have expected to be soon brawling over his plan with a mild-manner senior citizen from the other side of the world.

John Howard on Barack Obama:

I think that will just encourage those who want to completely destabilize and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and a victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for an Obama victory.. If I were running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory not only for Obama but also for the Democrats.

Australian troops in Iraq
Barack Obama on John Howard:

I would also note that we have close to 140,000 troops in Iraq, and my understanding is Mr Howard has deployed 1400, so if he is … to fight the good fight in Iraq, I would suggest that he calls up another 20,000 Australians and sends them to Iraq.
(Andrew Bolts opinion: Ouch. I call that a draw so far. Although on substance I’d say it will be worse for us if Obama is wrong than it will if Howard is)

*Two things wrong here: Obama is mouthing off before he even gets his feet on a soapbox. He snaps and admonishes at a senior ally, the most devoted loyal ally the US has, before he even gets a chance to meet the ‘interns’ and to chew on those juicy steaks in the white house.

Australia with a population of 20 million people has 1400 troops in Iraq.

That makes 00.7 % –

America has 300 million people and sends 140.000 troops, which makes 00.46%-

Keep things in perspective, Mr. Wunderkind. Do you know where Australia is on the map?

Iran negotiator: Nuclear program ‘no threat to Israel’

From Comical News Networks (CNN)

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani addresses the Security Conference in Munich on Sunday.

February 11, 2007

• Iran’s nuclear program no threat to Israel, says country’s top negotiator
• Ali Larijani says Tehran has no aggressive intentions toward any nation.
• Iran prepared to settle outstanding issues with IAEA, he says
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MUNICH, Germany (AP) — Iran’s nuclear program is not a threat to Israel and the country is prepared to settle all outstanding issues with the International Atomic Energy Agency within three weeks, its top nuclear negotiator said Sunday.

Ali Larijani, speaking at a forum that gathered the world’s top security officials, said Iran doesn’t have aggressive intentions toward any nation.

“That Iran is willing to threaten Israel is wrong,” Larijani said. “We pose no threat and if we are conducting nuclear research and development we are no threat to Israel. We have no intention of aggression against any country.”

In Israel, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev dismissed Larijani’s comments, saying Iran’s government was trying to convince the international community to believe that their intentions are benign. “The fact is that they have failed in this attempt and there is a wall-to-wall consensus that the Iranian nuclear program is indeed military and aggressive and a threat to world peace.”

Iran insists it will not give up uranium enrichment, saying it is pursuing the technology only to generate energy. The United States and some of its allies fear the Islamic republic is more interested in enrichment’s other application — creating the fissile core of nuclear warheads.

The IAEA, led by Mohamed ElBaradei, has said it has found no evidence that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. But the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog agency has suspended some aid to Iran and criticized the country for concealing certain nuclear activities and failing to answer questions about its program.

(If you have a guy named ‘Mohammed’ watch over you, rest assured he will not find any evidence of nuclear activity even after Israel is nuked)

“I have written to Mr. ElBaradei to say we are ready to within three weeks to have the modality to solve all the outstanding issues with you,” Larijani said at the forum.

Write us a letter when yer ready, will ya? You can use postage stamps like these:


Read it all, I won’t bother to comment on these swine who want to ‘wipe Israel off the map’…

* But before you are making another donation to Islamo-infested ‘human rights’ organizations like Irene Khan’s amnesia intentional or you join a demo against the old US of A think twice, perhaps you should focus on this:

The mind boggles: Marines are dying & the US-administration just diddles along…

Iranian bombs have killed 170 Iraq coalition troops: US

by Dave Clark
BAGHDAD (AFP) – Sophisticated Iranian-built bombs smuggled into Iraq have killed at least 170 US and allied soldiers since June 2004 and wounded 620 more, senior US defence officials have said.


(This handout photo released by the US military shows an 81mm mortar round believed to be from Iran and found in Baghdad in January 2007. Sophisticated Iranian-built bombs smuggled into Iraq have killed at least 170 US and allied soldiers since June 2004 and wounded 620 more, senior US defence officials have said.(AFP/US Military)

The allegation, made Sunday at a background briefing in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, comes as Washington steps up its criticism of Iran and will feed a fierce debate over relations with the Islamic republic.

“Iran is involved in supplying explosively formed projectiles or EFPs and other material to Iraqi extremist groups,” a senior official from the US-led multinational coalition told journalists.

Three coalition officials met reporters to point the finger at the Al-Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, part of Tehran’s elite forces accused of links with foreign militants.

“The Qods Force arms extremists and insurgents to carry out terrorist attacks and guerrilla warfare,” he said. “The Qods Force provides advice, training and weapons to proxy forces in Iraq.”

The men spoke on condition of anonymity for their security and cameras and recording devices were barred from the briefing, where an array of mortar shells and booby traps were laid out for inspection.

Continue reading:

Taliban prepare for spring offensive in Afghan south
By Saeed Ali Achakzai Sun Feb 11,

SPIN BOLDAK, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Taliban fighters are continuing to reinforce a key southern town against an expected NATO offensive more than a week after taking it over, ending a controversial four month truce.

More than 1,500 villagers have fled the town of Musa Qala, in the Taliban heartland and the major opium province in the world’s largest supplier, in fear of renewed fighting.

“More than 300 fighters are in Musa Qala,” senior Taliban commander Mulla Hayatullah Khan told Reuters from an secret base.

“They have been alerted and military supplies are being provided from other areas.”

Residents say the Taliban are reinforcing their troops with heavy weapons, but NATO says there is no evidence of force build-dup.

The Taliban regularly over-run major centers, but rarely hold them for more than a day or two. This is one of the longest times a key center has been held.

Here’s the link:

Power to the Bloggers!

Something we haven’t seen before: the view from behind the “paramedics” who paraded with bodies for hours, staging and arranging them for an obviously very eager world media.

Remember ‘Green helmet man’ and the recycled bodies, the ambulance that never got hit by a rocket and the smoke over Beirut?

* Exposed thanks to Little Green Footballs

Why was this picture left in the editor’s kill file until now?

Because it really wrecks the suspension of disbelief that actors need to convince the audience.

It’s like seeing the scaffolds and lights and fake landscapes behind the scenes at a theater, in the middle of a performance.

The Qana photographs are some of the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking images you could ever imagine. And that’s why it’s important to recognize that there are people with souls so dead and intentions so evil that they will cynically use these photographs to manipulate your feelings.

But imagine if pictures like the one above had the same 24/7 coverage as all those pictures with a weeping rescuer running alone down a dusty road. Context, anyone?

Ahh, lest we forget:


AP and the 67 news stories from ‘Jamil Hussein’ who couldn’t be found to this very day?