Controlling Muslim immigration likened to fight on bird flu

From the ‘STOP the rot’ department:


A New South Wales Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has compared controlling Muslim immigration in Australia to stopping the spread of bird flu.

The Christian Democrats are pushing for a halt to Muslim immigration because there has been no serious study of the effects of Muslims on Australia.

They say the 10-year measure would give some breathing space to assess the situation.

The party today officially introduced pastor Paul Green as its number-one candidate for the Senate at a media conference in Sydney.

Mr Green says he believes Australian people are very concerned about Muslim immigration and would support an immediate moratorium.

“If there was bird flu coming from a people’s groups across the nation, would we not stop to assess the risk management of what it means to Australia and then assess the factors, and say, ‘Is it safe to continue that or withhold it until it is dealt with?'” he said.

“We are saying there’s cracks in the foundation.

“We need to address them. We need not rush it because we could be making a bad decision.”

Mr Green is urging the Federal Government to conduct a social impact study on the effects of Muslim immigration.

“It’s much easier to do that with 300,000 Muslims than it would be with 3 million,” he said.

* It won’t be long before we have 3 million…

“Let’s take a breather and give the Australian people an opportunity to say, ‘How do we want to work this?'”

Senior Liberal defects
Meanwhile, a senior Liberal who has been suspended from the party has formally defected to the CDP and has not ruled out running at the next federal election.

Michael Darby was suspended from the Liberals in June over his appearance on the Four Corners program on ABC TV and for criticising the former NSW Liberal leader, Peter Debnam, in a newspaper interview.

He also lost a pre-selection battle for the state seat of Manly against Michael Baird and later campaigned for the Christian Democratic Party during the recent NSW election.

Mr Darby, a former federal and New South Wales councillor for the Liberal Party, denies the switch to the new party is sour grapes.

“What tipped me over the edge was this,” he said.

“I said to the state executive when they were examining whether they would be suspending me, ‘You are not having any kind of judicial process.

“‘There is no concept of any judicial process here. This is simply grubby factional politics.'”

* Indeed. It is.

The Madness of Karen Hughes

Is Karen Simpleton Hughes a product of “All I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten?”

The Daily Times/Pakistan

‘Outreach’ alert:

Winning hearts and minds of Muslim youth’s’

LAHORE: The US State Department is launching what it says will be the first comprehensive public diplomacy effort targeting children, hoping to shape the views of Muslim youths ages 8 to 14 with a series of summer camps and enrichment programs designed to counter negative images of the US, The Boston Globe reported on Monday.

The report said the new initiative was the brainchild of Karen Hughes, a confidante of President Bush who has become the most powerful public-diplomacy czar in decades. Hughes has argued forcefully that the US government must reach out to children younger than age 14, a population the State Department has largely neglected because they are too young for traditional exchange programmes.

(sorry for the earlier mix up between Karen Hughes & Armstrong, but come to think of it: Koran Armstrong and Koran Hughes are equally deluded, is there really a difference?)


Ignorance and stupidity on display

Another ‘why can’t we all just get along’- song


Hugh Fitzgerald comments:


How will 6,000 children, playing basketball and doing crafts, or 60,000 children, or 600,000 children, or 6 million, doing the same, all paid for by the long-suffering American taxpayer, in a program that is called the “brainchild” — presumably adopted — of Karen Hughes, overcome what they, or other children, will constantly be fed from the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira? Why will memories of nice camps paid for by nice Americans, with pictures of July Fourth picnics, and cowboys in Wyoming, and lobstermen in Maine -you know, the kind of thing that the karen-hughses of this world think might be just the ticket to make Muslims “like us — because they are just like us.” (I made it up, it’s not her idiotic slogan, but it just as well might be).

The way to limit the menace of Jihad is to get a large number of Muslims to change what they believe. The belief may be in Islam itself — that is, we may show them that we Infidels are well aware of what Islamic texts contain and what Islam teaches (see Ayaan Hirsi Ali, see Ibn Warraq, see Wafa Sultan, see Ali Sina, see an ever-growing list of distinguished and articulate apostates: then see Magdi Allam, for the “Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only” Muslim, see Bat Ye’or, see Oriana Fallaci, see many many others including those associated with this website), and willnot be fooled. And when that happens the Muslims will quickly realize that the blague as before will not do, and have to start speaking something with just a little more resemblance to the truth, and by degrees, as they do this, as they are forced by Infidel attitudes to do this, some of them will realize that they are not obligated to stay with Islam forever, and may become those defectors, those apostates. This is likely to take place especially among those who are non-Arabs, and who can be persuaded of what is, of course, true: that Islam has always been a vehicle of Arab supremacism, of Arab cultural and linguistic imperialism. And not if the Infidels say resolute and implacable, based on their greatly-increased knowledge of Islam, Muslims are going to have to think about Islam itself, and non-Arab Muslims will have to think about whether or not pretending to be little Arabs, with Arab names, and following Arab folkways of the seventh-century (as imagined), is really quite the thing that they want for themselves.

And if the ways in which Islam limits artistic expression, or free and skeptical inquiry, are pointed out, repeatedly, there will be some wavering Muslim parents, able to inwardly recognize, if not outwardly admit, that Islam does indeed stunt the mental (and moral) growth, and who wants that for one’s beloved children?

And if Infidels make clear that the prevalence of despotism among Muslim states is not accidental, but reflects the view, in Islam, that political legitimacy comes not from the expressed will of the people but from the will expressed by Allah in the Qur’an (and glossed by the Sunnah, that is, mainly, by what is in the Hadith and Sira), for Muslims are merely slaves of Allah, subject to his whims, then at least some Muslims are going to have to answer this criticism, and they will be unable to do so, for the true-blue Believers will admit to the justice of the charge, and indeed claim that it shows the superiority of Islam.

And if they make clear as well that the economic backwardness of Muslim states is a result of several factors, and that those factors again arise out of the teachings, attitudes, atmospherics of Islam, then there will be those who, contemplating the attraction of Islam, but also wanting economic development (say, in sub-Saharan Africa) who will choose to keep Islam out, or it if is present in their countries, to keep it from spreading. And it should be clear that inshallah-fatalism, and political despotism, both prompted in Muslim countries by the tenets of Islam, are what explain the failure of the rich Arab oil states, for example, to develop anything like modern economies, despite the ten trillion dollars they have received, since 1973 alone, in unmerited oil revenues.


Moonbats of the world stand united against reason:


Christine Nixon, police Chief Commissioner of Victoria:

“When you look at the number of people who have been killed from terrorist incidents within Western countries, yes, it is an appalling tragedy and a loss of life, but we are losing a lot more people in a lot of other ways,”

 * Are you feeling better already?

Australia is equally affected by the ‘hearts & minds’ birdflu

“Win hearts and minds in terrorism fight”: Nixon

The shallow wisdom of far left nutroots will get us all killed, this just in from the Age

THE domestic struggle against terrorism should focus on winning the hearts and minds of alienated Islamic communities and avoid the phrase “war on terror”, says one of the nation’s top law enforcement officers, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon.

In the strongest comments by any senior policing figure, Ms Nixon rejected the phrase coined after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States and used extensively by the Howard Government to justify the war in Iraq.

“It has very much a ring of what used to be the ‘war on drugs’ and I think that it was not necessarily a good term to use,” Ms Nixon told The Age.

“It is not about a war on that issue (terrorism). It is about policing in many ways, it is about working with local communities and so I think it exaggerates the issue.”

Ms Nixon’s comments come amid a growing international debate about how much the Iraq war is contributing to the threat of terrorism.

An opinion poll to be released by the Lowy Institute for International Policy next week will show twice as many Australians see the deployment of troops in Iraq as a contribution to the US alliance as do those who see it as a fight against terrorism.

Ms Nixon said the conflicts in Iraq and other global hot spots were monitored locally because of their potential to motivate Australians with radical views.

Read it all

* Lets just all pretend Islamo-fascism doesn’t exist. It might just go away by itself, right?

Christiane Amanwhore’SHit Piece on the Jews

Debbie Schlussel sez:

It’s the Rosie O’Donnell view of the world.

It’s warped, and it’s a lie. Tonight, Amanpour will vilify Jewish settlers, who live in the Judea and Samaria portion of Israel, where they are constantly attacked and bludgeoned by Palestinian terrorists. But instead, they will be portrayed as violent and dangerous. Complete fiction. They are sheep living amidst wolves. Thursday night, it’s evangelical and fundamentalist Christians’ chance to be compared to 9/11 hijackers by Amanpour. Completely disgusting.

We know who kills in the name of their god. We know who names their religious group, Hezbollah — Party of God. And it’s neither of the Judeo-Christian faiths.

Nope, only those who descend from the illegitimate son of Abraham and his maid are the ones who still wear a very violent and deadly chip on their shoulders.

But don’t ever expect she-man Amanpour to tell you the truth about it. Believing her reports could be fatal.

Amanpour’s “journalism” is as ugly and one-dimensional as she is.


“If this is journalism, I’m the Pope” sez Pamela from Atlas Shrugs and lets it fly:


Sunday in the Park with Mama Sheehan

That’s right; the cat is out of the bag, baby. No need to hold back:

CNN, the Crescent News Network’s star dhimmi reporter, Christiane Islamiane Amanapour six-hour “television event” “God’s Jewish Warriors” (to be following on successive nights by “God’s Muslim Warriors” and “God’s Christian Warriors”) aired this evening and it is hard to imagine but this unabashed Jew hater, outdid herself. Moral inversion packaged tres sophisticay. Jihadist translates into “God’s Warrior.” One sided would imply there might be another side and clearly in this useful idiot’s world, there is only Islam.

It began with a lie, and went downhill from there. Who does Amanpour think she is? Who died and made her queen of antisemites?

Amanpour speaks to the usual Jewicidal suspects ie Shimon Peres and world class Jew haters Jimmy Carter and Protocols of Zion devotee`John Mearsheimer, “prominent political scientist,” my ass. Yes, that bad.


‘No mo peanutz’-, sez ‘Apartheid’ Khadr

Pearls like “Jewish settlers turned to terror” (with no mention of She failed to note that in each and very instance the Israeli government arrested Jewish Underground plotters and imprisoned them for long periods of time) and Israel’s “plot to destroy Islam’s holiest sites” There is no people on earth that have gone to such extraordinary measure to preserve religious and archaeological sites. Islam is notorious for destroying any and all non Muslim and has gone so far as to issue a fatwa against religious statues.

The major obstacle to peace is the settlements.” “The Jewish settlements have inflamed much of the Muslim world.” Not Islamic jihad, not the legacy of Islamic antisemitism. Not Israel itself. The Arab narrative “OCCUPATION!”

Six thousand miles away in New York, “defiance of international law comes dressed in diamonds”

Its all about the tricky, crafty, sneaky Jews defying their government, defying the US, defying international law by supporting settlements. INTERNATIONAL LAW aka the UN. Amanpour evokes the Islamized UN repeatedly.

“Why not withhold Israel’s foreign aid?”

The building AIPAC, the Zionist lobby, is located in is “more powerful” than the Foggy Bottom.

“Some might say that this building became the most powerful arm of American foreign policy, more powerful than foggy bottom, State department.”


If this is journalism, I’m the Pope.

I can already see the spate of lawsuits going after Jewish charities for supporting settlements that contravene US policy and international law. Ed Lasky, an email exchange added…

Read it all


Selected Muhammedan Transgressions Update


(ANSAmed) – LECCO, AUGUST 21 – A Muslim immigrant triggered a northern villagés ire today by trying to wall up a local statue of the Madonna. The immigrant recently moved in to a new home in the village of Casatenovo near Lecco but was unhappy with the Madonna perched on an alcove outside his lodgings. Armed with a trowel and a bucket of cement, the immigrant moved in to action today, seeking to entomb the statue. The Madonna was rescued at the last minute by a group of angry villagers, who took her away saying they would find an alternative site. But local Mayor Antonio Colombo said the Madonna should be returned to her original resting place. He also threatened to take action against the immigrant, whose actions he described as “arbitrary and uncivilised”. “Despicable and intolerant gestures of this sort must not be allowed to undermine our efforts to create a harmonious society based on mutual respect for different idea, traditions and religious convictions,” Colombo said.

* Expect more of this behavior, Mr. Colombo. Its just something that Muhammadans do. Its their cult(-ure) that makes them do it…

* Islam has nothing to do with it! (Sarc off!)


(Pakistan) Sikh Temple Taken Over by Angry Muslims…

* Just wondering: Have you ever seen Muslims when they’re not angry? Ah yes, don’t remind me, that was when they all went over the moon on 9/11

Muslims groups occupy Sikh Bhai Taro Singh Jee temple in Lahore

Lahore, Aug 20 : The ownership of Bhai Taro Singh Jee temple in Lahore’s Naulakha Bazaar has become the centre of a confrontation between the Sikhs and Muslim hooligan groups, which have allegedly taken over the temple’s ownership.

The Sikh community has alleged that local Muslim hooligans, who are getting support of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), have taken control over the temple and have debarred them from entering inside it.

Representatives of the Sikh community said that the hooligans had stopped them from entering the premises for the past two months.

Muslims first prayed for saint, Pir Shah Kaku, and then started offering Asr and Maghrib prayers and started holding Quranic mehfils at the temple, the Sikh groups said.

According to Daily Times, Sikhs’ religious symbols has been removed from the temple and Islamic slogans of ‘Ya Allah’ and ‘Ya Rehmatul Alimeen’ had replaced them. A plaque giving details of the pir’s identity had also been put up on one of the walls.

The daily also spoke to the leader of the occupants of the temple, Sohail Butt, who said that they have taken the step (to occupy the temple) in their personal capacity “for the welfare of the Muslims community.”

He admitted that the former guard of the temple had seen a dream where Pir Shah Kaku “had urged him to keep the Sikhs away from the temple”.

Read it all

Imam play’s dumb on Hannity & Colmes

* Colmes plays the usual moron (but with him you never know, he probably is that deluded)


The Thai-Jihad in the ‘Restive South’ Continues:

The religion that just keeps on giving: Beheadings, bombings, shooting, arson etc.

Here is a good website that explains some of the background rather well

Islam’s unholy alliance

Cameron Stewart and Richard Kerbaj/The Australian

Thanks to Rosie

ON a hot summer’s night two years ago, a carload of Islamic gunmen drove along Auburn Road in Sydney’s west and sprayed bullets into a row of shops owned by Iraqi Australians.


Sunni spiritual leader Fehmi Naji el-Imam, left, and Australia’s Shi’ite spiritual leader Kamal Mousselmani

Australia’s Muhammedans are seething over Wafa Sultan’s visit

This was no run-of-the-mill crime. On this night in January 2005, the gunshots echoed far beyond western Sydney and into the Canberra offices of ASIO, the domestic spy agency. The attack seemed to confirm what ASIO and other law enforcement agencies had long feared: that tensions between rival Sunni and Shia Muslim communities had spilled into violence.

It occurred only a week before the landmark free elections in Iraq, where Sunnis and Shi’ites were locked in a bitter and bloody power struggle.

The Sydney shooting of Shi’ite-owned shops followed the harassment of Shi’ite voters in Auburn the previous day as they lined up to cast their postal vote for Iraq.

A group of Sunni protesters had disrupted the voting, holding up a sign in Arabic saying “vote and die” and chanting anti-Shia slogans. So bad was the harassment that local sheik Haydar Naji advised his fellow voters for their own safety to scrub the blue fingerprint ink off their fingers, ink that was proud proof of their democratic vote.

In the eyes of the authorities, the clashes and the shooting in Auburn were a grim portent for the future. The last thing the nation’s counter-terrorism agencies needed was a mini Australian version of the bloody feud between the Sunnis and Shi’ites in Iraq.

So far, their worst fears have proved unfounded. The global divide between Islam’s two main groups, Sunnis and Shi’ites, has not become a flashpoint in Australia’s Muslim community. On the contrary, as was revealed by The Australian, the nation’s Shi’ite and Sunni leaders have formed a united front against Israel, declaring their support for the Iranian-backed terrorist network Hezbollah.

Yesterday Muslim leaders from both sects attacked the Howard Government and the Opposition for meeting a controversial US-based Muslim thinker, Wafa Sultan, who considers the prophet Mohammed evil and who says there is no difference between moderate and radical Islam.

The Australian yesterday revealed that Sultan, a psychiatrist who shot to fame last year following an interview on the Arabic news and current affairs television channel Al Jazeera in which she attacked Islam, met Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Opposition Deputy Leader Julia Gillard while in Australia on an “under the radar” visit to talk aboutIslam.

Sydney-based Shi’ite leader Salah Qurnawy yesterday joined Sunni leader Keysar Trad warning against anti-Islamic Muslims, saying they were as dangerous as radical clerics who wanted to destroy the West.

* Sure. Keysar Trad and his ‘out of context’ brigades really believe they have a monopoly on destroying Australia

Qurnawy, president of the Al Sajjad Association, believes Sultan’s views and outlook on Islam threaten to undermine the relationships formed between Muslims and wider Australia. He says Sultan – who last year featured in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world – should not have been allowed into Australia.

“She will create disharmony for the community,” Qurnawy says.

* Really? Informing the government about the Muhammedan agenda creates ‘disharmony?’ It wouldn’t occur to these ‘moderates’ that they themselves created the problem in the first place…

Using our liberal laws against us:

Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, has called on Ruddock to investigate Sultan’s views under sedition laws. “These politicians are free to go to bed with whom they choose,” he says of the ministers who met Sultan. “But if they allow people like Wafa Sultan to colour their views about the Australian Muslims with her crusade of misinformation, then they will not be serving the interest of Australian society. Her views are divisive to Australian society.


* Hmm, interesting concept “-crusade of misinformation”– what kind of ‘misinformation’ could that be, Keysar? And what about dividing the world in believers and unbelievers and teaching your kids that unbelievers are ‘the vilest of creatures and must be killed for Allah and then claiming it was all out of context?’

I would expect (Ruddock) to search through the sedition provisions that he introduced (to see if) the views she has already stated would create division or hatred within Australian society.”

* Sure. In the Islamic state stoning would be the proper penalty for apostasy. There would probably be some extra bit of torture for ‘blaspheming the prophet’ and an few other ways to kill Wafa Sultan. Right Keysar?

Read it all…


Janet Albrechtsen meets Wafa Sultan:


Breakout from Islam’s mental prison

Question: Why did the Australian government have to sneak Wafa Sultan in?

Answer: Why does Ayaan Ali Hirsi and Salman Rushdie need body guards 24/7?

Wafa Sultan: “Look at any Islamic country. Tell me what you see. Poverty, backwardness, oppression, dictatorship, miserable lives. Somehow we have to help them change their way of thinking, their way of life. We have to re-create a new generation clean of hatred. We have been consumed by hatred. We are not practising our humanity. It’s very sad.”

Read it all


From dawa to jihad – the various threats from radical Islam to the democratic legal order

‘DYING FOR ALLAH’ comes at a cost of £150,000 to the National Health Service

Final email of Glasgow airport bomber:

‘I want to die for Allah’

by NEIL SEARS /Daily Mail

The Glasgow airport bomber who died of burns in the attack sent an email confession to relatives, a security source claims.

Bomber: Kafeel Ahmed sent email saying he wanted to be a martyr

Kafeel Ahmed, 27, who died in early August of 90 per cent burns just over a month after the bungled terror attack, is believed to have been the driver of the Jeep Cherokee deliberately driven into the terminal.

* He is not ‘believed to have been’ the driver, that SOB WAS the driver…

And it has now emerged that there is damning evidence of the Indian-born engineer’s dedication to terrorism.
Not only is he said to have sent an email claiming he was acting in the name of Allah and discussing martyrdom, his relatives have also identified him in CCTV footage fleeing one of the failed nightclub car bombs in London the day before the Glasgow airport attack of June 30.

In addition, analysis of his computer is said to show he visited bomb-making websites, and his mobile phone was found in the burnt-out Jeep.

The evidence is vital for anti-terror experts, who believe Ahmed, who lived in Glasgow, could have provided crucial information about Al Qaeda networks.

His death came despite a long battle to save him from his injuries, at a cost of £150,000 to the National Health Service.

* No doubt his fellow jihadists will refund it, they always do…

A security source has told reporters that Ahmed sent a text to a relative just two hours before the Jeep was driven into Glasgow airport.

The text contained a password to access a linked email.

In the email, Ahmed is said to admit to both the London car bombing attempt and the Glasgow plot – and to say he was serving Allah.

Although the email apparently accepts that his relative will be shocked by his involvement in terror, he says that he desires martyrdom and appears to describe the Glasgow attack as a suicide bombing.

The email was not read by its recipient however until after the Jeep had been engulfed by flames at the airport.

It is believed that the Glasgow attack was launched in a hurry after the London bombings failed, because the terrorists feared they would be arrested imminently.

Medics at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary said Ahmed never emerged from a coma throughout his long unwilling battle for life after he was hauled from the flaming Jeep.

The source said: “This was one of the worst cases of burns I have ever seen. It was very traumatic for everyone involved in his care.

“I was surprised he survived this long.”

The other occupant of the Jeep, Iraqui doctor Bilal Talal Samad Abdullah, has been charged with conspiring to set off lethal explosions.

Also charged over the attacks are Jordanian doctor Mohammed Jamil Asha and Ahmed’s brother Sabeel, 26.



Moonbat Judge Restores Haneef Visa

* Birds of a feather flock together: The failed Glasgow bombers and the Pakistani doctor Haneef shared more than a common interest in stamp collecting and growing beards. To Haneef’s good fortune, the ultimate wisdom of Australia’s libertarian judges will not tolerate the slightest whiff of ‘guilt by association’- even though Haneef steadfastly refused to talk about the jihad during his 20-some day’s interrogation. In a typical grandstanding gesture of defiance, judge Jeffrey Spender claims immigration minister Kevin Andrews acted improperly when he revoked Haneefs visa.

As the criminal case against Haneef crumbled, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews revoked Haneef’s work visa, saying that he had failed the “character test” because of his association with suspected criminals.

In his ruling Tuesday, the judge, Jeffrey Spender, said that he himself might fail such a test, because he had associated with known criminals as a defense lawyer. A victim of domestic violence might also fail, he said, because she had associated with her partner.

* Judge Jeffrey Spender failed to establish the connection between domestic violence and the global jihad.

Link to Herald Tribune

Andrews to appeal Haneef ruling


INDIAN doctor Mohamed Haneef has come a step closer to returning to Australia after a court ruled his work visa should be reinstated.

But the former terror suspect’s return to Queensland’s Gold Coast is not guaranteed, after Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said he would appeal today’s decision, which hinged on a point of law.

“When I made the decision to cancel Dr Haneef’s visa, I made it in the national interest and I stand by that decision,” Mr Andrews said today.

Link to Herald Sun


Manipulation: Muslim Website Claims “Indian Aussies turn against Howard over Dr Haneef”

Thanks to Mullah

* An interesting attempt by ‘Indian Aussies’- (in reality none other than our friends from the ummah) to throw some political weight around in order to appeal to some vote whoring labor prop:

By Neville D’ Cruz

Melbourne, Aug 19 (NNN-Bernama) The Howard Government is facing an electoral backlash from the nation’s Indian community over the Mohamed Haneef affair, according to “The Australian” newspaper.

The United Indian Associations (UIA), the peak body representing the 150,000 Indian-born Australians, said the Indian community felt “badly let down” by Prime Minister John Howard and would vent its anger at the polls due before the end of this year.

* One wonders why Hindu’s or Christian’s from India would ‘feel badly let down’ by the PM for having a Muslim terror suspects visa revoked.

Nice try, Muslims. Nice try!

* Australia’s Indian-born population has almost doubled under the Howard Government, from 77,000 in 1996 to 147,000 at last year’s census.

* Their numbers would be too small to matter if they were spread evenly across all electorate but they cluster in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

CNN: 6 Hours of Crock & Schlock from Ammanpour

* More politically correct BS reporting. More obfuscation and political, moral and religious equivalence. Because all religions are equally bad, there are zealots wherever you look (if you refuse to look at the obvious) and because Christians fly jets into buildings, Buddhists blow up Buddha statues and Hindu’s are expert headchoppers. Ahh, and if it wasn’t for the Jooozzz we would have never had any suicide bombers, right? Right.


CNN pretends that Judaism, Christianity, Islam all equally likely to incite violence

CNN explores religious fundamentalism,” by David Bauder for AP with comments from Jihad Watch

NEW YORK – Christiane Amanpour’s work on the documentary series “God’s Warriors” took her directly to intersections of extreme religious and secular thinking.
She watched, fascinated, as demonstrators in San Francisco accused teenagers in the fundamentalist Christian group BattleCry of intolerance in a clash of two cultures that will probably never understand each other.

Understanding is what Amanpour is trying to promote in “God’s Warriors,” which takes up six prime-time hours on CNN this week. The series on religious fundamentalism among Christians, Muslims and Jews airs in three parts, 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday through Thursday.


“I’m not interested in drumming up false fears, or falsely allaying fears,” CNN’s chief international correspondent told The Associated Press by phone from France, where she added last-minute touches to the series. “I just want people to know what’s going on.”

Amanpour traveled extensively over eight months to work on the series. The trips to Amanpour’s native Iran are most fascinating. She explored the ancient roots of the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, and talked with one of the country’s most accomplished female politicians about how Muslim women are treated.

Another segment tried to explain why so many devout Muslims are willing to give their lives to a cause.

“To the West, martyrdom has a really bad connotation because of suicide bombers who call themselves martyrs,” she said. “Really, martyrdom is actually something that historically was quite noble, because it was about standing up and rejecting tyranny, rejecting injustice and rejecting oppression and, if necessary, dying for that.”…

* This is true in both Christianity and Islam. Amanpour fails to point out, however, that in Islam, but not in Christianity, a martyr is someone who kills for Allah, and is killed in the process (cf. Qur’an 9:111). One might forgive “the West” for getting this “bad connotation” in the face of the Islamic scriptural jihadists use to justify suicide attacks.

Read it and weep…

To quote former New York Times Chief of Staff, John Swinton, as he admonished in his speech at the New York Press Club, in 1953:

The business of a journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie out right, to prevent, to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell the country for our daily bread. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scene. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”



Fitzgerald: The point of CNN’s religious fundamentalism series 

Marching Towards the Caliphate

Iranian clerics goose-step over American flag


No march without fiery speeches, though:

Fuhrer Ahmadinejad: ‘Enemies Trying to Replace Divine Faiths with Misleading Thoughts’

”Our duty has gone beyond the geographic borders of the Islamic world. Muslim scholars must invite world population to monotheism and Islam,” said the president.


There are no words..

Update: Iran hangs 30 over ‘US plots

Iran has hanged up to 30 people in the past month amid a clampdown prompted by alleged United States-backed plots to topple the regime, the British Observer newspaper has revealed.

Many executions have been carried out in public in an apparent bid to create a climate of intimidation while sending out uncompromising signals to the West. Opposition sources say at least three of the dead were political activists, contradicting government insistence that it is targeting “thugs” and dangerous criminals.



Hassan Al Banna, founder of the Muslim brotherhood:

Allah is our goal

The Prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah is our leader

The Qu’ran is our constitution

Jihad is our way

And death in the way of Allah is our promised end.


Wafa Sultan secretly in Australia:

Warning to West on ‘evil of Islam’

Richard Kerbaj/The Australian

THE West was still underestimating the evil of Islam, an influential Muslim thinker has warned, insisting that Australia and the US have been duped into believing there is a difference between the religion’s moderate and radical interpretations.

On a two-week “under the radar” visit to Australia, Syrian-born Wafa Sultan secretly met both sides of federal politics and Jewish community leaders, warning them that all Muslims needed to be closely monitored in the West.

Wafa Sultan speaks up:

“(As a Muslim) your mission on this earth is to fight for Islam and to kill or to be killed”

* Perfectly clear and unmistakable in sura 9:111 in the ‘immutable’ Koran
In an interview with The Australian, Dr Sultan — who shot to recognition last year following an interview on al-Jazeera television in which she attacked Islam and the prophet Mohammed — said Muslims were “brainwashed” from an early age to believe Western values were evil and that the world would one day come under the control of Sharia law.

The US-based psychiatrist — who has two fatwas (religious rulings) issued against her to be killed –– warned that Muslims would continue to exploit freedom of speech in the West to spread their “hate” and attack their adopted countries, until the Western mind grasped the magnitude of the Islamic threat.

* The ‘hate’ shouldn’t be in quotation marks, Richard. The hate is real!

“You’re fighting someone who is willing to die,” Dr Sultan told The Australian in an Arabic and English interview. “So you have to understand this mentality and find ways to face it. (As a Muslim) your mission on this earth is to fight for Islam and to kill or to be killed. You’re here for only a short life and once you kill a kafir, or a non-believer, soon you’re going to be united with your God.”

Dr Sultan, who was brought to Australia by a group called Multi-Net comprised of Jews and Christians, met senior politicians, including Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Labor deputy leader Julia Gillard.

Private security was hired for Dr Sultan, who left Australia yesterday, and state police authorities were also made aware of her movements in the country.

The organisers of her visit asked the media to not publish anything about her stay until she had left the country because of security-related concerns. Dr Sultan said Islam was a “political ideology” that was wrongly perceived to have a moderate and hardline following.

“That’s why the West has to monitor the majority of Muslims because you don’t know when they’re ready to be activated. Because they share the same basic belief, that’s the problem,” said the 50-year-old, who was last year featured in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Dr Sultan, who was raised on Alawite Islamic beliefs before she renounced her religion, began to question Islam after she witnessed her university teacher get gunned down by Muslim hardliners in Syria in 1979.

The mother of three, who migrated to the US in 1989, said the West needed to hold Muslims and their leaders more accountable for the atrocities performed in the name of Islam if they wanted to win the war on terror.

But while she considered the prophet Mohammed “evil” and said the Koran needed to be destroyed because it advocated violence against non-believers, Dr Sultan struggled to articulate her vision for Muslims, whom she said she was trying to liberate from the shackles of their beliefs.

“I believe the only way is to expose the Muslims to different cultures, different thoughts, different belief systems,” said Dr Sultan, who is completing her first book, The Escaped Prisoner: When Allah is a Monster.

“Muslims have been hostages of their own belief systems for 1400 years. There is no way we can keep the Koran.”

* One would hope that our politicians are listening…

Mufti of Brussels warns: “9/11 Demonstrators Are Criminals”

With thanks to the Brussels Journal

A quote from Freddy Thielemans, the Mayor of Brussels, in an op-ed piece in the Brussels newspaper De Standaard, 20 August 2007:

I decided to forbid the September 11 demonstration “against the islamicisation of Europe.” […] Since 2001 I have allowed over 3,500 demonstrations. This is only the sixth one which I forbid. […] The right to demonstrate exists only inasmuch as it does not cause a disturbance of the public peace and order. […] First and foremost the organizers have chosen the symbolic date of 9/11. The intention is obviously to confound the terrorist activities of Muslim extremists on the one hand and Islam as a religion and all Muslims on the other hand. […] Such incitement to discrimination and hatred, which we usually call racism and xenophobia, is forbidden by a considerable number of international treaties and is punished by our penal laws and by the European legislation. The European Court of Human Rights has repeatedly pronounced judgements condemning this type of acts. […]

Our society has long fought to achieve that certain codes of behaviour connected with the Catholic religion are no longer enforced as civil law upon everyone. To my knowledge not a single rule specific to the Islamic religion is being enforced in similar fashion. And I see no indication that a large majority of our Muslim population is demanding any such thing.

Let us not forget that Brussels has always shown tolerance and openness towards everyone who lives here or seeks refuge here. Diversity, compromise, tolerance and rejection of extremes remain the foundation of the Brussels identity. […] With regard to the planned demonstration of September 11 “against the Islamicisation of Europe” my mind is made up. And my decision is final: it will not take place.

* Freddy Thielemans owes his position as a mayor to the Muslim vote.

Our comment (TBJ):

Clearly this should be read as a threat. Anyone who intends to participate in the 9/11 demo is a criminal under Belgian and European law: he or she is a racist and a xenophobe (Islamophobe).

Contrary to what the mayor says, rules specific to the Islamic religion are being imposed upon society as a whole. For instance, Brussels has segregated swimming hours for women in public pools; Brussels public schools serve halal meat; Muslims slaughter sheep in the streets of Brussels; the religion-hating (religiophobia, anyone?) Brussels mayor, who toasts the death of the Pope, does not toast the death of Muslim leaders; …


Puke your heart out: Illegal Islamic Slaughter yard in Brussels



Belgium: Muslims want ban on Easter eggs 

* As long as the West allows commie vote-whores like Freddie Thielemans and London’s ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone to sell the family silver to the Muhammedan invaders, Western culture and civilization will remain under siege:

ANTWERP – “If head scarves are banned for employees who work at the desk at city services in order to guarantee neutrality of services, then we demand that no Christmas trees be set up in city buildings and that no Easter eggs be given out.” Antwerp trade union representative Badia Miri said this on Wednesday in the Gazet van Antwerpen.