Still Wondering About Islam?

* You’re not the only one! More and more of us have woken up in spite of the ongoing, massive, deliberate disinformation in the main-stream media, the willful stupidity and ignorance of our leaders and the lies, the obfuscation and dissemination by he Islamofascists themselves.

* Change is on the horizon: its only a matter of time before the soldiers of Allah attack us again, kill another 50, 100, 200, 1000, perhaps 3000 or 100.000 of us. And when it happens, like on 9/11 2001, we will see them again dancing in the streets of the ‘Islamic world’- (remember all the world is Islamic!) handing out candy to each other, shooting guns in the air while shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ and praising the terrorists who did it, while telling us that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’- and that the religion has nothing to do with terrorism, nothing whatsoever. Yes, it was the Joozzz who did it, the Mossad, -they will say-, George W. Bush, little Johnny Howard, yes it was them who did it, its all a gigantic smear campaign to give islam a bad name and to oppress Muslims. But anyhow, we had it coming because we’re fighting Islam and have invaded their countries, they will say,- and the left will say that fighting terrorism makes us a target for terrorism. They will ask again ‘why do they hate us’ and ‘why can’t we all just get along’ and listen to their perceived grievances. And if you don’t, the lefty loony progressives join the Muhammedan’s and call you ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’, and you are the hatemonger who’s got it all wrong. Why don’t you  cure your Islamophobia with a dose of ‘interfaith-dialogue’ at your local mosque and have some couscous, hummus and some of those delicious lamb-chops?

Now if only we were not fighting Islamic terrorism, (in EUrabia you’re not allowed to say ‘Islamic’ any more because it is feared that saying it causes …Islamic terrorism) then the Islamic terrorists would just live happily alongside us and sing kumbayah all day long. But if we don’t sing their tune (pay the jiziyah with willing submission while feeling subdued) to their liking they will bomb us again. And the progressives in our media will tell us that its all our fault anyhow, that we brought it upon ourselves because of colonialism, exploitation of ……..(fill in your favorite exploits) because of global warming and sheep flatulenza, etc.etc.

* But then there are some of us who actually do something about it. Those who have to look over their shoulders, who have to fear for their lifes, who need protection 24/7, like Ayaan Ali Hirsi,Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darvish, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes or Raymond Ibrahim and many more. Our numbers are increasing, resistance to Islamization is growing, in spite of everything. We will not submit.

Don’t you think we have a culture worth preserving?

The Orwellian “Islam is Peace” campaign

Islamic groups in the UK have launched the slick “Islam is Peace” public relations campaign, which supporters say is aimed at showing that Muslims are ordinary British citizens. But as Robert Spencer reports, its actual aims and rhetoric line up well with many jihadist goals.

An Australian wonders about Islam…

Have we seen any changes in the last 2 years? If not, aren’t you wondering why nothing has happened? Take a look at this article from the

ANDREW BOLT /Herald Sun / Hat Tip Rosie

It’s time we accepted the difficult truth: many of the Muslims we invite to live in Australia want to destroy us.

FOR four years, since the September 11 attacks, I’ve begged our Islamic leaders to drive extremists from their mosques.

For four years I’ve also reassured you that most Muslims here are moderate.

I’ve even insisted they have some moderate Muslim leaders, and last week again endorsed Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam of Preston mosque as a man of peace.

How eager I was to praise. Heavens, I described as “moderate” the Melbourne-based Islamic Information Services Network of Australia (IISNA), which purged from its website articles I’d noted claiming democracy was a sin, Jews were behind September 11 and Western society was a pollution.

But was I just kidding myself? Isn’t it becoming terribly clear that Islam — at least the Islam of Australia’s Arab sheiks and imams — is hostile to our society?

Isn’t it now obvious we should never have let into our country those imams who now preach hate?

Isn’t the evidence that some cultures — Muslim Arab ones — pose more problems than their importation at this rate is worth? Isn’t multiculturalism making these problems worse?

I know these are dangerous, hurtful questions. I also know many Muslims will feel deeply offended, loving this country and obeying its laws, and I wish only I heard from them far more often.

But the London bombings, perpetrated by home-grown Muslims, makes our silence on such issues not a sign of civility, but suicide.

So let me admit that the past few days have been terrible for those of us who thought we could count on Muslim leaders for real help against the Muslim extremists who threaten us.

Such setbacks we’ve had.

Only last week I’d praised Sheik Fehmi as a good man, who’d condemned the London bombings. But a day later he was asked about fellow Melbourne sheik Mohammed Omran, a friend of a suspected al-Qaida boss, who’d claimed September 11 was really the work of a US-based conspiracy.

“He is entitled to his own thinking,” Fehmi replied meekly. Then, asked if Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists had committed those attacks, he added: “We cannot say. We do not know these things.”

How can Muslim leaders fight terrorism, when the most moderate of them won’t condemn even bin Laden, or admit that monster’s self-confessed guilt?

Fehmi was not my only disappointment. I checked the IISNA site this week, and among the announcements of classes and prayers found this advice to a reader who’d asked if it was a sin to kill non-Muslims:

“In regard to non-Muslims who are at war with the Muslims and do not have a peace treaty with the Muslims or are not living under Muslim rule, then Muslims are commanded to kill them, because Allah says . . . ‘Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you.’ “

If that’s advice passed on by a “moderate” Islamic group, what must the radical ones here say?

Well, we know that, too. In a Melbourne bookshop run by Omran a Herald Sun reporter this month found books being sold that command Muslims to ready for war and to hate Jews.

In Sydney last week, the Islamic Bookshop, Australia’s largest of the kind, was found (again) selling similar poison near the Lakemba mosque, including a book with tips on how to blow yourself up and kill plenty.

“The form this usually takes nowadays is to wire up one’s body, or a vehicle or a suitcase with explosives and then to enter among a conglomeration of the enemy and to detonate,” it says.


* Yesterday’s Liberal Who Got Mugged By Reality…


“There is no other technique which strikes as much terror into their hearts.”

Again and again we’re told such things aren’t typical. Apologists, too often Muslim converts with little clout among ethnic groups, claim Islam means peace. But again and again we are left feeling like dupes.

The genuinely charming Waleed Aly, of the Islamic Council of Victoria, goes on 3AW to tell us the radical Mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj el-Din el-Hilaly, who has praised suicide bombers as “heroes” and called the September 11 attacks “God’s work against oppressors”, is not a big worry because he represents no one. Aly says he doesn’t even know who made the man a mufti, our highest ranking Islamic cleric.

But the truth, Waleed, is that your own council voted to make Hilaly the Mufti in a decision of the Federation of Islamic Councils of Australia. Why won’t you sack him?

Everywhere disappointment. Hilaly’s spokesman, Keysar Trad, soothes us with false claims that the Mufti is misquoted and is a proud Australian, but he turns out himself to have been a translator for the Islamic Youth Movement, a pro-bin Laden group whose leader, Bilal Khazal, now faces terrorism-related charges in Sydney.

We also find Trad has written articles with lines such as: “The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country (Australia) and . . . the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us.”

Faced with such evidence whichever way I turn, what else can I think about Islam — or Arab Islam, at least — but that it is an enemy of our culture, our society? And I ask: How did we come to let in the extremist preachers of such a hostile creed?

Why did we let in sheiks such as the Jordanian-born Omran, who declares Islam rejects democracy and instructs Muslims to go to Iraq to fight coalition troops? Why did we let in the Egyptian-born Hilaly?

But so much that we did in the name of multiculturalism was dangerously naive. Just think: only a few years ago the jihad-preaching Islamic Youth Movement, which met in Hilaly’s mosque, was given three grants — two state multicultural grants to run language classes and one work-for-the-dole grant to smarten up its offices.

Then there was all that other multicultural pampering to help Muslim ethnic groups here keep their distance, their “identity”.

In March, the Victorian Multicultural Commission, whose grants budget the Bracks Government has tripled, even ran a football carnival for teenagers who were split into ethnic teams — the Turks playing the Greeks, the Lebanese the Jews and so on.

Does this make any sense in a society where the urgent need now is not to reinforce old tribal loyalties, but dissolve them in a warm pool called “Australia”?

As you figure the answer, remember that Lebanese Australian children at the Muslim-dominated Moreland Secondary College, now closed after non-Muslim students fled, danced for joy at the September 11 attacks. Remember Lebanese ethnic gangs are strong in Sydney.

How hapless we’ve been, refusing to admit we were importing a problem that multiculturalism could only make worse.

For example, we have allowed into Australia Lebanese — many of them Muslim — who are often uneducated, unskilled and poor

in English. Their Islam was yet another barrier to their assimilation.

The results were as predictable as they were politely ignored — a jobless rate and imprisonment rate double that of other Australians. Gangs. Poverty. A near ghetto in Lakemba.

What an unholy recipe: First we build a vulnerable underclass of unassimilated people with a religion of rejection. Then we let loose on them imported radicals preaching a hatred of our society; teachers who instruct them in the shame of our history; and multiculturalists who pay them to keep their distance and retain their much nicer ways.

A LL this always was foolish. Now we see it was dangerous as well, since British-born Muslims bred in a similar stew of multiculturalism, ethnic enclaves and Islamist extremism, have gone to war.

We need now to change ideas once thought sacred by our cultural elite.

First, we must be more wary about the dangers of importing cultures that clash with the one that has built this free, rich and democratic society.

As a former Chief Justice, the late Sir Harry Gibbs, said in 2002: “A state is entitled to prevent the immigration of persons whose culture is such that they are unlikely readily to integrate into society, or at least to ensure that persons of that kind do not enter the country in such numbers that they will be likely to form a distinct and alien section of society, with the resulting problems that we have seen in the UK.”

Second, we must ban mosques from hiring imams from overseas, or at least those who preach race hate or damn democracy. If Islam does mean peace, let only peace be preached.

And, third, we must show more pride in this country, and switch our multicultural cash from funding division to building unity.

After all, the duty of government is to make one nation out of many tribes — and not the deadly reverse.


Italy: Another Business Idea Goes Down The Loo

Offensive to Muslims: Koranic Toilet Seat


Update to this story: Koran toilet seat cover angers cleric

“There is a toilet seat cover on sale in local stores that features verses of the Koran. This is an insult to the Muslim faith that we must react to,” he called out.


This one comes from the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda site IslamOnline, where they applaud Italian authorities for doing the bidding of seething Islamists threatening violence over another incident of “blasphemy:” Italy Seizes Quran-printed Toilet Seats.

* It is highly questionable whether Italy has anything in its laws to ban or prohibit toilet seats or toilet paper with Arabic/Koranic writing. It seems to be just another act of successful blackmail and intimidation by the RoP.

Following Muslim complaints, police raided the four braches of the company in the town of Latina, 60km south of Rome, and seized 2,000 such pieces on sale.

Interior minister Giuliano Amato met Friday with Italian Muslim leaders at the main Rome Mosque to reassure them that Italy would not tolerate such outrageous acts.

“This is an insult to the Muslim faith,” The imam of the Lazio town of Latina’s mosque, Sheikh Yusuf, told Amato. Amato reassured Yusuf, saying: “I would like to tell our friends from Latina that we have been informed of this matter and are taking action because it is offensive.”

* Standard line from Italy’s Muslim Website:

Italy has a Muslim population of some 1.2 million, including 20,000 reverts, according to unofficial estimates.*

* That’s the scary part…

* Selected comments:

* Watch out folks: A police raid to protect Islamic sensibilities is outrageous. Soon they’re going to be kicking in doors looking for cartoons.

* “…To head off angry Muslim Reaction”

Says it all.The appropriate response would have been “This is vulgar, but we are a free country. We live with things like this for the greater goal of a free society.Your threats and many of your actions are offensive, but yet we allow your freedom. If there is any violence you will be held responsible for instigation & the violent actors will be arrested.prosecuted & jailed if I can help it. All of those eligible will be deported after serving their sentences. Now thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.We are now alerted to watch you and your cohorts very closely.



Not offensive to Muslims: Dead Serb killed by Muslims…




Oriana Fallaci saw it coming:

No word yet on Italian police reaction to muslims’ unprecedented blasphemous acts against Christians, as documented by Oriana Fallici in The Rage and The Pride:

“A tent put up in order to beg–condemn–insult the Italian government that hosted them but wouldn’t give them the papers necessary to rove about Europe and wouldn’t let them bring the hordes of their relatives to Italy. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, pregnant sisters–in–law, and if they had their way, their relatives’ relatives as well. A tent situated next to the beautiful palazzo of the Archbishop on whose sidewalk they kept the shoes or sandals that are lined up outside the mosques in their countries. And along with the shoes or sandals, the empty bottles of water they’d used to wash their feet before praying. A tent placed in front of the cathedral with Brunelleschi’s cupola and by the side of the Baptistery with Ghiberti’s golden doors. A tent, finally, furnished like a sleazy little apartment: seats, tables, chaise–lounges, mattresses for sleeping and for fucking, ovens for cooking food and plaguing the piazza with smoke and stench. And, thanks to the customary irresponsibility of ENEL, which cares about our works of art about as much as it cares about our landscape, furnished with electric light. Thanks to a radio tape player, enriched by the uncouth wailing of a muezzin who punctually exorted the faithful, deafened the infidels, and smothered the sound of the church bells. Add to all this the yellow streaks of urine that profaned the marble of the Baptistry. (My, these sons of Allah sure have a long range! However did they manage to hit the target when they were held back by a protective railing that kept it nearly two whole meters away from their urinary equipment?) And along with the yellow streaks of urine, the stench of the excrement that blocked the door of San Salvatore al Vescovo: that exquisite Romanesque church (year 1000) that stands at the rear of the Piazza del Duomo and that the sons of Allah transformed into a shithouse. You’re well aware of this.”


And the Muslims are seething about what, a toilet seat? Can you imagine the outrage if some dared shit on the steps of a mosque? Blood would run in the streets! Yet there will be no response to the muslims defiling the holy places of Christianity, except to cower in fear. Europe’s political class has been neutered, leaving a vacuum of courage and leadership that will lead to the next World War.


Laura Bush: “They do not see covering as some sort of subjugation of women:” Laura Bush defends the hijab.

* Note: wearing the abaya in Saudi Arabia is not a “choice.” It’s mandatory for all women when they are in public. If they show even a little bit of ankle, they’re subject to being beaten and arrested by the Saudi religious police (mutaween).

Hijaab Befuddlement Syndrome, update:

* Does Laura Bush really think those women will be honest about their opinions on this misogynistic practice?

UPDATE at 10/28/07 11:35:26 am:

Did these girls also choose to die in a fire instead of wearing the abaya?

Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

In a rare criticism of the kingdom’s powerful “mutaween” police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday.

About 800 pupils were inside the school in the holy city of Mecca when the tragedy occurred.

According to the al-Eqtisadiah daily, firemen confronted police after they tried to keep the girls inside because they were not wearing the headscarves and abayas (black robes) required by the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam.

One witness said he saw three policemen “beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya”.


Australian Islamic Leader Threatens Terror Strike

* Goodness! Will these people ever come up with something original?

* “Want Peace? Submit or pay the Jiziyah!”

* Last week in the UK another ‘Islamic Leader’ demanded the same thing. Link

John Lyons/The Australian

AUSTRALIA faces a “London-type bombing” if relations between Muslims and the intelligence and police authorities do not improve, an influential Islamic youth leader has warned.

* Translation:

* ‘Submit and pay the jiziyah. And stop interfering in Muslim business, you filthy kuffars…’


* ‘Islam is Peace’ bombs in Londonistan


Fadi Rahman, who runs one of Sydney’s biggest youth centres at Lidcombe in the city’s west, said overseas Islamic elements were attempting to radicalise Muslim youth with their hardline ideologies.

* Well Fadi, why not point them out so ASIO can arrest and deport them?

But in a warning that will resonate with Australian authorities, Mr Rahman said Muslims did not trust ASIO or the Australian Federal Police and that the bungled terror case against Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef had worsened the situation. “The biggest problem ASIO and the federal police have is that no one in the Islamic community trusts them enough to give them a heads-up about anything,” Mr Rahman told The Australian.

* Hmmm. Likewise Fahdi, likewise. Why should we trust you?

“Look at the Haneef thing – why would we trust these guys when all you see is one fumble after another? People are afraid.”

* Afraid of what, Fahdi? Afraid of getting caught?

Dr Haneef, an Indian national, was detained in July on suspicion of having played a role in the foiled terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow, but the case fell apart after a series of prosecution mistakes.

* Haneef was a brother in arms with Bilal Abdulla, the Iraqi doctor who drove a Jeep into the front of Glasgow airport

Mr Rahman said a battle for the hearts and minds of young Muslims was under way in Australia between influences from overseas wanting to radicalise youths and more moderate influences in Australia.

Mr Rahman said he believed he had been the target of a recruitment attempt but when he responded “defensively” those talking to him said they had merely been joking.

Asked about the anatomy of a recruitment, he said: “Most of the time they start at the local mosque in small groups – they move quickly into the garage, then people’s homes. You get sucked in.”

* There you go: ‘it starts at the mosque’- but..but.. aren’t mosques supposed to be places of worship?

He said the typical recruiter was in their 40s or 50s, “from overseas, well-educated and tapping into young people’s frustrations and anger”.

“I think we are very similar to London,” he said. “There are these individuals from overseas who are basically in their mid-life who have these ideologies and because of the animosity they have experienced in their own countries have deep hatred of the Western world. It’s very easy to tap into the mind of someone who has a low education level, unemployment and who has basically given up on life.

* Where would that deep hatred of the Western world come from, Fahdi?

“The right ingredients are there. We need to do something or what happened in London, a London-type bombing, will happen here.”

* Who is ‘we’ Fahdi? I thought the government is paying YOU to do something and keep the wolves from the door?

The “something” includes programs to give opportunities to Muslim youth and a “less hostile” attitude by the federal Government. Mr Rahman said the Government was spending too much on campaigns directed at people who did not know what was going on – such as the Be Alert, Not Alarmed campaign – but not enough in communities such as southwestern Sydney, where about 250,000 Muslims live. “It’s not like it will be John Smith on the north shore of Sydney who will have information, it will be Mohammed or Ahmed out here,” he says.

Mr Rahman said he and Toufic Mallah, the man he brought into the youth centre to stress moderation, preached non-violence.

* Really? Hmm. But isn’t Islam a ‘Religion of Peace?’

About 50 of the youths at the centre, which has about 460 members aged 10 to 35, are former criminals who have done time in jail. Mr Rahman said they could go “either way”.

* But…but…Mr. Rahman: can’t you control these ‘youth’s?’ Isn’t that what you’re being paid to do?

At the Independent Centre of Research Australia, he runs anger-management programs and has opened a prayer room run by Sheik Mallah. Sheik Mallah said the second chapter of the Koran stressed that “we have made a moderate nation”.

* Hmm. Which verse would that be? I just checked, but perhaps my infidel Koran is a different one? Are you reading Arabic again, Sheik Mallah?

He says non-Muslim Australians should approach their local sheiks if there was anything they did not understand or like about their local Muslim communities. “Come and speak to us,” he said.

* Translation: “We are inviting you to accept Islam, so you will be safe. Submit or pay the jiziyah…”


Mr Rahman brokered a deal with IBM last week under which the computer company will mentor 10 youths from the centre and offer three traineeships.

* Cool. So we will get more Islamic websites?

Mr Rahman said this sort of support gave the young people and their families and friends hope. In the aftermath of the Cronulla race riots (?) in Sydney in 2005 there was progress between Muslim and non-Muslim communities, but since then “things have taken a nasty turn”.

* Hmm. And why would that be?

“The blame game” of all Muslims being blamed for terrorism “will only put people offside”, he said.

“When the shit hits the fan we will all be covered with it. It’s just a matter of time before someone says I’ve had enough. Unless something is done and attitudes change something will happen.

* Simple solution: stop threatening and stop blowing shit up, and we might see some change in attitude, don’t cha think?

“We haven’t learnt our lesson post-September 11, the Bali bombings, the Cronulla riots and the London bombings. There’s deep-seated hatred on both sides. When young Muslims go into other areas they go in with force.

* Who is ‘we’- Rahman? The ummah or the infidels?

“I cop it from both ends – who do you please? Do you please your own community or the wider community? A lot of them are saying don’t waste your time, you will never get anywhere with these people.

Mr Rahman said one of the biggest problems in the Lebanese community was that many of his generation, although they loved their parents, felt caught between two worlds.

* There is a solution to your problem, Rahman: if you want to live in an Islamic state you better pack up and ship out. Australia is not the place for you!


* Comment from Skip:

Threats from Muslims over here. Threats, blackmail, riots, ‘marginalisation’, beatings, outright dhimmitude etc in Eurabia. A sampling of the last few weeks:
UK Muslims to govt: Want us not to become jihadists? Give us money. Pay the jizya.
“Muslims in ‘money not words’ message,” by Tom Smithard in the Yorkshire Post:
A Government Minister was told yesterday to stop talking and start funding as he addressed a group of young Yorkshire Muslims battling to prevent members of their community becoming extremists…..
Riots in Amsterdam and Brussels:
Europe’s no-go zones or SUAs (“sensitive urban areas”) are multiplying. These are areas where the police no longer dares to venture and where Islamists hold sway. Every night since the beginning of last week, ‘youths’ have been torching cars and clashing with police in Amsterdam’s Slotervaart district.
The Amsterdam Moroccans are “shocked” because one of them has been killed by an infidel woman. According to his family, Bilal Bajaka was mentally deranged and had a suicide obsession. Ahmed Marcouch, the Moroccan-born Socialist mayor of Slotervaart, criticized the Dutch authorities for failing to provide adequate health care for Bajaka’s mental problems.
Bilal Bajaka was, however, a personal friend of Mohammed Bouyeri, the Jihadist who ritually slaughtered the Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004. Bilal’s attack on the two police officers came exactly two years after the arrest of his brother, Abdullah Bajaka, the leader of an alleged plot to blow up an El-Al Boeing at Amsterdam airport. Bilal’s family background is not at all deprived. One of his sisters is a medical doctor, another sister is a Dutch judge….
Reports of ‘sympathy car-b-ques’ in The Hague reach us via Nieuw Religieus Peil, which links to a report in the Telegraaf (NL) telling us how the inhabitants of the The Hague neighborhoods of Transvaal and Schilderswijk are too afraid to press charges of vandalism, which has seen a sharp increase this last week……
Similar events are currently taking place in Brussels, the capital of neighbouring Belgium and of the EU. Last Sunday, demonstrating Turkish youths ransacked an Armenian restaurant in the Sint-Joost-ten-Node borough. According to the owner the police were present at the scene but did not interfere while his establishment was being demolished. The Armenian had to flee for his life…..
Dutch Muslims say they don’t feel at home there.
“I’ve lived here for 40 years and I still don’t feel welcome,” said Atel Alireza, a taxi driver from Turkey. “But I would say things have gotten a lot worse since 9/11.
“People around here look at you more suspiciously than they used to,” he said. “People look at all Muslims like they are about to do something bad.”
Where do people get these crazy ideas?……
“The Security Service fears that serious harm will be done to Norwegian Muslims in case of a terror attack in Norway”
Not “The Security Service fears that a jihad terror attack will do serious harm to Norwegians.” The concern is all with an imagined backlash, not with preventing it by heading off a terror attack, and calling upon Muslims in Norway to be active in anti-terror efforts…..
German authorities report lack of Muslim cooperation in antiterrorism fight, from
Berlin – The lack of cooperation of Muslim communities with the security authorities remains a weak point of the fight against terrorism in Germany…. according to a survey of the news agency ddp…..
Pro-Sharia Islamic political party forms in Finland…..
“Belgian laws do not interest him. The man is confident that it is he who controls the neighborhood”
(from Deutsche Welle TV).
“Many police officers are afraid that the State no longer wields authority here—at least not the sole authority. They know that Islamists view Molenbeek as subject only to Muslim law.”…..
Netherlands: Head of ex-Muslims group attacked and beaten……
Italy: Group used mosque as jihad training camp…..

The Muslim Peer & His Sordid Affair


* Wherever there is Islam, there will eventually be car-b-cues.
(The Religion of Peace is now setting fire to Amsterdam because a policewoman elected not to be stabbed to death by a Muslim attacker).

* From the swinging Sheik-yer-booty department:

Brit Conservative Muslim Forum chief’s regular 10-year sex sessions with Hindu divorcee

Saroj, 57, told the News of the World: “He used me for ten years making me believe that I would one day be his wife.
“He used me for pleasures in the bedroom that he said his wife wouldn’t provide. I often felt really dirty after being with him,” she added.
Millionaire Lord Sheikh, aged 66, lives in a mansion in Croydon, Surrey, and presents himself as a pillar of the Muslim community.
Last year, he was conferred with the title of Baron Sheikh of Cornhill in the City of London.
He claimed to share in the Tories belief in “enterprise, community, family and hard work”.

Saroj said: “He would visit my house for sex twice a week. It was like an arrangement. He would come round every Tuesday and Friday.
“But he did feel bad that he was sleeping with a non-Muslim woman. He told me about Islam and gave me a Muslim name, Soraya.”
And the Bentley-driving Baron was so besotted by his lover that he invested 160,000 pounds to open a restaurant for her called Viceroy, in Purley. The restaurant ran for 18 months and closed down in March last year.
But the long relationship soured when Kenya-born Sheikh, who made his millions in insurance, was appointed a life peer.

Saroj said: “Once he got in a position of power he wanted to brush me under the carpet in case anyone found out about me and he got into trouble.”



Archbishop of Canterbury defends muslim veil

Phil Hazlewood , Agence France-Presse


* Clerical Derangement Syndrome?

LONDONISTAN – The leader of the world’s Anglicans yesterday waded into the debate over the Muslim veil, warning politicians not to interfere with people’s right to wear visible symbols of their faith.

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said that to ban veils, turbans, crucifixes or other pieces of clothing would be “politically dangerous” and that the British government should not become a “licensing authority” for what people can wear.

The comments, published in The Times newspaper yesterday, come amid controversy sparked by Jack Straw, a former British foreign secretary, who said this month that the full-face Muslim veil, or niqab, was a barrier to communication.

Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, also gave his view on the matter, suggesting the veil was a visible “mark of separation” between communities at a time when politicians desire greater integration to combat extremist threats.

Since then, a Muslim teaching assistant lost a case against her suspension for refusing to remove her niqab in class and a Christian check-in worker for British Airways was told she could not wear a crucifix at work.

The ideal of a society where no visible public signs of religion would be seen — no crosses round necks, no sidelocks, turbans or veils — is a politically dangerous one,” Dr. Williams wrote. “It assumes that what comes first is the central political ‘licensing authority,’ which has all the resources it needs to create a workable public morality.”

Moving toward a secular society in Christian Britain — where the Queen is the head of the Church of England and religion still features in public institutions — would be more radical than can be imagined, he added.

His comments come as Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, dropped plans to force all new religious schools to accept up to 25% of their students from other faiths or to take children who have no religious beliefs. He abandoned the plan to legislate the matter on Thursday, claiming a law change was no longer necessary because a deal had been reached with the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England.

* Are you -still- wondering why European churches are empty?

** With Assholes like this, who seeks guidance from Anglicans?


Europe’s new face of anti-Semitism

5 countries now ban production of kosher meat as synagogues burn, boycott of Israel continues

One of the first steps in Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic drive in the creation of his Third Reich was instituting a ban on the kosher slaughter of animals.

Today, as a new wave of ugly, and sometimes violent, anti-Semitism sweeps through the European continent, at least five countries have banned kosher food production, and one of them is considering halting all import of kosher meat.

The latest nation to join the movement is Holland, where the move was guised in concern for cruelty to animals.

They simply don’t want foreigners and they don’t want Jews,” said Rabbi Michael Melchior, former chief rabbi of Norway, another European nation that bans kosher meat production. “I won’t say this is the only motivation, but it’s certainly no coincidence that one of the first things Nazi Germany forbade was kosher slaughter. I also know that during the original debate on this issue in Norway, where shechitah has been banned since 1930, one of the parliamentarians said straight out, ‘If they don’t like it, let them go live somewhere else.'”

While animal-rights activists have indeed been at the forefront of the recent efforts to ban kosher slaughter, there is growing concern on the part of people like Melchior, now an Israeli official, that initiatives spreading through Europe are gaining popularity because of deep-seated anti-Semitism manifesting itself in many other ways, from Belgium to Germany to France and Switzerland.

On Saturday, unknown assailants hurled a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue in the Belgian port city of Antwerp, where riots by Arab immigrants began a week ago following the shooting of a 27-year-old Moroccan immigrant. About 30,000 people of Arab origin live in Antwerp. It is also home to a long-established Orthodox Jewish community of about 20,000.
Several weeks ago, Germany announced a decision to stop all arms sales to Israel. This comes at a time when attacks on memorials to Nazi-era victims are on the rise. In at least seven attacks this year, extremists destroyed a memorial plaque at Raben-Steinfeld, vandalized a memorial in Woebbelin and a memorial column in Lutterow, and drew a swastika on the grounds of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp on the Nov. 9 anniversary of Krystalnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, when Nazis targeted Jewish businesses and synagogues in 1938.
German police are investigating an incident last month where anti-Semitic disruptions occurred at a Berlin ceremony to restore a street name referring to Jews that was erased by Nazi officials in 1938. Hecklers at the event booed, whistled and shouted slogans including “Jews out” and “The Jews crucified Jesus,” according to Germany’s Central Council of Jews. Paul Spiegel, the group’s head, said he was horrified and that the incident “reminds us painfully of the late 1920s,” when the Nazis began their rise to power in Germany. The event re-established Juedenstrasse – an old German word for Jews’ Street – in the western district of Spandau after years of deliberations by local officials. The name, dating back to the 16th century, recalls Spandau’s former Jewish community. Under Nazi rule, the street was renamed for Gottfried Kinkel, a 19th-century poet and art historian who was once imprisoned in Spandau.

Fiona Macaulay, public affairs director of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, says incidents of anti-Semitism have increased 400 percent in Britain since the start of the intifada in the fall of 2000.


New Cleveland Imam Spews Same Jew-Hatred As His Deported Predecessor

* But don’t wait for an admission or an apology: the inevitable whining and howling “Out of context”- (of course!) ‘Islamophobia’ accusations and the usual victimization- spin has only just begun: the new imam is shocked –SHOCKED!that the bloggers would rub his nose in his own sermon.

* Outrageous! What will these filthy kuffars think up next?

The MSM of course takes everything the imam says at face value:

“New Cleveland imam hopes to ease Muslim-Jewish relations,”

by David Briggs in the Cleveland Plain Dealer blog

No sooner did Ohio’s largest mosque announce Alzaree’s hiring last month, than bloggers posted a portion of a 4-year-old end-times sermon in which the imam quoted the Prophet Muhammad saying one sign of the approach of the Day of Judgment is that “the Muslims will kill the Jews.”


‘Killing Jews is our religion, what’s wrong with that?’ sez Imam Ahmed Alzaree

“Dear brothers and sisters, the talk about the Day of Judgment is long and full of things that will confuse the human mind and put fear in the hearts of the faithful. Every day that comes is much more Worse than the day before it as we get closer to the hour. Among the signs of the approach of Day of Judgment is what the messenger of Allah PBUH said: “The hour of judgment shall not happen until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Muslims shall kill the Jews to the point that the Jew shall hide behind a big rock or a tree and the rock or tree shall call on the Muslim saying: hey, O Muslim there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him, except the Gharqad tree which will not say, for it is the tree of Jews.” Agreed upon. This is seemed to be very soon and close now. We ask Allah SWT not to test us so hardly if we live till this horrible moment insha’allah..”

Alzaree was stunned by the ensuing uproar. The Islamic Center of Omaha took his sermons off its Web site as allegations circulated on the Internet that Alzaree associated with an Egyptian cleric suspected of having terrorist ties.

In interviews this week, the imam said he and his wife considered backing out of the Cleveland offer. He said he knew about the lingering tension in Cleveland, where his predecessor, Fawaz Damra, had been deported, but “I did nothing wrong to defend myself [against].”

Islamic Center of Cleveland leaders defended Alzaree. Abu-Shaweesh said the Islamic teaching was taken out of context, and the bloggers’ response is an example of anti-Muslim prejudice that undermines the mosque’s efforts to rebuild interfaith and community relations.

* Out of context. Are we ever going to be told the context in which such statements become harmless?

* ‘Interfaith and community relations’ = da’awa, nothing but da’awa…

The Northeast Ohio Jewish community is taking a wait-and-see attitude toward Alzaree.

“We are reserving judgment . . . until we have had an opportunity to get to know him,” said Eric Bell, chairman of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, in a statement. “Rather than jumping to any conclusions, we are hopeful that we will be able to renew our relationship with the Islamic Center.”

Khalid Bahhur, a founder and co-chairman of Ishmael & Isaac, a Palestinian-Jewish co-existence group in Cleveland said, “It’s going to be incumbent upon us to give the new imam the benefit of the doubt.”

* The ever patient gullible Jewish community…

Steven Emerson, executive director of the Washington-based Investigative Project On Terrorism, said based on his study of Alzaree’s sermons and the mosque’s speaking invitation to Ghoneim, the imam “is a fairly typical Islamic fundamentalist who believes in a literal translation of the Koran. . . . In our parlance, he would be called a militant.”

* Investigative Project

* More: a two-faced jihadist?

* Imam Ahmed Alzaree and the Islamic Center of Cleveland Follow-up: Part 1

* Imam Ahmed Alzaree and the Islamic Center of Cleveland Follow-up: Part 2


Update: New Islamic Center imam Ahmed Alzaree resigns/blames Bloggers 


Imam Ahmed Alzaree, from left, sings the Muslim call to prayers as Rabbi Craig Marantz listens during an interfaith Service of Rememberance and Hope at the First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Neb., on Sept. 11, 2002. Critics called him a “two-faced jihadist.” Alzaree said he was nothing like that, but said he and his wife concluded they could never have a good beginning in Northeast Ohio.


Here’s how it went:

Today comes word that Imam Ahmed Alzaree has quit before he ever started—and guess who he’s blaming? Bloggers.

Imam Ahmed Alzaree announced Monday, three days before he was to start work as the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, that he was resigning.

Alzaree said allegations by bloggers that he was anti-Semitic and was associated with individuals suspected of having terrorist ties so poisoned the atmosphere in Northeast Ohio that he and his wife, Marwa, decided to look elsewhere.

“Cleveland now is a nightmare for her,” Alzaree said. “It will never be a good start for me and the Jewish community.

* He’s being persecuted, you see. By intolerant people who just can’t understand why he would say something like this when the Americans weren’t watching:

Dear brothers and sisters, the talk about the Day of Judgment is long and full of things that will confuse the human mind and put fear in the hearts of the faithful. Every day that comes is much more Worse than the day before it as we get closer to the hour. Among the signs of the approach of Day of Judgment is what the messenger of Allah PBUH said: “The hour of judgment shall not happen until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Muslims shall kill the Jews to the point that the Jew shall hide behind a big rock or a tree and the rock or tree shall call on the Muslim saying: hey, O Muslim there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him, except the Gharqad tree which will not say, for it is the tree of Jews.” Agreed upon. This is seemed to be very soon and close now. We ask Allah SWT not to test us so hardly if we live till this horrible moment insha’allah.

* What’s frightening about this whole thing is not that one  hate spewing PoS was exposed who had to pack up and move on, but that he has a great deal  of supporters: when you scroll down to the comments section you can find quite a few letters from his whiny fan club, and boy: their hearts are bleeding!

* Two thumbs up for the bloggers who expose these jihad swine for what they are! 

Clueless & Befuddled in Arabia

From the Sheik Yer’mami hijab department:


Not a dime’s worth of difference… 

…between the two parties.


France to hold Palestinian jizya conference

* And the money will flow, in exchange for still more empty promises that will be broken practically before they’re even made. “France to host Palestinian donors conference,”

from AFP (thanks to DW:

PARIS (AFP) – France will hold a special conference of donors for the Palestinians at the end of the year which will be co-hosted by the Mideast Quartet special envoy Tony Blair and Norway, a joint statement said Wednesday.

“France will host a major donors’ conference for Palestine at the end of the year at the request of (Palestinian) President (Mahmud) Abbas,” the statement said.

“Tony Blair and Norway will co-chair the conference with France,” it said, adding: “Tony Blair in his capacity as special representative of the Quartet and Norway as chair of the ad hoc liaison committee (AHLC).”

“This conference will aim to mobilise the donors … to provide political and financial support to the Palestinian Authority by creating the capacities and the conditions for building a viable Palestinian state.”


Kouchner added that a meeting has been organised by Blair next week in Jerusalem to give out invitations to the donors’ conference.

“A state is not a negotiation about territory, it has also got to be about what that state does, the nature of that state, how it runs its security, its social, educational and health systems, encouragement of the private sector and economic development,” Blair told reporters.

“It also means changing what is happening on the ground so that…the prospect of jobs and prosperity, particularly for the Palestinian people, as well as security for the Israeli people can come about.”

* Briars comment:

Tony Blair is a pathetic loser in the same frame as Neville Chamberlain. The entire emphasis of the Palestinian state is hatred and murder. It’s a mob of gangsters bent on destroying Israel and filling their own coffers in the process. This is like donating money to a herd of junkies. It will be used to buy more drugs. In this case it will be used to buy more ammo to destroy Israel. Tony Blair is a coward, an opportunist, a misguided, spineless traitor and should go down in Western history as such.

Oklahoma update: Quran rejection is criticized

By BILL SHERMAN World Religion Writer

* with thanks to Mullah

The Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, president of Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry Board of Trustees, speaks in front of a photo of Mecca during a press conference Friday at the Al-Salaam Mosque. Lavanhar criticized a Sand Springs lawmaker for his comments this week about the Quran.

The Siren Song of ‘Interfaith Kumbayah’

Several faith groups condemn Oklahoma lawmakers who turned down copies of the book.

In a show of solidarity with the Muslim community, representatives of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa and several interfaith organizations held a press conference Friday condemning Oklahoma lawmakers who turned down a copy of the Quran.

Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, refused a gift of Islam’s holy book earlier this week, saying, “Most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology.” Other lawmakers joined him in refusing the gift, which was offered by the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council as part of the state’s centennial celebration.

“Today, I’m an American Muslim, speaking for our brothers,” said David Bernstein, executive director of the Jewish Federation.

“Hateful words inevitably lead to hateful actions,” he said at the press conference held at the Al-Salaam Mosque, 4620 S. Irvington Ave.


* Brother, the hateful words are in the Koran and in the actions of Muslims who act on it, not on those who point it out…

“Sometimes they set in motion a chain of events that turn them into self-fulfilling prophesy.”

He said hateful words often have an effect that the speaker did not desire or anticipate.

Oliver Howard, president of the Oklahoma Conference for Community and Justice, said religious intolerance has no place in Oklahoma.

“All religious communities have or have had zealots who exploit sacred scriptures for their own ends, including violent and inhumane acts,” he said.

* Really? Which ones would that be, Oliver? Who kills in the name of their religion?

The Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, president of Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry Board of Trustees, said Duncan’s words were disrespectful of his fellow Americans and promoted religious bigotry.

“We are one nation, under God, indivisible — and we will not be divided by politicians who use religious and ethnic rhetoric to enflame bigotry,” he said.

* Oh brother. Why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia or to Egypt and start peddling some bibles to the local clerics? At least then you learn what bigotry is..!

Keith McArtor, president of the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance, said he hoped the lawmakers who refused the Quran would become “better acquainted with the true tenets of Islam, which are based on brotherhood, love, respect and dignity.”

* Just a wild guess: why does Tulsa need an ‘Interfaith Alliance?’ Could it be that this is just another da’awa center and Keith McArtor is another ‘revert?’

Justice Waidner, with the Say No to Hate Coalition, said the lawmakers’ refusal to accept the Quran “throws a dark shadow of misunderstanding and bigotry on a segment of our state’s diverse population and their religious heritage.”

Allison Moore, speaking for the Islamic Society of Tulsa, said Islam clearly ‘denounces all forms of terrorism.’

* Sure Allison. Especially the terror of having to live among infidels and Jews who don’t submit to Islam, right?

“Our religion teaches us to be peaceful, tolerant, loving and respectful of neighbors and friends, and to uphold justice for all people,” she said.

“We are deeply concerned about the rise in Islamophobic rhetoric,” she said.

“And we are very troubled by individuals who disrespect our holy book, the Quran, and quote verses out of context.”

* There shall never be an obligation to respect a war-manual that glorifies hate, mass murder and genocide

Razi Hashmi, executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he found Duncan’s statement Islamophobic and disturbing, coming from someone who should represent his pluralistic constituency regardless of faith.

* Funny that Muslims think they have a right to tell our politicians which way the wind blows, don’t you think?

columnistswest.gif Diana West takes a closer look, here & here


* What Muslims really want:

a reader just sent this in. Its a video from the Horowitz speech at GWU which was shouted down 2 days ago. Here you can see a young hijabbed Muslimah state her case:


“I don’t, I don’t terrorize people, I want the Shari’a law imposed in my co(untry), I want the Shari’a law imposed though, I want it in my country. I’m a female, I am Muslim, I am proud of it, and I don’t, I don’t want to live in a secular state, I want to live in a Shari’a state.”

George Washington University post Horowitz IFAW speech, and likely an American citizen.

Relevance begins at frame 4:43, statement beginning at 4:54.

* Looks like these interfaith wankers can’t wait to be dhimmies….

* Update on the hijabbed Muslimah demanding the imposition of Sharia in the US


“Imposed.” Not “voted in,” or even “instituted.” “Imposed.” The forcible subjugation as inferiors of women and religious minorities. “Imposed.” An Islamic supremacist system that denies the freedom of conscience, stones adulterers, and amputates the hands of thieves.

Well, at least she’s honest about it.


Israel Will Replace CNN With Al Jizzeera

Israel set to dump CNN

* Because paying for the Caliphate News Networks ‘services’ is an insult to anyones intelligence.

Cox News Service

JERUSALEM – With negotiations over a new contract at a stalemate, Israel’s largest cable provider is set to bump CNN from its program roster at the end of the month.

The news that the Atlanta-based network might soon disappear from a majority of Israeli living rooms will probably not come as a disappointment to a vocal segment of the Israeli viewing public that views the cable network’s coverage of Israel and the Middle East as biased against the Jewish state.

Yet the same crowd is unlikely to be very happy with this week’s announcement about the channel that the cable and telecommunications company HOT is poised to sign to a contact instead: Al-Jazeera English.

Yossi Lubaton, a spokesman for HOT, says a deal with the controversial Qatar-based news network is imminent. It “should be finalized within a few days,” the Israeli English-language daily Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying.

Lubaton insisted that price is the only issue in the contract dispute. The British Broadcasting Corp., Sky News, Fox News and Al-Jazeera charge less for their signal than CNN, he said.

* At least there is more honesty on Al Jizz, or at least you know what their agenda is.


Islamofascist Awareness Week Raises …Awareness..!

* Shouted down, vilified, accused of everything from ‘racism/bigotry/xenophobia/Islamophobia’ and ‘right wing extremism’-, a small group consisting of Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and a few others embarked on a speaking tour to some American universities. Few wanted to hear their message and many tried everything they could to boycott the message from being heard.

* Some listened and didn’t like what they saw:


Many Muslims seemed to favor radical Islam

Before this week, I felt convinced that all Muslims don’t sympathize with terrorism. I figured that out of 1.5 billion Muslims, very few actually sympathize and support radical Islam.

Things changed a bit after former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum’s speech on Tuesday.
Santorum made a point of identifying that within Islam, there is the ideology of Islamo-Facism.

He in no way said that all Muslims were evil, just those who were in the sub-genre of radical Islam. Santorum’s father was an Italian during World War II, where there was the threat of fascism. Santorum said that his father acknowledged that Benito Mussolini was evil.

You don’t have to think all Italians were evil, just those who subscribed to Italian-Facism.

At the speech, many Muslims spoke up about Santorum’s speech. Out of the Muslims that spoke out, almost all criticized Santorum as being ignorant and spewing hatred.
If you criticize someone because they speak out against radical Islam, then it would seem you support radical Islam. This led me to believe that all those Muslims identified themselves with Islamo-Facism.

Now, I’m starting to think that maybe, more Muslims sympathize with terrorism than I thought.

I don’t want to believe this, but I can’t seem to refute what I saw.

Len Torchia
junior-electrical engineering


Some deliberations:

* Islam gets a free pass from these “students”, while remaining unexamined.

* Intellectual dereliction of duty seems to be the common trait of these kneejerk protesters.

* Read the Koran, then try to defend it…



Risotto: Proving Einstein’s Theory of Insanity

* Einstein said that repeating the same action over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

You won’t believe this:

Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice


Condi talks about GWB:

The Idiot Trifecta

By Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Anxious not to repeat mistakes of past Middle East peace-making, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned to former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for tips ahead of her own conference this year.


Rice invited Carter, a vocal critic of Bush administration policies, to the State Department on Wednesday where the two discussed his Arab-Israeli peacemaking efforts in the 1970s, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said on Friday.

Their talks were “good and cordial,” he said. They focused on the Middle East and not Carter’s recent criticism of President George W. Bush’s policies in Iraq and elsewhere.

A Soviet specialist, (?) Rice also telephoned another former Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who tried, and ultimately failed, in his eight years in office to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together.


“She’s trying to draw on the historical record and the experiences of others to see — see what she can glean and how that may be applicable to the current day,” McCormack said.

“She is a student of history and has a keen appreciation for how we can apply the lessons of history, what we can learn from those who have gone before us,” he said.

Other sources of advice have been former U.S. negotiator Dennis Ross and ex-secretaries of state James Baker, Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright. Rice meets frequently for lunch with Albright, whose father taught Rice at Denver University.


* The worst bunch of losers ever. On the double.

Rice has made clear she will devote all her energy in the Bush administration’s final 14 months to get what others have failed to attain in the past — an (un-) viable, in-dependent parasitic Palistan living side by side with an (in-) secure Israel.


* When the clueless follow the lame and the blind, when affirmative action becomes an unbearable embarrassment, when failure after failure stares you in the face like the dead terrorist you just killed, will you still go on asking those who made the same mistakes before you?


* There is only one argument now: which was the worst, the dumbest US administration ever? Peanut Khadr, Willie Clitman or George W. Bush’s?


* Moonbat attack on Rice? Not only: the attacker with the red hands is Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, not simply a code pink moonbat, but a Muhammedan agit-prop…


Fitzgerald: Rice’s ignorance is matched only by her incomprehension.

Rice’s ignorance is matched only by her incomprehension. She still thinks that territorial “compromise” is the path to peace – “compromise” in this case meaning continued Israeli surrender of territory to which it has a legal, historic and moral claim (including the claims under the League of Nations’ Mandate for Palestine, which she really should take the time to read and study. She should then also to read and study about the history of the non-Arabs and non-Muslims in what she seems to think is “the Arab world”).


Italy: Koran toilet seat cover angers cleric

* A proper Muslim toilet doesn’t have a toilet seat or toilet paper. But Muslims have 70 rules and regulations how to urinate and defecate:

“Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Western ‘Beasts’ Use Colored Underwear to Conceal Their Filth,” from MEMRITV:


“There are rules of shari’a in everything. We have counted almost 70 rules about how to urinate and defecate. In contrast, how do those beasts in the West answer the call of nature? They stand in front of other people, in toilets at airports and other public places. They do not care about covering their private parts. Even their underwear is colored and not white, so it can conceal all that filth. We are a nation that has long known the meaning of cleanliness, what to do when nature calls, and what the rules of hygiene are. The others, to this day, live like beasts. To this day, many of them are not circumcised, even though the World Health Organization has advised to circumcise people as a treatment for AIDS, because it has been scientifically proven that circumcised people are less susceptible to AIDS, and are less likely to spread it than uncircumcised people.’

Other important things to know about Islam:

Do not urinate in holes – Jinns live there AD1-7-29

Bones and dung are food for Jinns B5-126-200, M1-244-903, AD1-9-39

Bones are food for Jinn; Camel dung is fodder for their animals M1-244-903

Charcoal is food for jinns AD1-9-39

Quran/hadith index


Rome, 26 Oct. (AKI) – The imam of the Lazio town of Latina’s mosque, Sheikh Yusuf on Friday heckled interior minister Giuliano Amato as he visited Rome’s mosque to present the new ‘charter of values’ for immigrants.

“There is a toilet seat cover on sale in local stores that features verses of the Koran. This is an insult to the Muslim faith that we must react to,” he called out.

* He immidiately called for violent jihad and for the killing of all unbelievers with Koranic toilet seats… (just joking) But would it surprise you if he did?

Amato however reassured Yusuf, saying: “I would like to tell our friends from Latina that we have been informed of this matter and are taking action because it is offensive.”

“Developed in consultation with various religious and civil society representatives, it establishes the principles for the harmonious integration in Italian society of non-Catholic communities.”

The charter, which has symbolic rather than legal value, is aimed at immigrants belonging to Muslim and other faiths and highlights the “values and principles that make up Italian identity and which are rooted in the Italian Constitution.”

* Good luck with that!