Euro-Dhimmies already caving in: ‘They will pay the Jiziyah’- sez Khaled Meshaal

European states will send money to new gov’t: Hamas

By Alaa Shahine 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

CAIRO (Reuters) – Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said on Friday several European states have pledged to send money to the new Palestinian government, adding that key peace mediators could also challenge the U.S. decision to shun the Palestinians.

Meshaal said the United States was no longer able to convince other members of the Quartet of the Middle East mediators to maintain financial sanctions imposed on the Palestinian government after Hamas’s surprise victory in a 2006 general election.

“There are European countries that have already decided on their annual financial support to the Palestinian government and have contacted Palestinian officials,” Meshaal told a news conference in Cairo.

“The international community has started to take steps to break the embargo,” he said.

But he declined to name the countries that have made the pledges and did not say whether they would wait for an official decision from the quartet — the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia — to lift the sanctions.

* Lets hope nobody confirms it and that its just another Arab fairytale.

But everything is possible with the appeasers…

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And Charles from LGF exposes the Hamas shill Karin Laub, who regularly smears Israel as ‘USrael’ and sux real bad with a mind-bindingly worshipful puff piece on the leader of a genocidal gang of mass murderers:

Hamas’ Haniyeh a ‘popular politician’



The Slime from the Video

Video: passenger who alerted flight crew about Flying Imams speaks

With thanks to Jihad Watch:

The Flying Imams incident has accomplished just what it was probably intended to accomplish: I have information that Islamic sensitivity training, often led by CAIR, has intensified among law enforcement officials in direct response to this incident. But there are still a number of troubling questions about the imams’ behavior.

Here’s a direct account from Pajamas media: 


Here is a video interview with one of the passengers who complained about the imams: “Hear from the passenger that alerted crew of ‘suspicious actions,'” at (thanks to Nate).

Here’s a transcript:

What the Da’awa Doctors won’t tell you

“Whoever changes his religion, kill him”

As a cult, Islam is very much like the mafia: Easy to get in, but you can’t get out. Alive, that is…

Muhammedans will staunchly deny it and lie in your face: The command to kill an apostate is ‘complete rubbish’- they say-, and they are quick to quote sura 109.006
YUSUFALI: To you be your Way, and to me mine.
PICKTHAL: Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.
SHAKIR: You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.

But it is not about what they say, its about what they do.
Muhammedans have a long record of killing apostates and since every soldier of Allah is required to lie and deceive in order to further the faith of Islam, that is exactly what they do. We must learn to disregard these false claims and instead hold the Muhammedan army collectively responsible for their actions.

Abdul Rahman barely escaped with his life:


Spencer: Islamic lies about killing apostates

The idea that Democracy is compatible with Islam is preposterous. All we have to do is look at what Muhammedans themselves believe:
“To save the world from the curse of democracy: to teach men that they cannot rule themselves on the basis of man-made laws. Mankind has strayed from the path of God, we must return to that path or face certain annihilation.”

One idea that requires a response is the attack on aspects of the Shar’iah as barbaric. They claim that the standards for acceptability over 1400 years ago are different from the acceptable norms today. Therefore they say it is barbaric to stone the adulterer and lash the fornicator and cut the hand of the thief and – most controversially in their eyes – to kill the apostate.

The human rights organisations are heavily infiltrated by Muhammedan apologists and you rarely, if ever, see or hear any critique on the abuses wherever the sharia is implemented in part or on the whole.

‘Its the law’– they say, and they accept their own double standards as a god-given. The Muhammedans will keep lying to themselves and and to us, and while they portray themselves as victims of their own ideology they will never come out and call for changes. Because it is an irrevocable command from the Creator, without distortion, abrogation or capitulation. The Messenger of Allah
SalAllahu alaihi wasallam said:
من بدّل دينه فاقتلوه
“Whoever changes his religion, kill him”. (Bukhari)

Hugh Fitzgerald sez:

Islam is an army, the army of Islam, the umma al-islamiyya. Those who “revert” to Islam are conscripts into that army. Their weapons are many. Qital, or combat is one. Wealth is another. “Pen, speech” (propaganda, dawa) is another. And breeding furiously is still another weapon. The one who leaves the army is in fact a traitor, and to be treated as such. Only the collective, the umma, matters, never the individual. Those who crave to yield up the pain of being an individual may find the army of Islam, its rules, its constrains, its interference with every area of life, appealing. Most of us, however, will think of it in quite other terms.

That just about sums it up…

Islamic Da’awa doctors & Social workers unite for Kumbayah-event in Victoria

Muslims challenge prejudice
Darren Parkin from the Herald Sun
February 23, 2007

SICK of negative stereotypes in the wake of September 11, the Islamic community is striking back.

* Striking back? I’m shaking in my sandals!

Muslims want to project a realistic image of their lives and distance themselves from controversial figures like Sydney sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly.
To do so, the Islamic Council of Victoria has joined forces with a federal agency to promote positive images of ordinary Muslims.

And a dinner will be held in Melbourne tonight to celebrate Muslims’ contribution to Australia.

* Ahhh! Another couscous event with steaming piles of taqiyyah! That could be interesting!

Islamic Council project manager Neil Aykan said yesterday the campaign would highlight Muslims in their daily work, interacting with colleagues.

“There are a lot of high-profile figures such as the Sydney sheik who tend to constantly get media attention, which is unfortunate but a fact of life,” Mr Aykan said.

“The media seems to focus on controversial and provocative figures rather than real people, and these are the real people.”

* Right. Don’t blame the sheik. Blame the media, right on!

* These ‘real people haven’t sacked the sheik. They support him.

Organised with the federal Department of Family Services and Indigenous Affairs, the program will recognise Muslims and non-Muslims who have contributed to social cohesion and integration.

More than 30 awards will be presented under the government-funded Bringing Communities Together program.

* What a waste of taxpayers money!

“It’s all about sharing our achievements, because we are all one country, and one society,” Mr Aykan said.

* Would be very interesting to know what kind of ‘achievements’ they are. Like breeding faster than the rest of Australia while on the dole? One country, one society?

* Last time I checked Islam divided the world into believers and unbelievers. * But there’s more:

“It’s about bringing communities together.”

Two examples of Muslim young achievers are Sherene Hassan and Bachar Houli. Ms Hassan is a cross-cultural trainer who has made more than 400 presentations about Islam since 2001.
The mother of four eagerly awaits the day when Muslims represent Australian sporting sides internationally.

* Because its all about Islam. Nothing but Islam, whatever it takes…

* Another da’awa doctor proselytizing for Islam. Just what we need. 400 presentations about Islam. ‘Sensitivity training’- quite an achievement.

* Concerned citizens should unite to make an end to this spook and make sure no more taxpayers money is wasted for Islamic da’wa.

Hicks aka Dawood was member of 4 terror-organizations

Update from The Australian:

Hicks was al-Qa’ida’s golden boy: inmate

Patrick Walters, National security editor
February 24, 2007
DAVID Hicks was al-Qa’ida’s “24-carat Golden Boy” and was willing to undertake suicide missions, including crashing a plane into a building, a former Guantanamo Bay inmate has claimed.
In a 148-page document written for US government terrorism investigators, British former inmate Feroz Abbasi wrote that Hicks wanted to “go back to Australia and rob and kill Jews”.
Abbasi’s account also made the claim that Hicks wanted to crash a plane into a building and details the Australian terror suspect’s behaviour in al-Qai’da training camps in Afghanistan. The claims made by Abbasi, who was released from Guantanamo Bay in 2005 and has never been charged, are detailed in next week’s Time magazine.

In a signed statement made on October 20, 2004, Abbasi – who was arrested in Afghanistan in 2001 after being caught carrying a hand grenade in his underpants – repudiated his written account of Hicks in its entirety, describing the allegations made against the Australian as “ludicrous in their content (yet believed by dense investigators)”.

According to Time, Hicks was nicknamed “Golden Boy” because he was so clearly al-Qa’ida’s favourite recruit. Abbasi wrote in his original statement that Hicks, a former kangaroo skinner and father of two who converted to Islam, wanted to “go out with that last big adrenalin rush”.

“He once told me in Afghanistan that if he were to go into a building of Jews with an automatic weapon or as a suicide bomber he would have to say something like, ‘there is no God but Allah’ ect (sic) just so he could see the look of fear on their faces, before he takes them out,” Abbasi wrote.

“I can only speculate as to why he likes capturing defenceless animals … All these factors can only point to the reasons why he wanted to hijack a civilian plane and plough it into a civilian building.”

Australian authorities have long maintained that Hicks received the highest level of terrorist training of any caucasian who attended al-Qa’ida training camps in Afghanistan.

Read it all…

Canberra should not convince the US to let the Taliban fighter come home without being charged, writes foreign editor Greg Sheridan

From The Australian


FIRST the process trumped the substance. Now the politics might trump the process. That is the real tragedy of the David Hicks case. There is a danger of a grave injustice occurring. And that injustice would be if Hicks did not have to stand trial and account for his actions in joining four separate terrorist groups – the Kosovo Liberation Army, Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Taliban and al-Qa’ida.


Read it all…

Islam, Terror & the Jiziyah

 Hamas Whines, Seethes, Threatens

* that headline came from LGF

Hamas is whining again that the United States won’t give them money while they continue to murder Jews and advocate the destruction of Israel: Hamas says U.S. undermining Europeans on unity deal.

The murderous thugs from Hamas and Fatah decided to unite instead of killing each other. Its not that they decided to respect Israel or the right of Jews to live in peace. No, their idea is that when two groups of genocidal mass-murderers unite and go to pray in Mecca that Allah may kill the Jews for on their behalf, that they should be rewarded. This bizzarro mindset is encouraged by the wimps in the European Union, who believe the poor ‘Palestinians’ are under siege, that they deserve a state of their own, which they don’t even want.

A state -with no economic basis- other than the Jiziyah is an absurdity. Yet the gravy-train of funds from all the world, a world that was blackmailed into paying this protection tax (which didn’t save anyone from terrorism, quite the opposite) never stopped. In the past, under Arafat, the PLO got used to being rewarded for every terror attack and every atrocity. Billions of dollars disappeared and the ‘Palestinians’ became ever more impoverished, indoctrinated and dehumanized. Only when the Arabs were given a chance to vote and when they promptly voted  for the worst murderous scum in the Middle East, Hamas,- did the Quartet, (the EU, America, Russia and the UN ) pull the plug.

Ever since then the Pali-Arabs are telling us to pay the jiziyah and to shut up.

The EU-Dhimmies -as always- want to cave in. The Russians have vested interests with other Arabs and don’t mind to pay, the UN is totally infiltrated with parasites who vote for the Arabs, so it only leaves the US that prevents us paying tribute to a terror organization.

In todays news we can see already how perverse the situation has become:

AFP, AP, Reuters are all whoring for the Jiziyah:


AFP/POOL Photo: German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier(L) and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas address a press conference at…

Abbas optimistic that sanctions will be liftet


AFP Photo:

Hamas exiled supremo Khaled Meshaal speaks during a press conference after a meeting in Cairo…

Hamas urges US to back Palestinian unity efforts (AFP)


AFP/File Photo: A Palestinian woman buys fruit at a market in the West Bank town of Ramallah,…

Palestinians increasingly unable to buy enough food: UN (AFP)

So because we don’t pay tribute to these genocidal zombies we are guilty that they can’t buy enough food. Then they turn around and tell us they can live on salt and dates as long as they can destroy Israel. What is wrong with us? Why don’t we let them eat salt and dates?

How Al Reuters makes something out of Nothing


Rice faces uphill battle to revive Mideast peace

* Read the headline, take a deep breath and sit back. Just think ‘uphill battle’- and take a deep breath again, then let it sink in: ‘revive Mideast peace’…

As if the daily BS and the dissemination by the PC brigades and the MSM were not bad enough already!

Here you can see how a hapless, clueless twit (Condi) shuttles to and from the Middle East without knowledge and understanding, encouraged by an administration that is equally clueless. Yes. And then the fat boyz in Washington sit down and wonder why the Arabs don’t sing ‘kumbayah’ in unison with us.

Here you can see what effect it has when we ignore everything about dealing with the Muhammedans, the soldiers of Allah, for whom black females are nothing more than slaves or domestic servants or prostitutes. All our wonderful ‘new world order’ and all that multiculti’-BS is wasted on the Arab-Islamo-fascists who suck the hatred in with the mothers milk and see only one thing:

Defeat of the West. Destruction of Israel.

Decadence, self-hatred, consumerism, emptiness as in ‘devoid of a value-system’ encourages the Muhammedans in their quest for dominance and supremacy. Cowardice, self-censorship and a beggar-like servility combined with a boycott on our own reproduction has the thriumphalist Muhammedan invaders in a state of euphoria. They believe it will happen tomorrow. They are circling like sharks before a feeding frenzy.

Womens liberation has (quietly) accepted the burkha. It seems they never had the slightest problem with it. ‘Wenn Du zum Weibe gehst vergiss die Peitsche nicht’- said Nietsche. Muhammedans whack their women with a vengeance and western women convert in droves to get a piece of the action. Mohammed gave instructions on how to whack your wife(s.)

So far there is not ONE women-organization that criticizes this misogynistic, Arab supremacist cult of Islam. The only criticism you hear is the one from the likes of Germaine Greer on Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. What you get is the naked, barren, post menopausal spinster, bitter and twisted, alone and demented,- attacking a man who lived his life to the full.

Penis envy at its most perverse!

Right. So much for today’s rant. Condi may or may not shuttle to and fro the Middle East and kick a dead horse as in ‘peace process’ and ‘the Palestinians deserve their own state’- if she does or doesn’t it makes not one iota difference.

We, the people, deserve better. We deserve a leadership that has studied the tenets of Islam, the attitudes of Arab Muslims against unbelievers and Jews. The concept of Dhimmitude, the strict separation in believer and unbeliever.

The perpetual warfare against the kuffar to make the world Islamic. That has to be understood. We have to deal with them with knowledge, not with stupidity.

More later…

Jihad Close to Home: Mosque Development Application for Cairns!



The Cairns City Council has received a Development Application for a mosque in 31 Dunn street, Cairns North 4870

Objections must be submitted before 9th of March 2007 to the Chief Executive Officer, Cairns City Council, PO Box 359, Cairns QLD 4870

Get involved! Lets Stop this NOW!

Contact Sheik Yer’mami if you support action against the spread of Islam in Australia:

I’m trying to find out as much as I can. Please back me up on this:

We need to bring attention to how this will impact on the neighborhood and Cairns as a whole.  I will print fliers and warn the neighbors and launch a petition to the City Council:

Lets STOP the Mosque!

Two Wankers and a dumb Bimbo

With thanks to Shiva’s Illustrated P.I.G. to Islam 

The Wankers

The Dumb Bimbo



Country superstar DOLLY PARTON was thrilled when YUSUF ISLAM agreed to collaborate with her on her new covers album because she wanted to show fans he’s a “really sweet man.”
Parton has been a longtime friend and fan of the folk icon, formerly CAT STEVENS, and was horrified when she learned he had been refused entry to America last year for his Muslim beliefs.

Islam was turned back when his name appeared on a mysterious list of potential terrorist sympathisers. He has been fighting the humiliating immigration mess ever since. And, by including him on her new album, THOSE WERE THE DAYS, patriotic Parton felt she was doing him a great service because her fans would never expect her to collaborate with anyone who meant to harm Americans.
She says, “I had recorded a song on this CD, called WHERE THE CHILDREN PLAY, and I thought it was worth a chance (to ask Islam to join her), so we sent an email… and he said, ‘Sure, I’ll play the guitar.’
“He’s a precious man. He’s got a lot of bad press lately but I think he’s out to try to save the world, not destroy it.”

Does Dolly know that Yussuf Islam supports this?


and this?