Spain objects to Irans genocidal lunacy, Ahmadinejad goes ballistic

Persian for Chutzpah


Earlier this week, Spanish officials actually spoke out against the raving genocidal lunacy of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Miguel Moratinos, the EU appeasement weasel who hung out in the bunker with Yasser Arafat almost to the bitter end, called Ahmadinejad’s comments “unacceptable,” if you can imagine that.

And in response, today Spain got a taste of the Persian version of chutzpah:

Iran summons Spanish envoy over stance on Israel remarks.

Iran has summoned Spain’s ambassador to express its protest over Madrid’s reaction to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent remarks against Israel, semiofficial Iranian news agencies reported Thursday.

On Sunday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the world would witness the destruction of Israel soon, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

A day later, Spain voiced its objection to the comments, with officials saying Madrid would summon Iran’s ambassador to condemn the verbal attack. Spain’s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos called Ahmadinejad’s comments unacceptable.

In response, Iran’s Foreign Ministry director for Western Europe, Ebrahim Rahimpour, on Thursday told the Spanish ambassador that the Spain’s stance was a surprise and hasty, the ISNA and Mehr news agencies reported in Iran.

Rahimpour also criticized Spain, saying it has been silent over Israel Defense Forces attacks on Palestinians, the reports said.

Germany: Koran Judge gets off

We reported on this story here

Investigation Dropped Against German ‘Koran Judge’

A German judge under investigation for ruling against a speedy divorce for an abused Moroccan woman — who based her decision on the supposed Islamic “right to castigate” — will not be disciplined.

In her disputed ruling, the judge cited a controversial verse from the Koran that some say allows a husband the “right to castigate.”

In her disputed ruling, the judge Christa Datz-Winter, cited a controversial verse from the Koran that some say allows a husband the “right to castigate.”

Christa Datz Winter can no longer be named for ‘legal reasons’

The German judge who sparked controversy when she denied a speedy divorce to a battered woman because of her Islamic background (more…) will not be disciplined, an investigation has ruled. The Justice Ministry in the German state of Hesse has decided that the Frankfurt judge’s ruling did not overstep the acceptable limits of judicial independence.
The case began in October 2006, when a 26-year-old woman filed for immediate divorce from her husband, who had been making death threats to his wife after she left him because of his abusive behavior. German law requires that a couple wait a year between separation and divorce, but the woman’s lawyer believed that her circumstances met the “hardship” classification that allows for a speedier ruling.

But in January the judge — who cannot be named for legal reasons — denied the woman’s request because the couple was of Moroccan origin, citing a Koran verse that some say gives the husband the “right to castigate.” The lawyer, Barbara Becker-Rojczyk, filed a subsequent claim, saying the judge should remove herself from the case due to conflict of interest, which was also rejected. The judge, did, however, put a restraining order on the husband and grant the couple’s apartment to the wife.

Read it all…


The judiciary in Germany has never been held accountable for being accessories and facilitators to Hitlers Nazi-schweinerei.

Today’s judges still benefit from this holier than thou attitude, which elevates judges so far over ordinary mortals that they are -almost never- held accountable. The female judge (who was named at the time) but can no longer be named ‘for legal reasons’ is protected by a self-serving system that makes sure it takes care of its own.

Not so different in Australia by the way…

Sharia on the move in a big way, according to this report: “Law enforcing agencies and a section of judicial system in Bangladesh were reported to be supportive towards imposing Sharia law in the country. Such systems are considering any activities such as highlighting Jewish culture and heritage even as blasphemous.”

German Judge Rules Koran Allows Wife Abuse

Here’s a cartoon that’s appearing in German newspapers in reaction to the female judge in Frankfurt who ruled that the Koran allows wife beating:

Oh, it’s a custom from the old country?! Why didn’t you say so

Nethaniyahu Speaks Truth to Power

Benjamin Netanyahu on the academic boycott

With thanks to Rosie

Boycotting the Jews in Britain 


By P. David Hornik |

BBC reporter Alan Johnston has been held since March 26 by a terrorist group in Gaza, where he had been the last international journalist to keep living and working. He appeared last Thursday in a video wearing an orange sweatshirt and reading a prepared statement. Meanwhile British soldiers are under attack by Muslim and Arab terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, and fifteen British sailors were recently kidnapped and held in harsh conditions for two weeks by Iran.

Closer to home, a survey found one-quarter of British Muslims expressing sympathy for the London bombers of July 7, 2005, and British intelligence estimates that about 16,000 of them are capable of carrying out such attacks themselves. Indeed, last August 11 the left-wing Guardian reported that British Muslim “suicide bombers were within days of blowing up 12 passenger jets above five US cities in an unprecedented terrorist attack designed to commit [quoting intelligence sources] ‘mass murder on an unimaginable scale.’”

Yet Britain’s University and College Union, made up of university academics, as well as other groups have figured out who their real enemies are . . . the Jews.

Last Wednesday, the UCU voted 158-99 to “circulate the full text of the Palestinian boycott call to all branches” and to “encourage members to consider the moral implications of existing and proposed links with Israeli academic institutions.” British journalists’, doctors’, and architects’ unions have also recently proposed boycotts of Israel, the Anglican Church has decided to divest from companies cooperating with it, and later this month UNISON, Britain’s largest trade union, is to vote on cutting economic ties with the Jewish state.

The UCU’s resolution “notes that Israel’s 40-year occupation has seriously damaged the fabric of Palestinian society through annexation, illegal settlement, collective punishment and restriction of movement” and “deplores the denial of educational rights for Palestinians by invasions, closures, checkpoints, curfews, and shootings and arrests of teachers, lecturers and students.” It also “condemns the complicity of Israeli academia in the occupation, which has provoked a call from Palestinian trade unions for a comprehensive and consistent international boycott of all Israeli academic institutions.”

The resolution does not include a single mention of: Palestinian terrorism against Israel; Israel’s total withdrawal from Gaza including the destruction of decades-old Israeli villages and even the exhuming of all Israeli graves; the 1993 Oslo agreement and Israel’s transfer of civil administration in the West Bank (and Gaza) to a Palestinian government that Israel created; Israel’s 2000 offer of full statehood to the Palestinians; or the fact that all universities now existing in the West Bank and Gaza have been established since Israel took control of these territories in 1967.

Gone, wiped from the record; in the UCU resolution, none of this ever existed. Israel engages in “invasions, closures, checkpoints, curfews, and shootings and arrests” out of sheer evil and malice; it has never witnessed waves of suicide terrorists blowing bus passengers, café patrons, and hotel guests to bits, thousands of rockets falling on towns and farms, or genocidal exhortations on official Palestinian TV—all of it Orwelled out of reality.

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Anti-Dhimmitude in Germany: Court upholds state’s ban on head scarves

DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) _ A court this week upheld a German state’s ban on teachers wearing the Muslim head scarf in public schools, rejecting a woman’s appeal against a decision not to employ her.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, is one of several regions that have introduced head scarf bans for teachers in recent years.

The 28-year-old plaintiff had argued that the state’s law was discriminatory and violated her religious freedom.

However, the administrative court in Duesseldorf said regional law did not allow for religious statements that might infringe on the state’s neutrality toward students and parents. Presiding judge Kurt Buechel argued that wearing a head scarf does to some extent constitute an expression of religious conviction.

Authorities in Duesseldorf had refused to employ the teacher on the grounds that she was not prepared to go without a head scarf in classes.

It was not immediately clear whether the teacher, whose name was not released, would appeal.


Today’s moonbat logic: 

So let me get this straight – Islam is hated because it is supposedly a religion of HATE and The Buddists because they are into PEACE. You can’t win an argument against logic like that can you? 

Jihad is peace. Burkas are liberation. Dhimmitude is freedom. We have nothing to fear.

Is London’s future Islamic?

One can only hope that the above article by a Michael Hodges is,- or was meant to be, a joke. If not, England must fear for the worst :

It’s the capital’s fastest growing religion, based on noble traditions and compassionate principles, yet Islam can still be tainted by mistrust and misunderstanding. Here Time Out argues that an Islamic London would be a better place

The noise from the expectant crowd hushed to a murmur as an open-backed lorry that had driven slowly up the Mall – known since the Islamic revolution of 2021 as The Way of the Martyrs – nudged its way through the thousands gathered in Mohammad Sidique Khan Square. On the lorry, two masked guards held a young man, black hood over his head; a quiver running through the material suggested he knew what was coming.

The lorry halted by the plinth that had once held Marc Quinn’s sculpture ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’ – long since removed as an insult to decency – and was now the place of public execution. A rope noose attached to a wire cable hung from a mechanised hoist. The main doors of what had been the National Gallery flung open and an Imam walked down the steps of the new Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, opened only a week before by Sultan Charles, Prince of Islam and protector of the faithful in England.

The official executioner placed a stepladder against the plinth. The lorry pulled up and the young man was pushed out, then forced up the ladder. The noose was forced over the condemned man’s head. The crowd chanted ‘Allahu akbar’ (God is greater than everything).The hoist driver put his finger on a green button … Okay, not really – that’s a hysterical, right-wing nightmare of a future Muslim London: where an cruel alien creed is forced on a liberal city. A society where women are second-class citizens, same sex relationships a crime and Sharia law enforces terrible public disfigurement and death. But the reality is a long, long way from this dark vision.

For a start, Islam is not an alien religion to London. At the end of World War I the city sat at the heart of an Empire that had 160 million Muslim subjects, 80 million in India alone. London was the largest Islamic capital in the world. Forty years later and the end of the Empire, unrest and war and poverty in south Asia had lead to mass immigration to the mother country and London became a Muslim capital in another sense.

According to the 2001 census there are 607,083 Muslims living in London (310,477 men and 296,606 women). The majority of Muslims live in the east of the city and, by 2012, the Muslim Council of Britain estimates that the Muslim population of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest and Hackney will be 250,000. There are plans afoot (though no formal application has yet been submitted) to build the UKs biggest mosque – capable of welcoming 40,000 worshippers – near the 2012 Olympic site, a move which has prompted predictable outrage from some quarters. Consequently, Muslim disillionment with a reactionary and often ill-informed press is at an all time high.

But rather than fear the inevitable changes this will bring to London, or buy in to a racist representation of all Muslims as terrorists, we should recognise both what Islam has given this city already, and the advantages it would bring across a wide range of areas in the future.

Public health

On the surface, Islamic health doesn’t look good: the 2001 census showed that 24 per cent of Muslim women and 21 per cent of Muslim men suffered long-term illness and disability. But these are factors of social conditions rather than religion. In fact, Islam offers Londoners potential health benefits: the Muslim act of prayer is designed to keep worshippers fit, their joints supple and, at five times a day, their stomachs trim. The regular washing of the feet and hands required before prayers promotes public hygiene and would reduce the transmission of superbugs in London’s hospitals.

Alcohol is haram, or forbidden, to Muslims
. As London is above the national average for alcohol-related deaths in males, with 17.6 per 100,000 people (Camden has 31.6 per 100,000 males), turning all the city’s pubs into juice bars would have a massive positive effect on public health. Forbid alcohol throughout the country, and you’d avoid many of the 22,000 alcohol-related deaths and the £7.3 billion national bill for alcohol-related crime and disorder each year.

‘The world is green and beautiful,’ said the prophet Muhammad, ‘and Allah has appointed you his guardian over it.’ The Islamic concept of halifa or trusteeship obliges Muslims to look after the natural world and Muhammad was one of the first ever environmentalists, advocating hima – areas where wildlife and forestry are protected. So we could expect more public parks under Islam, but halifa also applies to recycling: in 2006, 12,000 Muslims attended a series of sermons at the East London Mosque explaining the theological evidence for a link between behaving in an environmentally sustainable way and the Islamic faith.


Presently, Muslim students perform less well than non-Muslim students. In inner London, 37 per cent of 16 to 24-year-old Muslims have no qualifications (the figure for the general population of the same age and location is 25 per cent). When it comes to university education the picture is equally gloomy: 16 to 24-year-old Muslims are half as likely to have degree level or above qualification than other inner London young people.

Again, social factors rather than religion have led to this state of affairs. Young Muslims in London are often of south Asian origin and therefore more likely to live in households where English is not the first language, more likely to encounter racism (both intentional and unintentional) during their education, and more likely to suffer from poverty and bad housing conditions.

But Tahir Alam, education spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, claims Muslim children do better in their own faith schools than in the mainstream state sector: ‘Muslim schools have their own distinct ethos. They use the children’s faith and heritage as primary motivators to provide the backdrop for their education and behaviour. This ethos is consistent with the messages that children are getting at home, so it is a very coherent operation between the home and the school.’

If Islam became the dominant religion in London the same ethos could be applied to schooling across swathes of underprivileged and deprived areas of the city. This could have a revolutionary effect on educational achievement and, perhaps just as importantly, general levels of discipline and self-respect among London’s young people. While controversy rages over faith schools, there are 37 Muslim schools in London. As of 2004, only five were state schools, but there is growing pressure to bring more into the state sector which, according to Alam, will ‘help raise achievement for many sectors of the Muslim community. Many private Muslim schools are under-resourced and if they can be brought into the state sector this valuable experience can be extended to more children.’

Application of halal (Arabic for ‘permissable’) dietary laws across London would free us at a stroke from our addiction to junk food, and the general adoption of a south Asian diet rich in fruit juice, rice and vegetables with occasional mutton or chicken would have a drastic effect on obesity, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders and associated public health problems. As curry is already Londoners’ and the nation’s favourite food (see our Brick Lane food feature), it would be a relatively easy process to encourage the adoption of such a diet. Not eating would be important as well. The annual fasting month of Ramadan instils self-discipline, courtesy and social cohesion. And Londoners would benefit philosophically and physically from even a short period when we weren’t constantly ramming food into our mouths.

Inter-faith relations
In an Islamic London, Christians and Jews – with their allegiance to the Bible and the Talmud – would be protected as ‘peoples of the book’. Hindus and Sikhs manage to live alongside a large Muslim population in India, so why not here? Although England has a long tradition of religious bigotry against, for instance, Roman Catholics, it is reasonable to assume that under the guiding hand of Islam a civilised accommodation could be made among faith groups in London. This welcoming stance already exists in the capital in the form of the City Circle (see Yahya Birt interview), which encourages inter-faith dialogue and open discussion.

Some of the finest art in London is already Islamic. The Jameel Gallery at the V&A houses ‘ceramics, textiles, carpets, metalwork, glass and woodwork, which date from the great days of the Islamic caliphate of the eighth and ninth century’ up until the turn of the last century. Or take a free daily tour of the Addis Gallery of Islamic art (at the British Museum). London-based Nasser David Khalili, an Iranian-born Jew, has amassed what is considered to be the world’s largest private collection of Islamic art. Islamic influences have also flourished in other areas of the arts, with novelists, comedians (Birmingham-born Shazia Mirza was an instant hit on the London circuit), and music (from rappers Mecca2Medina on, to the less in-your-face Yusuf Islam).

Social justice
Each Muslim is obliged to pay zakat, a welfare tax of 2.5 per cent of annual income, that is distributed to the poor and the needy. If the working population of London, 5.2 million, was predominantly Muslim this would produce approximately £3.2bn each year. More importantly, everyone would be obliged to consider those Londoners who haven’t shared their good fortune. London would become a little less cruel.

Race relations

Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. Once you have submitted to Allah you are a Muslim – it doesn’t matter what colour you are. End of story.


* Its NOT a joke, folks. This Hodges-guy is a true representative of our degenerated valueless society, a true believer, an understander of ‘diversity’-  Hodges is the inevitable product of multiculti- ‘all cultures are equal’- and -‘who-are-we-to-judge’  lunacy.

No wonder the soldiers of Allah believe we are degenerated and ready for the takeover.

What is it with journo’s that they seem generally to be so far out of line?

“Anti-Arab riots on Bondi Beach at Christmas and the continuing success of John Howard’s Liberal government – a government that plays the race card at elections and claims Australia has ‘said sorry enough’ for the murder and exploitation of its original inhabitants – suggest this is a timely film.”

Read the rest here…

Police guard girl ‘forced to become Muslim’

Nothing to see here folks, move on:

By Mark Cowan, Birmingham Mail

A TEENAGE Sikh girl was today being guarded by police amid claims she had been forced to convert to Islam.

An armed gang smashed their way into a house in Erdington last month and threatened the occupants, apparently in search of the girl.

She was reported missing from her family home in West Bromwich a few days earlier.

They are concerned that the girl, understood to be a student at Sutton Coldfield college, could have been forced to switch religion, it was reported.

“This lady has been located and is currently in the care of West Midlands Police,” a force spokesman said.

“We would like to reassure the community that this lady is safe and well.”

An investigation was launched on May 25 following the aggravated burglary in Erdington when masked men broke into the house and threatened the occupants with weapons, possibly believing the girl was staying there.

Police said no one was injured in the incident.

“We are conducting inquiries into the motive for this attack,” the spokesman said.

“We are not ruling the possibility this may be linked to a report received concerning the whereabouts of an 18-year-old female from West Bromwich, who was reported missing by her family.”

He added: “Her family are clearly concerned about her welfare as are the wider communities..”

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said: “We are working closely with the police to deal with a number of sensitive issues being raised by members of the community and will be working together with other interested parties to consider the wider and longer term implications for the city.”

Not to worry folks, Islam is a ‘Religion of peace…’

Pirates of the Persian Gulf


Iran Kidnaps 3 Finn Fishermen 

The mad mullahs kidnap at will and the world says nothing. And the UN does nothing. And Iran gears up for world war.

Three Finns Abducted in The Persian Gulf by Iran……. Tundra Tabloids

Iran is once again involved in another swashbuckling adventure, this time it involves three Finnish employees of Nokia Siemens Networks (based in Dubai) were on a fishing trip at the time of their abduction.

“Finnish authorities have not been allowed to speak to the men. However, “Iranian officials say the Finns are in no danger and are being treated well,” says Pasi Tuominen, a senior official of the Foreign Ministry. “We don’t know at this moment what their status is.”

According to Esa Hutrig, Chargé d’affairs at the Finnish Embassy:

“Normally these are not very big things,” “This kind of accident happens to fishermen very often…Accidents happen.”

Normally, an incident such as this would be treated in rational and reasonable way, but this is Iran, which can never be expected to behave in a rational and reasonable way.


Finns Freed By Iranian Authorities 

But whatever happened to this guy? 

‘Road to Gitmo’ Re-visited: The evil Americans had the right guys, after all

From the Andrew Bolt blog

The “Tipton Three” were British Muslims who were freed from Guantanamo Bay after a media campaign that claimed these innocent men were being tortured, and wasn’t it an appalling abuse of human rights that they hicks, hicks, hicks, hicks and so on.

The Guardian now reports on a Channel 4 television show on the Tipton Three that didn’t quite turn out as its makers had hoped:

Buried away in the schedules with almost no advance publicity was Lie Lab. Making use of new techniques in magnetic resonance imaging, the programme set out to discover if its subjects were telling the truth. Last week those subjects were Ruhal Ahmed and Shafiq Rasul, better known as two-thirds of the Tipton Three.

That was the name given to the three young men who were picked up in Afghanistan in late 2001 by American forces and transported to Guantanamo Bay, where they were held without charges or trial for two years before being released back to Britain.

Campaigners for the men have always maintained they were innocent tourists-cum-aid workers, caught up in the invasion of Afghanistan. This was also the line of Michael Winterbottom ‘s film, The Road to Guantanamo. And given the tone and approach of Lie Lab, it also seemed to be a belief shared by the programme makers.

But at the end of what was actually a rather dry and laborious piece of science TV, when confronted with results that suggested he was less than forthcoming with the truth, Ahmed confessed (Rasul had refused to go through with the test) not only to visiting an Islamist training camp but also handling weapons and learning how to use an AK47.

* Now comes the Guardians moralizing crapola:

None of which justifies or excuses his sub-legal and subhuman treatment in Guantanamo, but it does raise some questions about the portrayal, in some quarters of the media, of the Tipton Three as blameless heroes. The Lie Lab seemed almost embarrassed by its findings and was neither prepared, nor set up, to follow through on the story. But perhaps another TV programme might one day ask what a British citizen (or citizens) was doing at a guerrilla training camp, learning to fire weapons, in the middle of a war.

* Yeah, perhaps we should ask the far left wankers from the Guardian who exactly ‘portrayed the Tipton Three as blameless heroes’…

Or, I suspect, maybe not. That’s hardly the story that would win a journalist an award, or at least the applause of their peers. As lucky David Hicks will tell you.

Meanwhile, of course, we’re left with at least two more suspects freed from Guantanamo that perhaps should not have been.

* The fundamentalist left wingers can now congratulate themselves for securing the liberty of terrorists in the name of falsified claims of human rights abuse.

Are they the only opinion people hear these days???

Tariq Ramadan Pleads Guilty in Airport Incident

 From LGF:

Slick European Islamist spokesman Tariq Ramadan, currently the object of a large media legitimization campaign aimed at getting him into the US, has pleaded guilty of “insulting a public agent” in an altercation with a female police officer at a French airport, and fined 2500 euros.


More information on the incident at The Terror Finance Blog: “Moderate” Muslim Tariq Ramadan was detained, charged and ordered to trial in France after insulting a police officer.

Tariq Ramadan, the so-called “moderate” Islamic “intellectual”, was briefly detained and charged for “insulting a public agent” on Sunday at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle International Airport, while in transit to London.

From informed police sources, we have learned that when Ramadan tried to enter a prohibited area, a young policewoman stopped him. He began shouting at her and was then taken into police custody; the officer filed a complaint against him.

While in custody, he admitted the offense and was ordered to appear before a criminal court of Bobigny on April 6. Tariq Ramadan faces up to 6 months of imprisonment and 7,500 Euros of penalty.


Tariq Ramadan in his own words: According to the own Tariq Ramadan’s account of his detention in Paris last week, published by a Swiss newspaper today, he acknowledged he insulted a policewoman, calling her a “bitch” after she stopped him from going through a security gate without a boarding pass. When a second police officer arrived to assist the first, Ramadan admitted he shouted “you are real bastards”. Ramadan claims he had to spend the whole night in a dirty cell because of the police “overzealousness”.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘Abolish Muslim Schools in Australia’


Ilya Gridneff/The Daily Telegraph gives us the usual ‘outspoken’ and ‘controversial’ BS -labels on the double:

MUSLIM schools in Australia should be abolished, a controversial Somali-born writer told the Sydney’s Writers Festival last night.

Amid intense security and the police riot and public order squad, Ayaan Hirsi Ali received a standing ovation from a full house at the Sydney Recital Hall after speaking on the importance of Western values influencing Islamic thought.
Her calls for reforming Islam along with collaborations with assassinated Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh has made her a leading voice in the debate on Islam.

It has also made her need 24-hour security.

* Hmmm, wonder why that is? Will Iliya Griffith tell us?

“I don’t hate Muslims but I detest the submission of the free will,” she said last night.

Calling for Islam to accept and not be above criticism, she asked the audience to consider the need for separate Muslim schools in Australia.

“Australians’ must ask why there is need for Saudi Arabian financed Muslim schools? Young people should be groomed to be Australians first, to see their nationality first not religion,” she said.

The distinguished author who fled Somalia to The Netherlands, became a member of Parliament and now lives in the US.

Her speech outlined her evolution of thinking, from denouncing Salman Rushdie to reading forbidden texts.

* Great report, Iliya!

We need more reporters like you, effectively saying nothing about the RoP- but how would you know? Who ever did educate you about the cult of Islam? 

Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow…


Meanwhile in Holland, the far left nutroots who got rid of Ali Hirsi continue to shoot themselves in the foot:

Dutch political party, fearing it will lose Muslim votes, tries to muzzle party member who is working to protect Muslim apostates

Who cares about human rights if it will mean losing votes? “PvdA Tries to Muzzle Muslim Apostate,” from NIS News, with thanks to Fjordman:

THE HAGUE, 05/06/07 – Labour (PvdA) has been trying to muzzle a young PvdA member who is fighting for the rights and safety of Muslim apostates. An internal memo shows that the party fears the campaign of Ehsan Jami will cause it electoral damage and enrage Muslims.
Jami announced in May he was setting up a Committee for Ex-Muslims. The committee wants to break the taboo on lapsing from the Islamic faith. The 22 year old Jami, himself an apostate of Islam, says many Muslims do not dare to renounce Islam for fear of reprisals, including death.

Jami, who is a PvdA council member in the town of Leidschendam-Voorburg, will launch the committee officially in September with an international press conference. He says he has already had hundreds of e-mails from Muslims from throughout the world who support him. But his own PvdA is trying to muzzle him, it emerges from internal correspondence obtained by newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

‘Progressive’ filmmaker Eddy Terstall, who is active on behalf of the PvdA behind the scenes, spoke with Jami on behalf of the party. An e-mail in which he reported to PvdA MPs and ministers last week on this meeting leaked to NRC Handelsblad….

The e-mail reveals an attempt to manipulate Jami on 11 points. Terstal advised him to “choose his words more carefully” and take into account the fact that his message could go down badly with the PvdA’s big immigrant following. Terstall concluded with the message that he is prepared to “guide” Jami further.

Jami is supported by philosopher and political commentator Afshin Ellian. NRC Handelsblad quoted MP Wolfsen as saying that Ellian has “a very anti-Islam agenda.” But apart from Ellian, who is an Irani refugee, Jami is “almost exclusively surrounding himself with whites”, which is unwise, Terstal’s email states.

Read it all…