Mashaal Demands Jiziyah, Threatens Terror & “Open Battle” With Israel

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* Just imagine, 2 rival gangs go to the godfather and make peace with each other. Then they demand a huge payoff from the neighborhood they’ve been terrorizing, along with welfare and social services, otherwise… well otherwise they will terrorize you and whack a few more until everyone gives in to blackmail and extortion. Normally, in a sane world, you would use law enforcement to deal with these people and lock them up, because they are criminals and they belong behind bars.

But when it comes to dealing with the Islamic nightmare, with the so-called ‘Palestinians’- the world is deaf, blind and dumb.

Thugs in suits

Moscow – Hamas politburo leader Khaled Mashaal called Tuesday for ‘fundamental change’ in the Quartet of Mideast peace brokers and warned of ‘open battle’ with Israel and Islamic hatred toward the United States unless Washington resumes aid funding.
‘The Arab and Islamic world need a fundamental change in the politics of the Quartet,’ Mashaal said of the group of Russia, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, in remarks made during a Moscow visit and quoted by Interfax.
Mashaal added that the ‘Arab world demands’ the international community react positively to an agreement Hamas struck earlier this month with rival faction Fatah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that promised to pave the way for a future Palestinian unity government.

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Meanwhile, in Gaza they keep diggin’… 

Abu Qatada finally got his marching orders…

It took more than 5 years and he still isn’t gone yet. The result of bleeding heart politics is seldom more apparent than here.

The irony is that there are many more like this waiting in the deportation queue.
Then there are those who will terrorize us if we do and if we don’t deport them.


Abu Qatada: Filth in human form

Which (somehow) makes me wanna quote Frank Zappa:

“May your shit come to life and kiss you on the face,”- and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Abu…

The Home Office won a key legal victory yesterday in a five-year battle to eject a suspected al-Qa’eda terrorist leader from Britain.
A court ruled that Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim cleric described as Osama bin Laden’s spiritual representative in Europe, can be deported to his homeland.

Abu Qatada, a London-based imam, has been fighting Government efforts to remove him to Jordan since 2002, claiming he faces torture or death.

And who would have a problem with that?


Sheik yer’mami comments:

Islamic punishment for Koranimals, why argue with that?

Allah knows best!

Holy Smoke! This One Rattles The Islamic Cage: “Islam is Responsible”- Says Former Sultan Ali El-Shariff, Now in So. California

*Not that Islam could ever be responsible for anything: Its not that kind of cult. If Infidels and Jooozzz can no longer be blamed for all the disasters that Muhammedans are causing in the world, then what is the (Islamic) world coming to?

Today Islam is responsible for almost all of the human sufferings from war, persecution, and poverty, particularly in the country of Sudan.” — Former Sultan Ali El-Shariff

Contact: Ali El-Shariff, 714-448-3820

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Former Sultan Ali El-Shariff and Pastor George Saieg, founder of Arabic Christian Perspective, will be available for interviews on Saturday March 3rd, 10:00am – 12:00pm at a to-be-announced location, call 866-533-6659 for details.

Former Sultan Ali El-Shariff comments on Islam and Sudan:

“Today Islam is responsible for almost all of the human sufferings from war, persecution, and poverty, particularly in the country of Sudan.

“Since the 1983 start of the civil war in the southern Sudan more than 4 million people have been displaced, and an estimated over 2 million have been killed because Islam has declared the Holy War (Jihad) (Qur’an 9:5) against the non-Muslim black indigenous people. Islam is responsible for more than 100,000 children either killed or sold as slaves in Muslim homes. Islam is responsible for raping and kidnapping more than 50,000 women during the war (Qur’an 4:3). Islam is responsible for cutting hands and feet of hundreds of innocent people because Islamic laws were applied; bringing shame and infirmity to many families for the rest of their lives. Islam is responsible of abusing millions of women every day through beating, atrocious treatment and emotional deprivation because of the Islamic teaching (Qur’an 4:34).

“It is a shame for any African American to embrace Islam which makes them a participant in these disgraceful acts. It is a shame to embrace Islam to enforce the practice of slavery, abuse of women and children and to humiliate human kind through persecution, poverty and destruction. Unfortunately, Islam always has two faces. The Islamic missionaries always present the peaceful, respectful and the nice face of Islam. The fact is, there is a real violent face of Islam that Muslims in North America try to hide. It is a shame for anyone who embraces Islam without thinking, asking questions or reading about the true face of Islam. Islam is responsible today for the destruction of lives and cultures. Sudan is a vivid example. Why would you want to be a Muslim and participate in their wicked ways?”

The Former Sultan Ali El-Shariff and Pastor George Saieg founder of Arabic Christian Perspective will be available for interview on Saturday March 3rd at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at a to-be-announced location, call (866) 533-6659 for details.

Ali El-Shariff will speak on Saturday, March 3, at 7:30 pm, at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 224 West California Street, Ontario, California 91762

Muslims ‘turning to drugs’ to cope with ostracism

By Richard Kerbaj from The Australian

* Richard Kerbaj’s heart is bleeding for ‘disadvantaged’ young Muslims who are being’ostracised’ and turn to drugs:


AUSTRALIA’S disadvantaged young Muslims are so directionless and fearful of being excluded by the broader community many are turning to drugs and contemplating suicide.

Ninety-eight per cent of 150 Sydney-based young Muslims surveyed had considered suicide as a “way out” of the conflicts in their life as a Muslim in a non-Muslim society.

The All Eyes On Youth study found eight out of 10 young Muslims aged between 12 and 25 considered the education system of no assistance “in making lifetime choices”, and 94 per cent lacked a clear goal in life.

The findings emerged from a conference for young Muslims organised by the Independent Centre for Research Australia in Sydney last November.

ICRA president Fadi Rahman told The Australian yesterday he was alarmed that almost all the 75 males involved in the survey had experimented with drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine.

“We’re talking about cocaine, and some of them have even got to a point where they’ve tried heroin,” said the Muslim community leader from Auburn, in Sydney’s southwest.

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Hitler was “ just trying to rid the world of Jews”

Surprised? I’m not, not at all. This is the mainstream view you hear all over again and again, the moment you set foot in an Islamic country.

From Turkey to Iran, from India to Morocco, from Tunis to Cairo and from Syria to Indonesia. This is what Muhammedans tell each other, this is what they teach their children. This is what they will tell you when they sit down with you to have tea, and they expect you to agree. Jew-hatred goes back to the 7th century and manifests itself in the Koran & the Sunnah, to a time when Mohammed failed to forcibly convert the Jews of Arabia.

Ibrahim Ahmed

The madness of the Islamic mind would fill volumes. We try to cover little by little, daily. Like here:

Nashville Cabbie Made Antisemitic Remarks Before Attack

Remember the incident earlier this month, when a Nashville cabbie got into a “religious argument” with two passengers, and ended up running them down with his cab?

Remember how vague the initial reports were?

Here’s why: Man hit by cab after driver made anti-Semitic [sic] comments. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

A Nashville cabbie made anti-Semitic statements and praised Adolph Hitler’s campaign against Jews during a religious argument that culminated when he ran over one of the passengers as he left the taxi, witnesses said during a hearing today.

The cab driver, Ibrahim Ahmed, said Hitler was “trying to rid the world of Jews,” the alleged victim, Jeremie Imbus, told the court.

“I just remember …(being)… I guess the word is ‘shocked,’” Imbus said of the Feb. 18 incident.

Imbus and his friend Andrew Nelson, both of Ohio, had come to town to visit a friend and had been out drinking in downtown bars earlier in the evening. Imbus, who was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair, said he couldn’t remember much about the night.

But his friend, Nelson, said he pulled Imbus out of the cab as he kicked at the back of the cabbie’s seat. Both men the took off running, he said. Nelson heard the vehicle accelerate and then saw the mini-van hit his friend, he testified. Imbus suffered a broken leg, a fractured pelvic bone and several other injuries.

Ahmed, 37, was working for United Cab Co., at the time. He faces charges of attempted criminal homicide.

Jihad Watch has another take on this:


And here’s Debbie Schlussel:

Germany: Here we Go Again: Smoke bomb thrown into Jewish kindergarten in Berlin

1938 all over again?

Anti-Semitic slogans scrawled on the school’s walls


BERLIN (EJP)—- A tragedy was avoided on Sunday after a smoke bomb, thrown through a window of a Jewish kindergarten in Berlin, failed to ignite.

However, the school, located in a northwest neighbourhood of the German capital, was not spared by the spray painting of swastikas, other Nazi symbols and anti-Semitic phrases, such as “Auschwitz,” “Juden Raus” (Jews, get out) and “Sieg Heil”, on its outer walls, as well as on toys that had been lying around in the school’s playground.

A police spokesman said the attack did not cause serious damage or endanger children or staff at the school.

Berlin’s Interior Minister Ehrhart Körting condemned the attack as a “cowardly act” and called it “a particularly brutal one…one that had taken anti-Semitic acts to a new dimension”.

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Erez Levanon – May G-d avenge his blood


Today, Erez Levanon, Zt”l, a 42 year-old Judean and Samaria settler who was stabbed to death by Arab terrorists, was laid to rest in a Gush Etzion cemetary. He loved his People and his Land. Erez was murdered by Arab terrorists who hate Jews and who hate life. Vengeance is in order. Jewish blood does not come cheap.
Yehe Zichro Baruch- May his memory be blessed

Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali with Bill Maher


“People in the Middle East are more passionate about religion than the Swiss…”

Charles from LGF:

” If the radical Islamists lose the support of the American left, they’re going to be in big trouble in this country. And when Bill Maher starts telling the truth about the Religion of Peaceâ„¢, than trouble is just around the corner: ”

Not quiet. Not yet. The misconceptions and the equivalence between ‘all religions’ is still there and Maher didn’t need to bring the ‘Godfather’ into it at all,  but the truth about the ‘RoP’ is slowly seeping through:

France: “Extremely Far Right Extremist”-just like “Islamophobic”

Puzzled? Who wouldn’t be. The idiotic wordplay above is what ‘Socialists’ use to scare people away from those who make more sense then them.

In France, for example, it is the (hopefully losing) left wing tosser Ségolène Royal who keeps attacking her rival Nicolas Sarkozy bitterly. But lets take a closer look on what she considers ‘extremely far right extremist:’

“An example: twice — so it wasn’t a momentary lapse — he (Sarkozy) denounced the slaughter of sheep in baths by certain Muslims for the festival of Eid. That, it’s odious, it’s the vocabulary of the extreme Right.”


Did your get that? If you happen to disagree with the revolting practice of halal butchery in the bathrooms of the Banlieu’s or in Paris proper you can consider yourself an ‘Extremely Far Right Extremist”- shame on you! You must be Islamophobic!


Royal launches bitter attack on Sarkozy

By Peter Allen in Paris
From the Telegraph/UK

Ségolène Royal, the Left’s candidate for the French presidency, made her first personal attack on her bitter rival Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday, describing his views as “odious”.

Her attack came as Jean-Marie Le Pen, the far Right candidate, laid out his manifesto vowing to halt all immigration.

As she drew neck-and-neck with Mr Sarkozy in the polls, a revitalised Miss Royal was asked by Le Parisien newspaper how she judged him.

Refusing even to use his name, she replied: “I don’t judge the man. The candidate, him, he’s extremely Right-wing.

“An example: twice — so it wasn’t a momentary lapse — he denounced the slaughter of sheep in baths by certain Muslims for the festival of Eid. That, it’s odious, it’s the vocabulary of the extreme Right.”

Until now both candidates have refrained from personal references, but Miss Royal’s words will undoubtedly strike a chord with the notoriously combative Mr Sarkozy.

France is home to some five million Muslims — the largest population in western Europe — and, following riots in suburban housing projects dominated by immigrant youths in late 2005, Islamic integration is expected to dominate this year’s elections.

While Miss Royal has pledged to finance job creation schemes in underprivileged satellite towns, Mr Sarkozy has displayed a less sensitive approach.

As well as calling on Muslims not to slaughter animals at home, he has been criticised for referring to rioters by their race, calling them “scum” who should be washed away with a “power hose”.

At a rally in Lille, northern France, yesterday, Mr Le Pen described immigration as “the major cause of the overall impoverishment” of the French people. He called for “strict immigration controls and the return of illegal immigrants to their countries”.

Mr Le Pen, 78, said the next president must heed the “Non” verdict of the 2005 referendum in which French voters rejected an EU constitution.

A poll published in the Journal du Dimanche yesterday showed Miss Royal (up 2.5 points) and Mr Sarkozy (down 4 points) on 28 per cent of the vote each in the first round, scheduled for April 22. Mr Le Pen stood at 11.5 per cent, up 0.5 per cent.

Nablus under curfew after Israeli raid

And the IDF is still using rubber bullets…


AFP Photo: Israeli soldiers search a building during an incursion in the West bank town of Nablus….


by Imad Saada Sun Feb 25, 5:40 PM ET
NABLUS, West Bank (AFP) – Israeli troops stormed Nablus on Sunday, arresting 20 Palestinians and triggering clashes that left eight people wounded in the largest military crackdown in the occupied West Bank in months.

Israeli troops rode into the centre of Nablus in dozens of jeeps and armoured vehicles, imposing a curfew and surrounding several buildings including two hospitals, witnesses said.

Israel called the raid a pinpoint operation aimed at quashing a “terrorist hub.” Palestinians warned the “outrageous aggression” would undermine efforts to revive the peace process.

*The usual crapola: When Pali-Arabs shoot rockets into Israel its ‘resistance’- when Israel returns fire it is ‘outrageous aggression’. “Peace-process”- anybody?

“This aggression by the Israeli occupation government is like cutting the road forward after all our efforts to find peace,” Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s office said in a statement.

The operation, the largest in the West Bank since a January 4 raid in Ramallah killed four Palestinians, was aimed at finding weapons caches and arresting wanted militants, according to the Israeli army.

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