Perverting the very Idea of Refuge and Asylum

U.N.: U.S. offers refuge to Palestinians

DAMASCUS, Syria, April 5 (UPI) — The head of a U.N. agency charged with caring for Palestinian refugees said the United States has offered to receive 7,000 Palestinians who fled Iraq.

Karen Koning AbuZayd, commissioner general of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, said Thursday no specific country has offered to receive Palestinian refugees in Iraq, “but I know the United States confirmed it can take 7,000 of them.”

She told United Press International in Damascus that while there were no plans to permanently settle Palestinian refugees, “some live in difficult conditions, especially those from Iraq and who are stranded on the Iraqi borders” with Syria and with Jordan. The UNRWA chief noted her agency and the U.N. high commissioner for refugees have requested third countries to grant refuge to Palestinians from Iraq.



Great Satan Go Home and Take Me With You! [Mark Krikorian]

The State Department apparently wants to clear up a pesky foreign policy problem by dumping thousands of stateless Palestinians from Iraq on America’s towns and cities. Where do I start? First, did we really invade Iraq so we could move “Saddam’s People” to Schenectady? Second, this is a perversion of the very idea of refugee resettlement, which should be reserved only for the most desperate people in the world who will never have anywhere else to settle—and last time I checked, the Arabian peninsula was mostly empty and awash with money, so it’s their problem, not ours. And third, this highlights another thing we failed to do when we took over Iraq, which was to issue citizenship papers to the Palestinians, affording them permanent status in contrast to Arab governments’ insistence on denying citizenship to even locally born Palestinians, so as to keep them as alienated and as aggrieved as possible against Israel.

National Review Online

A Centrifugal Furdz from da Turdz

* ‘Centrifugal Furtz’ was the title of a Frank Zappa composition. It means exactly nothing, but nothing is what you get if you read what Shakira Hussein writes.

* Here’s a gagaga yayaya many-words-saying-nothing BS article from a ‘Shakira Hussein’:


Not in my name

* What amazes is that the MSM gives her all that space for saying exactly nothing. It seems that we stupid kuffars are so hungry for appeasement that we gobble up any Islamo-crap from ‘moderates’ (a term created by our own lunatic left-turds) that anything is better than nothing:

With his outrageous call for the Islamic world to stand united behind Iran’s mullahs, Taj Din al-Hilali has once again damaged the moderate Muslim cause

THERE are times when being an Australian Muslim reminds me of arriving in London just as Rolf Harris’s cover version of Stairway to Heaven hit the charts.
It was the most irritating recording in the history of rock and, as far as most Brits were concerned, each and every Australian passport holder on the face of the planet could be held personally responsible for it. It was useless to protest that I hadn’t bought the CD, let alone recorded it. One Australian had taken a wobble board to Stairway to Heaven, so we all had to answer for it.
Of course, Taj Din al-Hilali’s pronouncements are considerably more toxic than was Harris’s desecration of a rock classic (although try telling that to outraged Led Zeppelin fans), but they have one thing in common: I have no more power as a Muslim to stop Hilali from making demented speeches than I have as an Australian to prevent Harris from recording crap novelty singles.

Whether or not he retains the title of mufti (and in the medium term he almost certainly won’t), Hilali will say what he wants to say and the rest of us will just have to deal with the understandable community outrage that follows.

* Nice try, Shakira. Catmeat-Mufti will never be a rock classic. The ‘rest of us have to deal with’… what exactly?

Shakira goes on: ‘Hilali will remain, of course. He will find some other title, perhaps refuse to recognize his sacking as legitimate, and he will continue to make outrageous statements. But the damage caused by such statements will be much reduced.’

* But what is Shakira’s lamento all about? She doesn’t tell us that. What she means is that she doesn’t agree with Hilali’s fast, impatient jihad. She worries that we stupid infidels are waking up. She doesn’t like that. Shakira would like us to go back to sleep and wake up one day to an Islamic Australia.

Google ‘Shakira Husssain’ and you’ll find all kinds of gems, like this:

Respecting hijab


Like Nile, Panopoulos and Bishop, Leslie Cannold seems to have only a hazy idea of the meaning of hijab and very little familiarity with living, breathing Muslim women. Cannold admits that the meaning of hijab is “open to interpretation”, at the same time as she “knows” its meaning to be “a symbol of gender-based oppression”. Her argument for banning of hijab in public schools is that “rightly or wrongly [our emphasis], many Australians see the scarf as a symbol of gender-based oppression women suffer in many non-western countries”. If Australians are wrong to see the scarf in that way, Ms Cannold would seem to have a duty as an ethicist to draw our attention to the error of our ways, not to urge the making of public policy on the basis of that error.

* Nuff said. Sahkira Hussains Furdz are for Turdz. Those with a brain will reject it entirely.

Hate-preacher whines: I am a Moderate Terrorist- ‘Give me a visa or else…!’

* Well, not exactly in the exact same words. But you get the drift. (sarc)


Under watch: Sheik Bilal Philips admitted he was on a US government watch list of 100 Muslims drawn up after the first World Trade Centre bombing in 1993.

* Because hate-speeches and incitement are all peaceful activities, and even bomb-making is peaceful as long as no Muslims get hurt, right?

Sheik takes moderate stance

Gerard McManus from the Herald Sun

BANNED Sheik Bilal Philips says he is a moderate Muslim who should never have been stopped from coming to Melbourne.

The controversial sheik, who was refused a visa by the Federal Government on security grounds, said that far from being an Islamic extremist he was a writer of children’s books and was married to an Irish-Australian.
Sheik Philips admitted he was on a US government watch list of 100 Muslims drawn up after the first World Trade Centre bombing in 1993.

Read it all…

* There is that word again that gives me the creeps: ‘Controversial’– No article anywhere these days without the ‘controversial’ Bullshit label. Is there nobody out there to call a spade a spade?

But here is hope:

AUSTRALIANS have good reason to be thoroughly fed up with being told by radical Muslims that they are intolerant.

Muslim convert Yvonne Ridley, whose Islamic credentials date back only about four years, has accused Australians of being among the world’s worst Muslim-haters.

As she doled out her gratuitous criticism, Australia’s most senior Islamic cleric, Taj el-Din al-Hilaly, was in Tehran urging the world’s Muslims to unite behind the radical Iranian regime.

This follows his earlier provocative views that Muslims have more right to be in Australia than Anglo-Saxons who came here in chains.

Australia has had phenomenal success in absorbing migrants from a multitude of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

But the rise of Islamic fundamentalism overseas, and its manifestation here through a few fanatics, is jeopardizing the wish of most Australian Muslims to live in harmony.

* Hardly. Just like that BS ‘controversial’ label for the obvious, there is no evidence at all that there is only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ and for the claim that ‘most Australian Muslims wish to live in harmony’.

Prove it, Mr. editor!

This is made more difficult by the divisive words and deeds of the likes of Sheik Hilaly.

Australians are crying, “Enough is enough.”
* Indeed. Stop the bullshit reporting and get real!

Who is Fatwa-worthy? Or rather: Is Sheik Yer’mami the ‘One who got away?’

Unlikely, because useful idiots like the ones from the Cairns Fishwrap will see to it that Muslims will find ‘the enemies of Islam’ and ‘kill them wherever you find them’- according to Koran 4:89 and Sura 9:5

Little Green Footballs, Daniel Pipes, Gates of Vienna, and others, are on a hit-list of “fatwaworthy” websites compiled by “Jamal,” a UK resident who runs the hate-site “Radical Muslim”

Jamal elaborates:

Possible fatwaworthy sites in the Bloggersphere are many due to the array of sites that contain writings that slander Islam, therefore when I come accross particularly Islamophobic sites I bookmark them under ‘Fatwaworthy?’ Some will be well written while others will be an illogical mess, however, the common denominator between them is that they exist in part or full to spread Islamophobic opinions. Brothers and Sisters, please fell [sic] free to suggest additions to the list.

That list can be found in the sixth category of links (scroll down almost to the bottom of the page) in the left margin of the main page.

Some may ask ‘What is a Fatwa?’, while others may wonder what had made them worthy as with those deviants whom have recently linked to me in this respect. A fatwa is an Islamic religious ruling, a scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law. Therefore, when the Shari’ah again rules the world (inshAllah) the importance may be placed on a fatwa requiring acceptance that Islamophobic sites be peacefully shut down and no longer be permitted to exist. Untill [sic] this occurs it may be considered our duty to list such sites and even write/contact websites, media outlets and relevant officials in order to campaign for such sites be closed.

Pamela from Atlas shrugs has the whole list up:



We should all be shakin’ in our boots! Will the Christianophobia and the Judeophobia never end?

Meanwhile, The love-fest in Tehran and other places continues on end:

You can get the video here

And here is a transcript:

Speaker: Before the speech of Mr. Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic, I would like to call out several slogans, and you will answer me out loud.

Today, throughout Islamic Iran, from south to north and from east to west, there is one cry only: Death to America.

Crowd: Death to America

Death to America


Speaker: The hatred and rage of the Muslim people…

Crowd: The hatred and rage of the Muslim people…

Speaker: is directed towards America, the infidel Satanic regime…

Crowd: is directed towards America, the infidel Satanic regime…


Speaker: No way will we have relations with America…

Crowd: No way will we have relations with America…

Speaker: No way will we have relations with America…

Crowd: No way will we have relations with America…

Speaker: Our struggle with America is eternal…

Crowd: Our struggle with America is eternal…


Meanwhile, Sheik Yer’mami’s popularity among his brothers and sisters seems to be growing, as we can see from this e-mail here:

assalamualaikum brother,

my name is ……. and i am new to cairns. just arrived here 2 weeks ago and i
am trying to find out information of where the mosque is and where to get
halal meat.
i could not find it in the white and yellow pages.

could you please help me out in getting those information.

Well, perhaps some of our readers can guide the confused sister in the right direction….

If not, she can always contact our very own expert on halal meat: Gavin King


Pity that the video/sound quality is so lousy, but this is one of the best I have seen: Watch the solo-part with Napoleon Murphy Brooks singing the impossible:

That’s why I’m moving to Montana:


Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro
(Tera Patrick)
Montana, (USA)

I might be movin’ to Montana soon
Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss
Movin’ to Montana soon

Movin’ to Montana soon

Movin’ to Montana soon

Movin’ to Montana soon

Bali mastermind suspect escapes dawn raid

A FEARED Muslim rebel leader and one of the suspected masterminds of the 2002 Bali bombings escaped a dawn raid on their island hideout in the southern Philippines today.

* Once again: The language makes you cringe!

Al Reuters goes to any length to avoid using the word ‘terrorist’- and again, nobody signs his  name to it: 

Isnilon Hapilon, one of the heads of Abu Sayyaf, the Philippines’ fiercest militant group, and Umar Patek, believed to have planned the Indonesian resort island attack that killed more than 200, including 88 Australians, fled their camp on Jolo, 950km south of Manila.

Major Eugene Batara said three Abu Sayyaf rebels were captured and two M16 rifles seized in the raid, which is part of a long-running campaign to flush Islamic militants from Jolo, where they train and plot attacks across South-East Asia.

Maj Batara said US-trained troops were still combing areas around the camp.

Hapilon, who has a $US5 million ($6.12 million) bounty on his head from the US Government for kidnapping Americans, has emerged as one of Abu Sayyaf’s top strategists after troops killed the group’s top two leaders and more than 70 members in a campaign that started in August last year.

Umar Patek and suspected Bali accomplice Dulmatin, also an Indonesian, are sheltering with the Abu Sayyaf.

Abu Sayyaf is one of four Islamic rebel groups operating in the southern Philippines, where Muslims have fought for decades for independence from the largely Catholic nation.

But while other rebels have entered peace talks, Abu Sayyaf is involved in regular clashes with government troops, although its practice of kidnapping for ransom has fallen away in recent years.

– Reuters

Shiva from the ‘Illustrated PIG’ has more… 

Thailand: The South is ‘Restive’- again!

* More reporting jackasses from the MSM avoid putting their names to the bullshit they are feeding into their papers and to the unsuspecting wider public.

Like in this article from AFP:

Three die in attacks in Thailand’s restive south

* You see, they ‘just died’ because the south is ‘restive’...

SUSPECTED separatist militants have killed three people in Thailand’s restive south, including a Muslim man blown apart by a car bomb, police said today.

* Take a deep breath: ‘Suspected separatist militants’- Who is the brain-police? Who is telling them to write such crap?

The 55-year-old’s body was ripped in half when a 10-kilogram bomb placed underneath his ute truck exploded in Yala, one of three insurgency-plagued provinces bordering Malaysia.

“The bomb was fixed under his car and detonated while he was driving. The explosion totally destroyed the vehicle, and also seriously injured the victim’s friend, who was also in the car,” police said.

A soldier was injured earlier today in Yala when a mobile phone-triggered bomb exploded. Police said insurgents were targeting seven soldiers on patrol in the province.

Also in Yala today, a 40-year-old Muslim man was shot dead at his rubber plantation, while in neighbouring Narathiwat province yesterday, a 52-year-old Muslim man was shot and killed near his home, police said.

More than 2000 people have been killed in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south since an insurgency broke out in January 2004.

Thailand’s military-installed government has launched a raft of peace measures, only to see the attacks escalate in the past six months.

The attacks have also become more gruesome, with two beheadings last month.

* Fox guarding the chicken-coop alert: Could it be that they have a Muslim general in power who works for the ummah?

And in Buddhist, naive, a-political Thailand nobody has accused him and his cronies yet of being traitors and an enemy agents. Anybody out there? Anybody?

Who said what? How much Bullshit is Al Bebeceera feeding us?

* I’m no fan of the ex-commie blog ‘Harry’s Place’– it’s run by a weird mob and you can post whatever there, with a 99.9 % chance to see it deleted shortly afterwards. But every once in a while you can pick up something of interest, like this one here:

The BBC report of President Ahmadinejad’s announcement of the release the 15 British service personnel quotes him thus:

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the great prophet of Islam, and on the occasion of Easter and Passover, I would like to announce that the great nation of Iran, while it is entitled to put the British military personnel on trial, has pardoned these 15 sailors and gives their release to the people of Britain as a gift.

This report is referenced in a new Wikinews entry (hat tip Jonathan in the comments).

Why is this interesting? Well, for President “wipe Israel from the map/remove  it from the pages of time/take your pick” Ahmadinejad to mention that well-known Jewish festival Passover, would be quite something. It’s almost beyond belief that the diminutive anti-Semite Ahmadinejad would allow the words to pass his lips. So unbelievable in fact that I thought I’d Google corroboration of the BBC’s take on the story. Before I started, I checked out the other sources listed on the Wikinews entry and none of these corroborates the BBC take. I then checked some other news sites:


Still nada. In fact, the only other references I can find to “Passover” in the Google search results are sundry blogs and other commentary sites.

Now, I’m implying nothing and would genuinely welcome the input of readers who can either cite alternative news sources for the reference to “Passover”, or add to my list of news sites that mention no such thing.

P.S. The president’s official site is no help whatsoever.

Islam “elevates” Women and Children:

Lets be “controversial” today:
This 6-year old girl accidentally stepped on an imam’s prayer carpet in Morocco:


Shiva from the ‘Illustrated P.I.G’ has more…

Beaten Saudi woman speaks out


Rania al-Baz was a prominent Saudi television presenter before her husband did what Islam teaches.
Rania al-Baz’s bruised and swollen face shocked the global community – and ignited an unprecedented public debate within Saudi Arabia itself over the normally taboo issue of domestic violence.

From Al Bebeceera


Christian School-girl beheaded on her way to school by a brave ‘mujaheddin’ who got a slap on the wrist. Christians who defend themselves get the deathpenalty in Indonesia:


And here is a nice exchange about FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) where a taqiyya-spin doctor from CAIR tries to do a little da’awa (proselytizing) and puts lipstick on a pig:

“As a practicing Muslim, I find Carlin Romano’s commentary (“Daring to reject the cruelties and abuse of Islam,” June 4) at odds with the actual teachings and practice of my faith. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the subject of the article, fails to make distinctions between teachings of Islam and the un-Islamic actions of particular groups or individuals. She fails to demonstrate that the complained-about misogynistic practices are grounded in Islamic text or accepted by Islamic authorities. She instead attributes widespread cruel and inhumane cultural practices against men or women to Islam…. one cannot find support for their actions in the Quran or in the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Check it out

Actually, its good enough to be posted in full length:

As a good Muslim, al-Zaman conducts dawah and calls others to Islam:

“People of all faiths are invited to participate in a 10-part course CAIR Philadelphia offers, called “Understanding Islam and Muslims through History and Jurisprudence.” Anyone may order a free Quran at or learn more about the Prophet Muhammad at”

Spare us the proselytizing, Adeeba. I dashed off a letter to the Philly Inquirer yesterday:

Dear Editor,
Ms. Al-Zaman would have us believe that the misogynistic practices that Hirsi Ali writes about – and has worked tirelessly against- have nothing to do with Islam. Yet these practices, including forced marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM), are practiced today in many Muslim countries and in Muslim communities in Europe. In Egypt, an attempt by the government in 1996 to outlaw female circumcision was vehemently opposed by Islamic clerics. The Al-Azhar University in Egypt has issued three fatwas supporting FGM, saying that it is mandatory for girls. When Ayatollah Khomeini took over in Iran in 1979, one of the first actions he took was to lower the marriage age for women from 13 to 9. He based this on the fact that the Muslim prophet Mohammed married a 9-year old (Aisha). Since Mohammed is considered a perfect role model to Muslims, Khomeini had religious justification for allowing marriage to young girls. In these two examples, religious grounds were used to justify these misogynistic practices. If only Ms. Al-Zaman would try to persuade her Muslim brothers and sisters to stop these barbaric practices, rather than attempt to convince us that her religion has nothing to do with it.
Ms. Al-Zaman is the director of communications with CAIR. At least five of CAIR’s employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, or otherwise linked to terrorism-related charges and activities. This fact would not go unnoted if any other advocacy group had such a record.
I’m delighted that such a brave, progressive thinker as Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to the United States.