England: Obsessed with BS?

Supporters of Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty in India burn an effigy representing Celebrity Big Brother organisers. Photograph: AP


Curiously, the expose’ on the hate preachers and the undercover work on the mosques hardly got any reaction at all so far. Instead, the crappiest of all shows, ‘Big Brother’- is now making waves internationally. An Indian actress is said to have been ‘bullied’ amidst claims of ‘racism’…

Trivia, nothing but trivia and utter nonsense rules supreme, if you can bear it:

Big Brother row goes global

Chris Tryhorn and agencies
Wednesday January 17, 2007

The row over the alleged racist bullying of Celebrity Big Brother star Shilpa Shetty reached the world of international diplomatic relations today.
Both the prime minister, Tony Blair, and the chancellor, Gordon Brown – who is visiting Shetty’s home country of India – made public comments about the show, while the Indian government promised to “take appropriate measures”.

Video showing Indian protesters burning effigies of Big Brother’s producers has also been aired on television channels.


Well, there is always Germaine Greer to comment. But it still doesn’t make any sense:

Germaine Greer:

Every time someone sends in a complaint to Ofcom about racism in the Big Brother house, the profile of the show is raised and Shilpa earns a bit more of her huge fee. But it’s a funny old world, to be sure. You can call her a “dog”. Sexism is fine. What you mustn’t do is call her a “Paki”. As if to be Pakistani was to be worse than being a dog. Our very tenderness on this issue is the flip side of racism, and still part of the same coin. If you call me an Aussie you don’t insult me because Aussieness is OK. Pakiness is evidently not OK.

Where The Hell is This SoB ???

Well, it was never much of a secret that Binnie does what he does best under the protection of the Pakistani secret service somewhere in Waziristan. But one captured Taliban ‘spokesman’ confirms that Mullah Omar is alive and well in Quetta. Question is: What stops US from bombing Quetta?

Taliban Leader Is Hiding and Being Protected in Pakistan, Says Spokesman

January 17, 2007
Maddy Sauer and Gretchen Peters Report:

Fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is alive and well and living in Pakistan under the protection of the Pakistan intelligence agency, according to the captured spokesman for the Taliban, Mohammad Hanif.

Hanif was captured in Afghanistan yesterday, and today the Afghan government released video footage of him in which he claims to know the location of Omar.

“He is living in Quetta,” says Hanif, “and the ISI [Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency] is protecting him.”

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An update to the Abu Sayyaf kill:

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines said on Wednesday that troops had killed the top planner of the country’s most deadly Islamic militant group in a clash at a rebel jungle camp in the southwest.

Abu Sulaiman, one of the top five leaders of the Abu Sayyaf militant group and who is believed to have links with al Qaeda, was killed in a gunbattle on Tuesday on the island of Jolo, military chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon told reporters.

“We are confident that with the death of Sulaiman, who is actually the number one planner, most of the activities of the Abu Sayyaf will continue to go down,” Esperon said.


One Killed, One Captured…

Top al-Qaida-linked militant killed
By JIM GOMEZ, Associated Press

MANILA, Philippines – A top al-Qaida-linked militant accused of masterminding the kidnapping of three Americans who was long wanted by U.S. and Philippine authorities has been killed, the military said Wednesday.

Jainal Antel Sali Jr., popularly known as Abu Sulaiman — a top leader of the Abu Sayyaf rebel group — was fatally shot in a fierce gunbattle Tuesday in a clash with army special forces, military chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon said.

Sulaiman is the highest-ranking Abu Sayyaf commander killed by U.S.-backed troops. Washington had offered up to $5 million for his capture.

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Taliban Comander Cought in Afghanistan 

By FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press Writer

KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO-led troops and Afghan forces detained a prominent Taliban commander, the alliance said Wednesday, while the Taliban confirmed the arrest of one of its spokesmen.

The commander was the leader of the insurgents in Panjwayi district of neighboring Kandahar province, where last summer NATO troops waged their biggest ground offensive in the Western alliance’s history, said NATO spokesman Squadron Leader Dave Marsh.

“This seizure of a Taliban commander, once again shows that there is nowhere to hide for insurgent leaders,” Marsh said.

The captured militant, whom NATO did not identify, had fled another recent offensive by Afghan and NATO forces in the south of the country, is wanted for questioning by Afghan security forces, NATO said.

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Still They Are Preaching Poison…

Secretly filmed: Dr. Ijaz Mlan calls for the destruction of British Institutions

Still they are preaching poison and they always will: That’s what they call the ‘Religion of Peace’- from the Daily Mail:

The Muslim cleric preaching hatred and Islamic supremacy is a middle-aged family man with two daughters. He is a skilled orator – by profession an engineer and a brilliant teacher of Arabic who has lived in Britain for three decades.

Yet what he preaches at Friday prayers is a chillingly vituperative litany against his adopted country and the non-Muslims who live here. This is despite the fact that under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act brought in last year, it is an offence to stir up racial or religious hatred, intentionally or otherwise, in a public or private place, including mosques.

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Peanut Khadr: Ongoing Embarrassment

The best thing to do with this worst American president ever would be to ignore him. We would do him and ourselves a great favor to shun him and keep him out of the media.

Why didn’t he just move to Arabia like Michael Jackson to live happily ever after?

Here is the latest:

Former Carter Center Member: Jimmy Supports Terrorism


Here’s Jimmah on Al Jizzeera, the Muslim brotherhoods media mouthpiece, also known as the head-choppers channel: “I wasn’t equating Palestinian missiles with terrorism’- which makes you wonder how he would feel if somebody would shoot a few rocket propelled grenades into his swimming pool.


Blair Calls Islam ‘Religion of Peace’ Again

He is still the Prime Minister of once Great Britain.


Today, when he addressed the nation, he might have had his retirement in mind: Otherwise, why would he call Islam (once again) a ‘RoP?’- But not only that: The corrupt & fraudulent relationship between British defense firm BAE and the Saudi’s (The ‘slush-fund affair’) has his blessing, and here it comes:


Blair defends dropping of BAE-Saudi probe.

LONDON (AFP) – Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended the dropping of a fraud probe into BAE Systems’ weapons deals with Saudi Arabia, insisting it would have been “devastating” for Britain’s interests to continue.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) last month stopped an investigation into claims that giant British defence firm BAE established a slush fund for some members of the Saudi royal family. The fund allegedly provided perks including luxury cars while the company attempted to secure a contract in the 1980s.

Blair advised Attorney General Lord Peter Goldsmith that to continue would have been against Britain’s national interest. The investigation into the Al-Yamamah BAE Systems deal from the 1980s was stopped after two years.

“There is no doubt whatever in my mind, and I think of those of any of the people who have looked at this issue, that had we proceeded with this, the result would have been devastating for our relationship with an important country with whom we cooperate closely on terrorism, on security, on the Middle East peace process and a host of other issues,” Blair said Tuesday.

“And that is leaving aside the thousands of jobs that we would have lost, which is not the consideration in this case, but nonetheless I’ll just point it out.”

BAE last year secured a 10-billion-pound deal with Saudi Arabia for 72 Eurofighter jets, and the deal was reportedly under threat due to the SFO investigation.


The angry reactions from the ‘moderates’ came even before the show went on air:

Muslim Council of Britain fuming over mosque documentary

Documentary footage of jihadist preaching inside British mosques aired in Britain last night. But oddly enough, the Muslim Council of Britain, the “moderate” group, is unhappy. You would think that a group of moderate Muslims would be cheering the exposure of jihad sympathizers among them, but they’re instead sounding all the familiar themes of selective quotation, etc. etc. etc. But you know, in most circumstances, no matter how selectively one quotes not much can be made of the result.

“TV documentary accused of misrepresenting UK Muslims,” from Arabic News (thanks to Doc Washburn):

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is accusing Channel Four commercial channel of attempting to foment division and sectarianism among Britain’s 1.8 million Muslim community.

A documentary, being screened Monday, goes undercover at mosques to find what it in its advance publicity are “preachers condemning integration into British society, condemning democracy and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.” MCB said the Dispatches program “mischievously tried to prove that key Muslim institutions are teaching the exact opposite to Islam commanding Muslims to deal positively and peacefully with those around us.”


The producers were “resorting to the dishonest tactic of selectively quoting from some recorded speeches for the purpose of misrepresentation,” MCB secretary general Abdul Bari said.


“Their aim is to attach guilt by association. This continuing demonization of British Muslims and the risible attempt at promoting sectarianism among British Muslims will be firmly rejected,” Bari said.


See, hear, listen. Just watch what they do. Are they ‘guilty by association’-  or are they all working towards the same goal: The Caliphate?


Their leaders tell us. They hate us. They teach their children to hate. They came to conquer and to destroy. They invaded to take Liberty, Democracy and the Rule of Law away from you and me, to be replaced with the sharia.

And it us demonizing them?

Who do you believe? Yourself or your lying eyes?

Quite a show, this one. Don’t miss it!

When will internment & mass-deportations begin?

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:


The Despicable Peanut Khadr

Didn’t he do enough damage to America already?

The president who sat on his ass for 444 days while 125 American Embassy staff in Tehran were taken hostage and terrorized by the ‘Revolutionary Guards’-, a clear act of war…

Peanut Khadr, the grinning face of America who never met a dictator he didn’t like, the perceived Gut-mensch, who didn’t want to see anyone get killed ‘on his watch’- after the Vietnam dilemma. The Ex-president, who was asked on ‘Larry King’ whether he thinks of his presidency as a failure and who answered: ‘Actually, I think it was a great success that I was elected’…

Indeed. In his warped mind he sees ‘success in being elected’- while deliberately ignoring his failings.

A Jew-hating, Israel-bashing old man, this Peanut Khadr. That’s why he was last months ‘Azzhole of the month’- perhaps he should be a permanent feature on this website. He never disappoints… (But he is not that important)

The Peanut Submarine
With every passing day his revolting, truth & fact-distorting book (which he won’t discuss or debate) is still on the market (Peace or Apartheid) it looks like the truth can no long be kept under the carpet: Peanut Khadr did it for the money.

The Question remains: Why? Why does this senile, demented and foolish man need money so badly? To once again make himself into American number One Donkey while his own staff jumps ship, embarrassed and exasperated with his idiocy?


From the National Review, subscribers only. Here’s an excerpt:

Did Jimmy Carter do it for the money? That’s the question making the rounds about Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, an anti-Israeli screed recently written by the ex-president whose Carter Center has accepted millions in Arab funding….

In recent weeks, a number of articles have noted that Carter’s anti-Israeli views coincide with those of some of the center’s prime financial backers, including the government of Saudi Arabia and the foundation of Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, whose offer of $10 million to New York City just after Sept. 11 was rejected by then-mayor Rudy Giuliani because it came wrapped in the suggestion that America rethink its support of Israel. Other big donors listed in the Carter Center’s annual reports include the Sultanate of Oman and the sultan himself; the government of the United Arab Emirates; and a brother of Osama bin Laden, Bakr BinLadin, ‘for the Saudi BinLadin Group.'”