Ayaan Ali Hirsi: ‘We Are Making Fools of Ourselves in the Eyes of the World’

By Leon de Winter/Spiegel Online

Fear of fanatical Islamists prompted Ayaan Hirsi Ali to leave the Netherlands, her adopted home, and now she has been forced to return. Paying for her bodyguards in the United States is too expensive for the Dutch government — what a disgrace.0102071143800.jpg

Ayaab Ali Hirsi

Amsterdam – There are exactly five people that the Dutch government has to protect against death threats from radical Islamists.
This sort of protection is expensive. Society bears the costs because freedom of opinion, a cornerstone of our culture, is on the line. The extremists, for their part, are prepared to risk their own lives to kill those under government protection.

The costs of protection are completely disproportionate to the outcome: the continued existence of our values and norms.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the sixth person granted protection by the Dutch government. She began receiving threats when, as a Dutch citizen and member of the parliament, she spoke out critically against political Islam. After the so-called “passport scandal,” when the Dutch minister of immigration and integration threatened to confiscate her passport after Ayaan had been accused of lying about her name and birth date when she first arrived in the Netherlands, she moved to the United States, which precipitated a sharp upswing in her career within only a few months. She wrote a bestseller and landed a job at the American Enterprise Institute. But as a Dutch citizen, Ayaan does not qualify for protection in the United States under US laws and regulations.

Contrary to what many in the Netherlands believe about the success of her autobiography, she is not wealthy. She could not pay for the kind of protection she needs out of her own pocket — no matter how much she would like to do so. Besides, the Dutch government apparently failed to find the right US officials with whom they could have reached an agreement. Under a decision by Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Balin, the protection paid for by the Dutch government expired on Oct. 1. Ayaan returned to the Netherlands, because without protection she doesn’t have a day left to live.

How much is her life worth, according to Minister Balin’s budget?


* The assassination of Theo Van Gogh by a mad Muhammedan has not been forgotten

When someone in the Justice Ministry leaked classified documents on Ayaan’s protection to the newspaper NRC Handelsblad, it set off a media circus. Neither Ayaan nor anyone directly associated with her was behind all the attention she is currently attracting. She would have preferred to go on living quietly in the Netherlands, and she would have liked to quietly work out a solution with Hirsch Balin.

How much is her life worth, according to Minister Balin’s budget? How does he calculate this? These are politically sensitive questions, questions that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher never asked when it came to the life of Salman Rushdie, wherever he happened to be.

Dutch society has no choice in this case. Canceling Ayaan’s protection would be the equivalent of a death sentence. She can lead a relatively quiet life in the United States, but not in the Netherlands. And because she is so well known in the Netherlands and practically lives the life of a prisoner, not even able to go out on the street, the most humane solution is to continue to provide her with protection in America.

When commenting about the fact that the Netherlands paid for Ayaan’s protection in the United States, parliamentarian Sybrand van Haersma Buma of the Christian Democrats can’t help but admit that “it was a transitional solution, one that cannot last indefinitely.”

How many days will he give Ayaan? Another week to live? A month? And then it would be time for the butchers of fundamentalist Islam to move in?

Whether we think she is nice, kind or opportunist, we cannot afford anything happening to her. The Dutch government is making a problem out of something that shouldn’t be one, something that only causes chaos and sorrow.

Both Hirsi Ali and Hirsch Balin can only lose. The winners are the extremists who laugh about our inability to offer this courageous woman peace and safety.

You see, it’s too expensive. In fact, though, it makes you want to weep.

Translated from the Dutch by Verena Bardtholdt


Muhammedanism in Germany


Remember: Garlic or farts will make the prayers invalid


You can get into the cult, but you can never leave kiddo…


Da’awa, nothing but da’awa…


Cartoon Rage Revisited:

Flemming Rose learned yesterday that he was the target of a planned terrorist attack. The editor who published the controversial Mohammed cartoons writes that he is determined not to let the revelation change his life.

By Flemming Rose

”How does it feel?”

It wasn’t the unforgettable line from Bob Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone.’ That’s not what the reporter had in mind. No, she wanted to know what it feels like to be a potential target of a terrorist attack.

”It hasn’t changed my life, and won’t, because that is exactly what they want. They want to intimidate and threaten,” I told her.

Yesterday one of the four defendants in a terror case in Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, revealed in court that in the summer of 2006 a fellow conspirator had suggested building a remote-controlled car bomb and driving it into my private home in order to kill me.

From the ‘Muhammedanism is a mental disorder’ department

Read it all


Wafa Sultan tries to convince moonbat interviewer that criticism of Islam must continue:


Dubai: “Conqueror – The world is yours”

With thanks to Harry’s Place via LGF

A Dubai-based company Conqueror Real Estate is standing by a decision to use Adolf Hitler in a national newspaper campaign in the United Arab Emirates.

The ad, which places a picture of the Nazi dictator next to the tagline “Conqueror – The world is yours”, ran in the national newspaper Gulf News and provoked a string of complaints.


But David Dakak, general manager of Conqueror Real Estate, said the ad had produced the desired effect and was part of the company’s marketing strategy to provoke a response.

Dakak said: “I’m making business, I don’t have any political opinion. He’s a famous person — bad or good, I don’t care — and I want to attract the attention of readers. And yesterday we had a lot of response. We had complaints, but it was one of the busiest days of the year too, so it has an affect.”

I’m not sure if this is a “Dubai” thing or just the case of one guy and a moral vacuum.

Gene adds: And now “NAZI” bedspreads, promoted with brochures featuring swastikas, are for sale in India.



Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) to Address Muslim Rights Issues in Europe


* Listen up, you filthy kuffars: Your masters, the Sowdi’s, will give you a rub down and teach you about Muslim rights, because nothing else matters. Just In case you didn’t get the message yet…

According to a source at HRC, the government-funded rights body will also address various human rights issues in Europe: when Muslims are unjustly interrogated, treated with disrespect, physically or mentally abused, or not allowed to practice their faith freely such as Muslim girls being prevented from wearing the hijab (head cover) in some schools.

Among topics up for discussion are “Islamaphobia” and the fear Europeans have of Muslims or Islam as a religion.


“The United States invading a number of Muslim countries was believed to have created radical behavior in the Muslim world”

Read it. Read it again. What is wrong with this sentence? Everything? Did your bullshit-detector explode already?

That’s because you’re right. It is BS from beginning to end. It is not boredom that causes jihad, it is not poverty that causes jihad, and it is not the US ‘invading Muslim countries’- it is the jihad stupid!

* Hugh explains. Link

Context matters: the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya

In Islam, no Infidel state, whatever its dimensions, can be permitted, for that would violate the essence of Islam. Islam, said Mohammad, is “to dominate and not to be dominated.” No land once part of dar al-Islam can ever fall under Infidel control again. The land on which Israel now sits, and other lands, including the Balkans, much of south-central Europe, much of Russia, most of India, and of course Spain, were once all part of dar al-Islam, and must be returned to it. But Israel, an Infidel sovereign state run by the despised Jews, and sitting smack in the middle of dar al-Islam, is particularly disturbing.

If the Islamic basis for Arab opposition to Israel were understood, then much that confuses commentators would become clear. It is irrelevant what Israel’s borders are; if it exists, it remains an affront, an outrage, a catastrophe, the greatest injustice in the history of the world (as Arab spokesmen routinely say).

The very phrase a “final peace settlement” rings hollow to anyone familiar with the tenets of Islam. For there can never be a “final peace settlement” between Moslems and non-Moslems. The model for treaties is the agreement made between Muhammad and the Meccans in 628 A.D., the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya. It was supposed to be a “truce” treaty that would last 10 years. It lasted scarcely 18 months, when Muhammad, feeling that his forces had grown sufficiently, breached the agreement on a pretext, and attacked the Meccans. As Majid Khaddui notes in War and Peace in Islam, this Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya became the model, and the basis, for all future “treaties” with Infidel peoples and polities.

Read and learn. more


Why the Future May Not Belong to Islam

Steyn does not fully understand the issue of demography. Islamic countries are parasitical. Even the massive population growth is only an advantage as long as Muslims are allowed to export it to infidel lands. Deprived of this opportunity, and of Western aid, the Islamic world would quickly sink into a quagmire of overpopulation. This is a long-term solution, to demonstrate to Muslims the failure of Islam.


‘Moderate’ Fatah-terrorists: ‘Give us what we want or face a new intifadah…’

* As if the intifadah ever stopped!

* Did the jihad ever stop?

‘Summit failure may ignite new intifada,'” by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post


Fatah thugs kiss the ground after running amok in Gaza

A failure in the upcoming US-sponsored Middle East peace conference would have more dangerous repercussions than the botched Camp David summit in 2000, Fatah officials warned on Tuesday.
This was the first time senior Fatah officials hinted at a possible wave of violence if the conference – expected to be held in Annapolis, Maryland, next month – did not meet the Palestinians’ demands.

“If we don’t prepare well for the conference so that it will result in something positive, the repercussions will be more dangerous than what happened after the failure of Camp David,” said Azzam al-Ahmed, head of the Fatah parliamentary list. He is closely associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinians might decide to stay away from the meeting, Ahmed warned. “If the [Israeli and Palestinian] negotiators don’t reach an agreement before the conference, there will be no point in holding it,” he said. “Let’s bear in mind that invitations to the conference have not been issued yet.”


Rice (-ing) to the occasion?

She never does. Why waste airplane fuel..?


Condi: Brown lipstick doesn’t sway the Pali-Arabs


Inversion of reality: The unholy war against the Jews

In a remarkable inversion of reality, Israel has become a pariah state because of its determination to defend itself.


“Disproportionate Response” 

A grotesque double standard now operates, where murderous Arab terrorists are hailed as “freedom fighters” yet Israeli security forces are treated as fascistic thugs. No nation has been more demonized than Israel. One recent survey across Europe revealed that Israel is now regarded as “the greatest threat” to world peace, an utter absurdity given that Israel is actually the only democratic, free society in the Middle East. But such a finding reflects the strength of the hysterical anti-Israeli propaganda that fills the airwaves of Europe. No matter how much this anti-Israeli feeling is dressed up as support for Palestine, it is in fact profoundly antisemitic….

The endless defamation campaigns are bearing rotten fruit…

Read more

Emerson: Howling and whincing when jihadists get caught

From LGF

Steven Emerson looks at what happens When Islamists Get Caught: they immediately cry “Islamophobia!” and “Free speech!” and “Out of context!”

And the mainstream media covers for them.

The Esam Omeish affair is the latest example of a “moderate,” “peaceful” American Muslim leader done in by his own words, caught on tape.

Omeish, the president of the Muslim American Society (MAS), was forced to resign last week from his recently-appointed position on Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s immigration commission when videos featuring Omeish posted by Little Green Footballs and the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) were brought to the governor’s attention.

Kaine asked for Omeish’s resignation after observing one video featuring Omeish at a December 2000 rally praising Palestinians for “…you have learned the way, that you have known that the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.”

Instead of owning up to his words, Omeish told reporters at a press conference Friday that he was taken out of context as part of a “smear campaign” based on“Islamophobia.”

When speaking of jihad, he said he did not mean violence. He only meant “exerting full effort.” He, like the Muslim American Society, is completely peaceful, espousing only a “path of moderation, engagement and outreach.” Omeish is a surgeon, and before that, an honor student – a pillar of the community, and nothing more. The re-production of his own words is an “Islamophobic” “smear.”

MAS Freedom Foundation Executive Director, Mahdi Bray, went one step further, portraying Omeish as the victim of a not-so-vast right wing conspiracy by those who send people into our mosques and send people into our conventions dressed as Muslim women with hidden cameras.”

* Scrutiny and exposure is obviously something Muhammedans don’t like at all. But do you think even ONE of these wankers from the PC- media would ask why?


Calls for censorship: The Clitman’s know how its done and do it all the time

Tim Reid in Washington


Whatever it takes…

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign forced a magazine to drop a negative story about her by threatening to cut off the publication’s access to the former President Bill Clinton, it emerged yesterday.

The ruthless response to GQ magazine, and its decision to bow to the ultimatum, reflects the enormous leverage Mr Clinton brings to his wife’s White House bid at a time when her quest for the Democratic nomination appears more formidable than ever.


Wes Clark calls for political discourse to be rated

Dangerous lunacy and hypocrisy by a self aggrandizing ex-general whose arrogance is only toppled by his ego but Tucker won’t have any of it:



Egypt Supports Pipe Bombers Firecracker Boyz

Our Friends the Egyptians


University of South Florida student Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, arrested with pipe bombs near a North Carolina Navy base, is going to have his defense paid for by Egypt.

“We are responsible for the sons of Egypt abroad with no exception,” el-Qawassni said.

* Cool. So is Egypt going to pay for Muhammad Atta flying a jet into the WTC on 9/11?

Mohamed, 24, and another USF student, Youssef Samir Megahed, 21, are charged with carrying explosive materials across state lines.



‘Islam Is Not A Monolith,’ Who cares? Why should we?

Fitzgerald: The “Islam Is Peace” campaign

Now let’s all imagine that we are Muslims, Believers living in the West. Muslims are not “monolithic,” we are told. No. You may come from Pakistan and I from Somalia, and someone is here from Algeria, and someone else from Yemen, and so on. But we all share the same faith, a faith that is a religion, a politics, an economics, a system of artistic censorship, a guide to personal hygiene, a manual of etiquette, a guide to Dealing With Non-Muslims, a clothing manual, a guide to what are the permissible limits of thought and especially of thought about Islam and Muhammad, and so on. It’s a Total System. It is unrecognized as such by most Infidels because what they know of as religion, what they think of as religion, is not a Total System.


New Jihad Watch: The Orwellian “Islam is Peace” campaign

Islamic groups in the UK have launched the slick “Islam is Peace” public relations campaign, which supporters say is aimed at showing that Muslims are ordinary British citizens. But as Robert Spencer reports, its actual aims and rhetoric line up well with many jihadist goals.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFuJz0hA5rc&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fhotair%2Ecom%2Farchives%2F2007%2F10%2F03%2Fnew%2Djihad%2Dwatch%2Dthe%2Dorwellian%2Dislam%2Dis%2Dpeace%2Dcampaign%2F [/youtube]*

The Jihad’s Trojan Horse

“The Islamist Trojan Horse is already in place,” by Youssef M. Ibrahim in the New York Sun

“We’re fighting them there, so we don’t have to fight them here” has become a hymn for the American right and an abominable lie to the left. But drowned out by all the noise is the fact that “they” are here already, having landed a long time ago and gotten very busy indeed constructing the American wing of jihad.
Have you watched the Arabic Channel, also known as TAC, which serves the New York region? Probably not, as most New Yorkers neither understand nor speak Arabic. But if you are among the estimated 1 million viewers — legal and illegal, new and old Arabic-speaking immigrants to the tri-state area — who tune in daily to Channel 507 on Time Warner Cable, this is what you can get:

• A daily dose of Islamic jurisprudence from an Egyptian sheik, Amr Khaled, who comes direct from Cairo as TAC’s prime advocate of “peaceful jihad,” on how the duty of every Arab-American is to become first, second, and only a member of the Muslim Ummah.

• A nightly helping of Syria’s CNN-style digest of the world, sent fresh from a Damascus studio where the Iraq war is nothing but an American butchery of Arabs, and the Zionist regime in Jerusalem is just biding its time until it gets what it deserves.


* Fitzgerald: The Trojan Horse is also to be seen in the Pentagon.


Toronto mosque tells Muslims to stay away from Western holidays

A Somali mosque in Toronto is completely open about their agenda of Islamic supremacism, contemptuously posting an article telling Muslims to stay completely away from the infidels’ holidays.

Also forbidden: watching sports or soap operas, walking dogs, family photos, wedding bands, Western hats, and mingling and shaking hands with the opposite sex.

* Bombing the infidels on their holidays is allowed, because worshipping their false gods is offensive to Allah…


Supremacism, not assimilation. “How can we bring ourselves to congratulate or wish people well for their disobedience to Allah?”

“The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque says to “avoid participating” in dinners, parties or greetings on Thanksgiving because it is a kuffaar, or non-Muslim, celebration.

A two-part article on the mosque Web site says Muslims should also “stay completely away” from “Halloween trick-and treat nonsense,” Christmas, New Year’s, anniversaries, birthdays and Earth Day.

“How can we bring ourselves to congratulate or wish people well for their disobedience to Allah? Thus expressions such as: Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, etc, are completely out,” it says.

“Mosque says to avoid Western holidays,” by Stewart Bell in the National Post/Link



Spain: Girl, 7, who wears veil, allowed back to school

Seven-year-old girls are not required to wear the veil in any case. In other words, some adults are using this girl to make a political point. And that political point is that Muslims will not conform to the mores of Spanish society.

MADRID – DPA – A seven-year-old Moroccan girl living in Spain went back to school Tuesday after the Catalan regional government allowed her to do so wearing the Muslim headscarf. 


Spencer (JW) Rocks: Osama bin Laden ‘hijacks Islam’ again

The most notorious hijacking of all, of course, may not be the ones Muhammad Atta and Co. pulled off on 9/11, but the hijacking of Islam itself, the Religion of Peace, that the mainstream media, Left and Right, takes for granted as having happened.And here, in his recent message to the people of Pakistan, Osama bin Laden is at it again, offering copious Qur’an quotes — as if challenging peaceful Muslims to demonstrate that he is misusing the Islamic book. Why don’t they take up the challenge? This is the way Osama and his counterparts make recruits among Muslims. This is what peaceful Muslims need to counter. But instead, they call people who point out that the jihadists who do this are “Islamophobes,” and that is that.


“Come To Jihad, To The People Of Pakistan,” by Osama bin Laden, translated from Urdu by Ahmed Al-Marid in Jihad Unspun/Link*

Tancredo refuses to vote for House resolution marking commencement of Ramadan

* This should be a matter of course. There is no place for a 7th century blood cult this day and age, anywhere. Anyone who has his wits together should ignore this nonsense.

* The wankers who voted in support of this are clearly in violation of the first amendment: 

The First Amendment refers to the first of several pronouncements in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, stating that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….” Together with the Free Exercise Clause, (“…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”), these two clauses make up what are commonly known as the “religion clauses” of the First Amendment. 

Congressmen should respect the constitution.

Trouble is they don’t:

He voted “present,” as did 41 other congressmen. All but one were Republicans.


The resolution, “in order to demonstrate solidarity with and support for members of the community of Islam in the United States and throughout the world, the House of Representatives recognizes the Islamic faith as one of the great religions of the world.” It also “acknowledges the onset of Ramadan and expresses its deepest respect to Muslims in the United States and throughout the world on this significant occasion.”…

* Boy, that hurts…

Shortly after the vote, however, Tancredo issued a press release in which he argued that the resolution shows how political correctness is ruining public discourse.

“This resolution is an example of the degree to which political correctness has captured the political and media elite in this country. I am not opposed to commending any religion for their faith. The problem is that any attempt to do so for Jews or Christians is immediately condemned as ‘breaching’ the non-existent line between Church and State by the same elite,” Tancredo says in his statement.

Here’s a resolution passed on December 15, 2005, expressing the House’s support for the “symbols and traditions” of Christmas — and only Christmas — to repel the left’s alleged secret plot to replace all references to the season with “Happy Holidays.” The measure passed, 401-22. Among those voting yes was Sir Tancelot.

Hot Air

“Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.”

“The Muslims and their societies are more advanced and more sublime than the West and its societies.”

* Pamela sez: They are masters alright. Masters of blood lust, murder, subjugation and the murder of the human heart.

Masters of the Universe

No doubt. Ready to prostrate yourself before your new masters?
By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for PMW:

One of the defining principles of Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood is their insistence that the only truth is Islam and that the world is destined to be enlightened only when ruled by Islam. A similar Islamic supremacist ideology was expressed recently in an article by a Palestinian Authority religious leader who was appointed last year by Mahmoud Abbas as member of the Supreme Fatwa Council: “Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.”


Read it all


Today’s Quote:

“I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.”

King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993


Thai jihadist in video beheading soldier, laughing

* Beheading, no doubt,- is totally unislamic and forbidden, as every apologist for Islam will tell you. That’s why the jihadists keep beheading people and keep laughing.


Nick Berg Beheading

Mobile phones seized in restive* southern Thailand depict gruesome videos”

from The Associated Press

*Homeric epithet alert. It would be hard to find a story that didn’t describe Southern Thailand as “restive.”

* The article omits the usual ‘nothing to do with Islam’ apologies and protects us from becoming suspicious by mentioning nothing about the Religion of Peace.

* You don’t wanna become Islamophobic! What were YOU thinking?

* No wonder the ‘insurgents’ are laughing…

* Here some graphic pic’s from the Thai Jihad if you’re up to it


Mothers of prevention

* Nothing to do with Islam (of course) The perps are ‘Asian Men’

* When are Britain’s Japanese and Chinese start running amok for being unfairly accused being Asian?

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps.


Investigation by Julie Bindel

A t the crown court in Preston on August 10, a trial involving two Asian men caused unusual interest across a number of cities in the north of England. The defendants, Zulfqar Hussain and Qaiser Naveed, were each sentenced to five years and eight months for abduction, sexual activity with a child, and the supply of a controlled drug.

They had both pleaded guilty, and they were placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

It seemed a shabby, seedy episode, probably typical of many cases down the years that have involved exploitative men and naive women. Yet, until these convictions, the police in over a dozen towns and cities, including Leeds, Sheffield, Blackburn and Huddersfield, had appeared reluctant to address what many local people had perceived as a growing problem – the groups of men who had been preying on young, vulnerable girls and ensnaring them into prostitution.

It was a very uncomfortable scenario, not least because many of these crimes had an identifiable racial element: the gangs were Asian and the girls were white. The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out.

Maureen’s daughter Jo was one of Hussain and Naveed’s victims, having been groomed by them and a number of other Asian men when she was 14. Jo went missing from her Blackburn home 90 times during the six-month period in 2005 that she was in Hussain and Naveed’s clutches.

“I was told by one police officer that he did not ‘want to start a race riot’ by arresting Pakistani men for sexual offences,” Maureen said. During the six months that Jo was in the clutches of these men, they raped, beat and abused her to the point where, says her mother, she did not even know who she was any more. Eventually, after she was attacked by Hussain and Naveed with an iron bar, Jo somehow found the courage to report them to police, and they were arrested. The case took 16 months to come to court. In the meantime, other pimps, undeterred by the impending trial, continued to go about their business.

Read it all



‘Bullies’- Not Muslim Females, Beat British Schoolgirl To A Pulp


A schoolgirl, who endured a vicious attack from bullies, has spoken about the moment she thought she was going to die.

Bethany James’ mother took this graphic photo as Bethany was in hospital to show the horrifying damage that can be caused by bullying.

“When it was happening, at one point I thought I was going to die” – Bethany James
Bethany spoke about the beating she endured from two teenage girls after a visit to a local video shop near her home in Bradford.



CLIT CUT – OR CUT CLIT: That is now the question:


‘White Wedding is just like Genital Mutilation’- Marxist Feminist Anthropologist. Ms Llewellyn-Davies

* That’s right: Socialist F*kcwits destroy everything including themselves with mental acrobatics in equivalence…


Colossal and Premeditated Abuse of Women by Muslims

The practices of degradation, exploitation, humiliation, subjugation, and physical abuse of women by Muslim men have been, and still are, time-honored traditions since the 7th century.


Muslims’ abominable treatment of the fairer sex was established by Muhammad and copied by his Bedouin Arab followers. They swept across Arabia and into neighboring countries, butchering the male inhabitants, looting and stealing their belongings, and taking their women and children captive to be raped, sodomized, forced into slavery, and shipped off on in droves to the harems and households of the wealthy men of the day.

Muhammad based his “right” to the above behavior on conveniently timed justifications which he passed off as “revelations” on the subject. Because he was ruthless in eliminating anyone who disagreed with him, his followers let him get away with this practice.

Read it all


Door closed to African refugees

The Australian

* Well, not really closed. You see, there are these ‘International Treaties’ that must be respected, Because we are so very civilized we have to become a little more inclusive (barbaric) by importing people who practice FGM, honor killings and a bit off head chopping. Besides, Downunder would be boring without the occasional ‘race’-riot over serial rape or innocuous cartoons depicting a certain ‘prophet’…

THE Howard Government will not allow any more African refugees into Australia until at least July next year – and may not accept more in the next refugee intake.

* A KRudd government will be more generous, no doubt…

THE Howard Government will not allow any more African refugees into Australia until at least July next year – and may not accept more in the next refugee intake.


Prosecutors say Chicago jihadists sought to topple U.S. government in favor of Islamic regime


These defendants wanted to wage jihad against the United States, and they tell us so in unequivocal detail,” Gregorie told jurors. “They say ‘the war has to be fought here. And it can’t be just a bombing. It’s got to be chaos.'”

* Their goal may have been far-fetched, but authorities would do well to examine where that idea comes from, and how widely it is held.


Kosovo Mon Amour: Jihadists for Greater Albania in Jail Break

From The London Times:

Among the escapees were Ramadan Shiti, a Saudi-born suspected Islamist terrorist expelled from his native country for allegedly plotting an attack on senior public figures, and Lirim Jakupi, a leader of the rebel Albanian National Army — a group of guerrillas who fight for a greater Albanian state in the Balkans.


Christian Serbian church

Wait a second, wait a second. There are Albanians actively engaged in securing a Greater Albania? But we were told for two decades that this was just a Serbian myth — propaganda to dupe the internationals into thinking that there’s a bigger picture to Kosovo independence.

Read it. You must!


An Albanian man passes in front of a national flag covering a building in central Pristina, Kosovo during a protest calling for a referendum, June 30, 2007.

Serbia warns US and NATO not to grant independence to Kosovo

* Because no one in his right mind would establish a Muhammedan heroin-province right smack in the middle of Europe. Eurabia. But its already a done deal, facilitated by Blow job Clitman and 20.000 Arab-Muslim mujaheddin on Bin Laden’s payroll. Read it and weep:

Major powers have set a December 10 deadline for an agreement on the final status of Kosovo, which has been in legal limbo under U.N. administration since 1999, when NATO waged an air war to drive out Serbian forces and halt ethnic cleansing.

Serbia, backed by Russia with its U.N. veto power, rejects independence for Kosovo. But the territory’s 2 million ethnic Albanians — 90 percent of the population — will settle for nothing less and have received Washington’s backing.


Da’awa & BS by the truckload


‘Ignorance’ is Cause of Bias, Muslim Leaders Say

From the Morgan Hill Times

* Because the ‘truth’ of Islam is self-evident, and if you hear the call to Islam and you still reject it, then you are committing the most heinous crime, because disbelief is worse than slaughter…’


* Qur’an 2:191 “And kill them wherever you find and catch them, and drive them out from where they have turned you out; for Al-Fitnah (polytheism, disbelief, oppression) is worse than slaughter.”

By Serdar Tumgoren – Staff Writer

San Martin – God’s name is nearly identical in ancient languages used to write the Koran and Old Testament. Muslims revere Abraham as a prophet and believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus. And the ranks of mainstream Muslims include plenty of soccer moms and sports fans.


* Yep. And then came the flying pigs….


Canada: ‘Walk A Mile For My Hookah”- To smoke or not to choke

If it is a cultural thing its okay.

Just like, like… cannibalism..?

FGM? Hashish, Opium anybody?

When it’s a multicultural imperative. “Hookah lounges exempt from bylaw”

by Frances Bula in the Vancouver Sun
Vancouver’s hookah-parlour owners are celebrating after winning an exemption Thursday from a proposed new bylaw that will ban smoking on most sidewalks in commercial districts, in bus shelters and even in taxis passing through Vancouver.

In giving the bylaw unanimous approval-in-principle, Vancouver city council members bowed to arguments that hookah lounges provide an important cultural space for the city’s Muslims and granted them a temporary exemption.

The bylaw, which provides for fines of $100 to $2,000, won’t come into effect until the legal department has drafted Thursday’s amendments. No firm date for its implementation has been set.

* It won’t be.

For the sake of diversity, PC and the new age multiculti religion called Islam every door will open magically…


Russians employed at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor suddenly depart in a body, according to local Arab sources

Moscow or Tehran has been tipped off that a US or Israeli attack is imminent on the Bushehr plant and Iran’s other nuclear installations and acted to whip Russian personnel out of harm’s way.


Ex- CIA Spook plays ‘anal-ice’ me: “Jihadists’ boredom a ‘common trait’ ”

From the AGE, of course…

Clones  Clowns of Befuddlement

A SENSE of boredom and frustration with their “insignificant” lives is a common trait of people who become violent jihadis, according to leading terrorism expert.


Marc Sageman is a former CIA officer who worked with the Afghan mujahideen in the 1980s and early 1990s.

* More info here. Thanks to Mullah: Safeguarding Australia

He left the US intelligence service and became a clinical psychiatrist, giving him some perspective on Islamic extremism.

* ???? Becoming a clinical psychiatrist gave him ‘some perspective’ of what????

He has spent the past few years researching terrorist networks and their radicalisation. He said terrorist recruits might range from highly educated doctors to unemployed youths. There’s nothing mysterious about these guys,” he said. “It’s not about being brainwashed. They are all too human.”

* Yeah. Just like us. Right?

* Actually, we beg to differ: They are not like us at all. The jihadists are brainwashed, they hate us and want to kill us. And if they get killed in the process they get their 72 houri’s (and don’t forget the 24 boyz)

Thats why they do things like this

* Here is another clueless ‘terrorism expert’ who is just as naive and befuddled like Sageman. Michael Scheuer learned nothing from his ‘chasing Bin Laden’ activities and Steven Emerson shows him what a mental lightweight he is here.

* And here is Scheuer making a fool of himself here again on Bill Mahers show


* Is America cloning idiots like Scheuer and Sageman somewhere in some secret cave?

Hopeless. Read it if you want


> *>

Oliver Roy, another self styled ‘terrorism’ pop tart

Terrorism: ‘War on terror’ not a global fight says expert

Paris, 2 Oct. (AKI) – The so-called war on terror should not be viewed as a global problem, but dissected within the context of regional conflicts, according to French scholar Olivier Roy, who is an expert on Islamic movements.

“The global war against terrorism cannot be carried out, as it is linked to Osama bin Laden’s strategy, which tries to confuse regional conflicts in order to pass it off as “only one clash between Islam and the West,” said Roy in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

Roy instead suggests a separation between regional conflicts, rejecting the current idea that peace in the Middle East is linked exclusively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

* Do we only have delusional f*kcwits who call themselves ‘experts’ nowadays?



Fitzgerald on ‘Boredom’

First it was “poverty.” But they all turned out to be middle-class or rich, far better off, and far better educated, than the run-of-the-mill Muslims, so it couldn’t be that.

Then it was “sexual tension.” But then there were those who pointed out that Bin Laden and many of his pals had all the wives they could afford, and then some, so it couldn’t be that.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced to leave U.S.

Too awful to be true, but it apparently is.

Shameful. Disgraceful. Despicable.

* Is the state department behind this?

Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali returned to the Netherlands, Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad reported on Monday…


The former legislator for the Liberal VVD party was allegedly forced to leave the US as American authorities had refused to finance the expenses of her personal security measures.

So far, the Dutch government has paid all those expenses, but after more than a year of residency in the US, the Dutch allegedly said they were no longer willing to continue this arrangement.

Exit question: The U.S. presumably knew the Dutch were about to pull the security rug out from under her. That being so, if they weren’t prepared to guarantee her security themselves, why did they issue her a green card six days ago?

Hirsi Ali leaves US, returns to Holland


Israel officially denies responsibility for death of al-Dura in 2000

Seven years after death of Gaza boy captured by France 2 cameraman was
blamed on Israel, Prime Minister’s Office issues first official document
stating incident was staged. French reporter defends video, calling it


Peace loving murderers

“The issue here is Fatah and what the hoax tells us about the organization on which the Olmert government and the Bush administration are basing all their plans for a future peace between the Palestinians and the State of Israel.”


Israeli govt: “The creation of the Mohammed al-Dura myth did great damage to the state of Israel”

State: Al-Dura Death Video was Staged

What took them so long?
(IsraelNN.com) Seven years after Arab 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura was allegedly killed in Gaza, the Prime Minister’s Office has released a statement saying that a video supposedly showing al-Dura’s death was staged. The announcement, the first of its kind from a government agency, confirmed what many activists and media watchdogs have been saying for years.

“The creation of the Mohammed al-Dura myth did great damage to the state of Israel,” said Government Press Office head Daniel Siman. “It was a blood libel against the state… it caused damage and dozens of deaths.” The government decided the video was staged based on several factors, he said, including the fact that soldiers could not possibly have shot al-Dura from the angle at which they were standing, and the fact that crucial parts of the scene are missing from the video footage provided to major media outlets.


Islamic cleric preaching ‘hate’

Hat tip Rosie

Sally Neighbour |The Australian

* But, but, but: Isn’t Sheik Omran a good Muslim?


MELBOURNE Islamic cleric Mohammed Omran has been accused by his estranged son-in-law of preaching extremism and hatred in a bitter war of words following his separation from Sheik Omran’s daughter.

* The accusations have been levelled by 26-year-old Ali Kassae, a former member of Sheik Omran’s fundamentalist Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah association, who was married to Sheik Omran’s daughter, Zaynab, until they separated in August last year.

Mr Kassae claims he has been prevented from seeing his children since the split, and has been threatened and abused by other members of Sheik Omran’s group.

He also accuses Sheik Omran’s organisation of inciting violent attacks on people who disagree with them.

Mr Kassae, who moved to Australia from his native Syria as a nine-year-old, blames the break-up of his seven-year marriage on the extremism of Sheik Omran and his group.

“I couldn’t stand their attitude and beliefs,” Mr Kassae said. “I had left that culture behind. I just wanted to live an Australian life. Then I was forced into the culture again.”

Mr Kassae said he and other group members were “taught to hate” by being shown violent propaganda videos about conflicts involving Muslims in places such as Palestine. One DVD, shown to The Australian, which Mr Kassae said was distributed among members of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah, declares: “You should hate them as they hate you, invade them as they invade you, fight them as they fight you. Whoever dies will be granted the mercy of God and paradise. Jews have no place in Palestine. Jews shouldn’t be there. Jews should die. We should proclaim jihad until they all die, until every single one of them is dead.”

A spokesman for Sheik Omran yesterday said the cleric completely rejected Mr Kassae’s statements, claiming his estranged son-in-law had a “mental illness”.

* Criticising Islam usually carries charges like ‘mental illness’ or death…

“Since leaving (the organisation), I’ve committed an even bigger crime. I’ve been judged – I’m a disbeliever and I should be taken apart,” Mr Kassae said.

“All I wanted was a future, a wife and a family and a home. And they took that away from me.”

* Our Winds of Jihad shrink diagnosed Sheik Omran a while back as suffering from a mental illness called Islam which causes Infidelophobia, Judeophobia and murderous hatred….


(Some of) Today’s Offerings By The Religion of Peace

Burqa-clad jihad/martyrdom bomber murders 15 in Pakistan

From the ‘Islam is what Muslims do’- department


“Sheikh Qaaq died in hospital. His killers do not want Muslims to unite.”

Pro-jihad Islamic cleric killed in Aleppo.


“Kill Jews and Christians if they don’t believe in Allah and Mohammad.”

Anti-Jewish, anti-Christian fliers found on cars

I really don’t know what it means other than suggesting violence to Jews and Christians,” Jesperson said. “We certainly have no intentions of stifling someone’s religious beliefs but it is most certainly a violation of the law if you’re condoning violence with this hate literature.”

You think?


Man with grenades, Islamic literature arrested at US embassy in Vienna

Austrian police say he’s a Bosnia native, had Islamic literature,” from MSNBC

* He was just going to say ‘thank you’ for bombing the Christian Serbs out of Bosnia…


Video From The Planet Of The Apes

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfz7HUiXaKc&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Flittlegreenfootballs%2Ecom%2Fweblog%2F%3Fentry%3D27319%5FVideo%2D%5FMoonbats%5FFace%5FOff%5Fwith%5FAnti%2DIdiotarians%26only[/youtube] Another must-see video from Age of Hooper from Saturday’s anti-war tantrums in Washington DC, as pro-Israel counter-protesters are abused, roughed up and screamed at, and moonbats try to steal their Israeli flag and destroy it.

UK Chutzpah: Islamic group ‘with links to Al Qaeda’ wants to open school near Olympic village

“Shoebomber Richard Reid and 7/7 bombers Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer were members.”


Bali Bombers Get More Time Off


Bucktooth Bashir was out in no time.  25 months for mass murder? Indonesia stinks!

The “moderate” Islamic state of Indonesia keeps shaving time off the sentences of the Islamic terrorists responsible for the mass murders in Bali two years ago. The last time it was for good behavior. This time it’s to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Because nothing says “celebration” like pandering to barbaric murderers.


Nigeria: 9 Christians killed over cartoon drawn by Muslim in Bangladesh


“They cannot control their anger, they take knives and slaughter. When you tell them what they are doing is wrong, they will turn round and start to kill. ”

“It is clear that the cartoonist is from Bangladesh and he is a Muslim, so why should they now visit their anger on Christians unless they are lunatics and if you call them this type of name, they say they are angry, but they go killing. “

* Which cartoons? These cartoons here



Iran MPs warn over Benetton stores

Hiedeh Farmani

TEHRAN — A group of prominent MPs have warned over the presence of Italian clothing retailer Benetton in Iran, saying its fashions are a bad influence on female consumers, newspapers said Monday.

UK: Muslim ‘Peace’-Propaganda Effort To Muzzle Public Debate

Bridge For Sale: Another steaming pile of taqiyya from the MCB

From Al Bebeeceera:


Islam requires its followers to reject terror, organisers say

* But Muhammad said: ‘I have been made victorious with terror’- and strike terror in the hearts of the infidels…’ Poor Brits, if they only knew….!

An advertising campaign promoting British Muslims as integrated citizens who reject extremism has been launched.

Islam is Peace – formed after the bombings in London in July 2005 – has initially placed adverts on the capital’s buses and Underground trains.

* Whatever it takes to pull the Islamic wool over the suspicious eyes and ears of the irritated infidels…

They show a range of Muslims – including a policewoman, a Scout group and the chef Michael Barry – with the slogan “Proud to be a British Muslim”.

Organisers say research shows many Britons associate Islam with terrorism.

* Could there be a reason for that?

Nationwide tour

The group insists that the religion demands that its followers live in peace with their neighbours within non-Muslim societies.

* Really? But what about the Qur’an 8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

But it says it recognises that Muslims have a duty to show that the vast majority of them wish to do so.

* So could it be it is just a PR exercise to deceive the infidels? Qur’an 9:3 “Allah is not bound by any contract or treaty with non-Muslims, nor is His Apostle.”

After the initial London campaign, Islam Is Peace intends to launch a nationwide tour.


Ifhat Shaheen-Smith, one of the campaign organisers, said: “In the current atmosphere of suspicion and fear about Islam and British Muslims, truth is often confused with fabrications and stereotypes.

“Prejudice has become entrenched and sensationalistic media reporting is creating a climate of paranoia.

* Could it be that this has been caused by Muslims blowing up stuff around the world for some time now?

“There is a desperate need for openness, mutual understanding and a mature debate.”

* Really? Lets debate the 164 jihad verses in the Koran then. Cut out your Da’awa crap and talk openly, with understanding and lets have a mature debate!

Da’awa & Dissimulation

* Here’s a recent article documenting the dissimulation employed by many influential muslim leaders in the United States, who have been caught out saying one thing in public and another in private, even as they cultivate high level relationships within the government by touting their “anti-terrorist” credentials.

* And here’s the first part of an undercover mosque series in Great Britain in which muslims leaders are recorded expressing their hatred for the Kaffirs and their governments, rhetoric that bears a striking similarity to the material I’ve cited above. (Money quote, “We must live as a state within a state until we take over . . .


Following the 7 July bombings, the group has spent tens of thousands of pounds placing adverts in national newspapers in which Muslims reject extremism.

* Hmmm. Could that be Saudi petro-dollars?

Sadiq Khan MP said: “This is a fantastic initiative. Islam is a faith whose primary focus is peace and submission to one God.

* Sure. The infidels have to be whacked into submission, no doubt. Otherwise they will get the peace of the grave, while the bombs go off daily in 30 + theaters of jihad terror worldwide…

“This campaign will help to bust some of the myths about Islam and allow the true face of Islam to reach all parts of our country.”

* Which is the myth and which is the true Islam?


Secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain Muhammad Abdul Bari said: “The silent majority of Muslims are coming forward and now challenging the islamophobia in sections of our media – it is a brave undertaking.”

The campaign is launched as a new law banning incitement to religious hatred comes into force.

* There you go. A law preparing the ground for the Islamization of Britain, designed to muzzle the indigenous Brits and to stifle debate…

* This ‘LAW’ is the mother of perfidy: Twice defeated before, it has now -somehow-been passed. It is a disgrace for every parliamentarian in the UK (Link)


A Ridiculous Campaign That Deserves To Be Ridiculed

The transparency and clumsiness of this ad campaign, and the obvious suspicion that its costs are being met by rich Arabs, merely will heighten suspicions and also be subject to silent, or perhaps open, ridicule.

It’s a good sign, however, that organized Muslims feel they must engage in this. It’s a sign that they feel under pressure, that they somehow have to turn off the tap of information and intelligent attention by Infidels. But those Infidels will start reading, with greater and greater understanding, the Qur’an and the Hadith. And they will begin to make sense of what they read. They will realize that Islam inculcates a permanent state of war that must exist between Believers and Infidels, between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb. They will begin to realize that Jihad to spread Islam, by any means available, is a living doctrine, and one that fell into desuetude not because of any change in either doctrine or Muslim understanding of that doctrine, but because of perceived Muslim weakness until the OPEC trillions came along to make those Muslims rich, able to buy weapons,and Western hirelings, and also to support a vast propaganda effort on behalf of Islam to supplement campaigns of Da’wa all over the advanced West, which, as it happens, was also successfully penetrated by millions of Muslim immigrants — including those who now live in Great Britain, and ride those busses, and smile as they look at those advertisements, and think to themselves,
if only we can keep the Infidels unwary for just another decade, or two, if only, if only…

Posted by: Hugh at October 1, 2007 12:21 PM

Update: Countering Islamophobia-phobia

Please, someone with the artistic talent, please design and market a t-shirt or sweatshirt with the following design:

The shirt should look like the typical rock band “tour shirt”:

‘Religion of Peace’ World Tour

New York 2/26/93

New York (encore) 9/11/01

Washington 9/11/01

Madrid 3/11/04

London 7/7/05

London (encore) 7/21/05

Bombay 7/11/06

Over 9,000 local engagements

“Audiences Blown Away”

(From a posting on JW)


Ready to cuddle up? You can let MCB know what you think about their initiative here:




Britain, The Place of the Great Kumbaya Orgy

UK: Coffee and biscuits the answer to integration for Muslims, says government minister

All we need is “Kumbaya.”

“Coffee and biscuits the answer to integration for Muslims says Minister,” by Pete Devine for The Asian News (thanks to DW)

* How do such imbeciles get to hold cushy jobs in government?

A GOVERNMENT minister believes that the answer to furthering the integration of the Muslim community into wider British society could be for them to share more coffee and biscuits with their white neighbours.

John Denham, the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills was addressing a meeting in Bournemouth organised by the Fabian Society on citizenship and integration.

Zareen Roohi Ahmed of the British Muslim Forum told the meeting that the problems often stemmed from a “massive Eurocentric” view and said she hoped that the government would be pushing for a “less Eurocentric culture”.

* Of course. Britons should give up their nasty Eurocentric culture. Coffee and biscuits? Who does Denham think he is? What a racist Islamophobe! Coffee, sure, as long as it’s Turkish coffee. Biscuits? Better to serve za’atar manakish.

* Sheik Yer’mami will settle for some belly-dancing maidens, some dark eyed houris will do nicely…



Islam is Peace for Britain?

by Robert Spencer

* Robert Spencer shreds the ridiculous ‘Islam is Peace’ BS-propaganda campaign currently underway in  the UK: 

 “Who are we? We are Islam is peace. We want to eradicate Islamophobia. Our home is Britain. And we represent peace.”

It’s a new ad campaign in Britain: Islam is Peace. Buses and trains are sporting the legend, “Islam is Peace,” and an array of images, including that of a Muslim policewoman, a Muslim scout group, and a Muslim chef, attempt to show that Muslims in Britain are ordinary citizens, and should not be regarded with suspicion.

The group’s website derides as a “misconception” the idea that “jihad means holy war.” It speaks about jihad as involving a “struggle to improve the quality of life in society and the struggle against injustice, oppression and tyranny,” but says nothing about armed struggle. It leaves unexplained how innumerable thousands of Muslims worldwide could have gotten the idea that jihad had something to do with violence. The site also dismisses the idea that “terrorism is supported in Islam,” saying, “this misconception is one of the most widely held misconceptions about Islam today,” and quoting the Qur’an to show that “it is clearly Islamically unlawful to murder an innocent person.” However, it doesn’t specify what qualifies a person as innocent, and thus does not answer the jihadist claim that no non-Muslim can be innocent.

Here it is, read it all