Tomorrow’s Headlines Today: “More Migrants Will Die”

Munich Muslims fear backlash….

He screamed ‘allahu akbar’, but the learned analysts just can’t figure out what made him do it. Its a real head scratcher.

Desperately looking for a “right wing extremist”— NBC reporter Richard Engel on the Nightly News smirking that it was “neo-Nazis” He actually looked smug. What a douche.

Disturbing rise of Europe’s Far-Right: Where nationalist paries (sic) are surging across EU?

Who is disturbed? Are you disturbed?

DESPITE Norbert Hofer’s narrow defeat in last week’s Austrian presidential election, nationalist parties continue to surge across the continent.–WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY DOMINIC MIDGLEY
Munich attack: Shooter’s motive ‘completely unclear’

No shiite. Turns out that its not a “right wing attack”,  so now the twittering leftards are suspiciously quiet.

Munich attack: Shooter’s motive ‘completely unclear’
German police say attacker who killed nine people before turning gun on himself was an 18-year-old from Munich.

German police say attacker who killed nine people before turning gun on himself was an 18-year-old from Munich.

“The perpetrator was an 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich,” police chief Hubertus Andrae told reporters, adding that there was no sign of any additional shooters involved in the incident.

The suspect had dual citizenship and “no criminal record”, Andrae said.

“The motive or explanation for this crime is completely unclear.”

No, it isn’t. And as long as you keep telling yourselves that, you’re just inviting more attacks like this one.

Desperately trying to establish some kind of “right wing” angle to this. RT reports that “Munich rampage occurred on fifth anniversary of Breivik massacre”, as if that had anything to do with it at all.

Tim Blair:


Nine dead and many injured in Munich:

At least nine people were killed and 21 others hurt Friday in a shooting rampage at a busy shopping district in Munich, Germany, police said.

Police searched for attackers, found a man who had killed himself and concluded he was the only gunman, the police chief said.


The unidentified gunman was an 18-year-old German-Iranian who had lived in Munich for more than two years, Chief Hubertus Andrae told reporters.

No group has claimed responsibility and police have not provided a motive. Authorities said children were among the casualties …

A witness who will only be identified as Lauretta told CNN her son was in a bathroom with a shooter at the McDonald’s. “That’s where he loaded his weapon,” she said. “I hear like an alarm and boom, boom, boom… And he’s still killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can’t run.” Lauretta said she heard the gunman say, “Allahu Akbar,” or God is great. “I know this because I’m Muslim. I hear this and I only cry.”

It’s the third attack on civilians in Europe in barely a week.

FLASHBACK. Munich, 1972:

The intruders carried Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenades and Tokarev pistols in duffel bags. Stolen keys gave them access to 31 Connollystrasse, where the Israelis were housed.

It is believed that the attackers, all from refugee camps, had worked in the village weeks preceding the Games to study the scene of their strike.

UPDATE. The New York Times blames Europe:

First came Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Then the horrific attack in Nice, France, which killed 84 people. Then, on Friday, a shooting near a shopping mall in Munich, which the police are treating as a possible terrorist attack.

These events alone would be cause for a continental nervous breakdown. But still unresolved is an even bigger threat to European stability: a failure to develop a coherent, humane plan to deal with the inexorable flow of desperate people fleeing violence and persecution in the Middle East and Africa and seeking a new home in Europe …

The refugee issue continues to stoke fears and xenophobic politics. If Europe fails to face this problem squarely and humanely, more migrants will die, and a union that has kept the peace in Europe for decades could well unravel.

Correction: if Europe fails to face this problem squarely, more Europeans will die.

(Via Steve Sailer, who neatly condenses the NYT’s view: “Munich attack proves Europe must take in more refugees.”)

“Ugly”, “stupid” and “deformed creature” nothing out of the ordinary on Q & A

Tim Blair

The ABC defends Khaled Elomar’s Q & A audience appearance:

On Facebook Elomar has mocked the One Nation senator, calling her “Sheikha Pauline Hanson” and depicting her wearing a hijab. One post tells Hanson to “Go Upper Cut Yourself”.

The Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie is also targeted by Elomar and referred to on Facebook as “ugly”, “stupid” and “a deformed creature”. 

You’re not exactly Miss Universe yourself, old chap.

Other posts on Elomar’s Facebook account includes criticisms of “Zionist Israel” as well as capitalism. One post said: “The Zionists and capitalists of the world ‘Go f**k yourself’ … We want peace mother**kers.”

Another post said: “The world is waking up to the crimes of Zionism/Capitalism. The world is extremely cognisant of the bias and flawed western foreign policies. Islam has a vast international supportive audience.”

But the ABC has backed its audience screening processes, saying there was nothing “out of the ordinary about his appearance on the program”.

The only thing out of the ordinary was Elomar being in the crowd instead of on the panel. The ABC should provide him with a more prominent platform … perhaps the next time Q & A discusses gay marriage.

‘Go uppercut yourself, Pauline’
The Muslim man who confronted Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Q&A over her “Islamophobic feelings”– HTF did this dog get into Australia?

Munich shopping centre attacked


Police say the Munich gunman was an 18-year-old German Iranian who had been living in the city.

More follows…

I see is no longer trending now that we know it was Muslims.

This is a war against Western civilization. Leftists cowards who want to feel better about themselves call you racist.

Western Leftists absolutely heartbroken that was the work of Islamists and not the ‘right-wing’. They prayed to Allah so hard. 😃


Reports of three gunmen killing 9 people  and severely wounding 20 at a Munich shopping centre. Few details yet. No word on motivation.


Looks like the shooter was an Islamist born in Germany. This is another Islamic terror attack.


The situation is developing. There have also been reports that the gunman shouted “I am a German” and “f*** foreigners,” in which case the shootings are a heralding of the coming civil war in Europe about which I have been warning, and which will be a result of the European elites’ suicidal policies regarding Muslim migrants. No killings of any innocent people are ever justified. Those ultimately responsible, if this is an attack on migrants or motivated by hatred of migrants, are Angela Merkel and her cohorts.  (Jihad Watch)

MUNICH, GERMANY - JULY 22: Special forces hide behind a police car infront of a mall were a shooting took place in Munich, Germany. Foto: Sebastian Widmann

There have been multiple fatalities.

Images of Individuals Arrested Surface Getty Images has published photographs of three men under arrest


Munich police said they suspected it was a terrorist attack.

Authorities were evacuating people from the Olympia mall but many others were hiding inside. Munich’s main railway station was also being evacuated.

A Munich police spokeswoman said multiple people were killed or wounded. No suspects had been arrested yet, she said.


It could be a different kind of killer to the usual suspect:

Witnesses said that the shopping centre gunman screamed ‘I’m German’ and ‘f*** foreigners’ before shooting

Eyewitness: ‘Allahu Akbar’

At Least 9 Dead…

“We cannot live together with neighbors who are infidels. We have to fight for the cause of Allah.”

There you have it. In their own words. Forget all that BS about “Islamophobia” and  poor, marginalised Muslims. The bottom line is Islam, nothing else:

Quran (2:216) – Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.” Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was obviously not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that this verse was narrated at a time that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding merchant caravans for loot.


A month in the life of Christians under Islam.

Raymond Ibrahim

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

The following anecdotes of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world occurred or were reported in April. They are categorized by theme, or familiar patterns:

Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches

United States: A pro-ISIS group calling itself the United Cyber Caliphate defaced the website of the Christian Reformed Church in the city of Lamont, Michigan. A 15-year-old teenage girl discovered the website’s defacement—which consisted of a YouTube ISIS propaganda video and Arabic text—while searching for the church’s phone number. The video’s spokesman says, “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us, He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise.”

Ethiopia: Rioting Muslims accusing Christians of converting Muslims rampaged throughout the East Shewa Zone.  They burned down 14 churches—belonging to Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant denominations—and left more than 2,000 Christians without worship venues.  One church cemetery was also vandalized.  A church leader said: “We have been worshipping outside and sitting on the bare ground bearing the hot sun.  We appeal to our brothers elsewhere to come and assist us. The attackers poured petrol and were chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ [Allah is greater] before setting the church building on fire.”  Ethiopia’s population is 60 percent Christian and 34 percent Muslim.

Uganda: Around midnight on April 12, an angry Muslim mob demolished a Christian church.  They were heard chanting: “We cannot live together with neighbors who are infidels. We have to fight for the cause of Allah.”  The church’s 450 members were left without shelter during the rainy season. Musical instruments, more than 500 plastic chairs and other property were also destroyed. Two days earlier, a group of Muslims shouting “Allah only is to be worshipped, and Muhammad is his prophet” slaughtered a church leader’s pigs, a key source of income.  He had previously received a text saying, “Let this be known to your church members that pigs are extremely unholy and an abomination before Allah, very outrageous and shameful.  They are haram [forbidden] and unlawful as our holy Quran does prohibit them.”  Muslims also sent a text message to a church member– “We are soon coming for the heads of your pigs” – before killing eight of his swine.

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Islam is an ideology, not a race

We should see Islam as a religious, not a racial issue

  • In the wake of the atrocity in Nice, television presenter Sonia Kruger, like many of us, felt emotionally convulsed. She called for a halt to Muslim immigration. For this she was almost instantly denounced as a “racist”.

That, in saying what she did, she made reference to a newspaper piece by Andrew Bolt was damning in the eyes of many of her critics. Yet, as she expressed it on Tuesday, this is a complex matter and we must be able to talk about it openly if we are to come up with solutions that keep this country peaceful and safe.

There are several matters that got tangled up in her cri de coeur, prompted, as she said, by her feelings as a mother and the outcry that followed.

First is the definition of racism; second, the distinction between those who happen to be Muslims by culture or belief and those who seek to impose Islam by terror and intimidation; third, the practical matter of immigration criteria; and fourth, the elementary principles governing an open society. Let’s address these one at a time.

It is vital to separate charges of racism from criticism of religion. Islam is not an ethnicity, not a race, even if it did begin as a tribal Arabic cult. Any sound progressive should by now be across the fact, moreover, that the very notion of race is incoherent. But it becomes even more incoherent when those who express concern about Islam are charged with racism.


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Is this zebiba sportin’ jihadist the next Man Haroon Monis?

Tony Jones brings these savages on Q & A and allows them to spew their hateful rubbish. Then the nutroots turn on those of us brave enough to ring the alarm bells so that they have to fear for their lives. This is getting from bad to worse.

Khaled Elomar confronts Pauline Hanson on Monday night’s Q&A.

The Muslim man who confronted Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Q&A over her “Islamophobic feelings” on Monday night has repeatedly denigrated the One Nation leader online, posting doctored images of her in a hijab and telling her to “go uppercut” herself.

Lebanese-born Khaled Elomar, of Sydney, was present­ed as a typical Australian Muslim grappling with explaining to his son why their religion had made them a target for hatred, which has seen him hailed by some in the media in ­recent days.

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SBS scribbler calls counter jihadists “the worst people alive…”

Yes, Islam is not a race, you are still a racist

Obsessed and deranged:

“The worst people alive… are those who engage logic and common sense and reject Islam…”

Every Child is Born Muslim

The Prophet Muhammad said, “No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)
Yes, Islam is not a race, you are still a racist

By Ben McLeay 

… It’s also just willfully ignorant. Muslims make up the majority of those killed by ISIS; the people pushing to ban Muslim immigration try painting this as a war between Islam and non-Muslims, but the truth is it’s a war between extremists and every single person, of every faith and colour and creed and what have you, that isn’t them. …
Sure, you betcha: Islam is a not a race. That doesn’t mean that your motivations aren’t racist. Now, please, please, shut the fuck up.

Nice, eh? SBS employs a lunatic scribbler  paid by your tax dollars to vilify us all and roll a turd in glitter.

  • A common defense used by those making prejudice statements regarding Muslims has been to claim that ‘Islam is not a race’, this doesn’t fly with comedian Ben McLeay who says that, besides it being weird that they think that their ‘mis-categorisation’ is a defense excusing their bigotry, it actually doesn’t make them any less racist.

SBS “comedian” Ben McLeay engages in full blown Islamo prop. I couldn’t find the funny part, perhaps you can:

A common defense used by those making prejudice statements regarding Muslims has been to claim that ‘Islam is not a race’, this doesn’t fly with comedian Ben McLeay who says that, besides it being weird that they think that their ‘mis-categorisation’ is a defense excusing their bigotry, it actually doesn’t make them any less racist.

If I had a dollar for everyone someone has told me “Islam isn’t a race” in the last week, I probably wouldn’t currently be two months behind on my internet bill. Delivered every single time by someone confident that they’re the first person to ever say it to me, it’s a sentence invariably used to argue that someone’s anti-Muslim sentiment isn’t the product of racism, and therefore totally fine.

The worst people alive are crawling out of the woodwork to comment exactly this sentence on every single article about Sonia Kruger and Pauline Hanson they can find, hoping that people will stop mistaking their hate speech for dangerous racism and instead acknowledge it as run-of-the-mill, harmless religious discrimination.

Let’s say for a second that these people aren’t racist (they are), they still seem super ok with admitting to another, equally as dumb and dangerous form of discrimination. I trot out this statistic a lot, but there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. That’s over a fifth of the population of the planet. Banning 1.6 billion doctors and lawyers and mothers and fathers and TV hosts and rodeo clowns and artists and children and librarians and chefs because of the actions of extremists would be like nuking a city to destroy a wasp’s nest

That’ll learn em.

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Sonia Kruger vs Muslims, our cowardly media freaks & the Gosford Goose

Islamofascist Khaled-Oula Elomar  from the Q&A audience who called Pauline Hanson a racist bigot and intolerant, has been caught spewing  Anti-Semitic diatribes  online and referring to them as pigs.


Latest attention seeking efforts by the Gosford Goose:


A dangerous lunatic. A danger to himself and others:


Obsessed and deranged:


Under Islam, there is no freedom of religion. If the Gosford Goose  had even the most basic understanding of Islam he would know that he could barely keep his head on under the sharia.

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I blame our politicians for endangering Australians’ lives

It has to be said. Our political clown gallery is derelict in their duty to protect.

I ACCUSE Australia’s political class of a crime. Of wilfully ­endangering the safety of ­Australians.

They — with much media help — have put Australians in danger through years of reckless immigration and refugee policies.

And it’s come to what we saw on Saturday — anti-terrorism police in Melbourne ­arresting five more young men from Muslim families, two for allegedly plotting attacks on police on Anzac Day.
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Wally Watch


Sly Islamo agitprop Waleed Aly  looks on as his coreligionists mass-murder infidels around the world,  then he opens his mouth to turn reality on its head. He says he is “scared too” and “afraid for this country”, adding: “I’m terrified about what it is doing to my friends and family. Honestly, I’m scared about where I belong.”

Australians should let him know that he doesn’t belong here.

 #I'll ride with you

Yet again, after yet more Islamic terrorism, apologist Waleed Aly criticises how the the targets of such terror react – not the theology that has inflamed and directed the killers.

Yet again, he has placed himself and other Muslims in the ranks of the sinned-against, singled out non-Muslims out for criticism and thrown in some completely misleading “rebuttals”.

Take this particularly deceptive response to one fact I pointed out and which Kruger repeated in noting a connection between the number of Muslims in a Western society and the risk of Islamist terrorism:

“I could sit here and pull apart Sonia Kruger’s statement,” [Aly] said in the editorial, co-written by supervising producer Tom Whitty. “I could point out that Japan has had its share of terror attacks, or that the UN has attributed Japan’s low crime rate to low inequality and low gun ownership..”

Sonia Kruger’s car troubles:

Click on image to enlarge!

First, we were talking about the link between Muslims and Islamic terrorism, not between Muslims and terrorism carried out (many years ago) by far-Left groups, cults or ultra nationalists.

Second, we were talking about terrorism, not crime rates.

Third, Aly is suggesting that in countries where there is indeed Islamic terrorism, the root cause there is “inequality” rather than the ideology of the killer. In fact, jihadists in the West have included university graduats and the children of professionals. Osama bin Laden was the son of a tycoon. His successor is a doctor.

Fourth, Aly suggests that Islamist attacks are a function of the West’s gun laws, when the latest attacks in Nice and now in a German train used weapons found all over Japan – trucks and axes.  In Melbourne, two police were stabbed by a man armed only with knives. Aly also overlooks the fact that France also has tough gun laws, but has not been spared. The ultimate terrorist attack – on September 11 – was carried out by terrorists armed only with boxcutters.  And, of course, Aly is here once more finding fault with the victims, not the killers.

I could point out that if Sonia is afraid, logically, as a woman in Australia, she has a much higher chance of being murdered by a man she knows, than a Muslim from another country.

And? Is that why France has just had to deploy 22,000 soldiers and police reservists to protect its public? Why we’re checked for weapons going into even the MCG?

“We can react emotionally, carelessly, and with little genuine critical thought, and we can destroy a perceived enemy in the hope that it will neutralise the threat that is making us feel unsafe,” he said. “This is the destructive choice…Or when we are presented with what we perceive as an outrageous opinion, we can consider what motivated that person…”

This is blaming Kruger even while claiming to forgive her.

And here is Aly putting Muslims as victors rather than addressing a single remark to any Muslims as perpertrators:

Aly said he was “scared too” and “afraid for this country”, adding: “I’m terrified about what it is doing to my friends and family. Honestly, I’m scared about where I belong.”

And once again, Aly suggests the real challenge is to moderate our fear, not address what they are fearful about:

“…I’m not saying you should be silent in the face of bigotry. But when you do engage with someone you disagree with, I’m talking about assuming the best in people, showing others radical generosity in the face of their hostility. Which is the much harder choice because it demands much more restraint, patience, and strength.”

And about Islam, Waleed?

About the fact that the last three terrorist attacks here were all carried out of Muslims we’d accepted as refugees? That 12 of the 21 people jailed here for terrorism – all Muslim – were men we’d accepted as migrants? And seven of the rest were the children of migrants?

More evasion and blame-shifting, I’m afraid. But watch – there will be more praise for that, too.

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