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He’s a stupid idiot, say Aussie jihadist Abdullah Elmir’s family

1413850873513_wps_1_jihadi_2105_JPGA SYDNEY teenage Islamic State jihadist who threatened Australia in a chilling video has been condemned by relatives. …More on the follower of the false prophet by Simon Benson and Taylor Auerbach at The Daily Telegraph(Mullah, pbuh)

Perth: if you reject halal grub, you are ‘racist’ and ‘ignorant’

Barnett must….

… and Barnett will:

Muslim community says Barnett must do more to stamp out attacks

As the attacks on the Muslim community increase, the Islamic Council of WA say the Barnett government has gone to ground.

At the weekend, two Perth mosques and the Australian Islamic College in Thornlie were targeted with anti-Islamic slogans. …

More on the followers of the false prophet complaining about being threatened even as their ‘god’ calls for ‘unbelievers’ to be beheaded and maimed by Brendan Foster @ WAtoday


Marches have been taking place in major German towns and cities, leading police to fear a return to right wing hooliganism.

by /Breitbart

A“Tiny minority of extremists”. Left wing hooliganism no problem, and we are to believe that these guys are of “the right”. But make no mistake: these Neo-Nazis are also of the left, their slogan is “free, social & national”, as opposed to the Anarcho-Antifa mob that is deluded enough to believe that they can use the soldiers of allah as the storm-troopers in the struggle for the coming international socialist paradise. They also hate Jews, but hey, the enemy of my enemy is my friend; as long as they take on the Mohammedan scourge I say good luck to them! 

A march in Frankfurt last weekend left no doubt as to the concerns of the protestors despite only involving around 50 people, according to a report in German newspaper Die Welt.

“We will return the Salafists (jihadis) to where they belong” cry the organisers.

For several months now, the authorities in Germany have seen more and more groups spring up, particularly in urban areas. The ‘common enemy’ as they call extreme Islam, has united previously hostile gangs; at a demonstration in Mannheim at the end of September, members of groups from Frankfurt and Stuttgart joined in the protest. The goal of ‘eradicating jihadis’ is uniting these groups, where hooliganism had seen a decline.

“These groups use the currently very popular anti-Islamic ticket to perpetuate their cynical world view” says Robert Fanforscher Claus from the University of Hanover. And social media and the internet are providing these groups with opportunities to spread their message which was previously denied to them.

Knowing Germany we should be highly suspicious of any such movement. There have been several such upstarts in the past which were all heavily infiltrated by secret police and commie agitprops. Their chances of succeeding are close to zero.

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‘We Have Allah and You Do Not’…

by sheikyer mami on October 21, 2014

The fervour of the converts:

“He became obsessed with practicing his new religion. He prayed constantly.”

“He became obsessed with practicing his new religion. He prayed constantly.” And yet Western authorities would have us believe that despite his zeal, despite his…  CPNAGASAKI.WORDPRESS.COM
Canada hit-and-run jihadi’s friend says he heard Islamic State’s call to jihad “and he did his part here”

“He became obsessed with practicing his new religion. He prayed constantly.” And yet Western authorities would have us believe that despite his zeal, despite his obsession with practicing Islam fully and correctly, he got his new religion all wrong — and did so in a way that numerous other converts to Islam and lifelong Muslims [ /Comments]Continue Reading »

Abdullah Elmir, “Australian”, 17:


“To the leaders, to Obama, to Tony Abbott I say this; these weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not stop fighting, we will not put down our weapons until we reach your lands, until we take the head of every tyrant and until the black flag is flying high in every single land,”

Peter Bergen, CNN:


Is Adam Gadahn Cooking With Gas?
by Hugh Fitzgerald

In the brand-new first issue of the English-language edition of the Al Qaeda recruitment magazine Resurgence, Adam Yahiye Gadahn lays out targets for Al Qaeda supporters, in groups and groupuscules and lone wolves, to attack. And first on the list are oil tankers and oil pipelines in the Middle East itself.

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Jew-hatred is baked into the source texts of Islam

by sheikyer mami on October 21, 2014

In Arabic, Muslims freely admit that the Quran is antisemitic

 Elder of Ziyon

In August, I gave the highlights of an article from a Dubai newspaper called “The Qualities of Jews in the Quran.”

To summarize, here were the attributes of Jews described in the Quran according to Muslims themselves from that article:

  1. Jews steal money
  2. Jews use usury to enrich themselves and impoverish non-Jews
  3. Jews don’t care about human life
  4. Jews are cowards, hiding behind fortified walls
  5. Jews betray all agreements and covenants
  6. Jews distort words of holy books
  7. Jews are killers of prophets and other fine people
  8. Jews want to extinguish the light of Allah
  9. Jews bring corruption to the lands they are in

Now, an entirely new article with the identical title has been published in Felesteen. The list is different, too, although it does overlap.

So here is the Palestinian Arab list of the qualities of Jews:

  1. Jews have knowledge of the truth but they conceal it among themselves and give bad advice to others so they can profit.
  2. Jews are miserly
  3. Jews obtain other people’s money unjustly, using usury and fraud and deception
  4. Jews are cowards, hiding behind fortified cities and building walls and living in ghettos
  5. Jews insist on doing sin
  6. Jews circumvent things that are forbidden
  7. Jews are foolish

Both articles back up these lists with specific citations of Quranic verses.

These are not coming from anti-Islam sites. These are not some apologetics written in English to pretend that the Quran is not antisemitic. These are two independent articles, written two months and a thousand miles apart, by two different Muslim scholars for Muslim audiences, meant to describe factually how the Quran thinks of Jews – and how Muslims are supposed to think of Jews.

The topic of Muslim antisemitism is minimized and swept under the rug in mainstream Western media, or it is attributed to hate for Israel. But these articles prove that Jew-hatred is baked into the source texts of Islam, and Muslims are quite open about this among themselves.

The West must stop pretending that somehow Muslims are only anti-Zionist. Muslims are taught to denigrate and hate Jews. Antisemitism isn’t an anomaly among Muslims; it is regarded as a religious obligation!



by sheikyer mami on October 21, 2014

“Soon We Won’t Have Our Country Anymore”


Kent Ekeroth is a member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats. A year ago today he addressed the Swedish establishment on the floor of parliament, criticizing them for their policies on mass immigration. He predicted that Sverigedemokraterna would surge during the next elections, and he was right — that was exactly what happened, almost a year later.

In the video below, pay attention to what the Communist member of the Riksdag has to say near the end of the clip. I’ll explain after you’ve finished watching it.

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Bengt Berg, a member of the Communist Party, confronts Mr. Ekeroth with the fact that he, Mr. Berg, is a “member of the Swedish church”. To understand the significance of Mr. Berg’s remarks, you need to know a little Swedish cultural context:  Continue reading →

Pat Condell: Sweden


What do you call it when a ruling class takes deliberate action to reduce the native population relative to foreign populations?

Political correctness is genocide. The objective is to eradicate Western Civilization, so that the Third World will cover the entire planet. This will allow the ruling class to maintain the level of total power characteristic of autocratic Third World countries. (Moonbattery)


Qantas submits to Islam

by sheikyer mami on October 21, 2014

Qantas is already halal, which  most Australians find distasteful, if not infuriating.

Georgina Sarikoudis with her crucifix outside St Raphael Greek Orthodox Church in BentleiGeorgina Sarikoudis with her crucifix outside St Raphael Greek Orthodox Church in Bentleigh. Picture: Yuri Kouzmin

A FORMER Qantas employee has accused the airline of banning crucifixes while allowing Muslim women to wear head scarfs.

Georgina Sarikoudis claims the airline discriminated against the Christian faith by demanding she and others discard the religious insignia.

Mrs Sarikoudis, a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, claims in tribunal documents she was subjected to “threats and ridicule” by managers who ordered her to cut off her prayer-knot bracelet and remove her necklace with a crucifix on it.

“The Qantas uniform policy allows for head scarfs by Muslim females but no allowance for the wearing of crucifixes, religious bracelets or other religious … artefacts. Qantas staff have a religious belief other than Muslim,” Mrs Sarikoudis claims.

4413_Pigs can't fly - Qantas bans pork on in-flight menu to respect Islam_P 3copy

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Turkey Out of NATO!

by sheikyer mami on October 21, 2014

  by Michael Curtis

College students should be able to answer some simple questions. Which country in the Middle East has been declared guilty of “ethnic cleansing?” Which country in the area has prevented the return of refugees to their homes and former properties? Which country has flouted Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention of August 1949 that prohibits an occupying power from deporting or transferring parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies? Which country is responsible for a unilateral declaration of independence?  Contrary to what they may hear from their professors, the correct answer is that all these things are performed by Turkey.



He dares to be furious, according to reports, with the American government. Tant pis.


How often does he have to say this, before the American government decides to read him the riot act, and articles about kicking Turkey out of NATO appear everywhere, and begin to be taken seriously by the big shots?  Story here.

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Where one-half of the population wants to be French, and the other half wants to be Saudi Arab.

Story of the beards-and-short-pants brigade now to be seen even on Avenue Bourguiba, here,  by Hugh Fitzgerald

The rival ideological narratives in Tunisia

The Tunisian elections will be held amid growing frustration over the country’s Islamist-secular divide.

2014102152843368734_20Tunisia, which prides itself on being an island of secularism, is now facing the rise of Islamist movements. [Rabii Kalboussi]

Tunis – Nobody would have ever believed that the famous Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the heart of the Tunisian capital, that used to symbolise modern and secular communal city life, would be adorned with symbols of the once-banned conservative forms of religious dress code.

Tunisia, which used to pride itself on being an island of secularism, is now facing the rise of Islamist movements, that have grown increasingly powerful since the 2011 revolution.

Bearded men in full-length robes and veiled women are increasingly seen in the European-style cafes and public squares. Even street vendors’ businesses have boomed because of the rise of Islamism.

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