France: What Is Hidden Behind the “Burkini Ban”

Have non-Muslims lost the will to fight?

by Guy Millière/Gatestone Institute

  • In thirty years, France has undergone an accelerated process of Islamization.
  • Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the main Islamic movement in France, explained how Muslims living in the West have to proceed: they may use terror, they may use seduction, exploit Westerners’ sense of guilt, grab public spaces, change laws, and create their own society inside Western societies until they become Muslim societies.
  • France used to be a country where religious neutrality in the public space was seen as an essential principle. Muslim extremists appear to be using Islamic veils and head-coverings as visible symbols to create the impression that Islam is everywhere.
  • Politicians claim that they respect human rights, but they seem to have forgotten the human rights of the women who do not cover up — of those who suffer from Islamization, who are no longer free to write, think, or go for a walk on the street.
  • Politicians refused to “stigmatize” Islam and do not want to see the consequences: harassment, rapes, the destruction of freedom.
  • French journalists write under the threat of trial or assault, and almost never use the phrase “Islamic terrorism.” Almost all books on Islam in French bookstores are written by Islamists or by authors praising Islam.
  • Have non-Muslims lost the will to fight?

In Sisco, Corsica, on August 13, a group of Muslim men arrived on a beach in the company of women wearing “burkinis” (full-body bathing costumes). The Muslim men firmly asked the tourists on the beach to leave and posted signs saying “No Entry”. When a few teenagers resisted, the Muslim men responded with a harpoon and baseball bats. The police intervened — but it was just the beginning.

In other news:

France needs more Muslim migrants! Anyone who suggests otherwise is a racist, bigoted Islamophobe!

Meanwhile, in this report French officials are going on and on about “radicalization.” Yet while they ignore the real roots of the problem, they will continue to have no idea why “radicalization” happens, or how to prevent it.


“2,000 teens radicalized by ISIS in France – report,” RT, September 23, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

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Jordanian princeling calls opponents of Islamisation “bigots and deceivers”

We live in interesting times. Despotic Arab regimes, through their emissaries in the UN, here Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, are lecturing the West on human rights. As we all know, only Muslims are ‘human’, we infidels are nothing but sons of apes and swine and told to move over to let Muselmaniacs take their righteous place. Because allah promised them to rule the world:

Qur’an 33:27and He caused you to inherit their land and their homes and their properties and a land which you have not trodden. 

UN Threatens “Bigoted” American Patriots With Judgment Of “Them, The Invading People”

un prince

The globalist Arab pirate wears a suit and is not the manly sort that one sees portrayed in movies. When he talks we don’t hear the typical arrgghhh that we expect of pirates but that’s part of his deceptive method. He disguises himself as a soft-spoken intelligent and refined type who would never be an intent on stealing other people’s countries.

His name is Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and his far less than impressive title is U.N. Human Rights Commissioner. Excuse us if we don’t bother to get up or don’t, it really couldn’t matter less. We’re not impressed by rich Arabs who were educated around by money extorted from the American people and the world through your price gouging oil cartel. It’s no coincidence that he just happened to marry the daughter of a consultant to big oil companies, a British geologist named Dr Godfrey Butler. That’s the circle they travel in, filthy rich on our money and over here scolding us for not doing enough with what we have left. We could tell Hussein what to do with himself, which applies some techniques used in geology.

The truth is we don’t care about your opinion as a representative of the world’s largest criminal syndicate. Your intrusive condescension and lectures are an insult and you need to just shut your hole. Americans don’t value your opinion, we will not tolerate your attempts to take over our country, and we don’t want to live with either you or your nasty, uncivilized brethren.  We Americans are just fine with you Arabs residing in your backward hellholes, we don’t need nor do we want your help in turning our country into another one.

The arrogant piece of royal UN trash came into our country and criticized our people as being “racists and xenophobes.” In his remarks Zeid Hussein spoke of the great power of their gathering at defeating the patriots of the world, those who are standing in defense of his Arab aggression.

He uses insults as his weapons of choice when attacking Americans and other civilized people opposed to their filthy invasion. He said, “We can change this here at the summit together, respect, safety and dignity for all. But not when the defenders of what is good and right are being outflanked in too many countries by race-baiting bigots, who seek to gain or retain power by wielding prejudice and deceit at the expense of those most vulnerable.”

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Seven Owes France An Apology

After nearly 300 people have been murdered by Moslem terrorists “our” Channel 7 has nothing better to do than take a bunch of hijabbed Mustards to France to provoke French people on the beach and then call them “racist”. Channel 7 folk are degenerate swine.

Seven owes France an apology
The Seven Network and the pugnacious Muslim Aussie family it flew to the French Riviera with the aim of provoking beachgoers into a “racist” reaction to the “Aussie cossie” burkini owe the traumatised people of Nice and France a swift apology.


The cynical stunt pulled by the Sunday Night program, where it spirited Sydney hijab-proselytising medical student Zeynab Alshelh and her activist parents off to a beach near Nice to “show solidarity” with (radically conservative) Muslims, featured the 23-year-old flaunting her burkini in an obvious attempt to bait Gallic sun lovers into religious and ethnically motivated hatred. Except according to the French people filmed against their will, the claimed “chasing off the beach” that made international headlines never occurred because Seven used hidden camera tactics, selective editing and deliberate distor­tion to reach its predeter­mined conclusions.

This unethical exercise in journalism deliberately painted France as “hostile to Muslims” even though the most hostile countries in the world for Muslim women are places such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, where being female entails forcible veiling and the threat of punishment with the lash, prison or worse for flouting bans on driving, playing sport, committing “adultery” or doing much at all without a male guardian.

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Cultural Enrichment Boils Over in Bautzen

With thanks to the Gates of Vienna

For the past week or two there have been demonstrations and unrest in the German city of Bautzen concerning the presence of migrants in the corn market, the central gathering place in the town. The trouble was started by the “refugees”, but this time the native Germans fought back, and mounted demonstrations against all the cultural enrichment. This, needless to say, caused them to be branded as “neo-Nazis” by the media.

Below is a video report on Bautzen from Spiegel, a progressive German media outlet. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following news report about the ringleader of the asylum seekers, also translated by Nash Montana, is from the German tabloid Bild, which is somewhat less progressive than Spiegel:

This is the leader of the young refugees

The photo of the armed young man was cause enough for the police in Saxony to pay attention. It shows Mohamed Youssef T. (20). BILD has learned that he was the ringleader during the riots in Bautzen in the past few weeks.

T. calls himself “King Abode”, and he sees himself as the leader of the young unaccompanied minor refugees (UMA’s) in this Saxon city. Now he speaks with BILD.

“I fled Libya when I was 17 years old”, he says. His father and his brother died, they were rebels in the fight against Muammar al-Gaddafi. He barely escaped: “I was shot at when I was 15.” In the boat, with 180 other refugees, he crossed the Mediterranean, according to his own account, and that is how he came to Bautzen as a refugee.

Did the asylum seeker and refugee incite violence? The Libyan plays down the issue: “I see myself as a protector of my friends. We call them the mafia, because all they do is get in trouble. They drink and steal, a lot of stress. I don’t want to have anything to do with that. I just want my peace.”

T. likes to pose with cool clothes. He receives 320 Euros per month here.

And the picture with the weapon?

Multiple Bautzen people reported it to the police because they saw a picture of the refugee on the internet. That’s why his room was searched on September 7. But nothing was found. Mohamed Youssef T. says that the picture is from back in Libya. “That was just normal there, everybody had a weapon. But for me this is the past, I don’t want to touch another weapon.”

He says he would love to go back to his home country. “There I had my family, my motorcycle, and my own room. That was a lot nicer.” But the political situation seems way too dangerous to him still. But in Germany he has too much “trouble with the Nazis because of the color of my skin.”

Who is “King Abode”? Perpetrator or victim?

He has been deemed aggressive. A video shows him wildly beating on a metal door; a photo shows how he was arrested after he attacked counter-demonstrators at a leftist demonstration he participated in.

One asylum home employee said to BILD: “We have asked the police to have a closer look at Abode. We are afraid that he is a bad influence on the other refugees.”

Video transcript:

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“French Muslims see widening social divide in wake of terror attacks”

From WaPo, b – (who sucks big time with this pandering gibberish.)

As many as 6 million Muslims are living in France, and the government has long been criticized for failing to integrate them into the nation’s rigorously secular society. The result is what authorities fear is a growing cohort of alienated Muslim youths open the lure of propaganda from the Islamic State and other extremist groups.

That’s all wrong. In reality, there are at least 10 million Muslims in France. That is more than critical mass. The French government has not “failed to integrate” Muslims, Muslims have failed France. Muslims have deliberately failed to integrate in French society because of Islam. The resulting “alienated Muslim youths” are alienated because of Islam, not because of anything else. And It is not the lure of the Islamic state that calls them to jihad, it is the Koran, their clerics, their coreligionists in the mosque, and their ideology. Get to understand that and you’ll begin what we’re up against.

French Muslims see widening social divide in wake of terror attacks
The young Muslim woman’s face is framed by a modest headscarf as she lays out flowers on the beachside promenade, a day after an Islamic State-inspired terrorist mowed down Bastille Day revelers in mid-July.

More reality here:

Teen girl ‘gang-raped then tied up and gagged by 3 illegal migrantsunder Eiffel Tower’

The 19-year-old was found naked, in tears, tied up and gagged in the French capital on Monday morning by a couple out jogging.

She claims she was lured on a Facebook “date” on Sunday after messaging who she thought was a Tunisian 17-year-old boy.

But, when she turned up at public park Champs des Mars by the Eiffel Tower, she was dragged into a bush and raped by three men.

It is understood the suspects, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were trying to flee to Germany…..

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France: Human Rights vs. The People

You could also say its the socialist regime in the service of Mohammedan invaders, against the people of France

by Yves Mamou


  • French politicians seem to believe they are elected NOT to defend French people and the French nation, but to impose a “human rights ideology” on society.
  • The rule of law is there to protect citizens from the arbitrary actions of the State. When a group of French Muslims attacks the entire way society is constructed, the rule of law now protects only the perpetrators.
  • For Western leaders, “human rights” have become a kind of new religion. Like a disease, the human rights ideology has proliferated in all areas of life. The UN website shows a list of all the human rights that are now institutionalized: they range from “adequate housing” to “youth.” At least 42 categories of human rights fields are determined, each of which are split into two or three subcategories.
  • With what result? More than 140 countries (out of 193 UN members) engage in torture. The number of authoritarian countries has increased. Women remain a subordinate class in nearly all countries.
  • “Saudi Arabia ratified the treaty banning discrimination against women in 2007, and yet by law subordinates women to men in all areas of life. Child labour exists in countries that have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Powerful western countries, including the US, do business with grave human rights abusers.” — Eric Posner, professor at the University of Chicago Law School.
  • Human rights, originally conceived of as an anti-discrimination tool, became a Trojan horse, a tool manipulated by Islamists and others to dismantle secularism, freedom of speech and freedom of religion in European countries.

On August 13, the Administrative Court in Nice, France, validated the decision of the Mayor of Cannes to prohibit wearing religious clothing on the beaches of Cannes. By “religious clothing,” the judge clearly seemed to be pointing his finger at the burkini, a body-covering bathing suit worn by many Muslim women.

These “Muslim textile affairs” reveal two types of jihad attacking France: one hard, one soft. The hard jihad, internationally known, consists of assassinating journalists of Charlie Hebdo (January 2015), Jewish people at the Hypercacher supermarket (January 2015) and young people at the Bataclan Theater, restaurants and the Stade de France (November 2015). The hard jihad also included stabbing two policeman in Magnanville, a suburb of Paris, (June 2016); truck-ramming to death 84 people in Nice on Bastille Day (July 14), and murdering a priest in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, among other incidents. The goal of hard jihad, led by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and others, is to impose sharia by terror.

The soft jihad is different. It does not involve murdering people, but its final goal is the same: to impose Islam on France by covering the country in Islamic symbols — veils, burqas, burkinis and so on — at all levels of the society: in schools, universities, hospitals, corporations, streets, beaches, swimming pools and public transportation. By imposing the veil everywhere, soft Islamists seem to want to kill secularism, which, since escaping the grip of the Catholic Church, has become the French way of “living together.”

Scenes from the “hard jihad” against France; the November 2015 shootings in Paris, in which 130 people were murdered by Islamists.

No one can understand secularism in France without a bit of history.

“Secularism is essential if we want the ‘people’ be defined on a political basis” wrote the French historian, Jacques Sapir.

“Religious allegiance, when it turns into fundamentalism, is in conflict with the notion of sovereignty of the people. … the Nation and State in France were built historically by fighting feudalism and the supranational ambition of the Pope and Christian religion. … Secularism is the tool to return to the private sphere all matters that cannot be challenged comfortably …. Freedom for diversity among individuals implies a consensus in the common public sphere. The distinction between the public sphere and the private sphere is fundamental for democracy to exist.”

And this distinction is secularism.

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‘British women ‘going to the jungle for sex with migrants’ –

WTF is wrong with these women? 

The British women ‘going to the jungle for sex with migrants’ – whistleblower claims some aid workers have ‘multiple partners in a day’

  • Calais volunteers have been accused of having sex with camp migrants 
  • Whistleblowers claim some are having several sexual partners in one day
  • It is alleged some volunteers are suing the camp as ‘a free for all festival’ 
  • Some aid workers said the allegations should have been kept private  

Calais aid workers volunteering in the Jungle have been accused of having sex with migrants, some of whom are believed to be underage, according to a whistle blower.

The revelations have caused a furious row on Facebook, with some volunteers claiming the allegations should have remained secret and criticised the whistle blower for expressing his concerns.

According to the whistle blower, some volunteers avail of the service of the Jungle camp prostitutes, while others have multiple partners in one day.

Aid workers volunteering at the Jungle camp in Calais, pictured, have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees living in the squalid conditions according to a whistleblower 

One whistleblower revealed the extent of sexual abuse of vulnerable refugees at the Jungle camp at the hands of unscrupulous aid workers, some of whom use the women as prostitutes

One whistleblower revealed the extent of sexual abuse of vulnerable refugees at the Jungle camp at the hands of unscrupulous aid workers, some of whom use the women as prostitutes

Aid workers have been arguing online over whether details of the sexual exploitation of refugees should have been made public as it might impact the level of donations to the camp

Aid workers have been arguing online over whether details of the sexual exploitation of refugees should have been made public as it might impact the level of donations to the camp

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Turncoat deceives Australia, increases “refugee” numbers by 38%

Yes we are an immigration nation. But we are not a welfare seekers nation. We are not a Mohammedan nation and we are not a dumping ground for jihadists either.  Turnbull is engaged in deceit. In an act of treason, he has just increased the annual intake of “refugees” by 38%. For this, he has no mandate. Turncoat needs to go. Out with the trash.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has hailed Australia’s cultural diversity as one of the country’s great strengths.Mr Turnbull made the remarks addressing a special United Nations summit to address what’s been described as the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis since World War Two.He’s called on the international community to invest in diversity, arguing it can counter marginalisation and extremism.Jitarth Jai Bharadwaj reports

By Jitarth Jai bharadwaj

Australia is an immigration nation: PM Turnbull (AAP)

Addressing the meeting at the U-N headquarters in New York, Prime Minister Turnbull described Australia as an immigration nation.

“We invite 190,000 migrants each year to join our nation of 24 million, and our commitment to refugees is long-standing. Our humanitarian resettlement program dates back to 1947. This has made Australians truly global citizens, connected by family, culture and language across the globe.”


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Burma threatens to demolish illegal mosques; Muslims threaten violence

Illegal mosques to be demolished in Myanmar’s Rakhine

Resist islam and we will fight you: Muslims threaten Burmese over any resistance to illegal settlements and 3000 illegal mosques:

“This plan could result in religious violence and other undesirable problems,” an unnamed Muslim leader from Maungdaw was quoted as saying. “This is not constructive and creates a dilemma for local people.”

But illegals are not allowed to construct anything. Besides, illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are not “local people”.

Illegal mosques to be demolished in Myanmar’s Rakhine

Muslim leaders concerned plan to raze illegal structures in majority Muslim townships could cause tension in troubled state

World Bulletin / News Desk

A senior government official in Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine State has pledged to tear down all illegally constructed buildings including mosques and Muslim religious schools, according to a report Wednesday.

More than 3,000 structures including 12 mosques and 35 madrasas (religious schools) built without permission from local authorities in the majority Muslim townships of Maungdaw and Buthidaung in Rakine’s north are facing demolition, the local Voice Daily newspaper reported.

Rakhine’s security and border affairs minister, Col. Htein Linn, was quoted as saying, “we are working to bring down the mosques and other buildings constructed without permission in accordance with the law.”

The plan to demolish religious buildings has led to concern among residents, with Muslim leaders indicating that such moves could create unnecessary tensions between the Buddhist and Muslim communities in the western state, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) reported.

“This plan could result in religious violence and other undesirable problems,” an unnamed Muslim leader from Maungdaw was quoted as saying. “This is not constructive and creates a dilemma for local people.”

The western state has seen a series of communal violence between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims since 2012, leaving nearly 100 people dead around 140,000 displaced, mostly members of the stateless Rohingya Muslim community.

Rohingya, described by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minority groups, have officially been referred to as “Bengalis” in Myanmar — a term suggesting they are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.

During a meeting with residents in the state capital Sittwe on Tuesday, the security and border affairs minister said Rakhine’s government would issue an official announcement in the near future with a time set for the demolition, the Voice Daily reported.

“It’s a must to crack down on the growing illegal buildings,” said Htein Linn.

According to the state government, there are currently 2,270 illegally-built buildings including nine mosques and 24 Muslim religious schools in Maungdaw, and 1,056 illegal buildings — among them three mosques and 11 madrasas — in Buthidaung.

As Muslims make up over 90 percent of the total population of the two townships bordering Bangladesh, most of the buildings to be demolished are owned by Muslims, according to the DVB report published Monday.

Since the National League for Democracy’s victory in the Nov. 8 election, leader (and now State Counselor) Aung San Suu Kyi has been placed under tremendous international pressure to solve problems faced by the country’s Muslim population, but has had to play a careful balancing act for fear of upsetting the country’s nationalists, many of whom have accused Muslims of trying to eradicate Buddhist traditions.

Suu Kyi has, however, enforced the notion that many of the issues causing religious tensions in Rakhine — the area at the heart of the problem — are economic, and is encouraging investment in the area, which in turn her party hopes will lead to reconciliation between the Buddhist and Muslim communities.