Infidel whores can be raped, but handshake is ‘haram’

Let’s be clear about this:

If you oppose halal certification because it is an affront to your ‘faith’ you are a racist bigot.

If you are a Muslim male and you choose to be sexist and a misogynist because of your ‘faith’ then that is to be endorsed and encouraged in our public schools and universities.

The Australian

At least three of the nation’s leading universities are advising students to respect Muslims on campus by acknowledging followers of Islam are not permitted to shake hands with the opposite sex.
The information, which is ­designed to foster a greater understanding of “Muslim identities’’, is provided online for students at Adelaide’s Flinders University, Perth’s Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

The Australian revealed earlier this week a public school in Sydney’s west — Hurstville Boys Campus of Georges River College — had adopted an “agreed protocol’’ endorsed by the NSW Education Department permitting Muslim male students to decline to shake hands with females ­because of their faith. The practice has been denounced by many ­senior Islamic figures.


Islam is incredibly flexible: it can be anything to anyone…..

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Submission: the silence of the feminists

Bishop said yes to scarf. Marine says “non”

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

When our foreign minister, Julie Bishop, visited Iran she put a scarf over her head.

I wasn’t happy, although professional feminists said nothing:

Julie Bishop in Iran

The foreign minister, Julie Bishop, should have “stood up for western values” and shunned the Islamic headscarf during a recent visit to Iran, conservative commentator Andrew Bolt said.

Bishop followed local requirements legislating that women must cover their heads, wearing both a headscarf and a hat upon her arrival in the country.

Bolt said the requirement amounted to the “subjugation of women” and said the ensemble looked “ridiculous” on the foreign minister, who was in Iran for the first high-level meeting between Canberra and Tehran in 12 years.

Really, the hat looked even worse.

Bishop in Iran.

It was as if Bishop was trying to pretend she was making a fashion statement instead of a statement of submission.

But when Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, visited the Grand Mufti of Lebanon this week she walked out rather than submit.

See her go.


Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader, has provoked a row by refusing to wear a headscarf to meet an eminent Islamic scholar in Beirut.

The French far-right presidential candidate walked out of the offices of Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian, the grand mufti of Lebanon, after being told she could not see him unless she covered her head.

The incident is likely to bolster Ms Le Pen’s popularity among National Front supporters, many of whom are hostile towards Islam. But it may undermine her attempt to portray herself, during a two-day visit to Lebanon, as a serious future world leader, not least because the trip included her first meeting with a head of state — President Aoun.

I rather think the voters will appreciate a leader upholding her own (liberated) customs than submitting to another’s.

Welcome to Australia Mr and Mrs Netanyahu!

G’Day Bibi and Welcome to Australia Mr and Mrs Netanyahu!

The Prime Minister of Israel

Thanks to Q-Soc

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu have landed in Sydney, Australia.

Apologies for our islamophile PM Turnbull. On the occasion of the first visit of a sitting Israeli PM to Australia, the most agile Lord Wentworth couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and meet a foreign head of state at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport at 6:30am.

We also note the absence of the red carpet and honour guard, as is custom for visiting heads of state. In Turnbull’s Australia, is this reserved for despots from the OIC only?

Friends of Q Society may wish to welcome the leader of the only Western democracy in the Middle East with a friendly note on his Facebook page:

The Prime Minister will meet with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and with the Governor-General of Australia Peter Cosgrove.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Prime Minister Turnbull will attend a business conference with Israeli and Australian businesspeople.

The Prime Minister will also meet with the Jewish community at The Great Synagogue in Sydney.

Benjamin Netanyahu visit: Israeli PM pays tribute to ongoing ‘warm friendship’ with Australia

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Le Pen should have told the mufti that she will enforce French customs in France

Once told that customs were different in Lebanon, Ms Le Pen walked out of the building and left in her car.  (JW)

“Far-right” French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cancelled a meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf.

Brava to Marine Le Pen! She is the model of a modern leader who respects human rights and equality for all, unlike her leftist faux-feminist political counterparts of Sweden’s “first feminist government,”who donned headscarves in Iran, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who sat with a headscarf in the back corner of a mosque while the men prayed. Le Pen refused to bow in shame to a misogynistic culture in which men subjugate women as inferiors.

The regular use of the term “far-right” to describe sensible politicians such as Le Pen and citizens who refuse to be subjugated by Islamic supremacists is intended to malign them and discredit their fine work.

Ms Le Pen said that in a meeting in Egypt with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar – considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought – she had not been forced to cover her head.

“Marine Le Pen walks out of meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear headscarf,” by May Bulman, Independent, February 21, 2017:

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On the Jew-hatred of the anti-Zionist

Julie Nathan of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry writes an open letter to the anti-Israel Left:
We see you, we hear you, day after day, making your ignorant, bigoted and malicious accusations against Jews and Israel. You claim to be speaking for human rights and for justice, but your words and actions betray you. You are haters, liars and bullies. You presume to define our Jewish identity to suit your own sensibilities and convenience. You assert that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. You say we are only a religious group and deny our 3,500 year old history as both a national and a faith community. In short, you presume to tell us who we are – a liberty you would not dare to take with any other group – and you are wrong. You say you have nothing against Jews. You say you are only against Zionists. You categorise us into “good Jews” who oppose Israel and “bad Jews” who support Israel. This is your cynical, sinister way of offering acceptance only to those Jews who are so lacking in knowledge or moral fibre that they are willing to embrace your hollow caricature of what it means to be Jewish… You are guilty of ignoring, minimising and obfuscating the antisemitism within your ranks… When Jews are attacked or murdered in Istanbul, Mumbai, Toulouse, Paris, and elsewhere, you blame the victims – you say “Israel is the cause of antisemitism”. … You demonise Israeli Jews. You say they are “occupiers, oppressors”, whether they live in a remote outpost on the West Bank or in Tel Aviv. These Jews, you claim, are “settlers” who steal Arab land. You say all of Israel is Arab land. You cry: “Resist!” You give succour and encouragement to those who murder Jews… Your true message is abundantly clear…. You call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until Israel bends to your demands and self-destructs. You lie when you say that BDS is only about Palestinian rights and justice, knowing full well that the BDS movement aims at eliminating the Jewish state. You do not care about Palestinian Arabs when their fellow Arabs oppress or kill them. Only when you can blame Israel do you speak up.

Ex-Gitmo ape who got £1m compo joins ISIL & blows himself up

Isis suicide bomber is former Guantanamo detainee

A photograph released by the Islamic State group of a British suicide bomber in Mosul shows British ex-Guantanamo detainee Jamal Al-Harith.

21_al_harith_isis_handoutA photograph released by the Islamic State group of a British suicide bomber in Mosul shows a British ex-Guantanamo detainee who was reportedly given £1m in compensation.

A family member and another independent source have confirmed to Channel 4 News that the picture, released by Islamic State,  is that of Jamal Al-Harith, born Ronald Fiddler, of Manchester.

An Isis statement claimed a man they named as Abu Zakariya al-Britani carried out a suicide attack near the Iraqi city of Mosul, and released an image and video of him in what they described as an “explosives-laden truck”.

Al-Harith’s family say that while he had traveled to an Islamic State group-controlled area, he would not have carried out such an attack.

His release from American detention was secured in 2004 by then-Home Secretary David Blunkett, who said at the time: “I think you’ll find that no one who has returned in the announcement today will actually pose a threat to the security of the British people.”

Never trust a British politician.

In addition, the UK Government paid him compensation for his time in detention, reported to be £1 million.

The Muslim convert was born Ronald Fiddler but changed his name to Jamal Udeen Al-Harith.

He was detained in Afghanistan after the US-led invasion on suspicion of being an al-Qaeda fighter, but he maintained he had been on a religious holiday in Pakistan immediately before the invasion.

The full report will be on Channel 4 News tonight at 7pm.

“There is no penalty in Islam to kill the apostate yourself when the gov’t fails to do so.”

What is a Killer Imam Doing in Public Libraries in Canada?

by Saied Shoaaib  •  February 21, 2017

  • How is it possible that books that advocate violence and extremism meet the “selection criteria” of the Ottawa Public Library, but those that speak out against violence and extremism do not?
  • The presence of these Islamic books, and these books alone, in Canada’s public libraries, without any others to contradict them, gives them legitimacy. They are seen to represent a certain form of Islam that the government of Canada and the City of Ottawa recognize.
  • This indicates that there is official support for the extremist and terrorist version of Islam, and at the same time no support for a humanist interpretation of Islam.
  • This surah [4:74] also indicates that if you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are in a state of war against your host country. If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are living with the enemy.
  • If we are to reject this danger, it is important that libraries and other institutions have books that reject these Islamist views and confront their hatred, extremism and violence.

A copy of One Hundred Questions in Islam by Dr. Muhammad al-Ghazali, found in the Ottawa Public Library. The image at right shows the inside cover of the book, with the Ottawa Public Library Stamp.

The Muslim Brotherhood classifies as one of their great intellectual leaders Imam Mohammed al-Ghazali (1917-1996). He famously decreed that the assassination of the Egyptian Muslim thinker, Farag Foda, was acceptable. In the views of al-Ghazali, Farag Foda was an apostate for defending secular values and human rights. Moreover, al-Ghazali went into an Egyptian court and defended the assassins: “Anyone who openly resisted the full imposition of Islamic law,” he said, “was an apostate who should be killed either by the government or by devout individuals.” He added: “There is no penalty in Islam to kill the apostate by yourself when the government fails to do so.”

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Sharia, a dark ages death sentence

Illustration: Tom Jillett
  • The Australian/

    Australia does not welcome sharia law. It violates the Australian Constitution. It would send Western civilisation back to the Dark Ages. It chains freethinking women to a set of absurd laws ­derived from the misogynistic prophet, Mohammed.

It denies the right to criticise Mohammed’s half-witted notions because freedom of speech is only permitted in ­accordance with ­Islamic law. Islamism is a woman-hating, freedom-negating ideology whose most barbaric prin­ciples are codified in sharia law.

On Q&A last Monday, Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie stated: “We have one law in this country and it is the Australian law. It is not sharia law.” Before stating the self-­evident truth, she suggested Muslims who support sharia law should be deported. We didn’t have the opportunity to hear Lambie’s rationale for that odd idea because Yassmin Abdel-­Magied, a Muslim activist and ABC host, shouted over her. She complained that Lambie didn’t understand sharia.

Australians do not need to understand sharia. We are a secular liberal democracy with a 61 per cent Christian population. In the 2011 census, 22 per cent of Australians selected “no religion”. Muslims constitute 2 per cent of the population. If you want to understand Australian law, read the Constitution. If you want to understand Australian values, read the founding fathers. If you want to understand Australian faith, read the Christian Bible, ­Enlightenment thought, or both.

Abdel-Magied also claimed that Islam is the world’s “most feminist religion”. Feminists need Islam like the Enlightenment needs the Dark Ages. Witness Mohammed on women: “I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you.” What evidence did Mohammed provide to support his belief that women are stupid? They might be ungrateful to their husbands or curse at them. Many Koranic verses celebrate hatred of women: “Men have authority over women because God has made one superior to the other … Good women are obedient … as for those from whom you fear disobedience … beat them.” Islamic State celebrates its preferred Koranic ver­ses, including that wellspring of feminism: “Marry … any slave girls you may own.”

Ah, yes, female sexual slavery — just smell the freedom, women.

I first read the Koran 15 years ago after a feminist group proposed endorsing Islam as a gesture of solidarity with Muslim women. After reading it, I advised that any endorsement should be qualified by an explicit rejection of misogynistic sections, such as the exhortation for men to beat women. It was the first time I was called Islamophobic.

Sharia defenders often try to refute plain evidence of Koranic misogyny by referring to poetic surahs or highlighting sexist quotes from the Bible. There is beauty in the Koran and ugliness in the Old Testament. But the critical point is that Christendom underwent centuries of bloody ­reform that culminated in the ­development of the secular state. The 21st-century West is enlightened and ruled by secular law while Islamic states across the world continue to be governed by sharia law and cultural codes.

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali pointed out in The Weekend Australian, when faced with the abuses of women living under sharia law in Islamic states, Abdel-Magied erects a distinction between sharia and politics. In Islamist states, it is a false distinction.

As Rick Morton ­revealed, Abdel-Magied believes there is a “religious imperative in the scripture to wear the hijab”. That scriptural imperative is codified in sharia laws across the world and women have been killed for refusing it. Yet on a ­recent trip to Iran, female politicians from Sweden’s socialist-Green government wore hijabs.

Adopting sharia-derived values would affect Western civilisation in profoundly negative ways. Consider the fundamental value of freedom. The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation ­defines human rights according to the Cairo Declaration, which permits our freedoms as long as they are not “contrary to the principles of the sharia”.

The Greens, whose members market themselves as champions of secularism, should logically ­denounce sharia law. Yet its leaders have criticised the free press for questioning Abdel-Magied’s claim that Islam is the most feminist religion. In the Greens’ warped minds, criticism of sharia constitutes racism.

Australians are tired of being called racist for defending our most essential values while the government throws public money at an activist media that undermines them. We are forced to pay for the ABC to ridicule patriots, smear conservatives and spin secure border policy as xenophobic.

How much anti-Australian propaganda will we be forced to endure during SBS’s #FU2­Racism programming next week? Perhaps SBS will surprise us by using taxpayer funds to discuss the benefits of Enlightenment thought and the constitutional values that helped Australia resist 20th-century totalitarianism. Perhaps SBS has recruited leading classical liberals and conservatives to educate the nation about the greatness of Western civilisation, the Christian scriptural origins of the secular state, the hard-won legacy of the Reformation and the Enlightenment in a celebration of the free world. Perhaps it will contrast Australia’s egalitarian laws on race, ethnicity, gender and belief to those of Islamist and communist states. Perhaps it will conclude that the best antidote to racism is the Australian nation and citizens educated in the Western tradition.

And if SBS runs the usual anti-Western line, perhaps Communications Minister Mitch Fifield will propose new standards for publicly funded broadcasters to ­ensure greater political diversity in recruitment and promotion.

I suspect none of it will happen. Instead, the Liberals will continue to fund Islamic activism with our money. Labor will join the Greens to fight against better border ­security and immigration vetting. Fifield will stay silent as public broadcasters take apart Australia’s constitutional values on the public purse.

And, one by one, Australians will take the cue and cast their votes elsewhere ­because the enlightened West made its choice centuries ago. Like our forebears, we choose the light.

Just another Islamic school embezzling infidel moolah $$$$

‘Like a script from a mafia movie’: Peak Muslim body AFIC descends into turmoil

The country’s peak administrative Islamic body has descended into further turmoil in a turn of events that observers have quipped is like “a script from a mafia movie”.

A group of former executive members of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, who either stepped down or were banned last year, arrived at the organisation’s Zetland headquarters late at night last week with a locksmith.

Hafez Kassem, who circulated a letter of voluntary resignation last year, now claims he was only on temporary leave and has “officially resumed my duties as president”.

Keysar Trad, who was elected unopposed to replace Mr Kassem in August, has not been able to enter the offices since last Monday.

The building remains occupied by the former members, who convened a meeting on February 11 and installed themselves as the executive committee and passed no-confidence motions in all others, including Mr Trad.

On Monday, AFIC launched legal action in the NSW Supreme Court against Mr Kassem and eight others.

Redfern police were called to the scene on Monday night but have told AFIC they won’t act until a civil court determines the legitimate committee.

“Thuggery at it’s finest, so say goodbye to the Islamic schools,” one community leader posted online. (More below the fold)

Nothing to worry about: Kayzar Trad is on the case. (LOL!)

Last year six Islamic Schools Schools embezzelled $60 MILLION from both State and Federal Governments. 

They have been given chance after chance after chance. 

This school must close and so must the other FIVE? 

How long do we have to go on being treated like MUGS!!

In other news:

Islamic College of South Australia has funding revoked

Minister for Education Simon Birmingham. Picture: AAP

Federal Education and Training Minister Simon Birmingham has revoked funding for the Islamic College of South Australia, because the school has repeatedly failed to meet strict governance and other conditions placed on it since April last year.

Senator Birmingham said funding would cease on April 14, and the school had one month to appeal the revocation.

“It is disappointing that after the number of chances this school has been given and the constructive work the Department has been doing with the authority since November 2015 the school has still failed to meet the reasonable standards and expectations placed on them,” Senator Birmingham said.

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