Euro Wakademics Clueless: “We must find out who the jihadists are, where they come from and what they look like.”

These ‘experts’ look at all kinds of things, age, nationality, where the jihadists become radicalized, where they are recruited, but none of them looks at the obvious: At the Koran and the mosques, at the indoctrination and the attitudes of the believers against unbelievers and Jews:

Bin Laden’s Eurofighters


Picture 1:

Somali-born Briton Osman Husein, photographed at Rome’s central police station. He was arrested on suspicion of being a member of a group that tried and failed to detonate a second series of bombs on London’s public transport two weeks after the July 7, 2005 bombings.

Picture 2:
Mohammed Bouyeri, suspected killer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. His family came from Morocco. Before he became a radical, he was involved in various youth projects. Then came a sudden break that led him to murder.

By Yassin Musharbash
242 jihadists, 31 attacks, 28 networks. After examining militant Islamism in Europe, researchers have found that self-recruitment is on the rise among terrorist leader Osama bin Laden’s Eurofighters, and that there is no such thing as a standard terrorist.

Dutch researchers Edwin Bakker and Teije Hidde Donker had an ambitious goal in mind when they wrote: “We must find out who the jihadists are, where they come from and what they look like.” Although they were not able to answer that question in its entirety, their study, “Jihadi Terrorists in Europe,” does offer plenty of fascinating results.

They researched the stories of 242 people who, between 2001 and 2006, were organized in 28 networks, planned 31 attacks and, in some cases, executed or allegedly executed these attacks. (Some are still considered presumed terrorists because their cases are still pending.) The list includes little known plots, such as the attempt to attack the Spanish Supreme Court in 2004, as well as prominent terrorist attacks, including the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004 and the 2005 London bus and subway bombings.

One of the most important findings of the Dutch study is that there are no standard jihadists. According to the researchers, the 28 networks they identified differ considerably from one another. In some cases, authorities were dealing with individual attackers, whereas more than 30 people were involved in the 2004 bombings of trains in Madrid. The data also cover a wide range when it comes to the attackers’ ages. The youngest was 16 and the oldest 59, which makes the average age of 27.3 years not especially meaningful.


Turkey Update:

* This is by far not the only reason Turkey must NEVER be allowed in the EU:

Hundreds of thousands protest against the steady erosion, at the hands of the Erdogan government, of the separation of religion and state in Turkey. Of course, if Erdogan didn’t have his own supporters, he wouldn’t be Prime Minister now, and apparently the inevitable next President.

Read also: Erdogan lobbies for EU membership
Hundreds of thousands of Turks took part in two days of protests hoping to persuade the Prime Minister against running for president, amid concerns that his election would put at risk the separation of religion and state in the predominantly Muslim country.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to decide this week whether to stand for president next month. Since his Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has roots in political Islam, has a substantial parliamentary majority, its candidate is assured of succeeding Ahmet Necdet Sezer, the President, who is a staunch secularist.

Mr Erdogan, who has presided over strong economic growth and has worked hard to secure Turkey’s European Union candidacy, presents himself as a conservative democrat. But opponents remain suspicious of his Islamist past. Mr Erdogan has served a prison term for sedition and his wife covers her head in the Islamic manner. During his leadership his party has attempted to criminal-ise adultery, banish alcohol from some establishments and relax restrictions on religious education and headscarves.

Times online, continue…


Muhammedan hatred against unbelievers and Jews is deeply rooted in the Koran and the hadith, the traditions and sayings of Mohammed. Muslim children, from the tender age of three, are paraded on Arab TV proudly proclaiming that Jews are descendants of Apes and Pigs and must be murdered for the glory of Allah, and self-sacrifice, ‘martyrdom’- is, must be the goal for every Muslim in order to conquer infidel lands.

Apart from Geert Wilders in the Netherlands no western leader has publicly spoken out against the Koran. Calls for censorship on video’s, CD’s, DVD’s in an age of information technology are misguided, it simply won’t work.

Vilification laws, imposed by many countries in the EU and in Victoria, concocted by an alliance of red-green utopian’s and Muslim ‘advisers’- are generally used and perverted by socialist judges, lawyers and politicians, to go after people (like us) who expose the Islamo-fascists and draw attention to the problem. The most recent and obvious example being the case of the two pastors Nalliah from the ‘Catch the Fire’ ministries, who read publicly from the Koran and were therefore accused of ‘vilifying Muslims’ and dragged through the courts.


We have enough censorship already! We have a self-censoring main-stream media that doesn’t dare to ‘hurt Muslim sensitivities’ -by not printing innocuous Mohammed cartoons, we have more than enough lefty loony journo’s flash-as-a-rat-with-a-gold_thumb4.jpgwho are totally befuddled with the perceived ‘underdog’- who see the Islamo-fascists as stormtroopers in the fight against capitalism and believe more Islamic immigration will ensure that socialism will once again triumph.

No. Video’s, DVD’s and CD’s such as the one by Feiz Mohammed and Bilal Philips should be widely disseminated. Every School, every teacher, every politician and everyone who cares should be confronted with this material. It should be discussed in parliament and in the families. Education is the key.

Only people who are informed can make an informed judgment.

More later…

The Religion of Peace: Coming to a Mosque in your Neighborhood Shortly


* Peaceful students at an Islamic madrassa chant anti-American slogans while burning thousands of DVDs, videos and music CDs at the Lal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan

Militant cleric claims having guns in mosque
“Our only goal is to enforce Sharia in Pakistan through jihad while the political-religious leaders want to impose Sharia though democratic norms, which we don’t admire.”


Islamabad: The militant cleric who declared enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan’s federal capital and gave a deadline to the government, remains defiant and claims that he has guns on the mosque premises to defend his headquarters if authorities tried to launch crackdown.
In a telephonic interview from Lal Masjid with Gulf News yesterday, Maulana Abdul Aziz reiterated his claims that the mosque has guns on its premises and his followers will defend themselves if the government opted for any sort of crackdown.

He said that female students of Jamia Hafsa will never vacate the occupied library building until Sharia is enforced in the country.

* Musharraf wants to impose Sharia through democratic norms?

PG Rating for Feiz Mohammeds Hate-Video, Ruddocks Belated Response

We covered the Undercover Mosque stories here. Foehammer, Jihad Watch, LGF and many others ran the story. Youtube had those clips off and on, and the DVD’s are freely available in Islamic stores around the country with a PG rating, which once again proves the ineffectiveness of lame government institutions that are either unwilling or unable (or more likely incompetent) to do what they’re meant to do.

Here is the link from the Sunday Telegraph via Dhimmi Watch

Excerpt: The films urge parents to make their children holy warriors and martyrs, and praises jihad as the pinnacle of Islam.
The radical sheik makes snorting noises on the films as he vilifies Jews as the “army of pigs”.
He blames a lack of courage for martyrdom on the battlefield for the “humiliation” of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Guantanamo.

Watch it before it disappears again, with thanks to Rosie:


Pro-terrorism films banned within a fortnight

Article from: AAP

THE Federal Government hopes it will be able to ban pro-terrorism films within a fortnight, following the classification of a race hate DVD urging children to martyr themselves.
The film, which calls for the murder of infidels and describes Jews as “pigs”, received a PG rating from the Office of Film and Literature Classification, making it suitable to be bought and watched by children.
News of the classification brought swift condemnation from the Federal Opposition, the NSW Government and the Jewish community, as well as by Attorney-General Philip Ruddock.
The film is contained in a package of DVDs prepared by Australian-born Islamic cleric Sheik Feiz Mohammed, who is currently in exile in Lebanon, but reported to be still preaching jihad to his Australian followers by telephone.
His film calls for the murder of non-believers in Islam’s war on the west, News Limited reported today.
Mr Ruddock said he had instructed his officials to seek agreement from the states within two weeks to urgently change censorship laws so that hate films praising terrorists could be banned.
He said Sheik Feiz’s film “clearly advocates terrorism acts” but the classification authority suggested “the law did not give them sufficient capacity to refuse classification of this particular product”.
The current test of whether a publication promoted, incited or instructed people to perform a criminal act was inadequate and material which advocated terrorism should be refused classification, he added.
Mr Ruddock said the states had agreed to toughen laws for material that praised terrorism following passage of federal terrorism legislation in 2005, but that there should be no further delays in the states enacting the changes.
If the states and territories continued to resist, as they had done for more than a year, then he might be forced to go it alone and make the relevant change to the Commonwealth’s Classification Act, he said.
NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said it was an “outrage” that such material could be allowed into the country.

*No, Vic, its an outrage that you ignored it for so long.

“One has to seriously question the guidelines which allow such offensive material to be allowed into our country and be distributed,” Mr Alhadeff said.
“For even one person to see this is one person too many because of the race hate that it preaches and the damage that can flow from that.”
Mr Alhadeff said the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies would meet soon to consider making a formal complaint.
Acting NSW Premier John Watkins called on Prime Minister John Howard to take action to ensure the film could not be seen by children.
“It’s disgusting and I advise any parent to ask their child not to go and see the film,” he said.

* Which is not only wrong, but it is equally stupid and ignorant if we don’t inform ourselves and our kids about what we are up against and pretend that not knowing or not raising awareness about it will make it go away.

Federal Opposition legal affairs spokesman Senator Joe Ludwig said the PG rating was “completely unacceptable”.
“Mr Ruddock must explain how a Jihad video by Sheik Feiz Mohammed was given the same rating as The Neverending Story and Back to the Future parts 1, 2 and 3,” Senator Ludwig said.
He said Mr Ruddock was one of only four people with authority to seek a review – the others being the publisher, the person who applied for classification and a person who has been seriously aggrieved by the material.

* The socialist (belatedly) flogs a dead horse and sucks up to the mufti at the next election, he should be ignored…

70 Years of Ataturk doesn’t make Turkey a Secular Country

* Because the jihad is permanent and relentless, and the believers have the scriptures on their side. 70 years is but an irritant in the global jihad for conquest and domination, until Islam is the only religion and the sharia the law of the land.

* Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a convicted Islamist who did jail- time for his beliefs, doesn’t beat around the bush:

“Democracy is but a train which be board [ascend], until we have arrived at our goal. The mosques are our Barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets and the believers are our soldiers.”

Sure, there is always hope. But the masses of primitive Muhammedans who believe the world belongs to Allah will inevitably win the upper hand:

200,000 March Against Turkey’s Leader FOX News

ANKARA, Turkey _ More than 200,000 Turks protested against Turkey’s Islamic-rooted prime minister Saturday, demonstrating the intense opposition he could face from Turkey’s secular establishment if he decides to run for president next month.

Protesters called on the government to resign and chanted slogans including, “We don’t want an imam as president.”

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has brandished his strong religious convictions while at the same time pushing Turkey toward European Union membership, represents a challenge to secularists’ traditional approach to government in this 99-percent Muslim country. Many fear that if he or someone close to him wins the presidency, the government will be able to implement an Islamist agenda without opposition.

But with Erdogan’s popularity and firm control over parliament, his opponents may have little power to stop him if he does decide to run. His party was elected to an overwhelming majority in parliament and can appoint whomever it wants to the presidency.

The pro-secular military retains a strong influence over politics, however, and in 1997 generals pressured Erdogan’s mentor out of the prime minister’s office because he was viewed as excessively religious. Any serious tensions between the government and the military could have a serious effect on the economy, analysts warn.

* Turkey’s economy is a joke: A Potemkinish construct propped up by the jiziyah paid by the EU-dhimmies…

* But stop looking for skeletons in the closet, you islamophobe, you!

Here’s an even more euphoric link from AP 

Kadra, who became famous in Norway for exposing imam support of female circumcision, beaten unconcious in public

Kadra attacked in public

 Ummah News Links.

Norwegian-Somalian Kadra, who became famous in Norway for exposing imam support of female circumcision, was beaten unconscious on Thursday.

Norwegian-Somalian Kadra has taken risks to front her views.


PHOTO: Knut Fjeldstad / SCANPIX

Kadra was attacked and beaten senseless by seven or eight persons of Somali origin, newspaper VG reports.

“I was terrified. While I lay on the pavement they kicked me and screamed that I had trampled on the Koran. Several shouted Allah-o-akbar (God is great) and also recited from the Koran,” Kadra told VG.

Kadra linked the attack to recent remarks in VG where she said that the Koran’s views on women needed to be reinterpreted.

Kadra said that the gang of Somali men attacked her around 3 a.m. in downtown Oslo on Thursday. A medical examination found that she had several broken ribs, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports. Kadra filed charges and was due to speak with police on Friday.

The Islamic Council Norway (IRN) condemned the attack on Kadra and urged that she pursue the matter with police.

“Behavior where one goes to physical attack on someone you disagree with violates Islamic teaching and the prophet Muhammad’s sunnah (lifestyle). We strongly object to such behavior,” the IRN said in a press release.

* Lie and deny, deceiving infidels is mandatory in the jihad conquest

Kadra’s role in a 2000 hidden camera TV documentary revealing the positive attitude of Muslim leaders to female circumcision had a massive impact on Norway, and sparked new legislation.

Canada Jihad: Montreal Muslims Charged With Firebombing Jewish Center

* Once again, it’s a total mystery where they might have learned such violent, murderous hatred.

The pair were arrested Thursday morning and questioned. The investigation did not turn up links to any terrorist or hate groups, said Constable Christian Emond, of the Montreal police fraud and arson squad.

Pair denied bail
Men charged with crimes targeting city’s Jewish community

The Gazette

Sue Montgomery
and Paul Cherry

Two Montreal men have been accused of a raft of attacks against the city’s Jewish community, including the firebombing of a Snowdon community centre that police are treating as a hate-related crime.


Omar Bulphred, 21, and Azim Ibragimov, 23, appeared briefly in Quebec Court on Friday to be arraigned on charges stemming from incidents that began last fall. Both were denied bail.


Perhaps the police investigators should watch some of these videos:




Religion of Peace Bombs Casablanca

* Of course NOT. They are bombing only US diplomatic offices in Casablanca, and Al Reuters proudly reports that it is the ‘first such targeted bombing in the last four years’- oh well…


Moroccan security forces patrol the area near the US cultural center in Casablanca, 14 April 2007.

Two bombers attack U.S. targets in Morocco

CASABLANCA, Morocco (Reuters) – Two suicide bombers killed themselves in an attack on U.S. diplomatic offices in Morocco’s commercial hub Casablanca on Saturday in the first such targeted bombings in four years, witnesses said.

Police arrested a third bomber as he tried to flee the scene of the mid-morning attack on the U.S. cultural centre and the nearby U.S. consulate in an upscale district of the port city, where three suicide bombers blew themselves up four days ago.

“He threw down his explosives belt and ran away. Police chased him and caught him,” said the owner of a coffee shop in the neighborhood, who declined to be identified.

They also later arrested the leaders of the armed group to which the two suicide bombers and those responsible for Tuesday’s blasts belonged, a security official said.