Love Letter to Australia from a Turkish Migrant

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I’m so proud to be an Aussie
John Ilhan

January 21, 2007 12:00am
Article from: Sunday Herald Sun

JOHN Ilhan writes: IT’S an important time to consider what it really means to be an Australian.

Australia Day is just around the corner, allowing us to express our patriotic feelings with pride.

Australia has given me everything. It has embraced Crazy John’s and allowed it to become a successful company employing hundreds of people. I met an Australian girl from Hawthorn who became my wife and now we are a loving family of six following the recent proud birth of our son.

Of course, nationalism can also be misdirected, as the events of the first day at the Australian Open showed when the destructive side of patriotic jingoism raised its ugly head. No matter what our background, we are Australians.

The loyalty first and foremost to Australia should also be remembered by some religious leaders, including some radical Muslim leaders in Australia, who pretend to speak for the faith, but instead promote intolerance and hatred. These thankfully are in the minority, but they should respect Australian laws and not preach division and fear. If they cannot respect Australian law then they should have their citizenship revoked or not be allowed back in the country if they are living overseas.

My Muslim faith qualifies me to strongly denounce any racist and inflammatory comments made by any Muslim leaders because they perpetuate a stereotype that is unhelpful and dangerous.

I am the proud son of Turkish parents. I missed out on being born in Australia by a few years, but each day I thank my lucky stars that I came to this country. Most people came to this country to build a better life. They should be thankful and grateful to be here. Therefore immigrants must learn the Australian way of life, culture and learn the English language.

For many Australians, the true awakening of our national identity was at Gallipoli. Each year thousands of young Australians travel to the Turkish coast to discover the sacrifices and courage shown by those young Anzacs in World War I.

In recent years there has been a growing appreciation also of the courage and determination shown by the Turkish troops in that battle.

I had relatives who fought in the First World War against the Anzacs, yet today, if there was another world war, I would fight for Australia without hesitation. I would die for this country.

I love Australia for what it stands for. It embraces opportunity, inclusion and, most important of all, mateship. What Australia has taught me is that if you give something – like the hand of friendship or provide a service that fulfils a need – you will be repaid many times over. They say that America is the “land of opportunity”, but I say Australia is. I’m a good example – a boy from Broadmeadows made good.

That is also why I am giving back to the community in the form of the llhan Food Allergy Foundation to promote research and education into food allergies that affect hundreds of thousands of Australians.

On Australia Day, I am lucky enough to be playing the role of an ambassador and will speak to a gathering of people in Melbourne about my family and what it means to be Australian. It will be a chance to celebrate with others what was the best decision my family ever made — to come to this wonderful country and the great city of Melbourne.

Australia doesn’t owe us anything – we owe Australia.

JOHN ILHAN is founder and chief executive of mobile phone chain Crazy John’s.

Al Jizzeera & The Muhammedan Propaganda Jihad

By Sheik Yer’mami

Misspelling intended:

Allowing Al Jizzeera, a Muhammadan propaganda network, to disseminate enemy propaganda into America’s living rooms is the utmost folly. This is not ‘freedom of speech’ – its idiotic. It is equally bad to have numerous hate-stations like Al Manure (misspelling intended) beam ME-filth all over Europe, where 20 million Muhammedan immigrants are constantly fired up about perceived wrongdoings by western ‘imperialists or colonialists’,- and the call for jihad becomes irresistible to those ‘youths’ who normally torch cars to advance the global jihad.

Not everybody is that smart, not everybody understands what the Muhammedan agenda is all about, and we are at war. Given that ‘war is deception’- we are handing the enemy a major victory by allowing them to spread poison in our society, when we haven’t got the chance of a snowflake in hell to get a reciprocal arrangement.

Charles from LGF has a take on this:

The chances for Al Jazeera becoming a “force for good” are slim to none. The organizations and forces behind Al Jazeera have nothing but hatred for the West, have declared war on us, and are actively dedicated to our destruction. We would not have allowed the Nazis to broadcast their propaganda in the US during World War II, and we should not allow this enemy media front to spread its poisonous ideology in the US today.


Sheik to run for Iemma’s seat, says report
January 20, 2007
Article from: AAP

CONTROVERIAL Muslim leader Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly is considering running in the March 24 state election for Premier Morris Iemma’s seat of Lakemba.

The sheik will also endorse two Muslim candidates for the Labor-held seats of Bankstown and Auburn, newspaper reports said.

While the mufti has not yet named the candidates or confirmed his own intentions, his frequent spokesman and defender Keysar Trad confirmed he was considering taking on Mr Iemma.

“If the community intimates its desire to run him, we would accept him to accede to the community’s wishes,” Mr Trad reportedly said.

“It is time that politics in NSW received a good shake-up and Iemma’s dilemma will be the dearth of Lakemba voters who are dissatisfied with the shortage of facilities and services and will vote accordingly.”

Sheik al-Hilaly told SBS Arabic Radio from Egypt: “I am consulting with some of my brothers and, on my return, we will agree to nominate a sincere, honest Australian personality whose loyalty is totally to Australia and who is able to make contributions to the Lakemba electorate and NSW in general.”

Mr Iemma said he was looking forward to a showdown with the sheikh.

“I am confident the majority of my electorate, including the majority of Muslim constituents, would back my views any day,” he said.

Lakemba is 13 per cent Muslim. Mr Iemma won 64.21 per cent of the vote in the last election.

Aussie Police Seize ” Hate & Kill Kuffars” Videos

Unfortunately anyone with a CD burner can churn them out in unlimited numbers, so confiscating a few won’t do anything to nip the Jihad ideology in the butt. As long as there are mosques there will be hate-preachers and there will be more & more of those who follow the call to jihad. But not to worry: As we all know, jihad is nothing but “inner struggle”….

*Police seize Muslim ‘kill enemies’ videos
By Simon Kearney and Tracy Ong from The Australian
January 20, 2007

FIREBRAND cleric Sheik Feiz Mohamed’s defense of his comments on a DVD calling children to jihad has been undermined by revelations, the video also urges Muslims to kill the enemies of Islam and praises martyrs with a violent interpretation of jihad.

In the DVD, which runs for almost four hours, Sheik Feiz describes inmates of Guantanamo Bay as better Muslims than those in Australia, who would would not forsake their lifestyles for martyrdom.

*Damn! And I thought they were all innocent victims of American imperialism!

“The brothers in Cuba are better than us,” he said. “They are being examined through the best examination (a reference to God’s judgment) and the like of them worldwide.”

The sheik, who left Australia in 2005 to live in his father’s homeland, Lebanon, exhorts his followers to seek the honorable death of the believer, quoting from narrations about the prophet Mohammed.

“They fight in the cause, they kill others – the enemies who fight Islam and they themselves are killed as martyrs,” he said. He gives the example of a mujaheddin who fought in Bosnia in the 1990s who spoke of nothing but jihad and was killed on the battlefield. “What a beautiful person to be associated with. Would you not like to be an associate of this person?”

The DVD was a recording of a series of passionate fire-and-brimstone sermons that told his audience over several weeks nearly four years ago his thoughts on the way to live their lives. “This is our intention that we want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam, loving Islam,” he said.

Details of the DVD’s contents have sparked an Australian Federal Police investigation and have been met with condemnation.

* Who would possibly condemn the ‘Religion of Peace?’ Are you some kind of Islamophobe?

AFP officers visited the Muslim youth centre founded by Sheik Feiz yesterday to collect a copy of his DVD, which was handed over voluntarily by members of the 4000-strong youth movement.

The two federal agents who arrived at the Global Islamic Youth Centre at Liverpool, in Sydney’s west, declined to comment on the investigation.

About 200 worshippers were at midday prayers yesterday because Friday is Islam’s holiest day of the week.

The centre’s managers referred The Weekend Australian’s inquiries to a phone number, which rang out.

One of Sheik Feiz’s former students, Zeky Mallah, who was acquitted of terrorism charges, said the sermon was normal. “That’s something that’s normal with any Islamic scholar. It’s just a way of speaking about things,” he said.
*Normal? I don’t recall having been tought to go out and kill Muslims, not by my teachers, not by anyone else, ever…

Do your kids learn that in school or in church?

Sheik Feiz told The Australian on Thursday that his reference to jihad did not mean violence. He said he was against suicide bombing and violence against others.

*Could it be that he is lying? Hmm, and i always thought Mohammedans were forbidden to lie…

However, the DVD is littered with references to violence and a call to arms – most of which is made using examples of historical warriors as an admonishment to modern Muslims for straying from their path.

“If you’re a hardliner, you’ll say these in lectures; if you’re a moderate, you’ll keep these views to yourself,” Mr Mallah said. “It’s not really inciting violence. It is saying to stand up for yourself, to defend yourself and defend your land.”

* In other words, you’re either a bomber or you will be bombed. Got it!

Muslim internet forums were buzzing with criticism of the media for running the story yesterday, accusing news outlets of misinterpreting the meaning of jihad, which can also mean a peaceful quest to be a good Muslim.

*Right. Blame the media. Its all ‘inner struggle’-

I think I need a laxative!

Islamic Friendship Association’s Keysar Trad said that, while he could not comment on behalf of Sheik Feiz, jihad literally meant to “exert effort”, the highest form of which was to stop oppression.

*Now it begins to make sense! So who are the ‘oppressors?’ Us, the kuffars? Could it be that we haven’t surrendered yet and that the sharia is not yet the law of the land?

Keyzar would know. He’s an expert on Islamic jihad all his life. He’s a pro..

But he attacked politicians for “tripping over themselves to attribute the most controversial comments to Muslim leaders”.

“Whilst I don’t endorse in any way (Sheik Feiz’s) comments referring to Jews, nor ambiguous references to jihad, I’m concerned that NSW Premier Morris Iemma has come out and expressed a view on Islam that it only means violence, which is not the case,” he said. “It’s very distressing to me and fellow Muslims.”

* Keyzar, perhaps people realize that denial and your “out of context”-BS just doesn’t cut the cake anymore…

Bangkok Bombings The Work of Jemah Islamiyah

Jihad in Thailand:


What happens when a bunch of Muhammedan Generals launch a
coup d’etat in a Buddhist country? Needless to say: You get a reinforced insurgency and bombs go off everywhere, you get all the lies you don’t want to hear and with just a little understanding, ‘context’-, it all falls into place:
Bangkok bombings the work of JI
Ron Corben, Bangkok

The Australian
January 20, 2007
THAI intelligence agencies say operatives of the regional terror network Jemaah Islamiah were directly involved in the New Year’s Eve bombings in the Thai capital that left three dead and 40wounded.

In reports seen by The Weekend Australian, the agencies say a key JI leader in Thailand’s southern Narathiwat province was directly involved in the planning of the operation

“From the evidence we have gathered, there is a slim chance that it is related to the southern insurgency,” Mr Surayud said in the early hours of New Year’s Day soon after the bloodshed.

*War is deception, said Mohammed

“It is likely related to people who lost political benefits,” he said, referring to the former Thaksin Shinawatra administration that was ousted in a coup in September amid allegations of corruption and abuse of power and fears of street clashes.

*Same thing. Blame the victim. Its called projection…

In an interview with CNN this week, Mr Thaksin, who is now living in exile, denied any involvement with the attacks.

*Thaksin was probably the best PM Thailand ever had, why should he admit what he didn’t do?

No group has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The eight bombs, set in crowded tourist areas that left at least seven foreigners among the wounded, cast a pall over the city that had largely escaped violence in a year of political turmoil.

However, Thai intelligence reports draw a direct link with the southern insurgency, including JI.
*Could it be that the Thai Intelligence Agency is not yet infiltrated by Muhammedans?

Downer Blasts Shysters Over Hicks

It never ceases to amaze me how many shysters, ‘human
rights organizations’ and bleeding hearts take it upon themselves to protect misfits, criminals, terrorists and other filth like Mohammed (Abu) Dawood, aka David Hicks. It is equally amazing to watch their misguided efforts to do whatever it takes to get him released from his ‘inhuman’ treatment at Gitmo.In Melbourne recently there were even some judges demonstrating on his behalf.

Any kind of lie, false accusations and an idiotic, romantic notion that Hicks was some kind of ‘revolutionary-‘ or just ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’- must be rejected. People who make these claims are malicious, they should be treated as the moonbats and nutroots they are.


Official blasts Gitmo inmate’s lawyers

By PETER JAMES SPIELMANN, Associated Press Writer Sat Jan 20,

NEW YORK – Australia’s foreign minister on Friday criticized lawyers representing the only Australian inmate at the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay for disputing his report that the man is healthy.

David Hicks’ Pentagon-appointed lawyer, Maj. Michael Mori, has repeatedly said his client is suffering from severe depression after being incarcerated for five years without a trial.

“I think it is preposterous that I should be attacked for explaining … that in the last week or so somebody visiting him spoke to him and he seemed to be in good health,” Foreign Minister Alexander Downer told reporters in New York.

Downer was quoted Thursday as saying that Hicks met recently with an unidentified foreign citizen. “There was no suggestion that he was suffering from mental illness, though no doubt he doesn’t like being in Guantanamo Bay,” Downer told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.

Hick’s legal team has been reported as saying that the visitor was a U.S. consular official with no special medical or psychiatric qualifications.

Downer also said Friday that Hicks, 31, will face new charges to replace previous charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit war crimes and aiding the enemy.

Read it all…

* Update on this story:

The case against David Hicks

Jane Holroyd
January 11, 2007
Latest related coverage
Hicks’ lawyer hits back at prosecutor
A picture of support for abandoned son’s plight
AUDIO Hicks ‘conducted surveillance on US’

At least six months before Hicks is given a hearing
New Hicks charges a ploy: father
Hicks’ father sceptical of possible new charges
Hicks ‘faces two more years in jail’
New Guantanamo charges soon, says US

On the fifth anniversary of David Hicks’ incarceration in Guantanamo Bay, the US chief military prosecutor tells why the Australian remains a prisoner.

â–  Attended advanced al-Qaeda training camps
â–  Associated with senior al-Qaeda leaders after 9/11
â–  Issued with weapons to fight US troops in Afghanistan
â–  Carried out surveillance on US and other international embassies

DAVID Hicks was a fully fledged al-Qaeda operative who took orders from Osama bin Laden, conducted surveillance on embassies and was armed to battle against coalition forces in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks, his US prosecutors will allege.

In an interview with, Colonel Morris Davis, chief prosecutor for the US Office of Military Commissions, dismissed any notion of Hicks, 31, as a young and naive adventurer. He said the Australian — who today has spent five years in detention at Guantanamo Bay — would be held accountable for his actions.
Hicks, a former kangaroo skinner from southern Australia, was captured in

” name=”c1″ /> News | News Photos | Images | Web

” name=”c3″ />

Afghanistan during the U.S.-led invasion in late 2001 and transferred to Guantanamo in January 2002


Abu Hamza Must Repay $ 2 Million

Click on the link for the song:

Jailed Abu Hamza ‘must repay $2M’


He never will, of course not. Not one red cent. With the mindset of the Jihadi who set out to destroy western society by any means, who preaches that robbery and rape of infidels is perfectly in line with the teachings of the profit Muhammad: Abu Hamza was just following his religion.

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Alleged Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, jailed for inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder, was ordered to repay £1 million ($1.97 million) in state legal aid Thursday after a judge ruled he lied about his finances.

Egyptian-born Hamza, 49, who is serving a 7-year sentence, ran up the legal bill during his trial and failed appeal.

At London’s Old Bailey court, Mr Justice Hughes said Hamza lied about owning a house in order to claim legal counsel, paid for by the state.

The judge ordered Hamza to repay the £1,088,945 within 28 days because he had “provided false and inadequate information”.

Hughes said Hamza would be unable to meet the costs in full.

The bill is set to grow because Hamza is applying to appeal against his conviction to Britain’s highest court.

The judge said Hamza had come up with a “fabricated story” that his sister owned his £280,000 house in west London.

The court heard that supporters were giving Hamza at least £25,000 each year in cash and gifts to help him meet his high living costs.

Hamza, who appeared in court via a video link from a high security prison, was jailed last February after being found guilty of 11 of 15 charges mostly relating to sermons he delivered in the 1990s.

Christiane Amanpour: ‘With Understanding Comes Knowledge…’

*British born ‘extremists’ like Omar Brooks say they are prepared for Jihad

* Omar Brooks is usually in cohorts with Anjem Choudary of the radical group Al Ghurabaa

*Christiane Amanpour:

*With knowledge comes understanding*

Unfortunately for her, she lacks knowledge and she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t know what’s in the Koran or in the sunnah, she doesn’t know about the psychology of the musulman.


Listen to Abu Izzadeen:


We are the Muslims,” said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen. “We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam and that is jihad.”
You see, Omar Brooks understands his religion. He is a ‘good muslim’- he follows the Koranic teachings. The ‘moderates’ don’t have a leg to stand on.
What does she know about Jiziyah and dhimmitude? She ignores the 1350 years of relentless jihad-warfare against the west and the attitudes of the primitive muslim masses:

Christiane Amanpour is confused (or is she deliberately confusing her audience?)  didn’t she learn about the 164 jihad verses in the Koran? She goes looking for ‘grievances’-  she provides a forum for soft spoken, cunning, cool and noisy Jihadists, she presents the never ending litany of Muhammedan grievances-, from ‘Islamophobia’ – (a much maligned and too often repeated word;) she tells us ‘we need to listen to them’- and she keeps looking to find the elusive ‘moderate muslims’-. But since they don’t exist, she finds some ignorant muslims who may or may not back the jihad ideology and the wholesale slaughter of infidels and Jews, but since they are not ‘real’ muslims, her efforts are in vain.

Here’s the link from CNN, expect to be disappointed.

Read it all…

Deport Hilali T-Shirts Now Available!

*Lets just revoke his citizenship while he is out of the country! While he is fomenting hatred against Australia in the ME. How about it, Amanda Vanstone? This is your chance to become a national hero! What are you waiting for? The guy is guilty of perjury, he has sworn an oath of allegiance to the people of Australia and he hasn’t done anything other than wage jihad against us. Bar him from re-entry, thats it!

* T-Shirts:

*Somebody beat me to it, but I sez ‘Good on you boyz, sell as many as you can. We’ll help you with the promotion right here in the Winds of Jihad Towers in the outer Outback!’

*Order Now and be proud to wear it:

Rahim Ghauri Calls Sheik Hilali “Lousy Guy”

Rahim Ghauri, Islamic Council of Western Australia


*Sheik’n some cat-meat

Mufti Sheik Hilali “Lousy Guy”


Rahim Ghauri, leader of the Islamic Council of Western Australia, said the Islamic community should not be held accountable for one cleric’s offensive remarks.


“Some lousy guy stands up and calls himself a leader of the Muslims, calls himself a cleric because he can read the Quran,” Ghauri told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. “Why do people like me (have to) sit here and give an interview because every Tom, Dick and Harry gets up an makes some stupid comments?”


Well, uh, maybe because al-Hilali is the leader of the Muslims in Australia.


Robert Spencer over on Jihad Watch puts it all in context for you: