Sydney: Koranimals demand the reinstatement of the ‘democratically elected’ MuBro Regime

by sheikyer mami on August 19, 2013

“Everyone knows the Muslim Brotherhood and their honorable history”

Alternative reality.

MuBro’s take out  full-page color advertisement in the New York Times, which costs between $169,534 to $203,110 to post, a New York Times representative told Al Arabiya English.

 “Aussie Muslims” don’t like to be “stigmatised”

 “There’s a general feeling of living under suspicion and being under surveillance constantly,” Mohamad Tabbaa, Islamic Council of Victoria executive member, told Australian paper The Telegraph. …More whinging and counter-terrorismophobia at On Islam (Mullah)

Hizb ut-Tahrir  tards demand the return of the “democratically elected” MuBro terror regime of Muhammad Morsi:
The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, was also seen protesting on behalf of the MB.
  • How dare those pesky Coptic Christians complain about being persecuted, tortured and killed?
  • How dare those Coptic Christians complain when their daughters are captured and converted to Islam?
  • How dare those Coptic Christians complain when the MB burn their churches down when they are inside?  (source)

Fort Hood mass-murderer cannot be a terrorist because he says so

AP says Fort Hood jihad mass murderer’s motive is “difficult but key question”

“This isn’t a terrorism trial, and she may decide that this would just unnecessarily inflame the jury, and that it’s not worth the risk,” Rosen said.

French brothers, converts to Islam, call for jihad in France

Two fresh-faced French converts to Islam who claim to be fighting in Syria have caused outrage in France by issuing a chilling call for jihad.


France: there is always another 5-year plan

Everything shall be free

Also there’s a car that travels 62 miles on half a gallon of gas. And everyone gets a house. Also French Islam and Police 3.0. How can you say Pas?  Five year plan? Nah. Try five hundred year plan. Just raise taxes on the rich, make a wish and it will all come true. (Daniel Greenfield)

‘Explosive’ Polio Outbreak in Somalia

That’s because allah wants them to have polio. To interfere with it would be ‘unislamic’.

List of Female Hezbollah Suicide Bombers Grows

The Israel Defense Forces blog (IDF) reported more women are rising through the Hezbollah organization and are willing to participate in suicide attacks. Hezbollah says more women are joining them, but they are still treated as the inferior sex.

The Peaceful Muslim Majority is Irrelevant

From now on, when someone counters your educational efforts with “most Muslims are peace-loving,” school them with Paul’s response. Here it is:

Just as a “committed” Christian is one who truly follows the Bible, so a “committed” or “devoted” Muslim is one who truly follows the Quran. And just as a “devoted” Christian is one who truly follows Jesus, so a “devoted” Muslim is one who truly follows Muhammad.


1. Canberra raises Cairo worries

2. Embrace halal growth

3. Queensland prisoners served up special diets and three square meals while pensioners scrimp to eat well

4. Appeal over baby-killing butcher’s $3000 compensation


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