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Fanatical Frenzy Watch: Thousands of Rageboyz Go Apeshit Over Burned Bibles

Ah well, I admit that’s a cheap prank, but if it gets your attention for a moment its good enough. Its of course the old Koran-burning routine that plays out here. As usual, the Americans can’t bow and scrape enough to apologize to those morons. What they should really do is waste the motherfuckers. Then at least they might get some respect.

Afghanistan: Enraged crowd of 2,000 rallies, shouting “Die, die, foreigners!” over alleged Qur’an desecration at U.S. air base, U.S. General abjectly apologizes, orders investigation

Nato General apologizes profusely to the “noble people of Afghanistan” for alleged Koran desecrations

General Allen clearly has now idea how weak and pusillanimous his repeated apologies in this video will make him appear to many, if not most, of “the noble people of Afghanistan.” He should know enough about Islamic culture to know that it respects strength and sees apologizing and attempts at conciliation as weakness, only to be despised.

Vlad Tepes Vid:

Got another one from TT:

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Jihad in Marrakhesh

Jihad bomb murders 14 in Marrakesh cafe

Allah guarantees Paradise to those who “kill and are killed” for him (Qur’an 9:111).

2011.04.28 (Marrakesh, Morocco) – A Holy Warrior walks into a cafe and detonates. Five women are among fifteen massacred.

Our always vigilant Mullah wonders if our Moroccan snitch is still sitting comfortably sipping tea …

[A British national and two French people are among 14 killed in a suicide bomb attack in a popular tourist cafe in Marrakesh, according to reports by French newspaper Le Figaro. ]

“Blast kills 14 in Marrakesh cafe,” from AFP, April 28 (thanks to JW):

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WTF are we doing in Afghanistan?


We are sacrificing our best and bravest  for an Islamic Narco-Jihad-Sharia fiefdom that will still be the same whether we stay there 10, 2o or a hundred years.

Every time I read this I wonder if the soldier involved held back fire for fear of being court martialed by a pathetic government hell bent on winning votes……

It is the ultimate ultimate perversion to sacrifice the  best of our fighting men to help our implacable enemies in the folly of  “nation building”. We are insane.

Spr Larcombe, who was halfway through his first tour of Afghanistan, is survived by his parents, three younger sisters and girlfriend Rhiannon Penhall, all of whom were being supported by Defence staff. (source)

RIP Jamie…..

A fine and brave South Australian has been lost with the death of Sapper Jamie Ronald Larcombe in Afghanistan, the SA government says.

Sapper Jamie Ronald Larcombe and an Afghan interpreter were shot dead by insurgents while on patrol in the Mirabad Valley on Saturday night (AEDT). (9News)

Just yesterday we had 3 Germans killed and six wounded:

Afghan soldier opens fire on German troops, killing 3 and wounding 6 others…

And for what? For Islamic sharia?

The constitution that the State Department bragged about helping the new Afghan “democracy” draft established Islam as the state religion and installed sharia as a principal source of law. That constitution therefore fully supports the state killing of apostates.

(And child marriage, stoning of women, cutting of hands and limbs, killing of homosexuals, polygamy, and all the rest)

Case closed.

The purpose of real democracy, meaning Western republican democracy, is to promote individual liberty, the engine of human prosperity. No nation that establishes a state religion, installs its totalitarian legal code, and hence denies its citizens freedom of conscience, can ever be a democracy — no matter how many “free” elections it holds. Afghanistan is not a democracy. It is an Islamic sharia state.

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Today’s Religion of Peace Offerings:

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Sodomy and Sufism in Afgaynistan

By Spengler / Asia Times (thanks to all who sent this in)

Image thanks to TT

Yet another report on the culture of child rape in Afghanistan:

Social scientists attached to the Second Marine Battalion in Afghanistan last year circulated a startling report on Pashtun sociology, in the form of a human terrain report on male sexuality among America’s Afghan allies. The document, made available by military sources, is not classified, just disturbing. Don’t ask, don’t tell doesn’t begin to qualify the problem. These are things you didn’t want to know, and regret having heard. The marines got their money’s worth from their Human Terrain adjuncts, but the report might have considered whether male pedophilia in Afghanistan has a religious dimension as well as a cultural one. I will explain why below.

Most Pashtun men, Human Terrain Team AF-6 reports, engage in sex with men – boys – in fact, the vast majority of their sexual contacts are with males. “A culturally-contrived homosexuality [significantly not termed as such by its practitioners] appears to affect a far greater population base then some researchers would argue is attributable to natural inclination. Some of its root causes lie in the severe segregation of women, the prohibitive cost of marriage within Pashtun tribal codes, and the depressed economic situation into which young Pashtun men are placed.”


The human terrain team responded to scandalous interactions between Pashtun fighters and North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops, some reported with hilarity by the media. An article in the Scotsman of May 24, 2002, reported, for example: “In Bagram, British marines returning from an operation deep in the Afghan mountains spoke last night of an alarming new threat – being propositioned by swarms of gay local farmers. An Arbroath marine, James Fletcher, said: ‘They were more terrifying than the al-Qaeda. One bloke who had painted toenails was offering to paint ours. They go about hand in hand, mincing around the village.’ While the marines failed to find any al-Qaeda during the seven-day Operation Condor, they were propositioned by dozens of men in villages the troops were ordered to search.”

Another interviewee in the article, a marine in his 20s, stated, “It was hell. Every village we went into we got a group of men wearing makeup coming up, stroking our hair and cheeks and making kissing noises.”

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Texas Company Helped Pimp Little Boys To Stoned Afghan Cops

Would You Just Rather Not Know This?

Doing bizniss in the bad old Mohammedan fashion:

The story details a Wikileaks released document from US diplomats confirming that American security contractor DynCorp, hired by the US Government at an annual cost of almost $2 Billion to train Afghan police officers, used some of that money to procure 8 – 15 year old boys as “gifts” for Afghan police officers who use them for anal sex.

Apparently DenCorp also uses some of their public funding to purchase drugs to get the same Afghan cops in a party mood.


Not even just a little?

You can read the full story here.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this tale. It’s been a hot topic for months with Alex Jones, an American talk show host who also runs the Prisonplanet.com website.

From the Legion of Decency/hat tip Blazing Cat Fur

Good News from AFP: “Afghanistan has not executed anyone for the crime (of Apostasy) in recent history”

See, nothing to worry about, infidel. Go back to sleep, all’s well!

Herald Sun (thanks to Western Feminista)

TWO Afghans accused of converting to Christianity, including a Red Cross employee, could face the death penalty, a prosecuting lawyer has warned.

Musa Sayed, 45, and Ahmad Shah, 50, are being detained in the Afghan capital awaiting trial, the prosecutor in charge of western Kabul, Din Mohammad Quraishi, told AFP.

“They are accused of conversion to another religion, which is considered a crime under Islamic law. If proved, they face the death penalty or life imprisonment,” Mr Quraishi said.

He said Sayed, who works for the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) had already confessed and there was “proof” against Shah.

Related News:

The ICRC’s spokesman in Kabul, Bijan Frederic Farnoudi, confirmed Sayed’s arrest and said the detained man had worked for the organisation since 1995.

Farnoudi said ICRC representatives had visited Sayed in prison “in accordance with its mandate”.

“During such visits, the ICRC has met Mr Musa (Sayed) several times and intends to visit him in future,” Mr Farnoudi said.

Sayed and Shah were arrested in late May and early June, days after local television broadcast footage of men reciting Christian prayers in Farsi and being baptised, apparently in a house in Kabul.

The government launched its own investigation and suspended two aid groups, Norwegian Church Aid and Church World Service of the US, after the television program reported the two men were proselytising, which is illegal in the devoutly Islamic country.

Several Afghan MPs have expressed their anger over the case, with one from western Herat even calling for the men to be dragged from their homes and publicly executed.

The Afghan constitution, adopted after the fall of the hardline Islamic Taliban in late 2001, forbids conversion to another religion from Islam and in theory can sentence those found guilty to death.

But Afghanistan has not executed anyone for the crime in recent history.

The last conversion case to be tried in Afghanistan is believed to be that of Abdul Rahman, an Afghan man arrested in 2006 for converting to Christianity.

He was eventually released and granted refugee status in Italy, after a wave of international human-rights protests.

Copper load of this! Company digging mine in Afghanistan unearths 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery

Oh noes! Remants of the jahilya, pre-Islamic times!  Can’t have that: Abdul, get the explosives, Rashid, gimme your lighter….

A Chinese company digging an unexploited copper mine in Afghanistan has unearthed ancient statues of Buddha in a sprawling 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery.

Archaeologists are rushing to salvage what they can from a major 7th century B.C. religious site along the famed Silk Road connecting Asia and the Middle East.

The ruins, including the monastery and domed shrines known as ‘stupas,’ will likely be largely destroyed once work at the mine begins.

The ruins were discovered as labourers excavated the site on behalf of the Chinese government-backed China Metallurgical Group Corp, which wants to develop the world’s second largest copper mine, lying beneath the ruins.

Historic find: Ancient Buddha statues inside a temple in Mes Aynak, south of Kabul, Afghanistan. Chinese labourers digging a copper mine made the astonishing discovery

Hanging over the situation is the memory of the Buddhas of Bamiyan — statues towering up to 180 feet high in central Afghanistan that were dynamited to the ground in 2001 by the country’s then-rulers, the Taliban, who considered them symbols of paganism.
No one wants to be blamed for similarly razing history at Mes Aynak, in the eastern province of Logar. MCC wanted to start building the mine by the end of 2011 but under an informal understanding with the Kabul government, it has given archaeologists three years for a salvage excavation.
Archaeologists working on the site since May say that won’t be enough time for full preservation. (More from Daily Mail)

Afghanistan: “Foreign Aid Workers? They don’t do anything for us anyway. They’re merely weapons in the Taliban’s hands.'”

Criticism Grows of Afghanistan’s Bloated NGO Industry

By Walter Mayr/Spiegel

Exotic Birds in a Cage

Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second city, is located in the southern part of the country. In the labyrinthine alleyways of the city’s bazaar, traders huddle in shacks barely wider than a cupboard. The faces of the men in turbans, caps and traditional round-topped pakul hats are as impenetrable as wax masks. Out of the corners of their eyes, they keep a lookout for people who don’t belong in the Taliban’s former and current stronghold. A sticker on a battered Jeep proclaims “Life is short — pray hard.” Foreigners no longer dare to show their faces on these streets.

Ramazan Bashardost is a former presidential candidate who is an outspoken critic of corruption in Afghanistan. “Whenever a foreign aid worker is killed nowadays,” he said, “many Afghans simply shrug their shoulders and think, ‘So what? That’s one less thief. They don’t do anything for us anyway. They’re merely weapons in the Taliban’s hands.'”

Outsiders who want to get anything done in Kandahar need to be very patient and have powerful supporters. Or they have to have unbridled optimism. On Aug. 31, US General David Petraeus, the commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, said that military progress was now clearly also being made in southern Afghanistan. The day before, an improvised explosive device made of fertilizer and nitric acid had killed five American soldiers in Kandahar as they drove past.

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