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Jihad Downunder? Believers should sell or give their life fighting for Islam, make a "trade with allah…"

 The imam didn’t mention “inner struggle”.  He must be misunderstanding his peaceful religion. For some reason he seems to believe that the soldiers of allah should kill and die for allah.

Thanks to our ever vigilant friends from the Q-Society:

A dangerous message that was delivered to the members of Preston Masjid by one of its leaders two weeks ago:

Audio: Jihad is the most profitable trade

May 13, 2012

A sermon delivered at Preston Mosque in suburban Melbourne, Australia, during Friday prayers on Apr. 27 instructed worshippers that waging jihad with your life and wealth is the most profitable form of trade.  Take a listen to this one-minute introduction given by “Brother Baha”—presumably the Preston Masjid’s executive committee member Baha Yehia:

If Muslims do not perform Jihad then they “are guilty of sin”.

The sermon was originally written in Arabic by Sheikh Mohamad Abou Eid, the mosque’s imam, and Brother Baha presented an English translation to the congregation.

The central message was that you should “sell” or give your life and wealth fighting for Islam, and your payment in return from Allah is paradise.  This “trade with Allah” is the best trade—-better than selling vegetables or other mundane commodities—and it is the type of trade that will spare you from hellfire.

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"Halal Friendly Pharmacy"

Camel urine, anyone?

Sydney, Australia:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said “If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537)

Be careful, Muslims. You might be needing some haram kafir medicine after all:

“a mouthful a day does not keep the doctor away”

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Australia: "Protest for burqa ban caused great offense!"


As usual, the enemedia can’t spin it enough to blame those opposing the burqa with “causing offense”- can’t offend poor widdle muslims now, can we?

The aggressive mob of young muselmaniacs who ripped the burqa off from one of the protesters gets no mention. Will the police charge him with assault? I won’t be holding my breath:


“Sydneysiders extremely offended by the male protesters wearing the burqa”

In this second vid (thanks to Vlad) you can see the criminal aggression of the Koranimals who go straight into attack mode: (will post as soon as it becomes available)

A group of protesters wearing burqas gathered in various places in Sydney today to argue for Australia to ban the face veil.

They say the wearing of the Islamic headwear donned by women, should be outlawed because they pose a security risk.

Security and police were called when the burqa-clad non-Muslims incited anger outside state Parliament House.

Members of the public were extremely offended by the male protesters wearing the burqa.

Zubeda Raihman from the Muslim Women’s National Network says, “I think it is pretty offensive because we live in this democratic country and we are given the freedom of choice.”

The only “offended” comment the 7-network offers its viewers is the opinion of a muselmanic agit-prop?

The group ventured to the Downing Centre Local Court, a city pub, a bank, and the NSW Parliament House.

The Bunglawussi knows who is to blame:

Ugly scenes erupted between a group of burqa-clad protesters and a Muslim man outside NSW State Parliament in Sydney today.

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Australia: The rise of the totalitarians

Its bad and its getting worse.

Andrew Bolt links:

It takes a certain kind of mind to want such controls over the political speech of so many:

The rise of the totalitarians

Brendan O’Neill says where you stand on press freedom reveals where you stand on democracy:

 I must recommend again the critiques by John Roskam and David Kemp of the sinister Finkelstein inquiry. Both expose the totalitarian instinct behind its recommendations.

Those who would take free speech away from us are terrorists:

Issuing threats of legal action against less powerful people or businesses is perhaps the most potent means by which in our society free speech is threatened. A threat against one person or their publishers intimidates thousands.

Enough. Guarantee free speech and stop this circus

Why journalism academics are so hostile to our free press

Can’t let the people decide, they’re too stupid:

 A little ray of sunshine:

Cameron Stewart on the dangerous Leftism of journalism academics:

ONLY hours after the Finkelstein media inquiry report was released last week, lecturers from four of Australia’s top journalism schools delivered their instant judgment on the academic website The Conversation.

Each of the four—Brian McNair from the Queensland University of Technology, Johan Lidberg from Monash University, Alexandra Wake from RMIT University and Andrea Carson from the University of Melbourne—enthusiastically embraced Ray Finkelstein’s central recommendation for a new government-funded regulatory body to sit in judgment of news reporting…

Inside the country’s newspaper offices there was a polar opposite reaction.

Publishers Fairfax Media, News Limited (publisher of The Weekend Australian), APN News and Media and West Australian Newspapers came out in fierce opposition to the proposed NMC, warning it would pose a threat to press freedom and free speech.

The contrasting view on Finkelstein’s findings between the teachers of tomorrow’s journalists and today’s working journalists could not have been more pronounced..

Burqini – Word of the Year

Muslim Village

Burqini set to be named Australia’s Word of the Year

Our muselmanic cultural enrichers also recommend another word for the dictionary:  guy liner – look it up!

 The Burqini and those who wear it are about as useless as a jukebox under water. Originally invented and paid for by the Howard government squandering taxpayer money, it was sold to Australia’s unsuspecting public as yet another all-inclusive-outreach PR stunt. The idea that muselmanic females can do the job of life savers is preposterous. There has never been a case where a burqini clad female saved an infidel and we never heard one of the Islamic clerics say that it is halal to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with an infidel.

In other news:

Dutch Dimbulb Calls For Protest Against Burqa– by Wearing One

Dutch Green Red  Councillor Karin Dekker  has called for a protest against the ban on the burqa. She urges all women to participate, to either buy or make a burka and defy  the law by wearing them.

Taxpayers to foot the bill for Muselmanic segregation 

Monash Council has approved the extra cash, bringing the cost of the curtains to more than $66,000. Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman Nazeem Hussain said: “The purchase of these curtains, and whether they are too expensive, is a decision for the councillors to make, and if the constituents aren’t happy … they are able to object.”

Australian taxpayers should never be forced to pay for muselmaniacs…..

Lets built 'em a bridge!

Andrew Bolt:

The boats are arriving almost daily now:

A BOAT carrying an estimated 72 passengers and two crew has been “intercepted” south-east of Ashmore Islands yesterday evening.


Australian Welfare Payments Sent Overseas

The Third World colonists who have been swamping Australia are doing so at public expense, being generously compensated for their uselessness by the taxpayer — so generously that much of the money is getting shipped back home:

Some refugees in Australia are sending welfare payments abroad as part of a multi-billion-dollar industry to help relatives in poor countries.

A report commissioned by the Immigration Department says that many recent arrivals from Africa fear losing social respect if they do not send cash home.

Using World Bank data, the report estimated that up to $6 billion flows out of Australia each year in payments to people overseas. It said that a survey of humanitarian arrivals showed that 70 per cent had sent money home.

In Australia, the Gillard Government knows the truth about its bungled refugee program. The people it’s bringing in are costing billions, with 85% of refugees on Centrelink benefits in their first five years here.

What to do about the intolerable outrage of do-gooder bureauweenies looting Australian taxpayers to provide free money for African villagers who will never even see Australia? Report author Graeme Hugo, a professor at Adelaide University, has an idea:

Prof Hugo said that … the Federal Government should consider making it easier for them to send money to relatives abroad.

“Anything that countries like Australia can do to facilitate that sending back of finances can potentially have good development impacts in theorigin country,” he said.

All you can do is bury your face in your hands.

Queensland’s Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser has called on Liberal National Party (LNP) and Katter’s Australian Party MPs to denounce the Qsociety, which is concerned with the “erosion of Western values and the Islamization of Australia.”

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We Need to Deport All of Them, Not Only 'Dozens'

Australia to deport first failed Afghan asylum seeker

Muslims do not make their way to Australia to become Australians, but to make Australia Islamic. It is not, and we should not make it our business, to  help settle Muslims behind what they perceive to be enemy lines…..

Thanks to  BNI:

Already rejected by England and Ireland, Muslim ‘asylum’ seeker with fake passport is fighting deportation from Australia, saying he will be killed if sent back to Afghanistan.

Gee, maybe that’s the reason nobody else will give him asylum either? Muslim cleric warns Australian government they better not try to deport any more Muslims or it’s going to make them very angry. Human Rights activists and Left wing media nod heads in sympathy with the Muslim invader.

Australian Government Political Correctness Exposed by Media

Media report from Australia showing the Sharia/Caliphate goals are world wide. The world is waking up slowly to save our freedom, but will it be in time to save us from the casualties of massive death tolls? Spread the word to those that still need to wake up.

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(Musel-)man with terror links held after raid


Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai was arrested on charges that he broke into a cash machine. See, if Australia would just be more generous with the jizya, this poor chap would never have been “radicalized” by al-Awlaki. “Man with terror links held after raid,” by Dylan Welch for The Age, September 29 (thanks to JW):

Al Age

A SYDNEY man with ”demonstrated connections” to one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist preachers has been arrested by Sydney police over allegations he broke into a cash machine.

Anwar al Awlaki

Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai was arrested after three other men were prevented from robbing a cash van at gunpoint in far western Sydney yesterday morning.

Ahmadzai, 21, is alleged by Australia’s domestic intelligence agency, ASIO, to have had contact with the Yemen-based al-Qaeda preacher, Anwar al-Awlaki.

Awlaki is of great concern to Western intelligence agencies due to his repeatedly demonstrated ability to radicalise via the internet young Muslim men in Western countries.

Awlaki is seen as such a threat that last year he was placed on a CIA ”catch or kill” list.

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Australia: telling the truth about Islam is 'inciting hatred against Muslims'- or something….

 I like Michael Smith.

The ex-copper  has been featured here on WoJ because  he  sticks his neck out, unlike the cowards who pull their tails and make a run for it: 4BC’s Michael Smith accused of anti-Islamic remarks …

Michael Smith is a good man and needs our support:

Australia: Radio host investigated for “inciting hatred against Muslims” by telling the truth about Muhammad

Strictly speaking, Michael Smith was wrong. Muhammad did not marry a nine-year-old and consummate the marriage when she was eleven. He actually married a six-year-old and consummated the marriage when she was nine: “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” – Bukhari 7.62.88.

But that is not why he is being investigated. He is being investigated because he told a truth — Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had sex with a child — and Muslims consider truth-telling to be “inciting hatred against Muslims.” Witless dhimmi Australian authorities are going along. It is ever thus. Last night the dishonest Imam Moustafa Zayed, in our second debate, kept claiming that I was inciting hatred against Muslims — and there again, his only evidence was that I tell truths about Islam that he would prefer not be told.

“2UE host’s remarks on prophet investigated,” by Heath Aston for the Sydney Morning Herald, August 14 (thanks to JW):

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Australia: Sheik Fez, Lebanese Diplomats & Welfare Fraud

Fleece the infidels wherever you find them….

Lebanese Diplomats representing their country beautifully: 

A CRIMINAL investigation is under way into allegations that staff at the Lebanese consul-general’s office in Sydney have been paid wages in cash while illegally pocketing Centrelink payments.

Diplomats to the welfare state (Andrew Bolt)

Sheik Feiz back to his old tricks

Sheikh Feiz has caused controversy by referring to Jews as pigs and saying children should be encouraged to take up jihad. He has apologised for the former comment and said the latter was misunderstood.

When Turks here must send their children to Turkey to escape Islamist hardliners… 



The general manager of the Auburn-based Affinity Intercultural Foundation, Ahmet Keskin, said that ”people around here could hardly believe that a Turk might be involved in that [incident] because this is an extremely tolerant community.”

Out of the fire into the frying pan? Young Turks in this country are being recruited by Salafists – which is unsurprising. Recruitment and da’awa go hand in hand, and jihad-terror is the inevitable outcome:

Muslim threatens to ”kill all Christians and Jews” and bomb Sydney on Facebook (Atlas)

A plan by another, the Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia, to build a large mosque on a $1.8 million, 3882-square-metre plot on Chisholm Road, is considered the latest example of the push into the area….. Some anxious parents have begun sending their children to Turkey for long periods to steer them away from Salafi influences, one leading figure said on condition of anonymity…