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Hawke's Saudi friend jailed for drink spiking and assault

* With friends like these: Ol’Hawkeye jumps in the ring to bail out a Saudi “friend” who drugged and raped a young woman. Not to worry: the judge said “ the assault was in the moderate range of the offence.”

Gave reference ... Bob Hawke.
Gave reference … Bob Hawke. Photo: James Brickwood  


EVEN a reference from the former prime minister Bob Hawke was not enough to stop a Saudi businessman from being jailed for almost six years for drink spiking and indecent assault.

Safwat Abdel-Hady, 48, will be behind bars until 2014 for administering a stupefying drug to a Melbourne couple he met in the now-closed Barons nightclub in Kings Cross in November 2006. He was also convicted of indecently assaulting the woman, in her 30s, at his luxurious Mosman apartment.

Update: Hawke gets a case of the Rudds


  • Defends Burmese tyrants with everything he’s got: Bob Hawke in action

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Australia: They Just Keep Coming

Andrew Bolt 

Invited by a “caring”  KRudd government, the circus begins again.


Seems the people smugglers have heard about the new management: 

A GROUP of more than 60 suspected illegal immigrants have been detained after their boat was detected off northwestern Australia… On the same day, another group of 50 suspected illegal immigrants was transferred to a customs vessel after their boat ran aground at Warriors Reef, 65km north of Thursday Island, and was detected by a border patrol aircraft.


Australia: Censorship & the Internet Police

Banned hyperlinks could cost you $11,000 a day

Asher Moses / SMH / With thanks to V@V


* Do Australians want guys like Conroy, KRudd, Calma or Gillard to control the websites they can access? Are you kidding?

The Australian communications regulator says it will fine people who hyperlink to sites on its blacklist, which has been further expanded to include several pages on the anonymous whistleblower site Wikileaks.

Wikileaks was added to the blacklist for publishing a leaked document containing Denmark’s list of banned websites.

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Why are "Afghan boat-people" arriving in Australia?

Archive Photo

They just keep coming: Boat people sent to Christmas Island

* They are Afghan Muslims. Their Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia are religiously obliged to offer them shelter. Why are they coming to Australia, a Judeo-Christian nation?

Could it be that they are not migrants, not asylum seekers, not refugees but infil-traitors instead?

A FISHING boat carrying 54 people, mostly Afghan asylum seekers, was intercepted off the Northern Territory at the weekend.  The boatload is the largest in more than a year and is the ninth since September.



Italy: Hundreds more illegal immigrants land on Lampedusa

Palermo, 16 March (AKI) – The recent wave of illegal immigrants heading for Italy by boat continued on Monday when coastguard intercepted a boat with 257 illegal immigrants on board ten miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.
Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been arriving on Lampedusa each week aboard people smuggling boats that set sail from the North African coast, especially during the warmer months between March and October.   

The Italian government is currently seeking repatriation agreements with the various North African countries.  But the majority of illegal migrants (63 percent) enter Italy by land or plane, according to Italy’s interior ministry. More from AKI

ANSAmed) – VALLETTA, MARCH 16 – The Maltese government has not authorised the Italian navy ship ‘Minerva’ to enter the port of Valletta to offload the 76 migrants (including 13 women) to whom it came to the rescue as they drifted in a rubber dinghy 40 miles south of Lampedusa in Maltese waters.  More from Ansamed
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Ever wondered why Australia ended up with so many Muslims?

Andrew Bolt:

Time to hold some politicians and policies to account:

IMMIGRATION authorities warned the Fraser government in 1976 it was accepting too many Lebanese Muslim refugees without “the required qualities” for successful integration. The Fraser cabinet was also told many of the refugees were unskilled, illiterate and had questionable character and standards of personal hygiene.

Cabinet documents released today by the National Archives under the 30-year rule reveal how Australia’s decision to accept thousands of Lebanese Muslims fleeing Lebanon’s 1976 civil war led to a temporary collapse of normal eligibility standards. 


Here is an older, but very interesting link:

How Middle Eastern criminal gangs began establishing no-go areas in Sydney

Muselmanic Gratitude Watch

Australians come from all over the world. Italians, Greeks, Armenians, Germans, Chinese, Jews, Japanese, Spaniards, Indians, Vietnamese, all have made significant, generous contributions to make this country what it is: a modern, multicultural nation-state, a  benevolent democracy, a prosperous society with a lifestyle second to none. Traditionally, all immigrants have done their best to contribute to society, some have founded universities and hospitals, some have given generously for the arts, some excelled in sports, others have done well in business.

No group of immigrants have ever arrived on these shores who brought with them a criminal intend and an inbred obsession to overthrow the elected government and subject the people of this country to the barbaric regime of a  terroristic 7th century cult.  A regime that would see women under black shrouds,  stoning of adulterous women, public flogging, chopping body-parts of thieves and other criminals, female genital mutilation, child marriage, polygamy, honor killings and open warfare against disbelievers.

And then the Muslims arrived:

From the excellent Militant Islam Monitor

                                      Listen to the gratitude

Written by Wendy Larkson


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Islamist Censorship in NSW

Written by Dan Zaremba   
Just a few days ago I was informed by one of our readers that  our on line magazine – Australian Islamist Monitor was blocked by the NSW Department of Education and Training.    

All those who would wish to view our web site from the DET’s network would see the following message:

 The site http://www.islammonitor.org/ is blocked. It has been classified in the category/ies Hate/Discrimination 
To leave this page please use the Back browser button or enter a new URL into the browser 
If you believe that this site is required for educational purposes you can request that the site be unblocked by completing a Filtering Information Request. 
Details about filter categories can be obtained from the Account Administration online help.


Australia For Sale: Allahu Akbar!

ABC News

Former NAB boss to head Govt property venture

The National Australia Bank’s executive director Ahmed Fahour is leaving the bank to head up the Federal Government’s moves to shore up the commercial property sector.

* The idiocy of “defamation of religion”

* This time the brownshirts hide behind religion. So far, it’s working well for them.

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Australia: Rapist cab driver Hassan Nagi out on bail

The Australian

  • Predator cabbie out until April
  • He raped three women between 2003 and 2007


HE has been convicted of raping three women passengers and yet taxi driver Hassan Nagi walked free from court on bail yesterday. 

Despite subjecting his victims to violent assaults, the serial predator will remain at liberty until late April, when he is sentenced. 

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Australia: When Crime-fighters Turn to Crime, Muslim Cops are Tops

Geesche Jacobsen Crime Editor / Brisbane Times


Accused … Nasser Battal.

“I was not brought up to dob in my partner.”

Tobacco theft, unlicensed guns, “heaps of mobile phones” in false names and lots of denials.

Officer denies he stole drugs

A POLICE officer has told the Police Integrity Commission he had an unlicensed gun in his home and had registered “heaps” of mobile phones in a false name, but denied he was involved with his police partner in stealing drugs from drug dealers.

* Rapist cab driver Hassan Nagi let out on bail

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