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Australia: "Ban Burqa Day May Cause Cronulla Style Riots"

 Islamic leaders labelled the event “racist”.

Oppose the freedom sack and you are causing a riot.  Wrap yourself in shrouds and you -somehow- turn into another race. Islam makes it possible. Fresh thinking:

Fears for riots in national burqa protest

Wes Hosking, Fenella Wagener, Herald Sun

Imprisonment means freedom…. the freedom sack is  just like bra-burning… right?

Kye Keating started the movement for the  ‘Ban the Burqa Day’ protest. Picture: Craig Borrow Herald Sun

UPDATE 11.16am: A NATIONAL day of protest demanding the burqa be banned has raised fears it could provoke Cronulla riot-style hysteria.

Which Cronullah ‘riots?’

 Once again: Cronulla was not about ‘race’- it was about Aussies being raped, molested and attacked over a long period of time. When Muslims ganged up and started beating up Aussie-life-savers, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Almost 14,000 people have signed up for Monday’s “Ban the Burqa Day”, which urges protesters to wear a balaclava or mask.

But Islamic leaders labelled the event “racist.”

Islam is not a race. Its a violent ideology that masquerades as a religion.

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More Calls For Sharia DownUnder

Just at the time when the red ratbag JooLiar Gillard committed the bigggest fraud on the Australian people

Australia: Muslim leaders want interest-free loans, other Sharia provisions

Extremist group hires town hall for rant against Israel and democracy

There is no distinction within Sharia between what they’re asking for below and the aspects of Sharia that are opposed to basic human rights. How will Muslims in Australia make that distinction? Or will they care to do so at all?

“Give us our own laws, say Islamic leaders,” by John Masanauskas in the Herald Sun, July 11 via JW:

ISLAMIC leaders want Muslims in Australia to get interest-free loans for religious reasons.

They can apply in Sowdi Barbaria if they want it.

The nation’s Islamic leaders want recognition of sharia law as it applies to banking practices, according to an exclusive Herald Sun survey of imams.

Australia: Muslim Conference Calls for Sharia Whether we Like it or not! ~ Video

On July 3rd the Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir held a conference in Australia. One of the speakers at that conference clearly laid out the Islamic goal for the world, as he called for “radical change”.This change is Sharia, whether we like it or not! (more from Logan’s Warning)

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Osama bin Kelly

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman: “OBL is just like Ned Kelly to Muslim yoots in Sydney”

Yes of course. Why not Robin Hood, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all in one? Can somebody remind me why we let these people settle   -behind what they perceive to be-  enemy lines?

Osama a ‘folk hero’ and ‘resistance fighter’ to some supporters in Sydney

JESSE PHILLIPS From: The Sunday Telegraph

FOR most of the world he was a symbol of death and evil — a mad man who was dedicated to killing innocents.

But, for some Muslims, dead arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden is a “folk hero” similar to Australia’s Ned Kelly.

Hardline Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia’s spokesman, Uthman Badar, said the group rejected democracy, seeking to establish a trans-national Islamic caliphate state, and viewed bin Laden as a “resistance fighter” with huge sympathy among Muslims.

‘Fok hero’ … Osama Bin Laden.

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Australia: "Jesus is not the son of God, just the support act…"

Da’awa Downunder:

Australian billboards claim Jesus for Islam, but could you run a billboard proclaiming “Jesus Christ is Lord” in Saudi Arabia?

No, of course not. Nor could one post anything about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism, or agnosticism. Why? Because Saudi Arabia is not a free society. Why? Because they enforce Sharia. And Sharia forbids the propagation of non-Islamic faiths or the display of their symbols.

Muslims here are taking advantage of rights to freedom of speech, religion, and conscience that they will destroy where they are able to impose Sharia. Put that on a billboard. “He’s not the son of God, just the support act,” by Aaron Cook for the Sydney Morning Herald, May 28 (thanks to JW):

Christians in Sydney will have their core beliefs challenged by provocative advertisements due to appear on billboards and buses in the next month.

The ads, paid for by an Islamic group called MyPeace, will carry slogans such as ”Jesus: a prophet of Islam”, ”Holy Quran: the final testament” and ”Muhammad: mercy to mankind”.

In a free society we should be allowed to run ads that read “Muhammad was a mass-murdering serial rapist, a bandit and a slave trader.”

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What? No Imam For Invaders?

Muslim detainees at Inverbrackie can attend a Catholic mass but an Islamic leader is not provided.

A Department of Immigration and Citizenship spokesman said several religious provisions were made for the 300 asylum seekers. “Immigration detainees are free to practise any religion of their choice on an individual or communal basis and have access to community religious organisations,” he said. “An imam (Islamic religious leader) is not available in the Adelaide Hills community. However, a highly regarded member of the Inverbrackie client population leads Islamic prayer and the majority of Muslim clients attend these prayers.”

The spokesman said a Hindu sermon was conducted every third Friday and several cultural and religious celebrations had been held for “clients” at Inverbrackie.

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More Boats a Boon for Social Workers

Two more boats

Only eight boats so far this year, but I suspect that as the cyclone season wanes, these two may be the harbinger of more:  (Andrew Bolt)

How do you like being screwed in the name of care and compassion?

The Melbourne Age MyCareer [Saturday February 26] had a whole section dedicated to how The Department of Immigration is recruiting for Case Managers and Assistant Directors to help ‘process’ the massive explosion of illegal entrants.

Not a bad gig too. $62,000 plus allowances for Case Manager and $85,000 plus allowances for Assistant Directors. Super would be separate. There are “several positions” which effectively means multiple of ten vacancies.

What a disgraceful indictment of not only mismanagement and loss of sovereignty, but of the Australian taxpayer.

Brimbank Weekly fawns over Islam, Muslims: "We are just like you…"

A steaming pile of taqiyya with cream and a cherry on top: another Islamic da’awa doctor who’ll tell you anything but the truth:

“IGNORANCE” is a key hurdle to the acceptance of the Islamic faith in Australia, according to a key community leader.

Normal: What race is Mustapha Ramadan?

(Brimbank Weekly thanks to Mullah)

Sunshine Mosque president Mustapha Ramadan says there are many negative stereotypes about the Muslim community, but people are often surprised when they learn more about the faith. “When people think of Islam they may think about terrorist bombing and fanatics, but there are fanatics in all societies,” he said.

Indeed, we do believe  that there are Islamic fanatics. There are  others who are fanatics, but they hardly blow themselves up or fly jets into buildings. Until Mustapha openly declares that his mosque doesn’t teach  hatred and genocide for Jews, Christians and non-Muslims, renounces jihad terror, polygamy, wife beating, child-marriage, incest, stoning, incest and murder of homosexuals and blasphemers,  the ‘Sunshine mosque president’  won’t be blowing sunshine up my butt…….

“There are people in the world who do this sort of thing to get in the spotlight and it means that now we’re in the spotlight.”

Figures from the 2006 census show there were 340,391 Muslims nationwide, or 1.71 per cent of the population. Brimbank has the fourth-largest community in Victoria, with 8407 (5per cent).

The Sunshine Mosque was established by the Cyprus Turkish Islamic Society of Victoria to cater for this growing population.

Mr Ramadan points out that there are Muslim communities all over the world, not just in the Middle East. “They are also in Asia, in Africa, it’s something you find all around the world.”

Although he believes there is more to be done to address the image of Muslims in Australian society, Mr Ramadan said he hasn’t heard of obvious examples of discrimination at a personal level. “I have a lot of interaction with people and nobody has really talked about that,” he said.

“I think Australia has come a long way. There are, of course, pockets of racism, but that is going to happen everywhere. You don’t really bother with that.”

Mr Ramadan takes heart in the hope that over time, negative feelings towards the Muslim population will fade. They are, after all, here to stay.

“I have attended a lot of different multifaith events, and understanding is a lot better than it was,” he says. “We all want to live in harmony. At the end of the day we are all just normal people; we are just like you.”

Australian Beheadings

ABC Headhunters or just a “Freudian snip?” (Andrew Bolt)

The ABC’s headline:

Calls for Morrison’s head in ‘anti-Muslim’ row

Reader Alan RM Jones:

We all know how Islamists deal with their enemies, but now the ABC?

Under pressure: Scott Morrison

Twice this immigration may mean twice this trouble

We’re told there are too few to worry about, and we’re told there are too many to offend.

I don’t see how a debate on Muslim immigration can be avoided given the figures Sally Neighbour cites:

Muslims overall remain one of the most disadvantaged groups in Australia.

The figures are in a 2009 report by the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Social and Economic Conditions of Australian Muslims: Implications for Social Inclusion.

On the upside, it found that education-wise Muslims are high achievers: 21 per cent of Muslim males have a university degree, compared with 15 per cent of non-Muslims. But this doesn’t translate into financial rewards, apparently because of language barriers, discrimination and non-recognition of qualifications obtained abroad. Unemployment among Muslims is two to four times the rates among other Australians. Twice as many Muslims have no income. Only 15 per cent own their own homes, compared with one-third of other Australians. Twenty-six per cent of Muslim teenagers are unemployed, against 14 per cent of non-Muslims. And, shockingly, 40 per cent of Muslim children live in poverty, almost three times the national average.

The report found Australian Muslims are more vulnerable to multigenerational endemic poverty, “thus making poverty a way of life”. This in turn creates alienation from mainstream society, leading to higher rates of delinquency, crime, imprisonment and potentially resort to religious extremism.

This is absolute bullshit. How Islam works to impoverish Muslims we can see here in the jihad against teachers in Thailand:

The intrepid mujahedin, gunning down teachers and forcing school closures in the entire province. Later on, they, along with analysts in the West, will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating the means of improving one’s lot in life.  (Source)

Nor am I particularly reassured by Sheik Hilali’s attempt to placate fears of terrorism attacks from a very small minority of those many more dissaffected:

Lakemba imam Hilali acknowledges the frustration and anger that can potentially breed violent extremism are palpable in his community.

“There are no terrorists in Australia in terms of execution. There are people who have the mindset to commit harm, but no one has the capacity to execute anything. What it is, is just a mindset – just talk and ideas.”

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Musliculti is dead. Except for Australian "genius" minister Chris Bowen


Gillard brings back the multiculturalism she hid at the election (Andrew Bolt)

“We’ve gone too far in soft-spoken tolerance of multicultural dogmas”

eye on the world

The controversial debate over multiculturalism in Europe has now taken a new twist. As more migrants flee their troubled countries in search of stability and security, Europe is giving them the cold shoulder. More than five thousand arrived in Italy in this past week and its Interior Minister warns they could jeopardize the institutional and social structures of the continent. It comes on the back of harsh criticism of multiculturalism by some Western European leaders.

It’s too early to say whether Europe is waking up to smell the coffee Islam – they are still thinking about debating the issue.

But Australia’s Socialists are determined to destroy the fabric of Australian society forever:

Minister Chris Bowen Introduced New Multiculturalism Policy

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announces Australian Multicultural Council

Herald Sun (thanks to Mullah)

THE Gillard Government will beef up a campaign supporting multiculturalism in the face of what is seen as growing resistance to new arrivals.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tonight revealed the campaign would salute what he called “the genius of Australian multiculturalism”.

I call it ‘stuck on stoopid’.

The Government will create a new independent organisation, the Australian Multicultural Council, and ACT senator Kate Lundy will be made parliamentary secretary in charge of managing multicultural programs.

From Wiki: Lundy is a member of the Socialist Left faction of the ALP. She has been highly active on the issue of internet regulation.

Amazing how it all fits together, doesn’t it?

More bureaucracy and pencil pushers will not appease Mohammedanisnm.

The fresh emphasis on the policy comes amid growing public hostility towards asylum seekers, and against significant population growth through immigration.

There also is apprehension that the increasing number of Muslim migrants will produce big cultural changes, and even the introduction of Islamic-based legal codes.

“Australian governments do not defend cultural practices and ideas that are inconsistent with our values and ideals of democracy, justice, equality and tolerance. Nor should we be expected to,” Mr Bowen told the Sydney Institute tonight.

Little does he know….

“For those fleeing persecution, terror and hatred, they come to Australia in search of peace, justice and harmony.

Not. Muslims who arrive on our shores are bringing us persecution, terror and hatred, Mr Bowen. They don’t bring harmony but hatred for the non Muslim, and  for them ‘justice’ means sharia.

“For many others, they come in the hope of creating, in this new land, a new life for themselves and their loved  ones for prosperity and in the knowledge that, in Australia, their children will not be discriminated against for their colour or creed.

They will call Australian children ‘kafir, harbi and mushrikeen’… but I guess that’s alright with this minister….

“For these men and women, the last thing they want is Australia to change, to become less free, to become less democratic, to become less equal.”

That’s exactly what they want. More Mohammedanism means less freedom for us.

Mr Bowen said multiculturalism was under attack in France, Germany and Britain, but that Australia had a different and successful system.

Any idea what’s different here?

“But it is a unique, Australian multiculturalism, built differently to other models around the world,” he said.

He said Australia had social unity, and a requirement that people become citizens to enjoy the full benefits of living here.

“In my view, this is the most beautiful citizenship pledge in the world,” said Mr Bowen.

He said: “English is the national language here, its use in our public and private institutions is to be respected, and the learning of English is to be encouraged.

“Ours is a citizenship-based multiculturalism. To enjoy the full benefits of Australian society, it is necessary to take a pledge of commitment as a citizen.”

Mr Bowen is  clueless:

“The Prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'”  Bukhari:V7B67N427

The minister said the new multiculturalism council would “act as a champion for multiculturalism in the community, will advise the Government on multicultural affairs and will help ensure Australian Government services respond to the needs of migrant and refugee communities”.

“We will also establish a National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy to design and deliver an anti-racism strategy.”

Islam is not a race, but a destructive ideology. What this sinister minister calls “anti-racism strategy” reeks of more hate speech laws. He must be stopped!

Anti Muslim Petition

If the

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has backed ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries, who tabled a petition calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. (ABC)

The petition, signed by three people in Sydney, calls for a review of immigration policy be undertaken to ensure priority is given to Christians.

Why is the petition signed by only three people? We could get hundreds, if not thousands of signatures to halt Islamic welfare seekers coming into this country……

Senator Humphries says he disagrees with the petition but he tabled it because he believes every citizen has a right to put their views to the Parliament.

Mr Abbott says he also disagrees with the petition, but people have a right to put their views.

“I’m not proposing that, he’s not proposing that, no-one is proposing that,” he said.

“People have a right to petition their Parliament even on subjects that their MPs don’t agree with, even on subjects where the Parliament is unlikely to act.”

Senator Humphries says he will meet local Muslims to allay their concerns.

“Many Muslims are my friends and I hope they’ll remain my friends,” he said.

Ikebal Patel shrieks and lectures  us on how good Christian dhimmies ought to behave:

“That’s hardly a loving Christian to be very selective in whom you want to enter in your home.”

(If I invite Muslims into my house, they then kill me and take my house, is that being Christian? No, it’s being stupid. Muslims of whatever stripe are not welcome in my house, and not welcome in my country.)

A PETITION tabled in Federal Parliament calling for a 10-year ban on Muslim immigration has been labelled bigoted by a leader of the Islamic community. (Source)

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