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Too Expensive: Australia Won't Try Radical Islamic Headbanger Nacer Benbrika

Obviously, the safety of Australians is no longer a concern for the rabble that presently governs Australia:

Jihadist cleric intent on killing as many Australians as possible dodges new charges, could be out in six years

The rationale for declining to prosecute Abdul Nacer Benbrika largely seems to boil down to “Eh, we don’t feel like it.” The judge also opined that it would be “oppressive” to the jihadists, and “the oppression outweighs the public interest in trying the accused.”

Surely their “hearts and minds” have been duly won.

First, a profile of who might be freed so soon: “Terror cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika headed twin cells,” by Cameron Stewart for The Australian, September 21 (thanks to JW):

Flashback to 2010:

Illegal Muslim Parasite Nacer Benbrika  received over Aus. $1,000,000.00 while plotting terror


“Abdul Benbrika and other terrorists wanted to kill but can’t be prosecuted,” by Keith Moor for the Herald Sun

Radical Muslim cleric Abdul Benbrika escapes trial over bomb plot

Benbrika has never worked a day in Australia. We have kept him, his wife and 8 kids on welfare ever since he arrived on these shores. Would it not be cheaper to hang him than keep him in jail and then offer more welfare?

Oz News Com

  • ‘Mother of Satan’ bomb plotters can’t be prosecuted
  • Proposed trial “is an abuse of the court’s process”
  • “Outweighs the public interest in trying the accused”

RADICAL Muslim cleric Abdul Benbrika has escaped trial over his plot to bomb Australia and he could walk free from jail in only six years.

One of his co-accused Melbourne terrorists already has been released and the other two are eligible to be freed in November, the Herald Sun reported.

The decision to abandon the case was made despite terror cell members associated with Benbrika ordering or buying all the chemicals and equipment needed to make a “Mother of Satan” bomb capable of killing hundreds.

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Home-grown jihad in Melbourne

INVESTIGATORS feared Melbourne’s home-grown terrorist group was planning a devastating explosion.

Abdullah Merhi

Terror cell member: Abdullah Merhi.

Keith Moor/Herald Sun

All the signs were there in 2004 and 2005 that the Melbourne terror cell led by extremist Muslim sheik Abdul Benbrika was planning something big.

Police knew Benbrika, 48, had made inquiries about getting chemicals to make a massive bomb.

* Mosque ‘was local election political tool’ – Green is the color of Islam. Vote for Mullah Bobby Brown! Vote green!

Undercover officers followed Benbrika as he travelled into secluded bush near Kilmore to watch a test explosion of a small bomb.

Police later secretly taped Benbrika discussing a 500kg version of the 500g test bomb he watched explode.

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6 found guilty of terrorism charges in Australia

* That’s about half of the accused. Can we get a picture of the perps now?

No? Why not? Why so coy?

*  Breaking News: Omar Bakri joins the ‘kill McCartney’ s#*theads. Because music is haram…

Benbrika found guilty/The Age

Benbrika guilty on two terror counts/Herald Sun

Benbrika guilty on terrorism charges/ABC News

Abdul Benbrika is charged with directing the activities of the group

A jury Monday convicted a Muslim cleric and five of his followers of forming a terrorist group in Australia that allegedly considered assassinating the prime minister and attacking major sporting events.

Associated (with terrorists) Press



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