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Jack Straw bends over, spreads, grovels, sux, pretends to love burqa….

From the Bunglawussi/Engage  mob:

The man who claimed ” The English Are Not Worth Saving as A Race” and the “alternative  would be too horrible to contemplate” (re Mohammedan non-assimilation) is the worst example of what a single cretin can do to destroy a country. Jack “the burqa” Straw is  a spineless, despicable traitor. If the Brits had any sense of self-preservation they would have  roasted this   worthless POS  long ago.

But no, the Brits are  civilized. They don’t do self preservation. They commit  collective suicide.

Jack Straw apologises for 2006 ‘veil’ comments

As the burqa debate raged in France this weekend, with the imposition of the first instant fine to a woman found wearing the burqa in a public place in Nantes, here in the UK former Justice Minister, Jack Straw, publicly apologised for having sparked controversy in October 2006 over making public his views that he would prefer Muslim women not to wear a face veil – or niqab – when visiting his MP’s surgery.

At a pre-election hustings event organised in Blackburn yesterday (Sunday 25th April) by ENGAGE, Jack Straw, addressing a packed hall of local Muslim residents, expressed his regret at having caused a negative media storm which he acknowledged may have adversely impacted on the Muslim community.

He said: “To be blunt, if I had realised the scale of publicity that they [his comments] received in October 2006, I wouldn’t have made them and I am sorry that it has caused problems  and I offer that apology.

“Can I just say, this is about an issue of communication (you understand). I wasn’t raising it to say it [the burqa] should be banned – quite the opposite. Let me say, I’m not responsible for those in France or Germany or in this country pursuing this. That is their business. I am fundamentally opposed to what they are doing.

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Belgian govt collapses amid veil ban threat after France – UPDATED

The Battle Over The Freedom Sack

H/T Islam in Europe

Belgian government collapsed as MPs are set to vote on a proposed ban on wearing face-covering veils in public, a day after France move.

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme’s five-month-old government collapsed on Thursday after the Flemish liberal party pulled out of his coalition.

The move comes as Belgian lawmakers are set to vote on a proposed ban on wearing face-covering veils in public, a day after neighbouring France proposed enacting similar legislation.

France: Veil law: Driver fined / Deputy threatened/A French driver was fined 22 euro for driving veiled.  According to the police her field of vision was decreased by the niqab, a veil which covers everything but the eyes, French media reported Friday./Islam in Europe

France: Ban will also apply to tourists/Muslim tourists in France will be forbidden to wear the full-face veil along with French residents under the government’s plan to ban the garment in public places, a minister said on Thursday./Islam in Europe

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Belgian committee votes for full Islamic veil ban

A Belgian parliamentary committee has voted to ban face-covering Islamic veils from being worn in public.

Al BeBeeCeera

Full veils have been the subject of debate in several European states

The home affairs committee voted unanimously to endorse the move, which must be approved by parliament for it to become law.

France fiddles:

SHAHINA SIDDIQUI from Quebec is hot and bothered:

Relax, Shahina! The ban elevates women…!

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Turkish Reporting: "hardline secularists are still insensitive to religious practices…"

There are ways, however, to make them more sensitive. Islamic Iran is leading in this field, and PM Tayyip Erdogan is working hard to revive the cadaver of the Ottoman empire….

Secularist party members in Turkey tear up chador in street

World Bulletin

Women from main secularist opposition party torn up chadors in the middle of a street in a move that apparently shows hardline secularists are still insensitive to religious practices in Turkey.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) launched a move to embrace women in headscarves and chadors, called “chador opening”, before local elections in 22 July 2009.


The move comes on the anniversary of the abolishment of the Caliphate in Turkey.

Approximately 100 women in the southern city of Mersin met in front of the Ataturk House on Ataturk Street, bringing a chador to the street.

CHP had angered freedom supporters when it prevented the freedom of wearing headscarf in universities by applying to top court to annul the parliament’s amendment which would give limited freedom to girls.

In other news:

Turkey: A Threat, Yet Again

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Woman's Day in Afghanistan


Glass ceiling, anyone? The Last Crusade has more…

Phyllis Chesler wonders:

It’s International Women’s History Month and Where is Secretary Clinton?

Madame Secretary Clinton: Where are you on this? For that matter: Christiane Amanpour, your father is Iranian, you grew up in Tehran, you are proudly “ethnic” — where are you on this? How are either of you working to free the women prisoners of Tehran? More>>

‘Democray’ under sharia….

Today’s the day for women in Afghanistan to don their bright blue burqas, obtain the services of male companions, and head off to Herat to take part in International Women’s Day.

Thousands showed up for the gala event where they were treated to readings from the Koran and assurance from imams that they will remain subservient to males under the Karzai government, although they might (if they are beyond their child-bearing years) obtain permission to work in the poppy fields.

Hillary Clinton, who championed the event, failed to make an appearance in her latest hijab, and Michelle Obama, who expressed her concern for the plight of Afghan women, was nowhere in sight (unless, of course, she was concealed by her black burqa).

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Space Age, space cadet, f*kcwit…..

When I first read this on Pamela’s site, I thought it was parody. Now that I’m reading it on the Guardian (of Muslims) “comment is free” site,  I think its beyond parody.

But then suddenly, it hit me: the writer,  a Raphaël Liogier,  is the director of the Observatoire du religieux (World-Religion-Watch.org) and a professor of universities at the Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence and the Institut de management public et de gouvernance territoriale and he means what he says:

France’s attack on the veil is a huge blunder

Women donning the full veil are not against modernity but represent rather its sophisticated product, just like westernised Buddhists. The veil, ­surprising as this may seem, is good news for modern values. Some smart young women keep a niqab in their bag but only wear it in Paris’s Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in order to draw attention to the fact that they belong to the best Muslim set, that they really have got that Muslim chic, something like the equivalent behaviour in a gay district. This deep western social movement is no threat to modern values, but rather vindicates the latter under unexpected aesthetic guise: it is so ­individualistic and depoliticised that it is more of a real threat for Islamism and terrorist networks themselves.

It is a massive blunder to fight this new, ultra-modern Islam. And it is not only France that is heading towards a colossal error of understanding – ­politically capable of spinning into historic proportions – but also Europe, the United States, and all the other post-industrial countries, blinkered by Islamophobia, who turn out to be incapable of catching up on their own deep cultural changes and recognising their own best interests. It is a kind of collective, generational jet lag.  Read it all>>

To which I can only say:  Raphaël, STFU!

Italian foreign minister: "Let's ask ourselves if covering one's face isn't the first sign of refusal to integrate and closing oneself off… from the host community and its traditions"

FINALLY! France and Italy have something to resent more than Americans.

Franco speaking! Franco my man!

Unfortunately, Franco is no Geert Wilders.

Those of us who have been keeping an eye on Frattini know that he is a limp dick who swings in either direction.  He is merely testing the water with his statements which are carefully drafted to leave him with a multitude of escape hatches.

The face veil in its various forms is the most visible symbol of an ideology that wants nothing to do with equality and integration. “Italy: Foreign minister rejects face veil,” from AdnKronos International, January 27, thanks to JW:

Florence, 27 Jan. (AKI) – Italy’s foreign minister Franco Frattini on Wednesday voiced his opposition to the face veil. Women wearing the garment pose security issues and symbolise “a refusal to integrate” by Muslim immigrants in a host country, he said.

”Let’s ask ourselves if covering one’s face isn’t the first sign of refusal to integrate and closing oneself off… from the host community and its traditions,” Frattini said.

Counter Jihad Links:

Berlusconi tells it like it is:

Italy: Fewer Muslim immigrants, less crime

Diversity under shrouds:

Woman wearing niqb, file pic

The Muslim veil comes in various forms including the burka and niqab

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Salma knows all about 'oppression'

When Muslims do it its … okay, of course….

Plans to ban Muslim women from covering their faces in public areas are oppressive, the leader of the Respect party said yesterday.

Salma Yaqoob’s comments came as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) announced a formal policy that would make the wearing of garments such as the burka or the niqab – both of which conceal most of the face – to be illegal.

Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader and MEP, said: “In a liberal democracy we want to tolerate different religions and cultures and not have a small section of society impose their world view on the rest of us.”

Ms Yaqoob said: “We do not need a man or a woman telling people what to wear.” Times, 18 January 2010

Sarko Backflip:

France: Sarkozy calls burqa ban “unworkable”

Backpedaling, in an update on this story. “Sarkozy backs off ban of Muslim veil, calls it ‘unworkable’,” from The Raw Story, January 16:

French president Nicolas Sarkozy backed off previous statements in support of a public ban on the full Muslim veil to prevent Jean-Francois Cope, his party’s Parliamentary leader, to rush through an “anti-burka law.”

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More Jihad Every Day

Sydney Moonbat Herald/Henry Samuel

Opposing the burka makes the French “right wingers”

Disquiet has grown at what many regard as a threatening presence of Islam in France, which is home to about 6 million Muslims. Right-wing MPs want a ban on the burka and on foreign flags at weddings in town halls. Sydney Moonbat Herald


Australian Newspaper Wins Dishonest Reporting Award/ by Cassandra

Yemen to America: Just give us the money and go away

American taxpayers forked over nearly $70 million to Yemen in security aid last year. The Yemeni government is demanding more now in the wake of the Crotch Bomber attack.

What they don’t want: U.S. troops to help them fight jihad effectively: Michelle Malkin

Yes, America still operates the dangerous Diversity Visa Lottery

Eight years ago, I reported on the State Department’s idiotic Diversity Visa Lottery program and called for it to be abolished in Invasion. Why, I asked, are we leaving homeland security to random chance in the wake of September 11? Michelle Malkin

Fuckwit of the Month:

Just another Tingles?

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: Dick Cheney’s “Emboldening the Terrorists” and “Must be Stopped”… ZIP


He doesn’t mention Islam but it isn’t far from his thoughts, as a matter of fact, it’s exactly what he referring to but doesn’t dare say it out loud. Islam is changing Europe, and if nothing is done to change the flow of mass immigration, then Europe will be one day counted as being part of the house of Islam. Europe has chucked out its Christianity, and has nothing in place to counter Islam.KGS/Tundra Tabloids

Another Dhimmi Wanker Blames Kurt Westergaard for Mohammedan Lunacy:

Kurt Westergaard, Al-Shabab Terrorist: Same Thing!

Südwestpresse: Westergaard is as Dangerous as his Attacker

Read further…/Gates of Vienna

“The Police Made Him Do It”

Abdication of responsibility; while totally denying  that the perp has a long history of terrorist activities:

The sister of the Somali accused of attempting to kill Kurt Westergaard denies responsibilty . The woman maintains that the Danish PET (security police) coerced her brother into attacking the cartoonist in his home. Read further…