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Fanatical Frenzy Watch: Hundreds of Muslims attack Christian-owned shops with stones in Alexandria

Dreadful are the curses…

It doesn’t take much: a torn Koran, a  Christian boy who doesn’t get off his donkey or accusations of blasphemy and the soldiers of Allah go apeshit. The latest on the constant attacks and humiliation of the Copts  (the original people) of Egypt:

Why is Islam so cruel and barbaric?

“Our rights in Egypt, as Christians or converts, are less than the rights of animals,” El-Gohary said. “We are deprived of social and civil rights, deprived of our inheritance and left to the fundamentalists to be killed”

Muslims attack Christian-owned shops in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, April 5 (Reuters) – Hundreds of Muslims pelted Christian-owned shops and a police station with stones in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria on Sunday after a Muslim man was killed, an eyewitness said.

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Why is Islam so cruel and barbaric?

* Gitmo terrorists: ”We are terrorists to the bone,  thanks to Allah.” “To us the (accusations) are badges of honor, which we carry with pride,” the detainees said…

* Spengler: Islam by its nature cannot be separated from primitive life.

Egypt: Muslims burn Christian man alive, stab his father to death


When this story was first reported, the media described it the way it always describes Coptic persecution at the hands of Muslims — as a “sectarian-clash.” As this more revealing report makes clear, however, it was anything but a “sectarian-clash” (which suggests Christians and Muslims, in more or less equal numbers, fighting and rioting). Instead, a Muslim set a Christian on fire, and then other Muslims attacked his father, stabbing him to death — this in a village where Christians make up maybe 3-4% of the total population. Keep this in mind the next time you hear about “sectarian clashes” occurring where Muslims predominate and non-Muslims live as minorities. More on this story can be read at the Voice of the Copts.

“Egyptian Christian Burned Alive; Father Murdered Also,” by Ethan Cole for the Christian Post, via JW

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The Copts Gather in D.C. to Challenge Mubarak

The Copts are an ancient people. In fact, the name in Arabic means “Egyptian”, or at least it did. The fact that they survive at all after a millennium of slaughter and persecution is testimony to the strength and determination of this people. Despite the ongoing, endless inequity they experience in their native land, they have managed to maintain a precarious existence in the face of hatred and mindless attacks.

Popular Egyptian host exposes the severity of the Coptic situation

Jihad Watch:

“People, we have a major problem on our hands”

A recent episode of the popular Egyptian TV program, “Cairo Today,” reveals how bad the situation has gotten for the Christian Copts of Egypt. The Muslim host, Amr Adib, a very famous TV personality, not just in Egypt but across the Arab world—not to mention vocal critic and nemesis of Fr. Zakaria Botros—in a very honest moment, expressed the severity of the situation.

Among other things, Adib confirmed that Coptic persecutions are more than what the media portrays, i.e., “sectarian conflicts”; that this is a “major problem” and society in its entirety needs to get involved; that this is not a superficial issue, but rather a deep-seated one, festering in the hearts; that weekly mosque sermons exacerbate the situation and lead directly to Coptic persecutions; and that media bosses warn TV hosts to stay clear of this topic.

Regarding this latter point, Amr is to be commended; for, whereas he, a (perhaps nominal) Muslim, spoke truthfully about this, some dhimmi Copts do the exact opposite when on the media.

Due to the importance of this episode, I deemed it relevant enough for translation, which follows (thanks to Victor and Reda for sending me the Cairo Today link).

By way of context, Adib began his tirade after discussing a recent residential quarrel, wherein Copts living in a building wanted the sole Muslim to leave, he refused, and eventually a quarrel erupted leaving the latter dead (for the record, the opposite is the norm). After reporting on this, Adib went on to say:

After this occurrence and during the Friday prayers [khutba], a large group of people [Muslims] came out of the mosque chanting “we will kill them” – and, by the way, this kind of thing happens very often in Alexandria, people erupt out of the mosque slandering and attacking Copts.

Of course, as usual, the same explanations were given—“this was a sectarian conflict, we Muslims and Copts are one people, one nation, we will stand next to each other, these are minor issues,” and so on and so forth.

Now, if you [the viewers, i.e., Egyptians] plan on continuing this way, we have a problem; I mean, if we in Egypt, continue dismissing these occurrences, then we have a major problem on our hands. However, if we want to take this seriously, and examine what’s really going on inside people, what the deal is, then that’s something else.

We’ve spoken about this issue a 100 times, and every time things smooth over; however, the time is nearing when things won’t pass over. I beg you, this is a very important matter; it’s not just about reconciling Gergis with Muhammad [i.e., reconciling any specific Christian to any specific Muslim]. What’s going on internally is something else; the schools, mosques, churches, media, and all of us must get involved—we must figure out what the deal is, what the trigger button is, what makes people go insane.

In other words, what would get an entire mosque to storm out screaming “they will die”? They have nothing to do with this; these mosque people were there to pray. Why are they involving themselves in a residential dispute?

On the other hand, our Christian brethren, what’s it to them that he was the only Muslim in the building, why did they want him to get out?

Anyway, this one passed – but what about the one before it, the one before that, the one that’s to come, and the one after that? What are you going to do?

If you plan on continuing this way, without seriously considering this issue, we have a major problem! I say this because I want to satisfy my conscience, for truly, I am daily torn to pieces when I hear of such things.

People, we are only kidding ourselves; there is a major problem; it must be treated; we must expose its roots. Postponing problems never fixes anything:

There’s a nation called America that is about to collapse. Why? Because it keeps postponing its economic problems until one day everything will come crashing down.
This goes back to the days of Sadat—we kept postponing, minimizing the importance of these clashes, saying they’re minor; then movies would be made portraying Christians and Muslims as best friends.
This talk is simply not true. There’s something going on inside Pope Shenouda; there’s something going on inside Sheikh al Azhar.

Open up your hearts and tell us what’s going on! They warn us in this job [media], telling us not to talk about this issue. However, I—because I love this country—have a feeling that what happened in Karmuz is not the last we’ve heard of this, and this isn’t good.

Sure enough, only recently, Muslims gunned down two Copts as they were exiting church after Easter service.

I tell my Muslim brethren, guys, you’re the majority, you’re the ones who must hold off, be patient, lead by example. Our brethren the Copts, because they are the minority, have feelings of insecurity and fear.

Take any Copt to the side, away from the camera, and talk to him. He’ll tell you – “they don’t hire us, this happens to us, in the buses this occurs to us, in these areas they do this to us, we can’t build churches,” and so forth.

We’ve all memorized these complaints by heart; we all know what the Copts’ problems are….

People, we all know what’s going on, we need to openly discuss this, not postpone; it needs to be addressed seriously by all the relevant people to figure out how to solve this problem, how to reform the lessons in Muslim schools, in the Friday preaching in mosques.

Yesterday, I heard the khutba next door [Friday sermon], and the imam of the mosque was an animal; he was saying the worst things about Christians! And, of course, everyone sitting there was simply chanting la illah illa alla [There is no god but Allah, i.e., they were mindlessly assenting].

I just wanted to go grab him by his throat! Who does he think he is? Does he know more than the prophet, or Abu Bakr, or Omar, or Amr? No, he’s a criminal; I just wanted to grab him by his throat, this man who is inciting the world to tear itself to pieces.

Little does Amr understand, but the sad fact is, yes, this imam knows as much as the aforementioned “pious” Muslims who usurped the Coptic nation and turned its people into subdued dhimmis—hence the festering problem, what is inside the hearts of Pope Shenouda and the Sheikh of Azhar: fear and hesitancy in the former, intolerance and a sense of superiority in the latter.

From: Thoughts of a nationalist Indian:

Why is Islam so cruel and barbaric?

(A man about to be beheaded publicly in Saudi Arabia, in perfect accordance with Islamic law as recorded in the Hadith. Picture courtesy Amnesty. )

The Kuran is full of hatred towards unbelievers. The Hadith is even worse. It goes into the gory details of the kinds of “punishments” Muhammed meted out to people for even petty offenses. Judge for yourself. I will reproduce some of the Hadith where Muhammad shows his kindness. All of them are from Sunan Abu-Dawud (the Hadith that provides most of the Shari’a law on various punishments).

In this Hadith, Muhammad shows once again just how much he hates polytheists. It is Hadith such as this one that directly caused many Hindus to be tortured to death in the most cruel manner imaginable during the dark centuries of Islamic rule. Note that for polytheists, repenting does not save them from such a harsh fate.

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“Our rights in Egypt, as Christians or converts, are less than the rights of animals,” El-Gohary said. “We are deprived of social and civil rights, deprived of our inheritance and left to the fundamentalists to be killed"


Egypt: Over 20 lawyers attend court hearing for ex-Muslim to endorse his conviction and execution for apostasy

* History of Jihad against the Egyptian Coptic Christians 

* Malaysia: Christian publication allowed to use the word “Allah” for God as long as it states it’s “For Christians Only”

Muhammad commanded: “If anyone changes his religion, kill him (Bukhari vol. 9, bk. 84, no. 57).”

But they’re keeping their grievances current, too: “Memos submitted by opposing lawyers asserted that cases such as El-Gohary’s form part of a U.S. Zionist attack on Islam in Egypt, that Christianity is an inferior religion to Islam and that Copts protect and defend converts from Islam at their own peril.”

An update on this story. “Egypt – Islamic lawyers urge death sentence for convert,” from Compass Direct News, February 26, via JW

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Egypt: Copt leader says "Pal's had it coming" – Muslims go apeshit…

* He can afford to tell the truth because he doesn’t live in Egypt. Watch for collective punishment of Copts in the next couple of days…


Prominent Copt Upsets Egyptians with Anti-Islamic Anti-Pali Letter

ME Times

CAIRO — A controversial Egyptian Copt living abroad has incensed Egyptians over a letter he wrote about the recent Israeli war on Gaza. Morris Sadek, the head of the National Coptic Assembly in the United States, wrote an open letter on Jan. 19, titled “Israel’s Victory,” which has left Egyptians – both Copts and Muslims – angry over his claims.

In the letter, he called Hamas a part of the Muslim Brotherhood and argued that Palestinians should not complain of their situation vis-a-vis Israel.

* Taking the war to Europe

“Soon after Palestinians elected Hamas under the symbol ‘Islam is the solution’ Hamas turned against the Palestinian Authority and declared an Islamic state in Gaza, where they applied the Sharia and killed Christians and burned their stores and kidnapped foreign correspondents,” the duel U.S.-Egyptian citizen Sadek wrote, linking Egypt’s powerful opposition Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas.

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Egypt: Muslims oppose Coptic church gathering, shout "We're going to knock down the church"

*  In an article in the Australian by Richard Kerbaj from 21 July 2008 one of the nation’s most senior Muslim leaders, Ameer Ali whined that the former Howard government was “anti-Islam” for trying to replace the corrupt Muslim officials at Australian embassies in Islamic countries who prevent oppressed Christians from migrating to these shores.  So according to the slick Ameer Ali, Christians are not discriminated in Egypt, the constant attacks on the Copts are not happening,  because Ameer Ali says`I’ve heard the allegations of Christian refugees not getting a fair treatment in the Middle East, but they are not true.”  Yep. And Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9’11 and BLiar did 7/7 and…….


Rioting into the night

While professing “loyalty to Islam” (e.g., cries of Allah Akbar, no doubt). “Muslims riot over plans for Christian church in Cairo,” from the Daily Mail, November 24 (thanks to DW):

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Spitting on the Copts of Egypt in sunny California

*  A dirty little Muhammedan agit-prop by name of Ismail Imadudeen vilifies Copts and denies there is religious discriminination in Egypt, all the while praising the jiziyah and accusing the victims of the vilest Muslim behavior of ‘hatred and retribution’- your ilk is really beneath contempt, Ismail!


“Moderate” Muslim defends jizya and apologizes for the Hamayouni decree, which curtails the building of churches

And, while he’s at it, incredulously asks: “Is There Religious Discrimination in Egypt? [2],” by Ismail Imadudeen for the California Chronicle, August 12: (thanks to Raymond from DW)

The Hamayouni Decree and Tax Payment [Al-Jizyath] 

‘Copts want the antiquated 19th Century Hamayouni decree be abolished. It is inconceivable to require that the president of Egypt must approve permits to build a church or even to repair a toilet in a church. Mosques in Egypt are being built with no restrictions.’ US Copts Association.

This quotation represents one of the most striking and controversial demands for the Copts in Egypt, which requires the ratification or even the abolition of the ´defamed´ Hamayouni decree. So what is the Hamayouni decree? Is it an Islamic, Quranic invention, or is it just a creation of man, who could be some times wise and some other times insane?

First of all I would like to explain that law to the ordinary, neutral reader; the Hamayouni decree regulates the building of the non-Muslims religious facilities, which was first passed in February, 1856 by the then Ottoman Emperor, and, surprisingly, it was passed to give more rights to the minorities within the Islamic Ottoman Empire. The law was used for the first time in Egypt, after ´Egyptianizing´ it, in February, 1934, and there were ten, controversial conditions for granting permission to build Christian worship facilities. In fact, the Egyptian version of the law has been a pale version that was highly misunderstood, and some times misinterpreted.

Just another aspect of the perpetually “misunderstood” and “misinterpreted” religion of Islam.

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"There is no compulsion in religion" update

Pakistan: Christian girls forced to convert to Islam

*  The ugly reality versus the slimy taqiyya-spin-doctors in the West who tell you the old ‘no compulsion in islam’ chestnut. Now this is Islam -the real Islam- in action, as it always was since its inception. And this is what Christians, Hindus and Jews, Buddhists and Zoroastrians and all those unbelieving dhimmies are expected to  put up with under Islam. For if they revolt, there will be violent reprisals against their whole community, not only against a few. The  long suffering Copts in Egypt have been the  receiving end of this practice for too long, but because of the collective amnesia in the West about everything Christian has any politician ever spoken in their favor?

Kidnapped Christian girls in Egypt

Islamic Tolerance Alert: more on this story. “Christian girls forced to convert to Islam,” by Martin Barillas for Spero News, August 1: via DW


Justice Saghir Ahmed, a judge of the Multan bench of Lahore High Court, Pakistan, sent on July 29, 2008 two under-aged Christian girls to a “darul aman” in Multan, Punjab, for their safety. Darul aman is the name of the institutions set up by government for the shelter of women needing temporary sanctuary or protection.According to Aftab Alexander Mughal, of Minorities Concern of Pakistan, Saba Younis, 13 years old, and Anila, 10 years old, sisters and Christians, were kidnapped on June 26 by a Muslim man Muhammad Arif Bajwa and then forcibly converted to Islam. When the matter came before the court, Main Naeem Sardar, District and Sessions Judge Muzaffargarh, on July 12, ordered that the girls are not to be remanded to their Christian parents because the girls are Muslim now.

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