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Jitters in Dudley

Councillors call on EDL to scrap planned protest

Dudley News

COUNCILLORS are calling on the English Defence League (EDL) to scrap a planned protest in Dudley town centre.   The proposed demonstration is set for Saturday July 17 and the authority has no powers in law to ban the event which it branded “a pointless waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Strange that demonstrations against Islamization are depicted as “a pointless waste of taxpayers’ money,” when billions of taxpayer dollars are squandered on Muslim ‘outreach’ programs, polygamous welfare scroungers, failed integration programs, prisons that are controlled by Muslim gangs, toilets that point to Mecca…..

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The Usual Suspects: Obama Buddies, Islamic Terrorists, Marxists, Code Pink… But hey, lets not jump to conclusions…


  • Mohammedan riots & demo’s all over the world, pic’s here / Just to show you once again how organized they are!
  • Turkish foreign minister: Israeli raid on Gaza aid flotilla ‘like 9/11’ for his country/yes, these Turkey’s are the unrivaled masters of BS and hyperbole….
  • Israeli commander: ‘Next time we’ll use more force’/ Navy prepares for expected arrival of 2 more activist ships.
  • All aboard! Obama pals back violent Gaza flotilla

    World Net Daily

    Obama pals, flotilla backers: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

    Activists from president’s circle of friends top supporters of anti-Israel protest ships

    The group behind the Gaza flotilla that engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandos today counts among its top supporters the friends and associates of President Barack Obama, namely the founders of the Weather Underground terrorist organization, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, as well as Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink.

    Earlier today, Israeli navy commandos raided the six-ship flotilla, encountering heavy resistance and live fire from the activists. Several activists were killed and dozens of others were reportedly injured, as were several of the Israeli commandos.

    The flotilla was organized by the Free Gaza Movement, a coalition of leftist human rights activists and pro-Palestinian groups engaged in attempts to break a blockade imposed by Israel on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

    Ayers, Dohrn and Evans’ Code Pink have led several recent Free Gaza Movement initiatives, including attempted marches into the Gaza Strip. Dorhn was in the Middle East just last month on behalf of the movement.

    Ayers and Dohrn were close associates for years with President Obama, while Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

    No humanitarians amongst that lot…..

    Obama’s Terrorist Pal Bill Ayers & Top Bundler Jodie Evans Are Top Activists With Gaza Flotilla Group

    Hussein Obama’s close family friends, terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and top campaign bundler Jodie Evans from Code Pink are top activists with the Gaza flotilla group that attacked the IDF today.

    Code Pink activist and radical leftist Jodie Evans was one of Barack Obama’s top bundlers during the 2008 campaign.

    The Real Barack Obama reported>>

    Geller: The Jihad Flotilla and the Media War Against Israel

    “In the information battlespace, the jihadis can count on the complicity of the subdued, Islamophiliac press. They can physically attack Israeli troops and count on the corrupt media to package any act of Israeli self-defense as an aggression. Then this repackaging will lead to international condemnation, United Nations Security Council resolutions, and further delegitimization of Israel.”


    “The Jihad Flotilla and the Media War Against Israel,” by Pamela Geller for Big Journalism,

    Hypocrites the world over condemn Israel for defending itself against jihad flotilla

    And the demonization and isolation of Israel proceeds apace. “Israel’s military spokesman has accused the organisers of the flotilla of organising a ‘violent provocation.'” “Mideast: Flotilla, World ‘Shocked’ After Israeli Attack,” from ANSAmed,

    Propaganda Not Humanitarianism

    “this mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it’s about breaking Israel’s siege.”

    The Schalit family on Thursday asked for assistance from international left-wing activists due to arrive in the Gaza Strip later in the day.

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    UK Today

    “Christian” names to go:

    Officers Can’t Ask for First Name Anymore

    Thanks to Politically Incorrect:

    In once great Britain it is common to ask for the “Christian name” when dealing with individuals. What is meant by this “Christian Name” is simply  the first name (baptized name). “To be on Christian name terms,” is the normal expression for saying that one is on familiar (rather than formal) terms with the individual. However, since it is a silent affront to “those with other beliefs,” this expression is to be done away with.


    UK: Rise in Muslim marriages between first cousins [75%] ‘putting children at risk of birth defects’, warns Baroness

    The usual response will follow ~ the Baroness Deech who is putting forward the proposal ~ will be called racist. Read more…Islamization Watch

    UK Violence Erupts: Fascists (UAF) and Muslims Descend on Patriots (EDL) and Police

    The patriots — check out the Israeli flag on the right and background, and American flags

    They came to protest the encroaching oppressive sharia law and jihad — peacefully. So of course the thugs and the sharia nazis had to show and turn it into a violent melee. More from Atlas Shrugs

    Some scum was arrested: Weyman Bennett  -Idiot And Con Artist. According to the Tundra Tabloids he also works for Al BeBeeCeera

    UK: “Anti Islam” headmistress wins damages

    Efforts to Islamize a local UK state school meant that headmistress Erica Connor was forced out on charges that she was racist and Islamophobic.

    The headmistress forced from her job after two Muslim governors tried to give Islam a stronger presence at a school is entitled to £407,000 damages, the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

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    The Melting Pot is Melting Down

    Posters: Do Not Spread Fishy Rumors or You’ll be Flaggedobamacare_flag_poster_alljpg

    From Weasel Zippers:

    Cuba is out of toilet paper! (No S#it!)

    10892060_400x300But do not fret: help is on the way: Obama will sent his favorite paper made from recycled Newsweep material along with apologies…


    Cash-strapped Cuba says toilet paper running short (Reuters)

    Check out the comments, pretty funny!

    Geraldo Rivera Calls ObamaCare Protesters Organized Racists…..

    Every time I see this asshole on Fox News I cringe in horror….

    Geraldo Rivera Calls Protesters Racist And Organized (RCP)

    From the Peoples Cube


    Union thugs aren’t helping Obama on health care

    With Friends Like Obama, Who Needs Enemies?alsharpton2New GOP Ad Turns Tables on White House; Shows Where “Disinformation” is Coming From – Video 8/8/09