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Appeasement will not save Germany from Islam

Exclusive: Muslim Youth in Germany: Aggressive Machos

Finally, someone has dared to publicly talk about Muslim youth in Germany and their reckless, aggressive behavior.
The German radio, WDR5, broadcast a two-hour live talk show called “Hallo Ãœ-Wagen” on April 25, 2009, to find out why Muslim youth are so aggressive and fanatic. Julitta Münch, the moderator of this program, invited several specialists to discuss the topic.
Over two hours, the majority of the participating specialists and the public depicted an egregious picture of Muslim youth – in particular, the males among them.
Ms. Münch, noted at the outset of her show that she had invited many teachers, especially female ones, but none turned up. She assumed they were scared to speak up against their Muslim youth.  
Mansour Ahmed, a Palestinian social worker in Berlin who daily deals with Muslim youth and their families, said that more than 30% of Muslim young men are “very violent.” They do not allow their sisters to talk to other boys, especially German boys. Mansour also said that Muslim boys would never approve of their sisters marrying a German man. A Muslim boy told Mansour, he would kill his sister if she marries a German infidel, or has sex with a man before she is married. “More than 60% of Muslim girls are forced to marry a man of their parents’ choice.” Mansour added. He concluded that the majority of Muslim young and older men in Germany interpret and apply a kind of Taliban Islam.

Exclusive: Radical Muslim Chaplains – Root Causes of Islamic Fanaticism and Terror


Nabeel Al Awadhi, a Kuwaiti Muslim, calls himself an “’alem” (scientist, Islam-expert), theologian, writer, chaplain, and a pious Muslim who shows Muslims the right path to Paradise.
Nabeel Al Awadhi
He wrote in the daily Al Watan, (February 8, 2009), “We Arab Muslims must start thinking of producing nuclear bombs. We can finance that with our petrodollars, and use Egyptian brains to make that dream come true. Our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, ordered us, ‘to prepare every thing possible to fight the infidels’ (meaning Christians, Jew,Hindus, Buddhists, etc.). These people understand only the language of power. We’ll tell the world: ‘Aslem Taslam (either you submit to Islam, or you’ll have to die.”
Nabeel Al Awadhi is stuffing the brain of one his fans with explosive stuff
As Ali, a Kuwaiti, read that he said, “Oh my God! Who is going to operate our oil industry, electricity and water plants? They are all operated mostly by non-Muslims, at least in the Arab oil countries.”
In Hawalli mosque, he said in a Friday preach (January 9, 2009), “It is not true that the Americans liberated Kuwait in 1991. It was Allah. He simply used the American troops to liberate our country. Therefore, we must thank Allah, not the Americans.”
On Kuwait TV, he told his audience (February 2, 2009), “I know of many cases of Muslims who were infected with cancer. They drank Zamzam water (from “holy”Mecca) and were completely cured. You just need to believe in it, believe in Islam and his prophet.”

Wilders Prosecution is a Welcome Opportunity to Expose Islam


Prosecuting Geert Wilders, Islam, Koran, Hadeeth, Violence and hatred, Radical Muslims

 By Dr. Sami Alrabaa  Saturday, Canada Free Press

H/T Atlas

Prosecuting Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament, is a welcome opportunity to expose fascist Islam and radical Muslims. Wilders and his lawyers do not need to go far away to fetch crystal clear evidence that Islam, i.e. the Koran and Hadeeth incite to violence and hatred, and radical Muslims are behind numerous crimes against humanity. 

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