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"Small Numbers of Extremists…"

The media keeps telling us that we are dealing with only a “small number of extremists”, but what evidence do they have for that? How would they know?  Why  do Western journo’s  spike every report with a sedative when the Islamic doctrine demands the overthrow of democracy and the secular nation state? Is not every Muslim  obliged to remove all obstacles in the way to establishing the sharia?

U.K.: Islamic Forum of Europe, named in attempts to infiltrate Labour Party, “inextricably linked” to East London mosque/JW

The East London Mosque  &  The secret world of IFE (Islamic Forum of Europe)

For most of the 15,000 ordinary Muslims who pray there each week, it is simply a place of worship. For many, it provides valuable social facilities, and creche and outreach services.

But for a small number, the mosque is the headquarters of a secretive, fundamentalist political network. The Islamic Forum of Europe is dedicated, in its own words, to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed … from ignorance to Islam”.

The mosque and IFE are inextricably intertwined. Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari, the chairman of the mosque, and its vice-chairman are former IFE presidents.

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Londonistan: East London Mosque Celebrates “Ramadan – The Month Of Conquest”

From Harry’s Place:

Today the London Muslim Centre of the East London Mosque hosted another radical event: “Ramadan – The Month Of Conquest”. It was organised by a group called Ummah Voice.

Not that this has anything to do with Islam or jihad, mind you. Just wondering what they mean with “month of conquest”- any idea, Solkhar?

One of the speakers, Haitham al Haddad, an Islamist of Palestinian origin who grew up in Saudi Arabia and studied sharia at Omdurman University in Khartoum, Sudan, will be familiar to readers of this blog.

Here he is in the midst of a speech hailing the “victory” of Hamas in the Gaza war, saying that he wants the state of Israel to be annihilated. He also offers some utterly bizarre ideas about Jews uncovering Jesuit conspiracies.

My proposed solution for the Israelis is to leave Palestine and to go back to their own countries to live in peace. If they want to live in peace, in real peace, they should leave Palestine and leave it for the Palestinians and those Jews who would like to live in Palestine, but under the Palestinian government, not under the Israeli government.

Many Jews believe that no, they should not live in a separate state in Palestine, and they should not establish the Temple until the antichrist come. So the antichrist should come back first, and then the Jews can have their own state, not the other way around. Many Jews believe that they were fooled by the Jesuits, many of the Jesuits, that they should establish the Temple first, in order for the antichrist to come back. Have you noticed the difference, OK, this is a major difference.

One of the strategic mistakes that Israel fell into is that many Israelis now, many Jews, started to think about this more and they are questioning themselves. Why do we take part in these wars? On behalf of who? Is it on behalf of the Jewish ideology? No, the Jewish ideology does not say this. Some of them question that. Are we, they are saying, are we taking part in this war on behalf of the Jesuits? On behalf of some of the neocons? If so, why do we need to do so, so we have to think about it. So more Jews are starting to think about this. This is another big mistake that Israel, in my opinion, made.


Another speaker is Shakeel Begg, the imam of the Lewisham and Kent Islamic Centre and the Islamic chaplain at Goldsmiths. He was born in Kenya and grew up in London. He is a graduate of the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

According to a report in The Times, he too supports terrorist attacks on Israel:

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