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Today's Exploits from the Religion of Peace

Catmeat Watch:

Five Muslims Gang-Rape Two Canadian Women…

Infidel women are war booty:

With sexual assaults on women becoming common in Canada’s biggest city, five Muslim Canadians have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping two women here on New Year’s Day.
The five – Rozbah Bahri, 27, Parvez Bahri, 25, Said Serwary, 23, Ahmad Ghafari, 23 and Omed Sarwary, 23 – turned themselves in Thursday after police flashed their photos on TV networks and in newspapers. More>>

Iraq to Build Massive Mosque Over the Tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel

Typical Mohammedan Behavior: Eradicating  Every Trace  of Other Religions. See How They “Respect All Prophets?”

The Iraqi government plans to convert the Tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel, one of the most sacred sites for Christians and Jews, into a massive new mosque.   What’s more, the Iraqis intend to erase all Jewish markings from the tomb so that no indication of its historic significance will remain for future generations.  New Media Journal

14-Year-Old Among the Dead in Attack on Coptic Church…

Graphic Pics of Massacred Copts: (VERY GRAPHIC) These are very graphic photos of the Christian victims of an Islamic shooting attack outside a church in Egypt. This is the Religion of Peace at work. (Copts.com)

Other News:

UK: Legislation doesn't prevent forced marriages

UK: Women forced to marry under sharia are “really messed up”


Especially since, where forced marriages are, honor-killings are not far behind. “Women ‘really messed up’ over forced marriages,” from the Enfield Independent, June 23, via Raymond from JW:

NEW legislation has failed to stop forced marriages taking place, according to an Enfield support group.

Ila Bel, from Enfield Saheli, in Fore Street, Edmonton, said her charity was seeing an increasing number of women who were “really messed up” after being forced to marry under Sharia law.

* Obviously, the UK’s BS-legislation against polygamy doesn’t prevent muslims either from taking more than one wife, especially when they’re eligible to get them all on welfare…

In September, the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act came into effect making forced marriages unlawful, following a campaign by MP Ann Cryer.

At a conference in Westminster organised by Enfield’s South Asian Forum, Mrs Cryer said she had been prompted to take action to prevent forced marriages when she realised fathers were asking her for help with visas for new husbands to be brought to Britain, against the will of their daughters…