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Conroy’s “unfettered powers” and the red undies we will all be wearing if he gets his way

November 28, 2012

Village idiot with ministerial powers morphs into megalomaniac: “You’ll be wearing red underwear on your head. I have unfettered legal power.” Thank heavens there are Ministers in the Gillard Government prepared to defend press freedom from the dangerously authoritarian ambitions of a Senator Steve Conroy:  CABINET ministers have failed to agree on landmark media reforms, […]

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Critics of Islam, beware!

November 7, 2012

Countries must boost measures to combat Internet racism – UN independent expert Conflating Islam with “racism” is  how we’re being robbed of our free speech rights: 5 November 2012 – The surge in websites that promote hate speech and racism requires States to implement measures to combat online extremism without curbing freedom of speech, a […]

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White blackfellas, pale-skinned Aborigines & gravy-train riding Tasmanians get a thrashing

August 9, 2012

Fight the New Racism The enemies of our free speech won’t dare go after her. Yet. Andrew Bolt:  Will they dare silence even Bess? WARLPIRI woman Bess Price has accused Amnesty International of being an undemocratic and racist organisation, while attacking its indigenous rights campaigner Rodney Dillon as a “white blackfella” and a “physically white […]

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Has Chavez inspired the Labor censors?

July 17, 2012

Help stop the News Media Gestapo Here’s Alan Jones with Piers Akerman discussing our governing Marxists attempt to crack down on free speech.–as always, a pleasure to listen….. Andrew Bolt: Has Chavez inspired the Labor censors? The Gillard Government and the Left seems to have been inspired by Chavez’s punishment of the “hate media”: How much […]

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Australia: The rise of the totalitarians

March 10, 2012

Its bad and its getting worse. Andrew Bolt links: It takes a certain kind of mind to want such controls over the political speech of so many: The rise of the totalitarians Brendan O’Neill says where you stand on press freedom reveals where you stand on democracy:  I must recommend again the critiques by John Roskam and David […]

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Nonie Darwish speaks at Arkansas university; Muslims students claim lecture is tantamount to “inciting to riot.”

October 17, 2011

Because the truth about Islam turns otherwise moderate Muslims  into bloodthirsty Koranimals who have to kill a kafir or a Jew  to ‘defend the image’ of the profit Muhammad: A small victory for freedom of speech despite the hysterical reactions from the soldiers of allah who tried to prevent her from speaking.  American Spectator Muslim […]

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Germany: More Hate Speech Laws

December 18, 2010

Yesterday things were looking good: Germany Applies Anti-Nazi Laws on Two Non-Violent Pro-Sharia Islamic Groups! Today parliament pushed through some new “hate-speech” laws, which will make it a lot harder to fight the jihad. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states, in part, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the […]

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EUrabia, where the loons run the asylum

November 5, 2010

Stackelbeck: Malmoe – Jihad Central + Elisabeths Hatespeech Trial Brilliant show, includes a report on the insane situation in Malmoe where the inmates are now effectively running the asylum. Stackelbeck then goes on to detail the horrifying injustice against an Austrian lecturer on Islam, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is currently being prosecuted for what authorities call […]

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