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Geert Wilders sounds better every day!

Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 1 of 2


Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 2 of 2


Israel is protecting the West

‘In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: who lost Europe ?’

Here is the speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom, the Netherlands , at the Four Seasons, New York , introducing an Alliance of Patriots and announcing the Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem .

Update: Ehsan Jami to join Wilders party:

“He is someone with guts and with interesting views. I am convinced that he can make a good contribution to spreading the ideas of the PVV,” Wilders said. It is not certain whether Ehsan Jami will become a PVV candidate for the municipal council in The Hague or for the PVV fraction in Parliament. “I think his heart goes out to the Parliament,” said Wilders. More from Gates of Vienna

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Muslim students union at Yale go apeshit over Kurt Westergaard:

Members of the Yale Muslim Students Association have said they are “deeply hurt and offended” that Westergaard will speak on the New Haven, Conn., campus, though they do not plan to protest. The group said Yale fails to recognize the “religious and racial” sensitivities surrounding the matter. […]

Which race is Islam again?

“Individuals at Yale have deep objections to Mr. Westergaard’s cartoon and commentary, but in the Yale community, the avenue to voice disagreement with expression is through more speech, not its curtailment,” Conroy said in a statement.

Read it all.

Wilders  speech was sponsored by the Hudson Institute on September 25.

Thanks to Gramfan & Instapundit/Transcript below…

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American Suicide Watch: The Plan To Destroy America

Diana West’s Speech in Copenhagen

News first:

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Along with Wafa Sultan and Geert Wilders, Diana West spoke at the Free Press Society conference last Saturday in Copenhagen. Many thanks to Steen for the video:

Thanks to Diana for the full text of her speech:


Diana West’s Speech in Copenhagen, June 14, 2009

Americans are proud, and rightly so, of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, which, among other things, protects speech from government control. The Amendment says in part: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

Increasingly, however, Americans seem content to regard the First Amendment not as the fundamental working tool of democracy, but as a national heirloom, a kind of antique to admire rather than put to use. I don’t think many of my countrymen perceive how profoundly their attitude toward free speech has changed. But there is a difference between having freedom of speech and exercising freedom of speech, one that has become glaringly and distressingly obvious to me since September 11, 2001. So, while it is true that the US government is not Constitutionally empowered to make laws that censor Americans, it is also true, I believe, that Americans have come to censor themselves. But why?

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Geert Wilders in Denmark: Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary – Interview

in Denmark: Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary – Interview

  • * Finally, he said it. Now watch the leftie luvvies spew bile on end…


Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Geert Wilders is in Denmark for a conference entitled “Free Speech and Islam”, which is being held today at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen and is sponsored by Trykkefrihedsselskabet (the Free Press Society). For a printable program of the event in pdf format, click here.

Mr. Wilders appeared on Danish television yesterday. After being pressed by the interviewer, he acknowledged that millions of Muslims — those who support jihad and shariah, and oppose the democratic societies that they live in — will have to be deported from Europe.

He says, “There’s only one solution.”

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German public TV (ZDF) blames Geert Wilders for the murder of Theo van Gogh

*   Anything goes when it comes to smearing Geert Wilders, even to the total and overt abandonment of trying to uphold a facade of reason. A Jihad Watch Special:

Van Gogh, of course, was murdered by an Islamic jihadist, but doncha know, he did it because people like Geert Wilders keep provoking the poor dears. One cannot, indeed, make this up. Jihad Watch reader Sagunto sends in this newsflash:

Geert Wilders has been accused by the ZDF (German public television) of providing the climate of “intolerance” that – one can’t make it up, you’d say – caused Theo van Gogh to be slaughtered. It happened in a broadcast, discussing the success of “extremist”, “far-right”, “populist” et cetera (ad nauseam) political parties at the European ehm.. “elections” ;-)I’ve watched the broadcast myself, and the message indeed is crystal-clear. Here is the verbatim transcription in German, provided by the German site “Politically Incorrect”.

_45867369_wildersvotesafp226b                   Al BeBeeCeera: Dutch far right in poll triumph

And here is my translation of this into English:

Over the last couple of weeks, one has got used to a fair amount of distortions, manipulations and untruths from the ZDF. But the broadcast that was on offer this afternoon at 16:00 hours, titled “ZDF-Special, Europe has voted”, represents a new kind of quality altogether. Unbelievable: the ZDF journalist Bernhard Lichte attributes the death of Theo van Gogh to the influence of Geert Wilders!Literally he said on air:

“Before Parliament there are protests against the winner of the election. Worried citizens are afraid of racism in the land of tolerance. (which race is Islam again? I keep forgetting/ed)

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UK: "We Brits don't do free speech, thank goodness"

It must come as shock to be aggressively banned from visiting a weird little country when you weren’t planning to anyway. You’re sitting there, maybe having breakfast, and the telephone rings. “Sorry,” says a voice, “but you can’t go to Burundi.” But I don’t want to go to Burundi. “Good,” says the voice. “Because you can’t. And neither can Myra Hindley.” Click.


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Bat Ye'or on Geert Wilders: Does defending Western values constitute “inciting hatred”?

* Bust Of Winston Churchill No Longer Wanted In Oval Office


Bat Ye’or, a hero of our age, with Spencer

In “Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe” in National Review, February 16, the renowned historian Bat Ye’or discusses the Wilders case and its implications for Europe and the free world in general:

Straight from Jihad Watch

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Prosecuted for Stating Truths: When Truth is No Defense

By Nonie Darwish/FrontPageMagazine.com


Dutch MP Geert Wilders is being prosecuted in Holland for “inciting hatred and discrimination” and for insulting Muslims by comparing Islam to Nazism. But how can Muslims be offended with such a comparison when one of the most prominent 20th century Muslim scholars made a similar comparison?In his book Islamic Law and Constitution, Sheikh Abul Ala Maududi wrote: “It [Islamic State] seeks to mould every aspect of life and activity…In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect, the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states.”[1] Maududi’s characterization of the Muslim State was intended to be negative and was never challenged by any Muslim scholar or institution as inaccurate or unfair.

* Abu Dhabi to pay circumcision for Muslim converts

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Caroline Glick: Defending freedom's defenders


* The pernicious politically motivated investigation of “war crimes” by uninvolved countries is in the news again: Spain may try Israel for its actions in Gaza. Presumably Bush and Cheney will be next. More from the Gates of Vienna


Last week, the IDF issued an unprecedented directive. All Israeli media outlets must obscure the faces of soldiers and commanders who fought in Operation Cast Lead. Henceforth, the identities of all IDF soldiers and officers who participated in the operation against the Hamas terror regime in Gaza are classified information.

* Mayor Bloomberg Supports Wilders

* Israel: Defence Minister Slams Spain War Crimes Probe

The IDF acted as it did in an effort to protect Israeli soldiers and officers from possible prosecutions for alleged war crimes in Europe. The  army’s chief concern is England. In England, private citizens are allowed to file complaints against foreigners whom they claim committed war crimes.

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Melanie Phillips: In Support of Wilders

A Defining Moment/Spectator


So the inevitable has now come about in the teetering civilisation of Europe, and it has happened first in the Netherlands. One of the supposedly most liberal societies on the planet wants to criminalise someone for telling the truth. The BBC reports that Dutch Freedom Party MP Geert Wilders is to be put on trial

‘…for inciting hatred and discrimination, based on comments by him in various media on Muslims and their beliefs’...In March 2008, Mr Wilders posted a film about the Koran on the internet, prompting angry protests across the Muslim World. The opening scenes of Fitna – a Koranic term sometimes translated as ‘strife’ – show a copy of the holy book followed by footage of the bomb attacks on the US on 11 September 2001, London in July 2005 and Madrid in March 2004. Pictures appearing to show Muslim demonstrators holding up placards saying ‘God bless Hitler’ and ‘Freedom go to hell’ also feature. The film ends with the statement: ‘Stop Islamisation. Defend our freedom.’ Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said at the time that the film wrongly equated Islam with violence and served ‘no purpose other than to offend’. A year earlier, Mr Wilders described the Koran as a ‘fascist book’ and called for it to be banned in ‘the same way we ban Mein Kampf’, in a letter published in the De Volkskrant newspaper.

* 85% of all Dutch AGAINST prosecution of Wilders

* Dewinter: Wilders Will Gain Due to the Trial

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Defying Reality At The Wall Street Journal

A clueless James Taranto from the Wall Street Journal interviews Geert Wilders and makes sure he leaves a few escape hatches open for himself:

“A champion of Western values on a continent that has lost confidence in them”


 James Taranto in the reliably dhimmi Wall Street Journal is not sure whether or not Geert Wilders is simply an “anti-Islamic provocateur.”

From Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

(You can see my interview with Geert Wilders, in six parts, at the Jihad Watch YouTube channel.)

“‘Our Culture Is Better’: Champion of freedom or anti-Islamic provocateur? Both,” by James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal, November 28 

* Bunglawussi Tantrum Watch: the comical spokesman for Britains MCB smears Wilders again as “Dutch far-right anti-Muslim racist Geert Wilders”, hates Taranto’s ‘balanced report’….

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